Elly cradled the tiny feminine outline that stretched the skin on her belly as she lay back on the bed, naked but for a pair of black panties that was leaking a little cum. Giving her belly a few pokes, Elly could feel the contents swill around as her tiny 6" friend Amy rolled around the pool of cum she was lying in inside Elly's stomach. Elly was still basking in the afterglow of having simultaneously sucked off Julian and fucked by Tyslan, two college guys she shared a dorm with. Life as a predator is good she thought.

They were in the dorm-room Elly had once shared with Amy, and in a way still shared, at least until Amy was digested and disposed of. Elly shivered with pleasure at the thought, knowing Amy was nothing but food for her now, everything Amy was and would ever be belonged to Elly.

"How are you doing in there?" Elly asked as she gave her belly another poke, interrupting the rhymic motion inside.

"I love... love Julian's cum, but it's... it's a bit small in here mistress. I can't even straighten out, your stomach presses in too tightly. I don't know much more cum can fit in here" came the quiet muffled reply from inside.

Elly smirked, "I'm glad you're enjoying your cum-bath Amy. But..." Elly lowered her voice, making sure the other men couldn't hear her "enjoy what little space you have left while it lasts, it's going to get a lot more cramped when I send another little friend to share that space with you."

Elly sighed and wondered how much longer Colin would be. He'd gone to collect his tiny 8" tall friend Lucas who she'd been told had a crush on Amy. Colin thought Lucas would enjoy contributing to Amy's cum-bath before she was finally digested, but Elly had other plans. It was illegal to eat a person, but if an "accident" were to occur... he'd have no more rights than any other food once he was in her belly. Elly poked her stomach some more and moaned as she felt Amy wriggling.

It didn't take long for Colin to return, Elly had given him plenty of incentive: the chance to do anal with her. There was a bit of commotion as Colin walked in swinging a sharply dressed 8" tiny man from his upraised arm. The tiny was wearing dark slacks and a crisp white shirt. He didn't seem pleased.

"I told you, I don't want anything to do with that bitch, she turned me down!" the tiny man yelled and swung his tiny fists ineffectually in the air.

"Dude, Lucas, I told you, you're going to love this. You can give her what she deserves" Colin tried to explain.

Lucas opened his mouth to reply but stopped as he looked around to see where he was. The fairy lights gave a soft warm light on the pink-themed bedroom, with the most commanding presence being the large double bed, upon which a goddess in human form lay, or so it looked to Lucas. He watched open mouthed as Elly rose up from the bed, her heavy teardrop breasts swinging freely as she swayed her hips with every step. Her pointed nipples seemingly aimed right at him.

Elly never took her eyes off Lucas as she approached. With Lucas hanging from Colin's hand directly above her, she struggled to resist an instictive desire to stretch her mouth open wide. Instead she bared a predatory smile at him. "Welcome to my lair Lucas, I hope you like what you see."

Lucas's face flushed red as he felt his heart beat faster, a mixture of arousal and fear. He couldn't understand why Elly's toothy smile was giving him chills. She was just a bitch like any other. He just had to assert dominance.

"W-w-well," Lucas angrily cleared he throat to deal with the stammer. "I suppose it's alright, I've seen nicer tits."

Elly tried to act demure, she didn't want to scare off her prey after all. She delicately cupped her breasts, giving each exposed nipple a little pinch. "These? Am I not good enough Lucas?"

Feeling emboldened, Lucas continued "well, maybe you're alright for a fuck. I don't want to see that bitch Amy though, can't believe she thought she was too good for me."

Elly brought a hand to her mouth, acting shocked. "Oh no! She turned down a delicious little man like you down? I'm offering you a chance to show her how far beneath you she is." Looking from Lucas above her to her belly, Elly giggled and thought to herself "probably around a metre beneah him."

Feeling a little irked at the reference to his height (as Elly intended), Lucas couldn't deny he was was curious about Elly's offer. "Where is that bitch anyway?"

Elly grinned again and lowered her hands, pressing into her lower belly to push out her stomach and reveal a very feminine outline."

Lucas's mouth dropped open again. "You ate her?!?!"

Elly feigned a sad look, "it was an accident, we were playing a party game and well... you see the result."

"Fucking amazing! I didn't know you could eat girls!"

'Not just girls' Elly thought, but caught herself before saying it aloud. "Yes, it was awful. So I'm trying to make her last days as enjoyable for her as possible. So we've been giving her a cum-bath" Elly said as the other four guys grinned and nodded to each other.

"So... you want to suck me off and swallow the cum?"

'Not just the cum' Elly thought, but she looked away like she was embrassed, hiding the smirk on her face. "Would you do that for me? For Amy? I'd be ever so grateful."

Lucas looked smug, "well, alright, I guess as long as you know your place."

Elly clapped her hands in delight, causing her breasts to wobble slightly. "Wonderful! Let's do it on the bed over here."

