Chapter I
Believe in M yths

     I never really got along with people very well; never cared for them much to begin with. Every day I find new reasons to lose faith in humanity. What little good there is, what spark of hope that people may change for the better, is effortlessly eclipsed by the bigotry and hatred of people with a much louder voice. The whole world is dominated by greed, selfishness, and overall loathing for others over petty reasons, be it religion, social status, sexuality, things that don’t even matter. All of this has carried over into my difficulty with making friends, as well as relationships. My whole life I’ve preferred to have a select few good friends, rather than a ton of acquaintances that I barely see or interact with. Sometimes I’d have an almost completely different personality depending on the people I was hanging out with. It came to the point in my life where I’ve weeded out most of the people I needed to. I have a few good friends now, some I’ve never even met outside of the internet, but they’ve always been there for me. But just because they put up with me, and are there for me, doesn’t mean it makes this hollowness inside me go away, this emptiness caused by how lonely I am. This unyielding despair that clings to my heart, wishing something would change in my life, wishing that people would change for the better. But I don’t think either of those things will ever happen. I guess that’s why I’m outside, walking down the nature trail not far from my home, trying to clear my head on a nice day like today. Maybe it would do me some good. Maybe today will be different.

     It was around seventy degrees Fahrenheit, a cool gentle breeze every so often, and barely a cloud in the sky. It was such a beautiful, perfect day that I just had to go outside. Weather like this was rare this time of year, since winter clung to spring like an anchor, refusing to let it move on for months at a time, so I had to take advantage of it while I could. I couldn’t possibly stay in such a foul mood on a day like today. The trail was all but abandoned; only two other people have passed me the entire time I’ve been out here, a biker and a jogger, not anyone else has passed me so far. I was out here alone, but I was fine with that.

There haven’t been many people who go on the trail anymore anyways, not since the disappearances. The trail that ran the threshold of the forest has been a place of vanishings for decades now, but they were so infrequent that they didn’t deter those looking to get out for a nature walk. Police have started patrolling the trail at night, as well as searching for those who have gone missing, only to turn up with nothing. Though, it wasn’t like they looked very hard. The police maybe ventured a quarter mile into the forest before coming back empty handed. Not even their dogs could sniff out a trail, and what ones picked up something peculiar would whimper and flee from the woods. Animals always had that sixth sense of impending danger. It was like our own Aokigahara in north eastern America, our own cursed forest where once you go in, you never come out. No one has dared going off the trail, except the foolish. It was like the cracking blacktop was a barrier to whatever spirits lurked beyond the brush. I didn’t honestly even know what to believe. I wasn’t much of a spiritual person. Nothing has happened in my life to make me believe in such things, even if I’ve had friends and family experience supernatural events. It was probably some scumbag offing people when they stumble into their territory, or maybe people ventured off into the woods because they didn’t want to be found. That I could relate to.

     I continued to walk without a care in the world, oblivious to my surroundings until I reached the “end” of the trail, hitting an upturned brick hard with my foot, snapping me out of my thoughts as I cursed quietly to myself. The end was more so a point in the trail that hadn’t been touched since the trail was first made in the eighteen hundreds. It was made of bricks and tiles instead of cement, weeds and roots snaking between the stones, unearthing various parts of the path to the point where it was nothing anyone would want to walk on or ride their bike over. Most just turned back from here, but I was feeling adventurous today, so I continued my walk, uncaring about the poor condition of the path. It’d be interesting to see how nature was reclaiming everything from here on out. It was supposedly beautiful, with a cobblestone bridge that crossed a river filled with various fish like Bluegill and Bass, the source being a small waterfall a few miles back into the woods. But of course, no one has seen any of this for years out of fear of going into the woods this far. All anyone could go on was old pictures on the commemorative plaques that dotted the path, or history books at the local library.

I was starting to get in a better mood. I wanted to see the bridge and waterfall. Maybe I’d try my luck and actually venture into the woods to go see the waterfall too, as stupid as an idea that was considering the stories and missing people. The stories didn’t help get people interested in coming out to the path either. There were tales of ghosts of the missing abducting those who ventured into the woods, some luring passersby into the brush for the others to possess them and drown them in the river, adding to the community of lost souls. Another story was that it was the forest itself claiming the lives of those who wandered into it, random branches falling and even impaling people, pitfalls hidden by leaf piles, silly stuff like that. The forest was apparently taking people’s lives as payback for the years of human development that has destroyed the surrounding area, erasing what used to be miles upon miles, acres upon acres of woods and turning them into parking lots, strip malls, neighborhoods, and so on. There have been other accounts from “survivors” that claim that they went into the woods and found snake tracks. Not normal ones, rather, big ungoldy markings. Tracks the size of creeks weaving their way through the foliage, knocking down trees and leaving a wake of destruction, like there was some kind of basilisk lurking in these woods, eating anyone and anything it could find. Though, the only proof is spoken word. No pictures, no evidence outside of what people claim they saw, and it’s not like anyone was going to go into the woods to prove or disprove such crap. I have an easier time believing in the ghost stories than a giant snake eating people.

     With all of that in mind, I took my first step on the broken path that laid before me, using the tree roots as stepping stones instead of the exhumed and broken bricks that looked like a pain to even try and walk on. When I wasn’t stepping from root to root, I was playing hopscotch on the few bricks that were either visible or not completely overturned until I found another thick root to stand on. I was honestly relieved when I spotted the cobblestone bridge up ahead, god rays shining through the canopy above as the path actually mellowed out and became more flat and traversable. The bridge itself looked to be in amazing shape, save for the vines that had overtaken the arch, some flowers blooming in the spots the sun could manage to break through above. With a sigh, I took in the view and rested my arms on the edge, padded by moss and weeds that were almost as soft as a pillow to the touch. How anyone could say this place was cursed and a deathtrap was beyond me. I was happier and more relaxed than anything. The calming river flowing beneath the bridge and the chirping of birds and bugs was all that I could hear. No cars or construction, no people or planes. Just soothing nature, like the tapes you’d listen to while you relax before bed. This is what I needed. I was glad I came out today, and decided to come this far into the woods. It was so quiet I could actually hear the waterfall from where I was; a subtle natural white noise amongst the sounds of nature. I pulled off the edge of the bridge, cracked my back, and made my way to the opposite side where I simply followed the river upstream until the bank leveled out enough so that I could walk right along it. The water was crystal clear, and I could see every fish, every eroded stone, and every bit of foliage that coated the bottom of the river. To be able to see everything perfectly was fascinating. I wandered upstream, staring into the underlying ecosystem for what felt like hours, just drifting aimlessly along the bank as I attempted to name every species of fish I saw.

The waterfall was closer now; I could hear it flowing quite loudly as the sound echoed through the trees. I also heard something else, breaking branches and rustling leaves. It seemed as though it was above me, but when I went to look, there was nothing. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a single animal the entire time I’ve been here. No squirrels, deer, rabbits, and the only birds were those chirping up above. Not a single one ever landed since I’ve stepped foot on the broken path, as if none had made nests in this area and were possibly actively avoiding this place. All that was here were the occasional fish that swam up and down stream.

My ear twitched as I heard some more rustling, this time behind a cluster of fallen trees off in the distance across the river. Curious, I neared the edge of the bank and narrowed my eyes, though I could see nothing past the thick trunks of the trees in my line of sight. What I did notice however, was a large, unnatural formation of the dirt and surrounding foliage, like something decided to knock everything away in its path. It almost looked like a giant trail, like that of an animal or… I felt suddenly uncomfortable, like I was being watched; only now putting the pieces together. I felt like a target was being painted on my back, like something was eying me from afar. It was starting to dawn on me that I made a grave mistake venturing this far into the woods, dismissing all of the stories for fairy tales. I should have believed them to a degree. Whatever those “survivors” saw, they might have been telling the truth. Something was here and it was big. I took a few steps back and started back down the river, running along the bank so I didn’t get lost on my way back. My brisk run turned into a haphazardly sprint as I heard some more rustling and violent cracking behind me, followed by a long, drawn out creaking and boom, enough to make the earth beneath me tremble. Whatever was following me just knocked over a tree, and I didn’t dare turn around to see exactly what was behind me, or where. It wanted me bad, and I was doing everything I could to outrun it.

