Adel for Dinner

It would appear to be a slow day at the cafe, as there was barely a soul around. It would be a hot minute before a customer came in. Seeing the many empty tables brought a smile to his face, letting him know that he should get quick service. As the Linoone approached the counter, he would check out the barista, a beautiful Delphox in her apron.

With her back turned, he would first get a glimpse of the tattoo on her back, which stood in the shape of a snowflake. He decided to get her attention. "Good morning beautiful." Would be his choice words.

"Hmm?" The Delphox turned around to see him. "Oh welcome to Cafe Devenir Mangé, how may we help you today?" With a kind smile, she would put just about anyone at ease.

The male smirked "Oh, I thought I'd order something special for dinner, and I think I see what I want." As he said this, he got a read of her name, Adel. With a wink, he decided to introduce himself, "Name's Victor by the way."

The Linoone's obvious flirting causes the fox to giggle. "Nice to meet you Victor. How may we prepare your order for you today?" She got closer to him, her smile becoming kinder. "We do have many options…"

Before she got a chance to list them off, the badger would smirk and shake his head. "I would rather prepare the meal myself actually, so just box it up and I'll be on my way." Once again, Adel giggled.

"Sure thing, just give us a few moments, and you'll be on your way. We just need to confirm your order." With the two extra steps in, Adel went into the back, nodding to the Charmander and Vaporeon that were in the back. With the greeting out of the way, the two would pick up the endowed Delphox and bound her up. Tied down and gagged, she slipped into the box easily, given to the paying customer.

Once on his way, Victor imagined the things he'll do to Adel, licking his lips softly. "I can't wait to cook you up." Would be the last thing Adel would hear from the Linoone, as he soon arrived at his house and took her inside.

Not even muttering a word, Victor took the Delphox out of her box, placed her on the counter, and admired the meal. After a good moment of admiration, the male took his shirt off, showing off his muscles. Now seeing then up close, Adel admired the body, waiting for him to make the first move. Lowering his pants, the horny chef went to Adel's backside, and begun pleasuring her.

First he would stick a couple of fingers into her pussy, wetting it for entry. Once he was satisfied with that, out came his dick. The meat which presented itself Adel's backside, would be quite large, almost a foot in length. After a single moment, he pushed it in, the instantaneous fucking causing the meal the gasp to the best of her ability. Thrust after thrust would be pushed into the awaiting meal, each one getting harder and faster. After a good minute of thrusting, the badger came, hard. Though this wouldn't be the last of it. Pulling out, he quickly replaced his manhood with a carrot. He wasn't done yet though, as he started to push into her ass. Adel's eyes rolled back from this, as he would pound as aggressively as before, loading her ass with cum as well.

Carrot now in place, he would grab the gag, remove it for a moment, allowing him to place an apple in its place. Once he was sure that it was firmly in place, there was only a couple of steps before she could be baked. First he would pull out a razor, as he would have to shave off all that fur. With care and ease, he would make sure each movement got the most amount of fur possible. Once he had all the shavable fur, bar tail, he begun seasoning her.

With a bit of barbeque sauce, the meal would be covered from head the toe, making sure the tail is place out of the way. Satisfied with the results, he went to his oven, making sure to preheat it. Once he was sure it was ready, he slides her in, and waits.

As Victor was waiting for his meal to cook, he pulled out his phone, texting his boyfriend. Adel on the other hand would lay and wait, murring from the heat as it cooked her. She smiled to herself, as she was baked, feeling her meat cook, and consciousness slowly slipping away. As the hours slipped by, it would become harder for the fox to remain awake in these conditions, as her movements slowed down. As her eyes would slowly shut for good, she would catch sight of Victor checking on his meal.

Then darkness, Adel would take a bit longer to cook, but Victor didn't mind at all. Once the oven door was closed, a knock was heard, originating from the front door. "Coming!" After setting a quick timer, the Linoone would go to the door to find a Furret waiting there. "Hey there, you know you don't need to knock, right?

"I know, I just wanted to tease ya." The soft built Furret would then happily walk in, hugging the Linoone. "Mm, what smells delicious."

"Delphox, she should be finished cooking soon." He plants a loving kiss on him. "Feel free to take a seat Dillon, I'll set the table in a bit."

As he said this,there would be a beep coming from the kitchen, letting them know the meal is ready for consumption. "Speak of the devil, I'll call you when ready." There he would pull out the Delphox and placed her down, next the badger placed two plates and forks down. "Ready and or not, food is done!"

In moments the two sat down and ate there meal, eating meat off the bones as they chatted. Limb by limb, they took Adel apart, eating the meat hungerly, placing the bones aside once cleaned. After some time, only the head and the torso remained. Dillon spoke up.

"Mm, this is delicious, shall we finish up?" He would take a bite from one of her butt cheeks, licking his lips. He grabbed a knife to separate her upper body, being careful not to damage her bones. Once split into three pieces, the two lovers shared the last of the Delphox happily, leaving only her bones and two full mustelids.