"Wow, what a great party! My friends are so cool. Not as cool as me but still..." Rainbow Blitz said to himself as flew up to his cloud house.

It was Blitz's birthday today, and he had just had a fantastic party at Sugarcube Corner, with all of his friends there, although oddly Bubble Berry had disappeared pretty early into the party, when they had barely finished playing party games.

Another weird thing was that he hadn't had a cake, though his friends had assured him they had made him one. They hadn't told him anything else though when he asked for more details, but he had brushed it off and kept partying. With the awesome presents he had gotten (including tickets to a Wonderbolt show Dusk Shine had gotten from Prince Solaris himself!) he hadn't thought about it further.

Arriving at his door, he went in and looked around, the foyer of his cloud mansion mostly unadorned except for a few Wonderbolt posters. The familiar surroundings made him smile as he set aside the saddlebags Elusive had given him, which held his birthday presents.

He meant to go to his living room and read a few books, including a new adventure series he had found after finishing the latest Dashing Dare book, but paused when he passed his kitchen, something catching his eye.

On the counter was a humongous cake, multiple layers of alternating vanilla and chocolate with strawberry frosting that reached twice his height, the sight of which made him start to drool. Wiping his mouth he approached the cake, marveling at the giant confection.

"Wow, I guess that's why Bubble Berry left, he must've been setting this up...huh?" Rainbow Blitz wondered aloud, then noticed a birthday card next to the cake. Picking it up and opening it, a poof of confetti shot out then drifted down to, and then through, the floor. The card read...

Hey Blitzie, Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I couldn't be there for most of the party but I was busy getting this ready! I had Dusk cast a cloud-walking spell on me so I could bring it in after I got up here with my Berry-copter. The cake is also my present to you too...sort of. You'll see once you're done reading this...

Lots of big squeezy hugs, Bubble Berry (Blitz saw a that there was a big pink happy-face drawn next to the signature)

"Huh, the cake is my present from Berry, and I'll get it after I'm done reading? What does that me-Gahhh!" Rainbow Blitz started to say as he looked back up at the cake, only to be surprised as the top of the cake blew off with a heavy *splat!*, sending frosting cascading down onto the rest of the cake and the counter, and revealing a certain pink stallion.

"Surprise Blitz!" Bubble Berry said cheerfully as he erupted from the center of the cake, the rest of it thick enough that it remained intact despite Berry's eruptive exit. He was still covered in frosting and bits of cake as one would expect, but Berry being Berry he didn't mind at all.

"...Hey Bubbles, is this your present? You surprise me and we spend the day together or something?" Rainbow Blitz asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nopie-Dopie!" Bubble Berry responded with a vigorous shake of his head, then put a hoof to his chin and reconsidered, "Well, the surprise part yes, but no, the present is that I'm going to make one of your biggest fantasies come true!"

"Really? Which one, the one where I'm a Wonderbolt? Or the one where I beat a hydra all on my own?" Rainbow Blitz questioned skeptically, chuckling to himself. He doubted Berry could help him with those, he was only one stallion after all.

"No silly! I don't mean those kinds of fantasies..." Bubble Berry giggled and shook his head. Berry then leaned down from his position in the cake and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, then winked at Blitz.

That response nearly made Blitz's heart stop, his eyes widening and his blue-furred cheeks turning red. "W-what?! Berry, I'm not into dudes like that!"

"Oh Blitzie you silly colt, I don't mean typical sex, I mean your fetish. You know, the one you told all of us when you got drunk after Gleaming Shield and Prince Bolero's wedding," Bubble Berry explained with a roll of his eyes and a smirk.

"I...forgot about that..." Rainbow Blitz admitted, realization dawning and his cheeks getting redder. He had had way too much wine, and didn't remember most of the night, let alone what he had said during it.

"Well I didn't! So when I realized I couldn't think of a present for you this year, I decided I could just help you with that instead!" Bubble Berry said happily.

"But Berry, you do realize what my vore fetish means right? Actually doing it would involve me pretty much killing somepony, how could you help me with that?" Rainbow Blitz asked skeptically, totally unsure of what was happening at this point, he couldn't just eat a pony for real...could he?

Rainbow Blitz was a vorarephile, a pony who was sexually aroused by the idea of one thing consuming another in some fashion. In his case it was him doing the eating, and in a permanent fashion, that got him going. The very thought of doing that to another pony, scarfing them down into his stomach, dominating them with his awesome bod, and relaxing as they melted away in his belly into nothing but fuel for it along with a pile of smelly brown poop to squeeze out of his muscular plot, turned him on like nothing else. Just thinking of it now made his cock twitch in its sheath.