There was more rustling now, this time above me with a symphony of cracking branches. Although I hesitated, I looked up, but before I could see anything, I ended up tripping on what I assumed to be a root and fell flat, the wind getting knocked out of me and leaving me immobile as I gasped for air. I cursed to myself and got back up, still struggling for air as I took a few steps forward. Thoom ! A giant tree branch came crashing down from above, slamming into the earth and river, sending mud and water flying everywhere and blocking my path. I stood up completely, gripping my chest as I tried to catch my breath, trying to fathom what was happening. My eyes widened as I realized I couldn’t breathe not because the air got knocked out of me, but because something was around my neck. Whatever it was, it tightened as I tried to look down, preventing me from lowering my chin to even see what had ensnared me. As I went to grab it with both hands, it jerked me upwards off the ground, strangling me and crushing my windpipe. The last thing I saw was the world pulling away from me, colors fading and my view becoming blurred as I gripped whatever was around my neck. Soon enough, I became light headed and everything went dark, arms becoming numb as my grip on whatever held me slipped away.

*                          *                          *

After what felt like a nightmare that only consisted of a black void of numbness, I finally woke up from being suffocated. I had no clue how long I was out, or understood why I was alive at all, but I was alive and breathing… Or at least I thought I was. I was still debating if I was in some sort of purgatory or not. There was a phantom pain around my throat, pulses of agony in tandem with my heartbeat like a throbbing wound. With a few painful coughs, I caught my breath and started to breathe easy. As I went to reach my neck to rub the soreness away, I realized I couldn’t. I continuously jerked my right arm and could not bring it around or move it at all. I did the same with the left to no avail, and quickly realized I was bound, tied to a post like a dog. I was in a kneeling position, my knees already starting to ache and my feet were practically asleep, which made me wonder how long I’ve been in this situation to begin with. I couldn’t really even tell what I was tied to, except that I wasn’t breaking free from it. It seemed like I was bound by generic rope, and what felt like bark pressed firmly into my forearms and wrists, so I could only assume I was tied to a tree or something. Figures I’d decide to wear a t-shirt today . Now I have to sit here with bark digging into my arms . With my struggle a failure, I hung my head and tried to think, my long auburn hair drooping into my eyes. Being tied up, I couldn’t just move my bangs aside, so I had to frustratingly blow my hair repeatedly until it sat in a more comfortable position on my brow. I should have gotten that haircut the other day .

I was so baffled by my predicament that I didn’t even notice I wasn’t in the forest at all. The floor was stone, save for what I was kneeling on, which appeared to be animal fur. Looking around I took in that I was in some sort of cave. The walls were quite smooth, and the ceiling was as high as the inside of an opera house. Various torches hung on the walls around the cave, giving off a bright flickering yellow light. There was also a gigantic fire pit at the far end of the cave to my left, radiating light and heat that I could feel even from where I was sitting. Behind that on the back wall was a large arrangement of what appeared to be books, all of various shapes and sizes on several wooden shelves. The shelves actually looked like they were trees split right down the middle, which made me wonder how big the books actually were. To the right of me was an orange light glowing through a cascading river that filled the chamber with a constant echo of rushing water. Was that the waterfall I was trying to se e? Was I behind it or something? Where the hell am I exactly? So many questions were running through my head that I was starting to get a headache. Or that might’ve been from the lack of oxygen from earlier, it was hard to tell at this point. Even with my feet still asleep, I tried fixing my position so that I wasn’t sitting on them anymore, which proved difficult given how tightly I was bound. After a pathetic struggle, I worked both feet out from under me and stretched my legs out forward, letting the blood-flow uncomfortably work its way back into my legs, feeling the faux pinpricks creep their way through my muscles. Being tall and having long legs had its drawbacks… Buses and small cars were nightmares for me, so being tied down like I was proved to be quite miserable for me.

Here I sat, tied down like an animal in some strange, lived in place, hidden away from the world I could have sworn I was taken away from through death. Part of me still believed I was dead and in some place in between. Another part clung to the idea that someone may have rescued me, and just tying me down in case I was hostile and dangerous. Clearly whatever was here was sentient and intelligent. The “basilisk” couldn’t have tied me down, could it? And now the headache was coming back…

My ear twitched as I heard frantic screaming coming from the left side of the cave, around a corner I couldn’t see. I could do nothing but sit and wait for things to unfold, but my heart was racing, beating violently in my chest. The scream rang in my ears, almost drowning out the echoes of the waterfall. Suddenly, a person crawling on the floor emerged around the corner, their expression that of desperation and fear. It was the jogger I noticed from earlier on the path, all clad in white gym clothes and a cliché sweatband around their forehead. A large purple extremity slithered above the frightened man, wiggling in anticipation until it snatched him up, ensnaring him in a blink of an eye, and then proceeded to drag him back out of view. As quick as that man came scrambling into my line of sight, he disappeared. Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t even process what I just witnessed. It had me questioning my reality even more so than I was beforehand.

“No, no! Please no! Leave me alone!” I heard them cry, their tone trembling and distressed.

“Must you be so loud? I have a guest…” something retorted. I was shocked to hear another voice, let alone it be a feminine and even somewhat sultry one.

“Please let me go!” the man begged repeatedly, his pleas quickly drowned out but something that sounded like a scuffle, followed by more whimpering and shouting.

“Okay, I don’t mind a fighter but you’re starting to annoy me…” said the feminine voice, her words proven true by her irritated tone. “It’s going to be hard for you to run away when you have nowhere to run to…” it continued. The man in turn continued to yell unintelligibly, plea, and scream until he was silenced, his shouts nothing more than loud muffles resonating through the chamber. All of this was transpiring while I could do nothing but sit here in fear and anxiousness, only able to wait until events took place within my line of sight, or subsided entirely. It was maddening. Now there was something that sounded like dragging, a heavy body being hauled across the smoothed stone. What finally emerged around the corner, I could never have guessed in a thousand years could have existed, or believed for that matter. I started to truly think I was dreaming, or dead, because this couldn’t actually be reality, not the reality I lived in for over two decades now. I was in such disbelief I forgot to draw breath, sitting there on the floor in stunned silence as the figure revealed itself to me.

What emerged was indeed the source of the “snake tracks” found by the survivors who spun their ridiculous tales. Now I knew what they had escaped. The source of the sultry tones was indeed a snake, or at least half of it was. It was no basilisk, but it was the size of a legendary cryptid. Before me was a woman, a woman who stood at least three stories tall, the size of a house, if not bigger. She had fair skin and long flowing hair that went down the entire length of her back. Her tresses were a deep purple, her bangs partly in her eyes and each strand curling slightly at the end. Her hair slightly bowed outwards the entire length behind her back, almost framing her figure in waves of violet. She also had purple pointed ears jutting outwards at a foot or two in length. The large woman sported a rather impressive bust that she didn’t seem too worried about hiding, considering she wore no clothing whatsoever. Then again, not being able to find clothes her size didn’t really surprise me. I couldn’t imagine there were tailors at the ready to make clothing for building-sized mythos. Her figure was rather fit and toned. With the way I watched her slither in, I could tell by just her natural method of locomotion that that was enough to keep her midsection in shape. One would have to be strong to be able to move someone of her size anyways. As my eyes scanned the length of her body, I noticed that around her waistline were scales. The scales, which were also a deep purple that matched the strange limb from earlier, seamlessly melded with her pale skin. A few out of place scales were dotted around her love handles and lower abdomen with no real pattern or natural placing. Her womanhood was partly visible, half of her labia tucked behind her reptilian underbelly. Her non-human half was incredibly long, spanning the length of the floor and around the corner out of sight. By my estimate, it was probably the length of her torso and much more, given the girth of her tail. The underside of her reptilian half was off-white, almost silver in pigment, and the snake pattern resembled that of an Eastern Kingsnake from the looks of it, although with a purple and cyan color scheme. Her pattern was actually quite colorful and vibrant. My stare darted back up to her shimmering amethyst eyes that were suddenly aimed right at me, narrowing her gaze towards me as she studied me, discerning that I was finally awake. I, in turn, noticed a pair of kicking and flailing legs sticking out from between her puckered lips, the white Nike’s and gym shorts belonging to the jogger who went silent. He was still screaming and struggling even now, garbled cursing echoing behind the snake-woman’s jaws. Her puckered lips mellowed out into a sadistic smile, even with the pair of legs relentlessly fighting for freedom in her mouth.

