Balok walked through the jungle, enjoying the day. It’s sure a good day to be alive, he thought. Suddenly, a roar rent the air. Looking up in shock, he saw a glistening purple dragon flying in circles above him. She glanced down and licked her lips. Frightened, he ran as she dove for him, and almost as he was under a clump of trees, her claws snatched his shoulders, tearing the fabric but not harming the slightest hair. Despite this, he felt nothing but unending panic and, screaming, he was carried off.

She landed in her nest, depositing him on the intertwined branches. Balok backed away. "Who are you?! What do you want?!" he asked, trembling before her.

She rose above him, at least fifteen feet taller than him. "My name is Meeyella," she said in a sweet, singsong voice. "And isn’t it obvious? I want you."

The man was confused, staring up at her with wide, fear-filled eyes. "Wh-wh-what?"

"I want you," she repeated, her tone sultry as her stomach growled, "inside of me."

Realizing what she meant, Balok tried to leave. But before he could even move, her head darted toward him and her tongue shot out, wrapping around his waist. At first, he began to fight and scream, but then... He paused. The warm, slimy sensation intrigued him. As Meeyella used her tongue to remove his shirt, Balok suddenly realized what she was doing and backed away, losing his shirt, his torso coated in warm drool. Her tongue lashed toward his ankle, whipping him up into the air in front of her face, taking him by surprise and striking more fear into his heart, the intrigue gone in an instant. He squirmed. "Stop it! Stop it!"

She grinned seductively. "Aw, but we were having so much fun."

"This is not fun! It’s like rape or something!"

"Oh, but it is fun... For me. And you know how it is, it’s not rape if you like it! And I like it. You will, too, once you adjust." Laying him down flat, softly, her tongue slithered up his pant leg.

He protested. "Hey, what are you – Ooh…" he said as her tongue worked its way up to his thigh. Her eyes closed halfway in a concentrated, whorish way. Working her way up to his crotch, she encompassed his cock, pleasuring it. Balok groaned, falling into an aroused trance. Grinning, she took the very tip of his member and poked it slightly with the tip of her tongue, penetrating the head of it hardly at all and letting her pulsing tongue cause him to cum, the flood gushing out of him seeming only like a dribble to her. Pleased, she tilted her head back slightly and swallowed as he laid there, squirming and moaning.

Groaning with a mixture of terror and pleasure, he allowed her to continue up to his stomach, chest, neck, and face, giving the same treatment to any new crevasse she came across. Then, she retracted her tongue so it was just wrapped around his torso. Slowly, she pulled him into her mouth, his body already glistening and dripping in her saliva.

He snapped out of the trance her tongue had put him in, but he was calm now. Even if he was to die, the caring nature of his killer put his mind and heart at ease. "You know, Meeyella? You're not that bad."

She chuckled, still pulling him in. For a moment, he changed his mind about how he saw his fate, and in a moment of nervousness, he asked for clarification. "Wait," he said. "You aren’t going to… eat me, are you?"

She smirked seductively. "Hon, of course I am."


"Oh, don’t worry. I can alter my digestive tract." She laughed, slightly jostling Balok, who was halfway into her mouth.

Balok smiled nervously. "Digestive?"

Meeyella winked and pulled him completely in, her jaws closing with a wet, saliva-coated snap as the scent of her maw surrounded him. Confining him in her mouth, she finished undressing him with her tongue. Working him over again, she brought him many more shivers of pleasure as well as another cumming session, this one larger than the last as it coated the roof of her mouth as well as her tongue. Pleasured, she felt her mouth vibrating with its force. Working him toward the back of her mouth, she felt his orgasm continuing, and swallowed with a loud, slimy, hot gulp. His feet simply dipped down into the hot, smelly throat, her peristalsis sending his body further into her hungering gullet. His feet, then his calves, and then his thighs and waist were all massaged. Then, his upper body was lifted by her tongue as she swallowed again, and his face splatted against her uvula before he shivered, and entered her completely.

