The world of Pokémon had taken a serious case of evolution since the last we ever heard of it! During The year of XXXX suddenly Pokémon began evolving to become more human like! To the point in which they began to talk and communicate with trainers and each other by just talking! While startling at first it was soon brought under control and new bonds between humans and the new Pokémon were created!

(Though “bonds” is to put it lightly)

Natasja ! You promised that you wouldn’t do anything extreme or too physical while I was preparing lunch for us!” A feminine voice yelled within the Veridian Forest.

“But this isn’t too physical, so I still did keep my promise!~” A voice answered back.

This is an example of such a bond that formed to an increasingly popular level. Meet Natasja Smith. An 18-year-old Pokémon trainer who was raised in the Unova region and right now on a vacation journey with her anthro Pokémon Seras . Natasha looked just like any other trainer her age. She was average height, around 5’6, and had a tan skin complexion with brown bushy hair that reached her shoulders. On the tips of her hair was dyed green to match the same color as her partner Seras . Her big blue eyes had only made her overall cute and adventurous personality even more so. And the green sundress that she had on made her look even more adorable. Though there was one aspect about Natasja that made her unique.

“Either way please get down from up there! What would happen to the baby if you were to fall!” Seras reasoned further with her human trainer.

That's right. Natasja is pregnant. But not pregnant with a regular human baby. No, she was pregnant with a Poké egg. The advancement of anthro Pokémon had come along so far that now female trainers as well as any human women were now able to become incubators for Poké eggs. Apparently, research has shown that Pokémon hatched from being inside a human incubator are more powerful and have higher chances of becoming shinys ! But even then Natasja was different as she was treating her egg as an actual baby. Within Natasja’s womb the Poké egg was attached to her via umbilical cord. The Poké egg itself was taking in nutrients from Natasja like a human baby. Maybe that would also explain why her body has  begundeveloping from small and curvy to plump and motherly figure. But that seems to have not stopped her adventurous nature as she was standing on top of a branch almost 20 feet into the air.

“Ok Seras ! I’m coming!” Natasja yelled as she began hoping from branch to branch within the tree with some unnatural grace with her, not that it lightened up Seras ’ worry for her. It wasn’t until she reached the ground and shake away the leaves that clinged to her dress that Seras was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hehe. Does my big and beautiful garden snake have any others worries that she would like to tell us?” Natasja asked playfully as she looked to Seras .

“I pray that our child does not take after her mother when she is born.” Seras groaned as she slithered over to check on both Natasja and the baby. Seras was originally a simple but rare female Serperior before the evolution had taken place, but now her form is much more than that as it resembles one of the mythological creatures that were known as nagas or lamia. While her facial features and colors matched that of her regular species, her body structure was significantly different. Seras was 20 feet long head to tail. And while a good 14 foot of that was just tail, the rest of her resembled that of a human body! Below her neck (which was about a foot long) breasts measuring up to what humans would consider an G cup were exposed like two white luscious orbs. (Note : some anthro  Pokémon such as serperiors have been able hide their nipples between their skins and will only pop out when hormones become intense.) A waist was next that seemed to curve inwards like some humans and help with her hourglass figure because of the wide hips she had along with her large butt as well. Between the sections of where her human half and lower serpent half was leaf patch that covered her vagina. Finally, she had green arms and hands that were like humans but only slightly thinner than the average person.

After thoroughly making sure that both her trainer and baby had no physical injuries, she again breathed a sigh of relief before looking back to Natasja smirking.

“Why did I fall in love with a crazy woman like you again?” Seras pouted as she put her hands on her hips and slouched a little.

“Because I am amazing women and wife.~” Natasja proudly stated as she put her hands behind her back and puffed out her chest.

“Wife yes. But you might want to switch the amazing to exasperating or tiresome dear.~” Seras teased. Natasja seemed to take offense to that as she pouted adorably.

“ Oh, very funny. Well I hope that our little snivy won’t be such a worry snake as her papa!” Natasja said as she crossed her arms and turned her head away from her wife making Seras giggle at her childish action. And it wasn’t long until Natasja gave in as well and giggled gently as well. These two have been together since when Natasja started her journey at 10 years old and have been through thick and thin together. Though they argue and butt heads like all close partners do, the bond these two shares are one of the most precious things in the world.

“Now that you had your fun, I do believe it's time to have lunch.” Seras reminded Natasja who nodded. They were resting in a clearing of the forest where they luckily found a bench with a table and enjoying the scenery as they ate. The sounds of the leaves blowing and Pokémon adding to the beauty of the area. And while Natasja was devouring her food, just a simple snack of a few sandwiches and donuts Seras was keeping an eye for anyone or Pokémon that might get too close.

