A Sleepover to Remember

Getting to know a best friend’s home life is a good way of getting a new perspective on life. Some people have more unique relationships with their family members than others, relationships that can’t be deciphered with only a passing glance. It also helps when the family in question is an entirely different species than yourself. Anna, a brown-and-white furred wolf girl with a luscious head of yellow hair, was soon going to experience this first-hand. For a few months now, she had been going on dates with a beige-and-mint scaled dragon girl known as Clover. The dragon lacked wings, but hardly seemed to mind. The wolf was absolutely in love with her personality, and was quite ready to take things to the next level by becoming more familiar with her family. To her surprise, Clover hadn’t really mentioned her family much whenever the two of them would hang out, so the invitation wasn’t something she was really expecting. “Oh, you want me to meet your family…? Sounds great! Dinner and a sleep over would be a good way of getting to know em’ all.” She asserts after their latest meet-up, deciding to follow her back to her parents’ house instead of driving down to a local restaurant again, as was planned earlier.

It would be a nice change of pace, for sure. Anna was already beginning to grow tired of the offerings of that local restaurant where the two first met, imagining draconic cuisine to be something quite unique and delicious! Possibly spicy too, if they fit the whole fire-breathing stereotype. The wolf had been driving behind Clover’s car for a good half hour now, figuring that she could just drive back tomorrow morning after all was said and done by taking separate cars. The further she drove, the less houses she was seeing to either side of her, until she noticed a steep incline leading to a truly nice home close to the peak of a nearby mountain… With real estate like that, the wolf figured that her parents must have some money to throw around. Her curiosity also piqued wondering who might be occupying such a lovely home… The wolf parked her car near the home, moving up to take Clover’s hand as they entered the household.

For a family of dragons that live on a mountain, the house was surprisingly modern. Clean, carpeted floors, flatscreen televisions, and even a Roomba that would occasionally scoot around from room to room. It was clear that a dragon’s hoard was clearly more than just a myth, if they had that much disposable income! The first person she would find in the home was a large minty-looking dragon with wings sitting in the living room watching TV, arms folded as he turns to notice the wolf girl. “Oh, Anna! Nice to finally meet you, having you over for dinner and all.” He comments, shaking the girl’s hand in a way that would shake her whole body. “My girl’s had a rocky history with her previous dates, but I’ve heard some good things about ya. Actually, was it Aloe that had the rocky history…? I tend to get the two confused a lot.” He laughs to himself, making Clover blush a little bit. “C’mon, dad!” She laughs along, making the dog girl at least a little bit confused. Aloe? She’s never heard of anyone named Aloe. Perhaps she’d be showing up at dinner tonight. Soon, the wolf found herself being tugged along further by the dragon, over to the kitchen now. Immediately, the smell of pasta was beginning to fill her senses, making the canine salivate a little.

A more slim, feminine dragon without wings seemed to be bent over the kitchen counter, hard at work preparing the family’s dinner. “Oh, is that Anna? Didn’t expect to see you here so soon! Dinner should be ready pretty soon.” She pants, wiping some sweat from her forehead as she continues focusing on dinner. From the looks of it, the mother of the family was working on some home-made ravioli. The wolf girl didn’t quite know what to expect, but it wouldn’t have been ravioli… Not that there’s anything wrong with it, anyway! She could only hope that the meal would be enough to prevent the scaly family from turning to the canine, if they’re looking for a second course. “Smells pretty great so far, mom. Do you know if Aloe’s here tonight?” Clover questions, sitting down next to Anna at the dinner table to wait. As everything was cooking, the mother was able to take a break. “Should be in her room, for now. Already told her to come out for dinner, since we have company.” She huffs, giving the wolf the impression that Aloe was rather troublesome… Everything about this elusive family member was making her curious.

