Spyro: Betrayal of the Dragon

It had already been several weeks since the Sorceress had been defeated, and all of the stolen dragon eggs had been retrieved. The efforts of Spyro and his group of friends were well known throughout the Dragon Realms, and peace had been restored for the foreseeable future. However, in the face of such fame and pride, the small purple dragon became somewhat full of himself. Spyro was a bit lazier and cockier than he ever was before, spending most of his time now in Dragon Shores or sunbathing. Most would take no issue in any of this, after how he saved the day many times over. Perhaps a break was well-warranted after all. And yet, some seemed to be taking issue with it all, going as far as to turn on the dragon for not living up to his full potential and growing increasingly arrogant. Some of which Spyro considered to be some of his closest friends…

“Man, this is the life… Isn’t it, Sparx?” The dragon sighed, turning his head to see his invaluable dragonfly buddy resting on his thigh as Spyro rests in a beach chair, resting at the shoreline with the light honking of seagulls in the air. Sparx would buzz along with a nod, curling up a little bit on him. Spyro crossed his legs, musing about his adventure so far. “We already took care of Gnorc and Ripto, and we even managed to kick the Sorceress’s fat, ugly butt. At this rate, nothing can stop us!” He laughs, listing off his past victories on his claws. “I’m not even worried if someone else tries to ruin everything again. We’ll just scorch em’ in ten seconds flat!” The dragon continued, his insect friend laughing in agreement. “Ya know, if it comes down to it, I bet we could even beat the tar out of- Wait a minute, do you hear something?” Spyro interrupts himself, suddenly hearing a repetitive noise getting louder and louder behind him. *Thump, thump, thump…* “You know, that almost sounds like Sheila, whenever she-”

*SMACK!!* A pair of feet thrust directly into the back of Spyro’s chair, sending him straight out and sliding across the sands a little bit, Sparx turning from his usual golden hue to blue. “Hey, what gives!? I’m just trying to relax here, and all of the sudden you decide to… Wait, Sheila?” Picking his head back out of the sand, he would certainly see Sheila standing over him. Sparx flew behind his dragon friend in a bit of surprised fear. Sheila was one of the first friends he’d met on his adventure, a bottom-heavy kangaroo with ginger hair. “There ya are, mate. Figured I might find you somewhere around here.” She spat, her expression denoting a great feeling of scorn. To say the quadruped dragon was shocked was an understatement, shaking his head. “Aren’t ya going to help me up? Kinda rude to knock over a resting hero like that.” He mutters, tail swishing about as he rubs his eyes, making sure this isn’t some kind of hallucination. Then, the roo hopped over and smacked one of her feet down upon the dragon’s chest, getting a grunt out of him.

Sheila gave a deep sigh, grinding her foot down onto the dragon stuck in the sand, watching him wriggle around. “If I cared, don’t ya think I would’ve by now? You’ve been nothin’ but a prick since you took down the Sorceress, and somebody’s gotta come along and put ya back in your place.” The roo went on to explain, lifting her foot off of the twitchy dragon. She was previously wriggling her toes right up against the dragon’s muzzle, hardly the most pleasant scent in the world. Especially with how much use those feet had gotten before from smacking and stomping around so many Rhynocs previously. “What’s gotten into you, Sheila!? This isn’t like you at all. Didn’t you do a lot of the work, too?” The small dragon tried to reason, muzzle-to-hind-legs being just about as long as the toe-to-heel on one of the kangaroo’s feet. Suddenly, she’d stomp her foot right back down against the dragon’s face, smacking down on it over and over again, clenching it around his head. “This… is for… your arrogance… mate!” Spyro would gag as his feet keep squishing down into Sheila’s soles against the sand over and over again. The dragon felt his stomach turning for a variety of reasons, the odor of the bottom of her feet first and foremost. There was absolutely more where that came from.

