The Buizel Buffet

By Lutro

Good times were being had by all at a simple, wide lake out in the wilderness one evening. The shore was alight with life and laughter as a simple party took place. The Buizel Buffet was in full swing, with close to two dozen of the sea weasel pokémon eating, swimming, playing, and lounging about. As was par for the course for these events, the food was going fast! So much so that a small jacketed buizel was having a hard time getting his paws on anything more than crumbs.

C’mon, already!” Cain cursed to himself as he watched another buizel scarf down the remnants of a plump fish. “You wanna maybe ask next time before just swiping the whole thing for yourself?” he challenged, craning his neck up to stare eye-to-eye at the well-fed buizel. Cain’s larger counterpart just smirked and scuttled off, diving into the water with Cain’s curses chasing behind. The small buizel shook his fist in the air, then sighed when the other buizel was out of sight. “Just once I’d like to enjoy something at one of these shindigs.” The smaller buizel had tried asking, bargaining, cajoling, and evening threatening, but everyone else was too hungry to care, and hardly gave Cain the time of day. He searched any other signs of food and set his eyes on something tantalizing: A gleaming, savory, sweet-looking apple, about the size of his head, was being pawed over by a larger chubby buizel he recognized. “Fine,” Cain resolved, licking his lips. “Nobody wants to share? I’ll just have to take what I want.”

Cain marched with purpose towards his tasty target. Lutro was settled with his back up against a large rock, cradling his meal and licking his lips. He hefted it up and was and about to take a sizable chunk out of it, when he stopped and saw the jacket-clad buizel’s approach. “Cain?” he recognized the small buizel, just as he came to a halt before him and crossed his arms.

Hey Lutro. That’s a fine apple you got there! Mind if I have it?” The question was more phrased as a demand than a request.

Lutro blinked as his chubby belly uttered a soft growl. “Sorry little guy, but I am kinda hungry and, well, I did get my paws on it first.” Regardless of the response, Cain was already reaching for it! Before Lutro could blink he was relieved of his meal, left holding air as Cain greedily devoured the juicy apple before his eyes. The smaller buizel took care to not stain his jacket but otherwise tore into the fruit ravenously, munching and chomping loudly with juice trickling from his lips. “Hey!” Lutro exclaimed, mostly shocked as he watched the apple get devoured before his eyes. Cain finished off the large treat and sucked remaining juice off his paws one digit at a time. The large apple left a noticeable bulge in the buizel’s belly, protruding just out from under his jacket.

Ah, now that hit the spot!” Cain chuckled, mostly to himself. He ran a paw over his slightly distended belly, almost too distracted to notice Lutro glowering down at him. Cain couldn’t help but give a cheeky grin. “Aw what’s the matter Lutro? I just got to enjoy the food first for a change, instead of watching you stuff your face.” Unfortunately for the smaller buizel, he didn’t realize the error in judgment he made until he felt himself swung around and thrown against the rock. He let out a surprised cry when Lutro’s large, wobbling belly pressed him into the rock, the flabby stomach melding around him.

“That was mine,” Lutro growled. “I hadn’t had a thing to eat all day and was going to have a nice, thick, juicy apple. Then you came along and just took it!” Cain squirmed against the rock and Lutro’s gut, but with his arms pinned to his sides he couldn’t do much more than listen to what the bigger buizel had to say. As Lutro thought about the food he wasn’t going be able to enjoy anymore, Cain felt the pinning belly rumble around him. He looked up to snap a retort back at Lutro, but the words died on his lips as he saw him grinning and licking his lips. “I suppose you’ll have to do then, Cain. After all, that’s practically like eating the apple. I just get an annoying little buizel to enjoy on top of that!”

Cain blinked, lips twitching between a smile and frown as he processed the words. “You’re… you’re kidding right, Lutro? Buddy? Pal…?” It was made readily apparent that the fat buizel was not kidding, as Lutro reached down and grabbed Cain by the back of his flotation sac. He yanked the smaller buizel up, freeing him from his belly pin, and held him eye-level, staring him down much in the same way he was looking at the apple just moments ago.

