Massie’s adoption

WARNING: contains rape, physical abuse, self-inflicted mental strain .

Massie was a young mouse girl wondering through the night on a house she had just invaded for the first time, she had gnawed a hole in the mosquito net of an open window she had climbed to, once inside she simply slid down the curtains and the house was left all to her mercy.

She had a plan, simple but proven, it went a little like: waltz in, fill herself with the food she could find in the kitchen, leave, repeat the process the next night until the security of the place made her move onto the next home, she had done this many times before and this time was not going to be any different, or so she thought.

As she was moving down the hall a gust of wind entered through the same window she came in, the wind knocked down a portrait on a stand emitting a soft thump.

The sound was enough to send Massie’s instincts scrambling into action, she quickly scurried down the hall and sprinting into a corner of the wall, when she did she something caught her foot and made her fall forwards vocalizing an “eep!” on her way down, she fell flat on the floor but instead of bouncing of due to her momentum she halted right at the moment the hit the floor.

Massie opened her eyes, the left side of her face and her limbs felt weird, when she tried to get up she found that her limbs and head wouldn’t budge at all, she looked down to the floor to see what was holding her in place, that’s when it dawned on her that she had fallen onto a glue trap.

Immediately she tried to wriggle from the adhesive doom that was holding her hostage and after several minutes of trying to writhe free, she gave up, it was useless, the only thing she could move was her tail and right ear, neither of those things could help her on this situation, she began to sob, this was so humiliating for her, to fall to a trap for simple mice when a mouse girl like her, with the wits comparable to a human being, could outsmart any predator she would have encountered in the wild, she was demoralized and exhausted, thinking of what would happen to her next, she passed out as tears rolled down to the side of her face.


Massie woke up when she felt her surroundings shake, she opened her eyes, only to stare down at a bigger pair of eyes staring right back at her and she immediately got on edge, the eyes distanced themselves as the young man put the trap down onto a table as he went about his morning routine.

His name was Marcus, a 19 year old exchange student from eastern Europe living in the states, he was very eccentric, and the money his wealthy parents send him weekly gave him room to be so, living in a house that he rented all to himself gave him the chance to do petty things like placing mouse traps, not because he actually suffered from a mouse problem but more as preventative measure, and it looks like it worked.

He came back from the kitchen with a big mug of coffee, he eyed Massie once again as he sat on the table looking down at the poor vermin, “you got yourself into quite the situation, haven’t you missy?” he said with a big grin in his face, he took a big swing of his mug, emptying its contents and putting it down onto the table with a satisfied sigh.

Massie on the other hand, she felt broken, she was at the mercy of this giant all thanks to the animal side of her instincts betraying her, she couldn’t even muster the bravery to make a plea, not like it could really help her but the mere fact she couldn’t bring herself to do it made her fell even worse as the thoughts of the night came back, the thoughts about how she was better than to be stuck on a yellow piece of plastic on the ground.

Almost like reading her mind the young man spoke up “must be really awkward for you to have fallen in a trap for lowly vermin”, she cringed as the words entered her head, “what? Not going to say anything? An explanation?, an excuse?, a plea?, nothing?” the man continued, she closed her eyes and began sobbing, she felt movement again, the plastic tray was being moved by the man, walking to the kitchen she was put on top of the kitchen bar as Marcus turned his attention to a small white cabinet mounted to the wall with a red cross painted on it, from there he pulled out a pack of cotton swaps and a large bottle of rubbing alcohol, he walked back to her and set both items next to her, he once again picked up the tray and carried her under the kitchen sink, she heard the man calmly say “hold your breath”, she did as ordered and inflated her cheeks with air.

