There were a few people you sort of EXPECTED to go crazy-mad with power at the school. A few people you just KNEW were going to go insane one day, or be stretched too far, or would finally step over the line and just go wild. Akali, after all, was a terrifying-looking Goth chick who always seemed to be in shadow whenever she was in class, wearing her Middle Eastern attire, a partial burqua over her face, her arms showing signs of cutting, a dark glint in her pupils and a disturbing amount of seriously evil poetry books in her pitch black book bag. She had the uncanny ability to peel anything’s skin off in a single go, often demonstrating on apples and oranges and other fruits, as if letting other people know “You’re next if you ever screw with me”.

Brand was a terrifying lunatic that had been suspended MULTIPLE times for his attempts to do fiery chemical experiments. His skin was dark and rough and it burned with foul fiery light from scar marks, his eyes lit up like a bonfire. He was also bald and looked like he belonged at a Neo Nazi rally, the sort who liked the film “American History X” unironically, and he was commonly playing with a lighter. Surely this loon would one day burn down the school!

Professor Mundo was positively insane. The school had been forced to hire him as another science teacher because, frankly, nobody else would take the job beyond him and Heimerdinger. But he didn’t have the nickname “Madman Mundo” for nothing. He had crazy eyes, a blue tongue from constantly drinking some strange liquid he said was his “medication”, giggled far too often, and commonly smashed things into the countertop if he got mad. And he communicated mostly in grunts and monosyllabic words.

Indeed, all of these people were good candidates for “Destroy the school”. But nobody had forseen AHRI doing it. Never in a million years. And yet...she’d grown to immensely huge size thanks to an accident in her chemistry class, and she was on a rampage! She was eating people up left and right! Professor Heimerdinger? Gone. Taliyah? Gone. Caitlyn, Jinx, Fizz? Gone! Darius, Ekko and Vladimir? Gone!

And Ahri was LOVING it. She smirked evilly, rubbing over her considerably larger breasts, one after the other, with one hand, whilst the other patted over the little bit of chub her classmates had made in her belly. “I really OUGHT to work this off, but...well, I’m stiiilll so hungry.” She murmured evilly, licking her luscious lips. Her freely-flowing nine fox tails were slightly twitching, as if gigantic snakes that were yearning to swallow someone up. In fact, Ahri suspected they DID want to swallow people up, and, well...who was she to deny them?

The now-huge former cheerleader grinned, stroking over them, her well built face alive with malice and her eyes now cold and golden. She seemed a bit paler than normal now, her locks of hair, pink and fancy, flowing down her back seemed to be a bit paler too. Something clearly unnatural had befallen her from the exposure to the chemical mixture, but she didn’t care. It felt too damn GOOD to do all this. Smirking evilly, she pushed her way out into the hallway with ease, people staring in shock, mouths agape as she easily broke through the door.

“Hahahaha!” She laughed. “I’m on top of the world!” She proclaimed, spreading her arms wide, folks quickly realizing that the smart thing to do would be to START RUNNING. Folks scattered, trying to bolt away as Ahri sneered, her many tails shooting out and ensnaring various students.

AAHH! Get off me!” cried Fiora, who was in the school’s fencing club. Her black and pink hair was now frazzled as the tail she was wrapped up in shook her about, and she tried to claw at it with her slender fingers, then reached into her bag, trying to get hold of the switchblade knife she kept hidden within. The tail, however, wasn’t having that. Its tip ripped the bag off...and began ripping her CLOTHES off too, Ahri giggling evilly as the other students her tails had ensnared began to have their clothes tossed away.

“Don’t want anything interfering with my babies nice, smooth meals. Wouldn’t want them choking on any of your tacky clothing, especially not you, Fiora.” Ahri remarked. “I mean really. Boots that tall? Soooo last year.” She laughed, mockingly holding up Fiora’s large, pointed black boots.

“Fuck you ya naked whore, they’re Versace!” Fiora snapped angrily at the butt-naked, immensely large Ahri. “If I had my rapier you’d be SO dead-”

The tail had decided that was all she was going to say. Within seconds Fiora’s entire body was now engulfed in thick fur that was obscuring her vision completely as Fiora squirmed and struggled uselessly, being sucked into a fleshy opening within the tail. Ahri giggled in delight, the tip enclosing around Fiora more and more. The head was slurped on in, the shoulders soon following after, Fiora joining other unfortunate students being guzzled up.

