Does Brass Look Good Against Green?

By Stalbon

The first thing Kanzareth heard as he came out of the blackness of unconsciousness was a great, rumbling belch. Along with the startling sound, which brought the large brass dragon fully awake in a start, came the heavy, eye-watering scent of chlorine, which meant that it must have been the green drake he'd been fighting before he'd blacked out. This was only cemented by the great smacking of lips from somewhere above and to the right, and a deep basso rumble an octave lower than even his booming voice.

Yet even with the realization that his enemy was near spurring him to awareness and action, he could not move his limbs to attack or flee. Kanzareth blinked his great eyes as soft sunlight filtered into the entrance of the cavern he lay in, most likely the green wyrm's lair, and despite his growing struggles, he felt his limbs trapped beneath him, bound by some form of heavy, inflexible material, and his snout was likewise muzzled by the same material.

His scale-scraping movement had not gone unnoticed, however, for with a low, satiated sigh, that deep basso spoke up while his neck felt the constricting squeeze of muscle about it, and his head was painfully twisted, that he might look upon the other dragon. “So, my foe finally wakes.” The green-scaled dragon grinned toothily, lounging upon his side while picking at his teeth with a sword. Kanzareth now saw the reason for that awakening belch: the green's stomach, already thick with fat, was now swollen out with some meal, causing it to rise outward heavily even as the larger beast stroked across it quite perversely. It was the other dragon's whiplike tail which constricted his neck and forced him to look.

“Mmmm, quite the sight, isn't it?” The large dragon sucked noisily upon the sword's pointed tip, the long fin running from the back of his head shivering as he licked at the blade, which was hardly bigger than one of his fangs. “And to think, this could have been you, had I not been so tired from dragging you back and binding you up…and of course, were there not a pair of trolls snooping about my treasure pile, too dimwitted to realize I had returned.” The green dug the blade into the space between two of his lower fangs and finally withdrew the object he'd been searching for, flicking the three-foot piece of dark, mossy trollhair to the rocky floor. Seemingly satisfied, he tossed the sword out of Kanzareth's sight, where he heard it clatter amongst other metallic items, causing the familiar rustle of gold to spill down.

“But don't worry, my dear foe…you will yet have your time to fill me out, though it may not come for several days, and only after I've had my proper way with you.” The large dragon rolled to his claws, and Kanzareth let out a weak-voiced hiss of protest as the other dragon approached, a claw grasping roughly under his jaw to lift his head. He jostled to free himself, but with his limbs trapped and bound beneath him, and his wings seemingly latched against his sides, he could do no more than squirm violently. It seemed even his long, heavy tail had been pinned between a heavy object and the cavern's wall. The green merely chuckled at his struggles before flicking out a long tongue and brushing it quite wetly along his snout, up the length of his muzzle and over the bridge of bone between his eyes. “Ahh, it's good to see you've still some life left in you. My triumphs and the pleasure I seek from them would be far less…enticing…were you not completely aware of your fate.”

The captive brass glared death at the green, his brilliant eyes closing to slits as he fought to gain purchase in the stone beneath him or to roll free of the cave's wall, that he might find a way to work the bindings off his limbs. There was the faint tinge of magic in them, that much he could feel, and it was likely what kept him from moving in anything more than a pitiful wriggle. The green himself seemed only to soak in the anger Kanzareth silently threw at him, and as he licked his tongue about his scaled chops, he pressed in firmly to kiss the end of the brass' snout, much to Kanzareth's surprise! This too he fought against, shuddering at the taste and scent of the green's breath overpowering him, dearly wishing to simply burst free and burn his oppressor to a cinder…but he could only afford short, panicked pants instead.

“Rrrrr,” rumbled the other dragon as he broke his kiss, and Kanzareth felt that tail slowly loosen before the pressure vanished, the limb having retreated behind the green's vast bulk. “Your passion will fade, my foe. I'm afraid it is always as such with my guests.” The green-scaled beast finally relinquished his head, that it might slap down upon the cold floor again, and the larger drake padded to the entrance, fattened stomach hanging down and swaying side to side with each step as he came fully into the brass' view. “But don't worry, I know of many ways to rekindle your ardor.”

The green turned his head to stare back outside, as the sun's light slowly faded into the oncoming twilight of evening. “Ah, but you must forgive me. I've a full belly, and I was unable to maintain my territory while waiting for you to wake.” The larger dragon sighed before shaking his head and gazing back at Kanzareth, his eyes full of mocking sincerity. “The duties of a gracious host and what not. You will be sure to wait for me while I'm gone for a couple of days, won't you? I promise you when I return it will all have been worth the wait.”

