It had been three years since the fourth ninja war, and for the village hidden in the leaves, many of the ninja and civilians were enjoying the time of peace that the villages had all called for. For many ninja, it gave them the much needed opportunity to advance their skills or create new ones, as a lack of missions of many different types often saw some of them lounging around the village, doing anything they could to help out.

For one female ninja however, she was currently hard at work, sorting out the library after a tussle between two children had gotten a little out of hand. “ This is the fifth time this week.” She muttered, placing back two scrolls onto the shelf. “Not only do I have to potentially do this next week but with the new Hokage I can’t even ask someone to be on-duty to watch them!”

Her name was Tenten, eldest student of Team Ten and technical love interest for her teammate and comrade Rock Lee. She’d been working her hardest to keep things easygoing for the new Hokage, with his new induction all the village leaders went through, and it had partially been taking quite a toll on her. It wasn’t that the missions were anything tough, she was rather enjoying the work they gave her, but it was another reason entirely that she’d hidden from nearly everyone apart from her team.

Tenten was lonely.

The female ninja had grown up as an orphan, doing everything that she could to become a skilled weapons master after seeing a large lack of them through the village, and had a fierce and burning determination to become skilled, well-known and respected. Despite achieving all three of what she set out to do, most of the time she’d always had a feeling in the back of her mind that her skills wouldn’t be good enough, even though her sensei and other comrade had frequently convinced her otherwise.

Three years prior she had been embroiled in a war that engulfed the whole world, and had sadly seen the death of her other comrade through his own self-sacrifice to save his cousin. Tenten had been hurt badly by his death, and she’d only realized days later when it came to a finish that she loved him, which had hard almost irreparably until she’d told her teacher, who’d gotten the assistance of the Yamanaka clan to help with therapy.

It had taken than she’d realized but after several months of unloading onto Ino, who’d agreed to be her therapist, she found herself free of year’s worth of emotional baggage. As Lee had told her, “The Lotus blooms twice!” and she found herself agreeing with him, finding she was rapidly becoming a splendid weapons user of the village.

“Another two scrolls in the S section...” she muttered as she stretched, hearing a click in her arms from keeping them in the same place for a few hours. “Now then, time to move onto the T part.” Shifting along to the correct section her hands drifted over the scrolls and books, making sure they weren’t anywhere near to falling apart.

Passing by the next section with ease Tenten’s eyes scanned over the V section, looking for anything that was dusty or damaged. Despite the section being small, she knew that each and every scroll could mean the difference between a technique for victory and one for defeat. “It’s such a small section though...” she said in a bored tone as her eyes drifted over each title.

Stopping before she got to the end, a lone word rung out on the edge of a duty-looking book, her hand slowly moving forward and gently pulling it out. “I’ve never seen this book in the library before...” she whispered, the wordless book being a worn yellow in colour that was a hardback book. “What technique is this?” quickly glancing around to ensure that there was no-one else around; her hand slowly opened the book to the front page, seeing only one word written there.

“Vore?” she questioned, tilting her head slightly in confusion as she’d never heard of the word before. “What technique is this and what can it do?” shaking her head and snapping it shut, Tenten was sorely tempted to return the book to the shelf and continue, but her curiosity was making it difficult to. “I could always take this home and read it there.” She said, her eyes lighting up as she said so and slid it under her arm.

Scanning the rest of the shelves thoroughly, and moving a few badly placed books that weren’t in alphabetical order, Tenten smiled as she replaced two books that had been changed. “It’s always the X section.” She said calmly, checking and re-reading the book titles to confirm they were where they should be. “ Done!” she announced happily, pocketing the book before grabbing her empty bag, and took her leave of the large building.

The walk to the front took only a moment; due to how large the building was, so she wasn’t surprised to see two ninja at the front desk. “Everything in order?” the male ninja asked, looking up from his paperwork at her.

“No books or scrolls missing, none of them damaged or needing replacement, and one I’m checking out. ” She confirmed, the male ninja nodding to her words. “I’ll check in with the Hokage before I head home.” Seeing him nod before returning to his paperwork Te nten took her leave, arriving o n the empty street not too far from where the ramen stand was.

Immediately going into a hurry towards the hokage tower Tenten paid no mind to the civilians and other ninja going about their business, her eagerness to get home and find out what the book was describing threatening to take precedence over finishing her D-rank she’d agreed to. ‘Can’t be distracted by the prospect of a new skill.’ her mind said calmly as she kept running, ascending a set of steps to the upper part of the village where the ninja lived.

Arriving at the base of the Hokage tower she gave a wave to the four chunin on duty and headed inside, going up the steps that led to the office of the village leader. “Come on in.” a voice came from the other side of the door at the top, her hand gently pulling down on the handle and entering the refurbished room with a smile. “Ah Tenten, how may I help you today?” spoke her sensei’s rival, Kakashi Hatake.

“The books of the library have been sorted.” She announced with a pleasant smile, seeing the man eye-smile in response. “No books or scrolls are damaged, in need of repair or have been stolen.” Kakashi’s nod of understanding told her it was a job well done. “Only one to report being removed by myself, but I will return it tomorrow.”

“If that will be all Tenten, I will authorize the D-rank mission as complete and pay your account accordingly.” Tenten’s bow of respect made Kakashi eye-smile, his eyes calmly drifting to the paperwork. “ You may go .” With that, Tenten turned around and took her leave, a pleasant smile on her face while descending the steps to the bottom of the tower.

“Time for a nice, relaxing evening.” s he said happily, leaving the Hokage grounds and walking in the d irection of the ninja apartment district, located to her right on the left side of the village. This was also the side where the paths to the various training grounds were, which saw a fair amount of usage a few years ago, but due to the peace treaty they were used a fair bit less.

Walking towards the apartment building where her place was located Tenten resisted the urge to dash as fast as she could up to her door, the curious part of her eager to discover what the book contained in terms of techniques and moves. ‘Perhaps I can test it out when I’ve read it start to finish.’ She thought, the smile on her face refusing to disappear.

Arriving at her front door she grabbed her keys and unlocked it, entering her small apartment that was neatly tidied from earlier i n the day. “Home, sweet home.” s he said as the door closed behind her, taking out the book she had and inspecting the back cover, finding nothing there. “Weird. No information on either the front or the back?”

