A harsh thumping echoed around the ruined castle, then the sounds of massive claws could be heard tapping tepidly on the stone floor, their owner impatiently waiting for something to happen. "Where is he?" Dragon grumbled to herself, sniffing at the floor and catching her husband's faint equine scent "we need to talk."

In hindsight perhaps she should of known something was amiss, her lover had been quite nervous around her after seeing the dragon gulp down Farquad only a few weeks prior to today and she hadn't really given him much of a say in their courtship before that. "But still...cheating on me?" Dragon spat "that's different...perhaps my original plans for him can come in use after all..."

There was no mistaking what she'd seen in the forest yesterday, massive reptile form obscured as it was by the night and massive foliage...her donkey husband kissing a female companion and no doubt thinking that his dragon wife wouldn't find out.

But find out she did. And donkey would need to do some serious sweet talking to get away from her jaws this time...

Donkey walks in soon after, but still later than usual, as Dragon's castle was not an easy place to get to. He still feared Dragon of course, but he knew that she wouldn't hurt him. After all, the poor girl had been alone all those years eating those foolish knights. He entered the main hall and saw Dragon there.

"Hey honey, i'm home! What did you want to talk about? You seem a little different today." said Donkey, feeling unsure about this.

Dragon would of seemed very different, reserved, more bestial and certainly a little hungrier than she usually seemed having abstained from her dinner today with another snack in mind. "Hi honey" the giant creature purred in reply, giving him a little sniff that made her stomach rumble a little, the creature smelling of onions and lovely equine meat. No female though..perhaps he had washed that off in a stream somewhere.

"Well" she responded, the sniff and silence having lasted uncomfortably long "I was just wondering what you got up to today? I miss when you're not here..."

Dragon's words had a certain edge to them, predatory, hungry, curious...something that even donkey would of picked up on.

Donkey did indeed know that something was up and different with Dragon, she seemed to be hiding something in her mind, which scared Donkey a little. "Well, Dragon I have been busy with the uh, princess as you know and getting her and Shrek off to their home for a bit. You know, busy stuff." Donkey blushed a little, still nervous.

"What about you? What have you been up to in your castle all alone? Doesn’t it get boring up here?"

"Not at all" Dragon replied with a somewhat devilish smile, loving the idea that she was about to get revenge in such a mischievous way, by swallowing her husband whole and letting him know her in a very different manner "I always something to do, or eat."

She let the tip of her massive tongue roll out slightly and rub down donkey's right ear. "Usually eat" dragon continued "you wouldn't believe how many creatures still come here even with the princess gone. They don't stay long though" she patted her large belly before turning back to the donkey in front of her, realising now that he was quite tasty looking, plump with equine muscle and fat...

"Busy huh? Seems to me like you're...busy with a lot of things lately."

Donkey blushed when dragon licked him and showed off her belly. He loved it when she did that, although it did remind him of the time when they first met, not too long ago, and he almost ended up going down to her big belly.

"Well...yeah i am pretty busy now. I got responsibilities as a noble steed! But, i promise to be with you more now, since i am free for a bit since Shrek and the princess are out. You know, from that gleam in your eye, id say you have something sexy planned..." said Donkey, thinking that Dragon had something sexy in mind for this meeting.

"Hmm...I have something fun planned for the two of us that's for sure" she replied with a soft smile, showing off her teeth now in all their shiny, carnivorous glory. Where donkey to look at her maw while she talked he would of seen the tongue flick up and down and, past that, the muscular throat flexing crimson red in the moonlight. Almost hinting at his future end.

"I was thinking maybe some kissing, then a dinner date...then something very fun after that" the giant reptile continued, looking down at her romantic quarry, pondering how he would react and taste slipping down her soft oesophagus.

Donkey gets a little scared seeing her show off her mouth like this. Sure she sounded like she just wanted a good time, but with a dragon you never know.

"Uh...yeah that sounds great. But you just seem different, as if you are very hungry!" he says nervously. Then he gets an idea. "Oh wait a second! Is this one of those kinky ideas where i play in your mouth or something? Or do you want something else?"

"Hmm...that's exactly what I had in mind" she responded, turning towards the small creature and towering him "a little bit of mouth-play is always fun. Isn't it?"