The tail continued working down, down the body of the squirming female fencer, stretching effortlessly to engulf her. Though this wasn’t hard, her shoulders were slim and her arms were being pinned to the side. Ahri smirked evilly, all her tail meals bulging out her “babies” very nicely indeed as they undulated and pulsed around the teens they were guzzling down. Deeper and deeper in they all went, Fiora screeching and yelling even louder than all the others.

“Ugh, what a pair of pipes. Don’t know why she didn’t join Glee Club instead of the Fencing Team.” Ahri mused to herself, Fiora making a very large bulge in one of her many tails. She chuckled a bit, taking hold of the “breast” section that was poking through her tail, giving Fiora’s boobs a playful squeeze through the fur and making her shriek. “Oooh, this feels nice!” She laughed, squeezing and massaging them a bit before the tail resumed gulping.

GLOR-GLLGGM-GLGGGH! Soon the teenage fencer’s waist vanished into Ahri’s tail as it worked its way down the legs. They were proving easy to swallow, all these tasty teens, not having clothes made it MUCH easier for her tails to guzzle them down! Soon the tail’s edge was closing around the feet, snapping shut as all of the teenagers were just big bulges in Ahri’s tails, being kneaded and massaged over as Ahri laughed a bit, turning to see a stunned-looking, astounded Professor Mundo who was standing there with a terrified-looking Yordie who’s goggles had fallen off their head.

“Look! LOOK!” Teemo cried out, the furry little Yordie’s mouth agape, black tuft of hair atop their head standing up as she tugged on Professor Mundo’s shirt. “See?! SEE?!?I told you what I saw when I peeked into Prof. Heimerdinger’s class! She ate them!!! She’s gonna eat us all!” Teemo screamed. “Do something! We gotta stop her before she eats the whole school!”

“Ooh, now THERE’S an idea.” Ahri giggled.

“You make Mundo mad. MUNDO SMASH!” Professor Mundo snarled. “NO EATING OUTSIDE CAFETERIA!”

“...that’s what you care about?” Teemo muttered, looking stupidly at the professor as he barreled at Ahri, who smirked nonchalantly, the bulges in her tails no longer human-shaped, but just big, fat, round bulges as she promptly plucked him up. Mundo snarled, squirming about, slamming his strong fists into her own hand!

“OW! That really hurt!” Ahri yelled, growling darkly as she dropped Mundo on the ground and her eyes darkly glowered. “You’re gonna pay for that!” She told him, turning herself around...showing off her ass. She aimed her rear right at him, her well-sculpted, huge behind squarely aimed at Mundo as he rose up. Snarling, he rushed at her, fist held high as she launcher herself butt-first, right at him! Her behind slammed right at him! Right at his head.

SCHLORRRK. Her cheeks fully engulfed him, and Ahri let out an erotic groan as her ass cheeks began to pulsate and throb around Mundo, Teemo squealing in shock. The ass cheeks began to slurp Mundo down with big, fat, loud wet noises. THRRLLORRR-SCCCLLLORRRRPPP! Mundo squirmed about uselessly, the ass cheeks happily and hungrily sucking him down, Ahri eager to anally devour him, to send him deep, deep down into the hot, humid anal passage within.

Ohhh yeaaah, keep squirming! You’re making me wet!” She evilly laughed, giggling happily, rubbing over her breasts, closing her eyes. Her finely-shaped ass vibrated around the poor muscular professor, as strong as he was, he couldn’t break free. He continued sliding deeper and deeper into the rump, the hungry rear yearning to suck ALL of him down. GLORRR-SCCHLLLRRRPPP! More and more of him sinking deeper into the hot and hungry ass, Teemo gasping in shock at what he was seeing, all of Mundo being guzzled down, down, down into Ahri’s engorged anus until, at last, with a final SCHLLLLRRRRRGGGHH…

In he went! All of him sucked down as Ahri rubbed over her big, fat, bulbous behind. “How niiiice.” She murmured, turning to Teemo. “Now, what to do with-”

“RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, EVERYONE!” Teemo cried out, barreling down the hall. “AHRI’S LOST HER MIND! RUN FOR IT! RUN!”

Ahri frowned darkly, people looking out of their classrooms, seeing her immense form and gasping in shock. They began taking off, trying to run down the halls as fast as they could, but Ahri had no intention of letting them rush off. Her hands snatched out, grabbing hold of several students at once as they uselessly squirmed about, flailing around. Their legs kicked about in vain in the air as they were shoved hard into Ahri’s hungry throat, their screaming quickly being silenced.

