Chapter Five

Remy regretted letting Stuart go out in the hastily fitted makeshift death truck but the rat had been insistent, informing Remy in no uncertain terms that if they didn’t take down the fox quickly then at least half of the residents of this party were doomed to digest. And the chef couldn’t disagree there.

But it was obvious that his plan had failed, Stuart hadn’t come back yet and Remy had heard him screaming from the next room, a cry that was quickly muffled and silenced by a thing that Remy could only dream of and then shudder at the image. It was up to him then.

His plan was simpler and he’d been pushing to complete it ever since Theodore and Fievel had gone missing over an hour ago. A bucket of boiling hot soup, perched precariously atop the door, should anyone try to open it the liquid would fall down and scald them half to death and if the soup had cooled down in the meantime then the bucket would prove just as good at knocking them into a coma. Then ttherat would run at the creature with a knife and tear him open freeing every rodent within.

Idealistic and wild, but it was all Remy had.

The fat rat sat on his haunches and stared deeply at the doorway, the entire restaurant in complete silence now, a potential eight rodents down already and him the last one standing. And Remy knew for a fact that he was probably the most delectable of them all, the most desirable snack for an experienced predator. He was a chef after all and so naturally fat with a healthy coat of bluish fur and a high pink nose well equipped for snuffing out a hidden ingredient. He’d been told often that the local cat population dearly desired to have him, but Remy had never imagined that he would actually face a predator in real life having always had the protection of Linguini and the rats above to help him. But now he had nobody, nobody except his own wits.

But his wits would fail him tonight, and the first mistake came when the door finally slid open and the dim moonlight from the dining area flooded in through the halls. Remy watching with held breath as the pot of soup teetered and then crashed to the ground with a loud clang, spilling its dangerous content all over the kitchen entrance.

A second of silence then a loud cry pierced the ear, animalistic and pained, the fox. he’d done it!

Remy rushed forward and slid down a broom handle with a knife clutched between his teeth and a steadfast expression on his face. “Run over, cut him open whether he’s unconscious or not” He repeated in his head like a mantra. Run and cut, run and cut, run and cut.

But the rat spun to a stop upon sighting the impact area. There was no fox to be seen but instead a simple puddle of lightly steaming liquid and a dented metal pot, the doorway half open and Remy peering into the eerie dark of a silent dining area. The fox had been hurt, Remy was sure of that, but must have scrambled away under one of the tables to nurse its wounds. Well Remy would be sure to give the foul creature even more wounds to lick at when he was done with him.

He made a move to skip over the steaming soup pile, and his entire world came crashing down.


The air vent embedded in the wall beside Remy cracked open and spun across the floor almost swiping the rat as it careened across the kitchen, the rat barely able to make a move as he dodged the spinning piece of dented metal and dropped his knife in the confusion. He scrambled to pick it back up but before he could do so the fox came shooting out of the small hole and made a made dash for the rat jaws agape. He should have known the fox would outwit him, knocking the pot of soup to the floor while he stood a safe distance away and then scrambled through a vent while the rat scurried down to gloat, vulnerable now. 

Remy cursed his own foolishness and took off immediately in the opposite direction, leaving his weapon behind and aiming to simply jump out a window and leave his devoured friends behind. He’d been tremendously stupid, reinforcing the main entryway and not considering that the fox could easily have climbed through a connecting vent in the wall or even through the open steam vents above or even perhaps even through the same window Remy was making a panicked, desperate run for now. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

He screamed, he couldn’t help it. A cry of fear and desperation and loss echoing out from his gut as he sprinted forward with almost all his four paws off the ground and Rovel close behind, the thick jaws of the fox playfully snapping at his heels as if it was all just a twisted game for him with a nice snack waiting at the end.

The fox’s thick balls, heavy with the now silent form of Stuart, and his well filled belly jiggled as he chased his main course for tonight prepared to follow Remy all the way to Belgium if the rat desired to run that far. steely, determined eyes dead sat on that fat rat rump ahead of him.

“just a bit....more...Gotcha!”

A heavy set paw slammed down on the marble tiled floor of the kitchen and right on top of Remy’s fat little tail, the rat slamming to a stop but his front legs still dashing forward, not moving anywhere as he stared longingly at that open window to freedom and made mad, desperate squeaks for help that wouldn’t come.

