Looking from the window, after taking a short break from pacing, Cadance saw her guests, gently strolling across the castle green. Normally the sight of her mother and sister in law visiting would bring a smile to the love princesses face, but times had changed. The stress of leadership had slowly whittled away Cadance’s compassion for the two mares, the pair distracting Shining Armour from his beloved, driving a wedge in-between the royal couple, and something had to be done.

She had talked it over with Shining at breakfast, the pink alicorn outlining her concerns, but Shining had given them no thought, brushing them off like the light snow that fluttered daily on the crystal empire. This had tilted Cadance, as she interpreted it as her husband not taking her concerns seriously, and she had spent the better part of the morning pacing the gallery as she thought of a solution.

Now as they were walking up the gravel drive, an idea manifested, something cruel but at the same time ideal for the task at hoof. It would require a little manipulation, but she knew she could pull it off, her feminine wiles too great for her pretty straightforward husband to resist, so without further a due, she set out to find him.

With the clattering clops of her golden hoof cups, she practically charged down the long castle corridor. Her route direct, as she knew exactly where the stallion would be, and her knowledge was proven right when she found him hunched over a pile of scrolls at his desk, reading over an important edict. Pausing for a moment and taking a deep breath so that she could compose herself, Cadance gave a calm opening statement.

“Shining we need to talk,” she said, slowly walking to his side at the oak desk.

“I love you too Honey,” he said, not hearing her words, too wrapped up in the civic business he was engaged in. She was unsure when he last slept, as he had always seemed to be up when she was, but she couldn’t recall him last snuggling up to her in the cool winter night. This royal order was very important to him, as it would outline the army of the crystal empire, and as such, it had been his time sink for the better part of a month now and was on its 237th draft.

“Shining?” said Cadance caringly, placing a hoof on his shoulder to get his attention. The physically contact causing him to snap his head to look at her, the work clearly getting to him as he seemed out of it.

“I think you need a break,” she said, hating to see him on edge like this, as lack of sleep combined with bureaucracy was a bad combination. Cadence knew of a way to let him unwind, and it would deal with her problem at the same time, it would be a great furnace to burn out his pent-up rage from pencil fiddling.

“I am fine, I need to get this done, this will be a legacy bill, so I want it to be perfect,” he explained, hating to brush his wife off, but he would have plenty of time to spend with her once this was done, as it would remove a few of their responsibilities and automate a lot of trivial processes.

“I knew you would say that, so I invited Twilight and your mom to help you clear your head,” said Cadance slyly, as it seemed his families visit had completely slipped his mind. Not that Cadance expected anything different, when she had mentioned it over breakfast he was like a zombie, looking straight through her.

“Twily’s visiting,” exclaimed Shining getting excited that his little sister was visiting, the spark returning to him, angering Cadance as he didn’t show this kind of energy with her, making her more resolute in following through with her plan.

“Yep, and they have a surprise for you, go to the bedroom and I will bring them up,” said Cadance, biting her lip suggestively. Her husband as dense as ever, not getting what she meant, for a second, before she could physically see the gears engage in his head.

“Ooooh,” he said slowly, before rising from his chair with a smile, as he always liked Cadance’s surprises, and if Twily had anything to do with it, it was sure to be a doozy.

“I will meet you there honey,” he said before briskly vacating the study, Cadance joining him to the door, before going in the other direction in the long corridor, as she had the groundwork to plot in her scheme. The winding route through the castle took her to the greeting room, the place that Twilight and Velvet would sure to have been herded to by the gate pony.

Entering the lavish room, every inch oozing extravagance, as all the necessary precautions had been taken so that the room would impress even the most pampered of rulers. In this shrine of decadence, she found Twilight and Velvet sitting on a long leather couch, sipping on the complimentary tea, her staff were trained to provide.

“Cadance,” practically exploded Twilight, clearly happy to see her sister in law. The purple unicorn bouncing over, just like when she was a filly, and the pair went over their normal rhyme.

“Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake, clap your hooves and do a little shake!” they said in unison, doing the little dance and everything, much to Velvet’s amusement as she smiled from the sofa. This nostalgia tickled Cadance’s heartstrings, but she had already made up her mind, and Twilight had to go. Twilight and her mother were prying her and Shining apart, if they meant to or not was irrelevant, there was only room for one mare in Shining’s life, and it was Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. This went back to when Shining had blown off a couples retreat to spend time with the two mares in front of her and seemed to have spiralled from there, with him cancelling more and more retreats with just the pair of them, and instead making them family affairs. This, of course, had slowly eroded Cadance’s patience as the threat of rejection had loomed in her mind, and to keep her marriage intact she would have to result to desperate measures.

“Where’s Shining?” asked Velvet, evidently wanting to know where her firstborn was.

“Up in are Quarters Velvet, we can go see him now,” informed Cadance, using her skills as a politician to hide her seething loathing for the two mares in front of her that were her family.

“That would be lovely,” said Velvet, taking one last sip of tea and setting it down on the saucer, pausing for a moment and adjusting it slightly, before rising to her hooves. She then walked to Twilights side, as the pair were clearly eager to go, practically buzzing as they no doubt had several fun activities planned, shame they wouldn’t get to do them, as Cadance’s whims would take priority, over some wholesome family fun.

Yes lead the way,” said Twilight, the pair still not fully aware of the castle's layout, so would use Cadance as a guide. Which was exactly as Cadance had planned as she led the pair to the most secluded room she could think of, the broom closet on the 3rd floor. Opening the door, and gesturing them in, the pair entered and immediately looked confused, not realizing why they had been taken to a room filled with assorted janitorial items. With a confused look, Twilight turned around.

“Cadance, I think……” she began before with a zap of magic Cadance cast a mind control spell. The magic old and evil, but it was easy enough to use like most dark magic, the easy way out for unicorns wanting power without putting the effort in, one of many spells from Sombre’s library of lexicons. The strike was precise and connected easily, as with her guard down Twilight was powerless to stop Cadance from corrupting her mind. This unexpected attack caused Velvet to scream and return fire with her own magic, but Cadance parried it, and with the power of an alicorn behind it overwhelmed Velvet with a tsunami of magical power. The mare’s eyes flicking back and forth in horror as her magical beam shrank and the darkness connected with her horn dominating her mind.

“Wiping her brow, to remove a little sweat that had formed as she had concentrated on the spell, Cadance looked at her puppets. Even now she could feel them mentally screaming, begging for her to release her fangs from their mental facilities, but that wasn’t going to happen, Cadance owned them now.

“So girls, you wanted to spend time with Shining, well you’re going to get a lot closer to him, and when I am done with you, you’re going to a place where you will see him every night,” she said confidently, her words wasted, as she couldn’t relish their reactions, as they just stood there gormlessly. Though their faces didn’t show terror, the psychic feedback was making the princess moist, as they were practically having a fit, the unexpected betrayal causing their minds to swell, unable to comprehend why Cadance was so mad at them.

“You don’t think I don’t know you're trying to steal my Shining away from me,” shrieked Cadance, the mask dropping as she was showing her possessive side in a way that terrified her captive audience. Their minds apologizing and begging, but Cadance wasn’t going to have any of that, she had committed now, and there could be no step back.

“Come along girls, you have a stallion to meet,” she commanded and led them to her quarters like a mother duck leads its young. The two mares powerless as Cadance forced their legs to move, the pair completely at the mercy of their controller. Cadance’s power was so great that she would have made them jump from the windows to land with a soft splat on the hard ground below if the fancy took her, but she had something much crueller planned.

Soon they arrived at the door to the royal apartments, and opening the door, Cadance called out for her beloved.

“Shining their here,” she called, letting the pair walk into the room and seat themselves on the couch with a window view, controlling every movement with her mind to make it look as natural as possible.

