Descia and the Dragoness of Dralm

Under clear blue skies and the songs of passing harpies, Descia stood upon the Ghilfa Bridge and looked out to the river Jafe. On summer evenings such as this, the sun dove under the river's wide maw and it's dimming glow sparkled across the waters like a trove of polished gems. It was a beautiful sight that many had come from all over to see, captivating them as it did the wandering warlock.

Descia breathed deep from her pipe and let out a cloud of tobacco smoke, her red robe and pointed hat wavering in the breeze. It had been four days since she had stepped off the boat into the town of Viln, a port town that traded with all parts of Akaria. It was quite a tiring trip so far, but her journey was near its end and between the Warlock and her goal was the little village of Dralm, a friendly gathering place that welcome all guests. Unfortunately for the little place, there was a rather terrible fiend plaguing them: A Vinscale Dragoness, one of the giantesses who call Drakes and Dragons their kin. Taller than eight knights standing upon their shoulders, these powerful creatures wield unparalleled strength from their fangs to the tip of their long tails. Very menacing things they are with an endless ferocity to match their voracious hunger. When the Warlock received word from her sister about this creature causing chaos, she simply had to see it with her own eyes and set sailed for Viln, the port closest to the little village.

She wasn't alone in this endeavor. From under her pointed hat came a shuffling and soon, Uli's head popped out. She was no longer her usual size, shrunk down seven sizes for good reasons. It was her first time outside the Tower of Minds as one of it's students and she would've been overjoyed if it wasn't for her size.

“Confound it, master Descia!” She shouted, still bothered by her little predicament. “Why must I be this small? I feel like a meal for baby harpies.”

Descia laughed out another cloud of smoke. “Because, my dear Uli, its much safer for you to travel in my pocket than by my side. Do you wish to be stab by pitchforks and burned by torches, maybe even meet a child's stone?”

“You point is as fine as ever.” Uli grumbled, slithering down Descia's head and resting on her shoulder. “Promise me you'll make me normal again when we return home.”

“Oh, I don't know.” Descia started to jest. “I quite like having you this small. You're more a pet than a student.”

“Oi!” shouted Uli as she whipped Descia's cheek with the tip of her tail. “I am no one's pet.”

“Oh-hoho, you know I only joke. Of course I'll make you tall and long once we are home in the tower.”

“Good.” The tiny lamia huffed before taking in the view of the river. “My, what a pretty sight.”

“That it is, my pupil.” Descia agreed with a smile. “And would you believe I've seen things even prettier than this?”

“I don't doubt that, master Descia.” Uli sadly sighed.

Descia let out of ring of smoke that twisted and turned into a dancing couple. “Do you still miss your old life.”

“Yes, but its only natural.” Uli said, shrugging her shoulders. “I feel that this for the best, however. I miss my sisters dearly, yes, but there is more for me in life studying beside you than there is scavenging for food everyday.”

“Tis your wish.” Descia emptied the ashes of her pipe and slipped it back into her robes. “Well, my dear Uli. Let us embark. Who knows when our Dragoness friend will strike next and I would rather not miss out on an opportunity!”

“About time, Master. You've spent nearly a day watching this and blowing silly smoke rings.”

“Ha, you're only jealous that you can't do it.” remarked the Warlock, taking her trusty staff in hand and walking across the rest of the long bridge.

“You're a fool for thinking I'm jealous of such childishness.”

Descia laughed loud enough that it echoed across the river. “I've been called a fool for things much worse.”

And so, they resumed their journey to Dralm. After crossing the bridge and heading down the southwestern road. They would walk until the sun set completely beneath the distant mountains and made camp for the night under a sea of stars. They were joined by a pair of travelers soon after, who told of the Dragoness and how it nearly added them to her waistline. Descia would ask question after question, filling her little notebook while never letting on what her true intention was. By the time her curiosity was satisfied, everyone had decided to call it a night.