Rovel watched him run on the spot with a high degree of amusement. “Why do you run little rat” he pondered with a lick of his chops “when there’s nowhere to go but into my body?”

Remy didn’t answer but did come to a stop, turning around to look at his soon to be devourer. The fox’s head by itself was almost the same size as Remy’s full body, fully equipped to snap him up in one gulp should it wish to do so. A sharp row of teeth were curled up into a smile as that tongue crept along them, licking with desire at the sight of the fat rodent chef before it. Underneath that was a thick gray furred chest and an even thicker paw curled up around Remy’s tail. “Y-you ate them all...” The rat stuttered, staring with wide eyes at that gurgling and fat belly situated right above a cum stained, fat pair of plump balls that Remy knew instantly was filled with some of his companions.

“Every last one of them, I simply had to leave you until last you see.” The paw that held Remy’s tail moved up and laid itself upon Remy’s body, leaving the rat trapped under a thick fox paw with only his head poking out now, Remy weakly wriggling to free himself from the heavyweight.

“You see I'm a bit of a connoisseur, an avid fan of a...wilder cuisine you could say. I just love to eat Rodents, be they chipmunk, squirrel, rat or mouse, all these little creatures have such varied and rich flavours to them. Not a single one ever tastes the same and I am always on the lookout for rare and delectable specimens.”

Rovel pushed down and Remy suddenly found it quite hard to breathe, his heart in his mouth as he continued his weak struggle for escape.

“So naturally when I discovered that there was a nice, fat, very famous Rodent recently promoted to head chef in such a prestigious restaurant I felt like I just had to introduce myself to them. Such a delicacy cannot go untouched and really it was only a matter of time until a cat or some other lower creature pounced upon you, I intended to reach that meal before them.”

The clawed toes curled up, touching the upper layer of Remy’s furred skin but not breaking through skin, the rat squeaking as his breaths became ragged and sparse underneath the increasingly high pressure.

“And imagine my luck when I found out that you were throwing a party and had invited a multitude of other Rodents along for the ride. How thoughtful of you to lay out such a fine feast before me, but I suppose I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a top class chef after all making feasts is your whole business. You were kind enough to give me the opportunity to devour all of these rodents one by one, securing my place in the gossip of the other predators of this city and having a most fine meal indeed during the process.”

Vision beginning to blacken Remy tried desperately to shut out the horrid words of the drooling, baying fox as he weakly wriggled for freedom, the crushing weight almost too much to bare.

“And what a meal it was. Remember when I said that every Rodent had a different flavour? Well indeed that was proven correct tonight. Theodore and Fievel were sweeter, more tender. The chipmunks were the opposite, chewy and beefy, then Jerry was a lovely little thing. A fat little brown mouse with a lot of zest in him, he put up the best fight I’ll give him that. As for Stuart, Bernard and Bianca well...I didn't eat them in the traditional manner, so I can’t comment on their flavour specifically. But I assure you they were enjoyed very, very much!”

The paw finally lifted itself up and slid back down to rest upon the tail just before the rat chef slipped into a permanent unconsciousness, Remy taking in hot and eager breaths of fresh air now.

“But all of them were simply appetisers for the main course. Ratatouille, so to speak. A fine choice cut of rodent, fattened with all sorts of rich, delicious foods and no doubt filled with equally rich flavours. All those spices you’ve worked with I'm sure have had their chance to work their way into your body and give you a lovely, layered array of flavours....”

Remy didn’t put up the fight that Stuart or Jerry had put up, simply wriggling about feebly as the fox spoke about him like he was some sort of fine dinner waiting to be devoured. And of course, to Rovel, that was all he was. Not a famous chef, not a rat who had risen from the bottom to taste the cream of high life, not a shining light of inspiration amongst other rodents and a symbol of what they could achieve. No, here Remy was simply a fat little snack for Rovel to faun over and devour.

“Well Remy” the fox grinned and showed off all his white teeth, spinning the terrified rat around to face him once more “it’s been fun meeting you and all of your delicious friends, but I really am eager to taste you, and I simply can’t wait any longer. Forgive my manners.”

Forgive my manners....the last thing Remy would ever heard from this world as the fox lifted him up high by the tail and dangled him over an open maw. The rat squeaking as he stared down at the thick pink gullet open before him and pulsating greedily for his flesh, tongue flicking out to await his arrival and its chance to feast upon his fine flavours.

