Magnus' bet

In the dragon realms, the different kinds of dragons did their best to make their home a wonderful place to live in. From the artisans putting on plays or creating great works of art over the Peacekeepers making sure everything was safe to the Dreamweavers assuring everyone a good nights it was almost utopic. One thing still put off many other species from living there. Dragons were carnivores, no other way to put it. Every once in a while they just had to put some meat into their mouth. Often enough it were just sheep but in an attempt to ease the worries of others they instead resorted to cannibalism. That did not particularly help though, to make living in the dragon realms more appealing. Even if other races were safe, it was still offputting to see the sheer casualness with which they treated the whole affair.

Their numbers as a species were not the problem. Female dragons lived far off and as long as the year of the dragon produced new eggs one could assume everything was fine on their end, though non-dragons puzzled over how reproduction worked since the sexes were segregated. Still, new dragons came, hatched on the males side and the girls would return to wherever the females resided. The boys would stay and eventually choose one of the tribes to belong to. With this lifestyle there was another consequence though. Absolutely every single dragon was homosexual. With no females of their kind around and not many non-dragons living in their realms it was probably natural that they would turn towards their own sex for romantic pursuits.

But for now back to the topic of predation and the casualness that most others find weird. When a dragon is in the mood to devour another, they would issue a challenge to their chosen prey. For the Peacekeepers it would mostly end up with a one on one fight where the combatants attempt to knock each other out. Sometimes the fighting dragons even forego the knocking out and try to stuff the other down their throat right away. Other dragon tribes make bets in which the winner gets to eat the loser while third parties made sure no one cheated or tried anything else fishy. Artisans would get into an impromptu art contest for example, while Beastmakers would create a new animal to fight whatever the other could come up with. Since other dragons would make sure that the loser doesn't just flee or try to overpower the winner to turn the tables, those who were beaten had no other choice than to salvage their dignity and accept their fate.

All of that has become so normalized to the dragons that bars or other places to socialise have also become hunting grounds of sorts, where the large reptiles would scout for potential meals and try to provoke them into accepting a challenge. Strangest of all was, how some treated a final fate as a meal. Most losers readily accepted their fate and even tried to make their last trip fun. It has in fact become rare that a devoured dragon would cry or beg in the stomach of their predator. Some dragons even willingly offered themselves as meals to others or at least only required some convincing. Every once in a while though, a dragon would turn out to be a pure predator who wouldn't dream of willingly crawling down anothers esophagus, instead desiring more and more prey to fill their stomach instead.

Magnus was one such dragon. The large Peacekeeper did not get his huge gut through sheep alone. When it comes to cannibalism, he was pretty much one of the biggest gluttons in the realm. As the door to his bar opened, Gavin looked at said dragon waltzing in. Magnus took big steps, making his large belly sway around and he gave everyone inside a cocky grin. A jovial fellow, he still developed a pretty big ego as his meals piled up. Not that anyone could claim it was unjustified. Often underestimated for his weight, Magnus was still an incredibly good fighter and to most his gut was even sexy. Such size was a testament to many won battles and power, which caused some tails to involuntarily raise as their owners saw the sumo-sized dragon enter.

"You again? Just last week you dragged off poor Darius." Gavin asked as Magnus took a seat right at the counter. Darius was an Artisan dragon and quite big himself. Some thought it was a bit in bad taste that the actor used the skull of a dragon he ate as a theater prop but well, owner of said skull bet his body and lost, so the skull belonged to Darius. At least until last week. As Magnus entered, the Peacekeeper made a beeline for the actor and sat down next to him, flirting. At first it seemed like Magnus was more hungry for sex than meat but the flirting became more and more predatory in nature. Some felt a bit sorry for Darius, who looked actually quite afraid as the even larger dragon licked his cheek. Fear slowly turned into arousal though as Magnus continued sweettalking and eventually, the Artisans expression turned into one of flat-out devotion. At that last change of expression, Magnus only whispered a few more words into Darius' ear. They were for themselves in a corner of the bar, so no one knew what exactly Magnus said to the other dragon throughout the evening, just that these words allowed the fat predator to drag Darius off without any resistance. That was the last time the actor would be seen, meekly submitting to his devourer and being dragged across the ground by his horn towards the bars bedrooms. Another effect of Magnus words were, that Darius displayed his erection one last time towards the other patrons before he disappeared from sight. From upstairs, loud moans of lust could be heard for quite a while. These moans did not even stop as loud slurping joined the chorus when Magnus was done fucking his submissive meal and was then enjoying the main course.