Sliding onto her bed the female ninja got comfortable, taking a few seconds to glance around her room and remember where everything was, before opening the book to the first page. “The art of Vore...” she began quietly. “The art of Vore is a technique lost to the ages of the ninja era, known only to a clan that was capable of using the technique to its fullest extent.”

“What the technique does is unique in ability, for it expands a person’s innards, specifically around the stomach and the womb alongside the passages towards them, and permits a person to ‘swallow’ someone else like one would a filling meal.” Subconsciously, Tenten removed one hand from the book and settled it on her stomach. “The person swallowed is then pulled through the body into the stomach, or into the womb if a female desires, and forces them to become a resident there.”

Slowly turning the page Tenten felt her cheeks warm up as a hand-drawn diagram showed a woman devouring a man through her mouth, her stomach swelling out with the man’s curled up form. “Due to the nature of the technique, very few can use it effectively as the person devouring is nearly helpless while they are swallowing down their target. Coupled in with how obvious the technique can be has led the original users to develop other techniques that allow Vore to happen without any repercussions.”

Turning the next page Tenten’s eyes lit up as she saw the same woman pat her now flat stomach, though her eyes could easily see the trace of the human still there. “With the addition of the flattening technique, the devourer would seal the person within them safely, letting no harm come to them while also receiving a boost to their own abilities. This would allow those who practiced the art to fight and train with supplemented skills, learning and understanding things at a much faster rate than previously known.”

As she turned the page she inhaled a light breath of air, gently resting her hand on her stomach and softly rubbing it . “At the same time, the art of Vore is considered dangerous for devouring someone could be fatal to them, as the devoured victim is entirely at the mercy of the devourer. In this regard, anyone practicing this art could devour absolutely anyone and digest them, gaining a portion of their skills alongside increasing their own body mass in areas they would like.”

The current four types of Vore, which have been so far recorded, go as follows; Oral, Unbirth, Anal and Absorption. Oral is self-explanatory, the act of devouring someone whole through the mouth and pulling them into your stomach. Unbirth, for woman only, is the act of pulling them up the woman’s vagina, through the birth canal, passing the cervix and entering the womb. Anal is the act of pulling someone up through your backside, through the devourer’s intestines and into the stomach. The last one, absorption, is often done in two ways. Through a tail, that leads to the devourer’s stomach or through their skin, like goo.”

The though t of having someone in her womb almost like a mother would carry a child, sounded and looked so good that she was very tempted to activate this technique as quickly as she could . ‘What I could do with this technique!’ her mind raged, thoughts of fellow male and female ninja spending time in her body doing a bit to turn her on.

Slowly turning the page as she felt her nether region heat up Tenten saw the other ways for Vore to happen, hand-drawn images of the same woman consuming someone through her Vagina coming first. Seeing the woman’s large belly slowly shrink and become nothing more than a small bulge with a visible outline almost drove her over the edge, and her eyes glancing at the next set of images succeeded in doing so.

Fighting back the urge to pleasure herself with her hand Tenten continued to watch in morbid fascination as a different man was sucked up the woman’s rather shapely rear. Seeing him slowly disappear up her behind, swelling out her lower stomach and jiggle around some made Tenten blush, the thoughts of devouring someone that way being much more enticing than sucking someone up her birth canal. “I can see why no-one can use this technique. The amount of villagers and villages that would fall to ravenous people would be astounding.”

Turning the page and watching the final two ways, the Tail Vore making her blush harder at the tail’s actions and the Absorption Vore making her shudder lightly as the hapless person was pulled through the devourer’s body in seconds, before she took a breath and felt herself calm down, somewhat. “I’ll have a shower and then test this technique out.” Carefully putting the book down on the bedside table as she got up Tenten quickly disappear ed into the shower room to cool herself down , still partially embarrassed.

Exiting the shower ten minutes later Tenten very quickly got dressed, slipping into her comfortable casual attire that she’d bought a few weeks prior, and grabbed the book to continue reading. “The moment this technique is activated upon one’ s being there is no cancelling it. The user of this technique will have this for the rest of their life.” She read, turning the page to see a page full of hand seals in order of what to do. “This is to activate it, isn’t it?”

Getting up from her comfortable spot she placed the book down and carefully made sure it stayed on the page, refreshing her muscle memory, before giving a nod and beginning to go through them. “Nin ja art, Vore release.” s he said calmly after holding the final seal for a few seconds, suddenly feeling a shockwave echo through her. In seconds she found herself dropping to the floor, her eyes wide in shock as she felt something thrum through her, slithering everywhere that it could.

As quickly as it came, it was gone, leaving her with a feeling that she could easily describe as weird. It was almost as if her body had perfect control over, and she tested it by carefully sliding her hand to her mouth. “What was that feeling?” she questioned, opening her mouth and gently placing her whole hand inside, which expanded with ease to take it. “It... really does work.” she added, wide eyes.

Feeling as though her gut had just widened, though she didn’t feel hungry in the slightest, she knew that she’d have to find someone willing to do this with her. “Is there anything else I can use?” she wondered, calmly turning the page to see a few other techniques listed. “Hand-written notes...” she summarised, glancing through each one for anything that would catch her attention. “Allure technique?” she read at a particular one, briefly remembering the lone hand seal for it. “I could do that one-handed. And it’s a continuous jutsu too.”

Calmly making the hand seal with one hand, placing her middle and index fingers up and holding the other two down with her thumb, Tenten felt a slight amount of warmth wrap around the air around her, no more than a few feet. “So this technique is about five feet and will allow me to captivate anyone who is enraptured in it.” She said to no-one in particular, her eyes scanning the next set of notes. “The flattening technique... ah! Perfect.”

It took a good fifteen minutes for Tenten to try the jutsu, being unable to find something to eat big enough, and finally finding a watermelon that she sliced the skin off of and swallowed whole. Seeing it bulge out her stomach to a small rounded shape, almost making her look pregnant in a way, Tenten rubbed it before controlling her stomach acids to engulf the delicious fruit and digest it completely.

Patting her now flat gut she nodded to herself in the mirror and then began to wonder who would be available at this time of day. “I don’t want to fatally digest anyone... so I think I’ll test it on someone who will fall prey easily.” She said to herself, sliding the book into her drawer. “I wonder who I can test it on though?” she added with a confused expression, thinking of several female ninja she knew.

