Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Krystal asked as she looked down to Fox.

Fox didn’t respond right away. He was still getting used to being mere inches tall, and seeing the beautiful blue vixen as a giant. He stood between her legs while she sat on her bed, barely able to see her face past her breasts, clad only in her traditional bikini. The shrunken vulpine also found himself a bit distracted by the sight of her loincloth only barely covering what it needed to cover...

Fox!” She said, a bit annoyed.

O-oh, yeah! I’m sure.”

A few days ago, Krystal had been disassembling her staff to clean and repair it. She only needed its core blue energy gem out for a moment while she examined the part of the metal that contained it. She held the gem in her teeth while she did so, but ended up having a small sneezing fit. She held the object tightly in her jaws to avoid spitting it back out, sucking it in just past her teeth... Rather than have it shoot back out onto the table, on the final sneeze, she accidentally sucked it back into her throat. In less than a moment it sank into her gullet, and soon after, her belly.

First, the vixen attempted to regurgitate the stone. When it wouldn’t come back out, she decided she would wait for it to pass out her backside. Unfortunately, she would never feel it come out of her rump. As a matter of fact, it seemed to have not left her stomach at all. The gem seemed to be blocking the exit, trapping anything else she ate from moving on to her bowels. The previous night she tried to gorge herself, and eat enough to force the blockage through her gut. This didn’t accomplish anything but make her belly feel sore and bloated, and finally convince her she needed to get some help.

She was too embarrassed to seek help from anybody except Fox - Instead of say, someone with a bit of medical knowledge like Slippy. She did swipe a size altering unit from his lab however, and used it to shrink Fox for his journey into her body.

And now he stood before her, trying to get his train of thought back after being caught gazing over her seemingly massive form. She sometimes wore this old outfit because she knew fox liked her in it, but right now it was because her flight suit would put too much pressure on her belly.

Yeah so, I guess it’ll be pretty quick. You gulp me down. I’ll get the stone up through the hole into your gullet. Then you should be able to cough us both up! Easy.”

Krystal was a bit less confident that it could really be that easy, but she was eager to try something to get the mess in her digestive system sorted. She reached down, very gently holding the micro by the shoulders and beginning to lift. Fox tensed as he felt his feet leave the ground, and watched the blue fox’s immense form pass by him, before he was held suspended just in front of her lips. He shuddered as he felt the vixen’s warm breath passing through his fur. Krystal’s lips separated a bit for a moment, as though she was about to say something.

She seemed to be at a loss for words however. Instead she would simply open her jaws all the way, widely enough for Fox to clearly see all of the features inside. Her tongue rolled out beyond her lower teeth before she set him down on it. Having him lay on his back with his feet towards her throat, before shutting her lips again and sealing him in darkness. Fox lay still as his fur became soaked with saliva. He didn’t quite seem to know what to do as he sat in her mouth.

Krystal seemed unsure herself, sitting still with her boyfriend between her jaws for several seconds. Hesitating to send him down to her rumbling, aching stomach, and considering just letting him back out. A sudden twinge of pain from her gut would convince her otherwise however, and so she tilted her head back. Her tongue rolled up around the micro’s head, and began to push. With one firm motion the vixen swallowed, sending the micro down her throat.

Be safe, Fox...” She said softly, reaching up to feel the bulge in her neck before it vanished into her chest.

Fox squirmed as he felt the esophagus clamp down on his shrunken form, slowly pushing him deeper into his girlfriend’s body. He was nervous about his descent as well, especially as he heard the gurgles of the stomach echo up the gullet. Unlike Krystal however, he was also a bit curious to see what this would be like. Excited, even! He could hear, and feel the thumping of the vixen’s heart as he passed down her chest. Though very tight, the esophagus wrapping around and squeezing his body was a rather pleasant sensation. The feeling of having his entire body rubbed and kneaded at once helped calm him, and knowing that it was Krystal’s body doing it to him made it feel incredible.

The micro would be less enchanted once he reached the stomach however. He dropped into the pit with a splash, gagging as he smelled, and was forced to swim in a mixture of bile and days-old food. She clearly hadn’t been mistaken about the blockage, it seemed everything she had eaten in the last three days was floating around in here. When he got his head above liquid and opened his eyes, he was surprised that he could see pretty clearly through it all.