Without waiting for an answer she quietly plucked donkey's form up in her massive hand and brought him closer to her face, eyes running over his fat body. "I am pretty hungry as well so...mind yourself when you're in there alright?

And with Dragon flexed her ruby lips and kisses her husband on his muzzle, mulling over his exquisite flavour as she did.

Donkey gulped, still nervously thinking about this. "Uhh, yeah its fine i guess. You can burp me up if something goes wrong, right? Just wait for dinner honey. What are we having anyway? Waffles? I am in the mood for them!"

Donkey was scared and a little aroused at seeing Dragon's mouth, but he of course wanted to please her, and she surely wouldn't hurt him.

Dragon spat him out nearer her den, without any other food seemingly present except for him. “I just wanted to surprise you” she smiled and slowly moved her tongue across sharp, pearly white fangs “I followed you donkey, you know that? All the way into the forest until you met that bitch...now, it's about time for me to eat you like I should of done weeks ago. A real, dinner date if you will.”

she closed her hands around him, making sure the equine couldn't escape while she teased and taunted him.

Donkey couldn't believe his ears! Dragon was planning to have him for dinner! This had to be a joke right? Although, she was right about him cheating though. Donkey should have stopped when he felt himself being watched that day in the forest.

"Come on, your joking right? I'm your husband, not food! I was the only one to be nice to you that night we met. You are still as beautiful and your smile is still just as wonderful!"

"And you're just as tasty looking and plump as always" the dragon smiled and gave her mate a little lick "flattery won't get you anywhere this time, husband."

It was clear she was taking her time, not devouring donkey right away but instead taking her time to care him and tease him. Before scoffing the poor guy into her dragon jaws, where he belonged.

"You look tasty...let dragon give you a little kiss..." The reptile grinned and moved in closer to smooch her dinner for tonight.

"But Dragon! I-I love you! Don't you know that? Every guy makes mistakes you know! Its in our nature you know! I know you still love me too."

Donkey tries a new approach, staying calm since he figured that she would want him scared. Perhaps if he stayed calm and remind her of their love, he could get out of this situation. So he leans forward and begins to kiss dragon, hoping his words sunk in.

The dragon smirked and moved closer towards her husband, eyes turning into slips as she lightly sniffed him again. "mmm...we all mistakes but, some of them you can't come back from." and with that she quickly closed her jaws around him, sloshing ad slurping the donkey around her jaws and revelling in his lovely flavour.

but after a moment she spat her husband back out, smacking her lips with loud and pleasured purrs. "you're very tasty...not time to eat you yet though."

Donkey feared for his life as his wife's tongue slurped all over him, collecting his flavor. He screamed a bit and tried his best to stay away from the back of her mouth. Then Dragon spit him out.

"I’m tasty? Uhh...thanks, but what do you have in mind for me? There has to be another punishment I could have besides digestion in your lovely belly!"

"Hmmm...nah, digestion suits you just fine. Getting all gurgled in my lovely belly, melted down into nothing...seems about right for a cheating husband." She smiled and that before opening up her jaws and letting her hot breath wash over him, smelling of past meals and digested animals not unlike him. "That'll be you soon" dragon grinned

"Well...i uhh... Wouldn't say nothing. I would still help your sexy and attractive body! Maybe you could even get a sexy guy dragon? But look honey, would it really be worth it? I can change you know!" Donkey said, terrified, but hoping this may have a good effect.

"nah, you said it yourself that's in you're nature and besides...I didn't really have any dinner planned after all so if I let you go, what am I supposed to eat?" before the donkey could even respond Dragon plucked his tiny form up again and quickly shoved the squirming, meaty treat into her salivating jaws...for the last time.

Donkey squirmed like a fish, once again being covered in his wife's saliva and warm, stinky breath of her previous meals. Somehow, he fund the nervous courage to speak."W-well, I could always make you something! Anything you'd like! Can't I at least make you a good meal? I love you so much honey!"

The gigantic, predatory reptile wasn't evil listening as she sloshed and slurped donkey around in her massive jaws, pushing him up against the soft red of her cheek. "mmm, tasty little thing" she giggled, revelling in his exquisite flavour "don't why I didn't do this before."