Finding his throat growing increasingly dry, the brass dragon tried his best to ignore the green's perversely cryptic comments, holding himself as still as possible to show he would not give the other dragon the pleasure of a reaction this time. It did not seem to matter, for the green merely turned to exit his lair and, once clear of the cavern, spread his wings to take off into the air. Along with him went some of Kanzareth's hope for escape, though, for the green had seemed far too certain of his superiority over him, and to leave him alone and unguarded seemed only to add to that certainty.

When Kanzareth was not grabbing fitful bouts of sleep over the next two days, he struggled himself near to exhaustion in his attempts to free himself of his bindings. The green had not told him anything about how he was bound, perhaps to keep him from figuring out a specific method of escape. His fore and hind limbs were each bound together beneath him, and his wings were bound above him, and while his tail was not bound, with every struggle, he could feel the scrape of his scales against stone, so it must have been a particularly heavy boulder placed against it. The magic upon his bindings seemed to keep him weak, and it only grew worse with his growing hunger and thirst.

By the second day, tired as he was, every scrape of stone or flutter of movement from the forest outside brought him to full alertness. Each time the wind blew the leaves about, scattering dappled shadows on the ground, he feared the green's return. Even in sleep, the brass drake could not escape his enemy, for he fought against the dream-memories of his battle with the other dragon. He recalled the green's smugness even then, how casually the other dragon had treated their battle. His enemy was not so much larger than the brass, perhaps only ten feet longer than his own sixty-foot length, but the way he threw his considerable bulk around in close combat, and had been able to outlast him with greater stamina seemed only to compound his frustration, fear, and anger now. And in his blind fury and frustration back then, he'd all too easily rushed headlong at the green, and straight into the blinding, choking fog that he had breathed out.

Kanzareth scratched his talons along the lair's floor at the memory, groaning within his sleep…only to feel his jawbone vibrate along stone when heavy footfalls sounded at the cavern's entrance, followed by the scrape of talon and scale. He came awake instantly, bloodshot eyes now wide while he watched the green ponderously make his way inside. The other dragon's toothy jaws were split wide in a satisfied grin, and for very good reason: the green-scaled beast's fat belly dragged across the stone, even more thickly padded than it had been earlier. The very sight of it made Kanzareth find his voice again in a low, trembling whine while the green sprawled back on his haunches to address him.

“It's good to see that you're still awake, my foe,” he rumbled out, his growling words interrupted by a hiccup. The brass could feel his muscles flexing and bunching, and he tried to will his limbs into movement, if only so that he could crawl away from the massive dragon before him. But he could only wriggle his powerful haunches beneath him, a pitiful sight that seemed to only embolden the green's smugness. “And still with a good bit of fight in you, too!” He nodded his head, the dewlap of loose flesh beneath his lower jaw wobbling much as his belly did when he worked himself to his claws again, to drag that massive belly in closer. Kanzareth recoiled as best he could, fearing that he'd be subjected to another horrid `kiss', but instead, with a deep wink, the green worked himself around so that his back and rear faced the brass, and then with a lift of those heavy haunches, sat his wide, scaly rump right upon the brass's horrified countenance!

Here, Kanzareth found even more to fear, for while the green had seemingly allowed him breath, sight, and smell, now he was denied even these, his eyes facing the softened scales of his enemy's rump and the massive weight of that dragging gut. He tried his best not to breathe, for it was horribly cloying and rancid, and the pressure from all of the green's tonnage was sending wracking pains through his skull. Why would the other dragon do this? To punish him? Was it a further dominant display, or merely something that the perverse monster found pleasure in? Amidst the low groans he made while breathing and the heavy gurgle of the green's stomach as it worked upon whatever poor thing he had eaten, he could make out the muffled words in that deep, sighing basso.

“Ahhh, my thanks to you. It's so very nice to be able to rest my haunches where I like, and with someone to enjoy the view down there.” The green growled and slowly shifted his weight back further, until Kanzareth felt not only that great, wide rear upon him, but was pressing his nose in against the other dragon's genital slit, to his avid horror. Here he found the overwhelming stench of the other's musk, and put up a terrible struggle to free himself while the green went on. “Isn't it magnificent, though? An entire village went into my stomach the other night to give you the pleasure of carrying it upon your head, you know. Each crying little babe was merely a morsel, but it pleased me to think that, even as I dragged myself home, you were waiting here for me to exult in your worship of what they went into making.”

The captive brass felt as the other's tail wrapped about and squeezed his bound wings, and through the tears leaking out of his eyes, he could hear the gurgles above as the green's gut converted those within it into more mass and fat. He wondered, sadly, if he even had enough pity left in him to care, when he himself was doomed. Even with the green's belly and rear the only things he could see, even those were growing dim and fuzzy as Kanzareth fought to stay awake…and then that massive weight was lifted, and he could breathe again, if only in short, rank huffs and pants. He blinked as the world came into focus once again, the green staring down at him. “In fact, my dear foe...seeing how much you enjoy this makes me regret that we still must wait a while for you to join them.”