A radiant blue light illuminated the stomach and the semi-translucent sludge, the source shining brightly in the opposite end of the chamber. The gut quivered and churned, sloshing its contents around and making it difficult to move without getting tossed around. With persistence the fox managed to get to the other side, and touch the blue stone wedged in the vixen’s duodenum.

Okay... I just need to get this back to the throat.” He said softly to himself, looking over the gem and trying to figure out exactly how to do that. The stone was a little wider than him and slightly shorter, though it was a bit difficult to know for sure with some portion of it out of sight. There wasn’t any obvious place he could grab hold and pull it out. He simply decided to kneel down, narrowly avoiding submerging his head in the mess, and wrap his arms around the object.

The jewel was very slippery, and Fox couldn’t seem to get a grip on it. He kept on trying, tugging and pushing at different angles. Finally, with one strong shove, he was able to get the object to move by half an inch! But then it moved back... and began to sink. “N-no!” He tried in vein to grip the stone as it inched down, vanishing, and taking the light with it. But as it passed through that troublesome bend, it came completely loose.

The seal holding in a dozen meals worth of half digested sludge had been broken. Krystal immediately felt the bloat in her stomach began to fade away, sighing happily. “Oh my... Thank you, Fox~” She assumed he was successful, and would be climbing back into her gullet momentarily. She got up, walking into her bathroom to prepare to cough up

The sphincter groaned and glorped as the pent up liquid rapidly drained into it. Fox tried to swim away, but with the light source gone he couldn’t tell exactly which direction he was moving. Krystal’s steps jostled the liquid in the stomach, making it even more difficult for the micro to move away from the flow. “K-Krystal! Throw me up now!” He shouted, though she couldn’t hear him through all that flesh, especially when those loud gurgles drowned him out. She stood patiently in the bathroom, having no idea that her boyfriend was fighting to not get sucked beyond the point of no return. The point where there would only be one possible way to exit her body. He fought hard to avoid it, but soon he would struggle in the wrong direction, and his head would pass too close to the sphincter leading to the intestines. In just a couple of seconds his entire body was sucked out of the stomach, pushed deeper by the still powerful pressure behind him.

Krystal idly drummed a finger on her belly as she waited, and waited to feel that pressure in her esophagus. She could still feel the occasional tickles of Fox’s fuzzy form rubbing against the flesh inside, though she couldn’t tell it had moved beyond the stomach As the minutes passed, it occurred to her that she might not necessarily recognize the feel of the micro working back up out of her belly. In fact, they hadn’t established any sort of signal other than that. There was no way he could let her know if he couldn’t make it through, for instance.

About five minutes had passed before the vixen decided she didn’t want Fox sitting in her stomach without knowing for sure what was happening any longer. Ready or not, he was coming out. She checked to make sure the drain in the sink was plugged before reaching to stick a finger in her throat and starting to retch. Her stomach was almost completely empty by that point, making it difficult to get anything up. She gagged for nearly a minute, before she felt something reach her throat. She continued on, beginning to vomit the sludge from her belly into the sink, waiting to feel something solid - Her boyfriend, and hopefully that gem. But even after completely emptying what was left in her stomach, she felt no such things pass through her throat. She even dipped a finger in the mess, searching... But then she felt the familiar tickle of Fox’s fur rubbing her insides, despite her stomach feeling completely empty. Slowly, it dawned on her where he must be...

Fox!” The shrunken vulpine heard the shout, figuring Krystal must have figured out what had happened. He had continued to struggle for around a minute, trying has had as he could to push himself back the way he came. The vixen’s intestines were intent on not allowing him to backtrack, though they hardly let him progress quickly either. After the initial pressure that had shoved him into her bowels had been relieved, he was left to move forward at an agonizingly slow pace. The intense gurgling surrounded him as the liquid and air bubbles were shoved around, and ever deeper by the digestive system. He had lost sight of the stone itself, but could still see a faint glimmer of blue coming from somewhere ahead. He tried to think of how he could still make his way back to the stomach, or how Krystal could possibly help to pull him back. Deep down he knew that wasn’t going to be possible, but he still wanted to hold out hope...