A minute later Shining emerged from the bathroom, his fur still a little damp, as he had cleaned himself up and was looking much more like his normal self, having banished the bags under his eyes.

“Mom, Twily, it’s great to see you,” he splurged rushing over to see his precious family. The two mares giving him loving hugs, as Cadance prepared to drop the bomb that was her evil scheme.

“It’s good to see you Shining,” said Velvet, her words more pronounced than usual as cadence forced them to her lips.

“You too,” he said returning the hug, as he towered over his diminutive mother.

“We have a surprise for you Shining,” said Twilight, her ear twitching slightly, as Cadence had a little more trouble influencing her fellow alicorn.

“Cadance mentioned you had a surprise, what is it, maybe something sweet,” he said with his normal boyish enthusiasm, like a dog chasing some squirrels. Cadance knew exactly what he was implying, as he loved a certain sweet that could only be purchased from a sweet emporium in Canterlot.

“No dear it’s not Fizzy busters, you have a figure to maintain,” said Velvet with a giggle, giving Shining a joking jab in the ribs.

“It’s actually something a little more personal, I have a favour to ask,” said Twilight.

“What is it Twily,” he said, always willing to help his sister, the protective big brother snapping to attention like the soldier he was. Candace felt a massive amount of negative feedback from Twilight, as she had leaked the next part of the plan to the unwilling mare.

“Cadance told us you were under a lot of stress, so as a favour to me I have an old unicorn sexual technique I want to help you with,” said Twilight, the words barely coming out right, as the purple alicorn tried everything in her power to warn her brother that Cadance had gone off the reservation.

“Twilight has been over it with me on the way up, to summarise you will take them up your urethra and turn them into a large amount of cum, before releasing them as an orgasm,” explained Cadance, realizing she wouldn’t be able to keep Twilight speaking coherently.

“But won't that kill you?” said Shining, focusing on the fact that if Twily and his mom were turned to cum, they would have to die. This lack of concern for the fact Incest was about to occur confirmed Cadance’s suspicions about his relationship with the two mares, the pair nothing more than cheating slags set to tear the healthy relationship between a married couple asunder.

“No, I have shown Cadance a reformation spell, so we will be no worse for wear,” said Twilight Dissuading his fears, as he knew she knew how to do magic on an entirely different level to a normal unicorn, it was her cutie mark after all. For a minute Shining pondered it, before with a nod agreed to try something exotic.

“Only if you promise you will be safe,” he said, not wanting to harm two of the most important mares in his life.

“You worry too much dear, it’s perfectly safe, we did the same thing with your father last week,” lied Velvet, the motherly voice quick to quash any doubts.

“Okay if you have done it already,” relented Shining, as to be honest with them he had been blue balling hard these last few weeks and a little spurt of stallion juice would probably set his brain chemistry right. It was probably this biological imperative that overrode his normal scepticism as he needed to get his rocks off and this seemed the ideal solution.

“Wonderful,” said Cadance, practically forcing him into the adjoining bedroom, ready to get this slaughter going. The loving wife goading him on to the bed with her soft chest and taking a step to the side to let the fun begin, with Velvet clambering to her son’s side. She gave his cock a quick tap, and it slid from its sheath, the stallionhood swiftly inflating as it knew it had a job to do in the imminent future.

“Sit back and let mom loosen your pipes,” said Velvet, licking the tip, her tongue rolling over the glans a few times as she rimmed around the head. The phallus was soon fully erect and was gently throbbing as the beat of Shining’s heart increased. They had always been an open family, so the well-trained mouth of his mother was not a new sensation to Shining. The ease in which Cadance saw her husband allow his mother to caress his Shaft disgusted her, as it confirmed what she already knew about last year’s Heartswarming. No wonder he wanted to spend more time with them, these sluts were giving him their bodies, and this precedent could not stand, only she should have the right to pleasure her husband, the unwanted competition sure to cause issues in the long run.