Those scaled lips once more pressed to his own for a long, bitter moment, and then the larger, bloated dragon was sliding along his side, making him feel every bit of his added, richly-gained bulk. “But we still have the night yet, and I am in good spirits. Come, let us move this rock away...” The heavy, grinding roll of stone against stone was surprising, as was the sudden freedom he felt in his tail. Kanzareth gave it an experimental twitch, only to find talons cruelly close over it and lift, pinning it to the wall. With a strangled hiss, he tried to crawl forward on his belly, even as the musky scent of the green grew stronger, the huge drake's bulk pressing in from behind. “Ahh, I see you already are gaining back strength. Good, good. I do wish to see my guests enjoy our lovemaking.”

Amazingly, the green seemingly had enough strength to lift his massive belly up and over Kanzareth's form, for that soft, scaled weight once again crashed down upon him, though now upon his back, with the other dragon's chest weighing upon his neck. Unable to even scream out his protests, the brass could only strain to break the muzzle wrapped about his jaws when that great lance of pain came upon his own backside, followed by the long, low growl rolling out of the green's throat. The brass worked his neck and limbs, trapped as they were, to try and escape from the invading shaft penetrating deep into his tailhole. Worse still were the hot, liquid shots of warmth into his bowels, his only reaction being to clench and push at the larger male.

He cried freely, not caring anymore if his enemy saw, and he was certain the green did, for a claw wrapped about his jaw and lifted it, and for a third time, he was forced into liplock with the larger, perverse male. This time was the worst by far, for that hot, panting breath washed over him, and even with the immense weight of his gut, the green seemed all too capable of working his great body in sexual ways, pressing and thrusting that heavy shaft forward while bumping and working his jaws down, drool soon spilling freely from those toothy jaws, splattering over Kanzareth's cheeks, nostrils, and eyes as the green leaned in towards him.

“Your taste is superb, my dear foe; it only entices me further.” The green-scaled male thrust harder still, rocking Kanzareth's body and spilling more warmth into his bowels. “Do you look forward to it, yourself? Or are you too lost in the pleasure of our moment now?” Then those jaws left his view, and he growled out as the sharp prick of those fangs scissored across the scales of his neck, the green once more focused on pinning him while he was taken. The brass simply tried to tough the rest of it out, his breath and will spent, his body broken. Still, he could not ignore the weight upon him, nor the pain and thrusting flesh grinding against his haunches. Several seconds later, a new pain blossomed as the green thrust forward with a rolling, ground-shaking growl, crushing Kanzareth's chest to the floor while a great spigot of sticky warmth spread deeper and deeper inside his bowels.

He growled weakly, a sound quickly silenced by those fangs pressing deeper into his scales and tearing a few free. The long moment lasted only a few more seconds, though, to his gratitude. That painful lance retreated out of him afterwards, though the weight did not leave his back. Instead, the green shifted about, releasing the grip on his neck to rumble out in that great basso. “Ahh, such a magnificent night indeed. We will spend it together, my foe, for I've not yet room enough for you.” These words were punctuated by the loud slurping of tongue across chops, enough to make even Kanzareth's tired muscles clench in a shiver. “And then in the morning, well… It's best to leave that for then, isn't it?” The brass flinched as a tender kiss graced his muzzle, the green resettling that massive stomach atop him. “Goodnight, my delicious foe.” With that, he felt the green's head lay out over his own, and the brass took that as his cue to gratefully pass out.

He must have been truly exhausted, for he didn't even notice the absence of the green's massive weight atop him, and he halfheartedly wondered if he'd already grown used to it being there. Instead, the green was laying against the cavern's other wall, and rumbled deeply as Kanzareth's eye slid over to look at him. That belly was diminished now, though it still retained its enormous size and girth. “A good morning to you, my foe,” the larger drake said, inclining his muzzle to show that it was indeed morning, with the sun's light shining in. “I trust you've rested up and prepared yourself? I would be sorely disappointed were you not at your best for this wonderful moment.”

The other male moved to his clawed feet and padded over, tail flicking about behind him as he continued. “I always try to imagine what my guests feel when this particular moment comes. Have you, like others before you, resigned yourself to your fate?” Those foreclaws reached out to snatch his head up, and the green stared into his eyes. “Or, have you been saving up the last of your strength for a final lunge to freedom?” Talons scraped gently along the underside of his sore jaw, and Kanzareth swallowed, a dull ache in his throat from how dry it had become over the past days. Nonetheless, despite the dull ache in all of his limbs, he tried to summon his remaining strength, just in case his captor had something further planned.

