Unborn at the Mall

Commissioned by max123

Curio Heart

“Hurry up, Blake!” lilted a blonde teen, her somewhat wavy hair tied in a tight ponytail that reached just passed her shoulders. “We’re gonna be late for the movie!” The slender girl bounced along in front of her friends – one of whom who could only be described as her twin sister.

At five and a half feet tall with green eyes and light skin, there were really only two differences between the sisters. Unlike the leading sister, the other had her hair down, a dark shade of brown cascading to the bottom of her shoulder blades, a small emerald stud in her left nostril.

“Alright, alright,” called a black-haired guy from the rear of the group as a grin spread across his tanne d face and mischievous glint flashed in his pale blue eyes. “Don’t give yourself a wedgie over it, Riley, jeeze .”

“Oh, shut it ,” Riley snorted around a grin of her own as the other three got a good chuckle from the exchange.

“Holy shit ,” one of the other g uys said – the shortest of the group – just loud enough for his friends to hear. He nodded in the brunette’s direction, though he was looking beyond her. “That woman is huge!

“Hey!” she protested. “That’s not very-” She stopped as she looked behind her. “ … Oh.”

Massive , more like it,” remarked Riley. “How the hell’s she even hold those things up?

“Her back must be strong as hell,” said her sister, cupping her own breasts. “I mean, mine are definitely more than a handful, and I can feel the strain on my b ack when I don’t have a bra on.”

“Do they even make bras that size?” asked the third of the guys, this one barely taller than the twins.

The brunette quickly swung her hand at him, barely rolled into a loose fist. “Shut up, Mark!” she said, mocking frustra tion as he quickly moved out of reach.

Still can’t touch this, River,” he teased with a sly grin and a wink, sticking his thumbs into his chest. “Gonna have to try harder than that if you wanna hit this Mark.” As he started to move toward the mall’s theat er, the rest of the group quickly followed.

“Oh, puh- lease ,” she chuckled, shaking her head. “ Surely you have better lines than that.”

“Oh, I got plenty of lines,” he said, his mischievousness leaking into his voice through the grin he flashed. “But the Ri ver hasn’t yet opened the flood gates. Gotta keep pushing for it!”

Riley playfully covered his face with her hand as he grinned broadly, pushing him back a little.

“You’re awful, Mark!” she laughed. “Now come on, and let’s get to the damn movie! I wanna ge t in to see that Uninvited movie!”

With Riley rushing them along, it was only a couple more minutes before they were in line to buy their tickets. They chattered idly as they waited in line, taking note of the same large woman they saw shortly after enteri ng the mall, just a few places ahead of them.

Thankfully, it was only a few minutes before they were buying their own tickets, fake IDs barely getting them in. The group moved swiftly through the lobby to get to their theater – apparently, Uninvited: Takin g What’s Mine was a big enough release that they’d dedicated the first three theaters for the movie. Theirs was the second.

Damn ,” the shortest of the group sighed. “Just had to come in second.”

“Yeah, ’cause you totally win at all those sports you play, Eric.” Blake grinned, lightly pushing his friend.

“Best athlete around!” he said, flexing like a bodybuilder much to the others’ amusement.

“Shut up and get in the damn theater, Eric!” Riley laughed, playfully shoving him toward the doors. “Don’t make me w ait any longer for this!”

“Ladies can’t ever get enough of this!” Eric quipped, ducking a swing from River.

The teens quickly filed in, still laughing, and made their way to some seats just a few rows from the back. They wanted to be near the middle, of co urse, away from the smallish weekday crowd that had gathered closer to the front of the theater. They bickered a bit about who was sitting where before Blake finally made Eric and Mark sit between the sisters.

A few minutes later, the huge woman they’d see n at the front of the mall and ticket lines entered the theater, large drink in one hand and tub of popcorn tucked into her cleavage. Riley and River thought they saw her look at them for a split second, quickly writing it off her looking for a seat as she filed in to sit near the very center of the theater.

After the lights dimmed and the movie started, the sisters would swear they could see her looking at them during the movie every now and then.

“Ugh. Why did you grab this for me?! Riley groaned to River almost as soon as she’d pulled a thick, horizontally-striped shirt through the stall door, its colors almost painfully bright.

Her sister couldn’t help but to giggle mischievously. “Alright, alright- I’ll grab something else for you. ” River quickly moved out of the changing area, quickly picking her way back to the tops. She hung up the shirt with the rest of its ilk before starting to look through some lightweight tunics – much more Riley’s style.

“Well, aren’t you just a cute little item!” cooed a sultry voice from behind her.