“You know you don’t have to be so on guard Seras . It’s just you, me, and the baby out here.” Natasja tried to say as she was stuffing her mouth.

“ Yes, but that is exactly the reason as to why I have to be on guard. This is our first baby which I need to be--”


“Protective. I just don’t want anything to happen to either of you. Especially the baby. Which is why you shouldn’t be climbing trees.” Seras reasoned further . Natasja sighed as she finished off her last jelly filled donut before getting up and waddling over next to  Seras  .

“I know you’re just doing what comes naturally to you…” Natasja began as she sat down next to Seras and leaned in.

“Protecting both your wife and soon to be child. But I don’t believe that it is very healthy of you to always be worrying like this. Even when we were in Pewter city you wouldn’t relax even after we fell asleep.” Seras ’ expression saddened after remembering that. She can agree with Natasja that she has been more on edge than she normally is.

“How about I make you a promise? I promise from now on that I won’t try to do anything that would endanger both me and our child?” Natasja offered to which Seras raised an eyebrow.

“You promise to actually not do anything that would not include jumping from high places, swing on vines, and jump in front of agitated dragonites ?”

“ Oh, come on! We both know I matured from that last one a long time ago!”  Natasja  protested.

“It was last month.”

There was a moment of silence before they both burst into another fit of giggles and laughter. The trainer and her partner both knew each other too well enough it would seem. After laughing for a few the two agreed to what Natasja promised before making their way back onto their journey. And while Seras did relax a little more, just to casually look around to see if anyone or Pokémon does approach them, she was mostly surprised by how calm Natasja was being. She wasn’t jumping around, running, or even wandering. She was acting like how a normal pregnant woman is supposed to be!

“How do you think my parents will react to finding out that their daughter is pregnant?”  Natasja  asked.

“Probably just like how Cynthia reacted to it.”

“You and I both know she overreacts to everything. But fainting after finding out that I was pregnant is uncalled for.”

“To be fair honey you’re most certainly not the type of girl who would settle down unless something troublesome happened to you.”

“Did someone say troublesome?~” A new voice asked.

The two stopped moving when they heard this, and while Natasja could only sigh in disappointment, Seras hissed in annoyance. From the shadows four figures jumped out and stood a few feet away from them and posing dramatically. Two of the figures looked to be human like Natasja . They were both females, looked slightly older than her and wearing matching black uniforms consisting of a long sleeve dress, thigh length skirt, gray colored boots and gloves, and a cap. A red “R” was placed on the middle of their chests but was bulged out thanks to the size of their busts. The only way you could tell these two apart were their hair colors with one being short and green while the others was red and long. Natasja and Seras didn’t even need to ask who they were. The infamous, or much rather annoying group, known as Team Rocket. A group of people who are hellbent on achieving world domination through exploiting their Pokémon and launching schemes to steal trainer’s Pokémon . (Though it is a wonder as to how they are able to stay in business if even children can foil their plans) But the last two that were accompanying the two Team Rocket grunts were obviously anthro  Pokémon like to Seras .

Standing next to green haired grunt was a Persian, the evolved form of the meowth . Besides the usual features of its red jewel on its forehead, long curled tail, and six whiskers on its face, this Persian was special given by its body. It was an even more exaggerated hourglass figure than that of Seras as her breasts measured M cups and her wide hips and huge ass were very prominent. She must have vored quite a bit to get that figure in her if the smirk on her face says anything. However, Seras wasn’t concerned about the Persian, it was the Emboar that was standing next to the red-haired grunt that she was worrying about. It was a female Emboar that was  big  all around. She had the same color as a regular Emboar , but fur wrapped around her body like a leotard while the burning ring around her neck was glowing a low red flame to match her lower than average eyebrows. She was a head or two taller than her trainer along and probably weighed 2-3 times as much as her given thethickness  that was disrupted around her body. But Seras knew that the fat around was muscle that could break stone. Her breasts beat out the Persian along with very large and fat ass, and chubby midsection to show that she lived large and ate swell. And right now, she licked her lips at Seras .

“I thought after the dozens of other clowns and rejects that you guys would learn by now that you’re not getting Seras to take over the world.” Natasja said to the two grunts.

“You don’t have to worry about that Miss Chubby.” The red-haired grunt teased  Natasja  .