Shaking her head and deciding to go for a bowl of ramen, she grabbed her keys from her other trouser pocket and took her leave, dressed in a simple top with a matching pair of trousers. Giving a\ wave to the neighbour at the end of the walkway she locked the door behind her and went to the stairs, quickly descending them and making her way to the famous ramen store not too far away.

“Good evening!” greeted the daughter of the ramen store owner, Ayame. “What can I get you today?”

“Just a bowl of vegetable ramen please.” replied Tenten after taking a seat, giving her a soft smile.

“One vegetable ramen coming up!” came the enthusiastic girl’s reply as she got to work, not noticing Tenten’s gaze upon her and the slightly hungry smirk she was giving her.

‘I could definitely test this jutsu with her...’ she thought, her eyes trying their hardest to avoid glancing at the ramen girl’s rear. ‘Keep her in my belly for a few days and let her out later.’ the thought of holding her in her gut made Tenten subconsciously lick her lips, eager to devour her ramen and then convince her to come back with her for tonight.

Slipping her hand under the table she flicked two fingers up in the single ram sign, flaring her chakra slightly and directing the warm air slightly towards her. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen as Ayame finished the bowl and brought it to her. “One bowl of ramen!” she spoke just as the jutsu hit her, Ayame’s eyes glazing over for a few seconds before they returned to normal. “I spaced out for a second there.”

“Everything okay?” asked Tenten, feeling a small amount of worry gripping her as Ayame shook her head.

“I’m fine.” She replied, smiling warmly. “It’s near closing time... hmm...” as Tenten tucked into her bowl of ramen Ayame briefly disappeared out the back door, letting the weapons mistress tuck into her meal in peace.

‘Did it work? It’s a continuous jutsu... does that mean it has to be constantly used or it applies to them once and stays that way?’ the questions ran through Tenten’s mind and did nothing to ease her worry, though it eased into relief as Ayame returned and gave her a somewhat lustful glance that she half-missed. “So how’s work been?” she began, making small talk.

“It’s been calm and a bit peaceful.” admitted Ayame, watching Tenten eat her ramen with a pleasant smile. “And how are things going for you Tenten?”

‘How did she know my name?’ she thought immediately before answering. “Not too bad. It’s b een a bit slow.” Her words sounded slightly downcast as she took in another mouthful of ramen, trying to avoid her gaze. “Um...”

As she looked up Tenten felt a finger slide onto her lips gently, silencing her next sentence. “Let’s finish up here and go back to yours.” She whispered in a seductive tone, one Tenten would’ve never thought the ramen girl could pull off.

“Uh... okay.” Was all Tenten could say before Ayame winked and disappeared back behind the door, vanishing from view for a good moment and letting her quickly scarf down her snack. ‘So it does affect them; o n a subconscious level? Or does it completely re-wire them mentally?’ her thoughts ran a mile a minute through her brain, too many questions rushing through her fingers that she was unable to grab to ask, or find an answer to any. “Best finish my ramen.”

Just as Ayame walked out, having changed clothes into typical civilian attire, Tenten swallowed down the last of the juice. “Delicious?” questioned the slightly older woman who received a nod in agreement. “I’m glad you liked it.” Handing the bowl over she quickly gave it a good clean, placing the soaked bowl and chopsticks at the back to dry before stepping out with the keys to lock up.

Calmly smiling as they started walking back towards Tenten’s house the weapons mistress’ heart momentarily leapt in delight, the thought of gobbling Ayame up and holding her in her stomach for several days almost pushing her to run to her door. Resisting the urge to dash ahead Tenten calmly made her way back to her place with Ayame in tow, ascending the steps and walking along the path to her front door, nearly fumbling her keys in her haste to open the door.

“So this is where you live?” Ayame asked as they entered, Tenten calmly holding the door open for her and closing it after. “It’s quite... spacious.” Ayame’s eyes softly drifted around the room, seeing the usual futon bed, a small bedside stand next to it with a shelf above, and a door near th e bed that led to the bathroom.

“Every ninja has a similar place unless they’re either part of a clan or live with their family.” Tenten explained, remembering her ex-teammate’s words from years ago. “I was given this place when I made chunin and I’m thankful it was rebuilt.” Seeing Ayame calmly take a seat on the bed Tenten felt a wave of nervousness ripple through her, the ramen chef giving her a pleasant smile.

“So...” she began with one hand on the skirt she was wearing. “How do you want me?” Slowly undoing the clip she giggled as Tenten stood there, still trying to process that this was going to happen. “Do you want me head-first, or do you want to take me feet-first?”

“Um...” was all Tenten could say, the shock that the jutsu had not only worked, but it had done so much better than she expected it to, and Ayame was eager to curl up in her stomach for as long as Tenten so wanted. “I...” her words were cut off by Ayame’s giggle as she slowly stood up, removing the dress she was wearing and slowly rolling her underwear down her legs in a teasing manner. “ I’ll gobble you up f eet-first.”

Ayame’s smile grew a little wider as she removed her top, showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra to keep her breasts hidden from the world. “Feet-first it is.” She announced, sitting down on the bed and smiling to Tenten lustfully. “Take off your top and get onto your knees. Easier to consume me that way.” her words clicked in Tenten’s mind before she did as told, opting to go completely topless, before getting properly into position and lifting Ayame’s feet with one hand.

Very softly Tenten licked the woman’s feet, the taste of her skin something akin to a deliciously cooked meat she’d eaten some time ago, before her jaw slowly began to open and she took her feet in. Taking a short moment to savour the taste of her skin, Tenten heard the woman moan in pleasure before she took her first swallow, pulling her feet down her throat and slowly but surely beginning to work her way up her body.

Taking down her ankles Tenten could feel the jutsu working through her body, easily sliding the woman’s feet down her throat towards her stomach, knowing exactly what she’d do after. ‘She tastes delicious...’ Tenten mentally confirmed, approaching her knees. ‘When I let her out at a later point I might repeat this for some fun .’ the thoughts of licking her nearly turned into outright having sex with the older woman, a slight blush on her cheeks as she passed Ayame’s knees refusing to fade.