Inside, he slowly worked his way down her warm throat, pleasuring himself as he went. 'I can get used to this...' Squeezing through Meeyella’s throat sphincter, he landed in her stomach (only slightly larger than his body size) with a squish. Like a comfortable, thick shrink-wrapper, it clung to him as she burped, the smooth, slimy walls warming him and lulling him into an even more relaxed state as the smell flooded his nose. It was rather calm, except for the sloshing of Meeyella moving around, and it was better than any sex he had ever had.

Suddenly, the stomach rumbled. Expecting to feel a rush of digestive juices, he was relieved to feel the vibrations coming from Meeyella's throat as she spoke. "You in there?"

"Ohhhh… Yeah, where else would I be?"

"Great. Hold on!"

"Wait, what?"

The other end of her stomach opened up, revealing her upper intestine's entrance as a new, slightly dirtier smell wafted in. Sliding through, Balok slowly worked his way through her. Meanwhile, on the outside, Meeyella rolled over and rubbed herself, pleased.


A few hours later, a tingling sensation filled her as she squeezed Balok out through her rear, smelling heavily of scat, although there was none, as she had waited to eat for a long time that it might be clean in there. He gasped, coated in her liquids, the stick substances clinging to him as he stood, rather weary. "That," he gulped, "was amazing."

She chuckled. "Oh, it’s hardly over."

Balok grinned, confused. "Wait, what?"

Meeyella turned away from him and bent over, exposing her large, pink, awaiting vagina. "Have at it." Balok’s eyes widened in pleased shock. From meal to mate? "O-kay! Now we’re talking."

Approaching slowly, he prepared himself, his erect cock prodding at her walls as he began to thrust inside with a moan.

"Ooh!" The dragoness shuddered happily at the feeling of the small human thrusting into her as best he could, Balok figuring he was supposed to please her now. "But, erm, that’s not what I meant…"

Balok was puzzled. "Uh…"

Meeyella bent over farther, stretching her vagina even more. The scales around it glittered, as if paving an entrance. Using her muscles surrounding her vagina, it sucked open with a thwap, like a pocket, for about a foot inward or so until it naturally couldn’t gape. "Hop in," she crooned in her seductive voice.

Balok was in shock. Surprised, he had no choice but to give in to his primal urges. He pushed himself in, head first. is was wet, slimy, and smelled of the dragoness's musk, and as pleasant as her tongue had been. He kept wriggling forward, the slimy interior acting as a lubricant. As he finished entering, she rolled over onto her back, closing her sex behind him. "Whoa!" called Balok. "Easy does it!"

She replied by thrusting into her vagina with her tail. Pushing him deeper, it was her turn for the orgasm, cumming fast and hard around him as he was propelled deeper, into her womb as he surpassed her cervix, which acted much like her sphincters did, earlier. He was surprised to not find an undeveloped egg inside of her, figuring that that was how she reproduced. But then he remembered how she had said she could monitor herself, and realized she had made it empty, just for him. He felt her talk again. "Oh... Oh! I don’t want to stop this, but do you want to come out?"

"You know, if it’s okay with you, I’d rather stay here." He wriggled around inside of her, enjoying her sensation, causing another orgasmic vibration. "You’re a cum fountain, aren’t you?"

She giggled. "Yeah, I guess. So you're *pant, pant* staying in there?"



"Good. Really good…" She was immensely pleased. Feeling him inside of her was satisfying beyond end. She curled up and let the sun warm her bulging abdomen. He deserves a gift, for everything I’ve done to and for him, she mused. Then, with a loving, motherly smile, she began to sing.

Inside, a content Balok slowly became part of her, scales beginning to cover his body as he grew a little, his nose and mouth elongating into a snout as wings burst from his shoulder blades. Surprised at his new form, the now-dragon-baby yawned happily, never wanting to leave as a shell formed around him. “Thank you, Mama…” He crooned, to which he heard her heartwarming reply.

Of course, my child. You’ll be loved at last.”