Donkey struggles and kicks his legs as he feels his wife tasting him. Her thick saliva washes over him like a stinky ocean wave. He knows that soon, he will be swallowed, and that Dragon won't listen to anything he said. He begins to give up.

Feeling the creature beginning to give up a little dragon gave out a little growl and, through undulations of her tongue, brought him closer to her massive throat, the smell of digested animals now much stronger. "well, it's been great donkey but...time to go." and with that, she swallowed.

Donkey feels in horror as he is close to her throat. He tries to talk one more time. "Dragon p-please don't do this! Give me another chance!"

But his cries fall on deaf ears as he goes down her throat. He can only scream as he is dragged down to his digestive demise.

Dragon lifted a claw to feel the wriggling bulge he made on his sloppy, messy descent down. The idea of getting this of someone in this way, eating the alive and struggling, was really...delicous.

She gave her belly a soft pat, Donkey being surprisingly filling inside.

Donkey slides down until he stops. He had hit her stomach sphincter. Then it opened, revealing the hot, nasty, and acidic world he will soon be entering the scent had already burned his nose from the odors. Then it opens below him and he falls in to the gassy chamber.

"urrrp" Dragon gave a little belch outside, a cloud of greenish, sweet-smelling smoke drifting from her lips to form the image of a donkey. "hehe, have fun digesting" the reptile grinned and swiped at the formation, making it disappear before her eyes while the belly began churning and gurgling in earnest, getting ready to melt down it's occupant.

Donkey shakes in horror at her words, the acids are beginning to work on him. "Have fun? This isn't fun! Its pain! It feels like a bad sunburn now!" said Donkey, as the acids cover him, but not burning fully, well at least not yet.

"fun for me" the dragon purred with her eyes half lidded in pleasure, feeling the donkey squirming inside her and loving the echoing gurgles coming from her filled belly. her husband had been surprisingly filling actually, with Dragon making a mental note to lure more of his kin back to her home...

Donkey kicked at her stomach walls, but it did nothing but add to her pleasure and his exhaustion. He screams as the acids melt off his fur as the pain intensifies. "Help! Please let me out!"

"nope" Dragon giggled and muffled another belch "you're gonna stay in there until you're nice and melty...and after that, of course." it was quite nice really to feel his legs kicking against her insides, giving her a massage from the inside.

Donkey squirms like mad trying to escape, but his struggles begin to weaken as the putrid stomach air runs thin, and his energy is sapped by the acids. "I...hope you...die alone!" says donkey, as his end draws near.

"Nah, I'll always have a bit of you with me...as a snug bit of fat to keep me warm" she purred and scratched at the scales on her belly, stomach hard at work to digest the meat inside.

Donkey takes his last breaths, filled with her stomach gas and acid and bile. He cant stay conscious and falls into a sleep he will never wake from as Dragon's acids melt what is left of his body into pudge. This would make gas for Dragon.

Dragon let out another belch, louder this time and forming yet another image of donkey except this time he was clearly in distress, writhing around with a horrified expression on his face. "hehe...serves you right" she grinned and went off to her chambers to sleep.

As Dragon Rested, Donkeys meat was filtered trough her intestines, where any usable nutrients were extracted from his lifeless body. The process took a few hours until only his bones were recognizable in a brown sludge, which hardened in her rectum to become the turds of her poop.

A few hours later, when Dragon woke, she felt a uncomfortable pressure in her backside and let out a deep fart, signalling it was time for her to release her former husband's body from her system. So, she went to her toilet in the dungeon and squatted down on it and began to push, releasing out a few noxious farts along with it.

Her asshole worked hard to push out his remains, shaped and pinched off by her ass. After a few minuites, she stood up to admire her handiwork. There lie Donkey, or at least, what was left. Just a few skeletal equine bones in a mountain of dragon crap. She then let out one last teasing fart on him. "Hope you enjoy being with me forever. Well...a part anyway, the rest of you is crap, just like what I think you should be for cheating on me! Goodbye loser!"

And with that, Dragon walks off, her shapely belly and ass a little rounder after Donkey's addition.