Tanuki Debt

Life in the village of Akatsuki was pretty simple. There weren’t many technological marvels in the area, but the beauty of wildlife was abundant, and the sights were a delight to look at and put many tourist sights in other countries to shame. It was for the most part, an animal forest, with the animals all being walking, talking creatures similar to a human.

There was one Tanuki who was in charge of the housing and construction within the village. He’d managed to create such a monopoly on the place that he’d practically owned everyone in Akatsuki as the debt that he would tack onto new villagers was enough to keep him afloat while the rest of the village managed to scrap by.

His name was Tom Nook, and he had a big smile on his face whenever talking to his clients, but an even bigger round light brown belly which always bounced and wobbled wherever he went. He was a greedy Tanuki…Be it for food, or money. And today he was in the mood for…well both. He was sipping on a mug of brewsters piping hot coffee while looking down at his creamy fur colored belly. It gurgled some as his last meal was on it’s last leg of it’s journey. With an explosive sigh, he turned his attention to the papers in his other hand after taking another mouthful of coffee.

There was a certain villager who’d moved into Akatsuki six months prior, and not once have they decided to settle with their debt. The Tanuki had not seen 1 bell let alone the entire amount accrued since their stay in town. He didn’t like to make house visits either, but for this specific villager he would make an exception and slip on the green sweater vest he was known for recently. “Yes yes! Today is the day.”

The tanuki’s round gut swayed in front of him even within the confines of his sweater vest and with a slamming sound, he made his way into the village, humming a cheerful tune the whole way down, his trip only halted by the coming train that barred his way from immediately crossing into Akatsuki’s residential district.

Living on that side of Akatsuki, was one simple villager who’d finished decorating his single story…one bedroom house in a fashion that they’d spent every bell they’d earned since living in the village to get. A few smaller fossils, a sea bass decorating one corner, and a comfortable couch situated just in the middle of the room with a decent sized television so they could watch the news for the weather.

Today was the day. They could finally live the life that they wanted since moving into Akatsuki. They knew everyone in the village, some liked them, others didn’t. Brewster for one always seemed to have a problem but that couldn’t be helped. His coffee was always too hot! Oh well…that was to be expected.

Just as the lone villager was about to walk out of his house, he was greeted with Tom Nook and his rather rotund belly blocking his entryway. “Hello hello! I hope you don’t mind the visit.”

The Tanuki had a smile that never seemed to vanish. It was as warm and inviting as that belly that bounced with each step as he walked into the small building. If you were quiet enough, you could probably hear the contents of his stomach sloshing about within the dark hungry pit within. Who knows WHAT the Tanuki had for supper the night before, but apparently he was still working on it.

“No not at all Mr. Nook. Can I offer you something to eat? I picked a few apples off the tree today.” The villager stepped back nervously as they welcomed Tom into their home.

The big Tanuki waddled in and shook his head. “no no that won’t be necessary! I’ll be having breakfast soon anyway. And a nice cup of joe from Brewsters.” He laughed, drumming over his wide belly. “I’ve come here in regards to your payments.”

The villager’s skin became pale. They’d held off on paying the debt that they owed on this house in favor of finishing up the décor on the inside. They didn’t have any other bells to spare so they ate off the fruit trees. “Oh…I’m sorry Mr. Nook. I don’t…have the money right now to make a payment.”

Tom’s face stiffened for a moment. It looked as though he might drop his happy façade but he perked right back up. “oh ho ho…You…don’t have the money? Well that’s the problem here. Every other villager has been paying their monthly debts on time. You’re over six months late. What do you think I should do hmm?”

The villager really didn’t know. And they REALLY didn’t like the way this was heading. “Well…you could…maybe give me an extension? If you give me one more month I promise I’ll have the debt ready for you! It was…24,000 bells right?”

“You’ve been slacking off on your payments so interest has spiked up. You now owe me 120,000 bell my friend.” Tom corrected with a cheerful expression. When he finally noticed the pale look on the villager, the Tanuki waddled over and actually hugged the poor villager into his soft belly…letting him sink into that warmth and listen to the sloshing sounds of his previous meal within him. “I somehow doubt you can amass 120,000 bells in just a month. Do not worry we have an alternate payment plan for late payers.”

“O-Oh you do? That’s great! So…what do I have to do?” The villager asked, hearing a few low gurgling sounds within the Tanuki’s stomach. And being held so close to it, he never realized just how soft it was. It would disarm him for the next words that came out of the Tanuki’s lips.

“Late payments are acceptable in one or two month missed payments. I can let those slide. But 6 months…that’s no good. No good at all! This space could be occupied by good, paying folk. Don’t you worry! I won’t leave you homeless! I’m putting you in a new house designed just for you and late payers.” Tom continued on cheerily, before licking the villagers cheek, giving him a whiff of whatever the fat raccoon had for lunch last night. What’s worse…the scent was familiar… “It’s my stomach.”

The Villager’s eyes bugged out, and they tried pulling away, hands pushing against that soft, squishy exterior and backing up into a wall. “Wh-What?! You’re…you’re gonna eat me?!”

Tom’s belly wobbled from the treatment of the villager pushing away. It didn’t upset the raccoon however. He simply waddled over and began pinning his wide, warm stomach over his prey, grinding it against them while a few gurgling sounds could be heard from within. “Don’t take it personally. No no! It’s just business. Besides, it’ll be a home you never have to worry about rent with! No more debt! No debt at all!”

The villager groaned as they felt that expansive belly grinding and rubbing against them. The warmth wasn’t all that bad, but there was nowhere to run. And the idea of being devoured by a raccoon wasn’t appealing. They’d just gotten their new furniture after all! “wait…there must be some way we can fix this…” Suddenly…the Tanuki’s belly pressed all the harder, forcing the villager to sink into that stomach, save for their face which was looking up in shock at their captive. Suddenly the Tanuki’s lips would part slightly, for a thick belch to wash over them. The force of the wind actually made their hair flip back a bit and the scent make their nose twitch a few times.