"Of course I do Blitzie, you want to eat other ponies and make them your food! But it's alright, I contacted the Princes and asked them about my idea and they said it was fine," Bubble Berry explained calmly.

"Oh great, the Princes know about my fetish now too..." Bliz grumbled, then shook it off and turned back to Berry, "So...what exactly is this idea of yours, and who am I going to eat?"

Berry blinked, then put a hoof to his chest, "Me silly! I'm going to be the one you eat and turn to poop! Simple as that," Bubble Berry stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"You? But, Berry I-" Rainbow Blitz started and blinked, then suddenly felt a pink hoof become lodged in his mouth and a pair of blue eyes stared into his own rose-colored ones. Bubble Berry somehow had moved from inside the cake to right in front of him, all without leaving any visible sign of apparently climbing out of the cake and down onto the floor.

"Oh Blitzie, you know you want to do this, but you also know I would never force you to," Bubble Berry said, smiling warmly at his rainbow-haired friend before turning back to the cake and pulling his hoof out, "Besides, we don't need to do it now, we should eat this cake first!" Bubble Berry bounced happily on the springy cloud floor, bits of frosting and cake crumbs falling off of him and through the floor.

"I...okay, that does look good, get me a big piece!" Blitz said, shaking off his embarassment and confusion, the heavy stuff could wait until he had some of that delicious cake. As Berry cut off a slice though, he couldn't help but lick his lips and think, "Wow, Bubble Berry actually does taste pretty good..."


"*Urrp* Wow Berry, that was good, best cake ever!" Rainbow Blitz commented, rubbing his stuffed stomach.

He and Berry had absolutely demolished the cake, leaving both stallions with guts approaching the size of basketballs. Bubble Berry had even used his absurdly long tongue to lick off every bit of cake left over from his exit from it. They now sat on Rainbow Blitz's cloud-couch, the platter the cake had been on sitting empty on the coffee table in front of them.

"Thanks Blitzie!" Bubble Berry said, giggling at the gurglings of his cake-filled tummy. He then turned to Blitz and began rubbing the pegasus' stomach himself.

"So Blitz, what do you think? You want to put me in here too?" Bubble Berry asked with a grin.

Rainbow Blitz froze up and blushed scarlet at the question. He had thought about it, the entire time he and Berry had scarfed down the cake in fact. He couldn't get the image of stuffing Bubble Berry into his mouth, swallowing him down, then digesting him and turning him into his next dump, out of his mind. He could feel himself getting hard now that Berry was bringing it up, his dark blue penis quickly emerging from his sheath and hanging down over his balls.

"I-I-I...well, Bubbles, I guess I've...warmed up to it..." Rainbow Blitz admitted, shifting on the couch, "But seriously Berry, you're my friend, is this really what you want? I don't want to do this if you aren't okay with...well, not being alive anymore..."

"Oh Blitz, I don't mind, in fact I like the idea. I'm a baker after all, and I bet I'd be a great treat, and I wouldn't want anypony but one of my best friends to enjoy me! Especially on their birthday!" Bubble Berry said, now nuzzling Blitz's stomach. Berry then wrapped his forelegs around his friend in a hug, his cheek pressed deeper into the gurgling blue bulge.

"So do you still have room?" Bubble Berry asked again, smiling widely.

For a moment Blitz looked down uncertainly at Bubble Berry's earnest smile, then began to grin back at him. He then returned the pink stallion's hug.

"Sure I do, if it means living my fantasy and you're okay with it, then you're definetely going in here," Rainbow Blitz said as he pulled back, patting his swollen belly, while Bubble Berry giggled.

"Let's get started!" Rainbow Blitz said with his usual cocky smirk, then grabbed onto Berry and changed their positions, rolling them both on the couch until he was resting on the armrest and Berry was fully on top of him. He then began to grind their bellies against each other. At this point he was now rock-hard and ready to go for it, it was time to live his fantasy!

"Prepare to take a trip inside the most awesome stallion in Ponyville!" Rainbow Blitz bragged, then grinned and licked his lips hungrily as he eyed Berry's chubby yet muscled body. "I bet you're going to give me plenty of energy Berry, what with all this meat on you. Bet you'll feel good sliding out of my ass too..." the rainbow-maned stallion teased, clenching his glutes and pistoning his hips to emphasize his toned butt, the movement wobbling the two of them a bit.

