The Shell Game

by Oishi1

F/m sm transformation, vore, humiliation

Sheldon didn't have to wait long after ringing Lucy's doorbell. It was almost as if she was waiting spring-loaded on the other side (He wouldn't doubt it. She sounded pretty excited when she called him)

"What took you so long?" she asked as she hugged him tight.

"Some of us like to drive the speed limit," Sheldon said wryly as he entered Lucy's house.

"What for?" Lucy smiled as she dragged Sheldon into the living room, "You need to do something dangerous every now and then,"

"Why do I have a feeling you are about to suggest something?" Sheldon asked. The two weeks that they'd been dating had been eventful to say the least, and when she called to say she had something amazing to show him he had to admit there was a tinge of fear in the back of his neck.

"Relax Shel, this will be amazing. I promise," Lucy said as she picked up an old book with a crumbling cover off of her coffe table.

"W-what's that?" Sheldon asked eying the book as if it were road kill in her hand.

"You're not going to believe this!" she said barely containing her excitement, "Remember when I said my grandmother died a few weeks ago? I was going through her stuff and I found this book. Guess what it is,"

Sheldon shrugged halfheartedly.

"It's a MAGIC BOOK!" She whispered with awe, "Apparently my grandmother was some kind of witch. Not that wiccan goth high school crap, but the real thing! I tried a few of these out and actually got results." After saying this she opened the book and began to read in words that sounded like gibberish to Sheldon.

"What are you doing?" He asked impatiently.

"Shh," She said, "If you talk you may make me get the incantation wrong and that would be unhealthy for you,"

"Wait wha-" sheldon started before Lucy put a finger to his lips.

"eziminim," she whispered. Sheldon felt warmth flow from the tip of her finger, warm his lips, and pass through his body.

"What's going on?" he asked as his stomach wrenched. He tried to back up but the most intense feeling of vertigo he'd ever experienced swept over him and he fell to the ground. He tried to get up, but something heavy fell on top of him.

"LUCY ,WHAT HAPPENED?" he yelled. Before he could get an answer a light pierced his eye and what looked like a giant hand grabbed him and lifted him high into the air. His ears popped and he became light headed. When he was able to focus his vision he realized he was somehow standing in the palm of Lucy's hand, and to top it all off he was naked. The "thing that had fallen on him had been the clothes that hadn't shrunk with him. He hastily put his hands over his privates as he realized that she was staring down at him smiling.

"Well I guess if the show's over we'll move on," Lucy said smiling coyly. She walked into the dining room without regard to her passenger who was nearly passing out from the g-force of her swinging hands. "TA-DA! what do you think?" she asked showing him the table. There was a bucket of ice next to a lazy Susan containing a plate with five oysters on the half shell and condiments.

Sheldon was still trying to get over the shock of realizing that this was actually happening. "Wha," was all he could muster.

"It's raw oysters," She answered as if that was the only puzzling thing about the situation, "I thought we'd do something fancy for out two week anniversary. I love raw oysters don't you? Something about swallowing something that's still alive that gives me a rush,"

Sheldon felt like all the blood had left his body.

"I think I want to go home now," Sheldon whispered. Lucy couldn't hear him but she could see the fear in his eyes, and it excited her.

"Relax Shel, I won't hurt you," She said as she placed him on the plate, "Watch this," she said as she picked up one of the oyster shells, lifted it to her lips and downed it with a quick slurp. Sheldon noticed with no small amount of fear that the lump that went down her throat was about as big as he was. "Pretty cool huh?" she said as she placed the shell back on the plate.

"Well, go ahead," Lucy said.

"Go ahead what?" Sheldon asked.

"Climb on the empty shell," Lucy said as if it were obvious.

"Why?" He asked backing away until he reached the edge of the plate.

"Why are you so nervous?" Lucy asked, "Hop on, it'll be fun," Sheldon knew that the only way to get this over with was to comply so he gingerly climbed onto the shell.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Hang on," she said as she smiled and spun the lazy Susan. Sheldon's world vanished in a blur, "It's like a tilt a whirl isn't it? Ain't it fun?" It was all Sheldon could do to hold onto the shell and close his eyes. When the plate finally slowed to a stop (and Sheldon found his stomach) he noticed that Lucy was reading the spell book again.

