A young trainer in a cap is walking his way down the beach to continue exploring the area out of curiosity when he encounters a Lapras resting in the hot sand. It seems fine, chilling the area around it, while the boy decides to circle the Pokémon and finds the owner sitting on top. She weighs the shell to the point one would think the shell would crack, a Lava Cookie with a bite mark in her hand and her legs daintily crossed. Rather strange one would wear heels to a beach...

Who is that she feels judging her from close by? Her attention shifts from the cookie in hand to the young boy gawking at her. "Oh, hello there. You caught me relaxing between matches. What can I do for you?"

It takes the boy a minute to realize who this is. "Lorelei??"

His response back isn't at first met with her voice, but a low rumble. This awful Hoenn treat seems better made here wherever they are compared to their homeland. However it still doesn't seem to mix well in her. "Mmmph. That is my name, yes." She struggles to try and sit up more, agitating her gut a bit further with the groaning and gurgling . "Ahh, one moment. Lapras? Upsy-Daisy!" Scooting up her Lapras seat, which while rough is at least nice and cool compared to the sand below. It reveals the gap between her top and professional pencil skirt. Her little vacation out here's definitely gotten the best of her. The boy isn't sure what to ask. Sure it is vacation time, but it's still pretty weird someone so important is out here all alone...

"Hrrrrm. So, can I help you with something, or are you just going to stare all day?" She's pretty sure she's got the one up on him, but she'll also see how this plays out. Then she looks out over the ocean, instead of to him. He looks green.

"Well, um... I guess I could challenge you to a battle?"

Lorelei hops off of her Lapras. She did it to look cool, but her poor top was not having it as it pops open slightly from the force of landing, pushed to its limit ever since she's come to this region. Luckily, it only just shows off a massive canyon of cleavage and hasn't busted completely. The sheen of sweat on her skin glistens in the sun. Down low her heels dig into the sand and lead up to her set of massively built hips that her hands rest on. She's as confident as ever even, if she shouldn't be. "Or... I could stare."

She turns to gather her composure, checking how bad the damage was. "Hrrrm. Earn your right to, boy~", she teases, facing him once more. "Face me and I'll show you just how calculated and cold I can be!"

"Right! What should the prize be if I win?" he asks first, grabbing his Pokéball. He's expecting to go up against Lapras here.

"Oh? I hadn't thought about that...?" She pauses for a moment to think it over. "Hmm, I guess you can put your offer on the table. I'll think of something when you do, as I'll have to agree to it anyway."

"Alright... Since this ain't an official league battle..." He points at her, with confidence, "Go on a date with me!"

"Oh! How bold! I like it! Ohohoho~!" Her glasses gleam some as the light catches them with that head tilt of hers. "If I win? Lunch." She readies herself with a pose. "Alright then! Shall we get on with it, then?"

He blinks. Wouldn't lunch be a date too? Unless she doesn't want him to associate with her, seems very rude. But a bet is a bet. The boy flings his ball as hard as his arm can throw and it pops out... A Pikachu! The cutest little thing. It chus so optimistically before hopping on all fours for a battle stance. These kids really sometimes bring kazoos to an orchestra.

"Oh! A Pikachu!" She puts her hand to her cheek, feigning worry. And then there's the smile again. That wickedly cruel smile. "At least this won't be boring.~", she says as she snaps her fingers gently. Guess that's the call for Lapras to take a break...from taking a break.

The boy smirks, finger rimming the bill of his hat before pointing at her again. Pikachu seems to know what to start with, quickly firing a Thunder Wave at the Lapras. For added flair the little mouse shoots it through Lorelei's leg gap, the bolt skipping across the floor to hit the tank of a nessie. She seems to be caught off-guard at the attack, as well as the flair of it, as she gasps softly. She looks to her partner as the jolt slips past her, hoping they take it just as well as they could! Especially on using the attack next, too... Aurora Beam! Pikachus are cute, but they are also very frail. The little rat barely tanks it, having been shot back by the colorful blast.

"Volt Tackle" The trainer boy sounds serious. What's a Pikachu without this? The mouse dashes into a ball of energy right into the Lapras, also aching the poor little thing even further. The verdict...? Given that not only does Lapras tank it well, but also retorts with a Body Slam now that the mascot was too close to retreat from it, one would say that she won.

She's sort of still crackling with her hair a bit, since the Pikachu's Volt Tackle had gone so close to her. "Hunh. Well, I guess that's that, then?"

"Hmph, yeah. Guess I need to work on hitting harder." He crosses his arms, before going to dig for his wallet. "How much for lunch?"