Elly practically ran to the bed, throwing cushions and plushies aside in haste to make room. She found one firmer pillow for Lucas to stand on which she placed in the centre, and Colin duly leaned over and set Lucas down on the pillow. Elly went down with her knees on the floor and her chest on the bed. Her head about level with the pillow.

Lucas hadn't quite registered just how much bigger Elly was than him earlier, her mouth suddenly seemed so much larger than it was before. He wondered how it must have looked when Amy disappeared through those very lips just a few hours ago.

Elly tried to refocus his attention, she looked down at his pants and said in a sultry tone "so show me what you got big boy."

Lucas swiftly unzipped his slacks and pulled out his 1" cock. An impressive size given his height, or so he told himself.

Elly had to stifle a laugh, after what she'd just been wrapping her lips around, this was barely even going to register. She licked her lips, and slowly brought her head in closer, puckering her lips slightly.

Lucas felt Elly's hot humid breath wash over him as she got closer. He was nervous, but not about to back out now. He thrust his hips forward and his cock slipped into Elly's outstretched lips. He began rhymically pounding away.

Elly faked a moan but nearly rolled her eyes in exasperation, she'd more aroused brushing her teeth than this. Elly pulled her head back and heard Lucas' tiny cock pop out of her mouth.

Panting, Lucas replied "why'd you pull back? Too much for you?"

"I'm not sure if this is quite working out, perhaps... if more of you were inside me?" Elly said coyly.

Lucas growled, "fine!" He began to undress, pulling down his slacks and unbuttoning his shirt. He didn't want to get them damp with saliva.

Elly's eyes ran all over Lucas, her interest in him becoming real for once. She resisted the urge to run her tongue down his chest. 'Soon...' she reminded herself. It had to be an "accident" though. Perhaps if... "Hey Colin, I promised you anal didn't I?" Elly called out as she reached behind her and yanked her panties down to her lower thighs. She wriggled her ass in the air, feeling the cooler air brush past her damp lower folds.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Colin yelled and began undressing.

Elly slipped a finger inside herself, getting it nice and damp, and then ran it delicately into her asshole.

Lucas finished undressing and looked uncertain, "so... how's this going to work?"

"Just bring your legs in, then I can run my tongue over your whole shaft. You'll fill up my whole mouth!" Elly opened her mouth wide and rolled her tongue out in front of Lucas.

Lucas began to have second thoughts, but he couldn't back out now. Bitches had to know their place. He tentatively stepped forward, feeling the wet, rough, and unsteady footing of Elly's tongue. He quickly sat down before he fell down, resting his ass on the tip of Elly's tongue. He pushed his legs into her mouth, lodging them just between the sides of her tongue and her rows of pearly white teeth. He felt his legs coated in saliva as waves of hot humid air came rushing up Elly's throat. Her uvula quivering at the back of her mouth.

Elly brought her tongue in slightly, bringing Lucas with it, and closed her lips around his hips. Her lips gently held him in place as she ran her tongue all over him. Feeling the difference between his soft fleshy thights and the hard cock pressing against her tongue.

Lucas looked a little paniced as he felt Elly suck on him and he slipped another inch into her mouth. Everything below his wasit was hidden behind Elly's lips now. He kicked his legs trying to find anything to push back against, but the soft flesh in Elly's mouth yielded with each kick and provided no resistance. He slipped another inch in. He was about to yell when his feet finally hit the hard ring around Elly's throat, and finally he felt like he was secure. He began to thrust but realised it was kind of pointless, his whole lower body was being vigorously massaged by Elly's tongue, he didn't need to do a thing. He felt himself building to the biggest orgasm of his life.

Elly took her time enjoying her prey. He'd fought back a little, but he hadn't realised what he was destined for, or where.

After a disappointly short while Elly tasted a hint of saltiness in her mouth as Lucas cummed, his whole lower body shaking in her mouth.

It was then that Colin had finally finished undressing and rammed his cock into Elly's ass unannounced. She didn't have to feign surprise at how deeply he dove as she arched her back and thrust her head up. Shaken loose from his footing, Lucas began to slip as gravity worked against him. Elly didn't waste her chance, she rolled Lucas deeper into her mouth with her tongue, repeatly jostling him against the roof of her mouth, with each instance ending with him a little deeper. Her lips constantly had to readjust their hold as more slipped inside. Just as Lucas started opening his mouth to scream, Elly brought up her hand and pressed her forefinger onto the crown of his head until she swiftly felt her lips seal shut over him. Only two flailing arms remained outside. She heard Lucas angrily scream inside, but Colin's grunts helped drowned it out from the other guys. Elly vigorously rubbed the huge bulge in her throat, helping work Lucas down as more of him slipped into her throat.