Instead of being offended by Gavins question, Magnus just laughed. "What can I say, I'm a big boy and the menu looks so good." At these words he looked aroud the bar again and a slight shiver went down everyones spine. Dragging Darius off like that was not the only display of dominance the other dragons were used to from him. Magnus always made a show of his victories and developed an incredible, predatory presence as his stomach widened. Some wanted to know just what he said to Darius last week but were afraid that they would fall under the same spell if they heard these words. At this thought, gazes went from the belly of the Peacekeeper, down to his large ass. Those two parts absorbed the most of his meals and those who were at the bar last week could see just how well Darius filled these areas, making Magnus wobble and jiggle with every slight movement. All that fat hid the muscles underneath, which were forgotten by some of the more confident challengers. "But yeah, gimme a beer. I think I'll get a bit buzzed while I decide." With a mug now in hand, Magnus turned around and inspected the other patrons while rubbing his gut in anticipation. Gavin groaned. With the tension Magnus brought into the bar, his patrons won't be able to relax at all. Before the barista could scold the large dragon for teasing the others though, the doors opened again.

"Oh, hey Spyro." Came a friendly greeting from Gavin. Other patrons also turned to greet the purple dragon that became a hero to many. Those days were far in the past now and Spyro has really grown. The rare result of an off-season egg was still a good portion smaller than the other dragons but after becoming a champion in the Dragon Realms, Avalar and the Forgotten Realms he was still well respected. By now, the purple dragon could walk on his hind legs like most adults. He kept a somewhat slim figure but his hips were a bit wider than most dragons of the same stature. Underneath one could still see well-toned muscles from his very active lifestyle. The now adult Spyro brought down the tension a bit but raised anticipation. Being an adult now not only meant that he could bed any other dragon he wanted, it also meant he could challenge others for the privilege of eating them and was on the menu himself. It's not as if he was disliked, envied or that the others were ungrateful, quite the opposite in fact but the thought of putting such a great hero into ones gut held a certain prestige. After all, being able to best the great Spyro in a challenge and turn him into fat would be a mark of honor. Still, Gavin hoped that the others would hold back, especially Magnus. The least they could do is not pester him with challenges right on his first night out. "What can I do for you buddy?" He asked as the purple dragon stepped closer.

"Oh, just looking for some action. I've waited long enough for this." He said almost hungrily. Looking at the now adult but still young dragon, Gavin knew that Spyro wouldn't have to look long for a fun night. When the young dragon grew and became an adult, many hoped that he wouldn't take long to become active. "Maybe I'll even manage to get my first prey soon." He then added. At this, Gavin was pretty surprised. He did not think that Spyro would also try to challenge another dragon for his flesh so soon. Especially since the younger dragon was still smaller than most others, making this statement a bit too optimistic.

Magnus in particular seemed rather amused by Spyro's evening plans, judging from the booming laughter heard from him. "Nice one. You should rather stick to sheep for a few more years because in this scene, you would only be a fun-sized snack yourself right now." Magnus managed to draw some laughter out of a few other dragons around while Gavin almost wanted to scold him for teasing Spyro like that but the fat dragon continued. "You should make sure to be closer to my size before thinking about taking on someone else." He emphasized this by rubbing his huge gut and lifting it up a little before letting it drop and jiggle around.

Spyro did not look all that impressed though. The younger dragon always had a healthy dose of confidence, even if tonight Gavin wondered if the amount is even that healthy anymore. "Dude, I know what I'm doing and I could eat any other dragon in this bar if I wanted to." At this point, some of the dragons who laughed along with Magnus earlier were barely holding back roaring laughter. Even someone from the Magic Crafters or Dreamweavers, that had more dragons on the slimmer and smaller side would have been a serious challenge. That boast from the purple dragon was only made funnier by having him stand next to Magnus, who was among the biggest dragons in the realm. As the Peacekeeper laughed, Spyro was still not shaken in his confidence though. "Don't believe me? How about I prove it then? We can make it an official challenge."