River turned as the woman quickly moved up next to her. She barely had time to recognize her as the woman from the theater before she was shoved to her knees.

Hey-! ” she protested. “The hell-”

Marris grinned a s she moved overhead, giving the confused teen a clear view up her skirt. “I can’t wait to see how well you fit.”

River couldn’t help but wonder about the woman’s lack of underwear. “Wh-”

A quick half-squat plunged River chest-deep into her vagina, easily taking in her breasts and sending shivers up Marris’ body. River tried to fight, but her upper arms were pinned her to her sides; she tried to scream, but her voice was almost impossible to hear, even for her. Attempts to kick her legs out in front of her only pushed her farther in.

River felt the woman pushing down around her, sliding past her elbows. She tried to kick again, this time aiming for one of the woman’s ankles, but again only drove herself farther in. She could feel the woman’s body trying to f orce her to bend, refused the pressure for as long as she could.

Marris was at her waist in seconds. River felt her begin to stand, then a pair of strong hands just below her knees, planting her feet firmly on the ground. Even after twisting her hands to t ry grabbing something – anything – she could only feel the woman’s thighs. She lowered herself again, forcing River to bend as her hips and thighs were quickly shoved in.

River felt Marris rubbing and kneading, coercing her body to rotate; the rest of her legs easily slipped in despite her struggles. She felt something squeeze her feet as they finished sliding in. Turning and pushing as quickly as she could, River felt for a way back out.

It only took a few seconds for her to find the woman’s cervix. Nothin g she did would even allow her fingers through – and was that a faint moo she heard? As she began panicking, River pushed around as hard as she could, demanding as loudly as possible to be let out.

With a satisfied pat on her rounded, wriggling, and heavil y-muffled belly, Marris let out a pleased sigh, then gave her new daughter a loving rub that seemed more like it was for her own benefit than to comfort the girl.

“I wonder if the other will fit just a nicely,” she pondered aloud. The squirming stopped alm ost immediately; Marris smirked, then cooed, “Only one way to find out.”

Much to her delight, River began full-on thrashing. Marris struggled to stifle a series of moans – moos? – from the flurry.

The walking, unfortunately, restricted her new daughter’s m ovement. While it meant she had less to enjoy, it also meant she was moving to her next daughter. With her long strides, it didn’t take long for Marris to reach the fitting room, and just steps more to reach Riley’s stall. She stopped in front of it, then gently rapped on the door.

“Just a sec, sis,” Riley called from within the stall. A moment later, she opened the door. “Okay, what’d y-”

She stopped cold as she got an eyeful of tits instead of seeing her sister, unable to help staring for a second before looking up to the woman’s chilling smile. Her dumbfounded confusion and doe-eyed surprise was exactly the reaction Marris wanted – and all she needed.

“Ooo,” she excitedly cooed, pushing her way into the stall, “I do believe you’ll fit just as nicely as th e last lovely item I tried.” Riley was shoved against the wall, blasting some of the air from her lungs. With one breast pressing against her upper body and face, the woman closed the stall door again before backing up a small step – just enough to release Riley. The only thing the teen could do when she was released was gasp for breath before looking to her assailant.

The smile on the woman’s face, Riley thought, was nothing short of terrifying; all she could do was gawk in fright as she tried to recover, looking for a way out. She didn’t have time to think much more before the huge woman’s hands landed on her shoulders and pushed her down. Marris straddled the teen like she had her sister, simply squatting to push in Riley’s head.

“Wai-” Riley squeaked out as Marris’ warm vagina enveloped her head, quickly and easily sliding down to her shoulders. Letting a bit more of her weight settle on the teen, Marris had to bite down on a moan as she squeezed Riley’s shoulders in, though she couldn’t stop a low moo fr om squeezing its way out. Somewhat unsteadily, she turned around – forcing the teen to turn with her – and sat down on the available bench to enjoy herself.

Having been unable to really enjoy this with River, she decided to let her body do more of the work this time. As she leaned back against the wall, Marris let her body relax a little, a content smile on her lips. Her body steadily pulled Riley in despite the girl’s struggles, which occasionally drew a soft moo – or was that a moan? While it wasn’t parti cularly fast, the teen’s struggles couldn’t slow things down.

Like her sister, Riley fought to keep herself out, and quickly realized that having her ass on the floor made it nearly impossible for her to do anything. Her small chest slid through without di fficulty, pinning her arms to her sides.

River started thrashing again, frantically pushing against her sister.

Marris laughed quietly and ran her hands over her breasts, a small, contented, and unsteady gasp escaping as the girl finally slid in to her hip s, her legs helplessly kicking around.

