Draken’s Harem

     I was furious. My lair had been invaded in the night by a group of me rcenaries intent on stealing my riches. Worst of all, there we re no women in the group for me to take advantage of; that was just rude ! I killed all but one of the mercenaries, and then interrogated the last, promising to let him go if he said who hired them. The man explained it was Mayor McCready of Haring town . I took the man into the air so he could point out the mansion where the mayor lived , a nd then as promised, let him go.

     I flew to the large mansion, finding there were no guards, which meant I could just walk right up to it. My ears picked up on pleasured moaning, and I approached a window to look into the room where the noise was coming from. Inside I saw some fat slob lying on his bed with an attractive blond woman on top of him rocking his world. I rolled my eyes at the human mating display and announced my presence by asking, “Are you McCready of Haring town ?”

Both the man and his woman gasped in alarm, and he through the poor girl off of him as he grabbed a sword by his bedside and aimed it at me . “You foul beast! How dare you intrude upon my home!?”

“I asked a question and I thought it was quite simple. Are you McCready ?”

“Yes, I am ‘ Mayor McCready , you hideous Wyrm!”

I growled, then lunged through the window and bit the man’s sword arm, tearing it from its socket. McCready cried out in pain as he tried to cover his wound, and I apologized sarcastically, “Oh I’m sorry, you can just regrow that right? I’m sure you understand that I would be a little upset after having my home invaded in the middle of the night!”

I moved in again, this time catching a whole torso that I proceeded to bite down upon and pop into a gory mess. I shook for a moment before tossing the former Mayor aside and complaining, “Yuck! He tastes like shit!”

I then looked at the young, nude female in the room, finding her flesh looking particularly appetizing as she cowered in the corner. I gave her a toothy grin and ordered, “Come here, dear.” She stood, back to the wall as she asked, “Why? What do you want from me?”

“I want to eat you of course. All this violence has made me hungry, and you look like you’ll hit the spot.” I was blatantly honest, and sounding very innocent about it in spite of the obvious bad will I intended for her.

She waved her hands for mercy and explained, “But I’m a whore! I thought your kind only ate virgins?”

“I do enjoy maiden sacrifices, but they’re rarely virgins by the time I’m done with them.”

She begged, “Wait, I… I have a better idea. I’m part of a harem; there’s plenty more girls in a bath-house on the other side of the mansion.”

“Really? How many are we talking about?”

“There’s um…” She counted on her fingers, “S ix of them. That should be much more filling than just me right?”

“That is a very compelling offer.” My mouth began to water. “Very well, I shall pay this harem a visit. But before I go, I would appreciate it if you gave me a kiss.”

“Is that all?” She asked, “I can do that for you.” She seemed relieved, though it was unclear if it was because I had accepted her offer, or because I didn’t ask her to do more. She approached my head, cupped her hands under my jaw, and kissed my snout. That was hardly a kiss worth anything, so I gave her face a good lick. She tasted good, certainly better than the man did. Though I could tell she wasn’t lying about the girls out back, I intended to get the full set.

While she was still close enough, I wrapped my to ngue around her neck, opened my jaws and pulled her into my dripping maw. The small room did not afford me the ability to devour her quickly, but that just meant I was able to en joy her milky flesh longer as I drew her in further with short tugs and lunges. Before long there was nothing left of her outside, and I explored her whole body with my tongue as she was trapped curled up in my mouth. I winced as I received a bitter taste of the man who was fucking her – hopefully the other girls would not have their sweet-spots so thoroughly tainted – and that was all the incentive I needed to send her on her way with one big gulp. After that I pulled my self from the window, feeling her land in my belly just as I got free.

“Now, on to this bath-house.” I thought, and made my way around the mansion. There was indeed a large house behind the mansion that smelt of water and lust, and what was even better was that it had a door that would be just large enough for me to squeeze through.