A sudden rush of warm water covered her body soaking her clothes and hair, she felt something tug at her back as the glue began to soften up, she started to struggle to get free from the trap when suddenly, she freed herself as she felt her limbs able to move again, the rush of water stopped, she opened her eyes to see the glue trap on the bottom of the sink with an imprint of her where some of the glue had stuck to her of fallen of, she then looked up to see an arm above her and stretching behind her, it was Marcus’s arm, he was holding her up by pinching Massie’s dress from behind, Massie began to writhe free from Marcus’s grip, on her struggle she then felt something wet poke her hair, she turned her attention to whatever was harassing her only to get a face full of cotton and alcohol, she coughed at the strong smell of the liquid but she noticed her face and hair were free from the adhesive gunk that had stuck to her from the trap, she realized that the man was trying to clean her so she stopped her struggle and stood still until the swab was put away, Marcus grabbed a small towel that hung from the oven’s door handle and carefully wrapped the small mouse girl, he then rubbed her small frame until she was clean and dry.

After been cleaned Massie calmed down a bit, she was still in the embrace of the towel, only her head poking out of the rolled cloth but she knew that if this man had bad intentions he wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of helping her, he might have just throw her into the trash, drowned her, or waited for her to starve to death, speaking of which.

Massie’s stomach let out a loud groan, loud enough that it even got Marcus’s attention, he turned his head surprised that such a small creature could produce such a sound, “oh you poor thing you probably came here looking for dinner and didn’t get the chance to eat breakfast, did you?”, Massie nodded to the question and Marcus was happy to help, he reached for a brown paper bag on the corner of the bar and pulled out a bread bun with a crust that formed bright pink swirl on the top of the bread, Marcus held the bread up and said “this is a concha, a sweet bread from mexico”, he held the bread in front of Massie who’s mouth was watering to the smell, she leaned forward and took a big bite of the bun, it was unremarkable but food was food and she kept taking bites out of it until she bit the colorful swirl of crust, the sudden sweetness of the crumbly crust was a nice surprise, she continued to nibble on the sweet part, this continued for a couple of minutes before she felt full, when Marcus pressed the bread forward she shook her head signaling that she didn’t want bread anymore, Marcus understood and he putted the bread in the bag again.

Marcus began to walk towards the staircase, mouse still in hand, “you are too much of a cutie to abandon you, from now on you can consider yourself my pet” he declared as he scratched behind Massie’s ears and Massie didn’t complaint, she was more than happy to live with someone so caring, life on the streets was not nice to her so moving with someone willing to take care of her seemed like a no-brainer to her, she felt relief, she felt happy.

Marcus opened the door to his bedroom, it was well organized with a wrinkless bed and a bunch of tidy shelves but what stuck out to her was a big Plexiglas tank with what looked like a terrarium inside of it, Marcus opened a hatch on top of the tank and said enthusiastically “Norka, you got a new roommate, come say hello~”, he then dropped the little mouse in the tank.

The inside of the tank was very spacious with a grass floor and an artificial pond of water, the place was nice but what was in her mind was that resident called “Norka”, she didn’t knew Marcus had other pets and she never was very social, she was nervous to meet this partner she was going to live with.

Her attention shifted to a clay cave, those usually used for reptiles or arachnids as she heard a loud annoyed groan coming from inside it, from the dark a pair of light blue eyes appeared and immediately stared at her, the gaze of those eyes made her feel terrified the moment she locked sight with them, she began to back away as sweat began pour from her forehead, “h-hello?, are you Norka?, c-could you please s-show yourse-s-self?” the eyes became visibly annoyed with a frown as the figure began to crawl out of the artificial cave, the first thing to come to light was a pair of human-like hands so Massie knew she was dealing with another demi-human, then arms came out and they were covered with black clothing, followed by the head.

When Massie finally saw the face of the resident she gasped and gave a step back, the head was quickly followed by the rest of the body as Norka crawled out of the clay dome he called home, he had short black hair with little rounded ears distanced at the other side of the top of his head, he wore a black canvas jacket, jeans and black work boots, behind him hanged a thick black tail with a clean shining coat of fur, he stood up and looked down at his new companion before he spoke with an annoyed tone in his voice “why would you want me to show myself when you seemed pretty relaxed before you noticed me”, Massie was in shock when standing next to Norka, who was easily twice her height tall and had very fit body structure, she began to step backwards again but her fear made her trip on nothing and fall on her butt, she continued to crawl away, the little mouse muttered “y-y-you a-are a-a-a-“, Norka stepped forwards and then squatted down shoving his face right in front of Massie’s, he whispered “mink” to her face, Massie swallowed saliva as her instincts were shouting at her to run away.