Time passed, with the dragon girlfriend checking her social media as the wolf girl tugged at her shoulder. “Hey, Clover? Who is Aloe, anyway?” She questions, her curiosity finally eating away at her enough to ask. The dragon laughed a little bit, watching as her dad moved in to take a seat at the end of the table. “I never told you? I’ve got a twin sister! We even sound pretty similar. Only real difference is that I have, uhh… Something between the legs that she doesn’t have.” She said in a somewhat hushed voice during the last part, blushing. Anna seemed to blush a little bit as well, nodding. She knew exactly what she was talking about. It was somewhat embarrassing to the wolf that she knew Clover had both a sword and a sheath, but never knew that the dragon had an apparently-swordless twin sister. She couldn’t help but wonder how genetics leads to such a special case. Regardless, Anna would fidget around in her seat as the mother comes over to place the finished meal down at the center of the table, before sitting at the other end. “And here we are! Ravioli for the cute pooch and my hungry daughter. Wish the other one could’ve come sooner…” She mumbled the last part, turning her head for a moment. “Aloe, come down! Dinner’s ready!” She called.

Finally, a door from further inside of the home could be heard opening and shutting, quite hard. Seemed like the only family members that lived here were Clover, her parents and her apparent twin sister. It was only a matter of time before the girl made herself apparent, leaning up against a corner leading into the kitchen. “Dang it, hate always having to get dragged out for company…” The dragon mutters to herself under her breath, gritting her teeth a bit before she finally turned the corner. That was when she first saw her sister’s girlfriend sitting at the table, perking up a little bit. She was pretty cute! Hardly what she was expecting when she heard there was company… The dragoness moved in to sit across from her sister, giving a quiet apology. “Sorry about that, mom.” She whispered, folding her arms on top of the table. Her clawed, digitigrade foot slowly trails across Anna’s leg, getting her to blush as she gazes into her eyes. Oh jeez… She always loved Clover so much, and now there were two of her? Her mind was already starting to wander a bit, before the fatherly dragon cleared his throat. “I should probably ask, Anna. Where did you meet my girl, anyway?” He conversed, shoveling a bit of that ravioli into his maw.

Anna’s ears seemed to perk up a bit, not quite expecting to be spoken to so soon. “Oh, C-Clover? Well, we’ve known each other for a few months, now. I knew her for a little while in high school, before seeing her again at the club. We’ve been chatting ever since!” Aloe seemed to look on in jealousy of her sister, getting such a cute and tasty-looking girlfriend like that. If she went to the same school as her sister, she’d probably be dating the wolf instead, and would’ve digested her a lot sooner. She almost seemed to drool a little bit, before deciding to eat some of the dinner her mom prepared instead. Anna was doing the same, finding it to be quite delicious. Occasionally, she’d take a sip of her water, glancing to Clover as she continued the conversation. “Yeah, pretty much that. I always felt rather alone there, until Anna stopped by to chat. It was almost, like, destiny that we met.” The two parents laugh from her suggestion, still digging into the ravioli. “You know, maybe it is! Pretty unusual for a dragon to date a canine instead of eating it. No offense, Anna.” Her mom joked, making the guest at least a little bit embarrassed. “Oh, don’t worry, I know how lucky I am already!”

Saying this, she’d pull her girlfriend into a hug, making her squeak in a way her dad found to be adorable. “Heh, I know you two ladies are adults and all now, but should still probably sleep separate tonight. After all, you know that Clover is packing a-” Clover squeaked yet again, interrupting her father. “Dad!” She blushed, laughing along with everybody else afterward. Aloe giggled, perhaps knowing a little better than anybody else, even more so than Anna. In a way, she was there first… Anna tugged at her collar, nodding along. “N-No problem, mister! I’m sure neither of us will have a problem with that.” She asserted, with the father nodding in agreement. And just like that, dinner went on swimmingly. Despite how well everything was going, Anna meeting all of Clover’s folks and all, Aloe was surprisingly silent. She seemed to be more interested in learning, observing all of Anna’s movements and gestures, and humming a little bit to herself… As cute as she was, there was no way she’d ever try to steal her own sister’s girlfriend. That would be rather rude.

Time would pass, laughs would be had, and all of the ravioli would be cleared from the table. Everybody was quite satisfied from the night, and Anna felt closer to Clover than ever before. The short amount of time she spent getting to know Aloe felt pretty satisfying, too. Gradually, the family would dismiss one by one, Aloe leaving last before it was simply Clover and the guest. With a quick glance outside of the clear porch door, the girl would notice that the Sun was beginning to set, with a short yawn. “Mmmmnnn… I’m beginning to feel pretty tired already, Clover. Want to hang out in your room a little bit before I go sleep on the couch?” Anna questioned, tapping her fingers together. “Sounds good to me! We can just listen to music and stuff, nothing too risky while my parents are downstairs.” She giggled, making the wolf blush as she kisses her on the cheek. And within a few moments, the kitchen was deserted once again, with the latest pop music track blaring in a way that could be heard from outside of the couple’s door. The only person that would be near enough to be slightly upset by it was Aloe.

