Overprotective, by Foxgut

Contains F/M, micro/macro, accidental and unaware nonfatal vore, full tour, and a LOT of scat and related things

Alue checked her phone as she hurried through the mall's front doors, shivering just slightly as she felt a welcome rush of cool air over her body. She read the latest message from her friend, that they should be somewhere around the food court. The wolf looked around until she saw a familiar vixen waving towards her, sitting next to two other friends. "There you are!" She said cheerfully as she approached. The light gray wolf sat down, adjusting her skirt a bit as she scooted up to the table. Followed by the predictable greetings, the vixen inquired about her tardyness. "Was your dad asking a hundred questions again?"

"No, just had to stop for gas. I actually didn't see him today! No idea where he got off to..."

"Well that's a relief! I swear he just doesn't know when to stop prying." The vixen replied, as Alue nodded. "You got here just in time though. We ordered you a burger, and I was gonna eat it if it got here without you!"

As they spoke, they were unaware that Alue's father was quite close, listening to every word. The wolfdog had found someone that could shrink him, and now sat in her daughter's shirt pocket, a mere three inches tall. Balto had a bad feeling that his daughter might be hanging around some less than savory friends. Such unfounded fears along with the belief that she never told him the full truth led him to come up with this convoluted scheme to eavesdrop, and find out what her friends were truly like.

As he sat and listened however, he would hear nothing but what anyone would expect a few high school seniors to talk about. Alue and her friends sat talking about various mundane topics, including a teacher they weren't fond of, an upcoming concert, and each of their crushes. Balto only felt a little bit of relief from the regular conversation, still convinced her daughter must've been hiding *something.*

After several minutes, a server from the nearby burger joint brought out each of their meals. Except for their vegan friend, each got a small plastic basket with an opened burger, plus various toppings on the side to add on. Alue only reached for the ketchup, slathering it on before she heard each of her friends laugh. "Hey, check out this cat!" The vixen told her, holding her phone up for the party to look at.

Oh, let me see!” Alue said as she leaned over the table. Balto gasped as he was suddenly sent tumbling out of his daughter's pocket! He grabbed wildly for any clothing, but it was too late. The half wolf was in a free fall, plummeting towards the hard surface below, before abruptly landing in something hot and squishy. A slice of melted cheese, atop the teenage wolfdog's burger had broken his fall, leaving him relatively unharmed.

Several giggles could be heard above him, the canine and her friends apparently not noticing him as they watched the video of a small kitten accidentally tumbling down some stairs. Balto realized he still had a chance to get away unseen, and tried to sit up. The melted cheese held him onto the patty, not allowing him to get up. He struggled as he attempted to free himself, hoping that his daughter and his friends wouldn't catch him trying to spy. Luckily for him, they wouldn't catch on to his presence, but only because Alue had placed the bun back onto her burger. “I'm so hungry... I bet I could eat this thing in a couple of bites.” She idly mused, as she started to lift the burger.

No!” Balto shouted, giving up on attempting to hide himself. “Alue, I'm in here!” The bun completely muffled the small canine's already quiet voice. He managed to get an arm free from the cheese, still shouting in vain as he fumbled to find his cell phone. The wolfdog got ahold, just as his daughter's teeth came down, barely missing his body.

Alue chewed the large bite a bit before swallowing it down. As the lump of chewed meat and bread slid down her gullet, she heard her phone ring. With the burger held in one paw, she reached down to pick up the phone with the other and answer it.

Alue, stop!” The voice on the other end shouted, hard to understand, but very clearly that of Balto. “Dad, I told you there's nothing wrong with my friends! Stop bothering me about it already!” The canine sounded particularly annoyed, as she took another large bite out of her burger.

No! Gah, d-n't -ollow! Don-” The voice became garbled before the call dropped. “Dad?” Alue asked once through the mouthful of food, before quickly gulping it down. “Are you still there!”

Don't swallow!” Balto screamed one more time, but even inside of the other dogwolf's maw, his voice couldn't carry through the wet sounds of food being shoved around her maw. With one firm press of her tongue, him and the barely chewed burger were shoved past her throat, and towards her softly rumbling belly below. Alue put her phone back down, deciding she didn't want to try to deal with Balto's displeasure. She noticed the unusual solid lump, but only put it up to not chewing her food right.

