Brandon’s Cookie Creation

It’s a cold morning at 7.a.m. in his neighborhood. Fireplace is still on for every home and snow was everywhere. Well, a lot of it. In Brandon’s home, he’s ready to make himself some cookies and hot cocoa. “It can’t be a snowy day without cookies and hot chocolate.” Brandon said to himself as he heads to the kitchen to make himself some Christmas goods. Grabbing some ingredients to make some cookies and other toppings/frostings, he grabbed his signature recipe book (The Holidays Edition) that was in the kitchen cabinet and opened to the page, showing the recipe for Sugar Cookie Gingerbread men in the Christmas section. “Ah! I better make a load of cookies.” Brandon said to himself as he began making the cookies with a “special ingredient,” or his milky cum.

As he made the sugar cookie men, he put the shapes right onto the tray and looked at them. Needs something special, Brandon thought. Getting an idea, he smirked as he barely pulled his pants off (showing a gigantic n’ black cock with a side of gigantic balls of his) and cummed some “milk” on the pre- baked recipe he finished up. After finishing cumming some milk on the pre-baked cookies he made, h e turned on the oven and sets the tray inside, then closes the oven shut. Then, he heard a knock on the door. Unsure about it, Brandon walked to the door and opened it, seeing that Bomby just arrived with her cute winter clothes (for something special)! “Hoi, Brandon! We’re having a snowball war with the other neighbors! Wanna join? If so, JOIN ME~!” Bomby said with pure excitement. Brandon nodded and smiles as he dashed to his room, shift to his winter clothes, and dashed outside ( screamin ’ “SNOWBALL WAR!”). Bomby giggled and joined Brandon in the snowball war.

Time flies by and the cookies were done at the moment . Brandon headed back home with some snow on him after getting hit a couple of times from the snowballs. “Man, best snowball war ever!” Brandon said, but realized that his cookies are baked! “OH NO! THE COOKIES!” Brandon shouted in panic as he dashed to the oven and gets the tray out. Luckily, the tray of baked sugar cookie gingerbread men is fully baked. No burns, no problem. “Phew, that was a sweet relief. Better decorate them.” Brandon said to himself as he grabbed the toppings n’ frostings. Getting the cookies in a straight n’ horizontal line, Brandon began decorating the cookies based on himself, Ammario , Spuzz , Bomby, and other friends. This is going to be the best batch of cookies ever, Brandon thought as he finished up the other cookies except for one, which is still blank.

Looking at the final cookie that he needs to finish, Brandon grabbed the frostings, but the cookie got up by itself! The cookie smacked Brandon’s hand, making him drop the frostings and onto the counter. The cookie headed to the frosting and began to decorate itself precisely, but the decoration slowly became similar to Brandon as the cookie slowly worked on its cookie body. Shocked by this, Brandon stepped back one step as the cookie finished up decorating itself. The cookie then looked at Brandon as Brandon saw the cookies’ chocolate frosting glasses, vanilla frosting shirt with sprinkles to decorate the shirt, its butterscotch frosting shorts, and chocolate eyes. “Hoi~” The cookie said.

Brandon, looking at the cookie, grabbed him carefully and looked at its cute eyes. “Aw~ Ain’t that a cute cookie. I wonder what I should call you.” Brandon said, but the cookie shrugged. Getting a good idea for the cookies name, Brandon explained to the cookie, “Well… Since you’re a brand-new cookie for me. I should call you Brandy N. Cookie. Hence the first and middle name as ‘brand new.’ How about that?” The cookie giggled and said to him, “Sure, but Brandy is hungry! Feed me!” “Alright. Alright. Alright. I’ll feed ya some sweets, okay?” Brandon said to him as the cookie nodded and grabbed a bag full of candies from the other cabinets, then hurrying back to him. He opened the bags for Brandy and put the bag close to him. “Alright, Brandy. Enjoy!” Brandon said as the cookie drooled and munched on the gummies and hard candies. As the cookie munched on the candies, Brandy’s cock, balls, and ass expanded to the same size as Brandon’s, but in a dilated size (if you dilate Brandy, the cookie, to human size, then this would be correct). “ Mmmm . . . sugar~” Brandy said as he cummed some frosting from his gingerbread-colored dick . Brandon looked Brandy’s cookie cock and realized that his cum must’ve made the cookie much different than the others and have the same traits as Brandon would have.

Brandy looked at him and asked him, “I’m not full yet. Can I gobble you?” Brandon, looking at Brandy’s cookie size, said to him, “ Heheheh . Yer too little!” Brandon giggled as Brandy does a cute n’ grumpy face, then Brandy grew to a size of a kid (due to the small cookie size he is). Brandy was at a chibi -like state but was so little like a shortstack . Brandy smirked and shoved Brandon into his mouth. “ Mmmmph ~! Oh dear! Are you trying to make me horny?” Brandon said and blushed as he gets an erection. Brandy smirked and gulped him up in one go, then burps cutely. Brandon landed in Brandy’s cookie belly, which it was a gummy stomach! Brandon, now blushing, realized that the candies the cookie ate created organs. “ Mmmm ~ Fascinating~ Let me stay in yer belly~ Teehee!” Brandon said in a horny manner. Brandy looked at his huge belly and blushed, then rested on the floor with his back flat (letting his gummy stomach fill up with some candy gel, which is a “candy-substitute for stomach acid” ).