The snake-woman began to slither closer to me, her violet stare piercing through me, the look of a killer who has turned their gaze to me, their next victim. And here I sat, helpless and bound like an animal to the slaughter. I could only assume she was going to give me the same treatment as the jogger, and there was nothing I could do to stop her. All I could do was wriggle and pull on my restraints, praying something would loosen before she got any closer. Unfortunately, I felt it was too late for me. The snake-woman was now before me, standing intimidatingly across the room as she snickered, clearly amused by my pointless struggle. Without taking her eyes off me, she puckered her lips and sucked in the destitute jogger, his Nike’s disappearing between her full, naturally pink lips. With a slight tilt of her head, she swallowed, gulping loudly, making sure I heard it from where I was, even rivaling the volume of the waterfall. She raised her hand and traced the lump in her throat with her index and middle finger, following the still struggling jogger as a mere bulge in her neck until he disappeared past her collarbone. Her tracing continued as she made a visible path to her stomach with her fingers, showing me exactly where her prey had ended up. As I managed to overt my gawk from her stomach back up to her eyes, I caught her staring me down, menacingly with a smile to match. To say I was horrified was an understatement. This woman swallowed a man whole and had me watch every second, even going so far as to tease me with an unnecessary display. The snake-woman licked her lips subtly as she patted her belly, followed by placing both her hands prominently on her hips, looking quite satisfied with herself.

“Hmm, I hope I didn’t wake you up little one. He was quite loud after all. I probably shouldn’t have toyed with him as much as I did.” she mused, her nonchalant tone unsettling, as if she hadn’t just swallowed a person alive in front of me. I didn’t say anything, merely gulping hard and resuming my determination to free myself. The snake-woman took notice and rolled her eyes, now slithering towards me, which only made me double my efforts out of fright. “Try as much as you want, you’re only going to tire yourself out. I didn’t get to live this long by tying down my prey with shoddy knots so that they could just scamper away and tell all their little friends about me.” she sighed, mimicking a person running away with her fingers. There was a sudden sharp pain in my wrists and forearms, making me grunt out in discomfort. I must’ve pulled something. I couldn’t bring myself to yank anymore, as even the minutest tug resulted in a sharp pain up either arm, so I dishearteningly stopped, exhausted and sore. The snake-woman was now directly in front of me, a mere foot away as I was cast in her shadow, forcing me to look up at her, a hopeless bug compared to her sheer size.

“See? I told you. Now you went and hurt yourself.” The snake-woman mocked as she shook her head disapprovingly. “You little humans are stubborn, that’s for sure.” I sustained my silence, simply glaring at her, resenting the way she was treating me, to demean me this much, to tie me down instead of just getting things over with. What could she gain from this? The snake-woman slinked around in a one-eighty and started making her way back across the room. “Y’know, it’s not often I find two humans in one day. Usually I have to go out of my way and pluck one off that path you little one’s made.” she continued, pointing out of the cave before turning back around towards me. “Yet here I find one wandering through the woods straight towards my home.” So I made it easier for her… Great.

“I have to say, I was quite shocked to see someone so close to my home. Usually you humans stay away from my woods, for good reason~” The woman took her fingers and sucked on them briefly, as if savoring the previous person’s taste. It was obvious she was implying that she was the source of the disappearances. There were no ghosts or cryptids, just a half woman, half snake monstrosity eating anyone who dared go out for a morning stroll in her general vicinity. “I have to say little one, you’d be on a one-way trip to my stomach right now if I wasn’t already full. You humans usually fill me enough for a few days. Lucky for me since your kind doesn’t come very close to my hunting grounds anymore. I’ve had to eat other things in the meantime. Gamey deer and tasteless birds, bleh…” she shook her head vigorously, sticking her surprisingly long tongue out in disgust at the thought. “And I have to catch like, a hundred fish to even make a meal outta ‘em. You know how annoying it is to skin a hundred fish?” She asked rhetorically. “I just give up and cook ‘em, scales and all. They’re still not bad but I get their scales stuck in my throat and I end up coughing ‘em up for days!” Her face wrinkled as she reminisced in the displeasure.

“Oh, you poor, poor thing…” I responded sarcastically, finally breaking my timid muteness. Being cynical probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do in my position, which was quickly confirmed when I noticed her annoyed stare. I pulled back and curled my lip, looking down at my still partially numb legs.

“Careful little one, you’re not in a position to be speaking to me like that.” she quipped, her tone firm and commanding.

“Look, what do you want from me?” I retorted, also getting annoyed with her tone.

“What do I want?” she repeated, a snide attitude lacing her words. “Dear, I already said what I want~ You’re food. It’s not hard to figure out what I got planned for you.” I sneered at her remark, to which she must have found amusing, since she started laughing to herself. I unexpectedly felt something soft and scaly under my chin, the very tip of her tail forcing me to look up at her. “Hmhm, but as I said, I’m full. I’m used to eating only one of your kind a week, if that. Humans are quite filling! It’s become routine for me to only eat once a day, at most. Gotta watch my figure after all~” the snake-woman remarked smugly, letting go of my chin as she turned and slithered across the room again, putting a little more emphasis on swaying her hips this time around.

“So you’re just going to leave me tied here like a dog until you’re hungry again, is that it?” I said despairingly. “Why not just let me go? You had your fill. Why keep me here?”

The snake-woman sighed loudly, her back still turned to me. “You humans always beg the exact same way. Every, single, one of you. ‘Oh please spare me’,” she taunted in a high pitched, nasally voice. “‘Let me go’, ‘Don’t eat me’, ‘Don’t put your tongue there’, ‘You’re such a monster’, ‘Put me down you stupid bitch’. Please, spare me for a change.” the woman scoffed, turning around to face me once more with a stern look. “I like you where you are, thank you. I’ll probably save you for a nice dinner tomorrow.” My eyes met hers as I grimaced, to which she simply flashed a devilish smile in response. I couldn’t imagine she didn’t get this look directed at her a lot. “Oh, don’t look at me like that~ It’ll be fun!” she praised cheerfully, clapping her hands together. “In fact…” I was soon eclipsed in her shadow again as she came back towards me. The snake-woman’s tail gently curled around my torso, holding me in place as the very tip undid the knot like it was nothing. I was free from my bondage, but still unable to move as her coils tightened. Soon enough, I felt myself being lifted effortlessly off the floor, swiftly being brought before the woman’s amethyst eyes.

“In fact what?” I asked, staring her right back, doing everything I could to not back down. Without a word, she lowered me a little, bringing me before her mouth. This was it, wasn’t it? She parted her lips and opened her mouth wide, saliva pooling onto her tongue with strands of it stringing between her palate, teeth, and tongue. I looked away as I prepared for the inevitable, closing my eyes tightly as I braced for the various un-pleasantries I was about to endure. I felt the thick, wet warmth of her tongue pressed against my body, sliding upwards gently and thoroughly as her hot breath washed over me with every exhale. I could feel each taste bud embedded in her muscle, taking in my flavor as she pressed against me harder and harder. She must’ve enjoyed what she tasted, since she moaned over my form breathily. Her tongue finally moved up to my face, drenching the entire side of my cheek in her thick salivation, curling my hair while drenching my clothes, my t-shirt now sticking to me like glue. Finally pulling away while curling her tongue back into her mouth, the snake-woman smacked her lips once and glossed over them with the tip of her tongue, humming contently to herself. A single strand of spit connected my cheek with her lips, which she didn’t seem too intent on removing. I, on the other hand, shook my head vigorously to get it off to no gain. She merely giggled to herself before speaking, entertained by my disgust.

“Mmm, I have to say, I like the way you taste little one~” she sighed, licking her lips once more directly in front of me. “I’m going to quite enjoy my dinner tomorrow.” With that remark, she lowered me down back to the floor with her tail, finally breaking the strand of spittle between us. I found this as an opportunity to try and break free from her grasp, but the moment I started wiggling, she tightened her coils enough to literally squeeze the air out of me, making me gag. “Ah ah ah. See, that kind of behavior is why I gotta tie you up.” she taunted as she sat me on the floor, her tail working around me as she got the rope back around my wrists. All I could do was let her do as she pleased. She was too big and cunning for me to even think about escaping. Honestly, I was afraid if I resisted more, she’d snap me like a twig. It’s not like that’d be hard for her, so I had to watch what I did so that I didn’t anger her to that degree. The snake-woman bound me tightly to the giant tree trunk she had, which looked like she literally just uprooted an entire tree, and snapped it in half. Unfortunately for me, it was too tall for me to work my arms over the splintered top, so that was out of the question. It was too heavy for me to move on my own too, so I was truly stuck here until she decided to untie me, or if fate would have the rope somehow loosen, or a hungry rodent decided it wanted rope for dinner like some cartoon. I wasn’t planning on holding my breath for that. The woman tilted her head and smiled at me warmly, as if her grin was supposed to make me feel better somehow.

