Alright dude, last chance. You’re sure you wanna do this?”

Yeah, I’m sure”

Nicole sighed, unzipping her track jacket to reveal a peach-colored tank top underneath. She tossed the jacket onto her bed behind me before peeling down her yoga pants just below her rump, putting the pale moon on full display. No panties to speak of. I stood there and watched her as she tied her strawberry blonde hair up into a cute ponytail and crossed her arms beneath her alluring C cup breasts.

Ready” she spoke.

Carefully I took my position behind her. Figured there was no real reason to make either of us wait, so I pulled down my shorts and boxers and stuffed my already primed dick quickly into her ass.

Immediately my shaft was clamped down on by powerful, clenching glute muscles. Nicole moaned at the rocking sensation, probably not expecting such a fast entry. To be fair I didn’t really know what I was doing anyway. Sure I’d seen plenty of porn in my time, but despite the 19 years of my current life I was still a virgin through and through.

This was it though. Nicole wasn’t the hottest girl in class by most standards, but she had everything I loved. Pale, creamy skin, an athletic figure, a lovely smile and that magnificent strawberry scent... not to mention some real meat on her curves. My hands on her hips, Nicole’s plump ass jiggled in tandem with each pump. I still couldn’t believe she agreed to this!

I held onto her for dear life as I approached my peak. Nicole bit her lip, knees quivering as I did the same. I really didn’t want it to end so soon. For at least a couple of years now I fantasized about doing this, and now... it was really happening. It was happening! It—

I moaned egregiously as a plethora of cum shot from my cock and into Nicole’s butt. My knees were still quivering, as if I were in shock. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time...

Slowly but surely, my member eased out from its resting place. Nicole stood there, knees shaking as jizz leaked out of her ass. I fell graciously onto her bed, watching her pull those leggings back over her rump before any cum could drip to the floor. The stain on her pants was pretty clear and noticeable, but I had to imagine that was the last thing currently going through her mind.

After taking several moments to compose herself, Nicole was the first one to speak up.

I hope you’re satisfied? There was never a round two in the arrangement, yknow”

Still basking in the afterglow, I responded wistfully. “I know”

You’re all set then?”

Rather than reply, I held a simple thumbs up. I watched Nicole shrug as she bent down below my eye level and got to work.

I could feel it happening. I couldn’t see it, but boy did I feel it. My dick rose to life once more after hearing all the gulps and slurps Nicole was making. It made me wish I could’ve lasted a bit longer than two minutes, but oh well. At least I would die feeling like I’d done something with my life.

Before it even felt like time had passed, the strawberry blonde was already working over my butt. Inch by inch I was being pulled off the end of the bed and into the bottomless pit of Nicole’s gullet. I was pleased to feel her tongue playing with my reborn member while she chewed on my ass. She really didn’t have to do that, so it was a kind gesture in my eyes.

It didn’t take long for me to explode all into her throat. Two orgasms in five minutes was a hell of a way to spend my last moments on earth, or at least I thought so. The slimy jizz lubricating her throat only seemed to help Nicole get me down faster, and before I knew it I was practically sliding in on my own merit.

With a gracious slurp the girl of my wildest fantasies drove past my elbows, then my shoulders. Feeling her breath against my chest was like heaven itself, and I never wanted it to end. Slowly but surely Nicole’s wonderful lips crept up my neck and began to encompass my jaw. No part of me remained on the bed at this point. Never in my life would I be able to touch something other than Nicole again.

And to be honest? I was okay with that

The strawberry blonde needed no help in getting all the way over my head. Hands rested on her thighs; sitting with her plush butt on her heels, Nicole tilted her chin towards the ceiling and gulped hard, draining me all the way down into her tummy.

I made a pretty nice bulge in Nicole’s stomach. It wasn’t overtly huge for whatever reason despite my size, but it was enough to stretch her tank just over the top of her midsection. There was no way she looked anything more than pregnant, and I *was* that bun in her oven.

Yknow you weren’t too bad for my first...” Nicole remarked, assuming I could hear her. “Pretty darn tasty. Have fun burning away in my gut~”

That line really got me up again in a hurry. It was cramped and humid in there, but damn if I wouldn’t be working hard for a couple more nuts...

Nicole stood up and stroked her distended belly before hopping onto the bed. The athletic girl absentmindedly scrolled through various social media while I was busy jerking off in her growling tummy. The powerful organ rumbled and shook, bent on breaking me down into nutrients and energy for the girl I had eyes for

While I tossed and turned, Nicole was texting her friends about her first human meal. It wasn’t something girls did too terribly often, but almost everyone had at least 1 guy or girl under their belt since they turned 16. Her twin sister Chantal especially loved to tease Nicole about how much she ate, and it really showed on her figure. Well, now it’d show on hers too.

It wasn’t a very drawn out procedure. During the span of a little over 30 minutes, I was ground up completely into mush and sludge, leaving hardly an ounce of pudge on her midsection. Nicole’s body knew how to use me. She could watch on full display as her tits swelled to a killer D cup, stretching her tank top some. It still fit, anyway. Just rode up her midsection some and put a canyon of cleavage on display. Her stretchy tights also made room for her plumpening butt and thighs, giving the girl a real good-looking figure. Her muscles even remained lean, despite all the added meat. If anything, they only looked better after such a huge helping of proteins.

Nicole stood up and smiled at her modest gains. This *definitely* wouldn’t be her last human meal, but it was her first. And that made it at least somewhat special. The strawberry blonde opened her Instagram and got her camera ready against the mirror. It took a couple minutes to find a good pose that showed off her tits and ass, but it was way beyond worth it. Flashing her gorgeous smile, Nicole winked and flexed one arm to show off her gains. The gains I gave her.

She couldn’t wait to share it with all her followers