Connecting to stream ISwallowThings03...

A full-screen video opens showing a pretty girl sitting facing the camera with a beaming smile on her face. She looks to be in her early 20s, with a cheerful demeanour and sparkling green eyes under perfectly manicured eyebrows. Her luscious lips are a deep ruby red and glint in the light. Her lightly-tanned skin is marred only by a small beauty spot on her left lower cheek, which she seems to be self-concious of given the single loose curl of strawberry blonde hair that's coincidentally half covering it. She's dressed in a tight white tank top that shows off her modest chest and what seems to be a red sports bra given the hint of colour bleeding through her lighter coloured top.

She seemed to be sat at a makeup desk given the items visible on either side of her. Mascara brushs and nail polish bottles battle each other for space, many having fallen in the fight and lying askew. The girl takes up much of the screen, but behind her it's possible to catch glimpses of a bookcase.

"Hi guys and welcome to my stream!" The girl squeaks in a high voice as she waves at the camera.

"For those new to my stream, my name's Chloe and I have no gag reflex! So for the entertainment of you lovely ladies and gentlemen... I... swallow... things!"

The text window on the right of the video lights up as the fans enthusiastically respond.

MyUsername33: :mouthEmoji: :eggplantEmoji: :mouthEmoji:

Julian04: :eggplantEmoji: :eggplantEmoji: :eggplantEmoji:

SomeGuy3: I don't get it?

Lurker453: So hype!

"So tuition is coming up" Chloe sighs. "So I'm looking for some donations! Help me graduate guys! For this good cause, so I have a nice selection of things for you to choose form."

Chloe leans off to the side of the camera and pulls out a tray of items. A peeled banana, a cucumber beaded with water droplets, and a deep purple eggplant.

"So, let's start the bidding! $20 for the banana, £30 for the cucumber, and $50 for the eggplant!" Chloe she runs her hand above the fruit and vegetables she's arrayed in front of the camera.

Lurker453: Someone get on it!

Julian04 has donated $20.

A chime sounds and Chloe leans closer to the camera, looking at something just below the camera. "Congrats Julian04! Please allow me to fulfill your fantasy..."

Chloe puts her forefinger on her lips as she peruses the three items in front of her, as if it were a challenge to find the banana.

She reaches down and picks up the peeled banana with a flourish and gives a theatrically exagarated lick of her lips to the camera. She lifts the banana up above her head, making sure the camera has a good side view. She gapes her mouth open and gradually lowers the banana. First the tip, then the rest disappear into her maw. At the half way point her progress slows as it seems to hit her throat, but she doesn't bite or chew, she shifts a little in her seat, making sure her neck is angled right, and keeps inserting the banana until only the top tip is visible. A bulge is already visible on her neck as she wraps her lips around the last of the banana, sealing it within her and swallowing hard. A noticeable bulge makes its way down her throat as she keeps her neck straight until the bulge finally passes past her neckline.

Chloe takes a moment to collect herself before turning back to the camera and opening her mouth wide, showing a glistening tongue but otherwise empty mouth.

Shiro: Wow! I love it.

SomeGuy3: Bananas are easy, anyone can do that!

Julian04 has donated $30.

A chime sounds again and Chloe giggles, "wow Julian, give me a chance to catch my breath! You're so eager aren't you."

Chloe picks up the cucumber next and goes to lift it up, but it slips from her fingers and off the desk.

"Oops! Brief technical difficulties, give me a moment!" Chloe laughs and disappears from view. Without Chloe on screen, the bookcase that was behind her comes into view where where a small cage rests. Within it sits a small white-furred mouse grooming itself. Chloe comes back into frame carrying the cucumber.

"Sorry about that! On with the show..."

Vore_fan69: $200 if you swallow the mouse.

Chloe pauses as she she looks below the camera, her expression frozen. She begins to awkwardly laugh. "You... can't be serious right?" A chime sound rings out...

Vore_fan69 has donated $200.

Chloe stops laughing. "I can't eat Mr Whiskers! It's not even my pet! It's Isabel's."

Chloe bites her lower lip and lies the cucumber down to her desk. She looks behind her for a moment before returning her gaze to the camera.

"I guess I can buy her a new one right? She'd never notice the difference anyway. Maybe the new one won't try to hump her!" Chloe says in a cheerful tone.

Chloe gives the camera a nervous smile and turns around and walks to the bookcase. A clank of metal can be heard and a series of squeaks echo around the room. Chloe remains facing away for a moment before slowly turning back to the camera carrying a small mouse dangling from its tail, squeaking heartily.

