Regression i n the Waiting Room

By Groblek

     Jim walked into the OB/GYN’s office and stopped at the receptionist’s desk, surprised to find it empty.

     “Hello? Is anyone here? I know I’m early, but I didn’t think the place would be closed.”

     “I’m afraid the receptionist had to go away suddenly.” A female voice called from the doorway just past the desk. “Come on in and sit down, I’ll let the doctor know someone else is here when I go in for my appointment.”

     Jim stepped through the doorway to find himself in a small waiting room. A cute brown-haired woman was smiling at him from one of the chairs. She was clearly in the late stages of pregnancy, her belly making a large bulge in her burgundy dress.


     “You’re welcome to sit here, I’d enjoy a little company. Are you here by yourself?” The woman said, patting the chair next to her.

     Jim took the offered seat and shook his head in answer to the woman’s question. “Yes, but not for long. My wife will be along in fifteen minutes or so, I just thought I’d get our paperwork done first. We’re here for a fertility consultation. Have you been a patient of Dr. Bremmer’s for long?”

     The woman shook her head, “No, this is my first visit. Everything’s going well with my babies so far, but it’s time to interview doctors now that I’ve only got a couple of months until their birth.”

     Jim blinked in surprise. “Babies? How many are you carrying? I mean, if that’s not too personal a question.” He said, belatedly realizing that she might not want to share that with a stranger.

     The woman looked at him thoughtfully, then nodded to herself. “Three, I think. I’ll know for sure when I go in for my ultrasound. But I’m pretty sure I’ll have triplets in here by then.” She put her hand on her belly, and Jim saw it bulge next to where she pressed on it. She saw him looking and smiled invitingly. “Would you like to feel?”

     “Sure, if you’re OK with it.” Jim let the woman guide his hand to her belly. He could feel something moving around, and watched bulges appear and disappear in the swell of her belly. “Wow, they’re really active in there. Do they always move this much?”

     The woman shook her head. “I don’t think so, she’s just having some trouble adjusting to this stage of life.”

     Jim started to turn to look quizzically at the woman, confused by her choice of words, but a glint of light from the floor caught his attention, and he looked down instead. To his surprise, there was a pair of empty women’s shoes on the floor under the woman’s chair, next to a pile of clothing that someone had left there. The blouse had a shiny nametag pinned to it which caught the light, and as he looked, he could make out “Janine, Bremmer Medical” written on the badge.

     “Hey, are those the receptionist’s clothes?” Jim exclaimed in surprise, then looked up to see the woman opening a flap on her dress, leaving her left breast bare and right next to his face. Her nipple brushed his cheek, and he tried to pull away, but her hands suddenly had a viselike grip on his shoulders, holding him in place. “What’s going on here? Let go of me!”

     “I think it’s time for us to stop playing.” The woman said, pressing her nipple against Jim’s mouth. “Now, drink up like a good baby.”

He again tried to pull away, but she placed a hand behind his head and pulled him closer, brushing the nipple against his lips. He opened his mouth to protest, and she pressed the nipple inside, filling his mouth with her soft breast. Milk began to fill his mouth, and Jim swallowed by reflex, still trying to pull away from her.

His belly tingled with warmth after that first swallow, and suddenly the milk seemed like the best thing he’d ever tasted. His whole body began to tingle as he swallowed again and again. Jim tried again to pull his head away from the woman’s breast, but he was having trouble remembering why he wanted to get away from her. Her milk was so good, and it was making him feel lighter, as though the cares of the world were slipping away.

“There you go, that’s a good baby.” The woman said as she shifted positions, lifting Jim fully into her lap. He felt his shoes fall off his feet as she moved him, followed by his pants sliding down around his ankles. Jim blinked in confusion as he tried to look down without stopping gulping down her delicious milk. The flow of milk finally slowed to a trickle, and he finally managed to look down. His shirt seemed far too big for his body now, and his necktie hung loosely around his neck. He squirmed, and the loop of his tie fell down over his shoulders, pinning his arms to his sides for a moment before it slid down farther and settled around his waist like a belt. Jim opened his mouth to ask what had happened, but all that came out was a baby’s wail.

“Don’t fret, baby mine. Momma’s going to move a bit to get ready for you, then I’ll give you my other breast.” The woman said, standing up and holding him with one arm as she used the other to slide her dress down her body. The sight of her other breast filled Jim with excitement, and he reached eager hands out towards it. The fabric of his shirt blocked his grip, and he didn’t fight as the woman pulled it over his head and cradled him against her other breast.

The milk once again flowed freely into Jim’s mouth, and he nursed blissfully as his surroundings seemed to grow and grow. His belly tingled extra strongly as the flow of milk began to slow again, and the woman’s body shifted under him as she spread her legs apart. The tingling continued even as he finally released her nipple and looked down to see the fleshy cord tying him to the woman, and below that, his own clothes piled on top of those of the doctor’s unfortunate receptionist.

Jim let out a wail as he realized what was about to happen, but the woman ignored his cries as she guided his feet into her wet birth canal. Warm wetness squeezed tightly around his body as she slid his feet up into her womb, and stubble on her labia rasped against his face as his head followed his body into her depths. A moment later, the light was gone entirely as her body closed up behind him, and Jim felt her shift again, sitting down to wait once more.

As he struggled alongside his new sister within their new mother’s womb, Jim heard the woman’s voice talking to someone new, and knew that their last sibling would be joining them soon.