The Prince and his Predator.

She said her name was Sierra, like the desert in Saddle Arabia. Twelve feet of gorgeous black scales. Wings large enough to provide shade for six ponies. Her neck was sinuous and powerful, her tail just as majestic. All four of her paws ended in razor sharp claws that she could use with the delicate precision of acupuncture needles. And I was absolutely in love. Many ponies would scoff at the idea. “A prince in love with a dragon? Please.” It was the truth. From the moment I saw her, I wanted to be with her. To spend my days under the same sun. To walk the same ground. To be in her.

Sierra’s only interest in me was who I was. As a prince, I had political clout to get her into Equestrian cities. I had the resources to collect gem stones for her hoard. I also had personal access to all of the libraries in all of Equestria, ranging from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire, as well as other outlying nations. I first met Sierra on an official “Royal Trip” to discuss a further trade agreement between the Crystal Empire, with my cousin Flurry Heart, and Ponyville, and my mother Twilight Sparkle. I knew it was sort of pointless to do this, simply because Flurry adored my mother.

Either way, it had to happen. Would have been better if the train ride wasn’t so damn boring. Mother had told me to bring a book to read, since I’d be on the train alone. I hadn’t listened. I’d figured I’d see more interesting things on the train ride. Stupid me. Sighing, I dozed in my seat as the bland white landscape zipped by. I could see mountains in the distance, but they were so far off there was nothing interesting.

Seconds before I passed out, the train screeched and lurched to a stop, spilling me and other passengers from our seats. Something was wrong. Standing up, I made my way to the front car, jumping up on the coal car and stopping. Sitting on the track, directly in front of us, staring at us, was Sierra. I hadn’t known her name at the time, but for the sake of convenience, and propriety, we’ll use her name. She was staring straight at the train, a slightly cross look on her face, like we’d blocked off a gem deposit she wanted by building the train track over the top of it.

My left eye flashed, magic streaming from it like flame, as I scanned the ground. Nothing. For about two hundred feet, it was just solid rock. So what could she want? The conductor attempted to approach, but a scathing look and a blast of smoke from her nostrils and he scurried back onto the train. I jumped down, shivering as the snow squelched between my paw pads, and approached the dragon. “We request passage into the Crystal Empire, fair dragon.” I said and she stared down at me.

“Propriety from a wolf? Surprising.” She said as she stared at me before looking to the train car. “You have gems on one of the cargo cars. Give them to me.” She said and I shook my head.

“No can do. They are gifts for the Crystal Empire and Princess Flurry Heart, my cousin.” I said and she tilted her head, gazing at me from one massive blue-green eye.

“Your cousin? You are related to the she-devil that refuses me gems?” She asked and I blinked. Flurry, a she-devil? She could be evil, yeah, but refusing gems to a creature that needs them for sustenance?

“If you allow the train to pass, I will go with you to the Crystal Empire and discuss with my cousin about the gems.” He said and she looked passed me at the train.

“Very well. Your train my go by, but you are coming with me.” She said and I nodded, expecting her to pick me up in one of her claws. Seeing her shadow come over me, I glanced up and felt my heart beat quicken and my blood begin to boil as she lunged down on me, snapping me up and pressing me against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. I heard the protests of several of the passengers as she took to the air, their voices going quiet as we flew into the distance. There wasn’t much farther to go before we got to the castle. This was going to be interesting.

The thump of her landing at the base of the castle rattled me a little. Hearing the clink of spears leveling at her, I hoped they wouldn’t over react as I felt gravity suddenly shift sideways. Her mouth opened and I dropped out, landing on my butt and staring around at them. Standing near the guards was Auntie Cadance, Uncle Shining and Flurry.

“Artemis?” Flurry asked, looking from the dragon to me, dripping with dragon saliva. “Did you... did you come here by getting eaten?”

“Well... I was going to arrive by train... but my... other transport here has something she wishes for me to discuss with you.” I said as I stood up and shook her drool from my fur.

“Oh?” Cadance asked, approaching me and lighting her horn, the drool still clinging to me evaporating into smoke before dissipating. “And what might that be?” She asked, looking up at the dragon.

