Tachi's Vacation, Day One

By: Sage of Stars

For: Tachi

Lombaxes are (C) Insomniac Games

It was weird. Second day of his vacation, he'd been out on the beach in one of those buggy things the travel agency had given him, and one of the wheels on the frame had bent inward. It had scared the pee out of Tachi himself, the sound of the metal giving way quite a scary one, especially when it was right under you, but then he'd figured out what was going on, and had merely cursed, punching the steering wheel with his hands, causing the horn to blare out and startle him more, making him jump, and smack his head with a clang, on the overhead bar of the driver side of the buggy.

So it was that he was walking into the shop the desk at the buggy rental place had directed him too, the guy at the counter looking a little intimidated with the wolf having carried the buggy, a good thousand plus pounds of metal, rubber, and plastic, back in his arms. He was tired though, and had decided to leave it outside when he went up to the place, surprised to find the door to the mechanic shop was big enough for him to stand upright in, plus a foot or two of overhead, a rarity for the wolf, who often had to stoop and turn sideways to get into places.

``Hello? Anyone here?'' he asked as he stepped up to the counter, only now looking back at the open door to see a sign that said `At Lunch'. Still, it didn't hurt to look around a bit, if only to scoop out the place with a door that large. Taking a peek into the dock part of the place, he saw some unusual sights, including boats that had been hung against a wall like fish, of curse, the things were sports boats, mostly plastic, but he saw no equipment to move them anywhere near the water, and realizing someone had to have lifted them, he tried his own hand, and grunted a bit, before letting the boat fall back on the hook, his deep breathing proof enough to his ego he wasn't up to the task.

``So who's that strong?'' he asked himself, poking at his guy a bit. Sure, he was big, almost all muscle, but even he had a bit of flab on him. It was hard, after all, for someone of his rather large size, to avoid letting one or two muscles get a little lax. That and he did have quite the sweet tooth, once eating a whole cake, which happened to contain a male stripper his friends had hidden inside, the guys and him having a good drunken laugh over this, and even the guy himself getting a bit giggly after they'd gotten him back out using a rope and a few other things.

``Hello?'' he said again, noticing now a few jet skis and things like that laid open on a table that had obviously been mended a time or two after breaking in half, showing that whoever had lifted the boats, didn't quite know his own strength, making Tachi even more intrigued as he went deeper into the shop, finding other signs of someone working here bigger than himself, including an office made for someone so large, it made him look like a child, actually making him smile at just how small it would make a normal person feel like as he finally came to a door that led outside, and took it, only to cover his eyes again a moment later as he saw a sight he wasn't prepared for.

``Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to intrude,'' he told the guy who was bigger than him. It was weird, but he'd been picturing a huge animal guy, like one of those orcas he'd seen at the beach that were over his head, just grown even taller, or maybe another wolf or something. What he found though, was a cat guy, of sorts. He looks feline at least, with a feline's angular features, though he lacked the whiskers, and instead of a fluffy tail, he had one long string of one, that had a pompom thing on the end, that looked quite fluffy really.

``Oh, dw wowwe awouw eh,'' came the reply, as it was being said around another something that filled the cat guy's mouth, his ears wiggling a bit as he said it, and then returned to his meal. Said meal was a person, and that was the reason two for Tachi thinking it was some kind of cat, as the person he was eating happened to be a mouse guy. What made the scene unusual though was just how the mouse guy was reacting to the sensation of being devoured, his expression one of pure bliss as the cat guy worked him into his mouth, and then, snapping his jaw shut with a clack of meeting teeth, gulped, a bulge moving down his throat, before vanishing into his gut.

``Sorry about that, was just enjoying a small snack. So, what can I do you for?'' said the guy in a voice that boomed, as he rose from his seat, the steel frame of a former car serving as a beach chair to the cat guy, who rose up above Tachi by a good four feet, his frame just as proportionally wide. His muscles were oddly distributed too, for where his arms and legs were as ripped as Tachi thought possible, the guy also had a guy that stuck out a good foot or two from his body, showing this wasn't the only time he'd probably had a snack today.

``Well, umm, I was sent here to get my buggy repaired by the guy at the rental place,'' he said, staring at the cat's guy, which squirmed a bit, an impression of a hand on it, gently stroking the outside, before the cat guy let loose a huge belch, and the hand vanished back into his body.

``Scuse me. So, where'd you break her at? I just gassed up my own ride, and it might be a tight squeeze but I think we can fit both of us in,'' he said as he patted his stomach again, and a gurgle came out of it. Or a giggle, Tachi couldn't be sure, as the guy started toward the office.

``Well, I brought it here with me. It's right outside,'' he told him, and the guy looked down at him, obviously doubting for a moment, and then smiling as he nodded.

