It was a rainy night in Chicago when Arnold Cohen died. The evening had started out pleasant enough, and ended with him unable to breathe. The second to last thought to run through his mind was that dying this way was infinitely better than a bullet.

The last thought was that this was dead wrong. Suffocating alone in the dark was awful. Any carnal overtones his death might have had were spoiled by the simple fact that he wouldn't remember them.

He had met his killer earlier that night in Chicago.

Work ended at the usual hour, and he went home to his highrise apartment to get changed. Silk button down. Nice shoes. Nice cologne. He went out with two wing men from the office that night; Dan and Carl. They met him at a bar to pregame. It was a good start. He'd hoped to get lucky that night.

At the club they split up and hit the floor. The meat market was in full swing. Women everywhere, flashing lights, pounding music. Moving bodies. A few attempts to flirt, some successful, some not.

Then he saw her.

She was dusky skinned and foreign, with dark hair trimmed back into a stylish pixie cut. Large brown eyes. Full lips, fine shoulders, and a lush figure. Her short hair did nothing to detract from her allure. If anything it only accentuated her curves further.

She wasn't proportional, he noted as their eyes locked. Her chest was small and her arms were well toned, as if she worked out a lot. But her rear was big. Naturally so, and she had done exercises to make it bigger still. Arnold was an ass and thighs guy, and a fool for the ladies. In the end that was what killed him.

Her name was Claudia.

When his apartment door clicked open they were leaning against one another and laughing.

‘No!’ the Brazilian beauty cried in her exotic accent. ‘You did not say that to him!’

‘I did’ he chuckled, ‘and oh man was he mad. How buzzed are you?’ He walked into the kitchenette and flipped the lights on. The room beyond lit up.

‘Just enough to-oh! Nice place! What do you do?’

The loft was well appointed; leather furniture, a Turkish rug, a glass table and oil paintings on the walls. There were a few other touches. An African tribal mask. A few pictures of exotic travel with his college friends. The pantheon in Rome. Scuba diving in Maldives. It made him look worldly. It impressed women.

‘I'm a stockbroker’ Arnold said casually.

‘Huh. Who are these guys?’ She walked the length of the room, studying the pictures intently.

‘Just some old friends from school.’

‘I wish I had old school friends’ she sighed wistfully. ‘Rich guys get to go to all the cool places.’

He admired her rear profile as he prepared a drink. ‘If you're interested perhaps I'll take you with me next time.’

She tapped a nail on the glass of one picture.

‘Hey, I think I've met this guy!’

‘What?’ Arnold stepped around the counter and moved up to join her. ‘How?’

‘I went with my mom to a meeting about her retirement portfolio. What was his name..Dering? Daning?’

‘Troy Denning’ Arnold nodded, sipping the drink and handing it to her. She smiled and took it. ‘Yeah, good friend of mine.’

‘Mmm.’ She took a sip and leaned in to him, smiling. ‘Yeah? What's he doing these days?’

Arnold frowned at the odd question. ‘Not sure. He took a leave of absence a few months ago and never came back. Why?’

She kissed him.

Her mouth was warm and inviting against his, and he sighed in ecstasy as his back hit the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hopped up against him, giggling. He caught her thighs as she wrapped her powerful legs around his waist, stumbling toward the bedroom. The door banged open. They fell inward onto the bed. She rolled on top of him, growling hungrily.

Everything about Arnold's next fifty minutes with Claudia was perfect. The sounds she made. The positions they tried. The smell of her hair. The warmth of her body. The gentle interplay of her muscles, gliding powerfully beneath warm brown skin. Even her exotic accent. That she was a fiend for anal gave him pause, but he happily accommodated her.

She was sitting on his face when he first noticed the scar on her inner thigh. And her back. And her shoulder. They almost looked like bullet wounds, but that would have been impossible. Her body was in perfect condition.

She groaned as she humped his tongue, driven crazy by his teasing. ‘Ohh!’ Claudia bent forward and took his manhood in hand, sliding it into her mouth. Arnold groaned and tried to concentrate on his tongue work, but she was too good.

He came hard. She swallowed his seed greedily, milking him with her tongue and fondling his testicles to prolong the orgasm.

Once he was spent he gripped her big buns firmly and went to work with a will, flicking and running the tip of his tongue along the folds of her vagina for all he was worth. Drawing circles around her clitoris. She sat up on his face, reaching down between her thighs to grab fistfuls of his hair as he pushed her over the edge.

She screamed when her orgasm hit. Arnold drew it out with meticulous care, stimulating her until it became painful and she thigh squeezed his head to make him stop. Then a wave of vertigo passed over him, and he blacked out.

When he came to, Arnold found himself standing upright with his legs close together and his arms at his sides. He was naked, and he couldn't move. Looking around in confusion, he realized with a shock that the bedroom had become colossal. He was standing on the seat of his wood computer chair.

Why couldn't he move?

Someone was moving out in the living room. He could hear footsteps. The sound of cupboards being opened. Paintings being removed from the walls. It was impossible, he told himself. He was hallucinating.

Why couldn't he move? Why was he standing upright on the seat of his chair like a damned chest piece? What had she done to him?

It was ten minutes before Claudia returned to the bedroom. She was wearing his tericloth bath robe, but it hung open in the front. He stared in silence, paralyzed, as she noticed him and sauntered over. She loomed over him like a mountain and folded her arms.

‘Oh good, you're awake.’

Something about her detached tone and amused smile terrified Arnold just then. He swallowed as she brought the tip of her nail up beneath his tiny chin, tilting his face upward to stare at the ceiling.

‘I need to know where your friend Troy Denning is. You were much more diligent than most guys. That bit at the end, going out of your way to satisfy me after you finished, I did appreciate that. I hope I was good too.’ She crouched down to look him in the eye, bringing her face close.

‘You can talk now.’

Suddenly he could move his mouth. He coughed and met her enormous gaze, numb with terror. Who was this woman? How had she done this to him?

‘I don't know where Troy is.’


‘He just… vanished for like two weeks. Then turned up and said he had some family problems. He took all his vacation time and said he was doing some traveling. I was gonna email him.’

‘Mmm.’ Claudia sighed and stood. ‘That's too bad. I was hoping I'd have an excuse to keep you around for a while.’ She went to the bedside and fished in her purse, pulling out a small lacquered wood box. She opened it carefully and drew a big purple onion shaped object out of its velvet lined interior.

A butt plug.

‘Any last words?’ She walked back and stood over him, turning around to present her enormous butt as she shrugged out of his robe and tossed it aside.

Arnold didn't consider himself a brave guy, or even a macho guy, but something in him clicked at that moment. He realized what she intended to do.

‘I hope you never catch him’ he breathed. ‘And that he kills you if you ever do.’

‘You know, men reveal who they really are when they're about to die’ she said philosophically, lowering her naked ass onto him carefully with cheeks parted. She gingerly settled his upturned face into the brown puckered ring of her anus. Arnold could do nothing but watch her slowly come down on him.

She snorted when she heard him inhale a deep breath, right before his head pressed into her stinking asshole.

‘Most guys, they beg and plead. They're cowards.’ Claudia grunted, glad that she had massaged a bit of olive oil into her rear entrance while searching his kitchen. She began carefully working the rigid four inch man up inside her crushing anal passage.

‘You're brave. I respect that.’

Arnold felt the hot slick walls of Claudia's rectum slide over his naked body like a sheath. He whimpered as he was forced past the tight ring of puckered muscle and darkness engulfed him. The heat of her insides was unbearable. He fought to hold his breath as she shifted and stood up from the chair, pulling him off the wood surface and carrying him aloft, trapped inside her body. At his current size she could easily fit him completely up her rectum with minimal discomfort.

Claudia daintily raised a foot up onto the chair, leaning forward to stretch her calves. His knees dangled out of her rear entrance.

‘You may find your two friends from the club up there somewhere, by the way’ she said offhandedly, carefully putting her finger against his feet and pushing him completely up inside her ass. Arnold's face slowly began to turn red.

Claudia flopped down onto the bed and calmly flipped open her cellphone.

‘It'll all be over soon Arnold. I had a burrito for dinner, so my methane should kill you long before you wind up buried in shit.’

She dialed a number as she released the hold on his body. Arnold began fighting for freedom inside her butt, using up what precious oxygen he had left.

Someone picked up.


‘Dead end.’

‘Disappointing, but expected. Return to the office tomorrow. We have reliable intel that the target has relocated to England.’

Claudia crossed her ankles and squeezed her thighs, crushing Arnold and holding him motionless while he tried to scream. ‘Understood. Anything else I should know?’

‘The primary has a power set like yours. Size alteration. We've lost over thirty mercenaries to her to date.’

‘How do you want them dealt with?’

‘Terminate. No bodies, no evidence.’

Claudia smiled. ‘And my fee?.’

‘The funds will be wired in the morning.’

Claudia felt her stomach gurgle, and she shifted to get comfortable. Gas began to build deep in her guts. She squeezed her cheeks tight to hold it in, letting the pressure build in her rectum.

‘Thank you Lord Halifax. Will that be all?’

‘Yes.’ The line clicked.

Claudia sighed and stretched out on the bed, flexing her legs and patting her pelvis patiently.

‘Come on Arnold, breathe deep.’

The twitching intensified.

‘Tch, so much fight-.’ She felt her anus tingle and propped a leg up, lowering the butt plug and pressing it against her asshole. A fart escaped as she inserted it, trapping the desperate little man inside. She flicked the silver ring with a bored expression and waited, patiently, while his struggles dwindled.

Claudia yawned and crawled under the sheets, fluffing his pillow. She would dispose of him in the toilet with her morning dump. She played with her phone, thumbing through the images sent by the office until she found the right one. A half Latina woman, mid twenties, with dark hair and eyes.

‘Where are you now Mary Parker?’

That was when Arnold Cohen finally died.  

Three days had passed since the attack, and Troy’s life had become a whirlwind of activity.

Mary seemed to be everywhere at once; talking to people, having private meetings with the Lady, stepping up in her new role as the Avalon League’s new secret weapon. Much as he hated to admit it, Troy was beginning to feel ignored. Back in her apartment, before they had been forced to flee America by the Lodge, it had just been the two of them. As scary and guilt laden as those days had been, he now looked back on them with longing. But it was for the best. These people needed her, and they were in danger. He wasn’t shallow enough to voice such thoughts in the face of what had happened. But he thought them, and Mary was smart now. That was more than enough.

