Mousegirl Meal




“###”s denote where disposal begins

“Haaaah…” Nazrin said, taking shelter beneath a tall oak tree. The sun was sweltering and the humidity smothering. She rested on a small root, her head on her hands and her dowsing rods set to her side. The heat of the day made the landscape in front of her wave from side to side, which didn’t help the fact that she felt dizzy from dehydration. Annoyed at her lack of planning ahead, Nazrin pouted and gazed upwards at the sun.

“Twelve o’clock already… At least it will cool off from here.” Using her shirt to wipe her face clean, she heard a squeak from the other side of the tree. “Oh, did you find it?”

The other mouse shook her head from side to side, squeaking again. “Ughhhhh…” Nazrin complained. “Shou really has to stop losing her pagoda already.” Leaning over, Nazrin grasped her dowsing rods again, picked up what remained of her rations, and prepared to start dowsing again

“Oh, you still there?” she called over her shoulder. The same mouse popped its head from behind the tree’s thick trunk. “Ah, good. Fetch me some water, and report back here. Got it?”

Nazrin ducked again into the bushes of the forest, intently focused on her search.

“Ack!” Nazrin stumbled on a stick protruding from the ground, falling face first into the dirt. Pushing herself onto her knees, she began to brush the debris off her clothes. “I just washed this, too… Muuu…” Standing up, she wiped her knees and retrieved her dowsing rods. “When’s the last time someone reported to me…?” she mused. Although she could tell the general time using the sun, she couldn’t track smaller intervals of time well. She did know, however, that she had received twenty three reports in the past half hour of searching when she had been expecting thirty. “I did tell them to spread out… Perhaps they just got lost?” She scratched her ear, feeling the heat of the sun above her. “I should go get some water…”

Nazrin only took a few minutes to make it back to the tree; dowsing made her walk at a far slower pace than normal. As she approached the tree from the bush, she noticed that the mouse she sent for water hadn’t returned yet. “I’m pretty sure there’s a stream around here…” she muttered, exiting the shrubbery. The fallen leaves crunched beneath Nazrin’s feet as she approached the same root she had rest on before. “I suppose I’ll take a nap as I wait…” she thought. She wrote in the ground beside her: “If you’re here to report, keep searching. Warn me if anything bad happens.” She placed her dowsing rods beside her and picked up a leaf to use as a makeshift pillow. Lying her head down, Nazrin finally noticed how drowsy she was, immediately lulling into a dream about how proud Shou was going to be when she returned the pagoda.

When Nazrin awoke, it was much cooler, the sun having sunk far lower in the sky. “Shit…” she said, rubbing her eyes. “If I slept this long, they should have woken me up…” As she pushed herself upright, she began to stretch, pulling her arms above her head and taking a deep breath. “So where did she put that water…?” Upon exhaling, Nazrin felt something clasp her arms together. “What the-” she started, but her sentence was cut short as she was hoisted from the ground. “AGGGGGH!” she screamed, kicking her legs as the landscape below her receded. “Nghhh… mfhgh…” she grunted, trying to wiggle free of whatever held her so high up. “Hey! Let me go!”

“Mmmm… nyao thanks”

Rin turned her hand inwards, allowing the small mouse girl to face her captor. She giggled at her pun, watching Nazrin struggle against the firm fist that held her in the air. “You look quite a bit different from the other mice, don’t you… You special or something?”

Nazrin realized- this cat must be the reason why her friends were missing! “What- What did you do to my friends?!” Nazrin glared at the catgirl, her gray eyes like daggers.

“You really want to know?” Rin teased, wiggling Nazrin like a small pendulum.

“Yes! Of course!” Nazrin maintained, acting unphased from how Rin was acting. However, Nazrin wasn’t used to this height, and being swung around like a plaything was making her sick- a bad combination with the dehydration she already suffered from.

“You really want to know?” Rin raised one of her eyebrows as she rested on her back, still holding Nazrin above her.

“Y-Yes!” she shouted, feeling her head spinning.