Moo-ooh yes,” she breathed, circling her nipples through her shirt. “You’re fitting just as well as I’d hoped.”

As Riley’s hips started to pass through, a low moan made its way from her throat. The large woman couldn ’t help but give her enormous chest a firm squeeze as the teen’s well-muscled legs began squirming their way inside. Waves of pleasure shot through her body, forcing her to bite her lip to keep her volume down. God how she wished she could be doing this at her rental; then, she could really enjoy this!

Then again, unbirthing in public spaces was always exhilarating – and the play afterward was ever worthwhile.

She sighed a little as she stood back up; the second teen’s toes had slid in far too soon.

You two are going to make me a very happy woman,” she announced, looking at herself in the mirror. Her belly was much larger now, its squirming bulk offset by her beyond-ample bosom. With a devious smirk, she added, “I certainly love what you’re doing for my figure already.”

With a gentle, loving rub – loving her belly, that is; the girls were incidental – Marris straightened out her skirt and shirt before exiting the changing stall. She was moving slower, of course, than she had been, especially with the twins hanging down a bit in front of her thighs. It was more rouse than necessity, of course; the woman had strength enough to move just as easily with the twins inside, but the act was good for not raising suspicions. Their movem ents died down somewhat as her body tightened around them; though it certainly couldn’t prevent movement, it restricted them to barely being able to push out more than any other growing baby.

Marris meandered her way through the store, stopping every so of ten to peruse some items that caught her attention. Nothing she looked at, naturally, were anything close to her size – especially her upper half – but the cuter garments were no less fun to look at.

"‘scuse me, ma’am," said a male voice from a few feet be hind her. It was one she recognized from earlier- one of the twins’ friends, though she couldn’t remember which off-hand. As she turned around, though, she could see it was Mark, with Eric and Blake in tow.

“Yes?” she replied with a bright smile, hand rest ing softly on her belly in a well-perfected vision of innocence. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“I-I don’t know,” Mark answered hesitantly.

“A couple of our friends were in the dressing room around the same time you were,” Eric said. “Maybe five -ish minutes ago? Identical sisters- well, aside from their hair. Kinda slender, very athletic.”

Marris thought for a moment or two, letting out a small mmf as one – or was it both? – of the sisters moved. “No, can’t say that I have,” she told them, a plea sed smile spreading across her lips. Another movement bucked her hand a few inches, drawing the guys’ attention.

“Is everything okay?” Blake hesitantly asked.

Marris’ smile broadened to reveal her teeth. “ Oh yes,” she replied. “My girls are just being more active than usual.”

“Uh… girls?” Mark hesitantly asked. Marris nodded.

“Congratulations!” Blake quickly said. “How many are you having?”

Mark looked between Eric and Blake, still confused about what was going on.

“She’s pregnant,” Eric quietly told him.

Oooh! ” Mark said, finally understanding. “Okay.”

“Thank you,” the enormous woman replied to Blake. “They’re twins, but I have some months to go yet. Would you like to feel them?” There was something odd about the look in her eye as she made the offer – som ething he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

“Sure.” Shrugging, he reached out to put his hand on her belly.

Reaching out, he realized just how massive her chest was. With her impossible-to-miss breasts, the size difference between them and her stomach, as large as it was, was quite impressive. Marris’ chest pressed down on her belly, engulfing a full third of the bulge her twins made.

Placing his hand on it meant trying to avoid her chest; the easiest place, he decided, was near the front of her belly. His touch was light, but Marris pushed his hand against her. Almost immediately, he felt something slide under his hand, pushing it up an inch or two.

Awe spread across his face. “Oh wow ,” he breathed a few seconds later.

A moment later, Mark and Eric put thei r hands on her belly near his. More movement greeted their hands, this time coming as a small flurry that briefly kicked their hands from Marris’ belly.

“Ho-ho-holy shit! ” Eric chuckled as they pulled their hands away.

A surge of motion bucked Marris’ bell y from side to side, bringing a carefully-practiced wince to her face.

Damn ,” Mark said. “That was one hell of a kick!”

Marris smiled at him. “You’ve no idea,” she simply stated, gently rubbing her belly. “A shame none of you felt that one. They’ve been p retty active today- especially in the last ten minutes or so.”

“Really?” Blake asked eagerly – too eagerly, he thought. “Do, uh- do you mind if I-”

“Of course not,” Marris interrupted with her trademark pleasant smile. “I wouldn’t have offered in the first place if I minded.”

