Zashono Academy’s Olympics: Pre-event

It’s a wonderful Monday in Zashono Academy. Students are heading to their classes for their studies, including Brandon’s friends ( Ammario and Spuzzie ). Outside of the school, it’s Brandon, Ammario , and Spuzz going to school together. They’re just chatting about their daily lives, the Eiken Club girls, and their schedule. Luckily for the 3, Ammario and Spuzz have the same classes Brandon’s in. Later on , they arrived at the classroom on time where the Eiken Club members are. Fortunately, they have some time to waste (and the rules say you can make love until the bell rings =w=). Chiharu is just reading his book, Komoe is talking to Yuriko, and Ammario and Spuzz ? They’re just talking about Brandon’s ass as a use for something. Time passes and Kirika walked into the class with her gigantic breasts, she knew she’s ready for Brandon’s jiggly ass tonight. Looks like Brandon’s booty is locked on my sight~, she thought as she headed to Brandon’s desk.

Brandon was at his desk, drawing some art about the Eiken Club getting gobbled up or being fucked by him on paper because why not. While drawing, he gets interrupted by Kirika’s gigantic breasts, which was in front of Brandon’s face. “Well, hello there, Kirika . Just doing some drawing.” Brandon said to her as he smacked her breasts. Kirika giggled and replied back, “ Hellu , hun ~ Nice drawing. I hope you really like us as a meal and a slut~” Brandon smirked, then smiled as he grabbed her breasts with his left hand (because his right hand is for every task) and groped it. Kirika blushed as she began to lactate. “U-um~ Do it with two hands, papi ~” Kirika said as she blushed, then moaned. Brandon replied , “I will until I finish drawing,” and continued drawing the rest himself. “Just give it to someone in your club to look at my art.” Brandon said as he finished up the art, then said, “And done. Looks like a masterpiece, right?” Kirika looked at his paper and grabbed it, seeing Brandon’s amazing skills on art (which made her impressed as Brandon gropes her gigantic tits).

Meanwhile with femboi Ammario and bunbun femboi , Spuzzie , they were wondering about Brandon’s ass as a toy. “You know, Spuzz . His ass would a great source of making ‘ice cream.’ It tastes so chocolatey but smells stinky~ The best scat I want!” Ammario said, but Spuzz disagreed and argued, “NU SCAT! It be a great source for cuddling because you can cuddle between his ass cheeks” Ammario wasn’t happy and shouted at him, “NO! IT BE A GREAT SOURCE OF MAKING ‘ICE CREAM! STUDENTS WOULD LOVE IT!’ Better than your idea.” “More like a cuddling room!” Spuzz argued in front of his face. Ammario and Spuzz are now ticked off as both shouted, “ICE CREAM! CUDDLING ROOM! ICE CREAM! CUDDLING ROOM! ICE CREAM! CUDDLING ROOM-,” but was interrupted by the school bell, which rang for class time. “Okay, enough of the argument and let’s head to our seats.” Ammario said as Spuzz nodded. Both headed to their seats, which wasn’t adjacent (or close to) with Brandon’s seat. Luckily for Spuzz , his seat is close to Komoe .

As the teacher headed to class, Komoe saw her outfit quite different. Not sure what she’s up to, she whispered to Spuzz . “Hey, bunny boy. Do you think what’s going on?” She whispered, then Spuzz said and answered her question, “I’m not sure, but my name isn’t bunny boi ! Is Spuzz , or Spuzzie ! Anyways, methinks there’s something special this week, but we can’t spend this time whispering. Bunbun needs to learn!” Komoe nodded as the teacher headed to her big desk. “Good morning, class! Today is a special day. This week will have 4 short days, which includes today. That means from Monday to Thursday is a short day and Friday’s no school! Why? We’re having our Zashono Academy Olympics!” The teacher said, but Brandon, Ammario , and Spuzz were confused in unison. Brandon raised his right hand and asked, “Not to interrupt, but what’s the Zashono Academy Olympics?”