Krystal in the meantime had gone to find a couple of communicators. She brought them back to her bedroom, sticking one into her ear, and holding the microphone from the other to her belly. “Fox! Fox if you can hear me in there, please say something.”

Krystal!” The voice was faint, though she could still make it out. “Everything got sucked out of your stomach. Me, the gem...” He shuddered as the intestines contracted, mashing more of the goo into his already drenched fur. “Ugh.... everything.

Oh no... I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you’d get pushed that deep.” She felt over her belly with a finger, gently pushing down next to where she held the communicator. “Are you okay though? You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

I uh... yeah, I think I’m okay. Nothing bruised but my pride, heh... Well, I guess it’ll be something to laugh about once you’re able to cough me up!” He chuckled nervously, hoping Krystal was about to say something reassuring about how he’d get out.

Yes I... I can’t wait to put it all behind us. Unfortunately I think it’ll be a while longer before you’re out.” She paused to let him respond, but only heard silence. “I already took some laxatives. So hopefully you’ll get through my system soon. Again she stopped to let him say something, but heard nothing.

Well, try to look at the positive... You’re finally going to get to try anal with me!” She let out a small, forced laugh. A few seconds later she heard Fox finally respond, unable to resist chuckling when he heard Krystal’s joke.

This does *not* count as that, Krystal. But it may be moot anyways... we’ll see if I’ve still got any interest in your butt after this is all over.” He sighed as he imagined what it would be like for him further down her gastrointestinal tract. He was only now sort of beginning to get used to the thick slime that he was stuck in the middle of. Of course it was only bound to get less pleasant as he made his way through the vulpine’s bowels.

Krystal sat for a minute, still holding the communicator to her fuzzy middle with one hand, and trying to trace the route of her lover with the other. She was also concerned with his exit, remembering just how much she had eaten over the past few days. That was all going to have to come out at once... She was worried about how he’d feel after it, yet she found herself oddly fixated on what it’d be like for Fox to be lost among it all. She wondered if he’d even see him once he was pushed out of her tailhole, or if he’d be completely encased in the aftermath of her meals. She knew he probably didn’t want to hear more about how messy his exit would be, and didn’t tell him about those thoughts. Instead she yawned, shifting around in her seat.

I’m going to get some rest, Fox. Is there anything you think you’ll need before I stop listening?”

“Eh... It’s not like you could get it to me anyways.”

“Alright... Well, I’ll see you in the morning.” She took the communicator away from her belly, setting it on her bedside table along with the one that was in her ear. The vixen bent down, patting her middle once more. “Goodnight, Fox. I love you.” With that she would lay back, pulling the sheets over her, and tapping on the remote to shut off the lights. With only a distant galaxy to faintly illuminate the room through her window, she would slowly drift off into a deep sleep, while her digestive system worked to process everything she had eaten.

Fox’s night was far less restful. Exhaustion would sometimes allow him to lose consciousness for a short while, but with the tight bowels contracting around his form, it was difficult to stay asleep for long. On one hand, he could tell he was making significant progress any time he woke back up. On the other, he could tell because the smell around him seemed noticeably worse each time. Beginning to shift from the scent of bile and old food, to the stench of of bodily waste as he got closer to the colon. The blue glimmer ahead got fainter as the sludge turned opaque, until he seemed to be in total blackness.

By the time he had reached the end of Krystal’s small intestines, the smell was unbearable. He wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again in the sludge, hoping that he was somewhere near the end. The micro’s body would soon pass through the sphincter separating the large intestine from the rest of the vixen’s digestive system. “O-oh god...” He mumbled, careful to not open his mouth too much. There was no longer any ambiguity over what the stuff that surrounded him was. He was right in the middle of Krystal’s crap.

The colon worked to absorb any excess moisture from the gunk around him, slowly hardening it. The large intestines had allowed a bit more freedom of movement when he first entered them, but the drying waste would soon render him almost completely immobile. Packing him firmly into a log that was wedged between a few others. Slowly inched forward, closer to her backside. At the very least, the laxatives seem to have worked... He made it all the way from the stomach to just outside of her colon, before she had even awoken!

