Willing Sacrifice

Year after year, Racheal would see maidens dragged away from their homes and loved ones, and taken to the distant hills to be sacrificed to a dragon. She knew not what their final fate was, only that they never returned. Year after year, she remained one of the lucky unc hosen, but her secret truth was she envied those that were taken.

She was twenty, soon to be twenty one, and upon that day, she would no longer be eligible to be a sacrifice. She would be safe, but that was after one more offering was chosen.

It was the evening of the full moon. Racheal and the rest of the local virgins were rounded up in the town square, awaiting the call that would decide their fates. The duke stood before the crowd, an urn next to him filled with names. Whichever name he drew was the girl who was destined to be sacrificed.

All the girls waited in anticipation as the duke reached in and retrieved the name ; he then held the name out in front of him and read for all to hear, “Clara Grish -daughter.” Upon hearing her name, the indicated girl let out a cry of despair, and soldiers walked through the crowd to retrieve her.

With that, it was over. Rachea l would be safe from the dragon and she could move on with her life. But… she couldn’t hold back… she wanted to be chosen. “I volunteer!” Racheal called as she stepped out of the crowd, quite to the shock of everyone in attendance. She approached the duke and continued, “Please, sacrifice me to the dragon.”

Though the duke was clearly as confused about this proposal as everyone else, he motioned for his soldiers to release Clara and come to apprehend Racheal. “So be it.” The duke said, “Process her.”

Racheal was taken away , carried off to the hills in the back of a cart. The whole way she wondered why she made such a stupid decision to willingly feed herself to the dragon. No, she couldn’t think that way. Sure the offerings never return, but that didn’t necessarily mean the dragon a te them.

The cart finally stopped, and the soldiers opened the cage for her. She slipped out calmly, getting her bare feet beneath her before the soldiers took her arms and escorted her to a thick wooden post. The y rose her h ands over her head and tied her to a hook at the top of the pole. She sighed, uncomfortable already, and asked, “Is this really necessary?” The soldiers did not answer, only shake their heads before leaving her to her fate.

Racheal stood waiting for nearly an hour, cold and shivering as her thin clothes did not provide much protection. Then , the dragon finally arrived.

It landed with a soft thud, and Racheal rose her head to look at the black scaled creature. It was ten feet tall, stood on four legs with four claws on each paw, and had a pair of bat-like wings. A boney crest laid over its green cat eyes, and a pair of curled horns grew from the back of its head.

The dragon stepped closer, and Racheal found her voice to say, “Hello.” The dragon paused, as if it was used to people screaming in fear of him by now, and certainly not saying hello . She continued to try to be nice. “My name is Racheal. What is yours?” The dragon did not answer, only stare d at her. “Can you talk?” Its head cocked, “Oh… well, can you understand me?” The dragon’s head made a motion that she assumed was nodding.

She felt the way the ropes dug into her wrists, and hoping it really could understand her, she said, “Would you please take these ropes off me, it’s really uncomfortable.” In response the dragon leaned in, and with a snap, his teeth cut the ropes holding her.

Her arms dropped, allowing blood to rush back into them, and she untied the ropes around her arms, tossing the bindings aside. No sooner had she done that than did the dragon begin to tug at her clothes with its muzzle.

“What are you… She did not get to finish before one of the straps snapped and caused her dress to hang loosely. As the dragon moved to the second strap, she realized what it w as doing and set her hand on its snout. “Wait. Let me do it.” The dragon paused, then backed away. Racheal slipped the last strap off her shoulder, catching the dress before it slipped past her breast. She then slowly guided it down over her c-breasts, along her slim belly and off her small rump before holding it tantalizingly over her womanhood. The dragon seemed to let out a grunt, but still waited for her. Finally she released the dress, exposing her tight virgin lips. Once the dress slipped off her long slender legs and landed in a heap around her ankles, she stepped forward with the moon lighting her pale skin for the dragon to fully see. S he kept her gaze locked with it , and saw it was smiling.

A sudden wind picked up, chilling her already cold body, and she moved close to the dragon. She found its chest scales to be surprisingly warm, and she hugged it in an attempt to become warm herself. The dragon did not stop her; rather she felt its talons at her back. It gripped her gently, and the next thing she knew the dragon was carrying her into the sky.

Racheal hugged the dragon tightly as it traveled back to its lair. The dark cave cut into the side of a mountain was barely larger than the dragon, though it soon opened into a much larger cavern. Racheal could hear clinking under the dragon as it walked, and then felt the cold touch of coin as the dragon set her on its hoard.

