Chest heaving Greg weaved between the oncoming trees, zigzagging in a wide pattern, desperate to lose his pursuer. He stomped in a stagnant puddle soaking his socks, but he was too terrified to notice. Left, right, left, straight, his mind raced along with his body trying to conceive of a path to shake his tail. He dared not look behind him, lest he risk falling. Unfortunately this happened regardless, as he swerved to dodge a tree, Greg placed his foot on a baseball sized rock.

His whole world flipped as his foot slid, causing him to face plant in the moist earth. To his credit Greg fell soundlessly but was stunned, as the whole world spun. Clawing the soil he remembered his pursuit and started to drag himself to his knees. Wasting no time he crawled over to a large redwood, and clambered behind it. His lungs Starved for oxygen Greg was forced to breathe through his nose to not make noise.

Seconds ticked by, as a harsh silence charged the air. Closing his eyes, Greg started to pummel himself mentally for being so stupid. Why did he have to be such a arrogant man and leave the campsite on his own. He had never spent one night outside a building and had no business in the wilderness. He should have known that he would get lost trying to prove that he was a man, as well as wander into that beast’s territory.

There was the thundering snap of a twig, and Greg’s eyes snapped open, it was closing in. Resisting the urge to crane his head around the tree, Greg held his breath and counted backwards from ten in his head.


There was the rustling of leaves from six feet away, causing him to press himself against the tree in an attempt to phase through its bark.


The sound of heavy breathing could be heard from the other side of the tree, as Greg’s lungs screamed for air.


Now the sound of sniffing could be heard, telling Greg knew that the jig was up.


A loud snort, followed by the crunching of leaves, moving away from the tree, it was leaving.

Taking a sharp intake of breath, Greg turned his head to better pick up the the beast’s movements as they grew fainter. After a few seconds only quiet resided, allowing Greg to gasp for air. Collapsing against the tree, he clamped his eyes shut, taking deep calming breaths. As his heart slowed his whole body went limp, the heavy weight on his chest lifting. Since he had run over a mile, all Greg wanted to do was rest, since he was not the athletic type. The next few minutes were bliss, even though he kept his ear out incase the beast came back.

After ten, he was positive he had escaped and started to drift from reality, at peace, that is until the voice spoke.

“Well don’t you look pleased with yourself.”

Greg’s heart lept into his throat and he snapped his eyes open revealing the worst possible sight. Standing in front of him with a smirk plastered on its muzzle was the wolf. Now usually one would only be this fearful when dealing with a pack, a lone wolf can be driven off. However that was only the case with a normal wolf, which are the size of a large dog. At 6’4 and over two hundred pounds Greg considered himself on the large side. He still shook when faced a beast that was nearly in his own weight class. Over four feet high on all fours this canine was all muscle, something that Greg could not boast himself. If it had stood on two legs, it would have easily dwarfed him.

The wolf’s coat was a brilliant shade of onyx with a glossy sheen, while her underside was pale tawny brown. As unusual as this coloration was, all Greg could focus on was her needle like fangs, which glistened in the moonlight as it smiled at him sheepishly.

“How did…”

Mumbling was all about Greg could manage as he backed into the tree, cowering as the beast waltzed closer.

“Did I find you,” she finished for him, in a soft, yet amused voice.

Silly I never lost track of you, simply when I located you behind the tree, I walked away and circled around. It was foolish of you to stay put.”

Greg’s face heated up, both from her gleeful tone, but also because of the sting that she was right.

“What do you want,” he growled, glaring daggers in the hopes that aggression would deter her from attacking.

The wolf simply cracked a grin, her eyes narrowing, boring into his intently, like knives.

“I’m merely after what any hunter is when they chase down prey,” she said as there was an audible growl in the air.

At first Greg was at a loss for the source of the groan, until it repeated. The wolf craned her neck around and looked at her midriff, giving it a firm rub with her fore paw.

I haven’t had anything to eat since last night and my belly demanding to be filled.”

Running her tongue slowly across her lips, the wolf stared at Greg like a dog that had been presented bacon.

Well enough chit chat, hop on in.”

The canine open her jaws wide and beckoned him with a wave of her tongue.

“You really expect me to just shove myself into your mouth without a fight?”

To Greg this seemed like a fair and reasonable question, the wolf however just rolled her eyes, her muzzle creasing into a frown.

I forget that you humans have this weird belief that you are exempt from the food chain.”

The beast sighed and snapped her jaws shut, plopping down on her posterior.

“Look you know how this works the predator spots the prey, the predator chases the prey, the prey fails to escape and is trapped, the prey relents, the predator eats them.”

She said this all matter of factly as if it had already been covered in some kind of survival orientation they were supposed to have attended. Greg just glared at her in disdain, easily seeing a flaw in her logic, which he was all too happy to point out.

“Right how many rabbits have you caught that when cornered they didn’t fight till their last breath and just jumped in your mouth happily?”

Greg thought he had her, but the wolf merely rolled her eyes, making an exasperated growl.

I was merely giving you the courtesy of making it easier on yourself, if you want to do things the hard way, I’m more than happy to oblige.”