The dragon twin would put her pillow over her face for a moment, trying to block out all of the sound and reflect on how the night was going so far. Anna was so cute, and her sister just happened to get to her first… who she also found cute. She’d give anything to be with either one of them. And worst of all, her stomach was still growling after the ravioli, clearly not satisfied enough for a twenty-year-old dragon. What was a poor girl even supposed to do? Sighing, she would attempt to drown out their music with her own music, popping in a couple headphones and deciding to take a short nap to get her mind off things… But even in her dreams, the pair would follow her and continue filling her mind with lewd fantasies. Something about her twin sister made her want to take every last inch of her thick…

“Haaaah!” Aloe woke up again with a harsh gasp, before beginning to calm down, now. It was the middle of the night, and everything was now completely silent. Everybody must’ve gone to bed by now, leaving her the only one still awake and kicking. Her stomach had gotten somewhat louder after finishing off dinner, beckoning her to get out of bed and prepare a sandwich in the kitchen. It wouldn’t be much, but it sure beats starving by herself in her room. The minty twin slipped out of her room and tiptoed downstairs, making her way into the kitchen and opening the fridge. While down there, she’d rummage through the fridge and pantry for everything that she needed. Some lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, maybe something else to sprinkle onto it and really make it pop… Everything was quickly coming together, as she worked at the table. That was when the girl yelped in surprise, seeing that a new shadowy figure was now lurking over the counter, rubbing its eyes. “M-muhhh… C-Clover, is that you?” It questioned, coming a bit closer to step into the light of the fridge.

Sure enough, it was Anna standing there, looking quite groggy. Perhaps something woke her from her sleep, and she couldn’t quite get back into it. Aloe held her sandwich in both hands, just about to take a bite into it as the girl made herself present. “Well, actually, I’m not-” The dragoness began, before being interrupted by the sleepy wolf. Anna could’ve sworn her voice was slightly deeper, but was too tired to care at the moment. “Nghhhh… I can’t get back to bed, and I don’t wanna drive home right now. Would you mind if you slip me into your stomach, like we usually do? Something about it is just so cozy in there.” Hearing this made the dragoness completely freeze in her tracks, absolutely in disbelief. Did her sister really eat her girlfriend whenever she had insomnia? Clearly must have a rule about not digesting her, judging by how she was standing here right now. Stammering a bit, Aloe decided on the spot that she was going to be Clover for the night. “Oh! Heh, sure thing, Anna… You know I’d do anything for you, ya know?” She giggles, trying to make her voice a little higher as she tosses the sandwich she was making in the trash. Already scored a better midnight snack, for the time being...

The bushy, blonde tail of the wolf would flicker around in satisfaction, Anna giving a long yawn as she quickly squeezes who she thought was her girlfriend. “Oh, Clover, what would I do without you~?” She giggles, feeling up her body with a low purr. In order to avoid being caught, especially when she was pretending to be somebody she wasn’t, she brought the wolf girl with her back to her own room. Seeing her being taken into Aloe’s room instead of Clover’s made the girl quite confused for a moment, bringing it up with her supposed girlfriend. “Hey, uh, I thought the other room was your room…?” Aloe stopped for a moment, trying to think of a good lie for it. “Uhhhh… Y-yeah. This is my sister’s room, but she sneaks out a lot, and I think her bed is comfier than mine.” Anna blinked, bringing a hand to her mouth. “Oh! I guess that makes a lot of sense, then.” Aloe wiped a bit of sweat off of her forehead, narrowly avoiding being caught already. She did definitely sneak into her sister’s room often, but it was mostly to rummage through her underwear door. Something about her twin, she found to be hot.