Berry just giggled again, though is face was getting a bit red as well...

"Ooooh yeah, am I going to enjoy this, feeling you fill out my gut, it's already making me stiff..." Rainbow Blitz teased with a chuckle, pushing Berry back a bit so that he could grind his now rock-hard dark blue penis against Bubble Berry's gut, making the belly jiggle and his cock throb; Blitz's own stomach let out a hungry rumble, eager for Berry to make it even bigger.

"Well Blitzie, if you're so hungry, then you should eat me right away! I'm also really excited to get in there too! In fact I've never been so excited, not even the time that-" Bubble Berry's derailed train of thought screeched to a halt as Blitz's hoof was pressed to his lips while the stallion gave Berry a bemused eyebrow. He then shrugged and pulled Berry up so that they were nose-to-nose.

"That'll do Bubble Berry," Rainbow Blitz said with a smile, then opened his mouth hugely. He then pulled Berry into his mouth and clamped down, engulfing his head with his lips.

Taking a moment to tickle Berry's cheeks with his tongue, Rainbow Blitz's tastebuds cramped at the sweet taste of his friend.

"Oh my Solaris, I should've done this sooner, I never could've imagined how delicious a pony could be..." Rainbow Blitz thought, paralyzed as he savored his friend. He quickly regained his focus though, and swallowed hard. His esophagus opened wide and his throat contracted to pull Berry in past his neck, making an imprint of the party pony's face bulge out from it. Another swallow, and Berry's head went deeper, while Blitz was now working over his shoulders, pinning Berry's forelegs to his sides. As he lunged over Bubble Berry's front legs and chest, Rainbow Blitz's stomach growled eagerly at the feeling of Berry's head entering it. As he devoured his friend, Blitz kept rolling and rubbing his tongue against Berry, from his neck to his ribcage (which made the stallion wiggle with laughter at how much it tickled), wanting to get every bit of that sweet flavor.

Gulping down more of his delicious friend, Rainbow Blitz found himself reaching Berry's bloated belly. To his surprise, he could smell something musky and sweet now, and feel something rubbing against his belly underneath his line of sight. His spread lips shifting in an attempt at a grin, Rainbow Blitz paused his consumption of the pink stallion and began to feel around between the two of them until he felt his hoof touch Berry's hard and throbbing penis. Without hesitation, Blitz began to stroke the thick dark pink cock up and down, causing Berry to start squirming around again. He may not have been a coltcuddler, but he certainly had no problem helping a friend feel good, it would be what any loyal friend would do after all.

"Mmmmff! Ooooohhmm..." Bubble Berry moaned from within his friend's stomach, his surprise turning to pleasure as his friend began jacking him off. Letting his body relax, Berry began to pump his hips into the strokes, the motion making his big belly jiggle lightly and increasing the pleasure radiating through his shaft.

"Wow, Bubbles is actually pretty big down here, definetely bigger than mine..." Rainbow Blitz thought as he continued to masturbate the pink party pony, noticing pre-cum was starting to leak from Berry's dick, "He is an Earth pony I suppose, they are usually bigger than pegasi like me, but he might even give AJ a run for his money! I should tell him about that tomorrow..." Rainbow Blitz chuckled internally at that idea.

When he saw Bubble Berry's hips jerk and felt his stallionhood begin to swell, Blitz started jerking faster. He wanted this done with so that he could finish his birthday dinner, his belly growling hungrily as if in agreement.

The two made quite the sight honestly, Rainbow Blitz on the couch with his stomach slick with his friend's now gushing pre and his stomach bulging with an outline of said friend's head, while Bubble Berry was practically humping into his friend's fat gut while his own wobbled in unison with his every thrust.

"Come on Berry, shoot already, I want to see how much you hold in these fat balls of yours, before I turn them into energy and crap that is..." Rainbow Blitz thought in a mix of impatience and excitement, while fondling Berry's orange-sized testicles with his other hoof as he continued to jack him off, rubbing his hoof against the swollen pink balls and speeding up his jerking. His hoof whipped up and down Bubble Berry's throbbing meat, the shaft twitching with satisfaction at all the added attention.