Blake’s cheeks flushed a bit as he put his hand back on her belly. More movement greeted his hand- smaller at first, followed by another powerful, stomach-wobbling, wince-inducing kick.

Wow ” he breathed again. “That feels… incredible .

“It does, doesn’t it,” she stated, her pleasant smile back on her lips. Marris turned and started off toward a nearby bench. “It’s one of my favorite feelings, second only to getting my babies in me. Now, I need to sit down for a minute or two to get a b it of this weight off my back. You’re free to join me, if you’d like.”

“Alright,” Blake eagerly answered – way too eagerly, judging by his friends’ expressions.

Marris struggled to hide just how much she was enjoying that, barely keeping it to a small twit ch of her lips and a quiet, amused huff. She ambled to a nearby bench, where she turned and gently lowered herself to it. Though metal, the bench bent slightly in the middle as she sat down; whether it was more from her belly or breasts was hard to tell.

B lake couldn’t help but think it was both.

“Hey,” Mark said, brow furrowed with curiosity. “You said you’re carrying twins, right?” When she nodded, he asked, “Just how big are they?”

Marris raised her eyebrows slightly. “Well, I certainly wasn’t a small baby,” she replied with a small chuckle. “My mother was bigger than I am now when she had me, and I was a twenty-pound baby. Twenty-one pounds, six ounces, to be exact, and twenty six inches long.”

Mark could only stare at her in d isbelief. Unsure how else to respond, he simply said, “Oh.”

As Mark scratched his head in embarrassment, Eric elbowed his side. “Good one, Mark,” he teased, quickly earning Mark’s glower.

“Can I feel again?” Blake finally asked. “I’ve never felt anything l ike it before.”

Marris smirked. “I’m sure you haven’t,” she said. “And of course you can. You’ve been most polite about it. I enjoy it as well, actually – more than you know.”

A grin spread across his face as he felt the twins’ movement again. “Does that e ver get old?” he asked.

“The movement?” Marris smiled as she continued, “No, never – it’s one of my favorite parts of motherhood! Sometimes, though, it seems to take forever before I start to feel movement.”

Unable to help himself, Blake asked, “What about the other times?”

“It’s quiet sudden- like someone just shoved a full-grown baby in me,” she deadpanned, stunning the three boys. “Thankfully, those times aren’t too common.”

“How many kids do you have? ” Mark blurted, quickly receiving an elbow to the rib s from Eric.

Marris thought for a moment. “Oh, let’s see… These two will be sev- no, eight . And nine.”

“That’s a lot of kids.”

Marris shrugged. “My mother had seventeen of us in all.”

“Hey Blake!” called out a familiar voice.

A young woman brushed by Mark and Eric, wrapping Blake in a big hug as he stood from the bench. Her light brown hair was the only feature that really set her apart from Riley and River.

Blake gave her a quick kiss before he finally replied to her. “Hey, Rhys.”

There’s a third? Marris h ad to bite her lip to suppress her moan of excitement – but nothing could prevent the orgasm it gave her. Or mute her, for that matter, as a long, soft moo escaped her throat.

“Who’s-” Rhys started.

“Hey, uh, lady?” Mark awkwardly interrupted. “There’s uh, some liquid under you now. Is- is that normal?”

Nnn - yeah…” she replied, feigning the start of contractions. Carefully, she struggled to stand up from the bench, keeping one hand atop her belly. “Just- just broke my water is all. Girls must be coming ear ly.”

“Oh, uh- shit. Shit .” Eric rubbed his head nervously. “The hell do we do?”

“Water… broke ? Where?” Mark asked, looking around.

“She’s going into labor, you dingbat,” Blake scolded as he began moving them away. “Come on- I dunno how much we can do to he lp.”

Rhys jumped a bit when she felt a hand on her shoulder, whirling around to find it was the woman the guys had been crowding around.

“Sweetie, do you think you could help me back to my car?” she quietly asked, wincing through another of her contractions. “I’ll be fine once I’m there, but I could use a bit of support with walking.”

“Uh…” Rhys glanced toward Blake, Mark, and Eric. They were all huddled together, talking amongst themselves. “Yeah , sure.”

“Oh, thank you- ah, Rhys, right?” Marris said as she started for the exit. She moved slowly at first, acting a bit unstable until Rhys had a hold of her forearm for support. “Strong, too! You must be quite the athlete.”

“Yes, Rhys,” the young woma n replied, grinning. “I’ve been in gymnastics for a long time. I’ve even been to Nationals twice!

Marris looked truly impressed as they moved by one of the department store’s registers. “Oh my! How’d you do there?”

