It wa s a cold winter and Ryan was outside shoveling snow off the driveway. Inside the house his mother, Miranda was drinking out of a cup of coffee, as she looked out the window to make sure her son wasn’t slacking off. The brunette with brown eyes and glasses was dressed in her pink robe, wearing only a black bra and panties underneath. The green-eyed boy with blonde hair felt sweat drip down his forehead as he was working hard.

“There’s a lot of snow this year.” he said, “Feels like I’m going to be out here forever.”

After that comment that no one could hear, since he was by himself, he got back to work. In the corner of his eye, he noticed his mother in the window and tried to ignore her and focus. Eventually, Miranda turned away, sitting down on their couch and turning on their TV. She lost track of the time and before she knew it, her son had walked into the room wearing his normal clothes, a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of long blue pants.

“It’s cold out there, isn’t it?” said Miranda.

“Um, yeah.” responded Ryan, “Well, um-”

“Come here.” she said, “You look tired.”

“Yeah, I kinda am.” he said.

“I’d like to pay you for your hard work.” she said, blocking off the windows, “But not with money.”

Ryan gulped nervously, since he seemed to know where this was going. He shivered a bit at the thought, but calmed himself. He told himself he would be fine. This was his mother. He could trust her. Miranda went over to the couch and started to undo her robe. After that, Ryan was looking right at her bare stomach, which looked a little bit chubbier than it did the last time he saw it and her chest was pretty big too. Crossing her legs, Miranda motioned for him to come over.

The boy walked over to his mother, who slowly removed his shirt. He blushed, knowing what would happen next. Miranda, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. His underwear slid down next. His head then entered his mother’s mouth and started going down her throat at a pretty quick speed. It didn’t take long for his head to reach her stomach. By this point he felt his own stomach on her tongue getting soaked in her saliva. The boy’s hips slid in next and then she want onto his legs. She pushed them in as hard as she could and got all of him down.

“How is it in there?” asked Miranda, “Nice and warm?”

“Yeah,” he said, “thanks for this, Mom…”

“I’d do anything for you.” she said, “Now be good and digest for me, okay? Lucky you, you get to be my breakfast today.”

“Did you like your breakfast?” asked Ryan.

“I sure did.” she responded.

On the outside, Miranda sat back her hands on her belly. Inside, her son got himself into a comfortable position and relaxed. He enjoyed hearing the sounds of her stomach gurgling in combination with the sound of her heart beating. After a little bit, he decided to start massaging her stomach and Miranda started to feel real good. She let out a moan in pleasure as she rubbed her belly. The walls of her stomach massaged his body and her stomach acid was working on the parts of his body it happened to be touching. It was happening. He was being digested by his mother as her breakfast!

Ryan felt nothing but pleasure as his mother’s belly melted him down. Miranda paid attention to the size of her belly and saw it get slightly smaller. She poked her belly and Ryan’s softer form felt it and kinda tickled. As her son digested, Miranda decided she would watch TV and took her eyes off of her belly. Inside the process got faster and Ryan’s body was tossed all around. At this point, he’s soaked in a combination of saliva and digestive fluids. A pile of mush forms at the bottom of his mother’s stomach, most of it is everything below his chest.

“I love you, Mom.” said Ryan, before he passed out.

That afternoon, Miranda’s belly had shrunk quite a bit and Ryan added some more fat to her. She looked down at her gut, and then got herself up and headed for bathroom. Miranda slid her panties down and sat down on the toilet. With a lot of effort she squeezed her son’s remains into the toilet. When she was done, she got up and looked inside.

“You were a good breakfast.” was all she had to say.