I think the word you’re looking for is ‘predator’,” Lutro supplied, while Cain flailed uselessly, held too far off to reach Lutro’s drooling muzzle. He felt the other buizel’s paw pinching his sac, almost feeling like a noose was tugging at his neck as he hung there, desperate to break free. “Goodbye, Cain. Hope that apple sweetened your taste, because I imagine your sour attitude didn’t do you any favors.” Cain swung a last desperate kick towards Lutro, but the other just laughed and threw Cain spinning into the air a couple feet.

Waugh!!” Cain yelped, twirling head-over-tails a couple times before his spin stalled and left him facing down to earth. As he began to plummet he saw Lutro’s grin yawn open wide, revealing the fat buizel’s dripping maw and awaiting tongue. And Cain was falling straight into it, like so many other fish who suffered similar fates. “No Lutro don’t! Don’t eat me stop plea-- ffffmph!!!” Lutro easily caught the flung buizel between his outstretched jaws as he clamped them down around his prey, Cain’s head and chest slipping into Lutro’s mouth and held there. Lutro’s tongue slurped and slathered all over Cain’s head, slurping what remained of the apple’s juices off him as well as enjoying the smaller buizel’s taste. Cain cried out incomprehensibly from inside the jaws, his arms stuck to his sides with only the paws able to feel fresh air still. He flexed those paws uselessly, while kicking his legs and whipping his twin tails about in panic, all while Lutro suckled and slobbered over his catch.

Cain winced as hot drool slipped past his jacket and began sinking into his back and bellyfur. He tried aiming his tails up against Lutro’s muzzle with limited success, though the larger buizel simply ignored them. Lutro instead lashed his tongue around Cain’s chin and neck, throwing his head back to swallow his head into the suddenly-gaping throat. A muffled shriek from Cain was cut out as his face was suddenly surrounded by pulsating wet muscle, a loud gulping ringing in his ears. Lutro could still hear Cain yelling but what words he shouted escaped him: The buizel bulging in his neck was too muffled! Smirking, Lutro fed his tongue past Cain’s flotation sac and slithered it under his jacked to lick all over his chest. “Mmm...” he moaned, Cain flinching with the loud voice rumbling all about him. The small buizel cringed, feeling the tongue pressed firmly to his chest and sliding any way it wanted, jacket keeping the muscle firmly entrenched against his body. He could hardly believe that Lutro was making a meal out of him… or how well he apparently tasted to the bigger buizel.

Lutro couldn’t help but keep murring at his fellow buizel’s flavor. A small part of him actually worried about just how well a buizel tasted, but the thought quickly fled the coop, the buizel instead happily swallowing again. The massaging walls forced Cain deeper into Lutro, with the small buizel’s flotation sac bulging out just under Lutro’s as a small imitation. Cain’s belly, bulging from his devoured apple, slid fully into the awaiting jaws and took up as much space as possible. Lutro rolled his eyes in pure pleasure as the fat belly smeared across his whole tongue. He pressed his tongue up against it to let the pudgy tummy envelope it and really let the flavor sink in. Cain feebly kicked his hindlegs despite their stubby nature, as if that or his flicking tails would somehow force Lutro to spit him up. The devouring buizel did nothing of the sort, instead gulping him in more, leaving Cain’s little rear end and tails framing his jawline.

Lutro leaned back against the rock to incline his head slightly. With his flotation sac inflated, it served as a pillow against the rough stone to allow him to comfortably enjoy his meal. Cain’s only served to detail just how deeply he’d been swallowed, but even that task came to a close as the small buizel’s head sank past the chest and poked into the burbling stomach. He had more room to breathe, but the foul-smelling air of the stomach was anything but pleasant to inhale. Cain flailed his head every which way, while feeling the last of the free air slip from his senses: Lutro gulped and swallowed the small buizel further still, even slurping up the little tails and leaving nothing but bulges along his cheeks, neck, and chest. The chubby buizel’s belly sang its praises as the smaller buizel’s body was fed into it, Lutro lashing his tongue up and around Cain’s rump. Even Cain’s jacket wasn’t stopping the predatory buizel from tasting every last inch of his prey.