Once the python was looming, she made Velvet present her hind hooves to the pulsating hole that was the urethra, a little precum leaking from the tight hole. With Twilight’s hooves helping to guide them in. The soft frogs pressed against the opening, and with a twinkle of magic, it began to stretch like elastic to accept them. Mentally Velvet was screaming, trying to break the curse, but she couldn’t, and was a prisoner in her own body, as the thick shaft of her son crawled up her hind legs.

The musky embrace was soon able to adhere well to her toned hind legs, and with a few undulating contractions, the head began to near her sizable rump. Velvets legs were giving a perfect bulge in her son’s shaft so that details like the cups of her frogs could be discerned. Twilight joined her mother on the bed and using her powerful magic lifted up Velvet so that she could use gravity to assist her in slipping through the tight opening.

With gravity on his side, the urethra dilated, and slowly sucked her thighs and then her rump into the waiting orifice. The bulge of Velvets lower body gradually sinking into the meat snake, soon her hind legs were dumped in the semen sack, the flesh taut like she was wearing some kind of flesh sock. This sock soon became tights, then pants, and before long a onesie, as more and more of Velvet was dropped into the tight embrace of her son’s genitalia.

During her descent, Velvet began to coo like a dove, this joining the song of Shining’s grunts. Periodically precum spurted up his length, further lubricating Velvet as her short fur was matted in the sticky gunk, allowing her to more easily slip into the rolling embrace of a hungry penis. Shining couldn’t believe it, the pressure on his junk teasing away at his self-control as he had to maintain his discipline to prevent giving his mother a white shower.

In the back of his mind this felt wrong, incestuous relationships were damaging after all, but as with the few times his female kin had teased him, this felt natural. Unicorns were expected to inbreed, after all, to keep the bloodlines pure, though apart from a few times like a, particularly drunken Heartswarming that history had remained dead in Shining’s life. Trying to repress an orgasm, Shining found the allure of his mother’s fur to great a stimulus, and with a spurt of bubbly ball juice he caked her smiling head in a spray, before with a tug, all that remained of Velvet was her mane slowly trailing in, like a feather tickling his urethra.

Feeling her slither down the tight tube, Shining felt Twilights hooves, as she traced her mother's journey, the bulge perfect as if his mother was encased in a skin-tight suit, the flesh even rising and falling as she breathed gently. With a final slurp, the cum soaked mane disappeared, trailing down the chute, to join its owner in the left testicle. The moment Velvet was tucked away, Cadance unleashed a pleasure spell so that the mare would be lost in sexual oblivion.

From her position in the side of the room, Cadance could see Velvets right hoof slip in-between her legs, as she was bundled up in a tight fetal position. This limb then slowly began to polish the silver, as she slowly began to masturbate giving a rhythmic motion to Shining’s loins. Shining immediately noticed this strange sensation of his cock snack pleasuring herself, the gentle moans adding to the obviousness of what was happening within the tight sleeping bag.

“Mom are you okay,” asked Shining feeling his mother’s hips bucking within him, the slabs of plump plot, gently jiggling in the tight embrace of his spunk foundry. He didn’t get a response other than the moans of pleasure trickling from Velvet’s lips, as her mind was lost in a magically induced sexual nirvana. This left Cadance with a villainous smile, as she released her mental bonds on the mare as soon as her head had vanished into the cyclopes' mouth, and as such the moans were entirely Velvets own, albeit it under the influence of a powerful love spell. Twilight, on the other hand, was still screaming, her mind frantically looking for solutions, but not finding any, as she had just witnessed her mother being devoured by her brother's stallion parts.

She didn’t have long to dwell on it, as she felt her lips move as a phantom.

“My turn Shining,” she said, mentally cringing as she felt herself bite her lip.