The next morning, Descia awoke early, collected her things, and continued her journey. By the time of breakfast, she was crossing the Timil Forest, a wide and thick expanse of trees that cut the twin plains of Mari in half. It was once a place full of barbarians and scoundrels, but when the Queen of Buldrum grew weary of the constant attacks on nearby villages, it was wiped clean of the bandits. Its been devoid of life ever since and a ghostly legend was beginning to brew, claiming that the forest was haunted by some famed killer. It was all nonsense of course, but it was still enough to spook some of the folk living nearby.

Descia and Uli passed through unscathed and soon arrived in Dralm. Normally it was a quaint little place, known for fresh crop and fine wine. While it was still nice, it wasn't without signs that a dragoness attacked. Buildings and streets were scorched black by dragonfire and barely a soul walked the streets (and even they were quite nervous in doing so). It was a disheartening sight for the Mage, who had been here many times before. In the back of her mind, she wondered if there was some way she could chase off this ill-tempered beast.

Descia's first order of business was to fill her hungry belly, particularly with bacon, bread, and wizard's wine. Fortunately, she found a nice little tavern with her bacon and bread, but they were fresh out of wizard's wine. Descia assumed most of it was stewing the Dragoness's gut given the news of recent caravan attacks being mumbled around the bar. Instead, she had a small cup of ale to go with the meat cooked crisp and crunchy. It went especially well with bread, made only moments ago at the bakery across the way. As she enjoyed her meal, she would occasionally sneak bits and pieces under her pointed hat for Uli to have her fill. When her belly was full and her thirst quenched, it was time for her next order of business.

The Warlock wandered the village of Dralm, asking all the townsfolk about the Dragoness and every one of them gave her a different description. Some said she was no larger than a house and others spoke of a giantess larger than the old Drake lords, who were taller than mountains! There were stories of whole groups of knights getting cut into two by her powerful tail and that her roars alone were enough to end lives. One drunkard even claimed that, while she was calmly drinking her mead, the Dragoness picked her up and shoved her deep in her arse! When Descia inquired how she escaped, the Drunk declined with an excuse more flimsy than rotting paper. As she listened intently to these vivid descriptions and tall tales, she scribbled them down in her little notebook, along with some of her own personal notes and theories.

By the end of the day, Descia's legs and ears ached from her investigations. She learned nearly everything about the beast, save for one thing, the most important thing of all! The location of the beast's dwelling still eluded her. She had gone through her notes one thousand times in hopes that she might have jotted them down in some small corner, but there was none to be found in the tiniest nooks and crannies of her pages. Making her way to a nearby Inn to rest he weary feet, she closed her book with papery thump and breathed a defeated sigh. She hoped to make it back to Viln in another week's time in hopes of catching her favorite (and cheapest) ferry back home, but if she couldn't find the Dragoness's whereabouts by tomorrow's end, she would miss the boat by the time she was finished her work. It was then that the Twin Goddesses of Fate and Fortune decided to lend a hand.

It all started with a thunderous roar that echoed across the clear blue skies. The birds that were once heading east were now flying west as fast as their wings could take them. Then, there came a sound of large wings beating with the sound of thunder! The people started to run and scream, knowing full well what was coming, but the Warlock stood her ground and turned her golden eyes to the sky. At first there was nothing but harmless clouds and the blazing sun, but in an instant a creature swooped down from the heavens and landed on the roof of a bakery. It was none other than the Dragoness Descia was seeking. Being of the Dragonkin, she appeared like one of the Silver Giantesses of the icy north, only with thick, black scales like gauntlets and boots, breastplate and thong. Her rows of jagged teeth were sharper than Valrok blades and her talons could pierce flesh and bone and stone like hot steel through melted butter. She was well-equipped to deal with armies and hunt for hapless townsfolk.

“Petty humans and weakling elves, It is I once again!” She shouted proudly, her serpent-like eyes burning with devilish glee and flames dancing from her lips. “Flee for your worthless lives lest you rot in my guts. And for those wish to stand against me, let me to remind you!”

The Dragonkin leaped from her perch to the plaza below, taking a deep breath to let out a stream of fire that flowed across the stone like a raging river. When she was finished, she stood tall (taller than most of the buildings around, mind you) and laughed.

“I destroyed cities and fortresses and devoured the thousands within them from Gildan to the Cilic Isles! There's naught you weaklings can do to stop me!”