Now lying on his back, Brandy rubbed his cookie belly as Brandon cooed and cuddled inside of him. Brandon was in love with the cookie pred as his gummy stomach filled up with candy gel. “ Mmm … shit me out after this, Brandy~” Brandon said as he gulped some of the stomach acid-like candy gel, which tasted like green apple ( due to green apple color for stomach acid… duh :P ). “Sugary~ Maybe, you should live with me~” Brandon said as Brandy giggled and smiled. As his gummy stomach churned, Brandy’s gummy stomach walls tightened up for Brandon as Brandon moaned and slowly get tired. Brandon closed his eyes and cummed inside of Brandy’s stomach as he goes into a deep sleep. Brandy looked at his gut and said to him, “Gut slut~ Heheheh ,” then closed his eyes to rest from the munching n’ gobbling.

6 hours later, it’s 2:45p.m. and Brandy finished up his rest. Getting up, he looks at his gut as his ass, cock, and balls became fatter than he had before. “ Heheheh . Perfect.” Brandy said as he headed to Brandon’s room, ready to shit Brandon out. Shaking his gigantic ass, Brandy took a gigantic dump of chocolate frosting first as Brandy moaned n’ grunted with pleasure. Brandy rubbed his gigantic gingerbread penis and cummed a load of vanilla frosting onto Brandon’s bed as he kept shitting gigantic loads of chocolate frosting. “ Mmmm ~ Better shit you out… if ya can~” Brandy said to himself and shits more chocolate frosting. As he kept shitting, Brandon slid out, unharmed and covered in chocolate frosting shit, and into the hyper dump that the cookie made (Tons of frosting… AM I RIGHT? :D)

Brandon woke up when he was inside of Brandy’s chocolate frosting dump and gets his head out of the pile. Looking at Brandy, Brandon blushed as Brandy finished shitting the frosting. “Wow… this was the best experience I ever had~ Thanks, cookie boy.” Brandon said to the cookie. Brandy smiled and shrinks back to cute cookie size, then kissed Brandon on the cheek. “You’re welcome… Brandon~” Brandy said to him as Brandon blushed and got out of the pile, naked (after Brandy’s gummy stomach digested his clothes when Brandy’s resting), then get some frosting off his face that Brandy made. “You know.. I think you can handle anything, right?” Brandon asked the cookie. Brandy nodded and said to him, “Sure~ Also, can you build me a home for me? I don’t have a good home to live in.” Brandon nodded as he headed to the showers to clean himself up first, heads to the kitchen next (naked still), and build his home using Rice Krispies treats, icing, candies, and other shaped cookies to create his home.

After working on the new house for the cookie, his home was complete was the shape of a villa with a special pool of milk (made from Brandon’s cum). Brandy looked at the Rice Krispies house and loved it. He hugged his new sweets house and saw all of the candy furniture (crafted and made with candies of all sorts)! “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. OH MY SUGARY GOSH! IT’S PERFECT! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!” Brandy said in a hyper state. Brandon smiled as he cummed some milk on him, making Brandy moan and have an erection. “Heh… no problem, cookie boy. welcome to yer new home in my home. Say… how about you drink some of my cum~” Brandon said to the cookie as the cookie blushed. “ Yes.. daddy~” Brandy said as he rubbed his gingerbread cock and opened his mouth. Brandon smiled and cummed more into Brandy’s mouth as Brandy gets covered with the milk, which Brandy rubbed it on his sugar cookie body. “ Mmm .. maybe that’s too much, daddy~ I need a break.” The cookie said to Brandon.

Brandon smiled and stopped cumming . He pets the cookie, making Brandy purr, then said to him, “Good boy~ Now… get rest~” Brandon said to Brandy as Brandy swallows the milky cum. Yes, daddy~ Welp, gonna rest. I just hope the stuff in this new home works.” Brandy said to Brandon. Brandon replied, “It does, Brandy. All I added is magic to keep the house fresh, clean, rotten-free, and pest-free for the conditions and some special magic to make some electrical items be similar like us humans these days. Enjoy yer home and get rest, cookie boy!” Brandy smiled and headed to his living room in his sweets house to watch some T.V. Brandon grabbed the sweets house and puts it in the cooling room (the one close to his bedroom) where the foods can be stored overtime and never rot. He then heads down the stairs and headed to the living room to watch some T.V.

And that is…

THE END OF THE STORY! Also… this is the debut of a new OC! HOORARY FOR NEW OC , EVERYONE ! Don’t forget for all people reading this on December, Happy Holidays. If it’s not December, yer too early or late for this (o wow).