“I’m pregnant  you  dumbass!” Natasja screamed at the girl. Clearly you don’t make fun of a pregnant girl.

“Yeah, and that’s still disgusting.” The green haired grunt teased.

“The only thing ‘disgusting’ here the shade of green that you dyed your hair with ya bimbo.”  Natasja  quickly fired back.

The Poke-girls could practically see the sparks flying between their partners as they engaged in their non-verbal insulting battle. It wasn’t until the Persian coughed to get back everyone’s attention that their ‘battle’ stopped.

“If you humans would stop arguing then we can get back to the conversation.” She began to say.

“To correct your earlier assumption Ms. Natasja , we’re not here to capture the Se r  perior named Seras . We are here to capture you and your baby.”

“But why me? I’m pretty sure there are many more women older and more fertile than me who can carry eggs for the Pokémon.” Natasja said to feign ignorance.

“And probably less fat as well.” The red grunt snickered.

“You’re one to talk Ms. Love -handles.” Natasja again fired back.

“AHEM!” The Persian loudly reminded them that she was talking.

“Our sources tell us that your womb is gestating an actual Pokémon instead of just being a regular incubator. The very first of this generation that so far has been successful.” She continued. Natasja gasped when she heard this while Seras got closer to her wife, their child was something only a few close friends and doctors know about. The fact that team rocket found out as well, is something that they will have to figure out later.

“ So, we’re ordered to retrieve you and bring you back so that our specialist can study you and the baby. And hope to replicate the procedure for our own breed of rare and legendary Pokémon . And we’re ordered to remove any obstacles that gets in the way however we want to.” The Persian ended with a confident tone in her voice as the Emboar licked her lips with emphasis.

“You can try anyway you want but you won’t get your filthy hands on our baby, me, or Seras !” Natasja proudly said as she got ready to battle.

“We’ll see about that Mrs.Tubby ! Get ready for a--!” Before she could even finish speaking, Seras had already leaped over to the group. She raced faster than the eye can see, appearing like a blur as she reached team rocket before circling around them.

“What the  --?!  ” 
“When did she --?! ” 
Emboar !?”

They exclaimed as they got wrapped up in Seras ’ tail, unable to break free even with their combined might.

“Sorry, but I’m not taking any chances with you all today.” Seras said before she descended upon the Emboar . The Emboar could only look up in shock and confusion as she sees her “weaker” opponent’s mouth open and expand like a black hole as it engulfed her head. Seras kept going further down on her prey until stopping at her big meaty breasts and upper arms. She lowly hummed in approval of the taste of the Emboar , the spicy flavor coming to her tongue and so much of it all at the same time making her want more of it. She swallowed deeply, pulling the fiery piggy up more into her mouth as she begandescending  her throat while the Emboar started to struggle even more.

As the rest of Team Rocket watch as their main muscle get devoured so easily, they began to panic as this clearly wasn’t going to plan.

“Come on  you  useless pig! Burn her or do something!” The red grunt yelled to her partner. By now Seras had conquered the giant breasts, as their imprints bulged lewdly in her throat, and was now beginning to work on the belly. The Emboar’s stomach was definitely the biggest part of her, given how it extended a near full foot in front of her. But that meant little to experienced Seras as she gulped down the gut. As she crammed more and more of her heavy meal into her mouth, she was beginning to fall into a type of hunger state. It has been so long since she ever stuffed a prey as large and as fat as this one into her body, and her carnivorous mind wanted a lot more of it. She soon lifted the rest of the Emboar by her waist, leaving only her kicking legs remaining, and in just two more loud gulps, the Emboar was gone. The rest of her traveling further down until she became a massive bulge within the lower part of Seras ’ tail.

“She was very tasty.” Seras said as she leaned in front of the red grunt, who looked both frustrated and scared about what is going to happen.

“I wonder if the ‘trainer’ tastes as good as well.” Now the grunt could see the same green abyss that swallowed up herPokémon  .

Meanwhile, Natasja sat down on a rock that was comfortable enough, as she watched Seras devour there would be attackers. After years of being with her lover/partner, she was used to times when she would swallow other people or Pokémon whole. That wasn’t her main diet of course, as she wouldn’t always want to eat someone. She either used it against those who wished to harm her and Natasja , like now for instance. Or she would do it as an act of love or care for those she was close to. Like that one time in which she got Seras to swallow all her friends from Unova , along with their Pokémon . Such good memories. And that was when she was just a Servine !

A kick from her lower abdomen reminded her about her child’s restless need for attention and went back to rubbing gentle circles around the spot.

