Ninja of the Weeping Willow

Night had fallen over the city of Nagasaki. Although the sky was pitch black, the streets were illuminated by billboards, street lamps and cars. However, high above the lights of the streets was a figure on a roof top. Covered in a red cloak, the small figure was wearing a white mask with red lines depicting a face. Completely symmetrical, the mask closely resembled a fox with its traditional design. This figure was a ninja. While many believe them to be a forgotten profession, there are still many ninja clans in the modern day. Keeping their activities in the shadows, each clan seeks to uphold the morals they believe by manipulating the country they were born in. Some perform assassinations on political figures they disagree with while others steal in order to give to the poor. This ninja however belongs to the clan of the Weeping Willow. Their goal is to ensure that men (and occasionally women) were not corrupted by sexual urges. They ensure men remain faithful to their partners, that they do not spend their hard-earned money on prostitutes and that their minds are not distracted by perverted fantasies.

But this is the 21 st century, and depravity is at an all time high. Porn is available at the click of a button and comes in all manner of forms. People are developing fetishes that a hundred years ago didn’t exist. Now it is becoming harder for the clan to complete their mission. In the old days you could shut down a red-light district with 5 ninjas in one evening. But even if you somehow destroyed the internet, people would just find new ways to get their porn. With so few members now, only those willing to adopt bolder methods can hope to achieve the peace they desire.

“What do you have for me fox?” said the masked figure, a thick husky female voice emanating from the mask. A response came not from anyone nearby but from the earpiece she was wearing. Several miles away was a young woman sat in front of various computer screens. She had short black hair with a streak of pink curving through it like a crescent. Currently she was slurping up some takeaway noodles before she heard the voice through her intercom. “Are Kaen, ready to go on the hunt again?” said the girl codenamed Fox as she began flicking through her files. The masked figure looked down at the streets below before letting out a sigh. “This city has become so corrupt. I bet I could jump on any guy down there, take his phone and find seven different porn sites on his internet history. I wish I could just go down there and cleanse them all” said Kaen whilst Fox slurped up her noodles.

“Well unless you want to get arrested almost instantly, I suggest we keep doing things by a case by case basis. So, who do you want this time? Another CEO of a major corporation?” said Fox which prompted Kaen to sigh again. “That would be the third one this week. I grow tired of middle-aged men” said Kaen as Fox started searching through the dark web again. “Ok then, how about someone young with plenty of potential who is also a porn addict?” said Fox as she began sifting through the countless IP addresses, matching them with porn sites and local addresses. “That will do just fine. Send me the details” said Kaen as in a flash of red she disappeared from the roof.

About a mile away, a young man by the name of Kosuke was sat in his dark room on his computer. His door was locked, his headphones were on and he was watching a new hentai which he was more than happy to praise with his active right hand. As he watched it though, a red silhouette creeped under the door before rising from the ground like a 3-dimensional shadow. It wasn’t until the figure reached their full height that Kosuke saw them in his peripheral vision. “Fuck!” he yelled as he fell from his chair, his head phones tumbling off his head. Pulling up his pants to hide his erect cock, he got up and grabbed a pen, holding it like it was a knife. “Mom! Dad! Help!” yelled Kosuke as he began to swing the pen back and forth. Standing a good few feet from him, Kaen suddenly spun around as two sai flew out from the cloak. They caught the boy’s shirt and pinned him to the wall, the blades just missing his skin.

“There is no point shouting. I drugged your parents a few minutes ago. They will not awaken until I give them the antidote” said Kaen as the boy kicked in the air pathetically. “Look, take what you want but I have no money. I’m just a student” said Kosuke as Kaen began to walk closer.

“No Kosuke, you are more than just a student. You got the highest grades in school and are now making big waves in your local university. At this rate you could be a doctor, a lawyer or maybe even start your own company. But that could all change if you continue down this downward spiral” said Kaen as her masked face turned to look at the computer monitor. “Wait, you mean my porn. How is that going to affect my grades?” said Kosuke as the mask locked back onto him.

“You say that now Kosuke, but think about how much time you’ve devoted to porn already. According to my data, you are not only watching porn but also creating it. You have accounts on several websites where you upload drawings of a less than wholesome nature. The sexual acts you depict are beyond what you will ever experience in the real world. That unachievable need will consume you. You are already starting to spend money on fuelling your addiction. If this keeps up, you may grow up to be exactly where you are now. A low life living in a dark room in his parent’s house. That is why I, Kaen of the Weeping Willow Clan will cure you of your ways” said Kaen as the cloak began to move.