On the bed, Aloe flopped over onto her back and patted her stomach, licking her lips as she stared at the wolf. “Well, here we are. Get yourself cozy and start crawling into my maw.” She winked, opening side. Anna was quick to get up onto her bed right after her, looking at the dripping maw of the dragoness dimly lit by the alarm clock in the room. It sent shivers down her back, clenching her feet. “Mmmph, so thorough!” She blushed, nearly turned on by it all as her arms slip right into the dragon’s gullet. Aloe seemed to chuckle to herself about it all, swallowing down her twin’s girlfriend with the minimal effort possible. And her girlfriend was pretty tasty, too! With any luck, maybe she could replace Anna for Clover… Become her new girlfriend and all. Would be a pretty good turn of events. The muzzle of the wolfess squirmed inside, followed by the rest of her head and shoulders. Aloe finally decided she should help out a bit, gripping her meal by the hips and lifting her up a bit with constant swallows.

If everything wasn’t dark for Anna before, it sure was now. She couldn’t see anything at all with the tight, slimy walls that clenched at her fluffy body and worked her way down. Her normally quite fluffy fur was matted down by all of the dragon spit, only getting worse the more soaked into her form. And Aloe was loving every second of it, finding the flavor of the gal to be even more delicious than the simple ravioli that she had for dinner. She always loved the stuff that had a little bit more meat to it… The fluffy tail flicked around as the wolf did her best to guide herself into that stomach, squishing her hands down deeper and deeper until it would press through into the chamber. At that point, she was only in down to her butt, Aloe tossing her head back and chugging down at the legs. The whole process went by far, far faster than it would’ve been if the wolf wasn’t so willing to go down. At the time, she still didn’t know the dragon’s true plans for her… After all, she couldn’t quite enjoy a good meal without digesting it, something wolves typically don’t wake up after. The twitchy feet of her meal would slide in quite easily, vanishing down her gullet and sent to join the rest of the girl inside of her. “Haaaah… Such an obedient girl you are…” Aloe lusts, feeling the bulge slip down.

As a dragon with rather reinforced scales, everything was quite tight for the wolf, but not exactly soundproof. She didn’t make much of a bulge in her, only very slightly visible from the outside the further she went in. Anna gave a big sigh of relief as more and more of her body began to dump down into the dragon belly that she napped in so often, knowing that she’d simply crawl back out of her maw the next morning… Except that she began to notice that a few things about it were feeling a little off. The stomach walls were significantly warmer and tighter than she was familiar with. And if that wasn’t enough, there was already a tiny amount of stomach acid pooling down at the base, by her feet. Not to mention the stomach growling and gurgling that filled her senses from every turn. “Whuh… Hey, Clover, you’re not planning on digesting me here, are you?” She nervously laughs, flexing her feet against the stomach walls and stretching about in an attempt to make herself comfortable. For the time being, she only felt more awake than she did before. No way she could nap under these conditions. Was this even the same dragon…? Anna’s heart sinks, coming to a sudden realization that she might’ve let herself get eaten by her girlfriend’s sister. No wonder she never noticed anything bulging out of those pajama pants from earlier.

Patting her stomach with a short belch, Aloe would simply attempt to reassure her that she hadn’t slipped into the wrong stomach, chuckling to herself. “H-hey, don’t lose your cool, Anna. I’ve just been hungry lately, is all!” She teased, still attempting to impersonate her sister as her tail swished from side to side. Her hands knead along the walls of her stomach, causing even more of those digestive fluids to set off her new meal’s nerves. “I don’t think I really like being down here anymore, Clover. Let me out!” She begged, thrashing against the stomach walls a little bit. Unfortunately, the tightness of it all merely came off as kneading it up from the inside, making everything even sloppier and warmer in terms of unwanted digestive enzymes. Living on the mountain for so long, she couldn’t help but see any mammal that ventured into her home as another food item. Despite being her sister’s girlfriend, Aloe didn’t see Anna in any different light. It was her job to squirm and digest inside of her belly, as all good food should. There was no sense in holding herself back from the canine anymore, now that she had a direct request from the wolf to keep her down there. “Sorry, Anna. I gotta sleep too! But it was nice of you to volunteer as food and all.” She teased, crossing her legs as her stomach sloshes about. *GrrooOOARRRGGggnnn…*