The dragon grunts, trying to gain his bearings before he would find his muzzle pinched between a couple of the kangaroo’s toes. This was all working up quite a sweat for the kangaroo, making Spyro shudder and gag from the sweat all of this activity from her was rubbing into his scales. Quickly, Sheila would suddenly decide to sit down on her tail in order to make better use of both of her feet against the dragon, squeezing and grinding him between both stompers. “Trouble breathing, mister hero?” She’d taunt, the sun being blocked out for the shorter scaly beast as her toes squish into his face yet again. They kept rubbing and grinding deeper and deeper into him, making him whimper a bit from the earthy smell of it all. It was unlike anything he’d ever taken in before, trying to do anything in his power to get out from underneath her. Over time, she’d continue toying with him, eventually stuffing his face between every last one of her toes until she felt that he’d done a good enough job cleaning up between them. Her feet would simply continue clenching and kneading at the dragon until she could see his hind leg kicking weakly, getting a good grin out of the roo. “I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been waitin’ to do this to ya for a while. My overworked stomper’s could’ve used a good, scaly rag.”

She’d kick his dizzy, twitching head back one last time, watching him squirm on the ground in an attempt to get away. “You’re a real… piece of work!” He’d grunt, making the kangaroo smirk. “Oh yeah? Why don’t I finish ya off, then?” The comment made Spyro’s eyes widen, horrified by what she might mean by that. “...What?” Instantly, the kangaroo leaped forward with both of her feet, jumping directly onto the dragon itself as Sparx watches on in terror. Sheila leapt up into the air over and over, smacking down against the dragon with the whole of her two feet repeatedly. *Smackk, squarrsh, sqrrrrsh-!!* Every time she jumped, the dragon appeared to get flatter and flatter in a very cartoony way, the weight of her feet against him smothering him against the sand to the point where he gave the appearance of a piece of paper. By the time she was finished with the dragon, she’d lift up her foot to see that Spyro was completely stuck to it, hardly moving anymore at all. Sheila would clench her toes once more, before grinding her sole against the sand in an attempt to pry the flattened dragon off of her. “Serves ya right, I’d say. Nothin’ but a piece of dragon-shaped paper beneath the real hero.” She crossed her arms triumphantly, leaving the flat dragon against the ground.

Then, she picked up the flattened dragon one more time, resting on her tail again. She wasn’t quite sure if he was still conscious or not, but she was sure as hell going to use him one last time. Spyro’s new, flatter form easily slipped in between her toes to serve as a bit of a floss for the kangaroo, properly cleaning out the space in between each one for good, before using him to smoothen out the soles of her feet. Those rough scales worked wonders for giving them a good polish. By then, Sparx had practically left the scene, wanting nothing to do with the situation. “Man, you’re really feeling good down there, Spyro. Might just have to keep you attached for later use.” She teased, stomping a foot against the sand once more to grind him against the bottom of her foot over and over again, until she was absolutely sure he was as stuck to her as possible. Every jump Sheila took to move after that, Sparx watching and slowly following from afar, the unconscious dragon would be more and more smothered against kangaroo feet than ever before, beginning to feel more like a kangaroo sole than an actual dragon.

Feeling quite satisfied with herself for bringing the dragon to such a state, the roo would hop away, dragging Spyro along the back of her foot with every jump in a way not too different from toilet paper. A counter of lives the dragon currently had ticked down from 2 to 1, eventually slipping off of the back of her sole, and smelling a lot like kangaroo feet. The dragon would’ve never felt happier to be alone again.

Eventually, the dragon would finally pop back into his more usual shape, with his dragonfly friend buzzing around his head once he woke back up. “Jeez, I don’t know why Sheila would ever act up like that, but now I know tangling with her is a pretty bad idea. How far did she take me, anyway?” He’d question, petting Sparx’s back with a claw to thank him for rejuvenating him. Glancing around, Spyro would find that the kangaroo managed to carry him all the way over to Evening Lake somehow. Far, far away from dragon shores… After being beneath kangaroo feet for so long, he could probably use a little bath, even Sparx seeming a little twitch from his scent. The dragon quickly dashes down into the lake, swimming around and already feeling considerably more clean after the last incident. “Phew, that’s way better…” Spyro said to himself after coming up for air. At the same time, he’d notice a familiar face walking through the land, almost seeming like she was looking for something…