Exhaling through her nose as Tenten arrived at the woman’s sex Ayame gave her a te asing smile. “If you want to.” w as all she said, confirming what she was thinking, as her bottom lip began to slowly slide over her butt. Before Ayame could respond to the warmth she felt encasing her legs, she felt Tenten’s tongue rub against her vagina pleasurably, eliciting a warm moan from her that got a little louder as her tongue ploughed into the woman’s sex like a ravenous predator.

In less than a moment she felt her nether region heat up almost uncontrollably, and with a groan she couldn’t stop herself from letting out she climaxed hard, flooding Tenten’s tongue with her juices and releasing a load of pent up stress. “Oh Tenten... mm...” came her words as she heard a gentle swallow, feeling her legs finally beginning to curl up slightly inside the younger woman’s stomach.

Tenten, for her part, was trying not to rub herself as she could feel Ayame’s legs beginning to swell out her belly. The feeling was a little weird as she felt the waist finally slip past her lips, a firm swallow drawing the woman’s soaked butt to the top and then down her throat, and slowly her lips began to work their way up her flat stomach. ‘Keep it together Tenten... don’t do it until tomorrow.’ She thought, mentally fighting the urge to finger herself a second time as her lips continued to work their way up Ayame’s body.

Slowly but surely Tenten’s lips approached the two delicious-looking mounds on Ayame’s chest, just big enough to easily fit in the younger woman’s hands and be played with if she so wished, though she knew she’d be unable to do so for long due to her gentle and controlled swallows pulling her into her spacious stomach. ‘I wonder how many I can fit?’ she thought, arriving at the breasts of the woman and easily bringing them into her mouth with a little effort.

Carefully tilting backwards to bring the rest of the older woman into her mouth and make it easie r to swallow her, Tenten saw he r place her arms above her head, as the last things that she would swallow. “Don’t add me to your body too quickly.” Ayame teased, despite Tenten not having that intention as she slowly began to take in her neck. It wouldn’t be long now until she was contently tucked away in her belly, flattened and ready to consider adding others to.

Letting out a moan she didn’t know she had, Tenten watched as Ayame’s hands danced above her, the woman’s head sinking slowly into her mouth and slowly following the path her body took down her throat. Exhaling a breath of air as she felt her neck swell out with her head, she gently raised her hand and stroked the hands and arms, gentle swallows pulling the rest of the ramen chef’s arms into her mouth followed by her hands.

Tenten released a soft moan as she felt Ayame’s hands finish sliding down her throat, joining her curled up form in her now largely swollen belly. “Oh wow...” she had to admit, feeling a little shocked that she’d effortlessly eaten her. “That was much easier than I thought it would be.” Gently sliding both her hands onto her ballooned out belly Tenten rubbed it, seeing very slight bulges being made from the woman within, coupled in with very muffled moans of pleasure.

‘Suddenly I feel more awake...’ she thought, having felt a little tired earlier after her shower. ‘Hmm... I wonder who else I can try this jutsu with.’ Avoiding the ideas of alluring older ninja, like the genjutsu mistress Kurenai or her idol and inspiration Tsunade, she considered several of the female ninja her age. “Hinata I don’t dare try with... the clan would be after my blood.”

Placing a finger on her chin in thought the next two people that crossed her mind were Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, whom she knew were close friends and enjoyed each other’s company from time to time. “If Sakura had fewer restrictions she’d be Ino’s girlfriend by now...” she said, continuing to rub her belly with her other hand. “But if they’re sleeping together , I could sneak in and activate the jutsu.”

Her mind made up, Tenten carefully began to knead her stomach, watching it slowly begin to flatten out. For a few seconds she worried that any form of acids would coat the woman being squishe d in her belly, but that thought disappeared when she could see the woman’s outline slightly on her flat stomach, hiding any evidence she was there unless one looked hard enough. “I’ll go and see Ino first, as I don’t know where Sakura lives.” She said to herself, grabbing her top and standing up properly.

To her surprise, she didn’t even feel the additional weight of the woman initially before a slight amount of weight came onto her legs, almost as though she was wearing a set of Lee’s weights on her legs . “I could get used to this.” She added as she put on her top, walking around her room to ensure she had control of her walking down, before grabbing her keys and heading to the door.

Knowing that Ino’s house was the same location as the Yamanaka flower shop, conveniently placed along the main road just before the bridge that ran through the village, Tenten couldn’t help the small amount of worry that was gripping her on the inside. ‘I’ ll have to think of an ex cuse if I come across anyone.’ She thought while descending the stairs, her eyes checking frequently to make sure no-one was around or present.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairs Tenten wasn’t surprised to find how easy it was to walk with Ayame in her flattened belly, and with a content smile set off towards the main road , lost in her thoughts slightly abo ut how tasty Sakura and Ino were going to be . ‘One of the notes stated there is a limit in terms of how many can be devoured at one time.’ She thought, reaching the main road and walking southwards. ‘No more than five people and that were tested with adults.’

With that train of thought however Tenten found another question drifting into her mind. ‘Do the effects wear off until I let them out? Or is it permanent that they want to be inside me?’ she pondered, feeling a small smile come onto her face at the thought of holding them inside her gut for as long as she wanted. ‘I’ll have to test the technique out thoroughly and see what the ups and downs are.’ she added as she reached the bridge that acted as the divide to the village.

Crossing over it with relative ease the flower shop came into view, easily noticeable by the row of flowers either side of the front of the building, separated in the middle where the front door was. “Still open?” voiced Tenten to herself, calmly entering the building with a light smile on her face. “Oh hi Miss Yamanaka!”

The mother of Ino turned to face the voice and gave Tenten a smile. “Why, hello Tenten! What brings you here?” she greeted warmly, the two having met a number of times over the past few years. “You’re not feeling off are you?”

“Not at all.” s he assured her, the woman looking a little relieved by her words. “Is Ino up in her room? I’d like to have a chat with her for a little while.”

“She has Sakura over tonight. I swear those girls are up to something.” Tenten knew exactly what she was curious about but responded by smiling. “You know where her room is right? Do you want to stay over or will this visit not take long?”

“It won’t take that long.” Seeing the woman nod behind the counter Tenten slipped through the gap and headed through the doorway that led to the house itself. ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if I caught Sakura and Ino in the act.’ She thought with a slightly perverted smirk, beginning to ascend the stairs that would bring her to the bedrooms.