It began to expand, bulging out in all directions like a colony of rats trying to escape a bag. As it got bigger, Kosuke began to panic as he pulled at the sais. But then more of the masked figure came into view. A long red stiletto stepped out of the cloak and slammed onto the wooden floor. Her feet up to her knees were encased in bandages while her thick meaty thighs were exposed. At this point, Kosuke realised that standing up he would barely reach this woman’s knees. As more of her came into view, he saw that her crotch was covered by nothing more than a hanging bit of red fabric. Her hips pushed out to the sides while her gargantuan breasts bounced within a red bra. The cloak then shrunk down as a mass of red hair came into view. Filling up all the space behind her, the hair was even larger than her body with countless layers like a cloud folded in on itself. The cloak then wrapped around her neck till it looked more like a scarf. Her face was however still hidden behind the mask, though she was now looking down on Kosuke.

“How the hell did you fit inside that cloak at that size?” said Kosuke out of sheer disbelief. A chuckle escaped the mask. “Oh we ninjas are very good at hiding. Let me show you” said Kaen as she suddenly darted towards him. The rustling of her hair deafened him as he closed his eyes out of fear. Then the sound stopped. The overwhelming presence of Kaen seemed to disappear. Opening one of his eyes slowly, he realised that she was gone. Looking around the room, he slowly slipped out of his shirt in order to escape being pinned to the wall. Although he wanted to run straight for the door, he couldn’t help but be nervous. She was a ninja after all. She could be hiding anywhere.

Then he felt something most odd. A warm sensation coming from his crotch that he should not have felt given the circumstances. Looking down, he saw that his underwear was moving in all directions. It was that same writhing sight that he saw happen to Kaen’s cloak earlier. Whatever was bulging through his pants, he could feel something soft enveloping his cock. It felt absolutely heavenly, jerking him with a soft yet firm grip. It tugged at his member, caressed his balls and touched the most delicate parts of his penis. But fear still fuelled him as he reached for his underwear. As he grabbed it, a mass of red hair flooded through his underwear and wrapped around his hands. That same soft feeling now crawled up his arms as they wound around him like serpents. With the strength of a gorilla, the hair held his arms back as more began to entwine around his chest and legs. A thick tendril of the stuff then smothered his face, the smell of spice flowing through his nostrils. The heat only intensified as it felt like the hair was on fire. Enveloping his back, nearly the entirety of his body was encased in hair. Sweat started to drip from his skin as he panted heavily into the hair gag.

Suddenly his feet left the ground as he heard the snapping of his underwear exploding. Lifted up by the hair, only the top half of his face was visible while the rest of him seemed to sink deeper into the hair. Looking up in horror, he started to see the mask looking back at him, Kaen’s full body now standing with her back to him. Unable to speak or break free, all Kosuke could do was try to avoid cumming. But the intense pleasure that her hair was delivering him was too much. It was now starting to feel like a sexual organ, sucking at his cock whilst moving his hips in time with the rippling strands. Then his orgasm came with more force than any orgasm he had experienced. But the hair didn’t stop. It just continued to rub his now sensitive member. “I believe that your first lesson should involve one orgasm for every porn site you have visited. Enjoy your penance” said Kaen before the hair completely enveloped Kosuke. The pressure increased dramatically as more hair piled on him. Trapped in a sea of red, he could feel the hair continue to work his cock. As much as he wanted to just go flaccid, the hair wouldn’t let him as he felt another orgasm build within him.

An hour passed for Kaen as she sat on the boy’s bed twirling her sai. Her hair would constantly move while the occasional moaning sound would escape it. “And that’s 46” said Kaen before throwing her hair forward. It slammed onto the ground with enough force to make the wood creak. As she raised her head, the limp body of Kosuke emerged on the floor. His cock was in a half flaccid state, dripping cum from his latest orgasm. Red skinned and glistening in sweat, the boy was barely conscious. “Why?” said Kosuke at barely a whisper, his throat soar from the gasping. Kaen’s high heel suddenly landed just in front of his cock. Tapping it lightly with her shoe, Kaen watched as the cock spasmed uncontrollably.