The dragon sat and curled its tail around itself, and Racheal sat up as well to look around the cavern. Though it was filled to the brim with riches, she noticed something missing: the maidens that had preceded her. She figured this was as good a time as any to learn of their fate, and asked the dragon, “Where are the other girls?”

The dragon lifted a forepaw and rubbed its belly, indicating it had sent them all on a one way trip to its stomach. She was afraid of that, and further asked, “Are you going to eat me?” The dragon smiled as it nodded in confirmation . “I see…” Racheal held herself a bit tighter.

“I guess it was inevitable… but, you don’t have to eat me right away do you?” She figured it was a long shot, but she wanted to plead her case. She got to her feet and explained why it was that she volunteered to meet this fate. “To be honest, I haven’t been happy with my life. I don’t have any friends, and my family is all either dead or hates me. I knew I didn’t belong with them, and I believed that my true purpose was to serve a dragon. It was my greatest desire to meet one of your kind and grant their every desire. So…” She dropped to her knees, “Will you please let me serve you. I’ll do anything you want.”

The dragon’s smile turned into a fang filled grin, and it laid on its side to expose its underbelly to her. Believing that it had accepted her offer, Racheal stepped forward and began to rub its smooth underbelly. The dragon purred from the treatment, accepting it for a while, but then began to nudge her with its forepaw, pushing her toward its hind legs. What did it intend?

When she was between its hind legs, she noticed something protruding, something red and slick. It only took a moment for her to realize the dragon was male, and this was his mating tool. Did he want her to pleasure him? Racheal did promise she’d do anything, and oddly enough, she actually liked the idea of playing with him like this. She never had the chance to experience sex of any kind, and she would love to enjoy such intimate pleasure before… what came later.

She stroked the tip of his phallus, causing it to grow even longer. As more of the large mating tool emerged, Racheal set her hands on either side and began massaging the shaft. The penis hardened at its full length, having grown to the size of her arm.

She flinched as some pre-cum spurted out onto her face. She wiped some of it off, and seeing the substance string between her fingers, she curiously licked. It was bitter, yet sweet, and she wanted more of it. She licked directly from the cum slit, getting more of his salty flavor before she wrapped her lips around the large tip.

She supped and suckled the dragon’s cock, hearing him purr in pleasure. He set a paw on the back of her head, preventing her from getting off of him even if she wanted to. All of her licking and stroking soon payed off as the penis throbbed, and hot creamy cum filled her mouth and flowed down her throat. Racheal swallowed again and again as the flow seemed to come without end, granting her the full concentration of his semen. Finally the dragon released her and she was able to pull off to catch her breath. Even so the last few spurts launched out and left sticky trails on her face and breasts. Her belly was full of warm cum, and she could almost feel the sperm swimming within her.

The dragon got to his feet, smiling down at her as he picked her up in his front talon. He brought her toward his mouth as his long, pink, forked tongue slipped out and licked her face. His tongue then progressed to her breasts, giving each of her melons a thorough cleaning. The tongue dragged down her tummy, its forks making circles around her belly button before they found her pussy. The tongue began to lap at her tight lips, soon finding her sweat spot, and Racheal began to writhe and moan from his treatment. She was quickly starting to drip her own fluids.

The dragon bore a rather perverted looking grin as he reared up on his hind legs, and she realized she was dangling over his still erect member. She figured he intended to fuck her, and she pet his chest as she requested, “Give me the best ride of my life.” Though it was likely to be the only ride of her life, so it’s not like there was much to compete with. Still, she wanted her first time to be the best time one could imagine.

The dragon lowered her toward his waiting member, and s he set her feet on his legs as the tip of his veiny appendage began to part her folds. There was pressure that prevented him from get ting far, but with a gentle, determined push, her hymen popped, and she screamed with pain and shock at the sudden loss of her virginity.

She shuddered from the pain, and she felt the dragon’s wings wrap around her, warming her comfortingly as she got over the aching pain. Even as he did this, he began to press further into her, its path lubricated by blood and feminine juices. Racheal moaned as she felt the thick rod squeeze into her depths, pleasure numbing the pain. He delved in with short thrusts, each one testing further limits to how far it could go.

Racheal already felt stretched, and worried he may kill her with the size of his mating tool, but he appeared to have done this before as his actions did not break her. By the time he determined the distance he could use her on his shaft – which was still a considerable amount of dragon meat – her thin belly had a large imprint of his phallus widening it.