Jumping up on her hunches the wolf lowered herself, ear flattening in a ready to pounce position. In a split second decision Greg launched himself, figuring he could catch her off guard if he struck first. To bad his movements were sluggish and he had trouble pushing himself onto his feet. However by the time he had propelled himself forward, she had not twitched, giving him hope that he was about to pin her. As with most of her moves so far, the wolf’s statue imitation turned out to be a trap. Just as Greg was inches away from her head, the wolf rocketed forward colliding with his chest. Gasping as the air shot from his lungs, Greg was forced on to his back becoming as defenseless as a turtle. All he could do was wince as the wolf’s paws dug into his stomach.

“Get off of me, Greg rasped grasping her forelegs in an attempt to push her off.

The wolf simply responded by applying more pressure.

Sorry but you don’t get to make demands that’s my job, now stop fighting and let me eat you.”

_ _ _ _ _

Delores snickered at the glare the human shot her, for her command. Deciding it was time to eat she started to lower her head, but then he dug his fingers into her fur and tried to shift his weight out from under her. Sneering at his attempt to throw her off, Delores bent down and placed her jaws around his neck, her needle like teeth pricking his soft flesh ever slightly. The human froze, watching her fangs with wide eyes as the color drained from his face.

“Tell me who is the boss here,” she demanded through her gaping jaws, her eyes daring him to resist further.

The truth was she had no intention of doing him harm, but Delores wanted to make a point of who called the shots.

“You are the boss,” the human whimpered, his eyes falling as all the fight left his gaze.

“You would do well to remember that,” Delores replied through salivating lips.

Despite having won the battle of wills, Delores wasn’t not about to give him a chance to change his mind by asking him to feed himself to her again. Instead she would do what any predator would, take what she wanted regardless of his wishes. Afterall if he were a rabbit she would not hesitate in snapping him up.

However, as she prepared to engulf his head, she took another look at his face. It was rather pathetic, his eyes were glazed over, and were quickly becoming watery. His bottom lip was trembling, clearly the petrified human thought this was end. In her experience Dolores found prey who thought they were going to die much more enjoyable because they struggled harder than anyone. However despite enjoying her preys frantic squirming, the thought that she would be causing him serious emotional trauma bothered her just a little. However the was a simple remedy for that, she just had to tell him that it was not the end. Whether or not he believed her, would not matter, she would still absolve her guilt by telling him it.

Calmly she bent down moving her lips to his ear, before whispering the only kind words she would utter to him.

“Being eaten is not your end, trust me.”

The human stared at her wide eyed, clearly unsure of what she meant by that vague statement. However it did not matter if he did understand, he would in time. Her conscience cleared by her little disclaimer, Dolores licked his face once, to gleam his flavor. It was a little salty, not surprising since he had worked up a sweat running, but there was a clear tangy sweetness to him, that she salivated over.

The human then proceeded to plead for mercy, something Dolores would have relished had she not spotted a minor issue. The cloth he was wrapped in was going to prevent her from tasting his tender flesh. Lowering her head, Dolores snatched a fold of his shirt and yanked with the same furfur of tearing flesh.

The garment tore nearly in half, after which she proceed to shred it into ribbons.This display of ferocity worked in her favor, though unharmed the man got a glimpse of what she was truly capable of. As he quivered like a leaf in a storm, Dolores licked her lips.

“I hope you a squirmer,” she stated snapping her jaws wide, and bringing them down over his head. As the top of her maw slid over his cranium the human’s face was pressed into her soggy tongue, allowing her to get a complete taste.

Instantly the man recoiled, leading Dolores to place her paw on his back to secure her meal. In response the frantic man placed his hands across Dolores throat and pushed. If his hope had been to dislodge his head, it proved futile, the force feeling to the powerful wolf as hindering as a rabbit slapping her. When that didn’t work he bent his legs and began kicking her underside, but this she too shrugged off. Clearly he had a fight left in left in him, which was just the way Delores liked it.

“Now get in there my scrumptious morsel,” she mumbled through a full mouth, before shoving his head into her throat.

The human further retaliated by beating his fists on her chest, but Delores was now to deep in the process notice, much less care.

Wrapping her paws across his shoulders and buttox, Delores rolled them over so he was now on top of her, and securely held in her legs. As she slid her cheeks over his shoulders, Delores wrapped her forelegs around his upper arms pinning them to his sides, making them easier to fit them in her jaws. The helpless human shouted either in protest or for help, but flesh of Dolores’s throat was tightly stretched across his face, it was muffled almost entirely. The screaming, thrashing, and kicking legs were all nectar to Delores. In truth she intended no harm, but she did like to indulge, and if that meant upsetting him a little to do it she had no problem with it.

Delores felt the top of the man’s head press against the entrance to her stomach. She pushed forward feeling him slide through the ring of muscle, causing her stomach to stretch in order to accommodate its incoming bounty.

Her snout now at the human’s belt buckle, Dolores took a second to run her tongue on his bare stomach. Now some of her past human meals had been ticklish when she did this. That did not appear to be the case this time, for he writhed and cried out in revulsion. Dolors always enjoyed the act of making the meal laugh uncontrollably despite themselves. However to make him feel violated, was a new but welcomed arousal.