He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when she slipped up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, pressing her cheek between his shoulder blades. He startled a bit. He hadn’t heard her come in.

‘Thanks for being so patient these last few days’ she squeezed his shoulders and leaned in. ‘I know I’ve been ignoring you.’

He spat into the sink and reached up to squeeze her hand, rinsing his toothbrush.  ‘This is dark and stressful stuff.’

‘I know, but you’ve been handling it like a champ. I’m planning a field trip tomorrow morning, wanna come with?’

He cupped his hands under the faucet and rinsed his mouth out, spitting. ‘Sure, where to?’

‘Some big foggy valley out in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.’

He toweled his mouth off and turned in her embrace until they were chest to chest. She laced her fingers behind his neck and smiled like she was up to something. ‘What’s... out there?’

‘Training mission. I need volunteers to help with the instruction.’

Troy frowned. ‘I’m taking shooting lessons from Jeremy, but I’m hardly teacher material.’

‘Oh no’ she walked her fingers up his chest, looking amused ‘it’s not like that. I just need teachers aids. I’m the one who will be hosting the class.’

He paused.

‘What...sort...of class?’

She dug her fingers into the back of his neck at the base of his skull, kneading firmly. He sighed and dropped his forehead against the base of her throat. Damn her, he thought. That always subdued him. It felt so good.

‘I’ve decided’ she whispered into his ears as she kneaded ‘I need some help. So I’m gonna teach six women to help me.’

He stiffened. ‘What?’

‘Mhm. It’s a thing now Troy. There are about to be six more giantess macrophiles in the world, and you get to help me train them. and eight other really brave guys. I don’t really need to ask Jeremy. I know he’ll say yes and I want it to be a surprise. God he needs a girlfriend bad.’

Troy raised his face to look her in the eye. ‘Even if you do grow a bunch of women to huge size, they don’t have your ability to preserve their victims. The men will die.’

‘Mmm...not necessarily’ she took his hand and led him back into the bedroom, then let go and went to her trunk. Her luggage had been destroyed during the mortar attack, but the residents of the castle had generously provided her with a set of credit cards to restore her wardrobe. Mary had spent hours in Newark visiting shops and buying her clothes for herself the previous day. Troy hadn’t gone along for that excursion. Jeremy had been teaching him at the time.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well’ Mary tossed open the trunk and pulled out a package while he sat on the bed, tucking it under her arm and strolling back into the bathroom. She stepped around the corner out of view as she continued talking, ‘there are a few guys here who can make magical trinkets which copy the powers of other people. They’ve never had anyone like me to use as source material before, and I had to be willing, but the morning after the attack the Lady pulled some major strings to get some special rings made. As long as I wear one and other people wear the others, they can ‘borrow’ my abilities if I let them.’

Troy swallowed and sat on the bed, looking nervous. ‘Seriously?’

‘Mhm. The Lady is all onboard with it. You gotta understand Troy, these people are way outnumbered and they aren’t that militant. It’s all they can do to keep the Lodge from sending thugs after them all the time.’

‘Six people’ Troy muttered in shock. ‘Six women. Are they actually okay with this?’

‘Well, I interviewed almost thirty’ Mary grunted as she shrugged out of her clothes and got changed. ‘And yeah, some of them gave me the ‘eww that’s gross’ prude reply I was expecting. But a handful were rebel enough to consider it. I told them what’s involved and they agreed to stick it out. It’s sort of a fairy leap way beyond their comfort zones but...they’ll do.’

‘They didn’t think it was gross?’

‘It’s war Troy. If women can become prostitutes to survive in Vietnam they can sure as hell do something as tame as this.’

He scoffed. ‘You call what you do to me tame?’

Mary checked herself in the mirror and adjusted the cups of the leather harness, making sure the leotard fit snugly. When she was ready she put on her best evil smile and sauntered out. Troy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her in the dominatrix get up, and inwardly she preened.

‘Sure. Being powerful is way better than being the victim.’ She swaggered right on up and put her hands on her hips. He shrank as she advanced. By the time she reached him Mary was looking down at her tiny boyfriend between the valley of her cleavage. Planting one high heeled boot to either side of him. He craned his neck to stare up at her, and she felt herself slowly grow excited as he looked up her skirt.

‘Tsk tsk tsk. Look at this lazy good for nothing little fairy.’

No panties. Even after all the sex they’d had, all the times he’d seen her buck ass naked, he still stared.

‘Now kneel you pathetic little speck.’

She pointed a commanding finger downward, and he fell to his knees. His eyes were filled with awe, she noted happily. Riveted on her. She felt some gas building in her bum and released it carelessly, knowing he would be further turned on by her lack of consideration. She sighed as she released it.

‘I'm feeling playful tonight’ she quipped, shifting a bit to stand completely over his tiny supplicant form. ‘And I’ve decided to honor you with the duty of entertaining me. Crawl up my leg into my outstretched hand.’

She held out a hand and looked bored as he leapt to obey, climbing onto her foot and beginning the daunting ascent up her body. She didn't move as he passed her thighs. Her waist. Her belly. The swell of her breasts. Her neck. Then out across her shoulders and down her arm, until he finally fell exhausted into her palm.

She closed her fist on him.

Relishing the power of having him enclosed in her fist for several seconds, she carefully inserted Troy into her cleavage. The cloying warmth of her skin washed over him as he was enveloped in soft jiggling flesh.

‘Tiny boy’ she said scathingly, pressing her breasts together to sandwich him between the supple orbs of fat. ‘You're like a bug in there. Lost in my cleavage. I can barely notice you. Maybe I should just leave you there.’

She felt him crawl into her left cup, where he began simulating her nipple.

‘Mmm. I wanna make something clear though.’ He paused as she put her hands behind her back and set her shoulders back, breathing deep to make her cleavage swell. He emerged from the cup to look around the edge of it up at her face. She looked very serious suddenly.

‘You’re gonna keep it professional with these ladies no matter what they do to you or the other men. When we’re not out training, you don’t try to hook up with them. You’re mine. If any one of these girls tries to make a sincere move on you I’m revoking her powers. Got it?’

*Of course* he projected carefully. She sounded very serious. *You don’t even have to take me along at all.*

‘It’s best that I do. You’re already used to me bullying you, so having you there will make the other guys less freaked out. I need someone I can demonstrate on. And the other ladies will be less squeamish about getting into the swing of things if you’re calm and friendly about it. Just don’t fall in love with them. Got me?’

*You don’t need to tell me twice Mary. What we have is special. I wouldn’t compromise it for anything.*

Mary grabbed the front of her outfit and pulled it away from her chest, shaking. Troy yelped as he fell over her breasts down into the stomach of the black leotard, sliding to a stop at her waistline just above her pubic area. She let go of the outfit with a mischievous grin and it snapped back into place, sealing him in.

‘Awww, stuck again? That seems to be a problem for you lately.’ Mary shimmied her hips and let gravity do its slow inexorable work, watching the tiny lump that was Troy fall lower and lower into the crotch of her leotard until she felt his naked body tickle the upper hood of her vagina. She seized him with her telekinesis and began slowly dragging his body up and down her rapidly moistening slit, hissing when he rubbed against her clitoris.

Troy did the obedient boyfriend thing and began massaging her as best he could. It was hard when she grabbed him with her mind and moved him like this, but he wanted to participate.

‘Hey, did you know they have an adult toy store in Newark? I found it the other day.’

He paused. *Oh no.*

The next morning began like most others at the castle; sunrise, roosters crowing, and cold fog that gave way before the rising sun. Troy woke in the slick crushing blackness of Mary’s rectum, listening to the calm thud of her heartbeat and the gurgling of her organs. Something large and round and hard knocked against him from both sides, filling the slippery tunnel and blocking him in.

Anal beads.

Big white round plastic anal beads. He was using the space between them for cover, draping himself over the string which connected them to balance and sleep. He’d gotten good at that since their crazy relationship first started.

Mary smiled and stretched when she woke, happy after the previous nights debaucheries. The magical force of her inherited fetish was in full swing, filling her with a scandalous sense of excitement. She had decided to stretch herself out the night before, and saw no reason not to include Troy in the process. The string of white anal beads filled her rectum. The vaginal barbell Troy and Jeremy feared so much was inside her cunt. She felt full and stretched out. And sore, Mary amended. Jesus christ these things made her sore. Her pelvic muscles were exhausted. She winced as she pulled out the barbell, grumping.

‘The things I do…’ she muttered. She left the anal beads up her bum and went into the bathroom, feeling the pressure of a bowel movement that desperately needed to happen. The dom queen leotard from the previous night lay crumpled in a heap against the wall.

*Good morning loverboy* she projected to Troy as she brushed her teeth. The great thing about having a tiny boyfriend up her ass, she thought, was not having to share the bathroom with him in the morning. He could only use it when she got around to letting him out, not before. She had the sink and shower all to herself, and it was great. *How was it in there last night?*


*That bad huh?* She stuck out her tongue and brushed it vigorously. *Did any shit get between the beads?*

*No, not yet. They just kept knocking into me all nigh-MARY!!!* Troy yelped as she put her palms against her hips and SQUEEEZED her butt tight, rubbing her hands up and down vigorously.

*How about NOW Troy!? Anything smooshing around those big orbs down into your little hidey hole?*


*Yeah?* She bent and shimmied her hips, squeezing her pelvis. The toothbrush handle stuck out of her mouth and toothpaste foam was on her chin. *Think of it as toughening you up for the day ahead. Are you massaging my walls in there like a good boy?*

*I’m trying to keep my balance on a giant plastic sphere and clinging to a string like a lifeline while another big hollow plastic sphere presses down on me from above and the walls all around me are pressing inward.*

Mary thought about this and let go of her pelvis, continuing to brush her teeth. *So you’re like Atlas.*


*Atlas, the titan that holds up the world. You’re a tiny dude inside my butt with his back braced holding up a gigantic sphere.*

*In pitch blackness* Troy growled mentally.