Minks are ferocious predators capable of decimating and entire colony of mice all alone and now she was face to face with a demi one, she was very distressed by the entire situation, the mink gave her an evil smile as he licked his lips and then said “if you are going to be my roommate then I’ll show you how you’ll be living, understood”, the mouse simply nodded as tears began to form in her eyes, Norka stood up and said “to start, your clothes I want them of you now”, Massie quickly stood up and followed the commands taking her dress off exposing her flat chest, she placed her dress on the ground, she looked at Norka with her arms crossed to hide her nipples from his perverted sight, he leaned closer to her again and whispered “everything”, she was shocked by this vile creature abusing of her, she tried to protest “b-but I-“ Norka cut in with a more commanding tone “I. Said. Everything.”, Massie began to cry as she peeled off her panties revealing her nethers, she threw her panties next to her dress, Norka smiled, he then grabbed the mouse by her side lifting her up with one hand, Massie was frozen in terror, she shut her eyes waiting for the end to come until she heard a zipper open, she opened one eye and looked down to see Norka’s throbbing erection, she gasped and began breathing heavily, “NO!, wait, PLEASE!”, Norka didn’t listen to her pleas and reacted by ramming his entire member into the noticeably intact nethers of the of the mouse.

She screamed in pain and horror as the predator destroyed her in her very first time, sometime ago she dreamed of a very sweet and kind deflowering with another mouse she could truly love but now those dreams were shattered by this towering brute who began to pick up the pace thrusted harder, the tip of his member poking her womb and making noticeable bulge on her belly with the peak of every penetration, the force was such that blood began to trickle out of the girl’s folds, Massie gave up and simply laid on the floor, covering her eyes, sobbing, she could only wait for this to end.

After a few more minutes of sex Norka felt like he was about burst, he grabbed Massie by her sides, she began to struggle again out of reflex when Norka lifted her up leaving only the tip of his penis inside before ramming her one last time with all of his strength, Massie let out a squeak of pain before covering her mouth out of embarrassment, Norka began to laugh as he was cumming inside the poor girl, such sounds were considered too primitive for a demi to make and a sign of a savage mind, Massie’s cheeks turned red as the minks laughed and laughed as he finally pulled out of her, Massie hugged her knees as she laid on the floor on a fetal position.

Norka zipped his pants up and took his jacket off revealing the fit frame of the mink, he grabbed Massie by her arms pinning them to her sides and lifted her up until they were face to face, “i love how you can always tell when it’s somebody’s first time just by feeling them and that was a pretty good first impression to your first of two chores in this house, being my cocksleeve”, Massie just stared at him while sobbing, she didn’t want to say anything for fear of Norka retaliating to her words, the mink licked his lips again and said “now for your second chore” and he opened his mouth as much as he could, Massie’s eyes widened to the horrific sight, tears began to roll down her cheeks as she was too weak to struggle any more, Norka shoved her head right in his mouth and didn’t spend a second to taste her, he quickly gulped down sending her head from the back of his mouth and down his throat which easily expanded to its meal, Massie was frozen in shock as she was rapidly descending to her doom as Norka simply grab her paralyzed legs and pushed her in deeper.

It took Norka about 20 seconds to seal his mouth behinds his victim’s feet, Massie felt pass through ring of flesh tighter than the esophagus were the flesh took a different texture as it easily expanded to accommodate her entire head and torso, with one last gulp coming from above her legs and feet joined her in the stomach, she was soaked in saliva and the other secretions from the gullet yet the stomach itself was pretty empty with no trace of the gastric juices that she was sure would be waiting for her, Norka chuckled and said “second chore: gut filler”.