The male wolfdog struggled inside of the gullet, outstretching his arms and legs as he attempted to stop his descent towards his daughter's stomach. The tiny morsel couldn't manage any meaningful resistance against the muscles in her food pipe however. With the tunnel clenching every few seconds, shoving him and the bite of burger a couple of inches deeper every time, he was soon forced against a tight ring of flesh. With another contraction he was shoved tightly against it, but didn't make it through. He was filled with a brief sense of relief, thinking that Alue would have to vomit him back out if he couldn't go through!

The accidental predator wasn't so quick to give up when she felt her unchewed food stop just before her stomach however. She beat on her chest a couple of times, before swallowing a large gulp of air. “I just wish he'd stop obssessing like that.” She said to her friends, hoping to move on from that brief phone exchange and to distract them from her food trouble. “I'm afraid he's just going to start following me around...” She took another gulp of air.

Balto felt a shove as a bubble of air was forced down onto him, shoving him against the sphincter. He held fast with his back against the ring of flesh, temporarily succeeding in stopping his descent. But with the second swallow the pressure became too great, and his legs folded up as he was finally shoved rump first into the stomach.

The tiny wolfdog landed with a splat in a thick pool of slime at the bottom of the stomach. He didn't remain seated for long, as the sack of flesh clenched and churned, throwing him face first into the mix of gastric juices and Alue's lunch. For a minute he tried repeatedly to stand, or at least sit upright within the chamber, but could never manage for more than a few seconds before slipping or being tossed around. He gave up just as the final glob of chewed up meat and bread slid down, landing with a squish near him.

Have to get out...” He mumbled under his breath. He knew what would happen if he remained in the stomach for too long. The same thing that would happen to that burger, and every other piece of food that had ever been in here. The wolfdog started to work his way towards where he came, to attempt to climb back up the predator's throat. He quickly became disoriented when he felt a small gust, and his ears pop from a sudden pressure change.

*Urrrrrhhp!* “Oh, excuse me...” Alue mumbled.

Wow! Maybe you shouldn't wolf down your food!” One of her friends teased.

Oh, hush...” She mumbled.

The loud belch also caused the wolf's belly to contract, knocking Balto onto his back. He managed to sit up again in the mess of chewed food, sitting still as panic began to set in. Alue had no idea that he was stuck in her body, and her stomach had no idea that he was anything besides a chunk of meat, just like the bits of hamburger floating around him. He whimpered, thinking about how long it would take the gastric juices to claim him. His mind wandered to thinking of if she'd ever even know. Maybe if she bothered to look when whatever was left came out the other end...

The wolf shook his head. "No!" He shouted to nobody in particular, as he began to blindly dig around in the muck, trying again to find the esophagus. He knew he must have been close when another chunk of chewed up hamburger came and hit him, but it caused him slip and lose his bearings, erasing any progress he had made. Alue in the meantime was completely unaware of the struggle occuring in her stomach, save for an occasional tickle whenever the micro's fuzzy body rubbed hard enough against the flesh. In fact, she still felt hungry enough to get up and go order a second burger.

The predator’s insides swayed as she walked, pushing Balto back and forth as he attempted to hold his ground. He failed to keep himself from getting pushed around the belly, but by luck his arms brushed against a tight fleshy ring! Reacting quickly he managed to shove his handpaws inside, anchoring him even as the half filled stomach churned around him. “Yes!” With all his might, he pulled himself forward. Slowly he eased his arms, and then his head into the fleshy tunnel. All he had to do was push his way up, and hope his daughter didn’t swallow him back down before she realized it was him. He slowly worked his chest inside, but once his belly was out of the stomach, he lost traction and lay stuck. He worried that he would just be pushed back into the digestive pit, until he felt a gentle pull by the tunnel, starting to suck him the rest of the way out of that pit! The dogwolf sighed with relief, but quickly realized something was wrong. Why was the gullet pulling him...?

Balto felt a shiver as he came to realize what was occurring and tried to squirm back out of the hole, but it was too late. His feet slid past the sphincter, sealing him into the intestines. He yelled out in frustration as he thrashed to stop himself, to no avail. The wolfdog had just passed the point of no return, ensuring that the only way he could possibly exit his daughter’s digestive system was the same way all food eventually did.