Anna was becoming somewhat hysterical, thinking that her kind girlfriend would never suddenly turn on her and digest her on the spot. It would seem she thought wrong. “W-What are you trying to do to me, Clover? This isn’t fair, spit me out right now!” The dragoness stifles a belch, folding her arms behind her head as she watches her stomach clench around the upset wolf. “I think you’re overreacting a little bit, Anna. I’m just a dragon that needs a more filling meal than something as bland as ravioli...” *UrrRrRrrrp…* “Just try to take a little nap...” She giggles, her stomach squeezing at the whining wolf girl, thrashing in disbelief. By now, she was frantically trying to pry her way up through the same entrance she took in, as she always did with her dragon girlfriend. After all, it was always in the same spot... However, to her dismay, Aloe seemed to have a much, much harder to spread one. Probably because she was more inclined to digest her meals then to let them back out. Her fur was getting much itchier, beginning to fall out from all of the digestive fluids that were leaking in, spilling all over herself. Anna knew she had nowhere to hide, forced to brace herself for the inevitable digestion with a light whimper. Wouldn’t seem like Clover would be able to stop her from becoming dragon fat.

“W-what’s gotten into you!? You should be answering my questions! W-what’s happening to me!?” The wolf complains, fur falling off of her form in clumps. Her normally beautiful and fluffy self was becoming more and more bare as the digestive churning removes it all. The dragoness spread her legs a little, getting herself cozy in bed as she focuses her efforts towards churning the girl before her sister could find out. “Nnnfff… I thought you loved being inside of my stomach! I know I love you being down there…” She huffed, stripping off her pajama bottoms and beginning to stroke at her pussy. Something about the way Anna was writhing about down there, she couldn’t help herself, dragging her fingers over her clit. With a couple more heavy breaths, the dragon slipped her middle and ring fingers into the slit, plunging them deep down and beginning to wriggle them about. “Nnnnghh…” *GrOoOArRrgNnn…* Her whole body seemed to shift about from the sudden pleasure filling her form, clenching at the hairless wolf gal as the acids begin to hurt. “H-hey, stop doing that! You aren’t supposed to be horny while… d-digesting me?” She begged, completely unable to see the dragoness’s lack of penis. It would’ve been so simple to tell the difference between the twins, looking between her legs, but alas. She could feel the juices eating through her feet… It was beginning to sink in that she was food, despite all the other confusion.

With her fingers constantly slipping in and out of herself, the dragoness would be making a little bit of noise, tail smacking against the bed. “Ah, ah, ah…!” She whines, her stomach sloshing to and fro and ignoring any requests from the canine anymore. After all, it was getting harder and harder to hear her among all of the digestive rumblings taking place. Still, she would confusedly thrash against the stomach walls, hardly making a dent despite the tightness. “Clover, C-Clover!” She yelled, able to hear outside quite clearly even though her own voice didn’t make it far beyond the dragon’s belly. Everything was beginning to sting harder, finding it harder to breathe and stay awake from all of the painful gurgling trying to work away at her form. And yet, she refused to go down without a fight, despite how furiously the dragon girl was masturbating right in her own presence. It was around that point that she heard, something from the outside that she didn’t quite expect. A door creaked open, somebody on the outside coming in. Maybe somebody that could stop her girlfriend? Her parents intervening? The following sentence would prove to be neither, hearing a voice that made her freeze despite the sweltering heat of the stomach around her.

“Hey, Aloe? I was trying to sleep, and I heard a lot of- Oh jeez, I didn’t know you were…” The voice of her girlfriend yelped, on the other side of the room. If she was stuck inside of her girlfriend as food, then how was she also at the other end of the room? She tried to call for her again, muffled by the scaly stomach. “C-Cl-*gLRMPH-!!*” The harsh gurgling of the dragon’s stomach completely overwhelmed whatever she was trying to say, leaving the dragoness to cross both of her arms over her only slightly bulging belly. Sounded like she was simply having a bad case of indigestion from dinner. Finally, she heard the booming voice of the body she was stuck inside speak again. “Oh, sorry, Clover… Couldn’t help myself. Lying in bed, thinking of you again…” It was only then that everything finally came together in Anna’s mind. She’d let herself be eaten by her girlfriend’s sister, and nobody had any idea about it but Aloe herself. It made her absolutely furious, wailing against the tight stomach walls trying to digest her. Aloe simply gave a smack to her stomach, before listening to what her twin had to say.