“There seems to be a lack of readily available gems for her to eat.” I said, glancing at Flurry, who seemed to shrink a little under my gaze.

“Your little wretch is refusing me access to the mines to get my food.” The dragon said and Flurry flinched, barely away of the razor sharp claw inches from her head.

“Please, Great Dragon, I’m sure my daughter doesn’t have any knowledge of what’s happening at the mines.” Cadance said and the dragon stared down at her.

“Does she look like she doesn’t know?” the dragon snapped and Flurry seemed to shrink more.

“Flurry.” I said and she looked up at me. “What’s going on?”

“I didn’t know a dragon had claimed the mines...” She said and Cadance sighed.

“You do now, you little wretch.” The dragon snapped, leaning over and staring at Flurry. “I should devour you for this slight.”

“You’ll do no such thing.” Shining said as he stepped up. I interposed myself between the two of them.

“Uncle shining... don’t do something stupid. She’s much bigger than Spike. I don’t think even my claws could scratch her hide.” The dragon rose back up, still staring at Flurry. “Fair dragon, I’m sure Flurry didn’t mean to block your access.” I said and the dragon turned her glare at me.

“I demand compensation for this slight.” She snapped and Cadance looked around for something to appease the dragon. “I choose him.” The dragon said, pointing at me. I stared at her claw for a moment then looked at my aunt and uncle. They were stunned, unsure of what to do. Flurry, for her part, looked panicked. I was her favorite cousin after all.

“Pardon, but... what do you mean?” Cadance asked and the Dragon reached down and lifted me in her claw.

“I mean, I chose him as my compensation. He will belong to me until I tire of him.” She said and Cadance blinked, looking around, somewhat panicked.

“Then what?” I ask and the dragon looks down at me.

“Then we shall see. Inform your sister that her son is the compensation for allowing the trains to pass.” The dragon said, taking to the air. Her claws transferred me to her palm where I was squashed against soft, supple skin as we flew. I couldn’t see a thing clutched in her grip as we traveled, but I knew we were going away from the Crystal Empire. It swiftly grew colder. I wasn’t sure if she could feel me shivering in her palm because her grip tightened, likely to attempt to warm me.

We finally stopped a few moments later and she set me on the ground. Almost immediately, I was shivering again. This cave was freezing . Lighting my left eye, I used my magic to wrap myself in a Cloak of Warmth. Unlike a Cloak of Fire, which would be used for combat, a Cloak of Warmth merely kept the cold away. She looked over at me at the door before walking over to a pile of gold bits at the back of the cave and laying down. She’d had to drop to all fours in the cave, transferring seamlessly to walk like a pony or wolf. I stared at her for a moment, my eyes traveling over her.

“Are you coming over to tend you mistress?” She asked and I looked to her face. She was watching me expectantly.

“To be blunt... I’ve never done something like this.” I said and she sighed and beckoned me over with a claw. I approached her and she pulled me to her chest, rolling onto her back and placing me on top of her.

“Massage. Push hard or you won’t get through my scales.” She said and I obeyed. I had to enhance my strength with a bit of magic, but I could feel the muscles under my paws softening. She reclined back as I worked, moving down and continuing my massage. Up until I felt my rear let paw slip into a warm, wet crevice. Extricating my paw, I looked back and blushed. “Continue pet.” She said and I looked up at her. She was still staring at the ceiling. Did she expect me to massage there too? She looked down at me. “I said continue.”

“It’s just... if I go any further down I’ll be...”

“At my cunt. So what? Continue.” She said and I swallowed slightly, turning around and staring at her slit. It opened and closed at regular intervals, as if it were breathing. The smell was intoxicating. I had to do my job though. Nothing more and nothing less. Moving my paws to either side of her opening, I massaged her hidden labia slowly. My claws dug in ever so slightly, simply so I wouldn’t slip. When I was practically directly over it, she tilted slightly, just a little, and my left foreleg slipped into her to the shoulder. I didn’t move. I couldn’t, since she’d immediately clenched around my leg.