It was at this point the bar became dead quiet as every dragon present stared at Spyro in disbelief. He really wanted to bet his life against Magnus, the most seasoned predator around? Someone in the back mumbled his goodbyes to Spyro, believing that the young dragon just sealed his fate and Magnus seemed to lose his patience a bit. "Be careful with that kinda talk buddy. Even if you saved the Dragon Realms ten times in a row, once such a challenge is accepted there's no going back. If you really wanna do it then alright but out of gratitude for saving my hide back then I'm now giving you one last chance to back out." Magnus liked confident prey normally, especially when the moment came that they lost and realized that they became a meal. The in his eyes unwarranted cockyness of Spyro got a little annoying though.

"No way am I gonna back out now." At these words, some of the other patrons actually looked kinda sad. It wasn't safe to say wether it was because they would miss Spyro or because they hoped that they could devour the great hero but everyone thought that soon Magnus would walk out again with a wriggling gut. "Now, since you were so sure I cannot eat anyone else, how about making the proof that I can the challenge? I get one attempt to get you down but if I fail I have to spit you out and you get to eat me instead." He suggested.

Magnus was seriously perplexed by this but thought about the challenge. With Spyro only making it up to his chest and only being as wide as one of his legs he wondered just where the young dragon got the idea that he could manage that from. Then an idea hit him. What if Spyro counted on being able to get parts of him inside? If he could eat bit by bit, digesting part of Magnus and then going for the next, it might be feasible. "Alright, but under one condition. You have to get all of me inside your stomach. If even the tiniest part sticks out, you still lose even if you somehow get everything aside of my nosetip in." Perhaps this would be the part, if that plan gets destroyed. After this defiance, Magnus would enjoy breaking that confidence and seeing that cocky dragon whimper.

The smile stayed on Spyros face though. "Deal, if you will lie down for me now, I've got a big meal ahead of me." The nearby dragons gathered around them. Everyone was curious if Spyro had a trick up his sleeve or if he was simply drunk on his heroic status and would soon regret his words as he gurgled away inside the larger dragon. Also, they would make sure that the loser kept up his end of the bargain. Magnus for his part lied down and watched as Spyro got closer to his tail. The purple dragon grabbed the limp and shoved it into his mouth, eagerly slurping it up with a satisfied moan.

"Enjoy the taste while you can, I will surely enjoy yours." Magnus teased. His tail would not be much of a problem, all dragons were capable of taking large prey but even then there were limits. At most, the Peacekeeper would trust Spyro to make it up to his hips but at his wide rear it would be over. At that thought, he had an idea. Maybe he could get Spyro to lick his balls for a bit before spitting him out, might as well make it fun. "You know, once you give up I'll take you to my room for a hot night. For all you did in the past you at least deserve a last night filled with fun." He said, satisfied at his own generosity.

With half the tail inside his mouth, Spyro couldn't answer but he did not have to say anything. Gulping down more and more would say more than a thousand words could. As Spyro grabbed Magnus legs, the older dragon even helped a bit with the positioning, still sure that his wannabe-predator would soon find himself choking. But curiously enough, Spyro hasn't even slowed down yet, continuously taking inch by inch. Seeing such level of voracity, the surrounding observers wondered if maybe he could actually do it. Tail and legs of the larger dragon were already down the throat and it seemed as if he could wrap his lips even around the ass and hips.

As he felt the hot, slobbery maw around the second largest part of his body, the confidence of the larger dragon began to falter a little. Spyro should have already given up but right now he saw purple claws grabbing his belly and trying to squish it down. His lower half now felt like it was pressed through the grip of a vice. A squishy, wet vice but still. "You can't seriously be taking much more. Don't risk tearing your throat, it will only hurt. Hell, if you're worried about the digestion, I'll swallow you slowly and burp out all the air so you'll pass out before the painful part starts okay?" He offered, partly out of mercy and partly because he was actually getting worried.