“Mmmm,” the green rumbled, lips pouring into a pleased smile. “I see that you do still look for escape. Surely, you think, I'm to remove your bindings before I begin my feast, and then, ah then! You can escape.” Settled back upon his wide haunches as he was, the larger drake appeared totally at ease, and eased a talon between the binding and his muzzlescales, teasingly testing its hold. Kanzareth's heart leapt for a second, and he thought, perhaps, that he could feel the magical hold on him loosening. His tail twitched, and he tried to keep his gaze level with the green's.

“But no, my dear foe. That shan't be happening.” Slowly, the fatter dragon settled himself out on that huge belly, facing the brass, and removed his talon from the strap that kept Kanzareth's jaws bound. “For just as they keep you weak while I enjoy our time together, the enchantment upon them is strong enough to survive even my stomach.” The weakly-huffing metallic drake tried to keep his limbs tensed, but the hope that had flickered in his heart for a moment slowly guttered out with each word. The green parted his jaws to allow his long tongue a slimy lick across the brass's muzzle, before sighing aloud. “And so, while I implore you to struggle, I feel it is time to bid you goodbye, my foe. Do enjoy the trip.”

Those jaws gaped then, stretching alarmingly wide before Kanzareth, who fought to tug his head back from the widening pit of the green's throat, but his body would not answer him, and the carpet of tongue and great fangs rushed forward, the larger beast's fangs scraping across the protective ridges above his eyes, and an audible glurk came as a clawed foot shoved his muzzle in deeper still, the loose flesh at the back of the green's gullet stretching and sagging as his head entered the other dragon's maw. Copious amounts of drool spilled forth, further blurring and dampening the brass' vision, not that he would wish to see where he was headed; it was bad enough to feel flesh and muscle alike spread and squeeze around him, and as a great rumble echoed up from that long cavern before him, he knew the green drake was taking a most perverse enjoyment from this.

With what he had already seen of the other dragon's appetite, he could not doubt the green's capacity to take in even his massive frame, and while the thick, slimy tongue slapped across his scales with each swallow, he could sense how easily and smoothly the other predator was taking him in. Soon he felt the pinching, grasping talons adjust down past his shoulders as the hump they made was shoved into thick, warm wetness. Try though he might to tear his limbs or wings free, Kanzareth could do little more than squirm, his long neck undulating much as the other dragon's did, though the green's did far more to make him vanish than he could to free himself.

The brass was already gasping and wheezing for breath in the hot, rancid gullet, but as the green's jaws greedily chomped over his chest, each new breath was laced with a grinding, bitter pain, his eyes spilling what little water they still retained as he was shoved deeper and deeper. Claws groped and squeezed about his rear haunches now as the green settled back and off of his stomach, perhaps wanting to create more room in there for such a meal. His own limbs slipped inside with little more than a squirming grasp of his taloned digits, and by the time the green was biting, lapping, and stretching his jaws hugely across the concave arc of his own belly, Kanzareth knew he was doomed.

His hindbody was suddenly lifted up, his tail wrenched free from the boulder still pinning it, causing the brass to let out a screeching yowl in the back of his throat and lash that limb, to which the green let out a rumbling chuckle and patted the metallic-scaled rump in his claws. Seething in pain and humiliation, he could only groan out a low growl of pain while his head and long neck were pressed tightly through a ring of muscle and into the massive pit of the green's gut, bubbling with acidic slime and clogged with the stench of chlorine. The brass merely shut his eyes, unable to see and barely able to hear anything but the roar of that fleshy sac around him, the green greedily tossing his head and the rump in his jaws back in the air to help jostle and force Kanzareth further into that sagging, stretching gut.

Barely able to breathe without coughing painfully, he was only able to hiss and wince away from the burning sting of the walls as they spread wide, expanding to contain his huge frame as more of it was fed into the chamber. The green was now chomping over his tail and sucking it and his legs down, working that tongue across each remaining digit and the scraped, bruised scales of his tailtip, before a final internal tug drained him into the beast's gluttonous throat. Surrounded by bitter gas and scorching slime, Kanzareth could only squirm and writhe about as the green's belly bloated out wide to hold him, the walls tightening as he huffed out his last remnants of air. Throat burning with the need for oxygen, the brass could only silently curse his enemy as a great belch stole the last bit of life from his body.

The green laid out upon his side, his jaws parting as another thunderous belch erupted from them, splattering his scales with spittle as he reached out to fondly stroke a claw across his tremendous gut, stretched hugely to contain his meal's remains. Though the brass had not put up much of a fight on the way down, the sheer bulk he would add to his belly was more than enough. Wiping his jaws clean with his tongue, he slapped a limb across his belly's vast expanse, even as low groans and gurgles began to sound as his ever-hungry stomach went to work. He laid his head down upon the floor of his lair with a pleased rumble, curling about his bloated middle. “Farewell, my dear, delicious foe.”