The teacher smirked and answered his question, “Well, all 4 clubs will be chosen in this academy. They will compete in 3 different events. They will be chosen by the principal of this academy. After the 3 events are chosen, they will be randomly arranged in order. After the 3 events are done by the clubs, the club with the most points will take the trophy home. This only happens 2 times per year. One in the winter and one in the summer. Thank you for listening.” Brandon nodded and said, “Thank you, teach-,” but had to stop because the school intercom just turned on. “ Brandon Adams. Head to the principal’s office asap. I repeat. Brandon Adams. Head to the principal’s office asap. The principal needs you.” Brandon sighs and got out of his seat. He looked back at his friends and the Eiken club members. He said to them, “I gotta go, team. I’ll come back! See ya , sexy crew!” Brandon grabs his backpack and heads out of class , then walked to the principal’s office, thinking why the principal want him. You have got to be kidding me, he thought as he kept walking. He looked at the other classes, which they’re doing their daily learning, as he walked to the office. Luckily, it was a short walk and Brandon arrived to the principal’s office.

Brandon opened the door and saw the principal there with her huge breasts and ass (all clothed with her principal uniform) , waiting for him. “Come in, Brandon. I need you for something.” Brandon nodded and sat down on the chair. “I’m the new principal of this school and the name is Brenda. I became the new principal because I noticed that the principal was a bit of a fraidy cat. Anyways, I need your help on choosing the events for the Olympics. Think you can choose and arrange them? The principal, or Brenda, said. Brandon nodded as he looks at the list of events that are popular from popular to not so popular. He crossed out the events that were not in the top 3 and noticed that the 3 events are everyone’s favorite. Not sure about it, he looked at her and asked, “Got a laptop I can borrow?” Brenda nodded and grabbed her laptop under her huge desk, then gave it to him. Brandon opened the laptop and researched about the events and read the rules.

Minutes passed by and Brandon finished up the arrangement. “Finished, cousin or principal or principal cousin.” Brandon said as he pushes the laptop back to her and gave her the list with the 3 events (now arranged). “Very good, Brandon. I’ll make an announcement for the school, also you are a vice principal of this academy.” She said as she turns on the intercom. “This is your principal speaking. The Olympics will start tomorrow morning and 4 of the clubs will be chosen by Brandon and I. For the club leaders, there will be an email on your phone. It’s a simple task, but you must do it before the dismissal bell. At the end, we’ll be voting whose clubs be participating on the Zashono Academy Olympics. If your club is chosen for the Olympics, you will have an email that will show the location of the Olympics. Thank you for listening. Continue your studies and enjoy the short day.” Brenda said in the intercom, then deactivates it.

“Well, I’m gonna be the Olympics’ host, right?” Brandon asked as Brenda nodded. “Ah, I see. Where should we must up first tomorrow?” Brandon said. Luckily, she remembered the place that is best for the Olympics. “We’ll need to head to the city streets. Luckily, I told the mayor in that city to block some streets for the track and there are lockers close by the starting line of the prepared track. For you and your bois , you’ll be lucky seeing those asses and tits bouncing as they run.” Brenda said and giggled as Brandon blushed, but realized what Ammario liked most. “Um, Brenda. My friend, Ammario , only likes scat. Sorry…” Brandon said. Brenda replied, “Oh, it’s fine, Brandon. I’ll let the girls toy with him… with their dumps if they need to go to a restroom, also you are dismissed earlier than the others. That means you can go home and enjoy the rest of your day.” Brandon nodded and said to her, “Thank you, Brenda. I’ll see ya tomorrow in the downtown.” Brandon leaves the office as the bell rings for lunch. Heading back home, he grabbed his phone and texted to Ammario . Text messages will be shown below (left is Ammario , right is Brandon)

Sup, Ammario

Hoi, Brandon

I’m the new principal of Zashono Academy

And I’m going to be a host of the Olympics.

Luckily, you and your friend, Spuzzie , are now

Eiken Club members.

Lucky! Thanks, Brandon~!

No problem, Ammario . Have a gud day!

Including chu~!



He smiled as he turned off his phone and arrived back home. He throws his backpack to the couch and heads to the kitchen to make some sandwiches for himself. “Better get ready for the big one.” Brandon said to himself as he finished up making a sandwich.