The cloaked mistress is an entirely hermaphroditic species of feathered, winged humanoids with appearances and lifestyles similar to that of harpies and bodies that closely mimic that of beautiful women, thought that is where the similarities end. Cloaked mistresses’ wings are more like bat wings than bird wings, but are covered with broad, thick feathers. They have 9 digits on each hand, 5 of which are bare, lacking any feathers or hair, mimicking the shape and functionality of human hands, the other 4 extend from the side of the hand and the wrist, forming the cloaked mistresses’ wings. Unlike harpies that have taloned, birdlike feet, mistresses have long toes with suction cups on the bottom of each, similar to treefrogs, but have a 6 th thumb-like digit coming out of the heel like that of raptor species. Their shins are proportionately short for their height as they use a technique where they bring their toes together and prop themselves up on the ends of their toes to make their feet look like normal human feet to those who aren’t paying close attention to their legs.

The name “cloaked mistress” has multiple meanings, the first one, and most evident, comes from their physical appearance and their feathers. They have feathers growing along their broad wings, shoulders, upper and mid back, across their collarbone and upper chest above their breasts and on their heads. Cloaked mistresses possess multiple different shapes, sizes and types of feathers that differ depending on where on the body they grow, where the feathers growing on their wings are more efficient for flight, the feathers on their head are light, long and very thin mimicking human hair, the feathers growing from their upper chest, shoulders and back are long, broad and flat, making the mistresses look like they’re wearing a cloak, thus their name.

The second reason why they’re called cloaked mistresses is because they pretend to be humanoid women, using pheromones and their bodies to seduce humanoid races, then have sex with them and/or consume them. As cloaked mistresses are all hermaphrodites, they can mate with both males and females, and don’t naturally have sexual preferences.

What really sets them apart from other harpies and creatures of similar type, is their method of consumption and procreation. First of all, their bodies are designed to allow them to drop in and grab prey from above, but they do this in an abnormal way, they consume prey with their anuses. Their bodies are built to allow them to drop from above and envelope their prey inside their rectums before taking off again, taking their prey with them, holding them in place with their large feet and pulling them deeper like a boa constrictor with their anal muscles as they fly back to their den to digest their catch. Cloaked mistresses don’t urinate, depositing all their waste in the holding tubes that snake down in front of the stomach to be processed later. I n the place of a bladder they have a small chamber that they fill with a combination of water and a special cocktail of pheromones, that is then connected to a small opening, just above the vulva, where the urethra would have been. They can then create small puffs of pheromone laced vapor by spraying the air, which they use as a perfume when trying to seduce prey. The pheromone contains a strong aphrodisiac and chemicals that inhibits the parts of the prey’s brain that controls reasoning, disgust, morality and self preservation, while inducing an intoxicated-like state, preventing the prey from noticing that they are being devoured, nor seeing any problem with it if they do, even becoming aroused by it.

Cloaked mistresses’ rectums are built to allow whole prey to be smoothly deposited in the stomach, therefore it is built more like an esophagus than a rectum, lacking the normal nutrient absorption, kinks and bends in favor of a strait path lined with strong muscles, a tough and stretchy inner lining and a pelvis designed to stretch and unhinge like a snake’s jaw. To allow for fast and safer consumption of prey, they secrete a lubricant substance on the inner sides of their butt cheeks leading up to their anus to prevent friction or excessive harm to the prey when landing on them from above. As their species diverged away from normal harpies, the mistresses’ stomach became larger to accommodate whole prey, transition to be closer to the lower abdomen and connected directly to the rectal tract. As they changed their main consumption method of prey to their anuses, their throat, mouth and teeth transitioned to only be used for drinking and consuming insects, berries, fruit and plant material, causing their teeth to become flat like a herbivore’s teeth. their throats now connect directly to tubes that wrap around the larger stomach chamber in a spiral, and function much like their intestines would have, absorbing some nutrients and moisture from food that passes through it before being deposited in the main stomach chamber during the digestion process.

The digestion process of a cloaked mistress differs greatly from avian species or other mammals, instead it is much closer to that of queen slimes. They don’t break down their prey using harsh acids like other beasts, as they use conversion type reproduction which requires the spirit of the prey to remain intact even after their body has been consumed. The cloaked mistresses’ digestion process has 6 steps: ingestion, softening, kneading, squeezing, setting and excretion. Once a prey has been successfully deposited in the stomach, the softening process begins. Glands in the lining of the stomach begin producing an opaque gelatinous substance with similar properties to royal jelly, the material that queen slimes are made out of, containing more pheromones to subdue any prey still trying to resist. The substance works by infiltrating into the structure of a material and slowly softening it, turning it into a slime-like substance, even sharp metal spikes or blades will be dulled and become rubbery. The softening jelly will then begin to soak into all inorganic and organic materials, at first not all that much, but as more soaks into the prey and their clothing, they will become rubbery, then slightly squishy and finally the softening process will be complete when their bodies are soft and malleable. Next in the kneading process, jelly production increases and strong muscles lining the stomach begin to rhythmically contract, working the softening jelly deeper into the prey and their garments, if they’re still wearing any. The kneading process lasts until the softening jelly has thoroughly proliferated throughout the prey’s body and has become viscous like the body of a slime. Then the next, and the most important, the squeezing process begins. Now that the prey’s body has more or less become liquid, like that of a slime, the muscles that were once softly contracting all clamp down at once, collapsing any structure that remained within the prey. The mistress can now begin squeezing all the nutrients and moisture out of the left-over nutrient soup that was the prey’s body. At this point any waste that has accumulated within the tubes wrapped around the stomach is dumped in and is melted and squeezed along with the remaining liquid, even bacteria are melted down and converted into a miniscule amount of nutrients. All the nutrients and moisture are squeezed out as the mistress’s stomach muscles clench tighter and tighter, and eventually the only thing remaining is a compacted ball of dehydrated softening jelly and non-nutritious materials such as dirt, metals and fabrics once worn by the prey. Nearly done, in the setting process, the mistress’s stomach muscles stay tightly clenched, allowing the excess dehydrated softening jelly to bind together, creating a rubbery compact ball containing all excess and non-digestible material. Finally, the excretion process, as its name implies, simply involves the cloaked mistress pooping out the rubbery ball of waste material, though as even the bacteria was melted, the ball is even cleaner then the person that was consumed.

