Gaz! You know you’re supposed to keep your stuff out of my room right? I don’t want to see any of your clothes strewn about my floor anymore! Dib and his sister Gaz had been fighting again today like almost everyday. Most of the time it was about childish things like her clothes being in his room, or arguing over what to watch on the TV. The most recent one last night had been Gaz leaving her vibrator out in the living room. Dib didn’t like thinking about what his sister did in her private time, and hated that she was doing it on the couch he also sat on. That fight went on all night and this morning neither of them wanted to even look at each other.

Well then don’t look at them if they bother you so much! They’re just a few pair of panties, I’ll grab them later. Gaz was not in the mood right now for her brother's pathetic antics to fight with her. She had been going through some serious lack of physical attention and lately her vibowand wasn’t cutting it for her. She hated the idea of dating, so she never had a man around her to take care of her needs. She was just stuck fighting with her annoying brother all day and frustrated that she wasn’t getting any pleasure from anyone at the same time.

Then why don’t you keep them in your own room for once so I don’t have to yell at you. It’s enough that you masturbate on the couch at night, are you sure you’re doing it right? You seem to be on edge lately Gaz.

Why don’t you SHUT THE FUCK UP! You little shit, I wonder how long it’s been since anyone but your right hand has touched you little cock hiding down there hmm? It’s not like someone like you could have anything of value to offer to a woman anyways.

Oh Fuck you Gaz, oh one does that but you, I forgot. The only company you keep is is your toy and the couch...which OTHER PEOPLE SIT ON BY THE WAY!

Gaz was livid right now, she wanted to pound her brother to the ground, just for a chance to wipe that casual smartass smirk from his face for only a second. She was stomping into the living room to yell at Dib again when the front door to their house burst open.

HELLO FRIENDS, oh? Did I intrude on another worthless argument between you two sweet things again? What have I told you about fighting, it only makes your faces scrunch up and they’re not very pretty to look at when you do that.

Their friend/alien friend Tak had come over to visit. She was a very tall woman with green skin. She was an Irken, she had pretty little enteni, purple eyes, and a very curvaceous body. Her breasts were gravity defying orbs of soft green flesh, and her ass was incredibly wide. Tak was a very special woman, meaning that along with having a lovely pussy she also have a massive piece of meat that hung from her legs. She loved to flaunt her lust in front of Dib and Gaz, and on occasion she teased them with her body to see what kind of reactions she could get from them.

Kids….what have I told you about fighting. Over and over again I tell you to stop fighting each other and go out and find someone to make you happy. Gaz honey, I can practically smell your pussy from here. It doesn’t seem like you’ve had any fun for ages, and I can only imagine Dib’s poor cock. His right arm must have a bit of muscle to it by now. Lucky for you two, your good friend Tak is here to help! Tak flashed a wide smile as Dib came from his room to see what the commotion was.

Jeez, what’s with all the noise out he- GRGLK!!!

Dib! It’s so good to see you! I need to borrow you and your sister’s bodies for a bit, so I’ll need you to come with me dear! Tak jammed her huge salty cock into Dib’s mouth making his eyes bulge as her foot long cock stretched his throat to the max. She lifted his body into the air and jumped over to Gaz who was too stunned to move. She knew Tak was a horndog, but never really thought she would take action like this. Before she knew it Tak’s other hand was running up through her skirt and toward her crotch.

Ohhhh you dirty girl wearing no panties. You’re all ready for your good friend Tak’s hand aren’t you? She jammed her entire forearm up into Gaz’s deprived cunt sending a sudden jolt of blinding pleasure up through her entire body. The pain and exTaky from Tak’s arm was a bit too much for Gaz to deal with and she fainted then and there while in the air. Tak turned and carried her friend’s downstairs so she could properly get them ready. Dib had also fainted in a similar way to Gaz, but he did more or less to escape his situation of being a cock sleeve for the huge alien dick within his throat.

A few hours passed until Gaz’s eyes fluttered open. Her cheeks were flushed still from her sensitive pussy being invaded by something that wide and her legs were covered in her own cum. She tried to move her arms, but they were tied to the edge of the bed she was lying on.

T….Tak...what are you doing with us down here? Why am I tied to this bed, and where’s Dib? Gaz gazed up at Tak, her eyes bewildered at the sight she was seeing. She had Dib’s cock shoved down her throat as she walked over and climbed onto the bed. Dib’s face was washed with pleasure, he was unable to even speak or acknowledge that his sister was naked below him. Gaz tried to ask another question when Tak bent down and shoved her hard cock’s head into her mouth.

GLK! Sluuurk!