Looking back at her, I saw her watching me. She didn’t say a word, simply watched. Did she expect me to balk? Did she expect something to happen that would get me in trouble? I didn’t know what to do. Turning back to stare at her slit, engulfing my foreleg, and closed my eyes. Words of advice from all of my aunts, from Celestia to Cadance flooded my mind. “Do nothing to anger a dragon.” “Never deny a dragon their wishes.” “Dragons will take what they want, so if they offer something, accept it gratefully.” Opening my eyes, I looked up at her and stared straight at her. Her eyebrow was still quirked.

“May I have your name, Mistress?” I asked and she blinked and grinned, revealing razor sharp teeth made for ripping flesh from bone.

“My name is Sierra.” She said and I nodded before spreading her open with my forepaws and pushing my head into her waiting slit. I heard her gasp all around me as I licked and nipped, teasing inside her. I was about twenty percent sure she was ready to let me up when suddenly I felt a pressure on my rump. I couldn’t look behind me until she pushed. Her folds opened as I slipped inside, my rear paws still outside of her as she pulsated around me. She gripped my rear legs lightly and pumped me in and out of her. My mind boggled. She was masturbating, using me as a dildo. I was pretty sure she’d had much bigger inside her before, so the clench in her folds squeezed so tightly I could feel the bones in my body creaking and popping.

If she wasn’t careful, she’d break me. Then, suddenly, I was pulled free of her. She still had a grip on me. I panted as she moved me through the air. I wasn’t sure where I was going next. Looking straight down, I figured it out. Her mouth opened below me and she dropped me straight into the back of her throat, swallowing hard. I felt her throat constrict around me as I was slowly pushed through the long tube of flesh. Moments later, the tube deposited me into an empty sack with another opening at the other end. I wasn’t necessarily worried. I could teleport to safety if needed. I heard he belch around me and felt her rubbing her stomach.

My knowledge of dragon anatomy came into play as she rubbed. Most dragons had three stomachs. A crop, for storing food for winter, their stomach, for digestion, and a flight bladder. The flight bladder apparently filled with heated air to keep them aloft when they were flying. Many books assumed dragons also had two different sets of lungs. I didn’t know if that was right or not. After all, what dragon is going to suck someone into their lung for examination? I looked around myself, staring around the apparent crop as I felt her lay down. Suddenly, my space was much tighter. All of this, from the apparent kidnapping to me discovering my... enjoyment... happened two years ago.

We did eventually return to Ponyville, Sierra introducing herself to my mother as my new assistant. Spike just smiled at the fact that there was another dragon, let alone an adult female, he could talk to about flying, breathing fire and other dragon things. It only took about a week for mom to find out why Sierra had come back with me. Everyone else in Ponyville accepted her immediately as my assistant. Pinkie was the first one to really find out why Sierra stayed with me. She wasn’t exactly subtle about it either.

“You’re his lover, huh?” Pinkie asked just as bluntly as to be expected of the Element of Laughter. Sierra stared at Pinkie for a moment before nodding. Mom and the others thought Pinkie and Sierra were just joking. Rainbow and Applejack, at the same time, discovered how true it was. When they found Sierra passed out in AJ’s barn, my tail sticking out of her slit. They apparently just went quiet, turned around and walked away. Rarity eventually just asked , Sierra telling her the honest truth. Mom still didn’t want to believe it, despite Applejack telling her.

She eventually believed it when she was visiting Fluttershy. Sierra and I had been camping for the week, the Everfree perfectly safe for both of us due to Sierra being, you know, a fully grown dragon. Fluttershy was often visiting us in our camp site, bringing us food, such as gems and meat. It still made me wonder how ok she was with the fact that my dad and I ate meat. Applejack visited one evening with Fluttershy, mostly to check on me, and the two of them arrived just as Sierra tossed back her head, my legs disappearing down her throat. The two of them froze, Applejack watching the bulge I made in Sierra’s throat disappear into her crop.

I didn’t hear the exchange, but from what Sierra told me, Applejack and her came to an arrangement. She wouldn’t explain what said arrangement was, but she did inform me that, at least once a week, she’d be at Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow apparently stood frozen, her wings stiff at her sides. Fluttershy, for her part, wanted Sierra and I to visit often, simply so she could get over her fear of adult dragons. I wasn’t sure how she’d do that, but as long as Fluttershy would soon be ok with Sierra, I was happy. The mare that took the longest to become used to my relationship with Sierra was Rarity, who had interposed herself into my life as my aunt.