“Ugh… Ravioli never tends to sit right with me.” She lies, giving an eye roll as she slips her fingers back out of her slit. Slightly concerned and embarrassed to be walking in on her sister masturbating like that, the hermaphrodite half of the sistership began to approach the bed, rather than run out on the spot. “Errm, well… Since your up so late, would you happen to know where my girlfriend went? Anna wasn’t where she said she was sleeping last.” Clover rubs the back of her head, somewhat confused. Quick thinking, Aloe would fire back with yet another lie. “I dunno, she probably couldn’t sleep and drove home early, or something. I know that happens a lot.” She shrugs, seeming to confuse the twin further. “Hmmm... Kinda disappointed that she didn’t just come to me to try and sleep in my belly like usual, but that’s alright. I’m sure I’ll see her again.” The dragoness shrugged, finding the possibility to be reasonable enough to pass. This only ushered more muffled yelps from the poor wolf, still being converted to food right in front of her girlfriend, without her even noticing. The next request from Aloe only made her whine even more. “Say, Clover… Since Anna’s not around tonight, do you want to bang tonight? I kinda miss doing that with you.” She purred, spreading her legs for her sister.

The request would leave the nicer sister even more conflicted, double crossing her own girlfriend like that. She grit her teeth and dragged one of her feet across the floor. On one hand, she wanted to stay loyal to Anna, but on the other… It definitely was a while since her last time with her twin. She gave a deep sigh, before climbing on the bed, spreading apart Aloe’s legs further. “Fine, fine. Just tonight, though… What Anna doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” The heavily upset canine would whine further, being squished underneath the weight of her girlfriend who had absolutely no idea how close she really was, digestive acids beginning to eat through her body in the most uncomfortable of ways. Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t even been lucky enough to pass into the unconscious through the whole ordeal, her body being churned and torn up into a digestive slop as her girlfriend pounds somebody else right above her. It made her whimper the lowliest whimper imaginable, knowing she couldn’t be heard and simply had to accept it. “No protection? Fine, I guess I’ll try to just pull out in time…” She heard her girlfriend complain, as the fluids rising up near her head were starting to tear through into her muscles.

Aloe gave a low sigh as her twin’s tip began to part her lower lips, already well aware that her sister’s cock was far more impressive than anything her own hands were capable of. “Huff… Just go as hard as you want, nobody’s around to hear right now.” The dragon giggled, her hands still resting over the digesting wolf inside of her, forced to listen to every last second of it. Biting her lip, Clover would hump and thrust inside of Aloe, rocking the bed with every slight movement. The submissive sister was sweating a bit, giving a quick belch that tightened the wolfess inside of her to a crushing degree. By now, the acids had eaten their way into her internals, making her rather twitchy and unable to fight back as everything gets closer and closer to rising up over her face. There was very little she could do at this point, the physical and psychological pain both overwhelming. Every buck and hump against the dragon’s slit almost felt like she was doing it to Anna herself, with how close they were… The wolf would’ve given anything to trade places with Aloe right now, but the dragon girl’s deception left her in the most compromising position possible. A couple tears would slip down her face and into the gurgling gut surrounding her, before finally rising up high enough to overtake her face, thoroughly finishing her off with the way it all treated her head.

“Damn, are you sure you aren’t, huff… trying to get me pregnant?” Aloe chuckled, her tail beginning to wrap itself around her twin’s, absolutely loving the feeling of getting stuffed in the way only her sister could offer. It was no wonder Anna was so interested in Clover, with how good of a dicking she could dish out. Clover would have no idea that her girlfriend was little more than a meaty pulp that was now making her sister’s stomach acids considerable more red. Despite how thoroughly she was being digested, Anna could almost still feel and sense everything going on around her, at least up until a certain point where she couldn’t function at all anymore. It was somewhat hard, given how much she was sizzling in there. Clover gripped at the head of the bed with both hands, grunting and ramming herself deeper into her sister, tails lashing out at each other as she grunts. “Nghhhff… Damn it, you’re so t-tight!” She whispers, plunging deep enough into Aloe to nearly reach her cervix, those warm walls squeezing and rubbing at her in a much more comfortable way than similar dragon walls were currently rubbing at Anna. Being reduced to little more than a skeleton in scraps of clothing inside of Aloe, she was little more than dragon food at that point, and Aloe knew it, too.