"Ooh let's try this one," she said. Before Sheldon could regain composure she read the incantation, "Rennidrof sretsyo" Sheldon's body contorted involuntarily. He could feel things twisting in directions that they shouldn't go. When it stopped he was unable to move. He tried to call out, but couldn't speak. Why can’t I move? He noticed his body felt, wigglier.

"mmm Now I get six oysters for dinner," Lucy said with a smile. She licked her lips and grabbed oyster Sheldon. Lucy brought the oyster to her mouth and slowly parted her lips. Sheldon could feel her hot breath on his body, but was unable to struggle. "mmm goodbye Shel,"

Sheldon made every effort to scream but nothing happened. He couldn't close his eyes. He wasn't sure he even had eyes. With no other option he stared between her parted lips into the depths of her throat but all he saw was blackness. He imagined that darkness surrounding him and tried yet again to scream. He could feel his wiggly body slowly sliding down the shell as it tilted towards her mouth but had no way to stop it. Nooooo!

Lucy grinned and put sheldon back on the table. "you know I'm just kidding right? I couldn't possibly do that to you," She slapped the lazy Susan playfully while she was talking and it began to turn.

"Oopsie," she said as the table spun a few times. "Oooh! It's just like the shell game at the boardwalk. Let's see, hmm. I think it was this one."

She picked up one of the oysters, brought it to her lips and whispered, " Nodlehs nruter," As the words left her lips the oyster in the shell turned back into Sheldon. Sheldon sighed with relief.

"For a second there I thought I was a goner. Good eye there Lucy," Sheldon said.

Lucy placed the shell containing the reclining Sheldon back on the plate and picked up another oyster.

"To think, the only thing that saved you was the words, "Nodlehs nruter," As she said the words again the oyster in her hand changed into a miniature Sheldon as well. The Sheldon in the oyster shell in her hand began to scream. "Oh my," Lucy said, "I wonder," She put down the Sheldon she was holding and picked up another oyster. When she uttered the words again she had a third tiny Sheldon. Lucy picked up the last two oysters and said the words again then she put them back on the plate.

The Sheldons worriedly stared up from the plate as Lucy's expression went from confusion to a wicked smile.

"Well, I know one of you is the real Sheldon, and the other four are just oysters. Well, Sheldon/oysters, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I have no intention of turning any of you back into oysters," There was a collective sigh of relief from the plate, "The bad news is I still intend to finish my dinner, so I have to find out which one of you is the real Sheldon," there were indignant cries from the plate, "Now, now, I'm going to make this fair. I will ask you each a series of questions that only the real Sheldon would know. One wrong answer will put you on the express train to tummyville, so choose your words carefully. By the way, Just to show you I'm not playing favorites," Lucy spun the lazy Susan one more time.

As the Sheldons were regaining thier composure Lucy put her finger to her lips, "Let's see, I think I'll start with,You," She picked up one of the shells, "Let me get you where I can hear you. Now, tell me "Sheldon", what was I wearing on our first date?"

Sheldon looked stunned, "How am I supposed to know that? I'm a guy," Sheldon stammered.

"Sounds like something an oyster would say to cover his tracks," Lucy said licking her lips, "Better come up with something quick. You're looking more and more like an oyster every second," With that she dipped a spoon into a bowl of melted butter and begun to drizzle him with it, "What do you think? Should I use the lemon juice?"

"No!" Sheldon yelled.

"Alright then, just the butter. Down the hatch!" Lucy said as she lifted the shell to her mouth.

"No wai-", Sheldon said as Lucy dumped him from the shell and into her mouth. She savored the flavor for a while and then quickly swallowed. The lump in her throat was there and gone before the other Sheldons had any time to react.

The air in Lucy’s mouth was stifling. Between the saliva and the butter Sheldon couldn’t find anything to hold onto. He had no problem sliding into her throat. As her esophagus tightened around him Sheldon was propelled down rapidly. It was like an oily water slide with no sign of slowing down. Suddenly the flesh around him tightened even more. The pressure from the squeezing behind him and the fact that he was oiled up good made him shoot into an open chamber. He landed with a splash in hot liquid. There was no air and everything was motion and confusion around him. He couldn’t stand upright so he tried to crawl. His hands and legs were burning as he pounded on the stomach walls.