During mating season, the cloaked mistresses’ bodies kick into reproduction mode. They produce more pheromones, they’re more sexually aggressive, less cautious when trying to seduce or ambush prey and most importantly, their digestion process changes slightly. At the beginning of the squeezing process, a small portion of the prey is taken to the cloaked mistresses ovaries and processed into an unfertilized egg, acting as a container for the prey’s spirit and is stored away until the cloaked mistress finds a mate to fertilise the egg. Additionally, adult cloaked mistresses start producing a slightly modified type of softening jelly that will bind to the genetic material of the prey and separate it from the excess material with the spirit at the beginning of the squeezing process. Though instead of being taken to the ovaries to be processed into an egg, the genetic material is taken to other chambers to be processed into semen. Cloaked mistress’s semen is different than most other mammals, as instead of it being composed of sperm cells and seminal fluid, the genetic material is free-floating inside a nutritious milk-like substance giving it a similar consistency to pudding and an opaque milk-like coloration. Their semen is designed this way because their breasts are actually non-functional, only serving to seduce the males, and the occasional female, of other humanoid races, as such they can’t produce breastmilk, so instead they use their nutrient rich semen to nurture their offspring. Cloaked mistresses can produce semen outside of mating seasons using the nutrients they obtain from their prey, but it won’t contain genetic material, and won’t be able to fertilize other mistress’s eggs, and is mostly produced for consumption for offspring or as a result of sexual pleasuring.

The stages of growth of a cloaked mistress are also very different from other harpies and the humanoid races. Where 20% of the physical growth is done inside the egg, and hatch in their mid adolescence. When a cloaked mistress is inseminated, her ovaries will release a single egg to be fertilized. The unfertilized egg starts off being about 1x1 centimetre in diameter resemble that of a fish egg, but when fertilized it will be connected to the mother by a cord, similar to an ambilocal cord, that provides it with the nutrients needed for the first few months of incubation. The egg will then stay in a womb-like chamber until it reaches the appropriate size and the fetus is matured enough that it can survive in the egg separately from the mother. When laid, the egg will be 1 foot wide by 1.5 in height and made of a soft rubber-like material to allow it to stretch as the newborn grows within and to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to diffuse through its membrane. Cloaked mistress’s eggs have an extremely long incubation period of up to 19 months, at the time of hatching the child’s physical development already matches that of a 12-13-year-old human, have already have grown their first flight feathers and 2-4-inch cloak feathers. After hatching, their adolescence lasts for about 5-7 years at which point they are fully grown adults, and can safely become independent from their mother, though they often stay up to 10 -13 years as they are an intelligent species capable of love and hold familial sentimentality.

The children of cloaked mistresses will always be cloaked mistresses, regardless of the species used for the genetic material. Though some of the traits of the original species will carry over to the child, such as skin color, hair color, eye color, horns, pupil type and any other traits that don’t conflict with the cloaked mistress’s biology or change the physicality too much. Such as, if a cloaked mistress ate a goat-folk with dark skin, fluffy white wool, amber irises, horizontal rectangular pupils, hooved feet and cured horns during their mating season and mated with another mistress, the child would have fluffy, wool-like cloak feathers, dark skin, the same eyes, the same face and body shape, curled horns, but wouldn’t retain the hooved feet, instead they would be the raptor-like feet of the cloaked mistress. The children also retain the memories of their previous life, as their souls were kept from passing on within the eggs. Though the memories, and their personality, don’t resurface right away instead, the memories resurface slowly as they mature, integrating naturedly with their new memories, allowing them to accept their new lives as cloaked mistresses, while retaining their previous knowledge and experiences.

Even though the mistresses are hermaphrodites, they don’t have 2 separate male and female genitalia. Instead, they have one multipurpose organ that can turn itself inside out to become a vagina or extend outwards as a penis. The tube connecting to the urethra/vaginal tract spits into 2 separate tubes, the first connecting to the womb chamber and ovaries where they store their unfertilized eggs until they find a mate. The second connects to the mistress’s seminal chambers where semen is produced and stored until released. The seminal chambers, or balls are similar in appearance to other mammals’ scrotums but are very different internally. Their balls are structured more like the mammaries within a breast and serve a similar purpose. Similar other mammal’s testicles, cloaked mistresses’ balls hang externally from the body, but unlike other animals, their balls can be retracted inside their bodies to be protected when not having sex. A Cloaked mistress can quickly retract her penis and balls if startled or when taking flight so that they aren’t in the way when ambushing prey, though a cloaked mistress won’t be able to retract her balls if they are overly engorged with semen. Cloaked mistresses can be inseminated by other races but are unable to impregnate other humanoid races as their semen is fundamentally different. Although they use the same organ for both male and female intercourse, they can’t inseminate themselves, at least not unintentionally, as when their genitalia is extended, the womb-like chamber connected to their ovaries is sealed off, and when it is retracted, their balls are sealed off.