She continued tormenting him for a full minute, moaning as he contorted, but then his resitense stalled, and he went limp. Purring Dolores decided she didn’t want to tire him out completely before he rested in her gut. Taking advantage of his pause she started slurping up his legs, tilting her head back as she reached the home stretch past his knees.

Purring Delores pushed his ankles between her lips chuckling as he flailed his feet weakly. Moaning she slurped up the hapless human’s toes, taking a second to tickle them with her tongue. This time he proved ticklish, and as he giggled helplessly she tilted her head back entirely taking the final fateful swallow. The bulge descended down her form, joining with the rest of the poor man in her gut, which bulged out grossly, with a resounding squelch. Her bulk was now three quarters her own size, the massive bulge jutted from her middle like a giant beach ball. It was not smooth nor round, but oddly shaped with bumps visible making up the man’s head and shoulders.

As her meal settled between her hind legs, Delores sighed and stretched. Her distended midriff surged upwards, stretching to it’s capacity, causing a dull pain, just beneath her ribs. Wincing, Dolores placed a paw to her abdomen giving it gentle prod. The bulge rumbled due to a pocket of air desperate to escape. Frowning Dolores placed both forepaws on her tummy and pressed forcefully. A loud groan was issued and Delores felt the pressure move up towards her mouth. Her lips were forced apart and the beast unleashed a shattering belch, causing the tension in her gut to ease. Relieved Dolores laid back as bliss washed over her, from the satisfaction of a good meal.

Stretched out like a beached whale, the wolf enjoyed her next few minutes of solitude, that was until she was reminded she was not truly alone. Her stomach grumbled loudly as her meal shifted position, causing the tight skin to distort. Reaching down Dolores placed a paw on her lower abdomen and gave it a loving pat.

That’s a good boy, you really know how to please a lady,” she purred, lips curled into a grin almost too big for her muzzle.

Seconds later her stomach erupted in a flurry of motion and muffled shouts could be heard through her paunch.

Settle down now,” Dolores order ironically as she enjoyed his thrashing, but telling him what to do was just another way to establish dominance, which she found delicious. “I’m in charge, and you will come out when I feel like it.”

Letting out a loud groan, Delores slowly rolled onto her stomach, the pressure causing her belly to complain. Planting her feet, Delores gingerly lifted the bulge off the ground, her back hunched from the pressure on her spine. Her tongue hanging out, the wolf greedily clutched her swollen flank with a paw and moaned deeply.

I know it's tough, but you are learning a lesson that every lowly creature has to learn eventually.”

Her expression suddenly tightened sternly, and she applied pressure with her paw to the bulge. “Know your place.”

Though growling that statement, Dolores’s grimace melted into a expression of ecstasy, as the human struggled. “However I think you found where fit you in the world,” the wolf coed, releasing the pressure and giving the human a playful slap.

Content Dolores began to waddle towards a nearby cave just past the trees.

Her belly swayed back and forth rhythmically with each step she took as the contents sloshed from side to side.

As the human gave a swift kick, and Delores halted as another groaned moved its way up. This was belch was not as forceful as the last, but was much deeper. With further pressure released Dolores craned her neck around to glance at the bulge as it bounced and jiggled.

I suggest you make it easier on yourself and accept this, but feel free to resist, I find your struggles devine.”

Stifling a hiccup with her paw, Delores’s eyes glazed over and she licked her lips, getting the last of his taste.

Gut groaning from the strain the human induced, Dolores resumed her trot to the opening in the rock. She hummed happily as she went, the tune just loud enough to drown out the muffled screams of her hapless meal. After practically dragging her belly over a hundred yards, Dolores lurched through the threshold of the cave. It was small, just large enough for her to squeezed in with her mammoth midriff. With extra care she gingerly rolled onto her side and moaned as her stomach surged out, filling the rest of the empty space.

Not to worry, I will let you out as soon as I get bored of your company.”

Delores sneered at this, for she was omitting the fact it could take from days, to over a week for her to lose interest.

As her gut contorted, Dolores stretched out to lounge, her eyes starting to get heavy.

I am feeling rather sleepy after such a large meal, so I think I will rest now,” Dolores purred, stroking her stomach firmly enough to feel the human’s outline.

But before I drift off, I just want to thank you for a wonderful night, it’s been a real pleasure….”

Pausing the greedy canine realized that in her haste to sate her hunger, she had not only failed to inquire his name, but never even gave her own. Now it seemed a little late for pleasantries. Besides the way she thought of their situation was no different from what humans called a one night stand, and being anonymous made the appeal only more so.

Pleased with the night's events the selfish wolf wrapped her legs around the bulge and squeezed, confining her food’s movements further. He responded by trying to thrash, but his strength was waning, becoming no more powerful than a butterfly. Dolores closed her eyes, starting to drift from the internal massage of his resistance. She took pleasure in the fact that he was helpless to her whims, and would enjoy his process to accepting that fact over the next few hours or days if she was lucky. The human only had enough energy to fight for ten more minutes, then he too would fall still. However it would only be temporary, as Dolores would soon find out to her ecstasy, he would not give up so easily.