The Principal's Office- Sixth (Request)
Gel & Ash
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This was kind of strange, Ash was a little old to be called into the principal's office. Ash was eighteen, very well built and had short brown hair with a purple streak through it. Jas was Ash's mum, who wasn't much older than Ash herself, she also was well built with longer blonde hair. They were called into Ash's school after hours by the headmistress. It was getting dark early today due to the dry rainclouds floating overhead. They both walked up the front step. Ash tried to open the front doors but they were locked.

“Hello?” announced Jas knocking on the glass doors. “We're here”. They heard footsteps as the headmistress walked around the corner. She was relatively tall, blonde hair and surprisingly young looking.

“Sorry” she smiled as she unlocked the doors. “Bad neighborhood”. Jas and Ash walked inside, the headmistress looked outside the door checking for a presence before locking the door again.

“So what is this all about, headmistress?” asked Jas anxiously.

“Please, call me Gel” she smiled. “This isn't about Ash's progress at school, this is about something else”.

“If it's not about school why am I here?” asked Ash. Gel reached her hand down onto the desk, pressing it on a stapler.

“You're here because I want you here, you're here because I want you” Gel smirked. Before either the mother of daughter could comment Gel pressed down onto the stapler in her hands, a spray of pink gas shot out from the end spraying the two girls. Ash jumped to her feet, only to fall straight back down, she lost all of the movement in her body and was now limp and noodle like. “Time for some fun” smiled Gel.

Gel walked around the two, picking them up and laying them down on the carpet floor. Gel leaned on top of Ash, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and undoing her zipper. Ash watched in fear as her bra and unders were removed. Ash tried to scream but no noise came out. Gel crawled over her body, her face inches from hers. “You're not going to like this” Gel smiled. Gel moved over to Jas, slowly removing her cloths as well. Gel stood up and stripped herself of her own cloths, her body was beautifully firm and distinguished. “Watch this” ordered Gel looking down to Ash. Ash couldn't move her eyes but her focus was on her mother. Gel walked around and sat down behind Jas's head, stretching her legs around her sides. Gel reached up and flipped the lights off, the grey cloud lights from outside illuminated the room. Gel took a deep breath, her chest rose and fell. She then started lowering herself onto Jas's head, her hair pushing against Gel's pussy. Ash tried to yet as she saw Gel's pussy stretch out over her mum's head, over her face and down onto her neck. Gel's eyes closed, she lay down on the ground and softly hummed as Jas was being pulled inside of her. Ash regained some movement. She bent over, crawling slowly towards her mum and Gel. Gel's hands were rubbing over her chest with pleasurable moans. Ash saw Gel's pussy, it was tightening and releasing repeatedly, making it look as though her pussy was a mouth. Ash clumsily grabbed onto Jas's ankles, her entire chest was gone and Gel's pussy was working over her stomach. Ash made something of a muffle that was supposed to be a scream. Gel poked her head up, looking down at Ash trying to pull her mum out feebly between her legs. “Wait your turn” Gel smiled. Her pussy pulled Jas in further, down over her pussy. Ash regained a small amount of her strength back, she pulled violently on her mother's legs, her pelvis slipped out slightly, the skin exposed back to the air had a clear slime covering it. Gel let out a pleasure moan as Ash pulled her mother out further, the feeling of the friction between the two and the pressure it created sent her into an orgasm. Ash tried pulling harder but the further out Jas was pulled the more intense the pressure. Ash reached a hand forward to pull her mum back out, gripping her on her hips. The slimy substance caused her hands to slip, the pressure that was built up slurped the rest of Jas inside in a single swoop and a slurping sound. Gel screamed in pleasure, Ash dropped herself down onto the carpet and watched Gel's pussy, looking at the hole her mum had just disappeared in. Gel reached her hand down and started rubbing herself. Ash gained all of the energy she could muster and jumped herself up on top of Gel, softly trying to punch her. Gel smiled, still softly moaning to herself. She bent her face forward and enveloped Ash in a long tongue kiss, Ash was shocked, Ash actually loved Gel's taste. After the long and passionate kiss Ash regained all of her strength. She tried to pound down on Gel again, Gel merely laughed. She flipped Ash over so that she was sitting on her naked chest, Gel's now enormous stomach slumped on top of Ash's breasts. Gel lowered herself down, rubbing her wet pussy over Ash's and down over her legs. She slipped onto Ash's feet, they quickly sucked into Gel's wet pussy.

“No, please” Ash pleaded, as she hoisted herself up by her arms. “I don't want to”. Gel smiled, moaning softly to herself as she thrust back and forth over Ash's legs, slowly pushing herself up further and further over Ash. Ash screamed loudly, trying to attract some attention.

“No one around sweetheart” grinned Gel. She slid her way up Ash's thighs, their pussies now meeting each other. Gel thrust up and down along her pussy, massaging Ash's clit with her own. Ash slumped her back down on the carpet floor, her screams changed to a moan as she climaxed. Gel too arched her back in pleasure, letting out a loud moan. Gel laid down on the ground as she contracted her muscles and slowly sucking Ash inside. Gel was now eating Ash's breasts, she could feel her erect nipples running along her insides. Ash held her arms out in front of her, on top of Gel's stomach to stop herself from being sucked in.

“Please, I'll do anything” pleaded Ash, tears running down her face. Her feet could feel her mother's naked body inside of Gel and the jelly substance covering her body made her slip in further. Her neck was now being engulfed by Gel's hungry pussy.

“Shhh” Gel ordered, placing a slimy finger over Ash's mouth. “Just enjoy the ride”. Gel gave a last smile before squeezing her pussy as hard as possible, then realized, the force sending Ash slowly inside of Gel, her face disappeared with a suck sound and her arms glided themselves inside. Gel twisted and turned her body, trying to deal with the overwhelming feeling of pleasure coming from inside of her. She felt Ash's head finally finish travelling through her insides and her entire body was now beside her mother's. Gel could feel the pressure pressing down on them, pushing them together tightly. Gel lowered her hands back down to her now tight pussy and started pleasuring herself until she came.

Gel stood up, trying to bear the weight of the two inside her, she gathered all of the clothes lying on the floor and threw them in a draw in her desk. Gel locked the school up, walking outside into the rain. Gel walked down the streets naked, the rain cooling her warm body and covering her in glistening water. Gel would call in the morning and let the school know that she was taking a few sick days, a few days until her body was back to normal. She got home and lay herself on her bed, flipping through her school roll books, looking for another student who had been `misbehaving'.