Drool trickled out past pursed lips and dribbled down Lutro’s chin, his cheeks flailing and bulging each and every way with Cain’s feet kicking about in the enclosed space. Despite his efforts, Cain’s backside was losing the battle to Lutro’s maw and tongue: The latter laced over every tasty furry bit it could, while the former continually compacted and expanded, Lutro squeezing and chewing softly to truly savor Cain’s taste. He had to admit that the small buizel was far better than the apple he was expecting to devour. Cain could even hear the tongue working its way around his back half, with the slimy thing bullying drenched fur around and pushing his feet this way and that. But the ever-growing concern for Cain was the rumbling belly his head was surrounded by, bits of fluid leaping up in small waves to tickle his hair.

The small buizel let out a fresh squeal as he suddenly felt himself sliding further back, Lutro done with tasting and savoring and on to devouring Cain completely. Lutro rested a free paw on his gurgling belly and tipped his head up and back, tongue pushing against Cain’s rump and eating the small buizel alive. The loud swallow rang out against the rock and over the water, the wet pulsation ringing in Cain’s ears as he dropped like a rock. The bulges rapidly descended down Lutro’s body as he gulped a few more times, until he felt Cain plop his his stomach proper: The belly bounced to and fro with fluids sloshing every which way, with the smaller pokémon curling up and bulging the furry thing outward. Lutro sighed contently and rubbed over the swollen gut tenderly, using another paw to pick a bit of fur out of his teeth. Cain cried out in terror with wave after wave of churning acids flooding over his form, jacket doing little to withstand the ravenous belly from grumbling and heating up all about him. Lutro licked his lips and slouched across the sand, twin tails flicking idly as he watched the still waters tremble and other buizels play and enjoy the Buizel Buffet. A thing Lutro realized he took quite literally, as he started to doze off.

Both Cain and Lutro lost track of time. Cain fought and struggled within the gut as long as he could, but it was a simple matter of how much air he could maintain before passing out. It wasn’t long before the struggling bulges in Lutro’s belly became still, and loud glorping gurgles took over. Lutro himself was half-asleep, slowly licking his lips as paws rubbed over his distended full stomach. He was about to nod off completely when he heard someone call his name! Lutro jerked his head up with a start, blinking rapidly to focus: Another buizel was floating along in the water, staring inquisitively.

Hey Lutro?” the water-bound buizel repeated.

Oh… hey Chip,” Lutro called, stifling the urge to yawn as his belly continued to groan before him. “What’s up?”

Chip shrugged. “Not much. Just trying to find Cain. Did you see where he swam off to? Think he was looking for something to eat earlier and so I got him something.” Chip tugged his paws out of the water and showcased a dripping-wet apple to Lutro.

Huh? Oh no no I haven’t seen him!” Lutro said perhaps a bit too quickly. Chip cocked his head to one side, and before Lutro could say another word his belly let out a particularly distinct groan, followed by the fat buizel belching noisily. In addition to flecks of saliva, a tattered, half-digested jacket flung out and splatted across the sand. “Erm… th-that’s just a bit of seaweed from earlier. Gave it a shot, didn’t care for it.” Lutro smiled meekly, hoping that Chip wasn’t too close to see what it actually was. But the other buizel seemed to accept the explanation. Chip reeled from the saliva-soaked thing and stayed in the water.

Eugh yeah, could never bother with that stuff myself. Well if you see Cain send him my way alright? I’ll be back with the others.” With a wave and a smile Chip sent his tails into a rapid spin, sending the buizel gliding across the water.

Will do!” Lutro promised as Chip swam off. When out of sight, Lutro hastily buried the jacket with his feet, kicking sand over it until it was out of sight. Then he yawned and stretched, slouching further until he was all but laying across the ground. Lake water idly lapped at Lutro’s limp tails as the cannibal drifted off to sleep properly this time. The sounds of play and food echoed over the lake and towards Lutro, but the buizel’s burbling belly overpowered any distant sounds. Lutro uttered another soft belch and closed his eyes, letting his arms splay out to his sides as he fell asleep.

Cain was out of luck and out of time. The now-naked small buizel was nothing but a lump of digesting pokémon in Lutro’s stomach. He felt nothing now and, over the course of several hours, added some additional plumpness to Lutro’s belly and thighs. As Cain was worn down to naught but a memory and some fat, the Buizel Buffet wound down as the sun set, leaving Lutro alone on the lake to sleep off his apple-stuffed buizel meal in peace.