“You’re just going to leave me here soaking wet in your spit?” I probed, squirming in place as I tried to get my shirt unstuck from my chest. She simply grinned wider.

“Well, I mean, I could just strip you naked. Would you prefer that?~” she suggested with an overly eager tone. I stopped myself and felt my cheeks flush a bit.

“Uh, n-no, that won’t be necessary, heh…” I reassured, smiling up at her sheepishly. The snake-woman smirked and nodded.

“Thought so, not that there is much stopping me from doing that anyways~” she finished with a flirtatious wink. I couldn’t say I wanted to sit here naked on the floor all night, so I could only hope she wasn’t going to follow through with that train of thought.

“Please don’t…” I said meekly. She appeared to like the imploration, as she rested her hands on her hips and leered down at me.

“Behave and we’ll see~” she teased as she slithered off around the corner, taking a good while to completely disappear as her reptilian half took its time following wherever she went.

She’s gone. I get to live another day, I think… Maybe if I behave and act a little different than that jogger, maybe she won’t eat me. I thought to myself. There wasn’t much of a foundation to my idea, no real reason why it’d work, but being cynical and annoying clearly wasn’t going to get me anywhere that wasn’t in her stomach. Not that I wanted that or anything… Stop it. Not now. I had to think of something. What could get someone like her to release me? Spare me? Simple begging wasn’t going to work. Hell, she seemed to enjoy it. Behave. I’ll just have to play off of her personality, see what I could get away with. She’s been doing this a long time, that much was apparent, so no amount of meager tricks and smooth-talking was going to just magically make her change her mind about having me for dinner.

The snake-woman slithered back around the corner and into my view. She was holding a giant book made for someone her size. It looked very aged, brown and weathered, and had text written on the cover that I couldn’t understand. It didn’t look like any language I’ve seen. It didn’t even seem to use the same kind of letters in most languages, or any that I could relate it to. It looked more Elvish if anything, like something out of a fantasy game or movie. Whatever the book was, she seemed to be very engrossed in it. The woman was just going about her day like I wasn’t even here. I was already growing impatient, and scared, but the fact that she easily dismissed my presence in such a short period of time was flat out insulting. If I didn’t figure out something soon, well, I might not live past tomorrow. I didn’t want to end up like the guy before me.

“What will it take for you to let me go?” I blurted out, a slight tremble in my voice. While I didn’t want to seem afraid, especially to her, the reality of tomorrow was sinking in faster and faster, causing me to panic inside. The snake-woman lifted her head and looked over at me, pausing for a moment before cracking into a laugh.

“Ha, oh hun, the only place I’m letting you go is down my throat~” she jeered as she turned her attention back to her book. For some reason, this taunt in particular did a number on me, causing me to hyperventilate a little. Desperation was setting in and I couldn’t control it.

“Just let me go dammit!” I yelled, pulling on my restraints as I tried to sit up. “I haven’t done anything to you! I won’t tell anyone about you! Not like people would believe me… Look I’ll do whatever you want… Please, just let me go…” I started to beg. I didn’t even mean to. It all sort of just started pouring out of my mouth as I spoke. My anxiety got the better of me, and I was now pleading like all the others this woman has surely had her way with and swallowed, even though I was trying to do the exact opposite. There was a loud boom as the woman slammed her book shut with one hand, dust raining down from the text. I must’ve hit a nerve, as her blank stare off in the distance seemed very discerning. She then slithered back across the room to where the large fire pit was, and rested the book on the counter. The counter being just an outcropping of stone she probably chiseled herself. Now turned around, she made her way across the room as she closed the distance between us, staring me down the entire time. The snake-woman leaned forward and placed her palms on the floor and lowered herself to my level, lying on her stomach as her tail swayed mischievously behind her violet locks.

“You wanna do something for me?” she asked as she poked me with her pointy index finger, prodding my chest a few times before propping her chin up in her hand. “Squirm for me on the way down my throat~” she finished with purr, smiling widely at me as if I was supposed to just obey her every whim.

“Fuck you.” I barked, scooting away in the opposite direction, though it wasn’t like I was actually going anywhere. “What even are you, aside from a monster? Are you a gorgon? A Medusa wannabe? You look like something out of mythology.” I was going to get myself killed. At least I had her attention now. Might as well chat, see if I can talk her into letting me go, or learn of a weakness, something, anything. I was running out of ideas and running my mouth at the same time, not a good combination. Luckily for me, she didn’t seem real phased by my remarks. I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was something she got often, so her jaded, perky expression was a good sign I wasn’t going to die just yet.

“Cute~ No sweety, I’m a lamia.” she answered. Her tail slithered across the cave floor and caressed my cheek, pushing me back over to face her. “Though I’m not surprised you don’t know what I am. You humans did try to do away with my kind millennia ago. For us to fade into myth is probably what your species wanted.” she continued flatly, yet somehow still having a flirty tone in her words. She was a hard one to read. I needed to figure her out before tomorrow came. I looked away and tried to think. The name lamia sounded familiar. I was actually aware of such creatures like her. Snake-women, half human, half snake. Thinking it over, they went by several names in different cultures. Naga, gorgon, and apparently lamia in this case were what her kind was referred to.

“So you’re like a naga?” I asked trying to start a general conversation, hoping it’d maybe deter her want to eat me in the long run, perhaps by showing some interest in her back story. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was actually intrigued. Not often something walks out of mythology to talk to you, or eat you in my case. Her gentle smile turned into a frown, evidently not liking being mislabeled.

“Not quite.” she said as she shifted a little in place, getting herself comfortable. “But we are all related in a sense, just different subspecies living in different parts of the world. Different cultures too. I prefer being referred to as a lamia, since nagas and gorgons are viewed more unfavorably in mythology. Well, your human mythology anyways.” she continued, sounding as if I was partly to blame for whatever happened to her kind.

“Mythology means you never really existed though, right? Just stories…” I questioned, knowing it was a silly inquiry since this physical folklore was sitting right in front of me. She sneered and exhaled forcibly over me through her nose, not finding my ignorance amusing whatsoever.

“Oh, many things in your ‘mythology’ are quite real. You humans however hunted a lot of our kind down, wiping out many demi-humans off the cultural map, off of history.” Every time she said the word human , she stressed it, like saying the very word upset her, and I was growing to understand why. “You know dragons, right? Everyone knows what a dragon is. Those were quite real back in your medieval times. Human kings however hunted most of them for sport, sending knight after knight out to slay them for glory or whatever, until they went extinct. Or at least until mankind thought they were anyways.” This was so much to take in for me. To learn not only that lamia and other half-breeds were real, but to learn dragons actually existed too, if what she was saying was true. I didn’t believe she had reason to lie to me, it served no purpose. I had so many questions now, but no room to ask as she continued her tale. “We were lucky to escape your crusade. Many extra-species went into hiding, truly fading into myth.” The more she talked about what happened, the worse I felt. I knew I had no hand in what people had done over the course of history, but it didn’t make me feel any better that she was associating me with those who hurt her and her people. Even as she had me tied down and planned to eat me for dinner tomorrow, I still couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Her and many like her were almost wiped out, just another species endangered due to mankind’s destructive, selfish nature. It was enough to make my blood boil. I’d be mad too if I was her.

There was an awkward silence for a while between us, nothing but the crackling of the fire pit and torches echoing in the room, not to mention the constant roar of the water outside. Though, all of these noises seemed to cancel each other out, white noise that you don’t notice over a period of time. There was just silence between me and her. She stayed in her position, twiddling a lock of hair between her fingers, sighing quietly to herself.

“Listen,” I spoke up, somewhat hesitant to even say anything. “I’m sorry for what people did to you, or your kind… I had no idea.” I said quietly, unsure of what I was even apologizing for. Although I wasn’t looking up at her, since her tail had slinked off somewhere behind me, I could still feel her turn her eyes on me.