*HAHAHA! Here honey, hold this ball. You don’t mind do you?*

*You’re funny. Are you still wearing that getup from last night?*

*Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble but that stuff is hella uncomfortable and I didn’t want to sleep in it and get it dirty. Spiderman thong, t-shirt, mussed up bed hair, and bad breath. It’s for the best you can’t see me right now.*

*I’ll take that over my current situation.*

*Pfft, you know you love it in there. Straining to hold up my anal beads while I tease you. Don’t lie. It’s funny that all I need to do to make them crush down on you is stand upright.* She snorted as she rinsed off her toothbrush and began rinsing her mouth out while shaking her bum.

*Actually um-*

*What?* She sighed as she pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet.

*There actually is some horrible stuff beginning to ooze around the beads now. LET ME THE HELL OUT!!*

‘Oh shit’ Mary snickered out loud in embarrassment, telekinetically starting to push the beads out of herself. When the first white plastic ball emerged she shuddered at the sensation and got an evil idea. She took a bottle of lube from the counter and applied some to her fingers, reaching down to tease her nether lips. An electric shock ran through her body and her insides clenched.

*What the hell was-SERIOUSLY MARY!? SERIOUSLY!?*

*New gaaaame* she mind-whispered to him in a singsong voice. *Let’s see if I can finish to the sensation of you pushing those things out before my bad stuff catches up to you.*

‘I hate you’ Troy sulked as he scrubbed his hair in the shower, wiping his face with soap for the thousandth time.

‘Oh don’t be a sore loser’ she shot back, staring into the mirror and applying eyeliner.

‘It’s so gross.’

‘Not to me. I find it hilariously erotic thanks to your kink. Besides, when you grow back to normal size the contents of my ass don’t grow with you. So don’t be a baby. You got like maybe half an ounce of stuff on you total. Just wash it off.’

Troy finished showering and got dressed. Mary put on a pair of running shorts, sneakers, and a tank top. Once she finished she left him to freshen up and headed downstairs to the courtyard of the castle. She nodded to the residents as she passed, flicking a casual salute at a handful of guards. When she came to the cellar she trudged downstairs and turned on the lamp, illuminating the pet cage where the captured mercenary soldiers sat waiting. They looked up nervously as she entered.

‘Alright’ she sighed as she came up on the cage. ‘It’s trust fall time. Michael and Charlie, you two are traveling with me this morning. I need you to understand and accept that I won’t hurt you at this size unless I choose to.’ She slid the hatch in the top open and reached inside, presenting her flat palm to the group of sullen men. ‘Hop on.’

They looked fearfully at one another, but the two soldiers reluctantly complied. One was an African-American man in his mid thirties. The other was a fresh faced farm boy from the midwest in his late twenties. As they clambered into her palm she drew her hand out and raised them to eye level, focusing her power and shrinking them down further until both men were roughly the size of a dime. They looked terrified.

‘This won’t hurt at all, but you’re going to freak out anyway’ she said conversationally, slipping out of her sneakers and squatting down over them. ‘Extra points if you guys are brave enough to hop in on your own. I’ll give you ten seconds.’

The two mercenaries looked at one another, then down at the darkness of her open running shoes. They swallowed. Charlie summoned up his courage and leapt, dropping down out of sight. Michael crossed himself and followed shortly after.

‘Good! Very good gentlemen. I respect bravery.’

Mary stood and gingerly slipped her bare feet into the shoes, first one then the other. She flooded the two tiny men with her inner warmth through the bare soles of her feet before standing fully and putting her weight on them. Each man was instantly pressed flat in the spongy darkness, crushed against her insole by the creased surface of her feet.

*Take a moment, get used to it* she mentally projected to all the soldiers in the room. Mary folded her arms and cocked her hip, shifting her weight from one foot to the other exaggeratedly for the benefit of the guys still in the cage. Then she dropped down into a squat, running shorts stretching taught over her rear. She did a little hop, then fell forward into a hamstring stretch with her hands pressed against the wall. The men in the cage shifted nervously, wondering if their friends were dead. After several against-the-wall push ups she slipped her feet out of her shoes and picked them up, taking them to the cage and upending them to dump the two tiny men on top where their comrades could see them.

Michael and Charlie coughed rolled a bit, but they were alive.

*There. No damage.*

As the soldiers ran to the center of the cage and stared upward in disbelief, Mary slid the lid open and reached inside with her palm flat. *All of you get on. We’re going for a field trip today, and your first trust fall will be to spend the first leg of it in my shoes.*

*Your shoes smell like hell!* Charlie shot back as he staggered dizzily to his feet, still coming to terms with the fact that he was somehow unharmed. Mary echoed his words to the rest of the men to make sure they heard the complaint.

*Well yeah, duh.* She gave them all a dark look as she shrank them further, reducing them to the level of Charlie and Michael. *You fuckers came in here and killed several people. So I’m gonna walk all over you for several hours, and you’re gonna like it. This is how you repent. If you’re too proud to accept that let me know now and I’ll stick you up my bum for a few hours to teach you humility. And THEN you’ll go into my shoes. Choose now.*

They all clambered onto her hand.

Five hours later a van shuddered and bumped down an old dirt road, wending through stands of dark forest and steep rocky hills covered in short tough grass. A handful of isolated farms and manor houses were situated out on the moor, shrouded by thick fog that collected in the space between hillocks and restricted visibility to less than a hundred feet. Mary rode shotgun and chatted over her shoulder to the vehicles seven other occupants; six women and Troy. She studied them as she lectured.

First there was Amanda; aristocratic, athletic, and snide. An obvious leader in her early thirties with a pleasant heart-shaped face and long brown hair which she wore in a braid down her back. A gymnastics and football enthusiast, though apparently football was simply the English word for soccer. She had a generous body and runner thighs. She hated the lodge and fancied herself a soldier, training with firearms and doing her best to make the League ready for future aggression. She had signed on out of curiosity and a sense of duty. And supposedly she had the power to run on thin air, which Mary thought was very cool.   

Then there was Bonnie, short and redheaded and irish. Pretty and in her mid twenties, she had signed on to avenge her brother Andrew who had died in the previous nights assault. She had bodyrock gymnast written all over her, and an interesting set of celtic looking tattoos. Supposedly she had some sort of weird fairy irish leprechaun magic nobody had cared to explain. She did nothing the whole trip, and was silent.

Then Rebecca, the accountant. Black and stylish, with curves and a british accent. Posh, that was the word the Brits used. She had accepted the offer out of a sense of duty, mostly because she was tired of feeling powerless in the face of fear. Her power was prophetic; she had visions she couldn’t control which often warned her of danger. She was in her late twenties.

Paige was a bookworm who, supposedly, actually possessed a talent for honest to god sorcery. She was pretty enough; almond eyes, a pixie cut, decent curves, and chestnut brown hair. But she was in awful shape and got winded after two laps around the courtyard. She had joined because her guy friends needled her and she wanted to prove to them she wasn’t a prude. Mary smiled as she studied her. Paige was in her late thirties, and nearly the oldest of the lot. Once she finished training and got used to the powers of her magic ring, she’d probably have some really interesting things to say to her guy friends when she got back.

Then Hilde; big, blond, buxom, tall, kick-your-ass Hilde. She was Danish and had a thing for blue jeans. One of the League’s more warlike members, she never seemed serious about anything. She was always smiling, and terrible at english. The others called her ‘chocolate and koo-koo clocks’ behind her back. Whatever, Mary thought. Danish people were supposedly the happiest people in the world. They must have had something figured out. Hilde was stupendously strong and difficult to harm. Apparently she had inherited the soul of a troll instead of a human because her ancestor had killed a monster and eaten its heart or something like that.

Then there was the Lady. Normally never seen without her fine clothes and aristocratic trappings, she had dressed down for this excursion in cargo pants and a long sleeve turtleneck. She carried herself with a frostiness Mary had come to expect from wealthy brits, yet that made it more intimidating when she did bad things to people. Mary couldn’t even imagine what her powers were. Some of the others had whispered that she knew things. Magic spells and whatnot, instead of just powers. If that was true she didn’t broadcast it.

‘This trip is about becoming familiar with my powers. Learning to use your rings and overcoming your inhibitions, so you can be destructive and theatrical when the time comes. Everything is playacting. Having fun and nurturing your inner tyrant. Once you internalize this and perform to my satisfaction without batting an eye, we will be ready.’

‘Do you seriously expect us to torture people?’ Paige asked uncertainly.

‘Yes. Most of the harm will be mental. The point is to dominate them so they surrender and comply.’

‘Is good’ Hilde said smilingly. ‘I see you that night. Very powerful. We hop on cars and chase men with guns.’

In a damp vale between two hills overgrown with yellowing grass and thistle, six women stood before Mary in the deep fog. Troy stood anxiously beside her at attention, hands clasped obediently behind his back. The first two hours were spent practicing life sustenance and telekinesing small pebbles. Once the ladies got familiar with pinching, kicking, and knocking each other safely Mary called Troy out of the car and addressed them.

‘This is Troy. He doesn't mind the things you'll be doing to him as long as you exercise life sustaining magic to protect him while it's happening. You've all got the hang of it now, so if you fuck up and kill him it will be because you meant to.’

Troy sighed mentally and braced himself, expecting something mild to start. He balked when Mary looked to the Lady first.

‘Your grace I want you to shrink this man, telekinetically pull him over into your mouth, and pin him under your tongue please. Don't worry, he's very clean.’

Troy blinked-

-and shrank to the size of a skittle. The Lady, it seemed, wasn't messing around. She fixed him with a cool look and he felt the silky tendrils of force haul him aloft and whisk him through the air. The ageless beauties lips parted, and he vanished beneath the slimy heat of her tongue an instant before her mouth snapped closed. Saliva and soft heat smothered Troy. He felt the colossal tongue roll over him back and forth, almost consolingly, in total blackness.

Her heart fire entered him then, just as he began to panic for lack of air. It felt different from Mary's warmth. Brighter, cleaner, and much more intense. But it sustained him.

The gathered ladies STARED at their leader in disbelief.

‘Good. Now project something mean to him.’ Mary added.

*You taste delicious Mister Denning. I'm tempted to swallow you* the Lady projected in a dryly amused mind voice, resting a hand on her hip. Troy didn't hear Mary's last order, so he freaked out a bit.