Slowly pausing outside Ino’s bedroom she could already hear their words, small amounts of gossip from both Sakura and Ino’s voices about various things Tenten had little interest in. “Come in!” called out Ino as Tenten knocked, entering the room with a smile. “Oh hey Tenten!” she said in surprise, Sakura looking over to her with a gentle smile.

“Hey girls.” replied Tenten happily, feeling a small knot of dread in her stomach that wasn’t fading. “I came over to see how you’re both doing.”

“We’re good.” spoke Sakura, Ino giving her a nod. Both girls were dressed in pyjamas, both of them having the same pattern of leaves all over but with different backgrounds; Sakura’s having pink while Ino’s were creamy-blonde. “How did your mission go? I heard from Kakashi-sensei you were working in the library all day.”

“Yeah it was a fair challenge. Half of the early parts were a total jumble.” Sakura looked rather surprised to hear that while Ino didn’t. “Didn’t find anything of real interest though, apart from one book.” both girls turned to look at her at that, looking a little curious.

“Oh really?” seeing Tenten’s nod Ino continued. “What sort of technique is it?” in an instant, before Tenten could say anything, Ino’s eyes widened and she raised a hand. “Hold on, don’t tell me. Is it a beauty technique?”

“Nope.” s eeing Ino about to speak Tenten cut-in. “It’s a technique I think you’ll both enjoy.”

“Oh will it now?” questioned Sakura, slowly standing up from her spot on the bed. “In what way will we enjoy it?”

“You’ll find out.” Tenten said with a slightly lusty smirk, slowly raising her other hand with two fingers pointing upwards. Lightly flaring her chakra she watched as the allure slowly wrapped around her, both girls looking slightly taken aback as the effect hit them. Within seconds both of them stood there with their eyes glazed over, staring at Tenten before they regained their focus, a confused expr ession coming over their faces.

“That felt weird...” Ino admitted, looking at Tenten curiously. “What did it do? All I felt was a few of my inhibitions ease up and... I feel a lot less stressed.”

“Oh don’t worry Ino, as I feel the same. ” Sakura answered , looking to her with a lick of her lips. “ And I’m eager to explore the full effects of this jutsu.” She suddenly wrapped an arm around Ino and pulled the blonde close, planting a soft kiss on Ino’s cheek before doing the same to Tenten, who blushed lightly. “Let’s strip.”

Tenten watche d as the two best friends moved a short distance away from her and began a small but enjoyable striptease, wigglin g their rears at her and slowly removing their clothes at a speed that wo uld’ve turned Tenten on . Thankfully, despite her having a healthy appreciation of both the male and female bodies, she had no intention to make love to them as the only person she was interested in was Lee.

Watching as they finished their striptease Tenten licked her lips hungrily; partially curious to experiment with where else they could go. ‘I don’t feel like carrying one of them in my womb.’ She thought, glancing from Ino to Sakura and back. ‘I can gobble one up with my mouth and pull the other through my rear , since they want to have fun together.’ Giving them a lustful smirk she walked up to them and wrapped an arm around them both. “I think it’s time for you two to join each other in my belly.”

“Yes it is.” agreed Ino, Sakura nodding to her words. “So where do you want us?” sliding a hand around to Tenten’s bum and squeezing it she smiled. “Perhaps being sucked up here?” slowly she planted a kiss on her lips. “Or do you want us through here?”

“I want one of you in each.” Tenten told them, all earlier worries of the jutsu now fully gone. “ Hmm...” she pondered, looking from Sakura to Ino and back, before making a decision. “Sakura, you’ll be going up my rear. Ino, you’ll be going down my throat after.”

“So I get to be pulled up this irresistible ass?” Sakura said as she gave Tenten’s rear a soft swat, eliciting a small moan from the older girl. “ Well, shouldn’t keep it waiting.” Licking her lips and giving Tenten’s rear another swat the pink-haired ninja moved behind her and began to descend, getting onto her knees to make the process easier, as Ino moved in front of Tenten and slid her arms around her comfortably.

Bending forward a little bit Tenten smiled pleasurably as Sakura’s tongue slowly hit her pucker, a warm feeling spreading from her lower stomach down towards her rear. ‘This feels weird...’ she admitted as the feeling hit her backside, an even weirder feeling of her pucker beginning to open and slowly stretch making her blush. Before she could voice what she felt her lips were softly taken by Ino’s own, the blonde’s hands teasingly sliding and resting on her butt.

Moaning in soft pleasure as she could feel Sakura’s hair Tenten resisted the urge to let go of Ino and lightly encourage the pink-haired ninja to speed up, knowing she would end up content and comfortable in her stomach alongside Ayame. Exhaling through her nose slowly as she felt Sakura’s head bulge out her back passage, Tenten balanced her concentration between enjoying the sensation of Sakura being sucked up her ass and Ino’s lips on her own.

Slowly breathing through her nose as Sakura’s shoulders began to slide up her rump Tenten felt Ino’s hands softly pull them apart, just enough for the pink-haired ninja to continue being pulled into her ravenous behind. It took only a couple of seconds for her breasts to pop inside her rear , leaving Tenten momentarily wondering how it would be to get her hips inside, though she didn’t worry as Ino calmed her fears with a gentle squeeze of her butt cheeks as their lips separated for air.

Oh my...” Tenten whispered as her cheeks flushed red while Sakura’s stomach slowly disappeared up her ass, the blonde giving her a teasing smile. “ You’re eager to join her aren’t you?” Ino took her turn to blush softly but didn’t stop smiling; inhaling a good few breaths of air before responding with a warm kiss that Tenten returned.

Tenten released a soft moan of pleasure as she felt Sakura’s hips begin to slide up her ass, her stomach only expanding slightly as Sakura’s head pushed through into her belly. ‘Sakura’s just found Ayame.’ she thought as muffled voices came from her stomach, trying not to pay attention to the voices and what they were talking about. ‘So Ayame’s been playing with herself while waiting for me to add more to my gut.’ She mentally summarised, feeling Sakura’s toned ass pop into her pucker with very little resistance.

Pulling Sakura’s legs up her rear was pretty simple now that the hardest part w as over, and Tenten gently stopped the kiss as she could feel them slip inside her. “ I’m almost done with Sakura becoming a butt snack.” She told the blonde, mentally wondering where she got that term from. “And you’ll be next, going down my gullet to join her for as much fun as you want.”