Smackin his lips after such a loud display, he shook his head, the Tanuki’s belly rubbing and wobbling along his prey. “Sorry! Your outstanding balance makes that impossible. No hard feelings!” He smiled, leaning his head down while grabbing the villager’s shoulders to keep his hands pinned down. Opening his jaws to reveal a fleshy pink interior, dripping with drool from the upper lip dripping down over his prey.

As those jaws came down to bear on them. The villager got a good whiff of the Tanuki’s breath, and what was no doubt the last villager that Tom had eaten from late debt payments. They stared into that pink, fleshy cavern before their vision was closed off in darkness. The Tanuki’s maw closed around their head, leaving them to be assaulted by the raccoon’s salivating tongue that would brush and slap along their cheek to get all the flavor out of his latest victim.

Tom was in bliss over the Villager’s flavor. Casually slurping around their head and swallowing with eager anticipation of his meal. They would struggle against him, hands trying feebly to find purchase with his rotund belly but only serving to urge the hungry predator on as he stretched his jaws across teir shoulders with a wet SHLURRRP sound, pinning their arms without any need for using his own paws.

The villager was fighting against this hungry animal…Tom Nook, with every bit of strength that they had, but it didn’t amount to much when your body is being restrained…arms pinned as they are slowly dragged into that warm, salivating cavern. The air, hot and stale as they were squeezed into his hungry gullet with each swallow. Wet swallows, the heartbeats just below them, and the occasional gurgling sounds of the Tanuki’s stomach were all they could hear…well…aside from the occasional moaning that Tom made around their body, treating them like a really big snack…not how they expected to go.

However, Tom always had the sneaking suspicion this was the way it was going to be. Sometimes, he had a knack for determining which Villagers would be an asset to his business, and which would be a worthwhile snack. He never turned down either as even if he lost money on the house…the next mover would simply buy it out fully furnished, believing to save themselves money. He was snapped out of that thought when he felt something brush against his foot and realized he had the villager dangling halfway in his mouth, legs flailing in the air and trying to kick him in the shins.

With a giggle, Tom swallowed once again, pulling the villager, waist deep into his salivating maw and lifting their feet up into the air, now preferring to let gravity and their own struggles help in devouring the last inches of his meal. It wouldn’t take a lot, and with one final push on those shoes, he finished off the poor villager and sighed with relief. His belly below expanded with the new weight inside of him, bulging somewhat but most of his meal was hidden beneath his thick fat and fur, only noticeable if someone was actually LOOKING for it.

“HUUUAAAAARP!” Tom belched thickly, feeling the struggling within his belly a moment later giving him a moment of pause. “Oh hoho…Villagers make me gassy yes yes! Now I have lots of paper work to file. Your eviction papers, and set your house up for sale. Just business yes yes!”

With that, Tom Nook stretched out his sweatervest, doing so to help hide the squirming lump in his stomach before stepping out. He took a deep breath of fresh air and sighed. “Time to go visit Brewster for some coffee! That should put a little extra perk in my uuuuurp- Step!”

He laughed to himself, and began walking through the village of Akatsuki. The bar was built close to the plaza so he didn’t have to look very far. Inside, the green Owl was wearing his bar vest, cleaning a few dirty glasses when he’d spotted the Tanuki stepping in. “Hello hello, Brewster. I’ll be having the usual today.”

The Owl looked him up and down, waiting for Tom to sit as he spotted the all too familiar bulge in his belly and set the glasses down. “Kilimanjaro right? Lotsa Milk and a spoonful of sugar?”

“Oh ho ho you know me too well!” Tom laughed cheerfully. The two of them ignored the struggling bump in his belly and the Tanuki simply waited until his drink was ready. He took a sip right away when it was delivered, and sighed a sweet breath of relief. “Your brew is always top notch Bewster. Quite exquisite!”

Brewster set other glasses down where they belonged and once a few of the remaining patrons walked out, simply nodded. “You ate another one. That’s going to be bad for business. How else can I make new coffee?”

Tom shrugged his shoulders as he took another sip of his coffee, noting how the struggles within were picking up every time he took a sip. “hehehe don’t you worry. The ones I eat, don’t pay anyway. You’re saving yourself some time.”

“Well…if that’s all you have to say about it, I hope you find a new renter.” He took the empty glass after Tom had drained his mug.

The two remained quiet for another 10 minutes or so, until Tom decided he had overstayed his welcome and proceeded to leave the bar. It would only take him a few minute at the most, to get back to his office and sign the needed paperwork for the eviction. “don’t you worry I won’t sell your precious furniture.”

He got a few muffled replies out of his meal but nothing he could discern. He simply shrugged and began stamping the eviction papers with his seal of approval, a giant tom stamp. “They’ll go to the new owners.” With that, Tom had grabbed a bag from the back of his shop and began lugging it back into the living area of Akatsuki, his full stomach bouncing and swaying the whole time.

When he finally got back to the house of the villager, he’d noticed how they’d stopped struggling…from lack of air or maybe just from simply acknowledging their fate, he didn’t know. But he hammered in a “For Sale” sign just outside the door of the house and hummed a cheerful tune while he did.

“There we go…” He looked down at his stomach, the only replies to his completed work were a set of gurgling sounds as his stomach digested the evicted resident. “Welcome to your permanent residence inside of me. Tanuki Tavern hehe…I think you’ll enjoy your stay.” He made sure his contact information was on the for sale sign and happily started waddling off, stomach sloshing and bouncing as he did, whistling a happy tune.