As her intestines slowly inched her living meal through her duodenum, Alue would eat her second burger, and continue to have light conversation with her friends. The odd tickle in her stomach had vanished, as it rumbled and churned to digest all of the meat, bread, and cheese she had sent down. After some time she would momentarily excuse herself from the group, and find a quiet corner of the mall. Confident nobody around could hear, she sighed and relaxed...


Balto groaned as he heard, and felt the rumble of what was likely the first of many reminders of where he would ultimately end up.

The rest of Alue's day was fairly uneventful. After she left the mall she tried to call her dad back, but could only leave a message. It seemed unusual that he wouldn’t answer, or be around to question her. She paid little worry to his however, confident that he must be someplace close by. If only the poor girl had any idea of exactly how close.

As unfortunate as the micro’s situation seemed, he had gotten lucky with his wrong-way escape. It took only about an hour for the stomach to completely liquefy what was probably close to his weight in hamburger meat. He gave up struggling, as it didn’t seem to afford him any meaningful progress through the wolfess’ digestive system. He could only wait as the intestines inched him along, agonizingly slowly. The tunnel very gently pulsed in sync with the sound of his daughter’s heartbeat. It would almost be calming, were the sound not almost completely drowned out by the wet gurgles of the stomach below, and squelching of older food shifting in the bowels below. The sounds above worried him more, as they seemed to be getting closer. He realized that Alue’s gut would be likely to release him along with everything he was eaten with. The canine shuddered, trying to put such thoughts out of his head.

Unfortunately there was really nothing he could distract himself with. Every squeeze of the muscles around, every sickening sound from above and below, and every bit of gastric slime around all reminded him of the same thing. Even if he escaped a more grizzly demise, he was still being treated like a piece of food by his daughter’s body, and he would experience every stage that a typical meal would go through, in more intimacy than a reasonable person could possibly ever want.

As the hours ticked on, he would begin to feel a slight pressure behind him. Fluid leaking past his shoulders some time after confirmed his suspicions, that Alue’s lunch had caught up with him. It had long since been broken down into an unrecognizable goo, but the former burgers still had quite a bit of processing to go through before the wolf girl’s body was through with them. The scent was unpleasant, but it still smelled much more of vomit than anything else. Of course, it would change for the worse sooner or later. Like every other detail of his impromptu biology lesson, he tried mostly in vain to put it out of his head. The various sounds of the girl’s body had mostly blended together for him, but he could hear a faint gulping, and the stomach sounding a bit more active.

As was Balto’s luck, Alue’s dinner would eventually catch up as well. All of that muck was further broken down from thick goo, into a very loose liquid as the wolfdog’s gut flora worked on further refining it into its base elements that could finally be absorbed. Naturally, there was quite a bit of bulk left behind. Materials that the girl’s body had no use for. Waste. The thought of being surrounded by slowly forming scat was only slightly more horrifying than the thought of simply being ejected out of his own daughter’s backside. Focusing hard, he finally began to succeed in bringing his focus away from his situation. Almost as though he was figuring out how to meditate in this harsh gastric environment. His attempt to clear his mind failed however, with a powerful rumble and another loud rip of gas from below. After an unknown number of hours with potentially many more to go, the poor canine finally broke. He began to sob in his increasingly rancid confines, careful to keep his eyes tightly shut, as though it might do some good in the long run.

The usual chorus of sounds from the wolfdog’s body were soon joined by yet another. From futher away than the gurgling, gassy digestive system or the beating heart, a soft snoring. Alue had gone to sleep. Balto could at least be sure that it was now night on the outside. He was exhausted, but couldn’t hope to be able to get any meaningful rest within the predator’s bowels. Instead he lay and endured as the intestines inched him forward, painfully slowly, until his head bumped against another tight ring of flesh. He had a brief moment of rejoice, believing that he must be sitting against the giant’s anus. He found new strength to struggle, and with great effort, started to pry open the sphincter. He soon realized that he was not pushing his way out of his daughter’s body, but rather into her colon. He still felt relief, as he realized the large intestine was looser around him. Without being tightly bound in place, he could move on his own, and potentially free himself from Alue’s intestines. At least, that’s what he thought until he came face to face with a chunk of solid waste. He tried to push past, finding it was difficult to move. It had apparently been sitting in her colon for some time. Eventually he freed it, and pushed it forward with him, only to run into some more old scat. He found he wouldn’t have the strength to inch forward on his own, but that he would have to wait for the intestines to move him along.