Massie finally snapped out of it and began kick and punch to the gastric walls, she began to have a mental break down, her sobbing turning to wailing, “PLEASE! LET ME OUT I DON’T WANT TO DIE!”, as she bawled her eyes out she felt the space around her shift all on its own, that’s because Norka was crawling back to his cave with his belly dragging on the ground and he had his jacket and Massie’s clothing on one hand, he curled up onto his side as he saw his massive pot belly bounce about, as Massie’s struggle died down she heard the voice of Norka speaking “hey, can you hear me?”, she could feel his hands caressing the stomach from the outside but she didn’t reply, “hey if you are ok press your hand against a my stomach”, she was not ok, she was turned into a meal for a predator that raped her before scarfing her down but she thought that for her situation, not being dead was ok so she pressed her hand to the stomach wall and waited for a response, “ah, ok, thanks I just wanted to know if you were still conscious”, she asked out loud “why?” and she heard Norka casually reply “Because I was having the best damn nap of my life until you came along”, she was shocked at the answer, she didn’t do anything wrong, it had been Marcus that loudly announced her arrival but decided to still apologized “I’m sorry I disturbed you but please, have mercy!”, she didn’t hear any response for a few seconds before the stomach contracted around her making her emit a surprised “EEP!”, she heard a loud groan coming from below her, “this is it, he’s going to digest me” she thought to herself when she hear a muffled *poot* coming from the same place, “sorry, last prey gave me gas but ok, apology accepted” said the mink as he scratched his back but nothing inside happened, Massie was just still there in a fetal position waiting for something to happen, instead she heard muffled snoring coming from the outside, her heart sank because Norka had fallen asleep, she was too tired to struggle anymore and that combined with the mental strain she was put through meant that she didn’t have the spirit to keep on fighting, she just wanted it to end even if it meant being digested, sitting on the stomach with nothing on her mind made her notice the peaceful beating of Norka’s heart, for some weird reason this sound made her feel at ease, her muscles were sore because of the struggling and her mind was telling her to rest, she felt like she was about to pass out and didn’t do anything to avoid it, the last thing she thought to herself before passing out was “please, let it be painless”


Massie woke up to a sudden rumble, she knew she was still in the stomach but to her surprise she was intact, she continued to inspect herself that nothing was out of the ordinary when she felt the stomach compress around her, she was still too sore to fight back, the sphincter above her opened up and a jerking motion coming from below pushed her head first through it, she felt as she was pushed upwards, she was being regurgitated, a sudden flash of light blinded her, as her eyes adjusted to the light she felt something gently pull her out, she found herself outside on the arms of Norka who was completely naked, she looked down to see that he was standing in the little pond of the tank, the water reached up to his knees.

Norka sat down on the water and started to scoop water with one hand and pouring it onto the mouse, he was cleaning her from all the secretions of his insides, “you probably are confused as to why are you still alive” said the mink, Massie was still looking around processing all that had happened to her before replying “i-i thought you were going to digest me”, she began to scoop water to wash herself, the mink explained “you are not the first one to be my roommate but you are the first one I’ll tell this, I’m not allowed to digest you unless you try to escape because big guy over there…” he pointed at Marcus who was laying on his bed going through his phone “believe me, I’m a fucking sweetheart compared to what that guy will do to you if you piss him off”, Massie was felt confused, “t-then what do I do here then?”, Norka just smirked, “listen, he feeds us, cleans the cage and form time to time, takes us out on a walk, you just stay her like me and as long as you don’t do anything stupid, I can guarantee your safety”, the mouse replied “so you are not going to eat me anymore?” to which the mink corrected “I’m not going to digest you”, Massie frowned at the idea of being a toy to this predator but she had no other option, she was lifted by her sides by Norka who sat her on his chest as he laid down, floating on the water, Massie was sad that this is what her life had come to, she laid on her said and hugged her knees, she could hear the heartbeat of Norka again, the peaceful rhythm making her feel sleepy, she remembered how at ease she felt on the stomach once she stopped resisting, the thought crossed her mind again, “did I… did I liked it?”.

Over the next couple of days Massie adapted to her new life, being fed three times a day, bathing on the pond, playing around with some toys Marcus would leave on the cage from time to time and every couple of days she “completed her chores”, she learned that the easier she complied, the smoother things would go until she didn’t mind it anymore, she never asked for it personally but whenever she was in the gut she felt peaceful and later on, she even felt safe inside.