“I placed third in bars, and fourth in b oth vault and floor my first time through. Last year, I was second in floor, third in vault, and first in bars!” Rhys was beaming as she spoke.

“Sounds like you have every reason to be proud of yourself, then,” Marris said. “You must have put a lot of time into training!”

“Six days a week, four hours a day,” she recited. “Except for Saturdays, since it’s not a school day. Eight hours on Saturdays, with an hour break for lunch.”

Rhys quickly moved in front of Marris, backing into the doors as they made their way outside to the parking lot.

Thank you, young lady!” she said. “You’re such a dear. Your parents must be very proud of you. You’re essentially working with those kinds of training hours!” Marris smiled pleasantly as she looked at Rhys for a brief moment before scanning the parking lot for her car.

Rhys laughed a little as they started passing the first of the parked cars. “It is, but I love it. I’ve been at it since I asked my parents to sign me up when I was six .”

“That’s quite impressive! Ah, there’s my car,” Marris announced, nodding to a black car emblazoned with a green circle with a white “Z” in the middle of the front doors; to its right sat the URL to the company’s w ebsite. “I’m going to need to put my purse in back before I can go. Do you mind staying until I’m up front?”

“Oh, not at all, ma’am,” she replied. Spying Blake coming out of the department store, she barely registering the back door opening, or Marris clim bing in.

“Okay, sweety- can you give me a hand? Getting back out is always such a struggle.”

“Yeah, sure,” she responded, still a bit distracted. Rhys reached in, expecting to grab the woman’s hand.

Instead, the woman grabbed her forearm.

“Time to join you r sisters,” Marris purred, smirking at her from the seat.

“What?” Rhys struggled to make sense of what Marris had just said. Was she not going to the hospital?

Marris yanked on her arm, pulling her down and in; Rhys barely avoided slamming her head into th e car door as she felt her hand and arm enter somewhere warm and slick. Marris’ other hand gripped the back of her head, shoving her face to the seat before pushing it in after her arm.

Riley and River picked up their struggles again, though the confined s pace preventing them from doing much. Marris pulled on the third sister, unable – or perhaps unwilling – to stop a loud moan from escaping her lips as Rhys’ shoulders pushed through her cervix.

She paused just long enough to gasp, “ Fuck , you feel good!” Pi nning Rhys’ arm to her sides, she pulled the young woman farther in, mooing loudly as she pushed herself farther into the car. The girl tried to pull herself back out, her sisters pushing at the same time.

Marris, however, was far too strong. Once she had herself against the other door, the woman hooked the open door’s handle with her foot and began to pull it shut. Rhys, desperate to keep herself from going any farther in, tried to keep the door open, kicking it as much as she could.

All she managed to do was shove herself in to her thighs, much to Marris’ extreme pleasure.

The woman had to pause a moment afterward to catch her breath again, her foot resting in place. “I really lucked out with you three,” she told them, stirring up a flurry of motion again. Having settled down from the rather forceful push – pull? – Marris let her body take over for a bit.

As Rhys struggled to kick her legs as she was drawn in, the door Marris had just closed was thrown open, jerking her foot from its tenuous hold.

“Rhys, y- ” Blake stopped speaking, staring wide-eyed and slack-jawed at his girlfriend’s legs, sticking out from inside Marris’ skirt.

Marris smirked at him, enjoying herself far too much in his opinion. “Hello, handsome- mmooo ,” she greeted through a moan. Her leg darted out of the car to hook around him, pulling him against the vehicle. A second later, she gripped his shirt and yanked him in on top of her. “I’m really glad to s-see you right n-now.”

The fuck, lady?! ” he yelped as he landed, half flailing, on top o f her. It didn’t take long for her to put his hands against his girlfriend’s disappearing legs, now in past her knees and struggling to kick.

“Here,” she started, needing to pause almost immediately. “Here’s how th-this w-will work. I’m moo … going to have a h-hard time d-driving right now, which means y-you are going to drive moo - me home.”

What?! ” Blake’s face twisted in anger and confusion. “No! What the fuck makes you thing I’m going to help you? You’re putting my fucking girlfriend in y ou!”

“And her sisters are already inside,” Marris added through another moan. “If you’d rather, y-you could always j- join th-them.” A devious smirk dressed her lips as she grabbed his arm just below the elbow. A twist and yank had his hand wrist-deep in he r, right between his girlfriend’s disappearing calves. “Can’t say I’ve c-carried triplets before, let alone q- quadruplets!

Hey! ” Blake protested. She laughed as he tried to pull his hand out; whatever was drawing Rhys in, though, was pulling him in, too! “Let me go, you fucking cow!”