“Let me help you,” said Cadance slyly, casting a spell which gave Twilights horn the consistency of jelly, causing it to wilt and sit flat on her head, not unlike the effects of Poison Joke. For a minute Twilight couldn’t work out why Cadance had done it, before she felt herself crawl across the mattress and shove her muzzle straight into the gaping urethra, the tart pheromonal scent enveloping her senses.

Just before the flesh enveloped her face, blocking her vision, Twilight saw her mother's bulge shudder after a particularly hard buck, as a shrill scream emanated from the ballsack, signifying her first of what was sure to be many orgasms. This shuddering sack was soon lost as the covering of veiny flesh enveloped her entire head, precum matting her normally well-combed mane, as it slid round the muzzle and took the head in a loud slurp.

Because Velvet had loosened the tissue sufficiently when she had slid in, the hungry cock was quick to lunge down Twilights body. The cylinder stretching easily to accommodate her form and soon he had the entire front half of her body cocooned in a claustrophobic embrace. His advance stalled on her hips, as his body decided where to shove her, the options being bladder, right testicle or the left so that Velvet might have a roommate.

Shining’s mind was clouded by post-orgasm bliss, and several aftershocks were shaking his body, as follow up orgasms continued, the stallion not in the right frame of mind. Seeing this, Cadance seized the initiative, and pushed her head into Twilights rump, shunting her in a good foot. This sudden jolt forcing her around the bend and into the waiting right testicle, her face hitting a tight ring that immediately parted, allowing the alicorn mare to spill in, as with a grunt another spurt of cum erupted from Shining’s penis, further lubricating the mare for ingestion.

In her haste to shove Twilight into her brothers slit, Cadance’s horn had penetrated Twilight’s birth canal. This unwanted intrusion caused Twilight to shudder so much in discomfort, that it even managed to penetrate the mind control spell, as her purple body clenched at the breaching of her snatch. This freedom didn’t last, as a second later Cadance regained control and slowly pushed Twilights wide hips into the gaping maw. Taking the opportunity, Cadance cast the bliss spell she had used on Velvet, and no sooner did she do that then Twilight began moaning, her snatch growing wet as she began to hump Cadance’s head. Once the cutiemarks were covered Twilight slid in on her own accord, gravity allowing her thin legs and tail to slip in, as she vanished into the sack to join her mother. Once the last of the sodden tail Disappeared and the urethra closed, a small burp came from the hole, as some of the air that the pair had brought down leaked back up and left a small spray of jizz spittle as it escaped.

Getting a look at her husband, Cadance was sated, his ballsack like a beanbag, the two well-defined bulges of his mother and sister gently wriggling as they masturbated, all fear gone as they were lost in the biological imperative of sex. Seeking the embrace of a lover, the two mares had slotted into a 69 position, as they pleasured themselves, a thin veil of tissue keeping them from caressing each other as lovers. Instead, they had resorted to simply using each other’s forms and nibbling at each other through the screen that separated them. Shining even though he wasn’t under the influence of any spells was also in the clouds, as he just fell back, enjoying the sensations emanating from his scrotum. Seeing her opportunity, Cadance slid onto the bed, and no sooner had she touched his tip did he explode in another violent orgasm, caking her face in sticky whiteness.

Wiping her face, a little jizz clinging to her mane, so it stuck to her neck, Cadance began to suck at the throbbing obelisk. her horn glowing as she slowly pulped the two mares she was leaning on, their minds quiet as they had become little more than animals rutting in the forest. The feeling of the wobbling sack pressing against her, the knowledge that two beautiful mares would soon be little more than thick cum, made Cadance wet herself. Soon Shining would be hers alone, soon Twilight and Velvet would be gone forever, the sentiment made more apparent, as Twilights hoof began to caress Cadance’s face through the tight testicle tissue.

This soon passed though as Twilight refocused her efforts on her own body, before slotting her head between her mother’s legs, eating her out through the cellophane thing flesh that separated her from the sextoy that her mother had become. Velvet seemed to follow suit, and soon they were performing oral sex upon each other as one last mother/daughter activity before death took them. The air rapidly growing more and more stale as the seconds ticked by, cumulating in a powerful oxygen deprived orgasm, the mares synchronizing each other’s bodies to cum simultaneously, in a spasming clench as they immitted lewd screams.