With a muffled groan of ectasy, Bubble Berry came hard, Blitz feeling his nuts pull tight and a last tense in the cock before it unloaded all over the two of them. Bubble Berry's thick stallion-cream spurted out of the flared head and onto Blitz's stomach and down onto his crotch. With how close they were, the cum was soon smeared on Berry's own stomach as well, both stallions having a good bucket's-worth of cum between them, with some starting to drip into the cloud-couch.

When Berry finished cumming, the two of them took a second to simply lay there, Berry on top of and partly inside of Blitz and Blitz on the couch, before Blitz began finishing his meal.

Wrapping his foreleg over Berry's back for a moment in a hug, Blitz then began stretching his mouth over his gut. His jaw crackling like breaking branches as it stretched around the big pink belly, Blitz licked up the cum painted across it, taking in its rugged, dark chocolate-like taste with a few waggling swipes of his tongue.

His maw now wide enough to easily fit a watermelon inside, Blitz gave swallow after swallow until the belly was all the way inside him, its mass dragging the remaining portion of Berry in after it as it squeezed down Blitz's swollen throat. From his drooping penis to his limp legs and tail, Berry's weight dragged the rest of him down the abyss of Blitz's gaping throat and into his belly with the remains of his birthday cake. Blitz's gut swelled massively, a light blue yoga-ball protruding from his midsection.

"*Hrrlk, gauh!* Uggh...wow, didn't expect that," Rainbow Blitz managed with a cough, his windpipe rebelling at the feeling of Berry's wide rump, forelegs, and tail being forced past it.

"Still, worth it, Bubble Berry was delicious, and it feels awesome to have him in my gut..." Rainbow Blitz said as he rubbed his now pony-sized stomach, then let out a thick and wet *BBBLLUUUURRP!*.

He then idly scooped up some of the cum on it to lick off his hoof, it wasn't half-bad really. Feeling Berry move around a bit, to get comfortable most likely, Blitz decided to attend to another need he had now that the first was taken care of.

Reaching down, Blitz wrapped a hoof around his own stallionhood, which had been getting firmer and firmer as he had ate Berry, until it had begun poking into the lower swell of his tummy while he had been jerking Berry's cock.

A speedster in more than one way, Blitz began jacking himself off quickly, his hoof gliding smoothly up and down his dick from the slickness of the mix of Berry's cum and his own pre coating it.

"Oh yeah...fffuck!" Rainbow Blitz moaned as he began touching himself, the famliar touch of his own hoof being spiced up by the thought of what he was doing to Berry. With his other hoof, he continued massaging his belly, which was starting to gurgle and churn around his meal. Digestion was beginning.

"Oh fuck yeah! *Uueerrp!* I'm digesting Bubble Berry; one of my best friends is going to be turned into nutritious mush for my awesome bod..." Rainbow Blitz moaned aloud, pumping faster while his cock leaked even more pre-cum, then let out a huff and licked his lips, "...and after that, he'll just be another load of crap for me to dump into my toilet!"

His belly burbling and grumbling more loudly now as it wobbled from his motions, Rainbow Blitz had a stroke of inspiration on how to finish himself off. Stopping his masturbation, Rainbow Blitz instead put his hoof flat against the belly of his sticky cock and pressed it down against his bulging belly, sandwiching it between his stomach and his hoof. He then began to thrust into his makeshift cock-hole, the new sensation of his soft belly fur and the feel of Berry's weight pressing against it from inside his stomach quickly putting him over the edge. The thick, flat head of his penis flared out, engorging into a more ovoid shape while the gushing slit widened in preparation of the coming payload.

"*MMMM-OHMIGOSH NGHHN!*" Rainbow Blitz moaned loudly as his pelvic muscles clenched and he released the floodgates.

His load spurted from his cockhead like a firehose, spraying his belly and giving it a new coat of white, with a couple spurts landing on his chest and his wings, which had splayed out beneath him.

"Oooh, uhh..." Rainbow Blitz groaned out as his afterglow and the mental satisfaction of fulfilling his fantasy washed over him, flopping back on his couch.

After a few moments of lying there and basking in his frothing emotions, Blitz decided to go take a shower to get the cum and sweat off of his body.

Rolling off the couch, Rainbow Blitz trotted to to his bathroom, his full belly rumbling and churning around Bubble Berry and swaying with each step.

Inside, Bubble Berry had passed out soon after Blitz had begun masturbating, his own sexual relief and the rocking motions making him too sleepy to stay awake any longer.