As the night moved on, Balto was pushed forward maybe a few inches every hour. His solid form was acting as something of a colon cleanser, pushing things forward that had long been stuck inside. Once again he attempted to meditate, arguably with better results. His mind simply felt dull from sitting in his daughter’s body for so long, at the same grueling, agonizing pace. The previous day’s liquefied meals were beginning to become less than liquid as the colon absorbed any excess water, leaving the micro canine trapped in a slowly solidifying turd. Before he was completely encased however, he felt himself brushing against something peculiar. Another small lump of waste, but it encased something... metal? He tried to tug, but couldn’t quite muster the strength to fully knock it loose. Outside morning was approaching, as the wolf girl’s bowels did the final bit of processing. Her rectum and part of her descending colon were now filled with a larger than normal turd, in part thanks to Balto’s meddling in her large intestine. He was firmly trapped somewhere in the middle of it all. He could barely process a thought being so utterly surrounded by the filth. It wasn’t until there was another loud sound that he snapped back to his situation.

*Pfffffrrrrrrraaaaaaaaap!* The girl’s tailhole let loose a powerful gust of wind that not only got the attention of the micro in her body, but also awoke her! She yawned, feeling a particular urge in her lower guts as she sat up, stretching.

Alue tried to relax, but her rectum planned to evacuate its contents quite soon. It tried to squeeze the log down further, forcing her to clench her anus as she got up. “I gotta go...” She mumbled to herself, hurrying to the bathroom and plopping her rear onto the toilet.

The sound had nearly deafened poor Balto this closely, but he felt hope again, knowing that Alue must be using the bathroom. He could even feel the squeezing through the waste as the bowels tried to prematurely expel their contents.

Alue spread her legs a bit, letting out another fart that echoed off the toilet bowl below, before relaxing her rear and allowing her body to work. Her anus stretched, somewhat wider than typical, to slowly expel the massive log. As her father had been completely encased, she could not feel anything particularly unusual, other than the fact that this was a bigger lump of scat than she usually let out. “Man... what did I eat yesterday?” She said to nobody, reaching to very gently press on her belly to help the process along. Slowly her bowel movement inched out, until reaching the midway point. Then gravity took over, and pulled the rest out of her body with a loud squelch. The girl let out a sigh of great relief, taking a moment to just sit and relax. With a final fart, she felt another solid lump of something fly out of her butt and splash in the water below.

Balto felt the drop, before his surroundings suddenly began to cool. He knew he was in the toilet, but more importantly, that he was finally free of the prison that was the accidental predator’s body. He began to struggle, until he managed to break a chunk of poop off of his face. His eyes had some trouble adjusting, but he could at long last see light. And a fuzzy shape of some sort... He just had time to realize it was his daughter’s rear end, before a stream of urine shot out, rolling the log onto its side.

After Alue’s bladder was relieved, she would stand up, and turn to look down. She was curious about exactly what all had just come out of her. She looked into the bowl for a moment, and covered her mouth with a hand. “Oh... oh my god!”

She quickly grabbed a wad of toilet paper, and reached down into the water. She fished for a moment, before pulling up a very messy looking ring. The bit of metal that Balto had knocked loose, and the last thing that slid out of her tailhole. She had completely missed any sign of a living being in her larger bowel movement.

I lost this a month ago! Was it really in...” She sighed. “I should be more careful with what I eat.”

Balto continued to weakly struggle, trying to break free of his prison. Alue in the meantime set the ring down, before pressing the flush lever. The shrunken canine felt his heart sink as he heard the rush of water, and felt himself starting to spin and sink! The log reached the drain... And it got stuck midway through.

Alue looked down at the clogged toilet, sighing heavily. She decided to go clean her ring rather than deal with this right now. She wiped her rear, and very throughly washed her hands before leaving the room.

With great effort, Balto was eventually able to free himself, and climb out of the toilet bowl. He sat on the rim, his soaked, filthy fur dripping as he panted, taking in as much fresh air as his tiny lungs would allow. He felt disbelief that he had just been eaten, shat out, nearly flushed, and yet was still sitting here to think about it. He had wanted to get an inside look at his daughter's life, but... that was far more in depth than he could've ever possibly wanted. The wolfdog slowly slid down onto the floor to go grow back to his normal size, while he debated whether or not he would ever mention any of this to Alue.