Inside Elly's stomach, Amy was being rocked back and forth by all the movement outside, the pool of cum splashing up on either side of the stomach wall and coating her entire body. She was lying on her back, her legs curled up in a space that wanted to be smaller than she was. The stomach walls constantly kneaded and pressed her tight. It wasn't unpleasant though, Amy understood she was prey, this was where she belonged. She was warm and somewhat comfortable, and in the midst of reaching another orgasm as she fingered herself furiously.

But Amy felt herself distracted by something new, the indented circle above her feet that marked where she'd entered the stomach was quivering. It squealched open just enough to sqeeze through a pair of masculine feet. Before Amy had a moment to even register what was going on, her legs were parted by the two hairy thighs that'd followed the feet. The whole stomach wobbled as a man's crotch came through next, sporting an enormous erection that was still shooting cum in every direction, spraying Amy in the face. The new occupant continued to emerge and pushed her up around the back wall of the stomach, but the stomach walls pushed back, forcing her head against his chest and her legs straddling his crotch. Just as she felt the stomach walls must surely be about to tear given how tightly she was pressed against the man, the man's head and flailing arms forced their way in.

"L-L-Lucas?" Amy asked in a tentative voice.

"Amy? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! That bitch Elly tricked me!" Lucas screamed in rage.

"She ate you too?"

"SHUT UP!" Lucas gripped Amy by the shoulders as he looked at the cum he was lying in, looking disgusted. He began to push Amy beneath him, the two of them slipping and sliding against one another and the stomach wall until he was lying on top of her, still dripping cum onto her. He took a moment to eye her up and down, seeing everything she was and judging her unworthy. Lucas forcefully rolled her over so she was face down. He reached down, grabbed hold of his cock and rammed it between Amy's rounded asscheeks.

Amy squeaked "please don't..."

"I told you to shut up!" Lucas yelled as he dunked Amy's head into the pool of cum and resumed thrusting.

Amy got a faceful of cum as she struggled against Lucas. Amy knew she was only prey, that she was mere food. But now she realised that even among prey, there was a heirarchy and she would always be on the bottom. She felt so aroused, she didn't have to worry about a career, or expectations. She was just this. Food for Elly and a fuck puppet for Lucas. Her scream of pleasure bubbled into the pool of cum.


Elly finally felt Lucas settle into her bulging stomach, she'd really struggled to get him in, but it was worth it. She rocked back and forth as Colin continued to ram into her from behind, a smile on her lips as she panted and felt her stomach churning.

It didn't take long for Colin to finish, just as she felt a last jolt in her stomach. She wondered if she wasn't the only one being rammed from behind right now.

Elly rolled onto her back, a satisfied grin on her face.

"Where's Lucas?" Colin asked.

"Oh it was a terrrrrrrrrrrible accident." Elly swiftly wiped the grin off her face and replied with all the horror should could feign. "He slipped in when you pushed into me. You were so amazing Colin that I couldn't even call for help!"

Colin clasped his hands to his face "oh fuck! It's my fault?" Colin looked to the other guys in the room, "please, guys, don't tell anyone what happened to Lucas!"

"It's ok Colin, I'll keep your secret. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble" Elly reassured him with the hint of a smile.

As Colin cleaned himself up, Elly felt her stomach begin to jiggle again. It seems Lucas and Amy were starting round two. "So..." Elly asked, looking at the four men in the room. "Whose next?"


I hope you enjoyed the story! I thought it'd be especially fun to make Lucas into a bit of an asshole who thought he was in charge. It made Elly's domination and trickery all the sweeter. I think I've gone a bit heavy on the sex scenes in the last part, so I thought I'd skim over the anal sex scenes and focus more on the vore aspect instead.

One thing I'm unsure on is how descriptive to be with character appearances. I generally try to provide the main details of the location and clothing, but so far I've kept exact appearances a bit vague so folk can imagine whatever they like. I'm not sure if an explicit description would be better to paint the scene though? Writing porn is a little different to writing regular literature as it isn't necessarily as much about the author's vision as it is the reader's enjoyment. So some vagueness might be better? If you have a preference, please let me know~

I'm not sure if I'm entirely done with Elly and Amy yet, depending upon any feedback I get. I really love the idea of Elly going about her normal day while digesting Amy and Lucas, casually taunting them at times. I had a possible scenario in mind where Elly might be in the midst of feigning sadness to Amy's tiny friends over the unexplained "disappearance" of Amy, but a stomach rumble and a distinctive Amy-shaped outline on Elly's belly might give the game away and require Elly to deal with these tinies somehow. Her stomach is absolutely stretched to the limit with Amy and Lucas already, so I'm not sure if she could manage to swallow them in that moment, although having several tinies all trapped in there at once is an appealing idea. Perhaps anal or unbirthing would work better? Alternative if Elly were to keep them somewhere safe, I'm sure Stephanie would be delighted to run a pred-prey party game if given the chance. I'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or preferences if anyone has them. Feel free to comment or PM <3