‘Roll him around in your mouth a little, then lift him back out and hold him in the air in front of yourself.’

The Lady made a show of obeying for the onlookers, pursing her lips and swirling her tongue around in her mouth. Troy flailed for purchase as the huge slippery tongue toyed with him and tossed him about in darkness. He banged into her teeth several times. Then he was yanked free and held in the air, blinking against the sudden light and coughing. When he looked back at the Lady, saliva on his face, he saw her smirking at him slightly.

*Apologies Mister Denning. I assure you, I brushed my teeth this morning. The blueberry muffin I ate for breakfast you'll have to endure. I hope none of it was still stuck in my teeth.*

*It's fine* he wearily sent back. *I pulled those bits out for you. Saved you some floss.*

She blinked, then her faint smirk became a full smile. His ability to joke in the face of such treatment obviously impressed her.

‘Okay, now I need a volunteer’ Mary said.

Troy realized it had been a calculated move, getting the Lady top go first. After their leader had casually showed such bravery it would be hard for the others not to do so. Several hands went up. Troy could see anxiety written on their faces, but also tentative interest. The allure of feeling powerful and doing something scandalous in a safe environment among friends began to take hold.

‘Hilde, you're up. Take mental hold of him and bring him over to yourself.’

The tall Danish woman wrapped Troy in tendrils of force as the Lady relinquished her grip. He flew through the air to hover in front of her. Hilde eyed him with cool curiosity, cocking her head and smiling. He stared into her huge blue eyes and saw humor there. Hilde was intrigued. Like a big friendly dog, Troy thought. Or a porn star being asked if she was okay acting out a kiss on camera.

‘Great. Now, please stick him up your butt without using your hands.’

The other ladies had been expecting Mary to order her to pop Troy in her mouth, so they balked in alarm. Hilde was only fazed for a few seconds. She barked out a laugh and dug a hand beneath her denim skirt, pulling her thong out of her wedge and scoffing as Troy floated down between her knees.

‘Sorry bad guy,’ she tsked, ‘bad day to be you!’

Troy stared up into the darkness. Hildes neatly trimmed blond pubic hair, round gluteal folds, and the fleshy ribbon of her vagina loomed overhead where her thumb hooked away the thong from her undercarriage. She hoisted him up between her cheeks without bothering to part them first, and Troy squeezed his eyes shut as he was dragged between her soft buns. Then his tiny body ran into the firm button of her sphincter. She pressed him against her dry tight pucker several times without success. Troy writhed at the pressure.

‘Ugh..I am ah…’ Hilde shifted awkwardly and closed one eye, looking embarrassed at all the ladies staring at her. ‘Not used to this. Is hard.’

‘Try to relax. Gentle firm pressure gets the muscle to loosen. And don't injure him. Fill him up with your life force before your cheeks suffocate him.’

Hildes energy tasted different form Mary or the Lady, Troy discovered. There was something...bubbly about it. Troy thought of a golden retriever he'd known as a kid. It was a really weird image to associate with the big buxom Scandinavian woman.

Hilde huffed a deep breath, closed her eyes, tried to relax-

-and Troy popped through her sphincter, instantly vanishing into the hot, moist, black void of her big pale viking rear. Hilde yelped and jumped a bit as she felt him enter her. The gathered ladies winced. The Lady spoke up harshly.

‘Are you preserving his life force Hilde? He will die otherwise.’

‘Ah, yes-’ Hilde shifted and let go of her thong, ‘-feels like...pebble? Almost nothing. He is too small-OH!! Haha! He tickles!’ She scoffed a nervous laugh and put her hands on her buns self consciously.

‘As long as you're sustaining him he'll be fine. Project into his mind now. See how he's doing and say a few mean things. Remember  you're playacting. You're a dirty dom queen. You're in control.’ Mary folded her arms and watched.

*Hah! Hello!* Hildes mind voice wasn't sinister or cruel at all. It was mildly apologetic and full of mirth. *Wow. You okay?*

Troy twisted in the squelching heat of Hildes rectum, bracing himself against the webbing of her slick membranous tunnel. One woman's poop chute was not exactly like others, he discovered. At skittle size he still had plenty of room to maneuver and climb, but her body felt his presence and reacted. Peristalsis caused the walls to ripple and clench around him reflexively. It smelled like methane and marinara. Her recent bowel movement had been solid though, so at least the intimate humiliating prison was somewhat clean.

*I'm..fine. You bashed the hell out of me against your anus though!* Troy felt annoyed.

*Yes yes, sorry, my butt is tight. Wow…* she swayed her pelvis, *this is scary for you?*

*I find it sexy actually. But it's fine, you're here to practice.*


*Well, yeah.*

*Hahaha! You are ehm...I don't know the word. Funny. Well, good, you can be inside my big sexy butt. Other men will be scared. If I eat lutefisk you will have trouble though.*

Troy winced as that horribly nasty thought assailed him. *DID YOU EAT THAT STUFF RECENTLY!?*

Hilde mentally laughed at him. *No, spaghetti last night! I use the toilet before we drive here. Lucky for you. I am supposed to say something mean now. Ummm-*

Hilde watched as Mary removed the eight tiny men from her shoes and lifted them up to the other women, instructing each to telekinetically fetch one or two from her palm. She bounced on the balls of her feet and took a few exaggerated steps, swaying her hips grandly.

*You are mine now!*

*You aren't too good at this whole cruelty thing are you Hilde?* Troy tried to center himself and avoid seasickness from the motion of her hips. He had lots of practice.

*I can! Be good or maybe I fart on you!*

Troy started laughing. Her mind voice was just too happy. It was like being threatened by a big fluffy labrador.

Hilde watched the other ladies begin rubbing hand sanitizer on the tiny soldiers, rinsing them off with a canteen of warm water. Tentatively they began popping men into their mouths. Amanda and Bonnie worked up the courage to go further; the runner dropped her partner down the back of her thong and flexed her well muscled cheeks to squeeze him. She looked very focused; carefully pushing embarrassment aside to intellectualize the act itself.

The Irish redhead threw all propriety to the wind and dropped her partner down the front of her cheekies with a scoff, ordering him to polish her piercings until told to stop or there would be dire consequences. Mary made her a teacher's aide on the spot.

Hilde frowned and closed her eyes.

*You feel good in there tiny man* she projected carefully, in the coldest tone she could manage. *Burpees and running tonight, lutefisk and beer for dinner, I fuck my boyfriend, I go to bed with the butt plug. I am the devil. You are my butt toy now. Nobody ever finds you.*

Troy got chills.

*Wow. Yeah. Okay, I believe it.*

Hilde folded her arms and kept her eyes closed, getting deeper into her role. Mary reached out mentally as she came back.

*You okay? How's she doing?*

*There's serious potential. Not a mean bone in this one's body, but doing all this shit with a cheerful attitude is actually pretty scary all on its own.*

Mary put a hand on Hildes shoulder. ‘You look focused.’

Hilde opened her eyes. ‘Yes. Two more men please?’

‘Two more? Why?

Hilde looked down at her big breasts and shrugged. ‘Under my boobs, so they hold them up. My mother is Swedish. They shake when I walk. No?’

Mary clapped her on the shoulder. ‘Atta girl.’

They traded partners every hour.

When Hilde finally used telekinesis to remove Troy from her bum she floated him up to eye level and gave him an amused wink. Troy was damp with sweat and his running shorts were mussed, but he wasn't covered in brown like she had feared. Hilde snorted.

‘Thanks for practice. Huh, so my bum was clean.’

*Yeah. You've got potential Hilde. What now?*

*Now is poor Paige* Hilde switched to projecting for privacy. *She is scared and Mary is mad at her.*

*Any ideas?*

*Of course* Hilde shrugged her big Scandinavian shoulders. *It is like S and M. Comfort is from you asking and saying it's okay. Be nice to her.*

Troy thought about this and nodded. Hilde cleaned him up and then floated him over to Paige, where she was sending her last partner on to Rebecca. Paige seized on him with her mind and brought him gingerly to her palm. After an hour of being stuck up Hildes big aryan rear, the young woman obviously wasn't too keen on putting Troy in her mouth, soap or no soap.

*I am SO sorry about this mister Denning!* She projected ashamedly. *I didn't know what I was getting into! I kept the last guy in my mouth the whole time, but I mean, you were just-I can't believe Hilde did that to you! You seem like such a nice-*

*Paige! Relax!* Troy projected carefully, raising his tiny hands to calm her. *Its okay, really.*

*I don't think I can do this.*

*Paige… can I tell you something in confidence?* He sat down in her palm and chose his words carefully.

*Ok... I guess.*

*Ever since I came to the castle I've been checking you out behind your back.*

Paige blinked at him.

*I've got this thing about being dominated by giant women with big asses. It's really sexy. And as long as we're doing this training thing...I have the opportunity to live my fantasy.*

*Oh.… that's...really damn weird.*

*Perhaps. But the thought of you being my goddess blows my mind. I beg you to make me your toy. I'll be in hog heaven until they make us switch again.*

She blinked at him again. *Seriously?*

Troy got onto his knees, clasping his palms together in supplication and staring up at her huge face. *Totally. I promise I'll remember it as long as I live. And you can remember the time you did something scandalous and brave.*

Paige gave him a really weird look. *You're just saying that so I don't feel bad.*

*Yeah. But I do find your ass hypnotic, and I do want you to practice on me. That's not a lie.*

Paige chewed her lip and stared at him indecisively. *Okay, so...this fantasy of yours entails what exactly?*

*Teasing me with your body. Sitting on me, stepping on me, squishing me between your boobs, and then finally dropping me into your panties. Keeping me in there for a prolonged time, wedged against your vagina or stuck up inside your ass like some kind of S&M trophy. Making me come out and pleasure you at your computer desk at night when you're feeling bored-*

Paige blushed bright red and fought hard not to laugh in embarrassment as he rambled. It was just so over the top she couldn't help it.

*Okay, wow! Ummm...I barely know you.*

*I'm the only man here who will ask you like this. I'm begging you, please goddess, make me your toy.*

Paige heaved a huge sigh and closed her eyes. *Okay. Fine. I guess...if you really want it that bad.*

*Imagine you're a movie star playing a scene. It's not personal, it's just a role you have to mentally get into. You're beautiful and sexy, you have nothing to fear. It's all in your mind.*

She huffed. *Okay.*

Troy smiled as his smooth talking hard the desired effect.