Ino’s soft grin told her all she needed to know as Tenten felt Sakura’s feet finally slip inside her back passage, her pucker closing afterwards and trapping the pink-haired ninja within her. “And there she goes.” Letting go of Ino she took a step back , looking down at her lightly swollen gut that resembled someone in the mid-term stage of being pregnant. “Mm... she feels so good slipping through my intestines.”

Watching as it swell ed out a little more Tenten exhaled happily, feeling movement within her that she guess ed as Ayame and Sakura deciding to have a little playtime. “Your turn.” s he told Ino as the blonde stepped forward, looking up slightly into Tenten’s eyes as her jaw began to open, slowly expanding to a size big enough for the blonde’s head to fit inside.

Ino’s eyes watched as she was brought into the weapon user’s mouth, her tongue slathering her face and forcing her to shut her eyes, before she heard a swallow and a slight jerking motion pulled her head into her throat. Gasping as the throat widened with ease to take her Ino couldn’t see anything due to how dark it was, but the warmth spreading down her neck and creeping over her shoulders told her she was still being gobbled up much to her delight.

Tenten, for her part, loved the taste of Ino’s skin as her tongue lapped across every part possible while simultaneously making it easier to pull her down her throat. ‘She tastes just as delicious as Ayame does. Do they all taste this way?’ she thought as the blonde’s decent-sized chest popped into her mouth, her tongue managing to rub against her nipples and elicit a surprised squeak from the blonde, which she heard despite how muffled it was.

Putting aside her thoughts Tenten gently began to pick the blonde up, her lips now beginning to work down her body as her breasts entered her throat, and took another swallow as she heard very muffled voices come from her belly. ‘Ino’s head must’ve just entered my stomach.’ She thought, hearing a moan seconds later that confirmed what she was thinking. ‘They couldn’t at least wait until I’ve gobbled her up completely could they?’ she mentally asked with a little exasperation, exhaling through her nose as she pulled in her elbows and approached her belly button.

Letting go of her hips Tenten gave Ino’s rear a hard spank, hearing a warm and nearly orgasmic moan from the blonde within her belly, and responded by squeezing her ass with both hands firmly as her hips , and hands, started to slip into her mouth. ‘That’ll teach you to start the fun before I’ve consumed you!’ she mentally scolded the blonde, her tongue rubbing against the blonde’s area where her birth canal would be for added pleasure, keeping her swallows cont rolled so she didn’t devour too much at once.

Tilting her head back as her lips crept over Ino’s butt Tenten was sorely tempted to stop her and attack her vagina with her tongue, ultimately opting against it as she knew Sakura would do so instead . ‘I can always let her out, have my way with her and devour her again.’ The weapons mistress thought perversely as she took a swallow, pulling Ino’s butt into her throat and leaving only her legs outside of her mouth.

Controlled swallows slowly brought the blonde’s legs down past Tenten’s lips , which had closed around her legs some to make it easier to swallow her, while her hands were holding them together to stop them flailing. With her tongue working to coat them in as much saliva as possible, the blonde’s knees fairly quickly arrived at Tenten’s lips and were gone with a swallow, leaving only her lower l egs and her feet to be consumed.

When her feet arrived at Tenten’s lips her tongue gently started to rub against the soles, making the blonde within her belly giggle and try to wiggle out of getting teased, with little success. With another swallow they disappeared from the outside world and were sealed within her body with another, giving Tenten the opportunity to take a deep breath of air in relief, feeling relieved that she now had three meals in her belly for her to play with.

“And down she goes.” Tenten said happily to herself, looking down at her late-stage pregnancy appearance belly and smirking lightly, noticing movements and little bulges come from it. Placing a hand on her swollen gut Tenten gently rubbed it, exhaling a breath of air at how nice doing such a thing felt, before grinning as she glanced around at the scattered clothes. “I should get dressed and head home. I hope Miss Yamanaka doesn’t mind me carrying her daughter.” She giggled at her words before getting to work with tidying up the bedroom.

It took a good fifteen minutes to clean up the rest of the room after getting dressed, as Tenten found out when trying to move around with two teenage girls having fun in her belly, and was mentally deciding when to let them both out. While she had chosen for tomorrow, she was unsure exactly how that would happen, and had resolved to re-read the book and find out.

“Oh.” said Tenten suddenly as she finished, glancing to the door and feeling a surge of worry and concern. In her haste to gobble up both Sakura and Ino, she’d completely forgotten about Ino’s mother being downstairs, and wondered exactly how she was going to explain where Ino had vanished to. “I’ll have to leave via the front door and thank Miss Yamanaka so she doesn’t get suspicious.” She admitted, thankfully hearing no more muffled moans from within her gut, and took her leave of the bedroom with a slight bit of difficulty.

Making her way downstairs she saw Ino’s mother was just closing up the shop. “ Will you not be staying here tonight Tenten?” she asked politely .

“I can’t Miss Yamanaka.” Tenten responded nicely, mentally dreading her reaction. “I have a lot of work to get done.”

“I see.” She said after a moment. “Well, I shan’t keep you from getting home.” Her softly spoken words made Tenten smile warmly at her before she very quickly took her leave, somewhat eager to get home. “Did she have a little limp to her walk?” she added after the teenager had left. “Must’ve been seeing things.” were her last words before she started to close up shop for the evening.

Letting out a relieved sigh as she left the flower shop Tenten couldn’t believe how close she’d come to being found out. “I should get home before I fall asleep...” she said to herself, finally feeling tiredness begin to grip her. Shaking it off as best possible she began to walk home, smiling softly to herself at having three very horny females having fun with each other in her belly. “I hope they don’t keep me up all night.” She admitted, the thought of being unable to sleep due to them constantly making love making her blush some.

Getting home took no more than fifteen minutes, five of those being spent to carefully walk up the set of stairs to her walkway, and another minute ensuring she hadn’t forgotten her keys. “Home at last.” She muttered, closing the door behind her and patting her gut. “I hope the three of you are having fun in there.” She said to her belly, looking down at the small bulge made through her clothes. “Now then... time to go see how to let you out.”

Walking to her bedside stand and opening up the drawer she took out the book and closed it after, sliding onto her bed to get comfortable and then flicking open the book to find the notes. “So... where does it say about releasing them...” she mused, feeling no more movement within her gut while flipping through the pages. Placing her other hand on her stomach and rubbing it whole searching, she came to the back section where the extra notes were and started reading them all.