It was Bianca, one of Spyro’s more recent friends. She was formerly an assistant to the Sorceress herself, before she turned a new leaf all of a sudden and turned against her. Quickly, the dragon would leap out of the water and rush up to her, having at least a hundred questions bouncing around in his mind after the last incident with Sheila. “Hey, Bianca! Bianca!” He’d call out, approaching the rabbit girl with quite a bit of eagerness in his eyes… At least until the bunny’s hand would swing out, creating a forcefield right in front of the rushing dragon’s face and having him smack right up against it, falling backwards. “Gah! H-Hey, what was that for? Did everyone just suddenly decide to start acting like a dick today?” The dragon mutters, rubbing his head as he looks back up at the rabbit girl. She also seemed to be rather irritated with Spyro, spinning her wand around in her hand. “Oh, if it isn’t you! I figured you’d be around here. I’ve been looking all over the place, especially after I sent out Sheila to do a little searching.” She explained, tapping her wand against her arm now as the dragon scrapes up some dirt from the ground in anger.

“What’s that supposed to mean? You put some sort of brainwashing spell on my friend to make her use me as some footrag?” Spyro growled, prepped to burn her orange tunic and purple cloak straight off of her. Bianca simply rolled her eyes with a sigh, figuring that’d be the first thing the dragon asks. “Well, ‘brainwashing’ is a bit of a harsh term. I only wanted her to feel the same way about you as I did. You know, going around and telling everybody about how great you are, completely disregarding everything everybody else has helped you with to get there… Admit it, if it wasn’t for me, you’d barely even be able to approach the Sorceress.” Bianca monologued, only seeming to fire up the little dragon even more. “Oh, great. Now you want some kind of reward, after I already helped fry the Sorceress’s fat ass for you. You would’ve been stuck working under her still if it wasn’t for me.” Spyro argued, smoke beginning to billow from his muzzle. Bianca simply laughed a bit from that, narrowing her eyes at the small, frustrated savior of the Forgotten Realms. “You really think so, dragon? Last time I checked, the Sorceress didn’t know this spell.” Before the dragon could react or dive out of the way, the former apprentice smacked her wand down against his head, a sort of magical dust spilling out of the tip onto him.

“What kinda spell is that, are you trying to- haaaah?” With every step the dragon took towards the rabbit from that point forward, he stiffened up more and more. His mouth was frozen open a little bit by the end of it, leaving him standing there a little bit like a statue. Try as he might, he couldn’t budge at all. Bianca smirked, beginning to approach Spyro as he stood in place. “If you think that’s bad, you should see the reason why I decided to freeze you in the first place.” She mused, bending over to lift him up off of the ground. “Haaah, haah!” The dragon huffed, unable to do much else as he stared into the rabbit’s eyes. Her stomach gave off a low rumble, as she licked her lips. “Figured it’d be a lot easier to eat you this way and finish you off for good. Can’t use those horns or start any fires when you’re a statue, right? I figured you dragons would have a bit of experience when it comes to being statues.” She taunted, dangling him over her gaping maw by the tail. The dragon was already sweating, despite being unable to flail around at all. And then, she stuffed him in, slurping over his horns and muzzles as he quickly slides down into her gullet.

Spyro would drop down into the rabbit’s maw at an accelerated pace due to his inability to fight back, sliding right through her throat as a uniform bulge. Even his tail was quite stiff, as it was eventually let go in order to let him slide all the way down. To say the dragon was embarrassed was an understatement, dragons and rabbits belonging on polar opposite ends of the food chain. And now, here he was, squeezing down into some bunny’s stomach as she massages his body from the outside. “Haaaah…” He’d grunt, the only thing he could really say in such a paralyzed state as his muzzle pushes down into the gut, opening up around the dragon to take him in. It wouldn’t be long until he’s splashing down into the digestive fluids below, stretching out the hungry rabbit’s stomach. Bianca belches, crossing her legs to sit down on the pleasant grass of the area, massaging her stomach with both hands as the dragon’s tail slips down into the digestive chamber with the rest of him. “There we go… Don’t think I’m letting you go to fight around in there. I’d make you regret it if you dare try to breathe fire down there.” She mused, kneading against the dragon’s body with both hands down there. Digestive acids were spilling out from all ends, Spyro powerless to stop them or do anything as her rests upside down in the digestive chamber.