Even trying to pull out a little bit, only to thrust back in even harder, Clover felt that she was being milked quite hard by those vaginal walls. Her sister was already drooling with her head back, picking up the pace with her breathing with one of her legs twitching. “It’s been so long since you’ve r-rammed me, I forgot how… g-good it feels! I think I might just, h-haaah, haah!” She tensed up, suddenly gushing over the cock ramming her over and over again, lubricating fluids coating it and gushing all over onto Clover’s lap. Some of it seeped out into the covers, as well. “F-Fuck, Aloe! You can’t just cream on me like that! Oh g-god, slow down for a second, I think I’m close to…” All of a sudden, the clench of Aloe’s tail tightened on her, pulling her hips closer in a way that Clover would slip down. “Eeeahhh!” The dragoness fell down right onto her sister, her full length slamming inside at once and suddenly erupting with seed, gushing right into Aloe and filling her up. Aloe moaned even louder, drooling in depraved pleasure from her sister climaxing as hard as she possibly could inside of her. Clover hugged her tightly, panting heavily as her cream dripped out of the slit. “Unghh…”

Slowly, Clover was finally coming back from it all, pulling her cock back out, still spewing a few stray ropes of dragon seed out of it… Looking down at her twin, her mind blanked for a moment, quite red in the face. “A-Aloe, you asshole!” She squealed, in a hushed tone. “Do you have any idea at all what you just made me do!?” Aloe seemed to know, and didn’t care at all. She pulled Clover down by the shoulders, locked eyes with her, and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. It all seemed to make Clover’s tension melt away, moaning into her sister’s mouth as their tongues danced. “Mrr-mrrrrmph…” She moved in a slight bit closer, one of her hands resting on Aloe’s belly… When something suddenly gave, squishing down at her belly with a low rumble. Instantly, this caused Aloe to release a low belch directly into Clover’s mouth in the middle of the kiss. *UrRrRrRppPpllmph~* The girl moaned out mid-burp, while her sister pulled back to gag. “E-eugghhh! W-what the hell did you eat, Aloe? That’s disgusting! It almost tastes like… Wait a minute…” Her tongue licks the roof of her own mouth for a moment, Clover feeling her heart suddenly sink as she realizes where Abby went. She prods at Aloe’s stomach a few times, feeling her heart rate pick up. There wasn’t much of a shape in there anymore.

“Weeeeell… About that…” Aloe trails off, rubbing the back of her head as she tries to think of a decent way to explain the situation. “I might’ve eaten your girlfriend without telling you, after she confused me for you.” She shrugs, telling the truth for once as she looks down to her own feet. “Sorry about that.” She apologizes, watching her slump over in a combination of defeat and general exhaustion. “Ughhh… Damn it, Aloe. I really liked her. And now I can’t even see her face again!” She grumbles, reluctantly deciding to share the same bed with her sister for the night, leaning her head down onto the cushiony, scaled stomach of her twin. It still bubbled and churned at the almost-entirely-stripped wolf, leaving nothing but indigestibles behind. Aloe belched again from the sudden impact of her head, stroking at her sister’s head as she sighs. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to see her again tomorrow morning?” She chuckles, trying to reason with Clover a little bit about the situation. Rolling her eyes, Clover would pull the sheets over herself, somewhat bummed out as she listens to the stomach churn. “You’re gross… But, it’s whatever. You’re right, anyway. I might’ve done the same if I were you. We can talk more about this tomorrow.” Clover was too overwhelmed at the moment to care anymore, passing into a deep slumber. Aloe followed shortly after.


The following morning, the sun would rise and shine through the shudders of the window, awakening the dragon twins from their long slumber. Clover would find her dragon pillow has decreased remarkably in size ever since the night before, everything moving further downwards and groaning in a more desperate way. Aloe stretched her arms with a wide yawn, thinking about where the parents of the household might be at the moment. Perhaps they were in a rush to work, and didn’t notice anything amiss in terms of Anna no longer being on the couch… Either way, the dragoness decided that she had a much better place for her soon. Getting up off of her bed, Aloe would take Clover by the hand, tugging her up and over to the bathroom just across the hall from where the two of them were sleeping, mumbling to herself. “H-Hey, where do you think you’re tugging me so early in the morning?” Clover complains, rubbing at her eyes. Aloe gave a simple, groggy response. “Gonna dump out your girlfriend, duh.”