Overly protective, she frequently voiced her dislike of how much time I spent in Sierra’s stomach. I never let it bother me. After all, Sierra wasn’t merely a predator who ate me on a regular basis. She was my lover and my partner. Much like how Spike was mom’s assistant, Sierra doubled as mine, though she was too large, much too large, to fit in the castle. It did, eventually, get to the point where I threatened to cut Rarity out of my life. She constantly sneered when Sierra’s name was mentioned. Up until I threatened to cease considering her family. Before Sierra, she was one of my favorite three aunts. Cadance, Rarity and Rainbow. After Sierra, my favorite aunts were Cadance, Rainbow and Pinkie.

Eventually, at Sierra’s insistence, I gave Rarity a way of getting back into my good graces. She had to let Sierra eat her and hold her for three hours. Three hours was enough to ruin her fur but not cause permanent harm. That was two days ago and she had yet to take me up on it. That didn’t mean she was getting further and further away. That just meant that she had yet to get back into my good graces.

One month later, Rarity is sitting on the floor of my new house, Sierra curled up behind the couch. The reasons this screamed odd was because of the situation. Rarity never sat on the floor, anywhere. Even when she was outside, she had a cushion or something readily available for teleport so she could sit on it. I knew she didn’t like Sierra, yet she was sitting there, waiting for Sierra to do something. I could almost guess what Sierra had planned, but I dare not say anything.

Sitting next to Sierra was mom. She’d accepted Sierra so readily, I almost thought that maybe she’d planned on me meeting the dragon from the beginning. Rarity stared at Twilight for a minute before sucking in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and looking up at Sierra. I followed her gaze and Sierra looked down at Mom. Twilight nodded and Sierra turned and looked at Rarity before leaning down and engulfing Rarity in her mouth in one snap. I heard Rarity’s shriek of surprise, followed by the highly audible groan as she was pushed through Sierra’s wet esophagus and into her crop.

Understandably, mom winced as Rarity was deposited in Sierra’s crop, her stomach bulging out as if she’d just had a very large meal. For Sierra’s part, she did let out a heart belch, which was answered by Rarity thumping one of her hooves against Sierra’s crop. I smirked a little, simply because I knew Rarity would react that way.

“She’ll be ok, right?” Mom asked and Sierra nodded.

“Of course. She’s in my crop, Princess. Not my stomach. I can’t digest things in my crop, nor can I transfer things from my crop to my stomach.” She said and Mom nodded slowly, staring at Sierra’s stomach. “Would you like to join her?” Sierra asked and Mom blinked and blushed.

“ no thank you.” Mom said and Sierra smiled.

“Suit yourself princess.” Sierra said as I used my magic to teleport up onto Sierra’s shoulder. She smiled as she lowered herself slightly, resting on her stomach. We could all barely hear Rarity’s protests about being squashed, but it wasn’t like she was in any danger. Merely slimy and uncomfortable. “The tree hours starts now. I’m being generous by not moving her to my stomach as was agreed.” Sierra said and Mom nodded, thankful of that at least.

In the interim three hours, Sierra had rolled onto her side, no longer squashing Rarity, and I was curled up between her forelegs, perfectly content to stay there. Unless she wanted me elsewhere, which, for the moment, she seemed content right where I was. Mom, for her part, had remained the entire three hours, frequently glancing over to check on Rarity’s progress. The bulge had never moved. Sierra was keeping her promise, just like I knew she would. When the timer Mom had conjured dinged, Sierra stood up and leaned over, the bulge of Rarity moving up her throat to land on the floor with a wet plop . Immediately, once free, Rarity raced into the bathroom to shower.

Safe, yes, clean, no. As soon as Rarity was in the bathroom, Mom stood up and walked out of the house. About an hour later, Rarity walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She didn’t say a word, merely finished drying and hung the towel on the back of the couch before walking out of the house. Then it was just Sierra and me. I smiled at her, opening my mouth to say something when her jaws clamped down around me and she sent me into her crop. Bed time then. Sighing, with a smile on my face, I curled up in her crop as I felt her curl up around me.