Vore Wars

Have you ever looked into the maw of a dragon and think to yourself, "He's got really nice teeth?" Of course not, because you're about to get eaten.

This is my world. A world where vore is common, where demonic goddesses run rampant, and where the next person you meet could be the last.

"Goddamnit, Michael! Put me down!" I pleaded with my 12 foot tall dragon friend. He was one of those anthropomorphic types, like me. With blue scales that weren't so clean. They were very dusty, and you could tell that they've been scratched through roughhousing with other creatures. His muscular and lean build could intimidate even the strongest of monsters.

"Why should I, shrimp?" He questioned, his mouth drooling.

"Because I can still get you your money! Y-You wouldn't want to eat the one guy who can get it, right?"

"You've been holding out on me for six weeks!" He grabbed my shirt collar and the next thing I knew, it was on the ground in shreds, along with my pants a moment later, leaving my helpless mouse body exposed.

"P-PLEASE DON'T EAT ME! I swear I'll get the money! I swear!" Although humans say furries can't sweat, I'm pretty sure I was soaking underneath my white fur.

"I think I could use a snack..." He eyed me with hunger in his voice. His long, serpentlike tongue flicked against my groin. The bastard was trying to arouse me, and it was working. Here we were, all alone in the school hallway... Everyone was in class. No one would know where I went...