“You think you’ll inherent papa’s appetite?” She asked her belly, to which she received a kick as a response.

“Hehe! Settle down, I’m sure you will.” She reassured the baby as she kept in her own world.

By now, the only one that remained outside of Seras was the Persian. The others all now bulges descending to the base of her trail. The Emboar making the biggest at the end, with the two grunts forming smaller but still big bumps going further up. The Persian could only glance at where her comrades rested and hope she would not suffer the same fate.

“W-wait! I’m sure that I would be more useful for you and your trainer as other companion rather than fat on your bosom. You can clearly see that I certainly know how to swallow anyone who gets too close.” She reasoned as she gave her breasts a shake for emphasis.

“Hmmm...That is true.” Seras said as she leaned in closer, her red eyes staring into the fear filled ones of the Persian. The Persian’s hope rose when she heard this. But once she felt the forked tongue of the Serperior lick her same bountiful breasts, the fear came back.

“But that makes you all the more appetizing.”

She hissed as her mouth opened once more and swallowed the Persian’s head and breasts. She wanted to enjoy this last prey but noticed that the sky was beginning to darken, and they still had a way to go before getting to the next town. So unfortunately, she lifted the squirming body of the Persian above her head and started to gulp rapidly. Quickly making work of the mountainful  tits in her mouth, soon proceeding down the slender waist and extended hips. She had to admit, this Persian was not lying that she said she did know how to swallow someone, the fat around her butt and hips certainly not what the average Persian would have. But like the rest of her crew, she would just end up in her stomach. Only her legs remained dangling in the air, before she took a big and hearty gulp, sending her down.

Natasja looked happy seeing Seras well fed. With Team Rocket out of their hair at least for a while, now they could enjoy the rest of their time together with the baby.

Looking around she noticed that it was sunset, and they needed to get to the next city no matter what.

“Welp! That takes care of them.” She began.

“Now that you got your meal for the next few days and me and the baby are safe, we should really get going to Viridian City before everyone over there falls asleep.” But as she started to lead back onto the path, she felt tug come from behind. Turning around, she was met with the same red eyes that she fell in love with staring intensely at her. She recognized this look, and she did not like where it was heading.

“I am  not  going inside again Seras .” She immediately said before her partner can even suggest it.

“But we forgot about how dangerous Team Rocket can be.” Seras reasoned.

“Yeah, Team Rocket is very ‘dangerous’. But that does not mean that you can keep me inside your belly again like you did for the first two months into my pregnancy!” Natasja exclaimed. The Serperior cringed at remembering when she took advantage of her trainer as an excuse to have her in her belly.

“But even if so, it’s almost dark and by the time we do get to the city it would be pitch black at night. We wouldn’t want you to trip or anything while you couldn’t see properly right?”

“Yeah. But did you forget about who’s family’s daughter your talking to?” Natasja said with a smirk.

“Again. Your family is not the normal kind. But you’re pregnant. So that means your senses are probably not as sharp as they usually are.” 

“I climbed up a 20-foot tree Seras .” 

“But still!” Seras persisted. On any other subject, Natasja would have been very happy to continue this back and forth battle that she and Seras had. But as much as she liked her, being stuck inside a warm and wet place for periods of time was never something the active human would never be fond of. Pregnant or not. She wanted to continue, but the pleading looks in Seras ’ eyes told her that even if she won this argument, she will still somehow wind up inside her partner’s belly one way or the other.

“Fine. You can swallow me.” She sighed while Seras gave a triumphant cheer for this. If she was going to be in a belly, at least she will do it on her own accord.

“But I’m taking off my dress first, I’d rather not have to explain why I smell like the inside of a stomach.” Seras nodded quickly as her wife went over to a secluded area to start getting undress ed .

( To those of us who don’t know. Anthropomorphic Serperiors such as Seras  ha  ve  two stomachs. One that resides within her human half is capable of containing food for days, or like Natasja mentioned earlier, months if she allowed it. While the one where Team Rocket were currently staying in is the one, she uses to digest both fruits and meat. While she could hold off the process like her ‘human’ stomach, it will soon be broken down into nutrients. )

“Alright, I’m ready.” Natasja said as she got out of her hiding spot and presented herself in front of her partner. Without her dress on, the only clothing she had left was her maternity underwear that consisted of a green bra and panties with a cute flower design. Though she felt embarrassed for being like this, Seras did not share the same feelings as she stared longingly at her wife’s body. Soaking in every newly enhanced curve she now had to offer, making her want her even more. She wordlessly slithered over as her eyes were still burning the image inside her mind.