Rainbow Blitz's bathroom was pretty straightforward, if spacious: a sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet all made of clouds, while the pipes, showerhead, and knobs attached to them were metal, magically designed to take advantage of the water-rich material they were connected to.

Stepping into the shower, which was technically just a specific corner of his bathroom with a shower curtain seperating it from the rest with a showerhead and knobs inside it, Blitz turned the knob for hot water and managed to get on his hind legs as it cascaded onto his body.

Thoroughly rinsing off his gurgling and wobbling gut of every bit of sticking fluids and rinsing his hair for good measure, Blitz then got back down on all fours and turned his rump up towards the water, flicking his tail aside so that the flow could wash off his sweaty crack and balls.

"Now for the last part..." Blitz thought as he rolled over onto his back with his crotch under the waterflow, sending his gut jiggling and swaying as he did so. His new position allowed the water to start cleaning his still exposed but flaccid cock, making Blitz shudder as his tender flesh was hit by the hot spray.

With every bit of him washed off reasonably well (he would shower properly some other day), Blitz turned off the water and climbed out, dripping water that sank into the cloud-floor beneath him. Chuckling as he walked passed his toilet, which he knew he'd be using soon, Rainbow Blitz decided to take a nap outside while his belly digested Berry.

Flying out over Ponyville, Blitz alighted on a cloud above the town square, laying down and delighting in the soft and cool feeling of his full belly sinking into the depths of the cloud underneath him. Letting out a yawn that was followed by a low and blunt belch, Rainbow Blitz smiled as he quickly fell asleep.

Now that he was asleep, Blitz's gut began to gurgle and grumble more loudly as digestion began to ramp up. The athletic stallion's digestive system was ready to break down Bubble Berry into more nutrition and energy, acid rising and frothing around Berry's unconcious form...


"Ahhh-ooowha!...that was nice, wow, I feel so charged it feels like I could fly all the way to Cloudsdale and back three times in a row!" Rainbow Blitz said cheerfully with a yawn and stretch as he stood up on his cloud-perch, then looked down to poke at the slight chub now present on his toned stomach.

"Wow, seems like Berry gave me a bit of jiggle, huh...I'll burn through it pretty quick though..." Rainbow Blitz said thoughtfully, considering it for a moment before shrugging. After that, Blitz's chromatic tail lifted and a loud and dry *ppprrrppt!* came rushing out of from between his taut buttcheeks.

Sniffing and then coughing at the rank scent of his digested friend, Blitz began flapping his wings to fan away the smell.

"In the name of Solaris that reeks! Wow, I'll have to make sure to remember that if I ever do this again," Rainbow Blitz declared loudly...then remembered he was right above the center of town and it was still daytime. Looking down over the side of his cloud, he saw ponies looking up at him with embarassment and/or disgust, making him put on a sheepish grin and rub the back of his neck.

That changed immediately once he saw Elusive down by his shop staring up at him angrily with his face a cherry-red scrunch of an expression. Seeing that, he had to bite his lip to stop from laughing, and when his ass released another loud fart that made Elusive's face even redder and made him yell, "Blitz!!!", he cracked up completely, falling back on his cloud and wiggling his legs up in the air. Due to the erratic movements and his position being easier on his bowels, his GI tract let loose a rapid-fire assault of smelly farts while he laughed, which only made the laughing fit even worse.

Once Rainbow Blitz's sides had stopped splitting and his butt had stopped letting out gas bombs, the cyan blue pegasus rolled back onto his hooves and looked down again. He saw that everypony was now pointedly trying to pretend he did not exist, and gave a (somewhat) sincere, "Sorry everypony! I had something...different to eat earlier today!". He then looked around for Elusive, only to see that the stallion had apparently run back into Carousel Boutique, and the reason became clear when his sharp eyes, built like any pegasus for keeping track of everything within the vast sky and the expanse of the ground below, caught sight of a small dribble of something greenish-yellow on the ground.

The thought that just hearing his gas had made Elusive sick enough to almost throw up in public made him almost start laughing again, but he held it back.

"I'll go apologize to him about that later...sweet Solaris though! Bubble Berry, even after being digested into just a bit of fat, body fuel, and some crap in my guts, he's still my best pranking buddy ever!!" Blitz thought to himself, grinning while appreciatively rubbing his slightly pudgier middle. A sudden pressure against his plothole got his attention though.