Mmmmm….slurp…..MmmmMMmMMm! Gaz’s mouth was forced to stretch around the huge green head of Tak’s penis. The salty flavor and pulsing feeling of it inside of her mouth was unconsciously making her cunny warm. She squeezed her legs together to try and quell the feeling within her. Tak lifted her cock from Gaz’s mouth, it dripped with her saliva. She moved the bulbous head down close to her wet pussy. Gaz tried to protest but secretly wanted her to stuff it deep into her. Her vagina ached fo for pleasure, and she wanted to feel Tak’s huge cock stretch her walls and make her cum over and over again. Tak kissed her labia with her pre dripping head for a moment before she plunged the entire length into her friend’s cunt. She began to jackhammer her cock into Gaz as she kept slurping on Dib’s delicious cock. Regardless of what Gaz teased and thought Dib actually had quite a large cock of his own. It was a descent thickness and was an above average six inches in length. Tak didn’t care how big it was though, she only wanted to slobber and suck on it for how good it tasted. She slurped on his cock like it was a frozen ice cream treat on a hot summer’s day. She even had both his cum filled balls in her mouth as she sucked his diamond hard cock. They were like the two cherries on top of her cum sunday she was enjoying. Dib was moaning as her alien tongue wrapped around his dick and pumped him for what felt like hours.

Meanwhile Gaz was still chained to the bed, her pussy being hammered by Tak’s huge cock. Mmmm, Slurp! You like how my cock fills you up Gaz? Your tight cunt feels extravagant wrapped around my dick. Uuuuuhhhh! You...feel…..SOOOO GOOOOD!

Tak pressed her meat far into Gaz’s stretched hole, the entire thickness and length reached all the way to Gaz’s womb.

Uhh….Mmph….UUUUHHH...OOOoOOOoOohhHHhh Fuck thAt..fEElS….so FuUUUUuuUUUuuucking GooOOOOoOOd!

Yeah? You like my cum filling your womb? Too bad you won’t be around for too long, or I’d fill that cute little tummy with my boiling cum.

Uhh, wa...wait what do you m..mean? I won’t what?

Mmmph! Enough words...GET...IN….MY….BEEELLLLYY!

Tak opened her maw with her dick still buried inside of Gaz’s cum filled snatch. She took Gaz’s entire head into her mouth and swallowed up to her shoulders. Gaz would have struggled more but because of Tak fucking her to the brink, she was lacking in stamina and mental alacrity. Tak freed Gaz’s hands as they soon slipped into her throat followed by her waist. As Gaz traveled down her gullet she could feel the air around her turn stale and her vision began to blur from the fumes from the belly full of hungry gastric juices.

Tak, you’re going to let me out right? This...this is just a game and you’re going to take me out….right?

Tak answered with another powerful swallow sending Gaz’s belly down into her maw. Gaz’s cum dripping cunt was in her face now, so Tak pried her vagina open and scooped out her cum and lathered Gaz’s legs and ass in her delicious cream. Gaz kicked her legs in the air but Tak only liked the struggling more.

Mmmm…. Gulp …... Slurp …... GLK ……. Gulp

Tak swallowed the last of Gaz down into her churning gut. Gaz’s body curled up into a ball inside of her alien friend’s belly. Her world was now just a gurgling sack of acids and Dib’s cum. She pressed her hands out stretching the walls of the stomach. Her face and handprints could be seen from outside of the green skin of Tak’s. Tak rubbed her happy gut and massaged Gaz from the outside spreading her juices more over her body.

Oh honey, I promise I’ll let you, and your brother out as soon as you’re fully digested into unrecognizable slop floating through my bowels. It’ll be a grand time feeling you two become one happy mass of shit inside of my quiet and warm colon. Then I’ll squeeze you both out as perfect shit formed statues.

Uhh, wait….what do you mean Tak…’re going to me too?

Oh yes hun, your cum and cock was a very nice treat, but I need quite a larger meal for my hungry gut. Your sister was a good start, but you’re going to make the meal. Now come to momma you sexy snack!

Tak wasted no time swallowing Dib. She wasted no time devouring her lover and his tasty cock. Before she swallowed him down though, she felt a familiar twinge in her cock as she brought Dib’s head into her mouth.

You know what Dib sweety, I’m not going to eat you just yet.

Oh, that’s a relief, I knew you loved me too much. How’s it feel Gaz, you’re going to be alien stomach stew while Tak and I-

Oh hun, I never said I wasn’t going to eat you, I just meant not yet. Your cute butt is too irresistible to pass up. Get ready, you’re about to feel my entire cock up your ass!