I gave the door a light knock with my claw, and it took a minute before someone opened it. I found a brown haired usagi had opened the door. She seemed confused at first, but then she seemed horrified to see me and tried to shut the door. I knocked against the door with my head to send it open, then squeezed and crawled my way inside.

I saw several girls in the harem, some had been in a pool, others were lying around on the various cushions provided, but now they were all screaming and trying to get away from me. They were scantily clad with thin cloths wrapped around their breasts and draped in front of their privates and rears. Some had necklaces, or bracelets and/or anklets, and some had ear-rings. From the ears I could tell the mayor had a thing for exotic girls, as I tallied two usage and three nekos along with a single , red-haired human. One thing they had in common were large breasts and hips, likely because most humans found those features attractive.

After confirming that I had just come through the only way in or out of this building, I laid down in front of the doorway and said in a friendly manner, “Hello girls. I’m a lonely dragon looking for the companionship that only females can provide.”

The human said timidly, “You should leave! Our master would have heard our screaming. He’ll come and save us.”

“I assume you mean McCready? I assure you that oaf won’t be coming back for you in this life. I am your master now, and I’m sure you’ll find me a much more enjoyable partner than that pig.”

“What about Ashlyn? She was with him tonight!”

“Don’t worry, I did not hurt her.” I wasn’t lying. It might have even felt good to slide down my throat, and I could still feel her squirming around where she was stored safely in my stomach, at least until digestion began. Fortunately, m y words also seemed to calm the harem down.

I rolled onto my side and said, “Now, I need some volunteers.” I lifted a hind leg to expose my sheath, “Two of you, come and help me rub one off.” A chocolate blond neko and a white haired usag i came forward. The rabbit-girl fondled with my balls as the neko worked to encouraged my shaft to emerge from its sheath. The efforts were s oon rewarded as the tip of my barbed cock emerged and slowly began to grow.

I looked at the human and saw she was holding the hand of an orange tabby-haired neko as if to comfort each other. They must have been close, and I wondered just how close. I ordered, “You two, make out with one another; that should be amusing.”

The two of them looked at each other, the neko’s ears curling back as they closed their eyes and kissed. They clearly enjoyed it as they moaned with their tongues slipped into each other’s mouth. They removed their tops to fondle their breasts and squish them together as they embraced.

That was good, and my member became fully erect from the display. I looked at the usagi that had opened the door for me. I smiled at her and ordered, “Take off your clothes.” Her floppy ears perked, and she did as she was told, exposing every inch of her young, pale body. I then pointed to the floor in front of me. “Lay on your back.”

Once again the girl did as I ordered, and I wedged my snout between her legs and got a good whiff of her crotch. She gasped as I nuzzled her pussy, secreting juices that I eagerly lapped up from her soft folds. I slipped my tongue inside of her, wiggling it around inside her womb. She lacked the sweet flavor of a virgin, but at least there was no hint of the mayor in her. This was good, as I could enjoy her carrot tinged flesh unfazed.

Moaning of ecstasy could be heard all throughout the room from the girls and me. I noted that the two by my drakehood had adjusted position. The usagi was lying on her back with her head toward my tail as she rubbed the base of my shaft with her feet. The neko sat at the head of it, rubbing the shaft with her hands as she licked the tip of it. It all felt so good, but it was only the beginning of my session.

I made a motion that at first would appear as an attempt to delve deeper into the rabbit-girl that I was eating out, but instead I scooped her rump into my mouth. I flicked my head back and got a whole mouthful of her, her cotton ball tail becoming soggy in my tongue. “What are you doing!?” She exclaimed.

At the same time, I set my paw on the neko’s back, stuffing her head into my urethra as a result. Her tail went straight and poofy as she let out a muffled protest, but I simply purred with pleasure and used my paw to push her hourglass figure in deeper. I sat down, feeling the white haired usagi slip up my ass as I threw my head back again and felt my oral victim’s rear become caught in my throat, her legs being pushed up to fold her in half as a result. I shut my mouth and swallowed again, feeling so euphoric as I felt the girls wiggling in my throat, anus and urethra.