With big, powerful, hungry gulps, Ahri began swallowing the random students down, their legs kicking around in the air, Ahri’s thick tongue lapping and licking over them, savoring the blend of salty and sweet. “Mmmmmm! Soooooo niiiice.” She murmured happily as she kept swallowing the students down whole and alive, pulling the two helpless teens down her undulating throat. GLOGMP-GLLLRGGH-GLLLMMGHPH!

She then felt a stabbing pain and gasped as she hastily swallowed the last of the students down, whipping about. Akali had sliced at her back and was twirling her knife, glowering evilly at her. “Yo! Queen Bitch. Prepare to die!”

“Oh, you did NOT JUST DO THAT!” Ahri roared angrily, snatching at Akali, who ducked, sliding under the hand and slicing at the arm again. “OW! Stand still!”

“Yeah, no!” Akali snapped, more students trying to race for the doors. “I’ll cut you up piece by piece!”

But unfortunately, Akali couldn’t dodge the onslaught of tails. She swerved and dipped, dived and ducked, trying to avoid them, but one of them caught her, snatching her up and tossing her into a nearby pair of lockers. SHUDDA-THROOOM! Akali moaned, flopping onto the floor as Ahri smirked evilly. Akali realized what was about to happen and scrambled to her feet, trying to race after other students who were making for the exits.

THWOMPH! Ahri’s big hand snatched hold of her. She’d grabbed her leg! And now she was stuffing said legs and feet right into her jaws, evilly grinning. GLOMPGH-GGGLLLRGGH! “AAAH! Get off me, get off me!” Akali screeched out. But there was little she could do but slide backwards as Ahri took her time, molesting her with her tongue, savoring the dark, husky flavor of the goth. “You sick, perverted! GAAAH!” Akali cried out, Ahri swallowing more and more of her down, her body growing even LARGER with every person she was consuming!

Indeed, Ahri’s breasts had gotten even huger, her mammoth mammaries swelling and bulging, now as larger than special yoga balls people would balance atop of. Her arms and legs throbbed, increasing in muscle mass and fat and length, growing longer and wider, quivering as they expanded. Ahri’s height was rising as well, with every passing minute of digesting prey she seemed to swell another few inches. She was already beginning to scrape the very top of the roof above her head!

Try as she might to thrash about, all of it was in vain. Ahri kept forcing more and more of the young teen deeper and deeper into her maw. She tilted her head back to let gravity to aid her as the goth chick sank down more and more. GLLLORRGH-SCCHLRGG! Soon Ahri had easily guzzled down Akali’s head, then the arms, and with a final, big, happy BHRRAAAAAPPP, she let out a belch, Akali’s panties flopping onto the floor below. “Oh, excuuuuse me.” Ahri giggled evilly, picking at her teeth as she turned to the horde of students trying to shove their way through the exits.

Unfortunately for all of them, this was proving far more difficult than they thought. With SO many students and teachers all at the exits, they couldn’t all get out! It was like a bottleneck! They yelled and screeched and squirmed about, trying to push through the exits, Teemo on the other end trying to tug people free of the doorways. “C’mon, c’mon!” He cried, his tiny little arms tugging hard as he could.

But then his grip on Brand slipped, because Ahri had shot her large hand into the crowd to snatch up some more snacks. She’d grabbed hold of him AND a random janitor who was trying to whack her hand to make the immense, now fifty-foot tall former cheerleader drop him. Brand squirmed about in Ahri’s grip, getting out his lighter…

PHOOOH.” She blew hard, the lighter and the mop in the janitor’s hand falling down as she giggled. “The “girls” on my chest could use another meal!” She proclaimed. And with that, she forced both of them right into her breasts. GLORK! Into the nipples they went, sinking into the gigantic, beautiful sacks of beauty on her chest, squirming about helplessly. Ahri moaned erotically as they sank down, down into her beautiful breasts. “Ooooh, keep squirming, oh YESSSS!”

She continued to slurp them up into her breasts, ignoring their flailing feet. She sniggered sadistically, slowly rubbing over ever-growing breasts and wistfully sighing. Ohhh, this felt so...natural. So RIGHT. She licked her lips slowly as her breasts continued to slurp them up, sending the two meals into her beautiful orbs. “Mmm! I can practically taste you. Especially you, Brand. Spicy!” She laughed, their legs getting sucked on into her mammoth mammaries as she massaged over them with her hands. She jiggled her boobs with the two students inside them, beginning to melt them into delicious milk and layers of fat. “Ahhhhhhh.” She sighed. “Soooo goooooood.”