"A bit, ohoho. I hope you hit harder than your partner does, or we'll be absolutely boring together~," as she smiles nicely and comes right up to him, looming over the kid. "Not too much. Just what you've got on you~," she says and, before giving him the chance to even think what she meant, she pounces. Not that he can answer given he's sent crashing back into the sand by the large woman. She's absolutely massive compared to him, even if she's just of average height. His face starts to turn red, wondering what she means now given she's on top of him with her rack hanging down onto him and tightly-clad bottom pointed upward. Lorelei looks like a cat that's caught a mouse

"Ohohoho, you have no idea how much I might enjoy this.~" She smirks and slooooowly lowers herself down upon him, first smothering him with her larger rack, then her belly and thighs, as she closes the gap to kiss him. Really well, oddly. For someone in glasses, she's well-versed! He isn't, it's certainly clear that he wasn't expecting to win like this instead of losing. His flushed face can only take her kiss and isn't quite sure how to kiss back, feeling his own mouth penetrated or feeling the tongue lap against his whole face.

"Mmmph, soooo sweeeeeet~!" She smacks her lips, drooling a little upon herself. "You're mine~!"

And then his world goes dark when she comes back down again. And wet. And warm. And breathy. Lorelei is quite pleased with herself getting along his whole head and hat and all, working now to greedily work him down, imagining the cookie. Maybe it'll help her, who knows. As his head travels downward her chest begins to expand larger than it already is to fit in a whole head, finally the top gives out and splits right down the middle for a big reveal he'll never see. Dusting off the sand off his back the large woman is eerily adept at this, none of his wiggles are noticed and her loud, breathy gulps would've been heard if not drowned out by ocean waves. She feels so free, like this! She feels so good, too! She's reveling in the pleasure and method, caught in that she most likely won't get caught, either. Shame she only gets to do this with him once, he showed a bit of promise!

Meanwhile her Lapras behind her has wiggled off the Pikachu. Almost a Pika-Pancake, Lapras is figuring this is all in good fun between them! Maybe they should join in? They crane their neck down to lick at the Chu, mostly grooming it off a bit first, before their Partner notices. The chu's ear twitches just in time for it to see a pair of feet go right down Lorelei's gullet.

One last gulp and she feels the rest of him put inside her pale stomach causing one final bloat as it sits in her thick lap. Occasional wiggles here and there from the thrashing, making her bared breasts jiggle, but she herself doesn't quite budge. The Elite Trainer sighs contently, having felt wonderful filling her gut with something far more substantial. "Urrrroooaaahhhrrp~! Goodness, that'll pack you down a little bit more, won't it?" she asks as she proudly pats her belly and attempts to get up on her own. "If you squirm better for me, maybe I'll let you out in a bit~."

Lorelei huffs and puffs to get to her knees and then legs, able to balance once she gets the hang of it. From an outsider's perspective, Lorelei is definitely used to this given she stands just the same, heels in the sand as if to taunt her prey even. Her stomach continues to wobble and warble about with the boy inside, an occasional large kick that doesn't even phase her. Tap, tap... A hand taps against the ingesting organ while another on her hips. Whatever man rings her down is sure going to be blessed, it's almost a bit embarrassing her Summer vacation's filled out those womanly assets so much.

"Oh, right, your little Pikachu! Should I send them down, too? Or let my Lapras have some fun, instead?", she coos as she hugs around her wobbling gut sweetly while thinking. Then comes to the conclusion, "Hmm, Lapras, you can have the little thing. Just don't be cruel or anything~." The hypocrite she is.

Happy plesiosaur noises as the much larger Pokémon helps itself to a morsel of Chu. Doesn't chew, though, as those all seem to be grinding teeth, anyway. Guuuuuulp! Goodbye Pikachu! Happy Lapras, happy life.

Lorelei begins to carefully waddle in the sand back onto Lapras to sit herself back down. Though now with a passenger on board, her fat ass is forced to sit differently than the elegant way she did before by laying back and letting her stomach just hang.

The way she waddled, carrying her round gut around, feeling it kick... It flushes her face red like her hair when she realize what it makes her look like. Even if she is technically a bit of a monster, actually. Lorelei murmurs something to herself, something about how close this gets her to looking and feeling like that, even if the spot isn't right, or the size. The motherly image fades entirely when she feels a huge shift, mixed with a loud, groaning churn. Softly sighing more at his struggles, hoping he'll last long enough that she might actually consider giving him his freedom back. Time will tell that, as she lounges and enjoys herself alone, once more.

Lorelei finds herself at an odd peace with herself. Probably not so much for the boy, but more solidarity in the fact that he was completely hers now. "URRROOOAARRROPP!!" Good thing nobody else is around.

In the end a comfy way to relax. Full gut, cozy chub, a good Partner, the ocean's serene crashing waves and the sand beneath you... and in your heels.