With that they were gone, their minds growing quiet as they entered the eternal sleep, a few spasms wracking their bodies as their hormone flooded brains misfired. Feeling this final burst of sexual release, Cadance let her horn glow, and the Testicles entered overdrive, rapidly gurgling as they prepared to convert two mares into a massive load. Feeling the sack she was leaning on growing hot, Cadance felt the forms within grow soft, as the soft meat was cumified. This took the form of the well-defined bulges rapidly becoming more and more dull, like a limestone relief getting corroded away by acid rain.

Using her hooves, Cadance began to press at the two meat bags in her husband's ballsack, the firm hooves crushing the softened forms, allowing the surface areas of convertible tissues to increase, allowing the balls to work faster. As well as growing more spherical they began to shrink, as the mares were reduced to about an 8th of their initial volume. This manifested as a pair of basketball sized bollocks that settled under Cadance’s chin as she continued to work the shaft.

Giving the shrunken sack a tap, to be rewarded with only a slosh of splooge, Cadance was confident in her meals processing, as she failed to hear the clatter of bone nubs, the mares within long gone and replaced with a large protein paste. Stretching her mouth over the tip and allowing her throat to grasp the penis tightly, Cadance began to rock her head up and down like a dabbling duck, giving her husband a relatively vanilla blowjob. This was until she began to grope his sack with her magic, nipping and squeezing in just the right ways to heighten his pleasure, the ragged breathing as his heart rate peaked, told her she knew him well enough to fully utilize his g-spots.

At this point Shining had the sexual patience of a horney lapdog, and no sooner did Cadance grasp his favourite spot did he open the floodgates. the final barrage was thunderous, Shining’s entire body clenching as he launched a fire hose down Cadance’s moist throat. The thick slime hitting the throat and pouring into the waiting stomach, that slowly began to inflate as it filled with former mare.

Pressing against the clenching sack, Cadance rode the orgasm like a ship on the waves, swallowing in time with the spurts, until the storm finally abated and Shining collapsed backward, with a content grin on his face, spent and ready for a nap. Giving one last swallow and disgorging his dick, Cadance watched it happily retreat back into his sheath, as she could hear him snoring away as sleep claimed him.

Feeling the weight of a mare milkshake settling in her stomach, Cadance gave a burp and got a rich aftertaste from the broth in her belly. She detected two unique flavours one rich and coppery, which she had little doubt was Twilight, as magic had the unmistakable flavour of the conductive metal. The other was more mature, more refined like a fine cheese left in a dark cave to grow delectable, all with a hint of lemon. This being the aftertaste that Velvet had grace Cadance with, as she had aged to perfection to be a fine smoothie.

This was the first of several burps as gaseous bubbles formed in her gut as the air the two mares had brought down with them precipitated out of their new liquid form. She knew Shining would be upset when she told him they were gone, and if that caused problems she was sure a memory spell would fix it, if such a confrontation amounted from her pulping his closest mare relatives. Until then she was content to spoon with her husband as her belly worked over the slop within.

Reclining, feeling his powerful hooves grasp her hip gentle, she was at peace, a problem was resolved and now she could rest. That was until an immense burp sprang from her lips and out flew a few loose mane hairs, the strong proteins failing to process like the rest of their owners. Looking at the purple hairs, Cadance could do naught but laugh, as it cemented that Twilight and Velvet were truly gone, now nothing more than an easily digestible soup in her gut. With that Cadance was content to resign to sleep, the sweet flavours of her dinner brought to her tongue as she dozed off. Her last thought being that she hoped Twilight and her mother wouldn’t get revenge when it was time to let them out, and with that, she fell asleep sandwiched between her husband and gurgling gut as it processed a long time coming meal.