Paige began simply; by squeezing him in her hand. Then she put him underneath her bare foot and practiced putting her weight on him for several minutes. Her inner heat had its own flavor; clashing, like dry warmth on a hot summer day in a green forest. When she was finished with feet she carefully dropped him into her cleavage and squashed him between her breasts. Then she stuck him in the crease underneath one of her boobs for a few minutes. By this point she was smiling. Troy fed her a steady stream of compliments and encouragement.

She was slowly getting into it.  

Thirty minutes in she finally got around to dropping trow and sitting on him. Troy twitched underneath her thong and made a skittle sized effort to stimulate her. Paige chewed her lip as her nethers dampened. She stopped him after a few minutes by telekinetically pushing him further back toward her asshole.

*Alright...well, if I'm gonna pretend to be a dominatrix then you have to crawl up my butt on your own.*

Troy grunted and moved to comply. Paige's buns were fleshy but well rounded, and her pucker was big and brown. She resisted the urge to squirm as he reached the sealed button of tight muscle and pressed against it to no avail.

*Go on slave boy. Get inside.* Paige tried to sound imperious but just came off as snarky, which had its own sort of dirty charm.

*This is like trying to force open a bank vault door with a teaspoon Paige* he made his mind voice playful. *I'm sorry, but your asshole is just too mighty for-*

Paige grew him to the size of a lip balm tube. AND she flooded his body with life sustaining power. AND she telekinetically opened her pucker to suck him up into the slimy black heat of her fleshy gamer girl rear. Unlike Hilde, who ate clean and did lots of walking, Paige had a thing for boba. Troy had never been inside a more slimy female posterior. She got up once he entered her.

*My ass is mighty huh? Well, there you go loverboy. I hope it's everything you fantasized about.*

She grew him a tiny bit more as she started walking, making him roughly the same size as her favorite bullet vibrator back home. Troy was far worse off than he'd been in Hildes posterior. At least in there he'd been small enough to move. This was claustrophobic.

He hadn't felt this way in a surprisingly long time.

*How are you using multiple powers simultaneously!? Telepathy, telekinesis, size alteration, and the heat trick all at once!?*

Paige started emulating two of the other ladies, strutting across the grass and swaying her hips. She noticed Amanda doing her ballet twirl and winced, imagining the poor guy she had secreted somewhere on her person.

*I'm the Ladies apprentice silly.*

Troy twitched and tried to free his arms to guard his face against the uneven bulbous webbing of her rectal tunnel, then was shocked to discover he couldn't move his limbs. His body was straight and rigid. He was...paralyzed?

*You're uh-*

*I'm what?* Paige asked coquettishly.

*Wow. I can't move. And you grew me.*

*Mmhm. I didn't want you tickling. So, you stare at by butt behind my back all the time huh?*

Her rectum contracted around him. It was like a rubbery pipe had united with a massage chair. Troy was shocked, frightened, and turned on to discover that she had such fine telekinetic control of her insides. Paige stretched and sighed as she walked, letting her weak gluteal muscles roll while she manipulated her rectum to suck on the tiny pervert inside her butt.

‘Fifteen minutes and then switch!’ Mary barked. ‘I want mean! You'll be interrogating people this way!’

*Is it actually comfy in there?*

*Incredible* Troy thought. *You're a natural. I can't move at all. Captives will flip when you do this to them. Good job!*

*Well, thanks for being so nice about it. Nobody's ever begged and complimented me like that before. You've got fifteen more minutes in there, do you wanna play with yourself while I'm sauntering around?*

*God yes. This is fantastic. I still can't believe you vacuumed me up like that. Would you suck on me some more?*

Paige folded her arms and considered his request. Then she smiled slyly. Seconds passed in silence, and Troy still couldn't move. She slowly began pulling him deeper up into herself, squeezing him in rippling waves to disguise the sensation.

*Um...can I move my arms please?*

*Oh, can't you? There must be something wrong with the spell.* Paige lied.

*Oh hell, am I stuck like this!? You need to-*

His head hit brown.

Troy froze and scrunched up his face. He couldn't move, and the tip of a big slimy boba-filled turd was now pressing against him.

*Is something wrong?* Paige asked innocently.

She could feel the dull pressure of her future bowel movement, and knew exactly what it meant for anyone unlucky enough to be inside her butt. On a mischievous impulse she had decided to see just how far Troy could be pushed.

Troy waited in confused silence, trying to work out what to do. It was awful. She had been so squeamish before, and he'd had to coax her to get her to this comfort level. If he freaked out she'd be super embarrassed and all that effort would be gone.

Paige knew this. The instructor had ordered her to be mean. For a nerd like her, that meant mind games. *Let me try to end the spell early! I'm so sorry!*

*No it's um, it's okay. I probably shouldn't be masturbating in your rear anyway.*

*Oh..well.. do you still like being in there?* She subtly pulled him a tiny bit deeper, resting her hands on her waist and keeping her thoughts nervous and blushing. Poor man, she thought. He was dedicated to easing her into his odd little fetish. It was fascinating how much self control he had. But his refusal to admit when things were getting gross was becoming downright funny.

Troy squeezed his fists and trembled in disgust as his head and chest were engulfed in poop. *Of course! Your ass is amazingly erotic.*

*I'm so glad you like it! Looks like I'll have to wait for the spell to wear off, but we've still got ten minutes! I'll just shimmy around until she calls time-oh! Wait! I'm supposed to do something mean. Ummm.*

She cocked her hip and continued his anxiety filled journey up into her dump. She had just polished off three thai milk teas with boba last night while playing Overwatch. Her shit must have been loaded with tapioca starch. Whenever she used the toilet back at the castle it always stuck to the side of the bowl, and wouldn’t come off no matter how many times she flushed. Normally that was an embarrassing secret. Right now it was...well...exactly what Mary wanted.

Mean as hell.

*It's okay. You don't need to.* It took everything in him to keep his voice calm.

Paige smiled. He was sweet taking such abuse without complaint, and she could tell he was sincere. He was attracted to her, and that felt good. The power trip was also interesting.

*You sure? You won't tell Mary?* She continued methodically burying him in crap.

*Nah. It's fine.*

*You know, this is actually kind of fun for me. If you ever want to practice again I'd love to have you back in there. Now hold on, I need to do a few jumping jacks so the other girls don't think I'm soft. It'll only be a few I promise.*

Troy cringed inside.

He was still fretting right up to the moment Paige pulled him out. The slightly plump nerd girl squoze and massaged him inside herself, squishing him into her waste and making his life a total hell for ten solid minutes. Constantly asking, in a concerned innocent voice, how he was liking it. Shamelessly milking him for compliments while trying hard not to laugh.

And he pretended to love it, for the sake of her continued morale. But he knew he'd be covered in shit when he emerged, and she'd see it, and he'd have to quickly find some way to play it off like she HADN'T just been masticating him in foulness all that time. But it was hard to think when her plumbing kept roughing him up. The jumping jacks were pretty awful too.

When time was called he was still trying to come up with blandishments when the pipe fell away. Paige took mental hold of him inside her colon and shrank him to the size of a grain of sand. Her precision was incredible. He zipped out through her puckered asshole and up into her hand in seconds, growing as he emerged to the size of a penny. Paige stared down at him with big brown eyes and smirked, cocking her head to study him.

He was clean.

She hadn't shrunk her waste, just his body and running shorts. The amount of shit he'd carried out of her bum with him was whatever could fit on a grain of sand. Once she grew him back to penny size, that became virtually nothing at all.

*Phew. Glad to see my bum was so clean.*

Troy stared up at her from the pale expanse of her palm. A long silence loomed between them. Did she know? He watched her face. Her smile.

It clicked.


*Yup.* She stuck out her tongue.

*AWWWW! I thought I was helping you!*

*You did, actually. I think I get what people like about S&M now. And thanks for all that flattery, I don't normally get much.*

*You’re evil!*

*I'm a sorceress. Evil is practically a requirement. So, do I pass?*

*I'm gonna get even.*

*I'm sure that'll be interesting. Just remember this the next time you're checking out my ass behind my back. It can be a dangerous place. Ta ta!*

She twittered her fingertips and winked as he went flying out of her palm across the grass to his next practice partner.

Rebecca studied him as he fell into her outstretched hand and wrinkled her nose. ‘My god you poor man, you must be so filthy right now.’

Troy righted himself and huffed, still shaking off the aftermath of Paige's unexpected mind game. Rebecca was easily the prettiest of them all, behind the Lady. He'd never dated a black woman before, though he often admired them from afar. Their curves were impressive, and Rebecca was no exception. Her accent was clear and pleasant and British. An attractive voice, he thought.

*I'm okay, just getting my bearings. Paige figured out that shrinking someone smaller makes them easier to clean.*

*Oh, you're telepathic! That's handy. What do you mean?*

*Well, if you just make me and my clothes smaller but nothing else then the dirt just sort of… gets left behind.*

Rebecca guffawed. *Oh god, I wish I'd known that for the last two blokes! Poor guys! Hang on, let me tell the others so they can do that.* She turned and focused, projecting a silent message to the minds of the other women.

*It was Paige's idea. Be sure to give her credit.*

*Oh you're a right one aren't you? Will do. Troy was it?*

*Yes ma'am.*

Rebecca finished sending her message and turned her big green eyes back to her palm. *Ma'am? Heh, good to see the other girls have put some manners in you. That last one swore at me, can you believe it?*

Troy shook his head in agreement.

*So, what do you think of black women?*

*I think…I've always been fascinated and a bit afraid of women like you, but you're gorgeous and friendly and I love your accent, so I'm at your disposal for the next hour. Ma'am.*

That reply seemed to please her. Rebecca had clearly been hesitant at first, but Troy was her third partner so she'd had time to mentally acclimate. She smiled.