Krystal groaned a bit in her sleep as the urge to relieve herself built, though she remained fast asleep. It wasn’t until a large bubble of gas managed to slip past the waste and to the end rudely ripped from her tailhole that she awoke. Making her loincloth flutter a bit, the noise was a shock to the fox in her bowels, but only just let her wake up.

K-Krystal!” He shouted after recovering from that loud noise, and feeling her move around. “Am I coming out?”

“Ooof.... so much...” She didn’t hear Fox as she clenched her tailhole as she felt the immense pressure in her backside. She got up, quickly making her way over to the bathroom. Another fart burst from her rump, moving her loincloth again before she slid it down and plopped her furred butt onto the aluminum toilet seat. The instant she let her anus relax, it flexed to reveal a large, though otherwise normal turd. Everything sitting in her colon shifted down as room was made, before it broke off and splashed down in the water. She shuddered as another of similar size did the same. “That feels
so good...

After the second log left her body, she felt something harder push against the ring of flesh. She grunted and pushed, trying to force it out, before it was expelled from her anus with a short but powerful burst of gas. She heard a clang as it hit the back of the bowl, and glanced down to see a blue light between her legs.

“Oh, good~” She said happily, though she knew she wasn’t done yet, as she felt more dung about to slide out.

Fox had felt himself dropping when Krystal began to defecate. Only an inch or two per second, but far faster than he had moved in any other part of her intestines. He knew he would finally be out soon, though he couldn’t tell quite when. The fox didn’t feel the difference as he slid down into the rectum, or even when he was passing through the vixen’s tailhole. He only felt a difference when he suddenly went into freefall! A moment later he splashed down into the toilet bowl, but he still couldn’t see. In fact, Krystal didn’t realize he had been pooped out either, as another lump of waste slid out of her tailhole, landing ontop of the turd that he was trapped in.

The micro began to struggle, trying to break free. “Krystal!” He shouted again, though she still couldn’t hear him. With great effort he slowly began to break the log apart, until he could finally get a gasp of freah air! He shivered as he felt the cold water begin to touch him, though it was a welcome change from being trapped in the vixen’s crap. He looked up, getting an up close and personal look at Krystal’s bare rump... In the middle of pushing out one last turd. It fell free, splashing down into the bowl, while she felt she was finally empty.

Fox...?” The vixen asked, having not actually felt him sliding out of her rump.

Y-yeah, I’m down here!” Fox called out, chuckling now that he was finally free. Krystal sighed with relief as she heard his faint voice below, getting off the toilet, and beginning to look down.

Oh Fox, it’s so good to hear-” She was cut off by the sound of rushing water. Fox felt the water suddenly begin to spin, letting out a yelp as he was sucked downwards into darkness. Krystal had looked just in time to see her boyfriend, the glowing stone, and everything else she had just released vanish, leaving behind an empty toilet bowl.

She had forgotten about the automatic flush.


Fox shivered as he was set down on the edge of the sink. Soaking wet, and still quite dirty. Next to him the glowing gem sat, still covered in brown muck. She turned on the sink, making sure the drain plug was in, and picked up her boyfriend to begin rinsing him off.

So... It was a good thing I knew where the pipes went, hm?”


“It’s a good thing you didn’t reach the waste recycling unit. That probably would’ve been a bit rougher than my digestive system.”

She continued to wash Fox, occasionally squirting him with hand soap. After a couple of minutes, his fur had mostly returned to its normal hue, though it was still just a shade darker than before.

I’ll bet the trip through my guts was exhausting. You look-”

Don’t say ‘pooped’.” He muttered.

What, I wasn’t going to say that! I was going to say, you look like shit~”

Fox glared up at the blue vixen’s face, trying to hold a scowl. But whenever he heard her joke, he just couldn’t help but smile and laugh a bit.

You know you owe me, big.”

I know, I know... Next time you get something stuck in your belly, I promise I’ll go in to help. Okay?” Krystal asked with a smile.

Not quite what I was thinking...” Krystal brought him out of the water, setting him back on the counter and beginning to gently dry him. “I’ll think of something though.”

Krystal nodded, before beginning to kneel down. Fox shivered as the vixen opened her jaws, letting him look inside! But they closed after a moment, and she leaned a bit closer to plant a kiss on his now clean head.

Love you, Fox~”

Yeah... I love you too, Krystal~”