Dhekkia had been walking the worn road for several hours. This land was new to her, but peaceful. Carts would occasionally pass by, sometimes with a kind smile and sometimes with an air of suspicion. Her draconic appearance could be unsettling to some, but it was a reality that had long since been accepted by her. Just as the sun met its peak in the day, she cleared a hill. The valley before her was full of lush green grass and calming winds. Butterflies lofted in the air and in the distance deer grazed. Her stomach growled.

Not easy to hunt while in the open view…” she mumbled to herself. “But, you would make a fine meal, little doe.”

Leaving the path, she ventured into the field, trying not to move too quickly but her dark scales made her form quite easy to recognize. As soon as she was too close for comfort, the deer fled, hopping gracefully into the distance. A mild disappointment washed over Dhekkia, but was quickly replaced with curiosity as a faint cry for help echoed through the valley. She followed the sound until a lone tower stood in eyesight. It was narrow, framed by the thin woods around. Small windows spiraled up the tower’s base until a large window at the top showed to the world the sillhouete of a lone person. He waved, pleading for help as soon as he could see Dhekkia below. She called up to the tower’s resident, “What need you?” and he responded, “Help!”

Dhekkia rolled her eyes, taking a few steps closer, “What help need you? I am here.”

Oh! Of course! I need help escaping, I am held prisoner in this tower!”

Prisoner? This is an odd jail.”

No jail, but a prisoner just the same! The king, my father, has locked me here until the morrow! Please, help me!”

Dhekkia didn’t believe she’d learn more from shouting and quickly tested the front door to the tower. No guards were present and the door was not barricaded. With little effort, she climbed the stairs and reached at last the apparent prince’s chamber. Knocking on the door she shouted, “I am arrived. I’ll get you free in but a moment…”

Before she could kick the door in, the prince opened it with a relieved sigh. “Ah, so happy am I do see…oh, oh my. You are not the sort of rescuer I anticipated…” He eyed her barely clothed body up and down before resting on her confused expression.

The door was not locked…what help did you need, again?” Frustration laced her words as she entered his room. The prince welcomed her, gesturing to a seat at a small table for two, “Oh, yes, I need your help escaping, but not escaping the tower, per say. You see, the king has decreed that I am to marry that I may expand the kingdom and rule in my father’s name. But alas, the responsibility, the consequences of failure, I lament I am not fit for such a role…I would be brutally executed, I am sure of it.”

Dhekkia took a seat and crossed her legs. Still confused, she asked, “Executed? For what? You’ve not yet committed any sort of-“ “Oh woe, is me! I am certain the people would rebel should I disappoint them! I have heard tale of kings whose entrails were outstretched for miles for payment of their ineptitude, and none more inept than I! I cannot live knowing my fate…”

Dhekkia tried to calm him down once more, “Sire, I am certain you’ve nothing to worry abou-“ “SO! Truly the gods have answered mine prayer and delivered you to me, as my just escape! An end worthy of royalty!”

Dhekkia was now a bit more frustrated than confused and opted to stay silent. An awkward pause was soon broken by the prince, “You see…it is fitting, nay honorable that a prince’s life should end at the hands of a, uh…well, a hungry dragon in a tower. No?”

This time she was a bit startled at the suggestion, jumping in her seat. “Did you say ‘a hungry dragon’? You aren’t serious…this is all terribly backwards. Normally a dragon captures a princess and a knight saves her, you’ve got to review your fairy tales.”

The prince shook his head, silently beginning to disrobe while wearing a wide grin. Dhekkia stared in disbelief as his pants fell to the floor. “Uh…what exactly is this, now…” The prince continued until his body was bare. He reached for her top, tugging at it to take a peek almost absentmindedly in his excitement. Without pause, she clenched her fist and slammed it into his cheek. With a loud thud he fell to the floor, reeling in pain. With a cough of blood he mumbled, “Y-yes…tenderize your meal…you…you earned it…”

Dhekkia now stood over him, topless and angry. She restrained her desire to give him a kick before leaving when the growl of her stomach echoed through the chamber. Looking down at the nude hunk of meat bleeding out onto the floor was an odd sensation of temptation and disgust. He didn’t seem to be conscious any longer, and there were no witnesses. She told herself a bite would not hurt, at least not hurt her. She bent down, wrapping her claws around his ankles and began feeding. His feet quickly slipped into her throat and the hot, tight sensation was enough to stir him. Weakly, he groaned, "Yes...I knew you'd come around. Go on..."

His voice was growing annoying, so she decided to eat as quickly as possible. Her teeth poked into his skin a few times, a trace of blood running down her lips as he was slowly slurped up. Up now to his chest, he lifted his head to watch the door. "A-alright, you can slow down...any moment now..." he said. His face wore a wide smile that slowly disappeared with every inch of his body that disappeared into her throat. Before long, his head alone poked free of her jaws as a tear ran down his bloodied face. "A sexy knight isn't going to come save me...is it...?" Sad last words before a loud gulp forced him down into her stomach.

Now full, she leaned back into the open chair, stroking her gut. "I don't care if you were stupid or not, putting you out of your misery was likely the most just thing I could do to help his highness."

Dhekkia enjoyed having a full belly for a few more minutes before leaving to be on her way. This meal would have to last the next leg of her journey, or else she'd have to hope another willing meal occupied these fields.