“This is why we are called the Weeping Willow Clan. I am going to tame this devil between your legs by making it weep. By the time I am done, it will no longer have control over your life. The next time you think about masturbating or try to satisfy your perverted desires, you will remember my teachings. You will know the consequences of your actions” said Kaen as a tendril of hair wrapped around his wrists. Lifting him above her head, Kosuke didn’t have any strength to resist. Looking through his barely open eyes, he saw the large cleavage of Kaen beneath him. “For this trial, you will orgasm once for every piece of porn you have created. Every art work, story or what ever else you have uploaded” said Kaen as she parted her cleavage with her hands. The hair then lowered him towards her cleavage, his feet slipping inside. Immediately he felt the heat again, it was like this whole woman was made of lava. He could already feel the flesh stick to his skin, preventing him from pulling himself free.

As he slid deeper, he realised that his legs weren’t coming out the other side. Even when he went past his waist, the cleavage just kept going. “Like I said, we ninjas are experts at hiding. That includes hiding things on our person” said Kaen as Kosuke sunk even deeper. He was now looking up at her strange mask, the valley of her cleavage towering above him. As she let go of her breasts, the walls collided and sandwiched him completely. With just a single shake, her breasts milked him for all he was worth. This time the orgasms came quicker. It should have been impossible but his cock just kept cumming. Every single shake and swing of her breasts caused his cock to spurt uncontrollably. Soon his whole world was coated in cum as he cried into the pillow like surface.

Although there were considerably more orgasms than last time, it had only been five minutes before Kaen reached into her cleavage. After rummaging around for a bit, she pulled out the still cumming Kosuke who was completely soaked. The amount he had cummed should have killed him or at the very least knocked him out. But he was not allowed that right. That would be a mercy. This was a punishment. A lesson that Kaen intended for him to learn. “That was 157 orgasms. Ready for your final lesson?” said Kaen as Kosuke attempted to speak. “Please….I have learned my lesson. I will delete all my porn, disable all my accounts, I will even buy a new computer if I have to. Just please, don’t make me cum again” said Kosuke as Kaen slowly reached for her mask.

“Oh poor boy, I know you mean it but the body is an evil thing. This lesson is intended not to last for a week or a month. This is a life changing event that I intend to have last your entire life. Now either I can follow you around for the rest of your life which would just be inconvenient for me. Or I can give you one last lesson that I am sure you will remember till your last breath on this Earth” said Kaen as she removed the mask. Before Kosuke could see behind the mask, a mass of red smothered his face. It was however not her hair this time. It was far too wet and felt like flesh. A loud sucking noise made his ears pop as his whole face was swallowed up. The soft red surface pushed over his face and all the way down his neck.

Then with a loud pop, he was released from what he now saw was the largest pair of lips he had ever seen. They were bigger than Kaen’s head, covered in a blood red lipstick which now coated his head. It was impossible to see her face beyond those lips. The way they parted and gasped in excitement made him tremble. Because she was lifting him higher. His toes were tickling her lips, his still leaking cock worryingly close. Fear gripped him as he knew those lips would drain him far more effectively than her breasts and hair. With all his strength, he kicked out at the soft pillow like surface. The second his feet touched her lips, they were sucked inside like a strand of spaghetti. She then released his arms, causing him to be pulled into her lips. With a slurp, he was completely inside. He however never went past her lips, the inside of her mouth seemingly beyo nd him. Instead he was trapped in a lip sandwich which was now sucking at his cock. The orgasms began to ravage him, the cum leaving his cock at a blinding speed.

She then allowed his head leave her lips, its now red surface making it hard to see amongst her giant lips. “How….how many will it take before this is over!” cried Kosuke as he was orgasming by the second. A laugh rippled around him, causing his orgasms to come even faster. “Oh this time it isn’t about how many times you cum. Because from now on it will be essentially one orgasm. A single constant orgasm, occasionally changing in intensity. As long as you are in my lips you will continue this orgasm. How long you will stay in my lips? Well, how long have you been on porn sites? Every second, every minute, every hour from every site has been documented into a single unit. That is how long you have to reflect on your actions and your future” said Kaen as she put her mask back on. A last pitiful cry left Kosuke’s lips before her lips swallowed him again. Now completely hidden, this is his fate and another successful mission for the Weeping Willow Clan.