Finally I swallowed, sending the brunette rabbit to my stomach. I stood and looked down past my slightly enlarging belly , seeing a pair of petite feet wiggling outside the tip of my throbbing member, and a pair of long, slender legs kicking outside my puckered tail vent. I clenched my muscles and drew the two girls in completely. A moment later I saw a handprint pressing out of my testicles where the neko was trapped within, and could feel the usagi slowly being drawn through my intestines.

The rest of my company screamed, and I saw the two that I had making out getting up and trying to run away. I bounded after th em and caught both of them in a fore claw a piece. “I wasn’t finished with you yet. I’ll need a couple of fuck toys to dump off all the excess cum that neko is turning into.”

I looked back and forth between them for a moment, watching them kick and try to push out of my grip. I gripped their loin-cloths in my teeth and ripped them off, then said to the human, “You first.”

I lowered her toward my drakehood , pressing the tip of it against her pussy. It slid into her much easier than the virgins I deflower, but her insides were still tight as I forced her to take in as much as she could without being torn apart.

I moved her up and down on my shaft, using her body to jack myself off. She let out cries of pain and pleasure with every hump. This activity excited the sperm in my testis, causing it to work on the cat-girl far quicker. I could feel the neko in my balls becoming less defined as her body was turned into cum, then finally leaving my balls round and engorged, begging for release. I did just that, climaxing and spewing my load of hot cum into the human’s womb. On a couple of spurts I even felt pieces of un-cumgested bones or decoration s injected into her.

Finally, when she appeared ten months pregnant, I pulled out. Once uncorked, a gallon cum – and even an anklet – squirted out of her. I mocked, “I just made you pregnant with your friend.” She just whimpered, so I continued “I guess I’ll send you to meet your other friends then.”

I opened my mouth and set her inside. At that point my tongue delved into her womanhood, getting a taste her cream filling as I sucked on her silky flesh. She gave muffled groans of protest as I assaulted her with my tongue, and I could see her legs kicking helplessly.

I set the tabby neko on the ground on all fours, and then crouched down over her to rut her properly. I took her tail between an index finger and thumb to pull it up and expose her rear, at which point I prodded her ass with the tip of my member. She begged me not to, but I did not care as I shoved myself into her asshole. It was even tighter in there than in the human’s womb, but she seemed just as pained by it.

I held her pinned with my paw on my back as I fucked her roughly, hearing her screams every time I woul d thrust in deeper and tear her insides with my barbs as I pulled out. For myself, I moaned and grunted with beastly pleasure, tongue and legs lolling out of my mouth. Feeling my next climax coming, I used my tongue to draw the rest of the human into my mouth and then swallowed her whole.

It was like a chain reaction, feeling the girl slide down my throat and land in my belly, then my balls clenched and my seed rushed into the neko. I heard whine as my semen flowed through her before gushing out of her mouth. When the torrent finally finished, I withdrew and allowed her to plop onto the floor in a puddle of cum.

She was panting, barely able to move after the treatment I had given her. I poked her a couple times , seeing if I could get her to wiggle again, but she appeared to be spent. I picked her up and plopped her into my mouth unceremoniously, wiggling her around on my tongue a couple times and then gulping her down.

My belly was bloated by a mass of struggling girls. In spite of my belly being stretched to its limit, it was nothing but bliss to feel them kicking and crawling around desperate to escape their fleshy prison. I made my way to the pool in the middle of the room and drank deeply to help wash down my dinner. Once refreshed, I had a sudden realization, “I believe there were six of you in here? ” I listened to find the last girl, and made my way to one of the corners of the rooms.

My head curled around a bed, where I saw a green eyed neko with shoulder-length black hair hiding. She had a pretty necklace and an ear-ring. She was rather scrawny, and her skin had a slight tan. “Found you.” I said, causing her to scream.