“Oh, I’m s-sorry – did y-you say you w-wanted to drive yet?” Marris’ smirk remained firm on her face.

“Fuck you, lady!”

Oh! ” Somehow, her smirk only grew, barely managing to settle her voice down. “Is that a promise? I do ge t so horny after this, and I’m not sure where my friend is.”

Let. Us. Go! He yanked hard, managing to get his hand partway out before it just wouldn’t budge any more. The instant he stopped pulling, he was elbow deep in her. Moving his hand, he realized he could feel the triplets’ limbs and clothes, with something tight around h is wrist.

His face paled. “Oh no. Oh, no no no.

The woman’s smirk softened a bit. “Care to drive yet, handsome?” she asked sweetly as Rhys’ feet finally disappeared into her, threatening to pull him in further.

Against his better judgment, Blake found him self nodding.

Good boy.” Grabbing his arm again, she pulled the rest of it back out. “I’ll give you the keys once we’re up front, handsome.”

Blake looked at his slick arm with disgust and tried to shake it dry; the only thing he could do was wipe it off o n the seats. While it didn’t take Blake long to back out once the door was open again, it took Marris notably longer, in no small part because of her tightly-stretched belly, which barely fit through the door. As she got out, Blake realized just how much s pace the triplets were taking up: Her belly was tight enough to show some of the girls’ limbs, a head-sized bump, and what he could only assume was an ass, all showing from under her monstrous chest. He had to wonder if her threat for him to join them was a bluff.

He wasn’t about to push the issue.

After nodding for him to get in, she slowly made her way around to the passenger side of the car before carefully squatting to get the seat moved as far back as it would go. Once settled in, she produced the keys from her cleavage and handed them to Blake. Marris didn’t bother trying to buckle; there was no way the seat belt would fit around her.

Shifting slightly in discomfort, he started driving toward the nearest exit.

“Turn left,” she told him, shifting in the seat to prop her leg up against the door. A smirk crept onto her lips as a small moan passed through them. “Should feel moo - my belly again, handsome- they’re quite active right now.”

“What?! No! ” Blake looked at her in disbelief before turning back to th e road. “ Why would I want to do that?!”

“You sure enjoyed it in the mall, handsome,” she reminded him with another moan. “You sure you don’t want to give ’em another feel?”

“No!” he snapped, gripping the wheel at ten-and-two. “I just want to get you home s o I can go home.”

“Oh, but you enjoyed it so much earlier,” she purred, placing a hand on one of his. “ Much more than your friends, in fact – and the girls so love your touch.”

He lifted his hand from the wheel to push hers away. “That was before I knew,” he said, jaws clenched as he shook his hand to try getting hers off. “Let. Go.

Instead, Marris seemed to get a better grip on it, smirk broadening as she moved his hand to her belly, her grip preventing him from pulling away. They were certainly active, a s she said.

He wondered if they were panicking about all three of them being trapped in there.

“Don’t worry- they’ll settle down in a few hours or so,” she explained. Her eyes closed with another moan. “That’ll… that’ll be around w-when they start regressi ng, and-”

Blake cut her off with a sharp, “ What.

Marris bit her lip her, barely muffling another moan. “W-what, you didn’t really think they’d just s- stay like this, did you?” The next sound out of her mouth was, much to his horror, a cross between a laug h and a moan. “They’ll be babies again soon enough, and then they’ll have a fresh start in a new family. Or families , depending.”

Blake hit the brakes hard enough at a red light to slide the woman forward – had she not had her leg up already. “What the fuc k is wrong with you, lady?!”

“Mmm-n-nothing,” she smirked. “I’m doing great , and I think we’ll both be doing even better soon, Mister Happy.”

He jumped as she pushed her hand into his pants, gripping the hardon he didn’t realize he had. “Jesus fuck , lady!” he yelped, trying to pull her hand out; instead, she began stroking him. “Are you trying to make me wreck?!”

“Mmm, just having some fun,” she purred into his ear as he continued to struggle with her arm. “Next right, handsome.” A grin spread across her li ps as she teased, “You know, I’d consider stopping if you rub my belly again.”

His turn was a bit jerky from everything the woman was doing. “Those are my friends in there, you fucking cow!” he shouted at her, anger turning his face pink. “ And my girlfriend!

“Oh, but you were enjoying it so much at the store!” Marris cooed, drawing her hand back out to undo his pants. She stopped before she did, though; “Turn left here, handsome. Second-to-last house on the right.”