And it was all true, if not a little bit exaggerated (which most dragonkins did with their stories). If her size and strength wasn't enough to drain the courage of the people, her tales surely did. However, her speech did not impede on the Warlock's curiosity. Instead it only made her even more curious! She simply had to have a closer look and inspect the inner workings of the giant wonder! As the Dragoness raged its reign of terror, Descia stepped forward, faltered not by its ferocity and flames. With one hand wrapped around her maple wood staff and another holding her hat down, she walked and hailed the creature. Some thought she was very brave and others thought there was no greater fool at this very moment than the Warlock.

“Good day!” She said polite and cheerful, despite the carnage happening around her. “I see that you fare quite well.”

The people watched in awe as the dragon turned to her to answer her greeting, suspense mounting in their hearts.

“Who are you to come at me without fear?” She called out loud and proud. The fearsome dragoness stomped forward and pointed her sharp finger at Descia mere inches from her heart. “You have the look of Mage human, but fear you I certainly do not! I've filled my larder with your kind, alive and waiting to fill my belly! Come at me with your spells, enchantments, and such and you too will rest in the pit of my stomach.”

“Ha! I would very much like that.” Descia laughed, completely startling The Dragoness.

“You what!?” She replied quite bewildered. “Pray, say that again. Pray tell that's all just jest!”

“I'm afraid not.” Descia took hold of her pointed hat and lifted it above her head. “My name is Descia, Warlock of the Tower of Minds. The Seventh Mind, in fact! Given your likely knowledge of things, you've probably heard of my home?”

“I have.” The Dragoness approached the Warlock and squatted before her, giving the mage quite the view of her loins. “A few I've devoured spoke of this Tower you speak of, but my stomach broke them down all the same. But enough of this tower, what's this talk of you being so willing to feed me.”

“Oh, but that is what I study, my friend. I intend to research the bellies of many a fiend so that my fellow woman will know their dangers. When I received word of you and the trouble you've caused, well I just had to come see you for myself!”

“You sound so sure that you'd survive my guts.”

“Because I am. I've spent years and years studying and those studies have bore great fruits. I have powers that defy death herself and make her shivering in terror. I've been eaten hundreds of times over, yet here I stand before you!”

“You lie!”

Descia laughed. “If you don't believe me then how about a bet, Dragon?”

“Oh?” The dragoness raised a curious brow. “I love a good gamble. Do go on.”

“Should I survive your bowels and come out intact, you will leave this place be and go bother some town in that damnable nation of Gildan.”

“And what if you wind up as fat on my arse?”

“Then I will make for fine fat as you go about what you do best: pillage and hoard what tickles your fancies.” Descia lifted her maple wood staff and with a few incantations, she stabbed it back down. “What do you say?”

The Dragoness let out a hearty laugh and lifted the Warlock into the air. “I say we have a bet, Warlock. Let us see if you magics will protect you from my stomach's might.”

The Dragoness pulled the clothes from the Warlock's body like a child playing with a doll and threw them over her shoulder. With Descia nice and nude, she was lifted high and higher until she was dangling over the Dragoness's head.

“I wish you luck mage, you'll need every ounce of it!” And with that little taunt, the Dragoness parted her lips and released Descia, who fell and fell into the Dragonkin's waiting maw. As soon as the Mage landed upon her soft, pink tongue, the Dragonkin's fangs closed tightly shut with a clack! By instinct, Descia tried to brace herself, but the Dragonkin's twin-pronged tongue was far too strong and tossed her all around the cramped humid mouth, tasting every bit of the Warlock and covering her in thick saliva. She worried not about the Dragoness chewing her to little bits or grinding her into paste, for she knew that Dragonesses took their bets quite seriously and their pride wouldn't let them dare cheat. So with nothing to fear, Descia relaxed and did her best not to drown in a mouthful of saliva.