“I hate humans.” she said bluntly, making my heart jolt with anxiousness. “They hate and kill anything they don’t understand, anything that’s different. They hate their own kind for silly things like skin color. So I’m not surprised they grew to loathe our kind, amongst others. There’s a myriad of different subspecies of lamia, different half-breeds. Centaurs, harpies, dryads, mermaids, even those you humans once revered as gods. Yet, despite our differences, we all got along. Or, at least we left each other alone. Let bygones be bygones and whatnot.” Her tone changed drastically from earlier. Now it was more lifeless, hurt. “Centaurs rode with knights into battle, comrades in arms. Princes married mermaids. Half-breeds were worshipped like gods. Lamia even bred with humans. Well, when we didn’t have to kidnap men anyways. Lamia are a strictly female species, and it’s not like most men were willing to mate with freaks like us...” she chuckled glumly at the end of her sentence, her smile fading as quickly as it surfaced.

“Bred? How could a human breed with a woman of your size? Are all lamia your size? I thought they were the size of the generic human.” I interrupted, trying to prevent myself from getting lost. The woman blinked at me dismissively, pondering if she should even bother acknowledging my question.

“That’s a story for another day little one.” she answered indifferently, rolling right back into her story without pause. “We never really got along with humans very well, specifically talking about my kind. But we managed to have some sort of mutual agreement in a sense. Until that changed almost overnight. All extra-species were practically forced to work together to survive, whether they wanted to or not, given the impending genocide.” I bit my lip as she explained everything to me, feeling guiltier and guiltier for humanity’s sins.

“Were you there?” I asked shyly, keeping quiet in fear of upsetting her more.

“Was I there?” she repeated back to me.

“Yeah, you make it sound as if you were there, and lived through it all… Were you there? When it all… happened?” I paused several times, making sure I said the right thing, though probably sounding stupid in the process. The snake-woman exhaled heavily over me once more, then flipped around onto her back, resting her hands on her abdomen as she stared up at the ceiling.

“No, not really.” she sighed. “While I’m older than I look, I’m not that old.” the woman stressed, which made me want to ask how old she actually was. She looked quite young to me, someone that would be between their twenties and thirties easy, but what she was implying meant she had to be decades old, maybe more. “More so just my clan, my village, my family. When I was born, my village was already secluded away from the developing world, away from the humans. We were taught to stay away from humans, as they outnumber us and could wipe us out if given the opportunity. We had text that documented everything our kind had endured, our history. And at a very young age, me, as well as others in the village, were all guided out into the world in order to keep our numbers small so no one could find us easily. Lucky me has been here for ages now, alone.” I could tell the more she talked the more depressed she became. Even after what she’s done, I still felt sympathy for her. There wasn’t much I could really say or do, but I felt obligated to say something.

“I’m… sorry to hear that.” I said docilely. The woman tilted her head up and looked at me upside down, watching me curiously. I guess someone sounding sympathetic towards her would be strange for somebody such as herself.

“I don’t have to eat people y’know.” she replied, continuing her story. “Lamia in general are carnivores, but it was rare for us to dine on humans back in the day. Well, save for a few in ancient Greece, but we won’t talk about that... Only when all of the fighting started did we start consuming man as payback, lamia my size anyways, since it was easy for us. Y’know, psychological warfare and the like. You’d be surprised how many armed men run in fear as they watch their comrades be swallowed alive~” she mused, clearly talking from experience as a smirk formed on her face. Even though I should have been disgusted, repulsed, angry, hateful, resentful, and so on, I couldn’t bring myself to feel any of that. I couldn’t really say I blamed her or her kind. While I didn’t agree on the whole thing, I couldn’t fault them for wanting payback for being wiped off the planet simply because they were different. It’s like a supervillain whose actions you don’t condone, but you understand why they do what they do.

I still didn’t really know what to say to her. I didn’t believe any amount of talking was going to change her mind. She didn’t seem the type to have a sudden change of heart because she was able to vent out her frustrations.

“Look, I don’t like people either. I know humans can be horrible. There are so many petty issues that we can’t resolve even to this day. If what you say is true, I’m not even surprised. Nor can I blame you or fault your kind for how you retaliated. All I can say is that I’m sorry for what happened to you, your clan, and all other extra-species that were targeted. People suck. Trust me, I know...” I apologized solemnly. The woman evidently wasn’t prepared for someone to be compassionate towards her, given her wide-eyed, stunned expression. A human taking her side was surely a shock. We exchanged glances for a moment before I turned my head to the floor, staring down at the orange and yellow lights flickering from the dotted torches around us. I could still feel her stare on me, probably thinking of what to do with me later, and thinking of how stupid it was for me to say what I did. It was senseless for me to even say anything at all, let alone apologize for humanity’s sins against her kind.

“Are you not against the fact that I ate someone directly in front of you?” she asked me, sounding genuinely curious. I lifted my head and looked at her blankly, thinking over the answer while stuttering with my response. “I… Well… Well, I can’t say I condone it. I… think your vengeful hunger is misplaced, and I feel sorry for the guy. I also can’t say I blame you for how you see people. Hell, I kinda agree with you. Not that I’d do anything to innocent folks… I don’t know… I just wish you wouldn’t eat people who haven’t done anything to you. If they were bad people I’d say bon appétit, but…” I was starting to ramble so I stopped before I made an even bigger fool of myself. I wasn’t even entirely sure what I was saying, nor did I know how to convey my thoughts properly. It was true that what she did was horrible. But part of me still couldn’t bring myself to hate her for it, even if she was planning to do the same to me. The snake-woman simply blinked at me in silence. Now even this giant lamia creature was making me feel stupid, like when you baby talk to your pet and they just give you a blank stare, probably wondering what was wrong with you. The whole exchange made me feel uncomfortable, so I turned my head back down at the floor, waiting for the awkward moment to pass.

“N’Shaundra.” She finally spoke. I picked my head back up and looked at her curiously, unsure of what she just said.


The snake-woman closed her eyes and sat up, various bones cracking as she started to stretch. “N’Shaundra. My name is N’Shaundra.” she repeated sternly, sitting all the way up with a loud yawn.

“N’Shaundra, huh? Alright…” I repeated, somewhat shocked that this predator, this woman who planned on cramming me down her throat was telling me her name out of nowhere. “I’m… Zach.” I added with a sheepish smile. The lamia N’Shaundra didn’t turn around to look at me. She was solely fixed on adjusting her hair before stretching some more, joints cracking in her neck and back. It didn’t seem she cared to know what my name was, not that she technically asked. Another instance of awkward silence filled the room, only breaking when she let out a loud huff. “You’re still going to eat me… aren’t you?” I asked directly, already knowing the answer. N’Shaundra looked at me from over her shoulder with a slight glower, but it wasn’t one of resentment or annoyance. It was more of a glance of uncertainty, at least from what I could decipher.

“I don’t know, probably.” she answered emphatically, flipping her hair out with her hands flirtatiously before slithering off into the other room. “Stay put for the night, will you?~” she suggested from around the corner. We both knew I was incapable of going anywhere. The only thing left for me to do was roll my eyes and huff lamentably. Looking over to my right, I didn’t notice until now that it had gotten dark. Dusk became nightfall in the span of our chat, and I was too transfixed with our conversation to realize what time it was. Fortunately, I had a watch on. Unfortunately, it was on my wrist, which I couldn’t move. I sighed loudly and slumped down against the broken tree, staring off at the wall across from me, simultaneously bored and anxious out of my mind. I was possibly going to die tomorrow, and all I could do was sit and wait for it to happen. It was excruciating, being forced to wait hours at a time to know if I’ll see the day after tomorrow. How was I even going to sleep tonight? I had almost wished N’Shaundra would come back, only so that I could maybe get her to talk to me more. At least that helped pass the time, distracting me from my thoughts.