“You look so tasty.” She finally said as she stood over Natasja .

“Yeah, yeah. Just remember. When you get to Veridian City to let me out before you enter. Even if I fall asleep, get me out and wake me up. Understood?” She reminded Seras .

“Yes dear. But for now,” Seras agreed as she gently picked up Natasja .

“Time to taste test you again.” She said with a grin on her face as she lifted Natasja above her head and stuck her feet in her mouth. She hummed softly as she closed her eyes and start to slowly enjoy her pregnant wife’s taste again. Out of all the human and Pokémon that Seras ever tasted, she would always put Natasja’s flavor at the top. As she passed the heel of her feet and begin on the legs, she let her tongue dance and coat her wife’s body as she slowly and gently gulped her down.

Mmmm …I almost forget how warm it feels in there sometimes.” Natasja mumbled as Seras was now at her thighs. As she watched her serpent wife devour her slow and softly, she couldn’t help but to smile. She remembered the first time when they done this, back when Seras was just a Snivy after seeing a friend got their starter Pokémon to do the same thing. It was honestly their first magical experience together, and they were glad to re-enact the same thing again from time to time. Only when Natasja really did want to do it of course. Her eyelids were beginning to get heavy as she felt Seras ’ mouth start to reach her butt.

Oh, how Seras wanted to continue to mess around with new fat around her lover’s new extended hips and rump. But the sleepy look on her face, and the fact that this was certainly not the best spot to have some real “fun” convinced her not to and continue onto her next target. The belly that contained her child. She slowed down even more as to make sure she took extreme care around their little bundle of joy. As her jaws reached over the popped out naval of Natasja’s belly, she felt a sudden kick come from within. She smiled as best as she could from feeling their little one move with life and kissed the spot with her tongue before gulping and conquering the belly. Only her sleeping wife’s breasts, head, and arms remained.

In just two gulps, both of those delicious and milky breasts came into her mouth. She would make a note to try and persuade her wife to let her play with those puppies later before they are gone. Another gulp and in came her head, where she used her tongue to give a little tap on the nose before letting go of her arms and finish her off. Tilting her head back and slurping down her arms, Seras can finally breath a deep and satisfied sigh as she rubs her ‘human’ stomach. It was like she was pregnant herself, only her stomach being almost 4 times as big as Natasja’s own.

She could feel her wife curl up into a ball, getting comfortable inside her temporary home. Within side her partner, Natasja would rest easy and stay safe as Seras continued their journey for them. She grabbed all their stuff and went back onto the trail, continuing to listen to the muffled sounds of Team Rocket arguing over whose fault it was.

And like that, we end off. As their journey continues, we hope to see more about what the future holds for humanity and the new antro Pokémon. As well the vore hijinks that is sure to follow.


“  Naja  ! Its time to go see Grandma and Grandpa!” A woman called out. The woman was standing near outside her home, facing towards the backyard forest that was connected to it. Wearing a green sundress with flowers on it , she scanned the area, feeling her long brown hair with green tips blow gently in the air.

“I’m right here mom!” A voice answered back. Turning her head to the direction of the voice, a smile formed on her face as she saw her daughter come out from the forest. The 1 7 -year-old girl was definitely not completely human like her mother . She was a Servine , the pre-evolved form of a Serperior . Her appearance matched that of a shiny Servine of blue mixed with white, but she was very different given how she stood just below that of 6 feet. Her body structure resembled that of a full-grown woman with large breasts, long legs and arms, and a well-developed butt. Also, her eyes were a crystal blue instead of ruby red as others of her kind, along with brown hair that reached to her shoulders, which also had green tips at the end. And oh yes, to top it all off, she had a large belly in front her that squirmed with vigor.

The woman could only smile in proudness of her daughter’s “catch” for the day, glad to see that she took some qualities from her beauty and her wife ’s abilities.

“I see you caught someone big today as well huh?”

“Yup! Finally got that overgrown Meowth that been eating all the berries in the forest.” Her daughter said proudly.

“That’s good. The training you’re doing with Officer Jenny is really paying off. Maybe one day you’ll be able to get down a Snorlax .” The woman giggled.

“Don’t tempt me now mom, I know a very big and fat one up by the mountains that would taste amazing.”  Naja  said as she licked her lips.

“Hehe! Ok. That’s enough talk about that. Now come help me get your mother up. Seras sweetheart!”