He stepped hard on the ga s as he turned, gunning the engine to try to get down the block as quickly as he could. He was more than ready to be rid of her, but he didn’t want to just abandon his girlfriend or her sisters, either. He swung the car into the driveway as quickly as he d ared before parking and killing the engine. Before he could even get unbuckled, the passenger door had already opened and closed. Marris was opening his door as he reached for the handle.

She reached in, taking his hands to help him out of the car. She pul led him against her enormous bosom and belly, wrapping her arms around him. To onlookers, it would seem innocent enough, but he knew the truth of it.

She was trapping him.

The hug she enveloped him in stuffed his upper body between her tits, the weight of which utterly pinned him against her and kept his face tucked in her cleavage. He tried to lift his head to swear at her, but an adjustment kept his face in her cleavage without blocking his hearing. A short honk signaled that she had already locked the ca r; her breasts jiggled and wobbled against his body as she walked to the door.

“I know how much you want me to let out your girlfriend,” she told him, “so I have a proposal for you: Join me inside for a little while, and I’ll see about letting her out. Sou nd good?”

He finally got a look at where he was when she pulled him back out. It was the last place he wanted to be right then – inside the house.

Her top landed on the floor in front of him.

Fuck , lady, I just want my damn girlfriend back!” he fumed, tur ning and jabbing his finger at her.

Immediately, his face turned red again, this time in agitated embarrassment. He didn’t just jab at her – he had sorely misjudged where she was and jabbed her bare chest, right on the nipple. His whole hand seemed to sink into the flesh as he did… and was his finger wet?

In response, she let out a moan not unlike a soft moo . “ Oh-ho , you should do that again,” she purred. “Harder, please – I can’t tell you just how much that turns me on, handsome.”

“Oh, fuck , lady,” he groa ned.

“Yes, I that’s exactly what I want.”

His expression went absolutely blank. “What.”

“You heard me,” she replied, unbuttoning her skirt. “You want to see about me letting her out? Fuck me. Right here, right now. I already know how hard you are, handsome act on it .”

She turned a bit to the side as she pushed her skirt down, exposing her absolute lack of underwear.

“Fuck this. No, I ain’t doing this.” Shaking his head, he started for the door.

Marris put herself in his way. “Let me put it to you in a way that you’ll understand, handsome: Either you stay here and fuck me – and then I see about letting out one of the girls – or you can join them. It’d be a tight fit, certainly,” she smirked, “but I can fit quite a bit in me – and the girls really aren’t all that big. So, what’ll it be, handsome? Fuck me, or in me?”

The withering glare he leveled at her only made her laugh with glee. “You know what, you sadistic piece of sh-”

His voice was muffled by her breasts again as she grabbed his shoulder and tugged hi m against her. It didn’t stop him from swearing, but it certainly kept him quiet! She turned again, and he felt his back hit the wall, her hand snaking back into his pants to grip his dick.

“Fuck me now,” she repeated, a wicked smirk crossing her lips, “an d I’ll consider letting at least one of the girls go with you when we’re done. Unless you’d rather follow them in, of course; either way, I’m really going to enjoy fucking you.”

Blake’s expression was fury and outrage over his helplessness. “Fucking fine , you crazy bitch!” he yelled, swinging a fist at her. He wanted to deck her; his reach only let him punch the side of one of her tits. “ Fuck me, then!

She moaned, much more loudly than with his jab, and practically tore his pants and underwear from around his waist. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Marris flipped herself around, spread her legs, and pushed her broad ass against him. She removed her hand as she felt him slam in, letting out an impressive moo of pleasure.

Despite pushing against her a s hard as he could, Blake couldn’t make her budge. Hell, he couldn’t even move his hips! Marris was in absolute control, keeping him pinned against the wall as she rocked her hips. He could feel the triplets moving against his legs – and without a damn thi ng he could do about it, it only pissed him off more. Trapped, all he could do was let her continue using him like a wall-mounted dildo.

Marris’ unmistakable moans – somehow mostly moos – only grew louder when he decided to hit her back with an open-handed smack . Her ass slammed back like a boulder, threatening to put a Blake-sized dent in wall. “ Oh, ” she purred, “if you’re going to play like that, then I got an even better position for us.”

She reached back, straightened back up, grabbed his shirt, and swung him around to her front. His feet couldn’t keep up, spilling him over in front of her; the only thing that kept him from falling face-first onto the floor was her vice-like grip. Dropping him onto his back, Marris straddled him, her triplet-filled belly lowering onto his chest as she shoved his dick back in.

At least he could still breathe… sort of.