Outside, the Dragoness kicked over a statue and sat where it stood. She was quite surprised how the Mage tasted, but it may have been because, unlike many magical persons before her, Descia wasn't trying to sling her ice and lighting. Not a bit did she struggle to free herself and the Dragoness didn't find her quite as entertaining as devouring screaming peasants, so she decided to make a game of it. With great force, she spat the Warlock high into the air and juggled her with her long, serpentine tongue. Up and down, round and round went the Warlock, so high she was, she'd splat if she hit the ground! Soon, the Dragoness felt bored once again and felt it would be even more entertaining if the Warlock was struggling down her gullet. With one last whip, she sent Decia soaring with the birds and when she fell back down, she landed perfectly in the Dragonkin's toothy maw. After slurping up Descia's long locks, she threw her head back and swallowed the Warlock whole and very much alive. A large bulge descended down her neck, between her scaly bosom, and came to a halt above the Dragonkin's navel.

After minutes of passing through the tight, contracting tunnel of flesh, Descia was dumped into the belly of the beast. Immediately, she noticed that it was quite bright and sweltering hot to the point that juices that pool around her rear bubbled like boiling water. With a quick inspection and keen eyes, she found the source of the light. Above her was the beast's lungs, their glow radiating strong enough to pierce the flesh around them. It was mystical display, like a fire sprite dancing in a jar, that defied the normal biology she knew well. She snapped her fingers and instant, her trusty pen and notebook appeared in her hands and Descia immediately went to work. Her hands raced across every page, writing what she heard, what she saw, what she smelled; thoroughly detailing everything to the tiniest detail. The body of the Dragoness was such a fascinating thing to her, so much so that she had forget something very important!

What was it, you ask? Well, if you recall, the Warlock did cast a spell when she stabbed the earth with the maple wood shaft. That was a powerful enchantment that would ensure Descia return if she were actually digested by the beast. What our dear Descia forgot in the midst of her research was the spell that would ensure she wasn't digested in the first place! Fortunately she was still keen enough in her fervent writing to feel the tingling in her arse and quickly realized her error. She spent a moment casting a series of enchantments, born from her past research, that would safeguard her from whatever would end her life in the belly of the beast, ranging from the much needed digestion protection to an art that would allow her to draw breath even if there was no air to breath! However, all these spells, along with the one she cast before she was gobbled up, had taken a great toll upon Descia's body. When she put her pen back to the journal's paper, her hands and body trembled from fatigue. Despite this however, she continued to write her observations, no longer fearing they would be interrupted by Lady Death coming to take her.

Outside, The Dragoness patted her belly and let out a belch of flames. “A fine meal you made.” She said aloud and stood up. “Went down easier than any Mage did!”

“I aim to please.” Descia replied, never taking her eyes from her journal. “Now if you wouldn't mind, please cease your incessant trouble making. I'm trying to study your insides and making mischief will only disrupt my work.”

“Ah, I see why you feed yourself to me now! I'm another beast to fill your notes, eh? No matter, do as you wish, my guts will break you down all the same!” She looked around the town, but no longer felt like causing the chaos she usually wrought. Instead, she shouted to the townsfolk while giving her wings a mighty flap. “You should all thank this foolish mage for her willing sacrifice has saved your town for another day!”

And with that, the Dragoness took to the skies with a round belly in tow. The Lamia Apprentice watched from her perch atop her Master's staff, fingers nervously kneading the pointed hat in her hands. This was her first venture from the Tower of Minds with Descia, so you can likely imagine that she was very worried for her Master's safety.

After flying across the many landscapes of Akaria, the Dragoness landed outside her home: A cavern carved into the belly of Mt. Borla. She hit the ground with a ground shattering thump, her belly full of Warlock sloshing around. She stood tall and held the underside of her bloated gut, letting out another fiery belch and hearty laugh.

“How fare your first flight Mage, or have you turned to fat on my breasts?”

“I'm still very much alive, my dear dragoness, and I'll have you know I've been on many a flight! I've filled out plenty of entries on Harpies.”

“Harpies!” The Dragoness licked her lips and started into the cave's dark maw. “Harpies sound like a fine meal right about now.”