“Serves you right, honestly. I should’ve done this before you even toasted the Sorceress, to prove my superiority over such hot-headed dragons.” Bianca mused, bringing a paw to her mouth. *Hurrrrp…* Things were getting rather sloshy and loud within her stomach, the dragon she ate desperately trying to break free of her paralysis spell, but to little avail. To the bunny, it wouldn’t be much different in comparison to digesting something as simple as a sandwich. Spyro had nothing on her, and she knew it. “Let me tell you, you’re bound to make my ass look pretty cute. Way better than ending up as some sort of footrag, at least? Probably stings a little more down there, though.” And sure enough, it did. The digestive juices were really getting to the dragon now, sweating profusely as everything slowly and tightly squishes in on him. The stomach around him was trying to round out… And soon, it would get exactly what it wanted, the digestive juices flooding the poor powerless dragon as her stomach roars to life. “Aaaaah~ That’s more like it.” The rabbit teased, her stomach quickly and violently melting at the dragon. Her teasing was quite quiet compared to the digestive churning of her gut, working the dragon down to nothing but fat.

Once again, Sparx was nowhere to be seen, as the rabbit girl digests the dragon like the food he had become. She flicked her wand down at her stomach, speeding up the process as much as she possibly could in order to attain that fat she’d devoured the dragon for in the first place. “Come on now, don’t waste my time…” She mutters, her stomach roaring to life from the magic as it properly mulches up whatever else was left of the dragon by that point. Gradually, she’d feel her hips and stomach increasing in size, getting her wish as the nutritious soup of the former hero is added onto her body. She’d go up one dress size by the end of it all, feeling something in her stomach disagreeing with her as she suddenly opens her maw again. “I guess that means you’re- *UrrraaaaaAAaAPP!!* ...finished in me.” The belch would carry with it a couple horns that the dragon once had, leaving the rabbit with a devilish grin. Confident and full of whatever else was left of Spyro at that point, she took her leave, her body sloshing around with dragon with every step she took. The lives counter ticked down from 1 to read 0. Spyro was truly on his last legs, now.

Several hours pass, and the dragon would soon find his eyes opening as he lies on the ground of Midnight Mountain. The trippy, space-like landscape was a far cry from the lake he was just at before. Spyro was now more jittery than ever before, twitching a little bit after the events that took place prior. Sparx was back on his leg, likely the reason he was even conscious again. On the bright side, whatever happened to him last gave him the ability to move around again, chasing his own tail in a fit of joy. “Ah man, I can’t believe I keep getting my tail handed to me like that.” The dragon huffs to himself, clearly knocked down a peg or two by now. “I really gotta be careful from here on out, Sparx. I don’t know how Bianca keeps getting the upper hand like that, but she can’t keep that up forever, right? I’ll just torch that wand out of her hands, and it’ll be as easy as that.” His eyes are naturally drawn to the castle resting as the centerpiece of Midnight Mountain, holding the throne room of the Sorceress. If there was anywhere Bianca would be off hiding in, it would probably be there. The dragon had to finish this, once and for all. “Come on, Sparx. Let’s fry a rabbit.” He’d simply suggest, lacking his typical charisma as he pads on towards the entryway to the castle.

The area didn’t feel nearly as threatening without the Sorceress around anymore, but the risk of Bianca jumping out at him any minute kept Spyro on his toes. He’d walk through the castle as normal, a narrow hallway leading into a barren throne room where the original scourge of the Forgotten Realms once sat. The sight of it gave the dragon at least a fleeting sense of pride, knowing that if he can take down someone that strong, then some rabbit shouldn’t even be a threat. “Come on, I know she has to be around here somewhere…” He mutters, nosing along the ground in search of the rabbit. Suddenly, the dragon’s head perks up as he hears a loud flushing noise roar through the castle. Then, a door opening, as a pair of footsteps approach the throne room. The rabbit he was looking for stepped back into the same room he was in, with a light sigh. “Ah… Now that the dragon is taken care of, I can…” Her eyes suddenly meet the dragon’s staring back at each other as if they’ve both seen a ghost. “Wait a minute… Didn’t I just…?” She turned her head back into the room she just walked out of, before shaking her head. “No matter. If I can finish you off for good once, I can surely finish you off for good once again.” The rabbit taps her foot, as the dragon takes a ready stance, already sweating a little bit. “B-bring it on!”