``Now that's quite a feat. Don't see many guys able to lift even half as much as me. So, what's your name, man. You're some kinda wolf, right?'' asked the mechanic, walking through the shop, passing the dock area, and easily lifting the boat Tachi couldn't before, and setting it down gently in the one of the stalls.

``Um, yeah, I'm a wolf, my name's Tachi. What about you?'' he asked him, still not sure of the mechanic's species.

``Heh, never seen one like me before, eh?'' said the cat guy with a raised eyebrow as he smiled and laughed at Tachi, before hitting him on the shoulder in a friendly gesture, though the wolf rubbed the spot for a moment afterward, the guy still seeming to have no idea of his own strength.

``Well, I'm what's called a Lombax. Not many like me in any parts, not just around here. Dad called me Gear Head, since we're usually named after something to do with mechanics, seeing as how just about everyone of us knows more about how things work than most anyone else. Call me Gear for short,'' he told the wolf, as he demonstrated said skill, reassembling one of the jet skis that had been in more pieces than Tachi could count without batting an eye.

``Okay Gear,'' he said, with a look over his body again, before the pair made it outside. Tachi, taking the lead now, made it to the buggy before the lombax, and with a grunt, lifted it out of the sand. What caught him off guard about this was that the boxers Gear was wearing showed him that they guy was quite impressed with the show of strength, as he tented himself.

``My my, quite a strong guy, huh?'' said the lombax, as he took the buggy from Tachi, and with a bit of elbow grease, bent the wheel back into shape.

``Still, not quite strong enough,'' he said, putting a hand behind the wolf's back, and leading him back into the shop.

``I like what I see though, and from your own shorts, I think you do too, right?'' asked Gear, and Tachi was made aware that the lombax's wasn't the only arousal showing, as his own shorts were almost ripped with the way his cock was pushing against the fabric of them.

``Heh, I guess,'' replied the wolf, as he as led back out to the private area, outside the lombax's office.

``Well, how'd you like to become part of something bigger? Like that mouse guy?'' asked the lombax, and Tachi just stared at him, not sure what to say. He should say no, instantly, and without hesitation…he should, but he didn't. Instead he just stared at the guy, his mouth slightly ajar, and wondered what it would be like to slip into those jaws.

``Heh, not like that. Like that, you'd just become more fat, and I can't really use anymore of that. You look like a guy who appreciates muscles, and I like your's, so I was figuring, why not add the two, together, huh?'' he suggested, posing for the wolf, flexing his tree trunk thick arms in such a way that every sinew of them was visible beneath his fur, and then twisting them a bit to show off how flexible he was.

``You can make me, part of you like that?'' he asked, honestly not just considering right now. The way this guy moved, the why he lived, just everything about him, was appealing to Tachi. To help that, he was quite willing to become part of it, to add to the sum total of what he was seeing.

``Yeah, I don't do it much, since it's quite personal, but, for someone like you, someone who really appreciates a body like you must to have one like that, I think I can make a quick exception,'' he tells the wolf, opening his arms up, and Tachi without a word, gets closer, going in to hug the lombax. Those arms, those powerful things that could crush him in a moment, gently moved forward, and with a softness that belied their strength, wrapped around him like a mother's.

``Now, this may pinch a bit, but just let it happen,'' he said, and with that, Tachi felt his world become even softer, the fur his head was pressed up against, seeming to melt around him. It didn't long for the wolf to realize that it was becoming something like a goo, and the arms, gently as they could, were pushing him into it. Strangely though, he didn't find that bad at all. The sensations of being pushed into Gear's muscles were quite, relaxing really.

``Oh, now that feels just heavenly, you really take care of yourself,'' said the lombax, as Tachi's body merged with his own. Slowly, the wolf was vanishing into him, the world disappearing to Tachi, all save for that furry body before him, the soft thudding of the heart in his ears, growing to encompass him in its entirety, the roaring bellows of the lungs, deafening at first, becoming that soft whisper wind that carried his dreams to the farthest mountaintops.

Oddity piled on oddity, as Tachi moved into the body of the beast before him, the sensation of that muscle around him growing stronger, as the walls pressed up against him, making him feel cramped for a moment or two, before he realized that he was slowly vanishing, the flesh around him grinding against him, making him imagine himself like a block of cheese, and the muscles were a grater, slowly tearing him to bits, and adding him to the beefcake around him, a thought that made him smile as he disappeared.

The process was quick, and after a few moments, Gear was alone again, the impression of Tachi's body on his chest for a but a heart beat or two, his face easily visible against the pecs of the huge guy, whose fingers traced his outline, before it too began to fade, leaving Gear with just his body again, and as he rose, he revealed that body to now be a good deal taller, wider, and stronger, making him smile to himself, silently thanking the wolf as he patted his muscles, making a note to make the garage a bit bigger again sometime soon.