That was another thing, something that has been in the back of my mind since I’ve been here. A part of me, while I didn’t want to readily admit it, enjoyed what I saw earlier today. N’Shaundra teasing me with the whole thing didn’t help either. That same part of me really enjoyed feeling her tongue against my body. It was pleasant in a way I couldn’t readily explain, but I secretly loved it. I was almost looking forward to tomorrow, even with the obvious dangers with being swallowed alive. The whole thing was a kink of mine, if I was going to be honest with myself. To be eaten alive, to be swallowed whole, to feel the warmth of someone’s body surround me, and to feel the sensation of belonging to another being, was something magical to me in the weirdest of ways. It wasn’t something I fully understood, but then again, no one really understood their kinks, I learned, which was comforting in its own way. Was it strange? Yes, I’d be the first to admit that, but I felt I could explain it to a degree when prompted with the question as to why I wanted it. Even then, I felt like a freak talking about it. This kink was something I kept to myself, aside from a few like-minded friends. This vore kink has been a part of who I was since I could remember. The thing was is that this was something someone like me would want. I genuinely enjoyed everything that happened today, save for the part with me being tied to a tree against my will, and of course the kidnapping, and strangling... Part of me did want to be eaten. But the dangers that involved any sort of real interaction was enough to keep things pure fantasy for me. I wouldn’t want to be digested, to feel the acids work away at me while her stomach churned me in a pool of bile. Then again, I’d probably suffocate before then. While I liked watching the jogger be swallowed alive, seeing them become a mere bulge in N’Shaundra’s throat, and watching her trace her fingers all the way down to her stomach, I was able to separate what I enjoy and what would get me into grave danger. Liking this was wrong, a guilty pleasure at the expense of another. I wasn’t about to think with the wrong head, even as I crossed my legs to hide my physical excitement with the very thought of experiencing what I was mulling over in my head. This wasn’t a part of me I was proud of, hell I felt ashamed that I adored it all. I wondered if I would be able to control myself when it was my turn… Stop it Zach , not now.

With my excitement subsiding, I relaxed a bit more, letting out another heavy sigh as I wondered what I was going to do until morning. It could be eight o’clock, or three in the morning for all I knew. I was a bit tired, but my anxiety was keeping me awake, so there was no real hope for me to fall asleep any time soon. I’d more than likely have to rely on passing out later tonight in order to sleep. N’Shaundra on the other hand must’ve gone to bed, since I haven’t seen her in a quite a while now, not making a peep around the corner since she disappeared. I was left alone with the fading fires in the chamber, nothing but the crackling of the flames and the roar of the water to keep me company. All in all, it was soothing to me, but no amount of white noise was going to help me sleep tonight. I think waiting for what was to come was more miserable than the actual deed. It was like being a little kid trying to sleep the day before going to the amusement park, except without the fun, or enthusiasm. The only ride I’d be going on would be the Tunnel of Vore at N’Shaundra Land. I’m going crazy, aren’t I? I thought to myself. A smile found its way onto my face as I thought of a queue leading up to the lamia’s open mouth, cartoon writing reading: N’Shaundra Land , where fantasy becomes reality! overhead with flashing lights. It was never good to leave me alone with my thoughts, and this was proof enough. I started thinking about all of the vore-themed rides that would be in such a park, mixing in a bunch of mythical creatures in for fun. I must’ve gotten lost in my ridiculous thoughts since I ended up falling asleep at some point, somehow finding peace enough to calm my nerves and rest tonight.

Thoom ! A large crash abruptly woke me up from my dreamless sleep. I looked around frantically for the source of the noise, and found N’Shaundra over by the fire pit, casting several trees into the flames. Each tree she threw in tossed up embers that swarmed the cave like a horde of fireflies. The wood, leaves, and branches all crackled as they were consumed by the pyre. I could feel the rush of heat like a gust of wind blow around me with each log she threw in. As I turned my head to avoid another heated draft and shower of embers, my muscles tightened, sending a sharp pain through my neck and shoulders. I must’ve slept terribly wrong to have such a sharp pain surge through my upper body. It’s not like I was sleeping in a five star hotel room with a luxury mattress. I was sleeping tied to a hunk of wood on an animal skin rug on a hard stone floor, nothing luxurious about it.

“Ah, fuck…” I groaned out in distress. I couldn’t even massage my muscles to lessen the pain, being restrained and all, so I was forced to deal with my pain. My yelp got N’Shaundra’s attention, her pointed ear twitching as she picked up a cry of discomfort. She turned and saw me cursing to myself, warranting a smile in my direction.

“Morning~” she greeted with a musical tenor, dusting her hands off as she threw in the last log in her possession. I didn’t respond right away. I simply grunted in her general direction, afraid of moving my head in case another sharp pain was ready to strike me. N’Shaundra slithered her way over to me, discerning what was wrong easily by how I was oddly tilting my head. “Aww, poor thing. Did we not sleep well?” she chimed, mimicking my posture with a playful grin.

“Did you really expect me to? You could have at least let me lay down.” I complained, hissing as I tried to move my neck again, the searing pain shooting throughout my upper body. N’Shaundra purely shrugged in response, holding her smile as she wrapped the tip of her tail around my body. Suddenly, I felt a gentle rub in the nape of my neck, working its way around my shoulders and even my upper back. The lamia was massaging me, kindly working my muscles, relaxing them for me. My eyelids grew heavy a bit as I loosened up, letting her do as she pleased while I unintentionally groaned out in delight. “Mmmff… Thank you…” I sighed gratefully. Even though she was the one who put me in this predicament in the first place, at least she was kind enough to work out some of the kinks in my neck.

“Better?” she asked, her uncharacteristically friendly smile shining down on me. I looked up at her and gave her a halfhearted smile and nod in return.

“Yeah, thank you N’Shaundra.” With her work done, the lamia undid her tail from around my neck and torso, taking her time as she invasively prodded me with her coils. I squirmed and squeaked as the very tip tickled and poked me all over, hitting my vulnerable, ticklish soft spot between my ribs and hips. I tried to hold in all the jerks and giggles but her aggressive tail was relentless. She wasn’t letting me go now; she was playing with me, making me writhe for her enjoyment as I was helpless to make her cease. “S-Stop!” I cried out, holding back more chuckles as tears started to roll down my face. “N’Sha-ha! Please!” I began to beg, my harsh thrashing now actually rocking the tree trunk I was bound to. The lamia chuckled lightheartedly as she watched my destitute struggle, biting her lip to keep herself in check. “Plea-he-hease sto-hop!” I blubbered. What sounded like painful pleas of mercy was just me begging the lamia to stop tickling me all over. She figured out my sweet spots quickly, which didn’t help my case. She had to undo her kindness, didn’t she? A few more yelps and screams and she seemed satisfied, reaching up to my cheek with her tail and caressing me gently as the tickling concluded. I looked up at her with welled-up eyes, panting relentlessly as if I just endured torture.

“Cute~” she purred, eying me like a proud owner who scratched their dog’s belly. I again felt like I should hate her for torturing me for five minutes straight as she ignored my pleas. But it was only tickling, she didn’t really hurt me. Hell, it was all in good fun, I guess.

N’Shaundra pulled back her tail and dragged it behind her. The tip now swayed carelessly in the air as she looked me over, scratching her chin, not even trying to hide that she was wondering what to do with me. This was the moment I’d been waiting for, or dreading, all night. I’d finally figure out what she had in store for me, even though I had a pretty good idea what she was going to say.

“Well, what’s the plan? You just going to eat me like everyone else?” I asked glumly, taking the fun out of the atmosphere. The lamia narrowed her eyes a bit, thinking the notion over. She even hummed musically while she tilted her head to the side, resting both her hands on her hips.

“Y’know, I haven’t really decided yet.” she admitted. To say I was surprised was an understatement. I was sure she was just going to say “Yeah” and end it there. Though, the fact she kept filling me with false hope was cruel, since I didn’t want to hold my breath over the thought that she was actually just going to untie me and send me off on my merry way. I must’ve been making quite the stunned expression, since N’Shaundra suddenly started giggling. Her tail snaked its way back over to me and wrapped around me once more, the tip undoing the rope around my wrists before effortlessly lifting me off the ground. I hated heights, and being carelessly held high in the air made my heart race. I tried not to look down, so I kept my eyes fixed on the giant amethyst stare before me, blinking at me curiously with their long, elegant lashes. “Lemme see…” N’Shaundra pondered patiently. She moved her coils so that most of my torso was exposed, gripping me tightly around my waist and legs. The tip of her tail slithered under the bottom of my shirt, pulling it up to my collar and revealing my bare pale skin. I looked at her perplexedly until she lowered me down to her mouth like yesterday, so I already knew what was coming next. I watched as she parted her lips slowly, her bright pink tongue slipping out between her full lips and pressing itself firmly against my bare flesh. I couldn’t bring myself to feel disgusted, not this time. Rather, the sensation of her warm, wet, soft muscle forced against me was admittedly heavenly. I clamped my mouth shut as I felt a moan try to leave my body, and I began biting down on my bottom lip, hard. I couldn’t let her know I enjoyed this. It would only give her more power over me. N’Shaundra took her time tasting me, tonguing my body as her muscle wiggled and twitched, getting her fill of my taste. She wanted me to squirm; she wanted me to be forced to endure her playtime.