Clover’s eyes widened a bit, immediately waking up more from the revelation, and reminder that her girlfriend was dragon dung. “W-Why are you dragging me into the bathroom with you, then?” She growls angrily, slipping into the clean room with her. The dragon-oriented plumbing of the home would find no issue with taking down a meal such as the unfortunate wolf, Aloe settling her ass down upon the toilet and sighing. “Because I need someone to rub my belly to help everything move along, dummy. Now start rubbing my belly~” She teased, spreading her legs to reveal her pussy was still drooling a bit after the events of last night. Groaning, Clover would reluctantly begin kneading and massaging at the belly bulge. Aloe immediately bit her lip from the feeling, her stomach gurgling and rumbling and her tail moving out of the way, a sudden release of gas ushering the first of Anna’s remains into the porcelain tomb. *Pfflrpp-shlprrtch!!*

Aloe’s legs tense up, her asshole dishing out a couple sloppy logs of former wolf dropping out into the toilet below, completely unrecognizable to Clover. She reluctantly peered into the bowl to see if there was anything left of her, only met with the occasional chunk of bone splattering against the back wall of the throne, or a couple telltale scraps of Anna’s outfit remaining in a log. Arm-thick loaves of the filth would continue spilling out of the dragoness as if it was a regular trip to the bathroom, occasionally met with something truly arm-thick as one of the canine’s arm-bones squeezed it’s way out of her backdoor. “Bones, I tell you…” Aloe huffs, clenching her feet and splashing some of the water back onto Clover’s chest as it all comes out of her. The dragon dump would only get heavier, longer, and messier the more Clover rubbed at her stomach, help guide everything out of her system. Even some of the thicker aspects of the wolf skeleton, such as her hip bone, would end up in the seat after a little bit of stretching.

The final aspect of her release blocked the dragon’s backdoor for a moment or so, making her wince as she manually spreads her ass apart. Finally, the elongated canine skull of Clover’s former girlfriend dropped out onto the pile of muck, followed by a couple extra pythons of filth the blockage was holding back. Clover pulled her hands away and winced, grimacing as Aloe sighed in immense relief, tearing off a few squares of toilet paper. “Damn, that felt good.” The predator sighed, patting at her stomach a couple times with one hand, the other rubbing at her ass and tossing the muddied paper to the pile. Clover was given a moment to lament about her former girlfriend, before Aloe finally pulled the flusher and sent the pile that was once Anna straight down the pipes with very little resistance. “Sorry again, Clover. She was a good girlfriend, and a good snack, too.” Aloe apologizes, rubbing Clover’s shoulder. The now-single dragoness sighed to herself, finally coming to terms with it all. “You know what? It’s… it’s fine. I can always find a new girlfriend.”

The suggestion seemed to perk Aloe up a bit, deciding to push that suggestion a little bit further. “Hey! I know how I can make it up to you… What if I was your new girlfriend? I know incest can be a little bit iffy around here, but… You’re single now, I think you’re hot, you think I’m hot, and, well… There’s like a one-hundred-and-ten percent chance that you knocked me up last night.” Aloe blinks, giving the girl a cute kiss on the forehead. “So, what do you say, Clover? Want to make it official?” Clover looked down for a minute, as if she could see the septic tank that her last girlfriend was sent down to. There were so many factors that were going against the situation, so many things that made her absolutely livid towards her twin right now. But, at the same time… Everything that she was saying was completely true, and she couldn’t deny it, no matter what. She looked up again, taking Clover’s hand and giving a sigh. “Alright then, I forgive you, Aloe. I just have no idea what are parents are going to say about this whole deal!” She shudders, rubbing at the back of her head. “Sure, we’re adults and all, but sister and sister hooking up is still weird.”

Aloe laughed, giving her sister a good pat on the back as she stood up from the toilet, beginning to walk back to her bedroom with her. “That’s the spirit! I’m sure we can work something out with all of that. No big deal at all.” The dragoness underplayed, not thinking much of the future at the moment, and perhaps not really needing a reason to. After all, everything was already playing into her favor so far. She can make it all work for a little while longer. Flopping back into her own bed, she would spread her legs for her sister, winking. “And you know, since it’s already a little bit too late for a condom and all… Wanna go for round two~?”