Shocked gasps echoed around Spyro and Magnus as the smaller dragon actually managed to get his mouth around the belly of his prey. "Holy shit, he's actually doing it." One of them said in disbelief. Others found some amusement in seeing the confidence in Magnus slowly fade. Spyro was now up to the chest and he showed no signs of stopping. A large part of his meal was already inside the stomach by now and a low gurgling began as the digestive organ detected the meal inside. Despite his mouth being grotesquely stretched now, one could still see faint hints of the cocky smile that the young dragon came in with, his eyes firmly staring into the disbelieving gaze of Magnus.

Panic began to spread in the heart of the Peacekeeper. He was really getting eaten! His ass and belly were the largest parts of him and they were already inside. "H-how? This is impossible." He protested as Spyro's muzzle engulfed his neck and forced his head upwards. Magnus could hear the others cheering Spyro on by now, further enlarging the pit the fat meal now felt in his own stomach. If the final stretch doesn't prove too much, he will be gone, he will be digested. As the teeth of the younger dragon filled his view and the world became darker, Magnus felt like he had been buried alive. From all sides, the wet stomach, esophagus and throat pressed down on him. It almost felt like he would pop under the pressure, as he was squeezed down the fleshy tube into the tight but growing chamber of Spyro's stomach. Then finally, with a small pop his journey ended. "How..." He repeated the question as the realization hit. This was the end, he was completely inside the stomach.

Spyro was catching his breath. It was a humongous effort to get such a large dragon inside and the purple dragon even feared he would choke to death halfway through the meal but now he did it. Around him the jaws of all the onlookers nearly hit the floor at the sight before them. Lying down on his own huge belly, it almost looked as if Spyro was lying down on an overfilled waterbed if it weren't for the faint outlines of the unfortunate dragon inside. With his breath returning to him, he patted the side of his belly. "Nice trick uh? I've visited an alchemist friend of mine. He gave me a potion that allows me to stretch like rubber. Just what I needed for you big boy, although I got a little worried at the end."

His jaw dropped as he heard these words. "You damn cheater! Let me out this instant!" He demanded. Magnus was pissed that Spyro used such a dirty trick on him. The purple dragon would regret that once he got out. Screw making Spyros last night pleasant, he will tear his cocky asshole apart. "What are you all waiting for? Make him spit me out! He was clearly cheating." At this point Magnus was thrashing around as much as he could. Which wasn't as much as he would have liked, since the space was extremely tight. Still, Spyro had a pained grimace as his already distended stomach got stretched even further.

Around them, other dragons were murmuring. Did this really count as cheating? Gavin, who had seen many challenges and knew the rules inside and out stepped next to Spyro and held his head close to the comically enlarged gut. "I'm sorry Magnus but I have to tell you he won fair and square within the terms of this challenge." The squirming stopped as Magnus was completely shocked at these words. Gavin felt around the large bulge, which felt quite comforting to Spyro right now. "The terms were that Spyro had to get you into his stomach completely and I can feel that he accomplished that. If aides like that potion were not to be allowed you would have had to clarify that." He decided. The other dragons around agreed.

"Y-you can't be serious." Magnus protested, as his heart sank at these words. This counted as a fair win for the challenge and Spyro already had him swallowed completely. That meant no one would try to get him out of here, which meant... he'd be digested. Almost as if to confirm this, a loud gurgling echoed from all around and the large dragon could feel how more liquid entered the chamber. Magnus was close to a panic attack. Dragon scales could handle a lot but they were not a solid armor, so the stomach acids would flow between the scales and find the softer flesh underneath. And even if that were the case, Magnus knew from experience that the scales could not hold forever. "You have got to be kidding me." He protested again at the thought of having the younger, smaller Spyro being the one to do him in.

"Sorry to say this but I'm not kidding." Spyro answered. "You are now dinner and I'm not letting you out until my stomach is done with you." With Magnus finally ceasing his struggles, the full gut felt super nice to the purple dragon. Curious dragons gathered all around him to rub his belly or just congratulate him. This was truly a special occasion. "Hey guys, could you help me get to a bed? Also, is it okay if I pay for the room tomorrow Gavin?" The latter just nodded as a few others grabbed the large belly to lift Spyro and Magnus up. Carrying the two to the bedroom was quite the task but in the end, both have been dropped down on the soft matress as the bed creaked in protest at the weight.