*Flatterer. Alright then, let's get about it. You're Mary's beau right?*

*Yes, but don't let that stop you. This is practice.*

Rebecca slipped her shoe off and shrugged. *Alright well, I dated a guy once who had a thing for feet. He'd be in heaven right now if he was here. It was a bit funny when he asked me to stand on him-* she mentally lowered Troy into her shoe and slipped a bare foot in on top of him, flooding him with her life force before putting her full weight on him. Her power felt musky and primal and intense, with an undercurrent that was smooth and oily.

*There. Under my feet where you belong, you little speck.* She stood tall and proud, resting her hands on her hips and smirking down at her shoes. *Get down and clean between my toes if you don't want to be under my heel.*

She was obviously reciting something she'd said to another guy long ago, and seemed amused by it. When Troy didn't immediately answer she went for a walk, pressing him flat on his back and burying him in a tiny man-shaped indentation in the skin of her right sole. The crushing weight of her body PRESSED him flat and then let up with every step she took, in a steady rhythm.

When a person is in a woman's shoe, and she's walking around, it feels like forever. The repetitive slamming of her body weight shifting down and then pulling back up makes one hyper aware of every second. To Rebecca it was just walking.

Troy wasn't a foot guy, but he understood the sultry symbolism. He was holding her up, after a fashion. Her body was too much for him. She owned him. He was like an accessory. A lowly one that she kept beneath her feet and didn't think about.

Yes, he thought between the mountainous impacts, this would get a man to talk really fast. But it would also make a man numb and catatonic if it continued more than a few minutes. Running would jar him so badly he couldn't think for a long while after. It would mess up his mind. Lots of guys imagined being under a woman's foot was some great thing. It was really rough.







Rebecca paused and slipped her foot out of the shoe, squatting down in her little running shorts to peer inside at him.

*You folding already? I'm supposed to make this hard on you.*

Troy twitched and fought down a wave of nausea. She waited patiently while he recovered. She had nice legs, he noted as he peered up out of her shoe. Not wearing socks made it damp and smelly inside.

*Don't do the shoe thing for more than a few minutes. And never lead with it.* He finally got oriented and spoke fast.

Rebecca frowned. *Why not?*

*It's the most brutal thing you can do. They're not listening to you at that point. You're just hurting them. You want them to be scared, embarrassed, and privately turned on so they have multiple reasons to want to win your approval.*

Rebecca thought about that. *My feet are pretty tame compared to the rest of me.*

*No, your feet are the worst part. Second worst is your mouth, because there are teeth and the fear of being swallowed. You're assuming severity is related to how sexualized each part of your body is, but it's actually the opposite.*

She mentally lifted him out and held him up in front of her face, silky tendrils of force wrapping tight around him.

*Well what do you suggest?*

Troy blushed and looked away. *I can't just-*

*Sure you can. Let's have it, or you're going back in the shoe.*

*Um...well, twerking for one. You are black after all.*

Rebecca blinked and got an embarrassed smirk. *Seriously? You want me to booty clap you?*

*It's embarrassing, and your butt is soft enough that it won't wreck people with pain. Plus you've got the assets for it. Have you ever done it before?*

She snerked. *I can do it, yeah. But it's loud.*

*Well you don't have to, it was just an idea-*

*Oh no, I'm definitely gonna try that now.* She pulled out her waistband and levitated him down into her dark crack, pulling out the string of her thong and twisting it around his body to tie him up. *This ought to keep you from falling out. Or falling in, for that matter. Paige just mind whispered that you're some sort of perv who dreams about going up women's asses. Is that right?*

*Well...yeah. Mary wanted me to help ease the rest of you into it and provide advice.*

*God that's kinky. And weird as hell, but whatever. Those Lodge pricks won't be liking it, and that's enough for me. Brace yourself.*

*Don't worry, your cheeks can't-*


Rebecca bent forward, arched her back, and popped her knees sharply. Some women twerked with a light clapping sound; buns bobbling like pudding as they bounced their hips. He'd seen it on a few youtube videos his guy friends showed him at work. Rebecca didn't have that kind of butt at all. When she clapped her ass, it was like a thunderclap. It actually stung.

*You were saying?*


*Uh huh. Remember, you asked for this.*

In the darkness of her crack, tucked away inside her running shorts, the posh black chick with the sexy British accent started club dancing in earnest.


It wasn't as bad as being crushed underfoot, but Troy still couldn't think. Being tied to her thong was like being under a jackhammer. After a minute of slapping him silly Rebecca decided to mix things up and let him rest. She strutted around, letting her g-string press him against her dark swollen anus. Her asshole was big, and her vaginal lips were huge and waxed smooth. Easily the biggest Troy had ever encountered, judging by what little light made its way into where he was.

*Alright yankee boy, this is the part where I get mean.* She dropped into a runner stretch, her stomach gurgled-

And she farted on him.

Troy scrunched up his face as the blast hit him full force. Rebecca flipped over and did a burpee, squeezing him between her buns and jarring him as she hopped back up. Then she widened her stance and sank back down again to continue popping.


She huffed and stood, wiping her brow. It was a workout.

*Ready to beg me for mercy yet?*


She laughed breathlessly. *Oh yeah? Then tell me how badass I am.*

*Very. My head's spinning. You've got a solid trick there, please no more.*

*This is actually kind of fun. So which is worse, having me clap you between my cheeks or being inside me?*

*Depends on what's inside you. Do you need to go number two?*

*I went at the gas station two hours ago. I'm gassy though. Hope it's not too awful, but you did suggest this.*

*If we're talking theory... then being inside a woman's body is serene compared to being clobbered like a mad woodpecker. It's easier to focus on mind speech too.*

Rebecca sat down, mentally untied Troy, and slid him up between her labia. He was too shocked to move for several seconds. She rubbed him up and down, hissing as her clit was stimulated.


*Don't get the wrong idea love, I'm just lubing you up a mite. I need to make a few phone calls to the office and I'm tired. Sooo-*

Rebecca pressed him firmly against her swollen brown anus and pulsed the muscles she used to shit with, manipulating her pucker to swallow him. She snickered and shifted a bit as she felt the little foreign object enter her rear. It was so easy, she thought. He was like one of those tiny little starter beads she kept in her panty drawer back home and hadn't used in forever. It would be such a simple thing to just forget about him. To leave him up her ass all day.

It took no effort at all. It felt godlike.

Troy was buried in wet blackness. Slippery, smothering, methane filled blackness. Her rectum entombed him in its damp sauna-like heat.

Rebecca put her hands on her hips as he slowly vanished up into her abyss, waiting until she couldn't feel him anymore. The size difference between them was so vast it felt like she was consuming him. With that thought came an almost sexual sense of ownership. She carefully flooded him with her life force and went on.

*-let me just put you away to keep you out of trouble. What's it like in there anyway?*

*Uhm* Troy swallowed as her slick insides undulated around him, *like being mobbed by a big mass of slippery membranous pillows in a pitch black sauna next to a septic tank.*

*Very poetic. Are all women's asses the same?*

*Not exactly. Yours is um...unusually plush and smothering.*

*My bowels are posh!? Hahaha!! Well...sorry about the raspberries, but if you dream about being up ladies bums you sort of have it coming.* She shifted her hips.

*Are you...sucking me in deeper?*

*Mhm. I don't want you distracting me on the phone, and once you're in deep enough I won't feel you anymore. I'm gonna go take a walk to cool down. I hope the muscles in there keep you company. Don't bug me for a bit.*

She flipped out her cell phone and walked off.

Ten minutes later Rebecca was talking on the phone, farting occasionally, when she had the epiphany of holding her gas in. Troy had suffered that before, and responded as he usually did; by going nuts. As the pressure grew Rebecca decided to make it even worse. She shimmied a bit, giggling as he suffered in the depths of her ‘ghetto booty’. Ten minutes later Mary announced five minutes to switch time. She decided he'd had enough. She shrank him down until he was no bigger than the eye of a needle, telekinetically brought him down to her anus, and released her gas.

Troy was farted back out into her shorts.

She floated him out her thong, brought him to eye level, shrank him further to clean him off, then restored him to the size of a penny.

And FINALLY accepted telepathic contact.

*Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed my plushness. We've got five more minutes so you'd better relax. I'm handing you off to Bonnie next. I think this is the part where you tell me I'm great at torturing guys with my bum.*

Troy twitched and gave her the evil eye.

*What?* she laughed out loud. *I'm gassy today. I was supposed to make your life hell.* She slapped her big ebony rear matter-of-factly. *Remember this rump, pervert. It had fun with you.*

*Oh I will.*

*Good.* She floated him onto her shoulder and went looking for Bonnie.

Bonnie looked crazy. Not mentally unhinged exactly; her green eyes, pale freckled skin, and shockingly red hair gave her an exotic beauty many men would have found fascinating. But her eyes were...staring. Focused. Burning. When Rebecca floated him over to her she seized him and brought him to her face, to look into his eyes. Troy couldn't bear her stare. But he summoned up his courage and looked back anyway. She hadn't even said anything yet.

*I already know how to conquer captured men* she finally told him. Everything about her seemed angry.

*I'm glad you're a quick study.*

*Everyone seems to be stuffing you up their backsides.*

*Yeah, well, it's my kink.*

Bonnie blinked and looked surprised. Her furious demeanor was replaced by confusion. *That's gross. Why?*

*Why what?*

*Why do you like it?*

*I'm normally always in control. I admire female power, so it's fun to let go. It's stress relief, worshipping a goddess. Watching her play and be mischievous. Pleasing her. It's sexy.*

He felt like he was talking to a robot. The halting way she spoke, the no nonsense attitude, it was weird. Or an animal, he thought suddenly. That was what she reminded him of. That simple directness.

Bonnie seemed to think about this. She finally nodded. *I'm supposed to be cruel to you. To make you submit and obey me.*

*Yes. But other men aren't like me. I can tell you what your performance is like from my perspective, as an ally, so you know how to make it more effective.*

The redhead nodded. His answer seemed to satisfy her.

*Okay. Do you find me beautiful? Do you want to please me while I show off?*

*Um...yes?* He was now getting the serious impression that Bonnie was not human.

Bonnie smiled. It was so sudden and so sincere that it shocked him. *I will allow it.*

And just like that he went down her shorts into her panties. Bonnie's cunt was trimmed, red, and mildly damp from the labors of previous partners polishing her clitoral piercings. She had three. He fell against her slit and she smiled down into the valley of her open waistline.