Tak stretched her cum slick cock’s head into Dib’s asshole and began to pump her head in and out. Dib quivered as his body spasmed with pleasure from Tak’s dick. She cooed as she could tell her friend was enjoying her cock. She inserted more of her shaft until she was all the way in. Then she started fucking Dib deeper and deeper into her mouth. As she became closer and closer to cumming she had Dib’s body inside of her throat. Once she came, she filled her cock sleeve up with her delicious cream, and swallowed Dib down to join his softening sister.

Yumm, you two filled me up nicely. I hope you two get along in there, I don’t want any indigestion so play nicely. My cock should have taken all your strength, but just in case I’m going to masturbate all over myself so jumble up those juices covering your bodies. I can’t wait to push you out of my ass. Don’t worry though, our playtime isn’t done yet.

As Dib and Gaz melted inside of Tak’s rumbling belly she played with her unsated cock. She began by stroking her shaft, sticking a few fingers down her shaft and massaging her head. She could feel her meals digesting within her. Their hard bodies becoming soft and mushy as she jerked herself off. Once she felt that her stomach become smooth, she came all over her chest and rubbed it into her breasts.

I can tell you two are getting along in there, I think it’s time to do as I said and let you out. You’re going both feel amazing flooding from my bowels.

Tak squatted over the floor and spread her ass wide open. Gurgles and Glorps filled the air as her muscles pushed the two masses of shit out of her body. The two logs of shit she extruded from her anus coiled onto the floor forming two perfect copies of Dib and Gaz’s bodies.

Awe, now don’t you two look like splendid pieces of shit haha! It felt great digesting you, and even better pushing you out. Now as to what I said earlier, you two should be reforming right...about……!

Dib and Gaz morphed into existence from the shit copies of themselves. They were both panting and feeling their bodies making sure that they were all put back together.

See? What did your friend tell you. Now, before our fun begins I want to make something clear. I’ll be spending more time with you two. It just so happens that my cock really loves you two, so we’ll be having even more fun together in the future. If that’s going to happen then I need you two to understand something. If you ever fight with each other when I’m here, I will fuck you two so hard, and fill you with so much cum that you melt from the inside and turn to cum. Then I’ll suck you up and digest what’s left of you, and that time you won’t be returning. You’ll be cum coated logs of shit and you’ll look rather dashing sitting next to these two beautiful versions of you.

Tak looked at the two terrified siblings, she shoved her hard cock and heavier breasts in their faces and waited for their response.

We...we agree Tak, we’ll be good we promise. Both answered looking at each other’s faces. THey knew Tak was serious, and looking at her hungry belly and hard cock they thought it would be best to at least stay on the outside of Tak’s body.

Good, now Dib come here sweetie, I want to that ass of yours again, it felt absolutely wonderful last time. Tak rolled Dib over and shoved her cock inside of his ass.

Gah! Ooohhh

Yeah?! Does my cock feel good Dib? I bet it feels good to have my cock within you again. Gaz get over here, your cunt looks simply to die for, believe me. Gaz walked over and moaned as she was lifted into the air by Tak’s tongue and was then ravaged by it. Her tongue snaked deep into her licking every inch of her sensitive pussy. Gaz moaned feeling herself be fucked by the long muscle. It’s long slimy touch filling every part of her as it snaked through her until it reached her special spot. Gaz screamed in pleasure and archer her back as she squirted inside of Tak’s mouth. She placed Gaz on her bloated belly and moved her mouth to one of her milk dripping nipples.

Gaz dear, you’ve been a good girl. Suck on mommy’s tits, these big squishy things are full of milk. They’re aching and I need you to help me drain them. Here, Dib dear I’ll fuck you more after you’ve had a drink.

Tak took Dib off of her cock, her entire length slick with cum burped as it exited his stretched hole. He moaned, words being beyond him as his mind was wracked with nothing but the pleasure of her giant cock pounding him. She placed her remaining nipple into Dib’s open mouth, he began to suck on her breast, draining the creamy milk into his mouth. Tak loved feeling her two babies suck on her nipples it was making her hard again. Her unsated cock grew to its full length as she laid down on the bed with them suckling on her enormous breasts.

That’s it, get along with each other and you can drain momma’s milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a protein packed belly full of cum along with each meal. Yes, you two are no longer free thinking humans. You are now only here to serve as my cum dumps, condoms, and milking machines. Along with being my toys, you’re also going to be my cock servants, meaning that any and all times I’m horney, you’re both to come to me and begin sucking till my cock is sated, and you both know how long I can go haha.

Tak and her toys spent the rest of the weekend in that bed, by the time they were done the bed was caked in cum, Tak’s cock lay limp on Gaz’s cum dripping cunny, and Dib was under her ass sucking on the underside of her cock. It was going to be a long cleanup for her two friends, but Tak was sure she could manage with only their tongues in time for her cock to be ready for more attention.