A Dragoness's home is a wondrous place. Depending on how long they have lived, their caves are normally filled massive hoards of treasures that grow like mountain ranges, glittering in the flickering torchlight like a sunset against an open ocean, and this Dragoness was no exception to the rule. Her home was decently sized and not an inch of the rocky floor was without a priceless gem or shiny golden coin. In one corner of the room was the Giantess's larder with several woman chained and gagged, some of the terrified and others violently angry, alongside boxes of foodstuffs and barrels of many kinds of beverages. For a normal person like you and I, it wasn't really was a place to call home (especially with the dingy cave smell hanging in the air), but to the Dragoness it was perfect.

With a heavy sigh, the Dragonkin kin fell upon a pile of gold in a song of jingling coins and relaxed. She was still surprised that someone offered themselves to her. It wasn't the first time, mind you. Plenty of people sacrificed themselves to spare a loved one or a town or something she didn't really care about, but that only happened once in a blue moon and they were never, ever this willing. Slowly, the Dragoness felt that the Warlock was less of meal and more like a pleasant guest. She was even feeling inclined to offer a nice dinner and a fine wizard's wine.

“How about a meal mage?” The Dragoness inquired, patting the head of her belly. “I have plenty of meat that'll cook itself down my throat and lots of mead, wine, and ale.”

“I'm quite fine, thank you.” Descia politely replied, her confines becoming more cramped. “I had some finely cooked bacon, bread, and ale before you came along.”

“Well, if you don't mind, I'm still a bit peckish.” The Dragon rose from her seat and lumbered over to her larder, passing the women in favor of the piles of beef and pork. One-by-one she roasted the meat with her fearsome breath before popping them in her mouth like bits of candy until she was content. As the Dragoness reached for a barrel of Gildanian Mead, Descia found herself in a pile of well-cooked meat, still whole and intact. With the delicious smell filling her nostrils and enticing her hunger, she grabbed one of the bigger hunks and dug in like a ravenous dog. That was when a shower of mead rained down and filled her chamber. It continued to pour for a moment or two, giving Descia enough time to take a few handfuls to quench her thirst. By the time it ceased, the dragonkin's belly was bloated greatly, slishing and sloshing with every step back to her largest pile of treasure.

“So, you say your name was Descia?” The Dragoness inquired.

“Last I checked it was.” Descia answered. “Might I ask what yours is?”

“You come from a Tower of Minds, have you forgotten that humans cannot speak dragon tongue, let alone understand it?”

“Yes yes, but some Dragons have been known to give themselves some frightening human names to make a legend of themselves.”

“True, but I am not one of them.”

“Pray tell me more.” Descia said curiously.

“I am content with the life I live.” The Dragoness sat down and picked up a handful of gold coins, letting them slip between her scaled fingers. “I have my treasure and I have my fun where I go. I need not the status my sisters so desperately covet.”

“Not as prideful as your kin, I see.”


The Warlock was about to open her mouth to ask How long does your prey last? When she felt the stomach floor open and take hold of her feet. “Well, it seems time for me to take leave of your stomach.”

“Already?” The Dragoness replied, startled. “Why, most of my meals are down to the bone by now! Maybe you do have a chance, Descia.”

“Wish me luck.” With a puff of smoke, her notebook and pen vanished with out a trace. Suddenly, she lurched downwards. She could feel her legs in the Dragonkin's intestines and she was neck deep in the pile of roasted meats. With every contraction, Descia was yanked deeper and deeper into the bowels of the beast until the only thing remaining was her long, long black hair and eventually that too, disappeared.

Over time, Descia slowly coursed through the Dragoness's intestines. It was a very slimy and cramped trip and the most horrendous smell hung in the air. Unable to write in her journal, let alone conjure it, Descia committed everything to memory. It wasn't too different than any other intestinal tract she rode along. It was a long, constantly shifting tube that seemed to go on with no end. Above her, the Dragoness's stomach grumbled hungrily, though it didn't last long as someone's screams and pleas soon followed. This new guest only made Descia's trip even tighter and harder to breath. Soon, she passed out and when she awoke, she knew not where she was or what time of day. All she knew was that it was dark, smelled worst than the intestines, and that she was curled up in a ball over a tightly-clenched dead end.