“Mmm… Mmmff… Ha-ah…” I whimpered, little moans and gasps forcing their way out as the lamia continued to toy with me. I wasn’t even sure she was really taste testing me at this point. It felt more like she was treating me like a lollipop, a squirming and flustered lollipop. I felt the heat flush into my cheeks, working its way through my body as I continued to turn pink. She was wearing me down. I couldn’t tell if she was even doing this on purpose or not, trying to get a reaction out of me or just lost in the flavor with her carnivorous palate.

The lamia’s tail slithered up my shirt more now, her coils loosening enough for me to pull my arms free so that she could remove my shirt entirely. I watched my clothing float down towards the floor out of sight, leaving me in the cold morning air. It wasn’t like I had long to even be given the chance to feel cold, as the heat of N’Shaundra’s tongue made up for my lack of clothing with her persistent licking. As I reached for her tongue in a bid to get her to stop, her tail wrapped itself around my wrists up in the air, pulling on my arms as they were forcibly stretched upwards. With me bound and unable to do a thing to her, the lamia’s tongue swept up my entire upper body, slathering me in her warm, thick saliva that had been increasingly accumulating in her mouth. She swiped her tongue up and down my body like I was an ice cream cone, not shy about covering my face either, no matter which way I tried to turn my head. With every lick, N’Shaundra moaned over my wet body, her soothing humid breath enveloping me every time she exhaled. She made it so hard to resist the pleasure I honestly felt. I didn’t want to admit it, but I loved this. Every time I went to take a breath after being molested by her tongue, it turned into a subtle moan that I couldn’t control. I was shaking with lust, my breathing fast and heavy, and heart beating out of my chest. I should have been telling her to stop, to leave me alone. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to, because deep down, I didn’t want her to stop.

The lamia finally withdrew her tongue momentarily, giving me a breather. She brought me back up to her eyes to inspect me, and I met her gaze with my flustered, needy expression, cheeks glowing bright red with desire.

“Please… No more…” I pleaded through heavy breaths. I wasn’t begging for her to stop because I didn’t like it. I was begging because I physically couldn’t stand the enjoyment it brought me. N’Shaundra clearly found enjoyment with it too, though I was sure she was just enjoying my taste, since she was licking her lips repeatedly.

“Mmm, even more delicious without the clothing~” she cooed flirtatiously. Her big eyes narrowed at me as she inspected me closely. I couldn’t help but gaze into her studious gaze, considering it took up my whole view. The purple in her irises practically shimmered like the very jewels they mimicked. Even now, at her mercy, in her grasp and possibly destined to be fat on her hips, I couldn’t help but appreciate her beauty, especially her eyes. Although, it might have been the euphoric rush she gave me that made me admire her this way, I wasn’t entirely sure, nor was I going to fight it.

N’Shaundra broke my trance as she hummed again in an inquisitive nature, her big eyes blinking at me repeatedly. “Hmm? What’s this…” she mumbled. She then lowered me back down to her mouth, which had a wiggling tongue waiting to probe me once again. The lamia was full of surprises, as her tongue began to stretch out further and further in front of me like an extra appendage, more resembling an actual snake’s tongue, or possibly even something more akin to a chameleon’s or frog’s tongue. The muscle curled around my upper body with ease and slid down my midsection, drooling over me before I even had a chance to dry from the first tasteful assault. I gasped again as the tip lowered itself further and further down my body until it tucked itself into the tip of my waistband.

“N’Shaundra… N-No!” I cried, quickly realizing where she was going. Only now did it dawn on me that I was physically aroused with the whole ordeal, and that the teasing woman must’ve caught on to that. No matter how much I tried to bottle my vocal cues of bliss, I couldn’t control other parts of my body at will. The lamia couldn’t have cared less about my pleas as she shoved the tip of her tongue down my pants, brushing against my manhood forcibly. My entire body reacted to the sudden surge of slimy heat and pleasure, making me twist and squirm in N’Shaundra’s coils violently. “N’Sha-ah! Mmm… Sto-ho-ahah~” I blurted out as I shook viciously in a lustful high. The woman’s only retort was a delighted moan of satisfaction, getting the exact results she wanted. In fact, my worming only seemed to coax her to continue. She brought me even closer to her, pressing me against her upper lip while she opened her mouth wider, pressing even more of her tongue against my bare flesh while the tip ran between my legs and up my backside. I could do nothing but hyperventilate as she toyed with me, my head spinning from the mixture of heat and desire. My eyes fluttered, my chest thumped with my beating heart, I felt like I was going to melt. But just as it all started so quickly, it also ended just as abruptly. N’Shaundra withdrew her adventurous tongue and slipped it back into her mouth with an audible slurp, going so far as to smack her lips to get the point across to me. There I remained, stretched out by her reptilian tail, sopping wet with saliva and glowing a bright pink all over my body. The lamia stared me down, knowing full well what she did to me, and enjoyed every second of it judging by her smirk.

“My my, someone likes the way I treat them~” said N’Shaundra, giggling sweetly to herself. As if my skin wasn’t a myriad of colors already, I could feel the heat of embarrassment swell in me, turning me every shade of red possible.

“I… I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I deflected aggressively. We both knew I was lying, but I wasn’t going to admit that I enjoyed it.

“No? Something else is telling me different sweetheart~” she pointed out, prodding the bulge in my pants with her index finger. I squirmed again in her grip, trying my best to resist her provoking.

“I… I… N-No I don’t!” I denied again, refusing to make eye contact.

“That so?” N’Shaundra quirked her brow and smiled even wider, which only meant bad news for me. I’ve never seen her look at me like this before. It was unexplainably different. All I knew is that I was in for a rough time. She seemed… curious, excited fascinated with how I reacted. With a Cheshire grin, she stretched me out even more, her lower coil tugging on my loosened jeans until they were around my shins. My eyes widened while she undressed me, and I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to stop her.

“N-N’Shaundra, don’t!” I implored once more, shaking my head vigorously. The lamia however wasn’t having any of it. It’s like she could see right through me. I could tell just by the way she looked at me that she knew I was lying deep down, whether I wanted to admit it or not. And it was true; I actually didn’t want her to stop. I enjoyed myself too much earlier, and she caught on, not that I was capable of really hiding it. In response to my demands, N’Shaundra pressed me firmly against her soft lips, humming charmingly like we were sharing an intimate kiss. Her plush lips took up my entire upper body, pressing so hard on me that I could barely breathe. The woman went another step further and slipped out her tongue in the middle of the kiss, slowly sliding it down my chest with its wet heat. The breath I could manage turned into a stuttered gasp, my body having a mind of its own as it pressed itself into her lips even more. My desires were taking over my common sense, and if this continued, it was going to put me on a path I couldn’t deviate from and cost me more than just my dignity.

N’Shaundra’s tongue slipped down into my boxers and found its target, making me whimper in want while her tongue literally rippled in waves down my entire physique. What was she doing to me? Why was she doing this? She didn’t treat the jogger this way, not that I saw anyways, so why did I get the special treatment? I could barely even think while being swallowed in this erotic heat, my head buzzing with needs, my muscles weak and refusing to comply. My entire body wanted to melt into a puddle for her to slurp right up. “N…N’Shaun…dra…” I moaned breathily. Only after I closed my mouth did I realize what I even said . I just moaned her name… Fuck… My call to her must’ve given her a cue, as she moved her upper lip over my head, pressing it gently on my back while she finally let go of my arms. I was free, I could struggle and fight her and push her away and… I didn’t. With my newfound freedom, I could only bring myself to wrap my arms around the muscle she had gyrating against me, embracing her instead of pushing her away. The lamia worked her lips down my body and suckled on me gently, pulling me into her mouth slightly while her bottom coils held onto me securely. The amount of saliva she had been working up was now all around me, oozing down my body with no end in sight. I could not see within her mouth, only granted a peak of my surroundings when she opened her mouth enough to breathily moan over the tiny human that was me trapped in her cave of wonders. The air was humid, yet her breath was oddly sweet. When I should’ve been disgusted and fighting, I was yearning for more. Everything my common sense was trying to tell me, I did and felt the opposite.