The talon gripped her tightly as he began to pull her up and push her down. At the same time his hips began to thrust, aiding to draw out more of the length of his shaft before he thrust it all back into her. Over the course of a few minutes, he went from long, slow, gentle thrusts, to steadily getting rougher and harder until he was slamming into her depths. Her breasts wer e bouncing wildly, and she gasped and moaned with each blow she took.

Though she was just along for the ride as he used her body as he wanted, Racheal was more than happy in her current position. She was like a wild animal, wanting only to be fucked and bred by this large reptile. She could feel something building up in her loins from this activity, and after another minute of harsh fucking, she exclaimed in pleasure, her muscles contracting around the large mating tool, and squirting her fluids all over him. Her vision blurred as she found the feeling of her first orgasm overwhelming.

She soon felt his member throb, and knew he was about to climax as well. She begged for him to cum inside her and fill her with his seed, and that was exactly what he did as he unleashed his warm cum into her womb. There was more this time than there had been when she gave him a blow job, and her belly felt stretched to its limits with the combination of dragon dick and globs of sperm. She watched as her belly began to look several months pregnant , and the dragon shook as it squirted the last bits of its load into her.

She shivered as he pulled her off of his penis, and with her ruined womanhood uncorked, she gasped as much of the cum spewed out of her. Neither of them seemed to mind as he set her down on the cold, cream covered gold beneath them.

Racheal was exhausted, and she laid limply as she caught her breath. The dragon lowered his head to her level, wedging his muzzle between her legs . The next thing she knew was the feeling of his slimy tongue licking her still stimulated pussy. Sh e pet his head affectionately and shivered in pleasure as he cleaned up her womanhood .

There was a gurgling growl sound that caused them both to pause, and it was clear this new sound was coming from the dragon’s belly. The dragon pulled away, staring at her for a moment with a hungry, predatory gaze. Racheal asked, “Are you going to eat me now?” He nodded, but did not seem too eager to do it, as if their time together had made him consider keeping her.

She liked the idea at first, but then she thought about what these sacrifices were meant for. As she put it all together, she figured he needed nothing from the people, and humans certainly got nothing back from him. Everybody who had ever been sacrificed to him was devoured, and if the politicians knew this, then that meant the sacrificed maidens were meant to keep the dragon sated. If he did not get his monthly virgin-on-a-stick, he would go to the villages and pick people off of the streets, inciting terror and fear among the people in the process. If he did that, soldiers would come to his lair and kill him. She did not believe a creature like this deserved such a fate.

Racheal pet his snout comfortingly as she said, “Let me serve all of your hungers. I am happy and honored to provide you nourishment with my body .” She smiled to him, and he smiled in return as he licked his lips hungrily.

The dragon laid his head on the ground and opened his mouth before her, saliva dripping from his sharp fangs. He seemed to want her to feed herself to him, but she did not mind. Her only plea was, “Please, be gentle.” She then got on all fours and crawled forward, climbing into his open maw and laying down on his soft tongue. Saliva dripped from the roof of his mouth, which served to press her against the tongue and vice versa.

She felt him grip her legs in his talon to help stuff her into his mouth. As more of her entered, t he tongue licked every part of her, tasting her and coating her in saliva. He took some time tasting her womanhood, and it was soon clear he was not merely tasting her, he was working to give her one final orgasm. He was clearly enjoying the flavor as saliva pooled in his mouth and dribbled out along the sides of his jaw and down her legs. S he was soon completely soaked, and sputtering as some of his saliva got in her mouth. Regardless, she was moaning in ecstasy, and she rewarded him with her sweat cream for his efforts.

She laid limp with exhaustion as he finished eating her. The dark tunnel of his throat opened up to accept her, and her slickened body put up no resistance as she slipped into it. The tight fleshy tube gripped her body, steadily pulling her deeper into the dragon as he swallowed her down.

Her feet finally entered his maw, and she felt his tongue curl around her soft peds to keep her in as he closed his mouth. With a final swallow, she was completely trapped in a tight tube of soft, slimy flesh. The walls caressed and massaged her, and Racheal moaned in comfort the entire journey until she was deposited in his stomach.

She laid fetal in the dragon’s belly. The squishy flesh enveloping her in its welcoming embrace, while at the same time leaking digestive juices to soak into her skin. In spite of her inevitable – and possibly painful – demise, she felt quite comfortable. It was so warm and humid, yet very relaxing. She could hear the slow rhythm of his heart beat, and the stomach was rocked from his steady breathing. She rubbed the stomach walls, letting the dragon know she was at peace, then snuggled in to drift off to sleep, happier than she had ever been.