"Heh-heh, guess it's time to let him out actually, I suppose I'll head back to the pad..." Rainbow Blitz decided, then took off. As he flew threw the sky towards his home, he let out more farts to disperse in his wake, each one escaping with a *pffft*, pifffrtt*, and *pwwweeerrrt*.

Making it back to his home, Rainbow Blitz walked briskly back to his bathroom, then sat his butt down on the toilet. The fluffy cloud-seat was comfortable and cool against his asscheeks as his dark blue anus protruded out and began to spread.

The head of the first turd emerged quickly, the brown protrusion stretching open Blitz's hole for the rest of the log to emerge. The turd stretched out for a few inches before falling into the pool of water below with a splash.

Blitz grunted at the feeling of his asshole being stretched, shifting on his seat slightly then grunting again as a fatter piece of poop squeezed its way out. It landed on top of the first with a mixed plop and splat.

"Oh yeah Bubbles, you feel as good coming out as you did coming innn..." Rainbow Blitz moaned to himself, the feeling of his anus being fully opened up and the excitement of the knowledge this dump used to be one of his best friends making Rainbow Blitz's arousal start to rise. Quickly, his cock began to spill from his sheath and engorge with blood, leaving Blitz with a hard-on rising from between his spread legs.

Not wasting a moment, Blitz began masturbating furiously, even as a smaller turd plopped from between his muscular buns. His hoof went up and down his length, pre-cum beginning to bead at the hole up top.

"Nnngghh, fuck!" Blitz groaned, his cock throbbing hot and slick in his grip, and another big chunk of Bubble Berry starting to slide out of his rear. The fat log inched its way out at the same time Blitz's cock began pouring out more pre. At about halfway, Blitz couldn't take any more, and began lightly thrusting his hips upwards, causing his anus to clench and snap off the turd, the first half dropping into the water.

"Hnngh, ahhh!" Rainbow Blitz grunted as he grit his teeth, his balls drawing up and his prostate clenching as his load rushed to his cock, which was flaring outwards against his hoof. With a heavy wet splurrt one of the biggest loads of Blitz's life shot out of his cockhead, rope after rope splattering the white puffy walls of his bathroom.

"Ahhh...that was awesome...you rock Berry..." Rainbow Blitz panted out, his eyes going down between his legs to the toilet bowl beneath him and what it contained. His cock quickly went flaccid, drooling out the last of his load onto his balls as it flopped over them.

For a few moments Blitz sat on the toilet, his tongue lolling out as he basked in his afterglow, before his tailhole quivered and then expanded to let out a loud and muddy fart that splattered the last of Bubble Berry inside the toilet.

Rainbow Blitz then reached out and ripped off a section of his "toilet paper", which was actually just a wrap of cloud material fashioned like a roll of T.P., and began cleaning off his brown-flecked pucker. The feeling of the cloud-roll on his sensitive flesh was cool and soft with a slight moistness, like a well-made wet wipe. It was one of the many advantages of being a pegasus, wiping with a cloud was ten times better than any paper could be, it felt better and the water in it cleaned off every last speck of waste.

When he was finished rubbing the progressively browner sheet of cloud between his buttcheeks, Blitz tossed it into the toilet bowl where it broke apart into the rest of the mess.

What lay swirling in the bowl were a few dark brown turds with some tell-tale tufts of pink hair in them, all of it once being Ponyville's personal party planner.

Blitz smiled at his hoofwork and gave his new chub another rubdown as he put a single cyan feather on the flush, readying to flex it down and send his first prey-dump into the special magical space inside the depths of his cloud-house where it would be deposited in his personal septic tank for later disposal into the sewer.

"Well Berry, thanks for everything, best birthday so far and I'm glad the first pony to take a trip through my hunky bod was one of my friends!" Rainbow Blitz said, his usal cocky grin on his face as he finished. He then pushed the lever and the clouds making up the toilet bowl rippled as moisture squeezed out of them, swirling together every bit of crap before it all rushed down the drain and into the pipes.

That done, Blitz swaggered out of his bathroom with a grin still on his face.

"Wow, I can't believe I got to do this fantasy, and it was even better than even I could've thought...wonder if the rest of the guys were as okay with this as Berry was, if they knew about it...oh well, if the Princes were okay with it I'm sure it won't matter. This was really fun, I wonder if the Princes and everypony would be cool with me doing it again sometime...Lightningroad's always looked cute enough to eat..." Blitz wondered aloud, smiling dreamily as he licked his lips.