“Aha!” she announced as she found it, gently licking her lips. “The technique is reversed in the same way a person is pulled into the predator’s body. When released the devoured person is freed of the allure, but the effects permanently linger on their subconscious. All the devourer has to say to them is about Vore and they will become at their mercy yet again.” She read to herself, looking relieved that the technique wasn’t permanent and would wear off after being let out.

“Well... time to sleep.” Opening her drawer again and placing the book back she was about to slide under when she remembered her actions earlier, her face turning red. “Okay... futon then.” Getting out of bed and walking to the wardrobe she grabbed the bedroll from the bottom and unfolded it in the middle, lying it down comfortably and sliding inside it, easily drifting off into a soft slumber moments later.

The next morning

Tenten was woken up by knocking on her door, her eyes snapping open as she could feel movement and hear muffled moans coming from her gut. ‘Are they really going at it again?’ she thought, still half-asleep and not realising that her worries of digesting the trio in her belly were put to rest. ‘I should get up... but I don’t feel like it...’ slowly lifting her head to see the clock, she groaned and tried to shift, finding no luck with how tire d she felt.

“Just one minute!” she called out when she heard knocking on her door again, slowly extracting herself from her futon and stretching, before getting out of it and standing up. Yawning sleepily and stretching she wanted to go change first but tiredly walked over to the door, acting on autopilot somewhat, and opened it. “Oh. Hello!” she said to the younger figure in front of her, brown hair and pale eyes telling her it was Hinata’s younger sister, Hanabi.

“Good morning Tenten.” She spoke in a soft tone, having met her several years ago when Neji was still alive. “I happen to be looking for Sakura this morning. Have you seen her?”

“I can’t say I have.” She replied, her tiredness immediately gone. “Is something up?”

I am coming into my... woman time, and wanted to ask her for some suggestions.” She told her softly, a small amount of worry in her eyes. “Such as things to buy and what I should avoid doing.”

“I can tell you most of that Hanabi.” Tenten told her, beckoning her inside with a small knotted feeling in her lower gut. “I can show you what I’ve bought and what’s good for you.”

“That would be most appreciated. Thank you.” Entering the room Hanabi politely went to the bed and took a seat, watching the older teen go to her wardrobe. “ Ino hasn’t been seen either since last night apparently.”

“She hasn’t?” Tenten questioned, feeling the knot only tighten. “I visited them last night for some information but had to leave.” She admitted, walking over to her with some of the things she’ d bought and spreading them all on the bed. “So what do you want to know about first?” she asked the younger girl, who turned to look at them.

“I’m not sure.” She said while glancing across the assembled items. “What are the main ones?”

“Pads.” s he pointed to them, taking one out to show it to her. “This soaks up any blood that would come out when it does come along.” Hanabi gave a nod of understanding. “The next thing you want is something that relieves any stress or pain.”

“What would you suggest?” her eyes curiously glanced to Tenten’s midsection, noticing the bulge. ‘Is she... pregnant?’ she thought, opting to say nothing on it for the moment.

“Things that take your mind off of the pain work, but I prefer to buy chocolate and sweets.” Turning to look at the younger girl she acknowledged the curious look she had. “Is something wrong?”

“Your stomach...” Hanabi began, missing the realisation that came into Tenten’s eyes coupled with relief. “Are you pregnant?”

‘What do I tell her?’ she thought, realising that the three girls in her belly probably hadn’t woken up yet. ‘Wait... I have an idea.’ A small smile came onto her face as she nodded. “Do you want to listen?” calmly lifting up her top to reveal her swollen stomach Hanabi got off of the bed and walked over, not noticing the teenager’s hand slide behind her back.

Gently placing her ear to Tenten’s swollen belly Hanabi calmly listened, smiling gently at the thought of her cousin’s teammate having a baby. “How far are you along?”

“Reaching the last few weeks; I’ve been keeping it a secret from everyone.” the older brunette lied, smiling down at the younger girl as she activated the allure technique. Watching the younger girl visibly shudder for a few seconds before shaking her head and standing up Tenten dropped her top, seeing her glance up at her with somewhat clearer eyes. “Everything okay Hanabi?”

“I’m... fine, I think.” Shaking off the feeling as best possible, Hanabi gave the teenager a smile. “So... I’m guessing you want me as a meal for the baby?”

“Oh I’m not pregnant.” admitted Tenten. “I had three more meals last night and they’re currently asleep in my belly after having lots of fun.” Seeing the younger girl’s confused expression she added. “You’ll understand when you’re a bit older.”

“Okay.” She agreed, looking unconvinced. “So should I get undressed?” at Tenten’s nod of agreement she gently took off her top, showing her plain white bra before removing her trousers, paying no mind to Tenten’s look of curiosity.

‘She’s developing in the right areas and if I’m not mistaken she’s bigger than most her age.’ Tenten mused, feeling a twinge of jealousy at her as the younger girl removed the rest of her clothes. “Well... let’s get you inside.”

Gently sliding her hands onto the younger girl’s shoulders she slid them down her arms and onto her hips, effortlessly lifting her up as her mouth started to open to the same size she had to swallow Ayame and Ino before her. Carefully letting her lips slide over Hanabi’s hair she resisted the urge to giggle as it tickled her lightly, continuing to pull her head into her mouth, and took her first swallow to pull her head to the back of her throat.

‘It’s a good thing I don’t intend to turn them into fat on my body.’ She thought, taking her first swallow and beginning to work the younger girl down. Inhaling and then exhaling as she took in her shoulders. She found little resistance in the way of her shoulders, and another swallow pulled them effortlessly to the back of her mouth, ready to follow her head down Tenten’s throat.

Taking a long swallow she easily pulled her stomach in, Tenten’s lips creeping over the young girl’s hips as her toes wiggled and lightly curled in mild excitement. ‘She’s certainly enjoying this.’ Tenten thought while taking another swallow, the young girl’s hands slipping into her lips first before her hips followed. ‘Not much more to gobble up now.’ She added, unintentionally brushing her tongue against her skin and making her squeal, her toes curling as tight as possible in response.