*Begin. Once I finish I will think about ways to bully you.*

The waistband snapped shut.

‘God damn this is so weird…’ he muttered as he reached into her hot damp nether lips, seeking her hood. He hoped Mary didn't get angry about this.

Fifteen minutes later Bonnie huffed heatedly, eyes closed, sitting on a rock some distance away from the other ladies in the fog. Troy was doing his best to build up a rhythm and get her to orgasm, but it was exhausting work. She used her telekinesis to slide him briefly up into her vagina, playing ‘just the tip’ with his tiny body while she telekinetically continued to rub her hood in tight circles, picking up where she had forced him to leave off. She squeezed her pelvic floor muscles, growling in her chest with urgent need. She was close-


When her orgasm hit she stuck him fully up into her cunt, holding him there while she spasmed, enjoying the sensation of squeezing him with her vaginal walls. She remembered to fill him with her life force when he started fighting frantically, and his struggles subsided. Bonnie's heart fire was pure fury. Molten hot and silvery white, it seared into his mind like nothing he'd ever felt before. It was raw power.

She laid back on the rock and enjoyed the afterglow for a minute, holding him rigid inside herself as though making a statement. When she finally pulled him out into her panties Troy collapsed into her waiting labia and huffed hard, trying to recover from the ferocity of her passion. She'd just used him to fuck the hell out of herself, and seemed utterly uncaring.

*Good job. I like you.*

He blinked away the black spots. *Thanks.*

*Swear eternal love and fealty to me, and I will reward you with a place in my service as my consort.*

Troy stopped. **

Bonnie glared down at her damp crotch and flounced hard on the rock. *YES!!*

*OOF! I uh… I've already sworn that oath to Mary* he thought quickly, remembering a D&D game he'd played once in college. *It would defile my honor.*

*Hmm.* This seemed to give Bonnie pause. *So be it. I will ask to borrow you on occasion, and offer to discipline you on her behalf when you are unruly.*

*Okay...I'm...sure that...will work out...well. Maybe.*

Bonnie crossed her legs and stretched out to squeeze her thighs together. She was very strong. Had Troy not been so close to her crotch, protected from the raw power of those thighs, she might have broken him like a twig.

*I can crush you so easily* Bonnie teased in a way that seemed almost childish. *You are like a little bug living on my body. You smell like me now. Call me your goddess and tell me how beautiful I am.*

*Goddess, you amazingly powerful and beautiful I could almost go blind looking at you.*

Bonnie puffed up proudly and pulled him out of her labia to pop him into her mouth, neatly avoiding his body with her teeth. She rolled him around on her slippery tongue, tasting him. Troy frantically tried to adjust to the ensuing spit filled chaos. *And you live to please me.*

*Absolutely. To please you.* This was getting weirder and weirder, but he was totally at her mercy. He tried to get into the safe spot beneath her tongue, but she just used the tip to dig him back out. She rolled her tongue into a tube around his tiny body and sucked on him playfully.

*And you will rub my head, or my feet, or cook me food, or do my laundry, or read to me, or go back into my underwear to please me whenever I ask it.*

*I um...I think you may need to run that stuff by Mary first.*

Bonnie blew him out into her palm like a spitball from a straw, raising a reproachful eyebrow and fixing him with her burning emerald eyes. She looked annoyed.

*But,* he quickly amended as he rolled onto his hands and knees, *any man not bound by a vow would be a fool not to pledge those things to you, because you are so amazing.*

Bonnie appeared to consider this very seriously as she flicked him down into her cleavage next. Troy was getting tired and freaked out. She used her biceps to mash her modest breasts together, sandwiching him in warm womanly flesh.

*But you admire me. And if you were not committed to another, you would fall on your knees and consent to be mine. The thought of being inside my perfect body fills you with desire. You could satisfy yourself a thousand times, watching me pose naked with my sword while I rub your tiny body against my warm skin. You secretly want to count my freckles and put your mouth on them, no matter where they are.*

Troy just sort of...laid there, pressed between her breasts, and felt really guilty about the raging hard on she had just bullied into him. He paused as a thought hit him. Her sword?

*You have seen through me Bonnie. I am so embarrassed that you know my heart so well. I could run in shame.*

*Do not be ashamed!* She stood up fiercely, raising her fist. *It is true I have unmanned you with my beauty and power, but having satisfied me so well you have gained my favor!* She puffed up heroically. *My body shall-*

Bonnie paused when she realized that, in her excitement, he had fallen between her breasts out the bottom of her shirt onto the ground. And she had just accidentally stepped on him. She withdrew her bare foot in embarrassment and picked him up with her fingertips, studying him.

He looked totally wretched and beat up.

*You look...spent.*

*Yeah. I'm trying to keep up with your um...might, but I'm too small at the moment. Please don't break me okay? I think I've held up pretty well, considering your strength.*

Bonnie gave him a big honest smile and checked her watch. *True. Twenty seven more minutes until I pass you to Amanda. I favor you, Troy Denning. You are no coward.* She pulled down her shorts and took him out of her fingers with telekinesis, bending to part her cheeks and bring him floating down to the wrinkled knob of her pink anus. He stared at her asshole as it pulsed. She even had freckles between her cheeks, he noticed dully.

He was really tired.

*For your bravery. Kiss my ring and take refuge inside your goddess.*

He sighed and kissed her..amazingly clean...anal entry-

-and it pulsed outward to swallow him up. Bonnie stood and pulled her shorts up, patting her well formed rear with a smile.

*Welcome to paradise.*

The next twenty seven minutes were, bizarrely, incredibly restful. Bonnie had no shit up her ass. She didn't fart. Her insides were warm and moist and elastic, with a neutral womanly scent. She fell into stretches and did slow yoga out on the grass in the fog, moving slowly and deliberately, flexing her gluteal muscles over his tiny body. She also did something magical to him that filled him with tranquility and vitality. It wasn't at all the sort of thing one normally experienced when stuffed up into a females rear.

When Mary called five minutes to switch, Bonnie brought her slow exercise routine to a close. Troy was lost in the abyss of her body, drunk with soothing power, allowing the muscles of her rectum to playfully have their way with him. Bonnie finally pulled him down to her anus with telekinesis and gently summoned him out into her waiting hand, shrinking him to a tiny speck to clean him off and then growing him back to quarter size to bring him up to her thin lips for an affectionate little peck.

*Remember me always. It is a woman's pride to be remembered fondly by her paramours.*

*I...don't think any man could ever forget you Bonnie.*

*Yes, this is true. I am amazing.*

She walked back to the gathering circle of women. When she strolled up to Amanda and whisked him over to float before her she gave the taller woman a fierce glare.

‘Here is Troy. He is my favorite man so far. Do not break him Amanda.’

The tall aristocratic woman with soccer legs gave Bonnie a snide look. ‘Or what, you're going to avenge him?’

‘Or I will feast on your flesh’ Bonnie announced with hard directness. She turned to walk off before Amanda could think of a reply.

Amanda looked down at Troy in her palm as she walked off into the mist.

*So you're the willing one, huh?*

Troy was still feeling drowsy after Bonnie's weird tantric workout. He politely nodded up to her.

*Yeah. In a weird way my fantasy accidentally created these powers you're all copying.*

*No shit? I guess I should thank you for being a freak then.*

Troy winced at her tone. *I was private about my fantasies before magic dragged them out into the limelight Amanda. They're not an open invitation for you to be judgmental and rude.*

She stopped and lifted him up to eye level. *Actually, between you and me? This shit is amazing.*


*Yeah. I thought it was gross at first, but now I totally get it. It doesn't turn me on exactly, but the attention and the ownership…it's...easy. No danger of being raped, the guy doesn't demand to drive, nobody hogs the sheets, sharing breakfast is simple. Yeah. Good for you, being into girl power.*

*Huh. Well...thank you.*

*So I'm the sports nut of the group. I'm supposed to bring you to your knees and make you beg at my big sexy feet. Anything you really want me to avoid?*

*Just don't put me in your shoe and start running around please. It's too brutal, and there's no personal element to it.*

*Yeah, I learned that by my second guy. Poor Tom.* She began fiddling with her sports bra. *No I was um… thinking of putting you in my bra and doing a dance routine actually.*


*Yeah. I do ballet, so I can twirl like hell. The last guy I stuffed into my cup said it was like an astronaut centrifuge. He was really dizzy.*

*Sounds disorienting. Anything else?*

*Oh yeah,* she smirked, *when I found out I can jump and land on my butt without harm I decided to start hunting tiny guys godzilla style and landing on them. I'm gonna do that to you too. Sort of a cat and mouse thing, it makes me feel powerful.*

Troy decided he liked Amanda. She was frank and easy to talk to.

*So..what's the deal with Bonnie?* he asked as she stuck him inside her bra and pinned him beneath her big left nipple.

*Bonnie's a wolfwere.*

His brain stopped. *A what?*

*A wolf that can turn into a person. Werewolves have this weird epic macho culture. She and Hilde are uppity youngsters on loan to us from some really old werewolves the Lady knows. Don't get them mad. When they transform into big wolf men it's really terrifying. They're like nine feet tall and can flip trucks.*

*Hilde is one too!?*

*Uh huh. That's why they're so casual about everything. They're wolves in human form. They don't fully get human culture, and being in human form is like this big novel thing for them.*

*My god…I just…*

*Got violated by two K9 units? Wait until you get a load of me.’

Amanda, it turned out, was all about posing. She wore colorful tights and was constantly cocking her hips like she was about to do a handstand or a routine or something. She thought it made her look sexy, and to be fair it did.

After spinning Troy into nauseous insensibility she set him on the ground and had great fun towering over him, pinning him under her feet and occasionally jumping up to spread her thighs and drop on him, burying his entire body beneath the avalanche of her descending ass. When he was no longer able to stand she plucked him up with her fingertips and dropped him between her buns, keeping him sandwiched between her glutes while he recovered.

*So tell me what you like the most about my body.* She shifted her hips and did a slow cartwheel, touching down on the balls of her feet gracefully. Troy got tossed in an awkward circle with the rotation of her pelvis.

*Probably your butt and shoulders.*

*Oh yeah? Rebecca told me you were an ass man. You like my shoulders too huh?* She held her arms out to balance and walked along the spine of an ancient fieldstone fence.