The dragon started by charging forward in a mad dash, pointing his head towards the rabbit’s feet in an attempt to ram her into the ground. All of a sudden, he was cut off halfway as a pair of feet smack into his side, sending him sliding back across the tiled flooring in pain. “Crap! What the hell was…? Uh oh.” His eyes re-adjust to see that not only was Bianca in the throne room with him, but Sheila was also back there, looking down at Spyro. “Sorry for bein’ a little late, mate. Hope you didn’t end up missing me too much.” The kangaroo smirked, glancing back at Bianca. “Well, what are we gonna do with him, now?” Wondering the exact same thing, the rabbit began to approach the dragon on the floor, Sheila placing a foot on his chest to keep him from getting back up as they ponder. “Nnnngah! Once I get out from under here, you’ll b-both be burned to a crisp!” He threatens, scrambling around as pufts of fire shoot out from his nose, too far away to really reach either of the girls. Bianca continued to think. “Hmmmm… I don’t think paralysis would be as fun this time. I want to win this fair and square. Do you have any ideas, Sheila?” She questioned, watching the roo’s toes raise and lower over the struggling dragon. “Ya know, seeing him squirm around down there makes me think that…” The kangaroo trailed off, suddenly feeling pressure in her lower body.

“Nnnf, ‘scuse me for a second…” She blushed, lifting her tail out of the way and lifting her tail towards the dragon. All of a sudden, a violent eruption of gas would spray out of her back end. *PfffFfFrRrrrRRRttTT--!!* Sheila would sigh, the pressure having been building up inside of her for a while. Immediately, the gas would go alight due to the constant fire spraying from the agitated dragon’s face, turning the kangaroo’s back end into something more akin to a flamethrower pointed straight at the dragon himself. *FWOOOOMPHH!!* Spyro yells out in pain as his own flames are blasted right back at him, leaving him blinking by the end of it, charred a cartoonish shade of black. Bianca blinked a couple times in response from it all, the dragon having stopped struggling for at least a moment, as the rabbit grins. “Sheila, you’re more of a genius than I give you credit for.” Bianca laughed, prodding a foot at the scorched-yet-very-upset dragon down below. The rabbit was already fiddling around with her magic wand again, tapping it onto Sheila’s stomach a couple times. “Alright, then. Do more of that to him. A lot more of that.” The kangaroo felt her insides raging up once more, now glancing down at the dragon with a light giggle. “You don’t need to tell me twice, mate.” Spyro would whimper as he watched the roo’s ass drop down upon his muzzle, smothering him in bottomheaviness. And then, pressing down on her gut again, her insides would churn enough to truly give the dragon some hell. He always hated awful scents.

A volcanic eruption’s worth of wet flatulence would blast over the poor dragon’s face, over and over again as the kangaroo massages her stomach. *FlRrRrbBrRrRtt!!* The supply of potent, wet farts spewing out of Sheila seemed to be practically endless thanks to whatever spell Bianca previously put on her, the roo beginning to tuck her tail behind Spyro’s head to smother his muzzle further up her asshole. Spyro coughed and gagged, violently kicking his legs as he was forced to choke down every last blast against his form. Sheila grunted every time from the strain it put on her, followed by heavy sighs. Her ass almost seemed to quake against his face every few seconds, the air quality of the throne room drastically decreasing every single time. Bianca watched the whole scene going by with a smirk, the heroic dragon being put in his place by nothing but a bunch of kangaroo gas. The rabbit soon decided that she wanted in on it. Her wand tapped her own stomach a few times in the same way, soon feeling the same urge that she wished upon Sheila. “I’m tagging in. You should know where to stuff him.” The rabbit teased, lifting up her skirt to reveal the new layer of ass the last experience put onto her. Cutting herself off in the middle of a particularly wet one, Sheila’s tail would wrap around Spyro’s body and yank him out from under there.

