Albiona Ironmaze          

Race: Succubus

Gender: Depends on prey’s interests

Skin tone: White/little tan

Eye Color: Blue

Type: Pred

Bust: 44FF breasts

Prefered prey: Human Adults, Male or Female

Height: 6 foot 3 inches     

Weight: 250lbs

Hair: Long sleek black hair that goes down her lower back.

Personality: Albiona is a succubus that thrives off the enjoyment of tormenting her prey. Whomever summons her, she takes on the genitalia preferences they desire the most. Usually she’s very eager to devour her prey. She’s taken all kinds of souls into her body after melting down her meal’s bodies. Oral vore is a standard for Albiona, but prefers to unbirth her prey. If her summoner’s preference is for her to have a cock, she’s no stranger to slurping humans down her shaft.

When she’s not sucking/melting souls from prey, Albion is either waiting to be summoned, or finding a sexual partner to spend a week with. She acts like a friendly bombo when summoned, until she’s outside of any runic circles her food made to protect themselves.

Clothing: Liked to wear a small set of black and silver plate armor that only barely holds back her massive bust. A short, thin black dress is worn under her armor, and she has small accessories made of silver around her neck, and in her hair. Small black and silver pauldrons cover her shoulders, and she carries a long, thin red blade around on her side, sheathed in a black and silver scabbard.

History: Albiona is somewhere around four hundred years old. She’s been harboring souls down below now for decades, earning a place above the rest of the mindless demons. Some she trades for knowledge, the rest she takes into her own body for youth, and increased assets. She packs all of those screaming souls inside of her fat, slowly eroding at their energy to feed her beautiful body.