Chloe sits down in front of the camera and coos to the mouse in a soft voice, "there there, quiet down, you're going somewhere nice and warm." She gently strokes the mouse with her free hand and it seems to calm the pet.

"Ok, we can do this." Chloe nervously licks her lips, but this time it doesn't seem to be a show, she's making sure her lips are moist. She slowly raises the mouse above her, dangling it over her mouth. As soon as she opens her mouth wide the mouse seems to recognise the danger and begins flailing around useless in the air. Closing her eyes, Chloe begins to lower the mouse, the tip of its whiskers caressing the side of her mouth as its head disappears from view.

With its hind legs still visible, Chloe pauses a moment and wraps her tongue around its rear, leaving the damp fur glistening. She slowly retracts her tongue, pulling the mouse further in and begins to close her mouth, wrapping her lips around its rear and letting go of its tail as the last of its white fur disappear. Chloe turns to face the camera, only the mouse's tail still visible as it dangles down from her puckered lips. Her left cheek bulges for a moment, then the right one. It seems the mouse was still fighting. Chloe flung her head back and gave a hard swallow, a bulge beginning to make its way down her throat. The mouse's tail was sucked into Chloe's mouth in spurts amd with final slurp was gone. Chloe used a free hand to massage her throat, helping push the bulge down and past her neck.

Chloe took a moment to take a deep breath then beamed at the camera. "Wow I did it!" She looked down at her belly and gave her stomach a gentle stroke. "I think... he's still alive in there. It feels tickly!" Chloe giggled and rocked from side to side in her seat.

After a few moments reveling and watching the chat window go wild, Chloe finally seemed to settle down. "Ok then, on with the stream! Back to the cucumber!"

As she reached for the cucumber there was a creak of a door from off-camera. Chloe turned to her left and looked sheepish. "Oh hi Isabel! You're back early!"

A quiet sullen voice can be heard from off-camera "yeah class was canceled today. They're organising a search for that missing girl, Amy I think?"

"Another tiny disappeared? The world is a dangerous place for a tiny. You need to take care too!"

"I'm fine, I know to stay well away from Stephanie's 'exotic' parties. Wait... aw shit, have you seen Mr Whiskers? It looks like he got out of his cage again. If he tries to hump me while I'm sleeping again I'm going to get him neutered! See how the horny little bastard likes that."

Chloe blushed and looked the other way. "Oh, um... I can help you look for him if you with you?"

Chloe reached down and disappeared for a moment, coming back up with a tiny 6" tall girl standing on her hand that she set down gently on her desk. The girl had striking jet-black hair hanging straight down her back all the way to her waist. It blended into her dark-coloured pea coat, her black lipstick, heavy eye-shadow, and a studded collar around her neck.

Turning around, Isabel looked at the camera, "oh... you're still doing your livestream thing? That's so gross."

Chloe's cheeks flushed and she looked away, "hey, we all need to pay the bills somehow..."

A chime sounded and both girls looked below the camera.

Vore_fan69: $600 if you can squeeze Isabel into your mouth.

Vore_fan69 has donated $600.

Both girls froze for a few moment. Isabel reacts first, her face scrunching into a look of disgust. "Is this how you pay the bills Chloe?"

Chloe's voice rose to a high pitch "what, no! But... maybe... I don't know. I'd split it with you! $300 each?"

Isabel stopped.

Chloe's voice went up another pitch "$350 split to you? $400! I reallllllllllly need that tuition money Isabel. Pleassssssssssssssssssse." Chloe clasped her hands together and bowed her head to Isabel.

Isabel gently shook her head as if she couldn't believe it. "Fuck it, it's just a second for the camera right? This'll be the first time I've been eaten out by a girl though." Isabel laughed as Chloe went beet red.

Chloe switched back into business mode, sitting back down, fluffing up her hair, and all smiles for the camera again. "Ok stream! I guess this'll be a first!"

Isabel spoke up "hold up, I want to undress first. I don't want your slobber all over my clothes. This top's expensive!"

"Oh right. I'll not look!" Chloe covered her eyes with her hand.

Isabel laughed, "you're such a virgin Chloe. If I'm going in your mouth I think you can manage seeing my tits."

Chloe awkwardly laughed and lowered her hand, trying to look anywhere but at Isabel as she unbuttoned her pea coat and laid it to rest by her feet on the desk. Underneath, she was wearing a crop top, miniskirt, and tights. All of it was black. Isabel brought her hands behind her and a soft zipping noise was heard before her crop fell loose from her arms. She straightened her arms and let it fall to he floor. She unbuckling her skirt and let it slide to her feet. She stepped out of her dark heels and stretched for a moment before fanned out her long hair. Her pale skin made a stark contrast against the black bra and garter belt she was left wearing. She reached behind her, unclasped her bra, and threw towards the camera turning everything black.