While the others outside celebrated Spyro's success, Magnus had to hold back whimpering. He did not want to give the others the satisfaction of hearing any crying or begging at this point. He could already imagine how everyone would talk about this for weeks, how Spyro managed to defeat the ravenous beast. Letting himself be tricked like that filled Magnus with deep shame and the fear of his imminent doom did not help his mood. Gastric juices were already flowing into the small gaps between his scales and caused a tingling sensation. If he did not know what would come next, this would have probably been kinda nice but Magnus knew that soon the sensation would be a lot less pleasant. Some dragons, especially those who were actually willing to begin with, seemed to develop some sort of masochism at this stage and relish in the process of being digested. Magnus did not feel any kind of lust at the thought of his fate.

On the bed, Spyro was quietly rubbing his gut. Filled to the brim, he felt a food coma coming soon so he decided to have a last bit of small-talk with his meal. "Thank you for the meal Magnus. Gotta confess though, a meal was not the only thing I was after." He began. "Since I am still smaller than most other dragons, I know many would have loved nothing more than to get me into their belly. Constantly being challenged for that is not exactly my idea of fun so I figured if I eat the current top predator, most will think twice now."

If he wasn't worried about getting some bile into his mouth, Magnus's jaw would have dropped at this confession. Spyro actively hunted for him? He was nothing but prey to the dragon right from the start? Magnus just felt defeated at this revelation. A trap was set, he went right into it and now stewed in the successful predators gut. Tomorrow he would be gone and Spyro would get a lot fatter. A small part of him was actually impressed, since the plan of establishing himself as an alpha predator was quite clever. Magnus knew, tonight many ambitions and plans to turn Spyro into a meal would die with him. The defeated Peacekeeper stayed still. There was nothing he could do anymore other than accept his fate and hope to lose consciousness soon.

Not getting an answer from Magnus, Spyro decided not to fight his tiredness any longer. "Alright, I get that you probably don't really wanna talk right now. We both got a busy night ahead of us. Good night and goodbye." Was it perhaps a bit mean to wish Magnus a good night? Didn't matter, tomorrow he'll be nothing but dragon fat anyway. Spyro closed his eyes and dozed off, the gurgling of his own belly singing him to sleep.

For the meat inside, this night was a lot less peaceful. Luck was not with Magnus as the burning sensation of digestion set in before he could drift off to oblivion. Old war scars and nicks in his scaly armor allowed some acids to seep in quicker than they would have for other dragons. Even in the dizzyness, brought on by the lack of oxygen he allowed himself to cry out in pain. Not as if Spyro could hear him now anyway. The relentless assault continued for a while, and Magnus knew his scales were not even connected to his body anymore, just pressed down on him by the tight gut. Eventually, he felt his consciousness slipping and was thankful that it would be over. Magnus did not fight to stay awake and welcomed the relief it would bring him. Aside from continuing gurgling, the rest of the night was silent as the large belly slowly shrank back.

It took almost until noon the next day, until the door creaked open. Gavin looked at Spyro coming through and had to hold back a laugh as he saw how big the dragon has gotten. Bloated and puffy were the best words to describe him now after Magnus was completely digested and absorbed. "Damn, I thought I would have to sleep another night here." Spyro said as he wobbled to the counter and put some gems on it as payment.

A small snort escaped Gavins mouth as he saw how Spyro waddled and jiggled. "So, how was your first dragon meal Spyro?" He asked as he took the gems. Most others would try to get someone their own size or maybe even someone smaller. It was also popular to seek out a more willing candidate first, since most would hate to be eaten without ever getting a meal themself.

"Delicious. He was pretty quiet at the end though, probably for the better. Would have sucked if he tore my stomach open." As Spyro sat down, the seat creaked but held, as all dragon furniture was build with heavier dragons in mind. Or those who just had a big meal. As he rubbed his big, sagging belly Spyro thought that he looked a lot like Magnus himself now. His belly absorbed most of the meat, right after his butt which hung over both side of his seat.

Gavin blushed a little as he got a closer look at the changed form. That is when a thought hit him. "Say Spyro, I'm not opening the bar for a few more hours. How about we go back to bed and test out that new girth?" He suggested, already getting hard at the thought. Spyro just smiled back. "And here I thought I had to tease some more until you ask."