With this latest meal, her size now IMMENSELY expanded. She had a big, fat, ridiculously distended beer gut, which shook like a bowl full of jello. Her arms and legs were now thicker than redwood trees, her immense breasts as big as small hot air balloons upon her immense chest. She’d gotten more muscular, more intense all over her frame, her ass finely sculpted and now bigger than even Michaelangelo’s David. She could have passed for a towering Greek goddess sculpture with her towering frame were it not for the horrific glint of her VERY alive, foul eyes. And her tails were now thicker than anacondas, larger than gigantic water slide tubes, all whipping about in the air!

Laughing in delight, the now 90-foot tall former cheerleader rose up, towering high, breaking through the roof. KRAKKA-THRA-SCHOOOOM! Bricks and chunks of roof flopped all around, people howling as they tried to run out of the way of the falling roof. Ahri began clearing big chunks of the school out of her path, sneering darkly. She rubbed her hands together, tails lashing about. “Hey, hey. Let’s see who gets this one! IT’S A BRAND NEW DAY!” She began singing out. “AND THE SUN IS HIGH!”

“Oh HA-HA, very funny!” Teemo squeaked out, seeing Ahri snatching hold of a large bus, people trying to barrel out of the academy grounds as Ahri laughed darkly. She tore the front half of the bus open with a loud KRRRRKKKCCHHH noise, opening her maw wide. She tilted the bus towards her jaws, shaking it about. PLOPPA-PLOPPA-PLOP! Humans flopped down, down into the immensely tall Kitsune’s maw as chunks of roof dribbled down onto the academy floor below. She kicked an empty bus over as she kept swallowing down people that fell from the bus, moaning in delight.

“Mmmmmm. Niiiice!” She moaned happily, tossing the now empty bus away and then turning back to the academy. KRRR-SCHHHHH! She kicked a huge chunk of it open, exposing the auditorium. People had raced off for it since it was on the opposite side of the school SHE’D been at. The screams of the injured and the dying were filling the air, along with the loud, awful grumbling of her belly, which yearned for more tasty flesh.

She snatched up a large handful of humans, her tails lashing out. They ensnared more students, guzzling down several at once, Ahri tossing her meals into her open, waiting maw. GLOMP-GGLLGH-GLORRGH! She swished them about in her jaws, then nonchalantly began chewing. “Mmmm. Crunchy, yet tangy. How nice!” She remarked nonchalantly as nice bulges pulsed and throbbed, sliding down the tails she had as she felt over each little bulge. She giggled a bit, poking and prodding at the lovely, full tails.

“Aw, you’re eating well too, aren’t you, sweeties?” She cooed. “I’m almost full!” She said, laughing in delight as she reached down, snatching up even MORE students, tossing them into the air as they tumbled down, down, down into her waiting mouth. She murred in pleasure at hearing them squeak and scream, feeling them all sliding down her throat, letting her swallowing reflex do most of the job. GLRRRK-GLLOORG-GLLLGGMM.

And, at last, Ahri seemed to be finished. The academy was a smoking wreck, barely anyone was left alive, and Ahri’s stomach was ridiculously, hugely distended, her tails bloated to the brim, full of bulging, squirming humans. Ahri grinned evilly, now an immense 150 feet tall, easily kicking over the principal’s office for good measure. KKRRAA-THRRAASSHHH! It fell into pieces before her as she licked the last bits of flavor off her lips. “Ohhh, that was such a great feast!” She admitted, sighing in delight as she slowly rubbed over her ridiculously distended gut, sighing in delight and closing her eyes. She then let out a thick, loud, raucous belch that rang through the air.

URRRRRRPPPP!” Bones flew from her fanged jaws, flopping onto the parking lot below as Ahri smirked. “Heh. How very unladylike of me.” She snidely intoned before turning, noticing one of the buses had taken off, racing for the city, frowning as she got a good look at one of the students ATOP the bus...Teemo clinging tightly to the top, eyes glancing back at her, looking horrified. “Hmph. They’re probably trying to call the cops or the army or something. Well. Fine by me.” She mused aloud as she picked at her teeth with a pointed nail, and then patted over her belly as it let out a gurgle, churning over the many meals that laid within.

“I could use a SECOND COURSE.” She hissed evilly, her eyes faintly glowing.