“Congratulations! You are the last one. That means you get a reward! Would you rather take the trip to my stomach through the front, or the back door? Or if you prefer, I can feed you to my cock.”

With impressive agility, she jumped over the bed and ran for the door that I had been guarding. She was fast, but not very evasive as I bounded after her and pounced upon her. “You won’t need these anymore.” I said as tore off her clothes. I left her naked with the exception of her decoration, and she begged, “Please don’t eat me!”

“Do you honestly think that is going to work?”

She did not answer, but I was feeling rather full at the moment. She was a cutie at least, so I offered, “If you want to live, you can come home with me and be my pleasure pet.” Her ears perked, and then lowered again, and she looked away and agreed. “Very good.” I said, getting off of her and laying on my side. “I’m a little spent for now, so how about you give me a belly rub to help me digest your old friends.”

She hesitantly walked forward, setting her hands on my belly and rubbing it. Tears seemed to stream from her eyes as hands reached back out at her, and even though it was muffled, the girls’ screams of agony were still noticeable as they were no doubt being bathed in acids. It would still take a few hours before they were completely digested though.

“You’re very good at tummy rubs.” I purred , giving her feline ears a soft pat. My belly eventually fell silent, with the exception of a gurgle every now and then, and I soon after fell asleep with the neko in my arms.

The next day I was woken by the neko trying to pry herself from my grip as lightly as possible. Once free, she began to tiptoe away, and it was obvious she was trying to sneak out while I was asleep. I wasn’t going to alert her to the obvious problem with that plan, as I wanted to give her a chance to stop, turn around and come back to my arms.

When she reached out and opened the door, that was the end of my mercy. I lashed out my tail and slammed the door shut before she could go through it. “Changed you mind about becoming my pet I see.” I said to her. I caught her in one of my hind paws before she could try to run, and added, “Just as well, I was in the mood for some breakfast anyway. But first…” I set her down on my belly in a sixty-nine position and finished. “I think I’ll fatten you up a bit first.”

I pushed her head against my morning wood, forcing her to take the tip into her mouth. I liked the feeling of her tongue and fangs on it, and bucked a couple times to deep throat her as she sucked helplessly. When I climaxed, she had no choice but to gulp down every glob that I sent into her mouth, and I could see her belly starting to fill with my seed. “You should be grateful that I’m giving you such a nutritious meal.” I growled. When I let her go, she coughed and gasped for air, and then threw up from being forced to consume so much.

As she caught her breath, I licked the soles of her feet, getting a taste of her salty peds. I then wrapped my tongue around her ankles to dra w her feet into my mouth and suck on them. Then her legs were slurped in like spaghetti before her hips were in my mouth. She realized I was eating her, and tried to crawl away, but my teeth held her firmly as I licked her sweet cunny.

I lifted my head vertically and opened my mouth, causing her to slide in further. She held onto my jaw, her claws worthlessly attempting to dig into my scales. I felt her legs squirming in my throat, unable to get purchase, and it was just a matter of time before she lost her grip. In the meantime, I still explored her delicious, unprotected flesh. I was simply drooling.

She lost grip, and with a gulp, I felt her body travel into my depths. She landed satisfyingly in my belly, and I could feel her futilely trying to escape like all the others that came before. I pet her through my belly and informed, “Yah know, you give nice belly rubs from the inside as well.

It was time to go, and I threw myself threw a wall and watched it collapse behind me. “I wonder what riches I might find in this mansion. ” I thought, and dug through the main building to see what I could find. There were a lot of relics to be had, and I left the mansion with arms full of riches. I left a good size pile of fertilizer in a farmer’s field, and then returned home.

“Good to be back.” I sighed as I coiled up on my nest. I felt movement within my stomach, and asked, “Oh, are you still alive? Surely your flesh must be peeling off the bone by now.” I rested my head on my paws and smiled. “All well, keep it up for as long as you can…” This had truly been a night well spent.