Spyro would inhale heavily, getting the first breath of clean-ish air in a while as he glances back around the throne room. The only real thing he would see is his dragonfly buddy twitching and convulsing on the ground from the fumes, before getting a faceful of cream bunny butt. The small, fluffy tail would give a flick, before the dragon’s face was stuffed right down into it. “Wait, no, hold on a seco-!!” *BllRrRrRpPppPttT!!* Spyro’s muzzle would hardly get a break before a heavy, bubbly fart would blast straight down it, making her hole stretch a little and causing the dragon to temporarily go limp. “Typical, can hardly take a beating where I don’t even need to use my fists.” She taunts, raising her leg a little bit to force more gas into the poor dragon, his senses most likely overwhelmed by all the stink by now. The more gas Bianca passed, the more horrendous and potent it was getting, the weakly struggling dragon still taking it all at point blank. His head would look like it was slicked with grease by the time she was done with him, the humidity constantly blasting against his face leaving him rather wet as it all clinged to his face. Bianca gave a heavy sigh after the last one, letting the dragon drop out of her ass and onto the floor. “Looks like that mostly got him… But to make sure, I’m going to need your help.” She smirked, looking over to Sheila.

Weakly coming back to his senses, on the brink of unconsciousness, the dragon would see a few things. First, a stink so heavy and vile that it seemed to hang in the air with a dark hay-like color. Second, a huge kangaroo ass nuzzling up to the left of his muzzle. And third, a smaller but still prominent rabbit butt nuzzling up from his right. “W-wait, no… Plea-” The dragon wouldn’t be conscious enough in order to know what happened fouth. *FlrRbRbRbRRRTTCHHH-!!!* A constant roar of flatulence began to spray from both holes with the force of a boat’s motor, both repugnant but unique scents mixing in the air right at Spyro’s muzzle. He went completely unconscious on the spot, or perhaps a little more than that, taking in the horrid scents as the two ladies ripped ass on his face. The constant fumes billowing from the both of them would hardly cut out or falter at all, but occasionally either one of them would attempt to show up against the other by intensifying everything. Bending over a little more, giving their stomach a squeeze, anything that will overpower the other girl. “Nnngnhhhh… This isn’t a game, Sheila.” Bianca would laugh, betraying her own standards by playing along. By the time the pair of them cut off again, signaling the end of the spell, there was a heavy mist that made itself present in the throne room.

The two finally lifted themselves off of Spyro to check the damages, occasionally fanning the air in front of them or coughing from the heavy reek the two of them put in there. They would see that the poor dragon had gone completely stiff and cross-eyed, almost as if she managed to cast another petrification spell on him, but had no recollection of doing something of the sort. As it stands, the horrendous scent-related torture seemed to seriously finish the dragon off. Bianca gagged, casting a wind spell to blast the heinous odor away from the two of them. “Yeesh… I can’t thank you enough, Sheila. That dumb dragon would’ve hardly seen any of this coming, and I partially owe it all to you.” She said, breaking the silence as she lifted up the stiff dragon by his tail. “Aw, you don’t owe me a thing, mate. I just had a lot of fun with it.” She laughed, making it increasingly unclear if Bianca would ever decide to return the kangaroo to normal. After all, it was quite fun to have bottom-heavy kangaroo on her side like that. The rabbit waved her hand in front of Spyro’s eyes, still completely cross-eyes. “Well, we completely broke him, as it stands. Might as well toss him out.” In the back of the castle was a trash receptacle Bianca and the Sorceress used to use to keep the castle looking tidy. Now, she’d continue the tradition by taking out the trash, tossing the former dragon into the trash and clearing off her hands. “Perhaps now you can let the real heroes shine, Spyro?” Bianca taunted, shutting the lid of the thing again. GAME OVER.