I remained in N’Shaundra’s maw for what felt like a heavenly eternity, a purgatory of lust, letting her suck on my body like it was candy while her tongue continued to work against my sex. Every once in a while, she’d wiggle the very tip of her tongue against my manhood just right, enough to get me to lurch forward, making me grip onto her tongue tightly as a reactive response. I could tell she liked it by the way she giggled over me, only giving her more power. I couldn’t help it. I knew every reaction would feed into the situation, and yet here I was gripping her tongue and moaning her name without even meaning to. Her tongue was relentless, not once withdrawing from my boxers. A heat was stirring deep within me, and I wasn’t sure if N’Shaundra was going to like the result, even if it seemed to be her singular goal.

“N’Shau-ha… N’Shaundra… I’m… I’m gonna…” I attempted to warn her, but even opening my mouth triggered an invasive response from her. She sent a harsh ripple through her tongue against my sex, pushing me over the brink. I yelled out in bliss as I orgasmed, twitching and writhing against her aggressive muscle while my fingers dug into the slimy flesh around me. I whimpered and moaned, gyrating in tandem with the waves she used against me while every muscle in body gave way, almost making me completely ragdoll within her mouth. Her work completed, N’Shaundra sighed contently and pulled her mouth off of me, her tongue slithering right back into her maw with a slurp. A few strands of saliva connected the two of us. This time however, I let them be, the strands dropping slightly as gravity took hold. I rested my hands on her coils and looked up at her with needy, fluttering eyes, panting hysterically as I tried to calm down. My mind was still in a sexual high, and I couldn’t bring myself to say a word. What could I even say? What was there to say? I was confused and lost, unsure of what really transpired. This woman had abducted me, tied me to a tree, tortured me, ate someone in front of me and threatened me with the same fate, but then just sucked on my body like a candy cane and got me off. I felt this was some sick joke, something she did with certain prey before she swallowed them.

“You like that little one?~” she purred smugly. The lamia beamed down at me with a flirtatious giggle that trailed off into a gratified hum. Still in my hazy state, it took me a moment to process what she even said.

“I… You… You cheated…” I argued, taking some deep breaths to slow my racing heart. “Anyone would get off to what you just did.”

“On the contrary sweetheart. You’d be surprised how much someone fights you. Only a select few people actually embrace what I just did.” she corrected, smirking at me before licking away the strands of saliva between us.

“Wha-? Select few?” I repeated, not understanding what or who she was referring to. I knew I was still high on sex, but I didn’t think I was misinterpreting something obvious.

“Mmm, I think I know what you are love.” My look of confusion must’ve been enough for her as a cue to continue her explanation. “You’re not the first person like this to come across my path. Although, I have to say, you were much more fun to toy with. Cuter too~” I still wasn’t following, but she was referring to something, and I could only pin it down to one possibility, though I didn’t want to believe it.

“I… What… What are you talking about?” I asked, half playing dumb, half genuinely unsure. I wanted her to say what she meant; for fear that I was wrong. The lamia sighed with a forced grin, rolling her eyes before bringing me up to her gaze.

“You’re one of those vore-people, aren’t you? A few others have elaborated on your little fetish before begging me to eat them.” A hot flash ran through my body, along with a cold sweat, as she pieced together my deepest secret I’ve kept from almost everyone. I was mortified. “At first, I was put off by the notion of someone actually wanting me to eat them. But you know what? Free meal, no struggling, no fighting… Well, sometimes until reality caught up with them, but still, I get a full belly in the end.” she explained. I still couldn’t fathom the fact that she knew about all of this, found others like me, and was simply okay with it all. “I could tell the moment I swallowed that jogger yesterday. The way you looked at me was priceless. Today just confirmed it~” My heart skipped a beat as my jaw dropped. She had me figured out and even knew exactly what I was. My secret was out and I could only imagine the ways she was going to exploit it. I was embarrassed beyond explanation. I felt my cheeks suddenly burn a bright red as I stumbled over my words in an effort to dissuade her assumption.

“I…I-No! No I’m not! What are you talking about? Just cuz it felt good didn’t mean I liked it! I mean… not like that!” I babbled while flinging my arms in every direction as I internally panicked. N’Shaundra grinned widely, amused and not fooled by my lies. She leaned in close to me, her eyes hooded as she flashed a seductive smile.

“Really? So, you wouldn’t want me to slide you into my mouth, play with you with my tongue, toss you from cheek to cheek, getting you all nice and slimy before inching you into my throat before swallowing you whole? My warm, wet mouth that you just got off in?” she mused, placing the gentlest of kisses on me before snickering to herself. I felt a lump in my throat, preventing me from saying a word. I was paralyzed. Her words rang in my head, repeating over and over, obstructing any sort of means of response. “I thought so~” she sufficed. With that, she lowered me to the floor, setting me down delicately as she undid her coils. I was sprawled out, shirtless and both undergarments around my knees. I felt pathetic; N’Shaundra’s repeated giggling didn’t help me feel better either.

I pulled up my soaking wet pants and got on my hands and knees to search for my shirt, discovering it on top of a log pile N’Shaundra had stacked ready for burning. I slipped it on and tried my best to ignore my cold, wet clothing uncomfortably rubbing against me. The lamia was amused with my bowlegged walk, trying her best to contain her laughter, though she didn’t seem like she was trying very hard with her consistent snorting and twitters. I walked over to the giant fire pit in hopes that I could at least dry off, standing with my arms and legs out like a scarecrow.

“I like you little one~ You got a little more personality than most people I’ve had the liberty of devouring.” she said as she slithered towards me. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or not. I simply looked over at her with a distasteful scowl. “You’re decent company and quite entertaining to toy with. I think I’ll keep you around. At least until I finally give you what we both want, that is.” N’Shaundra lowered herself to my level, forming a barrier around me with her reptilian half, just in case I decided to bolt.

“And… what would that be?” I asked, full well knowing the answer already.

“A one-way trip to my belly little one~ You’ll get the full experience, which I know you want. But, there’s a catch…” she teased, poking me with her finger, making me lose my balance as I stumbled a bit.

“What… Wha-! What catch?” I queried as I tried to stabilize myself. The woman hummed mischievously before speaking, mulling over her thoughts with how devious they were, I was sure.

“I want you to beg me to eat you.” N’Shaundra said flatly as she laid down next to me on her side, a little overly seductive in posture.

“You what?” I questioned, not believing what she was suggesting. I was not about to beg someone to end my life, no matter what other parts of my body told me. I had at least a little common sense left in me.

“You heard me. I’m not going to eat you until you beg me to do so. Until I hear that you want me to swallow you whole, you’ll remain here, as my little pet .” She stressed the word pet, making sure she got the point across that I was now on the same level as a dog.

“You honestly think I’m going to just beg you to eat me? Are you crazy?” I snapped at her.

“Judging by the way you were squirming in my mouth, I’d say so. You even moaned my name love~ I have you wrapped around my finger.” I couldn’t bring myself to argue with her, she was right, and I had no ammunition to fight her facts. Being in her mouth was a literal heaven. If she did it again, there was no telling what I’d say or do. I bit my lip and looked away from her, trying to think of a snappy comeback. “You will refer to me as Mistress, or any appropriate title befitting of your owner really. I’ll also accept Goddess .” She seemed in favor of that last one with the way she said it. “You are here by forbidden to address me by my name. You will be addressed as Little One, or simply P et ~” she commanded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, standing there mouth agape in disgust as she demanded my obedience. I had been reduced to a lamia’s pet, a plaything. I wasn’t about to just let it happen.

“I don’t have to put up with this!” I shouted, turning to storm right out of the cave, even with her tail in my path. N’Shaundra’s brow furrowed and she lashed out at me, wrapping her tail around my waist and neck in the blink of an eye. She began choking me tightly, wringing my neck as I clambered to the scales crushing my windpipe.

“Excuse me, pet ? You are mine now. Do you understand?” she tested, her amethyst eyes staring harshly at me while my vision subtly faded, as did my consciousness. Her stare was so intense, she didn’t even look like the same teasing and cute snake-woman I’ve known the past two days. She more resembled an angry animal, a predator, which in the end she truly was. I paused as I clawed at her tail, struggling for air as I started to become lightheaded. I didn’t want to be a pet. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life as a toy until I begged this creature to swallow me alive. I couldn’t. And yet, here I was, literally staring death in the face. It was do or die. I had no choice but to obey for now.

“Yes… Mistress.”