With every rise and fall of her hips, he could feel the girls moving around on top of him. He tried to speed it along, every attempt countered by an adjustment. He swung at her face; again, she mooed loudly as he hit her tit. It wasn’t long before his hand s kept swinging, trying to knock her over, trying to be done with this. Marris only mooed louder, unbudging and clearly loving it.

More than once, Marris felt his body start to tense up, building for his release; every time, she would adjust, keeping him f rom finishing, somehow never stopping. Blake’s face was beet-red in fury over how she was using him, and she was loving it.

He wasn’t sure how long it took before she finally let him release. Her hips crashed onto his, creaking the floorboards under them f rom the force, as his cum exploded into her. The moo she let out hurt his ears as she clenched herself around him and leaned back, relieving most of the weight from him.

“Oh, that feels much better,” she sighed contentedly as she stood before extending her hand to help him up. “Thanks, handsome.”

“It’s about fucking time ,” he fumed, swatting her hand away as he got up. “Jesus Christ .”

“Oh, no kidding!” she agreed, handing him his clothes. “Trying to keep myself from using their bodies to get off was almost impossible – especially your girlfriend! Unbirthing people always makes me so fucking horny , and her attempt to keep the door open just about sent me over the edge.”

Blake’s face twisted as outrage mingled with disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?!

Loo king insulted, Marris replied, “Of course I’m not.”

“You had better be letting at least one of them back out for all of this bullshit,” he spat, pulling his pants back up.

“Sorry, handsome- no can do.”

“You fucking told me-”

“That I would consider it, hand some,” she interrupted, “not that I would . At no point did I ever tell you that I would let any of them out, and I have no intention on letting them back out. Not yet , anyways.”

“I drove you home and let you fuck me so I could get my goddamn girlfriend bac k, you greedy fucking cow!” he screamed at her. “ GIVE HER BACK!

Marris laughed, placing a hand on his shoulder. She pushed down, forcing him to his knees in front of her belly. “Handsome, I said that to get what I wanted – which was to fuck you after unbi rthing the girls. Now that I’ve had both of those, you have two options: You can go home, or you can join them.”

Again, he swung at her face.

Again, his hand sank into her breast instead, jiggling the mass of soft flesh.

Moo -ohh-ho- ho , do that again and I may keep you for another round, handsome,” she purred, playfully rubbing where he’d struck. “You’ve no idea how good that feels to me.”

Nope ,” he flatly stated, immediately turning for the door. “Fuck this, and no fuck you. Not again, not fucking ever .” As quickly as he left, he couldn’t escape the laughter that followed him through the door, which he slammed behind him.

With her fun had, it was time to relax and let her body work. The girls were still moving, but they had slowed considerably in the hour she and Blake had been screwing.

Marris reached into her cleavage, the tattoos along her body glowing a faint purple as she withdrew both a bottle of wine and wine glass; even the area around her left eye glowed, revealing a tribal sun design than hadn’t b een visible before. Settling onto the couch, Marris poured herself a glass and made herself comfortable.

A door opened behind her, filling the room with quiet, upbeat jazz.

“Ah, had time to find your fun today, I see,” spoke a deep baritone voice from behi nd her as the door clicked shut. “I trust you enjoyed yourself?”

A light maroon demon walked around from behind the couch, four yellow eyes gleaming from under long, dark pink bangs. He wore his usual outfit – a lavender dress shirt with gold cuff-links, and a pair of dark gray slacks, held up by light blue suspenders.

“Of course I did, Jexle,” she smirked. “I found triplets , of all things, and fucked their boyfriend afterward.” Her belly shifted again as one of the twins moved a bit. “You just missed him, too.”

“Did I?” Jexle asked, sitting beside her. A crystalline win e glass appeared in his hand as though he’d been holding it the entire time. “How was he?”

Ohh was he fun.” A contented sigh escaped her lips. “He just loved hitting me.”

Pouring him a glass of wine, she asked, “What kept you? You’re not usually gone for so long.”

“Unfortunate, but unavoidable this time, I’m afraid,” he said, nodding his thanks. “An old friend wanted to see me, and a group of angels-” Marris raised her eyebrows slightly at this- “decided to assail me for a time. It was really the latter th at took up most of it, though.”

“Angels, hmm?” she commented before sipping her wine. “What did they want?”

“A story for another time, perhaps,” he told her with a pleasant smile. “For now, let’s focus on what else you’d like to do while we’re here.”

Marris smirked, turning on the couch to face him more fully. “You’d make an excellent start.”

Jexle grinned, revealing gleaming, pale lavender teeth, as he set the glass down. It barely took him a moment to remove his shirt, suspenders hanging loose from h is pants.

“Don’t I always?”