"Don't do that Isabel! They need to see." Chloe's voice is heard. A few moments later the video footage goes pink as a hand eclipses the entire screen. The hand pulls back holding a tiny strip of fabric between thumb and forefinger. Isabel had already stripped off her panties by this time, much to the consternation of the text-chat window.

Isabel had her arms crossed as she looked up at Chloe, upon which her pert breasts delicately rested. Two upraised nipples pointed towards Chloe.

"This is your show Chloe, what next?" Isabel asked sharply.

Chloe jumped, as if from a daze. "Oh right! Ok. I've never tried this with a person before. I guess if you bend over I could try squeezing all of you in?"

Isabel swirled on a heel and faced the camera. She gave it a wink and took a bow, lowering her chest to her knees and letting her hair fall to the desk.

Chloe gave her lips one last lick and tentatively brought her head down, opening her mouth as she went. She stuck out her tongue, rubbing it along Isabel's bare ass cheeks and leaving a trail of saliva to help smooth her passage. The side's of her mouth slid over Isabel's ass cheeks and then stretched taut over her hips. She struggled to fit over the widest part before being able relax again at Isabel's thinner waist. She kept going, getting lower with kess and less of Isabel remaining visible. Isabel's chest was visibly squeezed ever tightly against her knees as Chloe worked her way down down Isabel's thighs. Chloe slowed now, clearly having difficulty as she took small swallows and gradually worked Isabel into her mouth. Her lips got lower, finally rolling over Isabel's head and eventually touching the desk. Isabel was completely gone. Chloe spent a moment kissing the desk, seemingly trying to get something in her mouth comfortable. She ever so slowly began to raise her head again, leaving empty air behind. Chloe faced the camera and pulled back her lips. Two tight clad feet framed either side of Chloe's lips, and in between Isabel looked out, a strained smile on her face as she struggled to wave from inside Chloe's mouth. She looked out at the camera as the top of her her breasts visibly hard pressed against her knees. Every facet of her skin was glistening with saliva.

Chloe finally brought her head up level and tried to smile for the camera but with her lips stretched taut, there couldn't move much. "Ta-dahhh" she said with a muffled voice.

A chime sounded from the computer again.

Vore_fan69: $2000 if you swallow her.

Vore_fan69 has donated $2000.

Chloe blinked. She brought up a hand and wiped her eyes. "Wha?" She asked, having difficulty forming words.

Isabel began to wriggle, "let me out Chloe! I want out now!"

Chloe looked like she was in a daze as she slowly began to close her jaw, her lips slipping over Isabel's feet and slurping up her hair.

"No Chloe! Stop! Don't eat meeeeeeeeeee!" screamed Isabel.

Chloe closed her mouth and the scream quietened. She lifted her head up and a large bulge began to grow around her throat. She brought a hand up and began stroking up and down, helping push the contents down and into her chest. The distinct shape of a rounded ass and two thighs made their way down her throat and eventually disappeared under her neckline.

Chloe took a moment catching her breath before looking to the camera and opening her mouth wide. Waggling her tongue she showed the empty contents.

"URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!" Chloe brought a palm to her chest and patted. "Oh excuse me, I don't think rich food agrees with me."

Chloe giggled and shifted in her seat, "oh my god, can you hear that?"

Chloe stood up and lifted her tank top, showing off her taut belly. Two tiny hand prints were distinctly visible pushing out. Chloe leaned over the desk and closer to the camera as a muffled voice could be heard. "OH MY GOD CHLOE?!? YOU ATE MR WHISKERS? No... stay back you dumb beast. Get off me! Stop it! No! Oh! Ooooh!" A few squeaks could be heard mixed in with deep moans and panting as Chloe's belly undulated and jiggled in a regular rhythm.

Chloe sat back and laughed. "I guess Mr Whiskers finally got one last chance to hump his crush."

Chloe gently rubbed her belly as she beamed at the camera "well ladies and gentlemen! I guess that's the end of the stream! Remember to upvote and subscribe!"

Stream disconnected.


I thought it'd be fun to write a story from a fixed external perspective like this, with the livestream experience. Originally I was going to have much more dialogue from the text-chat window, but I found it just distracted from the vore.

I'm generally not into F/animal stuff, but I recently read a story by Reneth I really loved (link in the description). I'd highly recommend checking it out if you enjoyed this story.