“Alright then~” Rin said. Slowly, she lowered Nazrin onto her abdomen, covered by her black dress. As she let go of Nazrin’s arms, they fell to her side. Nazrin kneeled and clasped her left arm. Ugh… she thought, wincing in pain. I think she dislocated it…

“Here you go…” Rin said, dropping Nazrin’s dowsing rods in front of the mouse girl. Nazrin looked up, wary of the predator. “Search for them. That’s your thing, isn’t it? Those dowsing rods? Or are you really just a simple mouse?” Rin flicked Nazrin on the head, causing her to fall backwards onto her butt.

“Fine! I will!” Nazrin huffed. As she retrieved her rods, she focused her mind on her friends, visualizing each and every one of them.

Immediately, Nazrin got a hit. And another, and another.

Nazrin pouted. It had to be broken. It HAD to be. “Useless piece of junk…” she said, tossing the rods to the side.

Rin laughed, causing her belly to bounce up and down. Again, Nazrin fell, this time forward onto her chest.

“What do you mean broken? Are you really that stupid?” Rin teased. “I guess I gotta spell it out for you. Here.” She smushed Nazrin into her belly and forced her to turn her head to the side. Nazrin could hear the heartbeat of the sadistic catgirl, speeding up as she played with the mouse girl. Suddenly, Nazrin heard it. The frantic squeaks belonging to a mousegirl- not one, in fact, but many. Many muffled squeaks, happening all at once, some more fervent and some desperate.

“You… really…” Nazrin muttered, fuming with anger. She knew in the back of her head this might have happened, but didn’t want to believe it. “I can’t believe you… I’ll kill you…” she threatened, pushing away from the cat girl’s belly.

“Hmmm? And how would you manage that?” Rin mocked, swatting Nazrin to the side. She fell off the catgirl, crumbling into a heap on the hard ground. As she pushed herself up, she noticed the shadow of Rin moving. She looked up, only to see a gigantic pair of breasts.

As Rin pressed down on the mousegirl, she giggled. “Heehee~ Let’s get you acquainted with where you’ll be going~”. Soon, these giggles would turn to moans as Nazrin attempted to squirm free of her prison. The mousegirl clawed at the mounds of flesh pressing her down, ripping holes in Rin’s black dress. Even when her sharp nails reached the gigantic breasts, it only served to tickle Rin, her ample bust preventing Nazrin from getting any sort of strength behind her attacks. Rin used one hand to smother Nazrin further into her bust, and her other hand to massage her wet folds. Nazrin could faintly hear the pleas of her comrades behind the layers of flesh, jostled around from the violent movements of their captor. I’ll… avenge you…! She vowed. Rin felt shivers run up her spine as she climaxed, her fingers soaking as her legs buckled.

Nazrin knew now was her chance. She slipped down beneath the catgirl, attempting to sneak away through her legs. Unfortunately, the catgirl fell onto her stomach, exhausted. Nazrin had been pinned down again.

“Oh…?” Rin moaned. “How did you get there... silly mouse?” She heaved in and out, her stomach contracting and expanding on top of Nazrin. “Just give me… a minute… I’ll let you join them… soon enough…”

Nazrin was caught face down- she couldn’t even squirm, the entirety of the catgirl’s weight pressing down onto her. She heard the steady groans of Rin’s stomach and gasped. There were no longer any desperate cries for help. Instead…

“Ahhhh… looks like your friends got… digested, nyah…” she moaned. Regaining her clear mind, Rin handled Nazrin again, holding the mousegirl to her face. “Gotta replenish those calories.” She winked, sticking her tongue out at the battered mousegirl.

“You’ve had enough… Just let me go…” she begged, jaded from listening to the fate of her friends.

Rin’s brow furrowed. “I already said no!” Rin complained, her hot breath pouring over Nazrin. She rolled onto her side, looking at her stomach. “What do you think, belly? Do I let the mousey go?”

As if in response, Rin’s stomach grumbled deeply.

“I’ll take that as a no!” Rin giggled, stuffing the mousegirl into her maw.

Nazrin flailed about, unwilling to accept her fate as cat food. “I’m not… going to end up… like that!” She struggled, pushing against the tongue that wrapped her, soaking her with saliva. Rin gently bit down, her teeth holding Nazrin’s waist in place. “Let go!” she screamed.