Lifting her legs up above her head Tenten allowed gravity to bring them into her mouth, calm and controlled swallows easily bringing them down past her lips, before her feet slid inside her mouth and were sealed inside her on one final swallow. “Ahh... yum.” muttered Tenten, looking down at her belly which had only swollen out slightly more, and contently patted it. “I feel full up almost.” She couldn’t help but admit while looking around her bedroom as the night previous fully came back to her.

“Oh...” she started but stopped, immediately getting to work on cleaning up the room, changing the bed sheets and placing them in the dirty clothing basket to wash at a later time, followed by opening the window to let a breeze roll in. “Much better.” She said before stripping, beginning to hear muffled moans from within her gut, and then heading into the bathroom for a freshen up.

Finishing her full shower no more than twenty minutes later Tenten stretched as she left the room, feeling fully awake and just as lively as last night, and patted her stomach pleasurably as she started getting dressed. To her surprise just as she finished dressing, there was a firm knock on her door that caught her attention, followed by a voice that belonged to someone she knew. “Coming!” she called back before walking to the door, opening it to find Shizune there.

Good morning Tenten.” She said warmly. “May I come in? I need to speak with you.”

“Um, okay.” Letting her in and closing the door Tenten felt slightly worried and a little confused, looking towards the woman as she turned to face her. “How may I help you Shizune?”

I know you have the book.” She said bluntly, confirming Tenten’s fears. “That book was written by a clan Tsunade’s grandfather knew, and they entrusted it to him and later to her for safe-keeping. ” Her expression was somewhat unreadable as she glanced around the room. “And I am aware of you gobbling up a few already.”

“I’m not digesting them!” Tenten replied hastily. “I just wanted to hold them in my stomach for a little while.” She added, looking down a little.

“I understand your eagerness to test the technique out Tenten, but can you understand if this got out?” Shizune’s voice was now the usual softness. “And I know you wouldn’t teach this to anyone.”

“Not at all!” she agreed while feeling a little relieved that this was being resolved now. “I’m... not in trouble am I?”

“No.” Her words made Tenten feel at ease. “As you haven’t digested anyone, there’s no punishment. And yes if you’re wondering, I’ve done it and had it been done to me, so I know what it’s like to be in a belly.” A small smirk worked its way onto Shizune’s face as she stepped forward, gently tilting Tenten’s head up with her hand . “And I’ve experimented a lot with this jutsu so I know many things you might not.”

Tenten for her part was trying not to blush, looking into her eyes while Shizune continued to smile. “And it’s been a while since I’ve been in a belly.

Tenten’s expression, caught somewhere between worry and confusion, slowly turned into one of understanding. “You want me to eat you?” she questioned calmly, seeing Shizune smile in response.

I do.” Her hand slid onto Tenten’s softly before taking it, placing it on her hip. “I want to experience what it’s like to be in a belly again, especially after a long time of not being gobbled up by Tsunade or not gobbling her up while we were away.” Tenten’s face turned into a furious blush at the thought of carrying the ex-hokage in her belly, trying to calm herself down by breathing through her nose which did not work whatsoever.

“So you want me to devour you, and add you to the other ladies I have in my gut?” her words made Shizune very lightly blush, a slight amount of anticipation in her eyes. “You want me to add this... supple and delicious body to my belly?” sliding her hand onto her rear and giving it a squeeze Shizune’s confidence briefly wavered as she squeaked, letting out a sound of pleasure Tenten couldn’t put her finger on. “Well then... get undressed.”

Shizune complied, wasting no time in practically throwing off her clothes, before she stood fully nude in front of the younger woman. ‘Her boobs were bigger than I thought.’ Tenten pondered, blinking away her thoughts for a few seconds. “Now I want you on your knees.” Shizune nodded and gently dropped onto her knees, resting her hands on her legs as Tenten teasingly walked around her, taking in her nude form with her eyes.

Standing in front of her seconds later and licking her lips the younger woman gently placed her hands on the older woman’s shoulders. “Let’s get you inside.” She said as she leaned down, slowly opening her mouth big enough to take in the medic’ s head and gently taking a swallow to bring her head into her mouth. ‘Delicious.’ her only thought was as her tongue rubbed against her lips before another swallow pulled her head to the top of Tenten’s throat.

Sliding her hands down to the older woman’s hips as she took a third swallow, and subsequently swelled out her neck with Shizune’s head, Tenten easily began to gobble down the body of the woman. Her shoulders weren’t too difficult to get to, her lips easily creeping over them and slowly descending down her arms, while her chest and back followed her head by disappearing into her mouth and down her throat.

Taking controlled swallows to bring her in, Tenten made her stand up as she slid down past her boobs, her tongue having rubbed them and her nipples as much as possible to tease the older woman some, a moan from her somewhat swollen chest telling her she’d succeeded. Beginning to work in her stomach and lower arms Tenten playfully slid her hands onto Shizune’s ass and squeezed it firmly, a warm moan echoing from her stomach telling her she’d probably just turned the older woman on. ‘Perhaps after I’ve held her for a while she’ll do the same to me.’ Tenten wondered, the thought of ending up in Shizune’s belly making her feel warm in her nether regions.

Finally gulping down her lower stomach and moving onto her waist Tenten’s tongue began to rub against the skin above her vagina, hearing moans of pleasure echo from within her that she knew was driving the helpless woman crazy. Taking another swallow and bringing her firm butt into her mouth she pushed her tongue against her vagina and clit, rubbing them for a good few seconds before swallowing and pulling Shizune’s behind to the back of her mouth, ready to follow the woman’s upper body down her throat, and sent it down with a swallow.

With only the older woman’s legs outside her body Tenten wasted no time in calmly swallowing them down, now on her hands and knees as the additional weight wasn’t letting her move around much, before only her feet were outside. Lightly rubbing them with her tongue she exhaled a breath of air and swallowed, pulling them into her mouth and sealing the woman within her with one final swallow. “Ahh... mm. She tasted delicious.” Tenten admitted, patting her now full sto mach before forcing herself up.

Standing properly and looking down at her now full-up stomach, despite it being flattened some to look pregnant, Tenten couldn’t help but feel warm and comfortable as the five within her were doing whatever they wanted to do. I’ll let them out a bit later...” walking back to her fresh and clean bed, Tenten took a seat on the side and lay down upon it, raising her back up enough to enjoy the feeling of the five within her.

She had nothing to do today, and that was just how she wanted it.