*They're very well defined. I like the interplay of your muscles beneath the skin.*

*Cool, thanks. I work hard on them.* She gathered herself and flipped backward off the wall to land on her feet with her leg cocked, arms in the air. *You don't mind me practicing I assume?*

*It's very disorienting.*

*Good, that's the point. So did Bonnie wolf-hump you or something? She's the more aggressive one.* Her watch beeped and she checked it. *Fifteen minutes.*

*A gentleman doesn't discuss such things.*

*Hah! I'll bet she did. Well, don't be too scared of me. I've got a boyfriend, so you don't get to go inside any of my holes. Between my cheeks is another matter though. You feel like you practically belong in there.* She did a few stretches and a backbend.

*Alright, I'll try to make sure no accidents happen.*

*Well if any accidents DO happen you'll suffocate to death in shitty darkness. Remember that.*

*Yes ma'am.*

*Good boy. Now tell me you're my slave, and you wanna be my panty liner.*

*I'm your slave and want to be your panty liner.*

She mentally pulled him across her taint and nested him between the lips of her vagina. She was totally dry. *Here. Lay still and don't get fresh. My vagina is like a landmine. If you stimulate me at all, I’ll punish you.*

*You’re supposed to be learning how to dominate captured men, not how to ignore them. How would you punish me exactly?*

*By making you super tiny and sticking you up my urethra. You know, that tiny little hole I pee out of? I don't consider that cheating, and the last guy who swore at me hated it. Especially when I peed him back out onto the grass.*

*Yeah...done. Total gentleman. You're the boss.*

Amanda laughed and started walking back. *It's almost nightfall. Just hang out down there and think about how nice my legs are when they aren't crushing you.*

*Wow, you've really got this whole arrogant giantess thing down.*

*Oh don't worry, I'm normally this insufferable.*


*No, not really.*

As the sun set, the seven ladies put on sweaters and hauled out chairs and a cooler to sit around the tailgate of their vehicle. Jeremy was already there when Mary restored Troy to normal size, firing up a charcoal barbeque and pulling out food for the others. Someone plugged a portable speaker into a cell phone and fired up a playlist of spanish guitar.

Their eyes met as Troy approached and silently began helping him. The ladies were popping bottles of beer and toasting a successful first day. Paige drew some sort of complicated symbol in the dirt with a stick and brought forth a bonfire from it with harsh guttural words, which Troy heard clearly but couldn't seem to remember. Mist crept over the moor, and the moon emerged pale and green.

‘They seem to be learning’ Troy said without preamble as he joined Jeremy.

‘Yeah. They're real terrors.’

A chorus of female laughter came from the circle as Rebecca made a joke. Troy laid out a set of sausages as the grill heated up and pulled open several bags of biscuits and rolls.

‘Where are the other guys?’

‘In the van. Small and sleeping. That's how everyone will sleep tonight; at small size in some thick socks we brought along for just that reason. They've eaten a cold meal already.’ Jeremy said.

‘We're not gonna let them mingle at normal size?’

‘Mary doesn't trust them.’

Troy opened a can of beef stew and filled a mini pressure cooker. ‘That's not right. They let themselves get demolished today. If we don't include them they'll resent us. How are we supposed to trust people like that with our lives?’

‘You wanna explain that to them? Cause I sure as hell don't feel like I have a say in what goes on around here.’

Troy thought about it, then cracked open a beer and went to approach the magical bonfire with as much dignity as he could muster.

‘Evening ladies.’

‘Eeey, the ass man!’ Rebecca toasted him drunkenly. Several of the others snickered or added their voices to the greeting. ‘Either the luckiest man alive or the unluckiest, we still can't decide.’

He cleared his throat and flushed awkwardly. ‘Actually I wanted to say something.’

They quieted and looked at him. He could feel the mood of the gathering. The undercurrent of warrior morale and girl power. It was important that they all did this together, to avoid embarrassment and doubt. He licked his lips.

‘The other soldiers at practice today, the ones who got mind fucked and had their lives ruined by the Lodge. I think they should be included tonight. I know they're new and they used to be our enemies, but from their perspective...if I was back in that van sleeping in a hamster cage full of socks while you all drink beer and eat hot food, I wouldn't feel like part of this team at all. They accepted our offer to join in good faith when they learned the truth, that they were victims too. I think they deserve better than this.’

Silence. The fire rumbled as the gathered women looked to one another awkwardly.

‘I'm not yet convinced some of them won't betray us at the first opportunity’ Mary spoke up. She was obviously team building, and didn't appreciate him killing the mood.

‘Yeah, well, the Lodge didn't respect them either. Is that who we are now?’

She looked mad.

‘Everyone should be part of this team, whether they're standing in the spotlight or running around backstage making sure things happen like they should. You can't win this war without their experience. Please don't treat them like garbage.’

‘What if they're mad at us?’ Asked Paige.

‘All the more reason to say thank you and make them feel appreciated now.’

‘He is correct.’ Everyone looked over at Bonnie as she spoke up. ‘They are warriors. After practice we must wrestle and flirt with them, and then ply them with mead. Or...whatever this is.’ She looked at her bottle askance. ‘Warriors will not serve us well if they hate us.’

‘It is true.’ Hilde nodded sagely, as though trying to impress everyone nearby with her wisdom. ‘We appear arrogant. Shield men guard our sleep.’

The human women on the team looked to Mary. Troy knew he would get an earful from her later on in private, but it didn't matter. Being bullied by giant women was just a sex game to him. He wasn't about to betray his ethics over it.

‘Your point is well made Mister Denning’ the Lady finally spoke up. ‘Mary, let us not assume that our might makes right. This is a trust building excursion after all. I have an idea for how to make amends.’

Mary chewed her lip uncertainly. ‘What did you have in mind?’

When the hatchback hissed open the mercenaries woke with a start.

A looming female silhouette pulled the hamster cage out of the truck, and they tensed up anxiously. Eight men wriggled free of the warm wool socks they’d been burrowed into, trying to determine what fresh torment awaited them. They spoke in low tones, beyond Troy’s ability to hear. All had re-donned their clothes for the night. They were mentally exhausted after the torments of that day.

Some of the men had weathered the treatment better than others. Thomas Bellon, for example, was calm as a hindu cow. He had endured whatever sexy or gross torment the ladies inflicted on him with equanimity, as long as he got his gold and it wasn’t excruciatingly painful. He was into S&M, and while macrophelia wasn’t exactly his cup of tea he found the ladies antics bearable. Others, like Jason Carlisle, were deeply disturbed by the mind games and became very silent when the bullying started. Jason had turned inward, retreating into his own mind.

And all of these responses were fine as far as Mary was concerned.

In the field the ladies would run into both strong willed men and men with issues. The important thing was that they operated outside the law, served the Lodge, carried firearms, and killed people on command. Breaking their spirit and forcing them to give up their employers secrets was what really mattered. She did have some sympathy for those she dominated, but it had limits. Not killing them was a mercy in her book. Giving them a chance to defect and walk away with money and a new life was better than a lot of them deserved.

The eight captives were all young men between the ages of twenty three and thirty two. Had they been older things would have been much more difficult. The American military had learned long ago not to take adult men to war. They were less pliable, and liable to turn on their officers if ordered to do something bad. The Lodge had taken that lesson to heart.

When the cage opened and the men started telekinetically zipping off into the darkness some of them shouted in fear and ducked, swearing and clinging to the bars in an effort to avoid being removed. It was futile. The strength of the telekinetic pull, while meager by human standards, was more than enough to overcome their resistance at that size. When they grew back to normal size near the campfire, bathed in the cheery light of Paige’s arcane blaze, they were initially confused. They stood together, unarmed and weary, looking around at the dark silhouettes of the gathered women where they stood with their backs to the blaze. Someone plugged a portable speaker into a cell phone and fired up a playlist. The first song was Sam Cooke’s Twisting the Night Away. The ladies began clapping.

Troy trundled by with a cooler full of ice, nodding to them.

The eight mercenaries shifted in confused silence, then jumped when the colossal figure of Mary loomed out of the darkness overhead to gaze down at them. She was easily eighty feet tall. They had initially mistaken her body as part of the night landscape beyond the firelight. She wore tiny cotton shorts and a long sleeved turtle neck, paradoxically leaving her legs and feet bare.

Mary projected into their minds as they gazed up at her anxiously.

*Hey guys, hope you enjoyed your nap. Thanks for letting us chew on you today, and sorry if we were a bit rough. We just finished with our follow up meeting and I figured you could use a nap. Please, come grab a beer and join us. You really earned your gold today. I wanted to pick your brains on the girls performance today. What you thought they did well, what was effective, and how they can improve. Tomorrow they’ll be practicing at big size, so you’ll stay normal.*

They looked to one another awkwardly before Thomas Bellon shrugged and went for the cooler. The others moved to follow, cautiously and awkwardly, taking seats or lining up for food. As they did so Bonnie sank back into her folding chair and shouted at them with a wave.

‘Any warrior brave enough to wrestle me this night shall win kinder treatment tomorrow!’

Hilde took a long swallow of beer, belched in a very unladylike way, and raised her bottle in response. ‘Me also! I wrestle any man here for glory! A kiss if he wins, but he shall not win because I am too strong so it is easy to say!’

Amanda took one of the young men by the hand, a musclebound brute with a short haircut and no neck, and pulled him into the firelight. ‘Come on Frank, dance with me. I like this song.’

Rebecca took her beer, stood with a grunt of exhaustion, and offered a high five to another. ‘You’re tough Thomas, I’ll give you that. Sorry about the shoe thing.’

The Lady popped a cork from a bottle and picked up a glass. ‘I don’t suppose any of you would like a little lesson in wines?’

A short east-coast-italian fellow named Petri cleared his throat and approached her. ‘I’m a level three sommelier, actually.’

‘Mister Giovanni, you’ve just become my favorite practice partner’ she smiled at him.

Troy stood on the sidelines with a beer in hand and sighed, watching. He nodded to himself.

*Happy now?* Mary projected to him.

*Are you mad?*

* were right. I told you to stop me when I went too far, and you did. Thanks for being brave.*

He took a sip. *No problem.*