I don’t love the taste of this cloth… Rin thought, her fingers tugging at both sides of Nazrin’s skirt. Off you go!

Aggressively, Rin tore at both ends of Nazrin’s clothes simultaneously, leaving the mousegirl exposed, only her panties defending her from the tongue. Nazrin screamed, covering her modest bust with her arms. “NO! STOP IT!” she begged. Rin’s tongue grazed the chest of Nazrin, causing the mousegirl to flinch.

Oh! That tastes good! Rin strategically maneuvered her tongue around Nazrin’s arms and sampled the revealed skin. “Mmmmph!” she sighed aloud, relishing the tender flavor of Nazrin’s chest.

This… bitch… Nazrin struggled, swatting at the wall of flesh currently smothering her. Suddenly, she felt the hold on her waist loosen. “AGH!” Her flailing caused her to slide forwards as she lost her balance, onto the awaiting tongue. Rin closed her mouth behind her meal, sealing all light inside her maw.

Sucking on the mousegirl, Rin categorized her meal. Slightly less tasty overall than the average mouse… but she’s really tender where it counts. She nodded as her tongue curled onto Nazrin’s ass, causing a shriek to escape the mousegirl’s mouth. Overall, a little lackluster. Finished with her evaluation, Rin tilted her head and let her tongue guide Nazrin to the back of her mouth.

“NO! STOP!” Nazrin screamed.


Nazrin quickly passed into Rin’s throat, her arms pinned to her sides as she descended headfirst. The slimy walls massaged her body, slowly forcing her down the tube. I can’t be…! I’m not food! Nazrin thought as she futilely wiggled in place.

Rin traced the squirming lump down her throat, hearing the muffled cries of the mousegirl through her skin. As the lump passed behind her ample breasts, she patted her stomach and exhaled.

“Mmmm… That was fun.” She chided, stuffing Nazrin’s torn clothes into her skirt pocket. Let’s go find some more!”


A terrified mouse cowered in a corner, beaten and bruised from the towering catgirl’s antics. The mouse knew that she was done for- she had seen many cats play with their food before, and it was only a matter of time until she followed suit. The catgirl licked her lips devilishly, staring down her prey.

“You wanna see what happens to careless mice like you?” she teased, pulling her panties down with her finger. She maintained her superior position over the mouse, holding her down with her other hand as she squatted low. “Mmmmpfh!” she moaned, beginning to push.


A noisy fart escaped her asshole, beginning the long process of expelling the mice’s remains. Wet turd after turd escaped Rin’s body, each being the remains one of the mousegirls that Rin had eaten. Eventually, Rin had dropped a steaming pile made of seven pieces of feces, all of them reduced to waste in the merciless intestines of the catgirl.

The mouse struggled underneath her captor, unable to bear the fate of her friends.

“I’m not done yet…” Rin said, shifting her butt. “A special pile for your leader!”


A louder, wet fart escaped Rin, making her blush a little from the noise. “Mmmmnyah~” she moaned, feeling the log of poop that was Nazrin escaping her pucker, leaving trails of brown between her cheeks. What was Nazrin fell to the ground in a steaming heap of three thick logs, each clean of any bones or hair. As she finished defecating, she felt a pressure in her bladder as well. Suddenly, she let out a golden stream of urine, saturating the pile of shit. “Ahhhhh~” she sighed blissfully, sadistically pleased with what she had done to the mouse girl. Eventually, all that wasn’t added to Rin’s ass and thighs as fat were on the ground beneath her. As the stream slowed to a trickle, Rin giggled to herself. “There’s the water you were looking for~”.

Finished, Rin took her free hand and retrieved Nazrin’s clothes, ripped from her earlier struggle. “Just in case you doubted me, here’s the proof~” she winked at the pinned mouse, wiping the remaining streaks of Nazrin off of her asscrack. She let go of the makeshift toilet paper, which in turn fell over the top of the pile of cat shit. Nazrin’s clothes soaked in the fresh urine, assimilating into the mess on the ground.

“Well then, you’re next~” Rin said, picking the mouse up by the tail. “And you certainly won’t be the last!”