Underneath the sea of gold, the Dragoness began to stir from her sleep. When she felt the sudden urge in her bowels hit her like a cudgel, she burst out from the treasure hoard like a magnificent goddess and let out a deafening roar! Well, It was more like a groan really, but it was loud it enough that it blurred the line between them. It was quite a painful urge, one that she had never felt before. Then again, she probably never had a meal that was the same coming out as she was going in! Quickly and desperately, she bolted down the cave corridor with belly clutched tightly until she was outside. Unable to make it to her special spot, she squatted down and pushed out the Warlock resting in her rectum.

With a guttural groan, her puckered hole opened and a pair little feet lurched out, soon followed by a pair of wiggling legs. Harder and harder she pushed, slowly releasing the Warlock from her smelly, cramped prison. Finally, Descia's head broke the surface of the Dragonkin's anus and she fell to the cold ground below. The Warlock stood up and stretched every part of her steaming body, made stiff after spending nearly a day of dwelling in the bowels of a dragoness.

“You have me in disbelief, Descia.” said the Dragonkin with a sigh, Descia's long, long locks still strung from her rear. “Never have I felt the pain of passing someone whole and alive. I pray it never happens again!”

“That's what they all say, my dear.” Descia remarked, turning around and pulling her hair out from the Dragonkin's bottom. “Now, about our bet?”

“Yes, yes. You are the victor.” As soon as Descia's hair was free from her arse (which was a discomforting feeling), the Dragoness turned to the Warlock and placed and hand on her scaly breast. “I swear to you that the village of Dralm will have nothing to fear from me. I can't say the same for the next town.”

Descia ignored the devilish tone that followed those last few words and asked. “Now with that settled, you don't mind if I stay for a moment, maybe two? I still have plenty of things to ask.”

“Why, of course! Come, come! Let us share a few tales over some good food and fine drinks and I shall answer all your inquiries!”

“That sounds quite entertaining. Lead the way, my friend!”

Three days later, Uli found herself outside a massive cave with her master's staff in hand. The sounds of great merriment echoed forth and when her ear caught a familiar voice, she scurried inside. Deep in the cavern's dark, dank depths she found her master and the Dragoness, both sitting upon a massive fortune that spanned the entirety of the cave's large belly. They were quite drunk on many ales that the Dragoness acquired and like the Dragoness, Descia was as naked as the day she was born (not that she was sober enough to care). They were trading many a tale. Descia told of her ventures while the Dragoness told of the places she raided. Despite the morbid stories of eating and pillaging, the Warlock laughed as if she were told the silliest story she ever heard.

It was awhile more before they even noticed the Lamia dressed in mage's robes and they reacted quite joyfully to have a new guest joined them.

“Uli, my dear, what a pleasure to see you've found us!” She said with a bit of drunken slur. “My friend and I have sharing the most delightful stories. Come! Sit! Have a cup of this wine!”

“Master, we have business to attend to.” Uli replied, bothered about her master's intoxication.

Descia paused to think, then spoke with a grumble. “Ah, yes. Business. Plenty of that there is. Bring me my staff my dear, let us settle this business.

“Aw, but I have plenty of tales to tell, Descia.” She moan sadly. “Share only a moment more and I will tell you one greater than the last!”

“Ha, you said that two moons ago and here we are now!” Descia laughed and took her staff. She held it high and brought down in one quick motion and suddenly, her clothes reformed around her body, wrapping around her like snakes before becoming one at the seams. It was quite a show that all came to end to with her pointed hat falling upon her head, but that wasn't the only thing it had done. Underneath her new found clothes and skin, the alcohol coursing through her veins dissipated in an instant and the Warlock was as sober as she was when she started her journey.

“Like my companion says, I simply must be going lest I'll miss my ship back home. But worry not, my friend, I shall find the time to journey back here and we drink and tell tall tales again.”

“I shall hold you to that, Descia, and should you not come soon enough, I shall find your Tower of Minds and eat you once again!”

They both laughed before bidding one another farewell. As Descia and Uli stepped out of the cave's mouth, the Warlock wiggled her finger and in an instant, her notebook reformed in her hand; opened to her notes on the Dragoness. With so much new information to study and ponder, she was greatly satisfied by the results of her quest. By the end of the week, she was behind her desk, writing a new entry in her Bestiary.