“There must be some kind of mistake!” Sheldon yelled, “I’M REAL! I’M REAL!”

"Wow, I can feel him squirming inside me," Lucy said, "I never knew it could feel this good," Lucy blushed as she ran her fingers over her stomach. "So, who's next?" The other Sheldons stared at each other in disbelief, "YOU!" She said pointing to one of the Sheldons and he pointed at himself questioningly, "What was the first movie we watched together?"

"On tv or at the theater?" Sheldon asked.

"Either one," Lucy said smiling and rubbing her belly, "But decide quick, I'm really hungry,"

"Uh, uhmm. "Dusk, the Waxing Moon," He said confidently.

"YOU'RE RIGHT!" She said excitedly.

"Does that mean I win?" He asked.

"Sure does," Lucy said picking up the butter spoon."

"Then why are you picking that up?" he asked nervously.

"My, my, my, you're so jumpy Shel," Lucy said as she poured butter on the Sheldon in her hand, "Relax, you don't think I'll do anything bad do you?" she asked pouting.

"N-no," he said timidly," But you are bringing me awfully close to your mouth,"

"Well," Lucy said. "I have to give you your victory kiss don't I?" She brought him to her mouth and puckered her lips. "Ready for your prize big boy?" she asked. He nodded. "Then close your eyes," As Sheldon closed his eyes Lucy tilted the shell and he spilled into her mouth. "Mmmm"

She swallowed.

"I can feel them both still wiggling. Now, which one of you wants to go next? By the way, Dusk was the first theater movie we saw but not the first movie we watched together,"

"The animated Wonder World movie!" One of the Sheldons on the table cried out.

"Right!" Lucy said, "Unfortunately that's not your question. Your question is, if I had the choice to be anywhere right now, Anywhere in the world, where would I go?"

"You told me once that you've always wanted to see Paris," He said.

Lucy picked up his shell, "Why Sheldon, I'm hurt," She said pouting, "I said anywhere RIGHT NOW, and right now there's no place I'd like to be more than right here with you. It makes me very sad that you don't feel the same about me, and when I feel sad, I eat," With that she rapidly downed the Sheldon in her hands, then squeezed some lemon juice into her mouth. Wiping her mouth she said, "You know, I've always wanted to do this, to feel actual living fighting creatures inside my stomach. Looks like the game's almost over, huh? Pity. So, two left and one of you is the REAL Sheldon,"

The two remaining Sheldon's contemplated running, but they knew it would make them look guilty, so they sat in thier shells and tried to look brave.

"I'll ask my last question, and whichever one of you can answer it will be dubbed the "real" Sheldon," Lucy said, "What was my grandmother's name?"

They both thought for a while, and one of the Sheldons quickly yelled out, "LOURAINE!" Lucy smiled and grabbed the other sheldon douceing him in hot sauce.

"So long Imposter," She said as she began to sip the sauce out of the shell and the oyster/Sheldon slid slowly towards her open mouth.

"NO! PLEASE! ASK ME ANOTHER QUESTION! THIS MUST BE SOME KIND OF MIS-," She slurped him into her mouth before he could finish his sentence, savoring the last oyster she swished him around in her mouth before swallowing.

"Mmm," She said wiping hot sauce off of her lips, "This is the most wonderful thing I've ever done,"

Sheldon sighed with relief on the plate. For a while there he thought a lucky guess would end his life.

"You know Sheldon, there's room for one more," Lucy said rubbing her stomach. Sheldon shuddered.

"I'll pass," Sheldon said, "I'm ready to go back to full size any time now. By the way, how did you know I was the real Sheldon?"

"I didn’t," Lucy said.

“What?” Sheldon sat upright.

"The “copies” each had the exact same memories. Technically each one was just as much the real you as, well, you," she said as she picked up the last oyster and poured butter all over it,"


“You know,” Lucy said bringing the last oyster to her mouth, "I never really was good at the shell game,"

She tilted the shell at her lips,

And swallowed.