Remy couldn’t help it. He finally broke down and began to beg.

“No please! Don’t eat me, I can cook you a fine meal that’ll taste better than any rodent you could ever have, just don-”

The grip around his tail vanished and Remy went tumbling through the air, a fat ball of rat screaming as he careened down towards an eager fox maw. His cry of terror was cut short with a quick snap of the fox jaws, the two rows of teeth snapping shut around his fat form and encasing him in hot and foul smelling darkness.

“mmmmm” Rovel cooed with a fat tail sticking out of his maw that was quickly slurped up like a string of meaty spaghetti “slurrrp, ahhhh! Absolutely delicious Remy.” He mumbled the praise through full lips, his cheeks puffed out with high quality rat meat as his prey shuffled about inside desperate for an escape, already covered in canine drool as the tongue slathered all over his wriggling body.

Remy was delicious, even more-so than Rovel had ever dreamed of before. It would seem that every single herb, spice, sauce and meat product that the rat had ever worked with had embedded itself into his fur. Creating a most delectable, exquisite tasting creature. Remy was equal parts spicy and sweet, sometimes quite earthy in some areas, with a wonderfully beefy kick to his soft, squirming body. He was fat too, deliciously round from all of the rich food the kitchen had delivered to him all these years.

I did occur to Rovel quite how ironic it was that, for a chef that had prided himself on being so talented and was so good at what he did, that Remy's best meal would in fact be himself. Unbeknownst to anyone the rat had been preparing this one his entire life. Every inch of seasoning he sprinkled into his food, every bit of dough he kneaded between his paws, every single bit of chocolate he taste tested, all of it had prepared Remy for today. The day when he would be served to a hungry fox, fat and delicious and wonderfully aromatic.

"Mmmm, so good" Rovel mumbled as he held his muzzle up proud and swished Remy about within his grinning jaws. Tongue slapping over every inch of the rat's wriggling form, tasting every bit of delicate, tender meat the young chef offered to such a connoisseur of rodents. "Wonderfully seasoned, beautifully presented and those paws?" Rovel chuckled around his mouthful of rat and slathered up against Remy's clenched toes "to die for."

"Don't eat me please!" his prey cried from within, finding itself pushed over towards the two molars in the back of Rovel's jaws, expecting to be chomped up into a crunchy mess. But instead the pressure of the descending teeth was soft and more of a light gnawing than a crushing, the fox was teasing him. Remy couldn't believe it. Not only were his friends digesting away and he was soon to join them, but now this "Rovel" was toying with him like a cat.

The rat didn't want it to end like this. It couldn't end like this. He was a celebrity, he was a world class chef, he couldn't be the main course of this perverse dish. But no matter how much he protested and kicked, covered in gooey saliva while the fox gnawed on him and groaned about how delicious he was, Remy could not extract himself from the keratin cage he was trapped in. The maw was hot, sticky and in a constant state of movement around Remy, processing him for the journey ahead while the scents of digested companions swirled around him, and all Remy could do was scream.

And Rovel had one more special surprise for Remy, a new trick he’d learned and one that he was very excited to try out on a wonderful meal. He slid his snake like tongue around the panting, tired rodent and pulled him towards the front of the maw. For a moment Remy almost thought he was going to be spat back out and that perhaps the fox was already full or had never desired to swallow him in the first place, but that brief moment of relief was quickly scuttled as he was brought to a stop in between the two sharp front teeth of his enemy. Held in place while his front paws stuck out through the slimy lips, his entire fat body stretched out from lip to the back of Rovel’s gullet, back paws almost hanging off the edge.

The rat froze in place as Rovel let out a strange, eager hum. Now that the maw had stopped flinging him around Remy could focus clearly on what was around him as he searched for an escape route. The maw was pink and dark, the only light being a small glint in between the curled up lip, and it stank. Unfortunately for Remy, who’s nose had been trained to pick out every herb and spice a dish contained, he could smell exactly what it stunk of. Rodent.

All around him was the stench of tens, perhaps hundreds, of long dead rodents. Remy could smell the digested remnants of squirrel, rat, mouse, ground-hog, chipmunk, and he could even pick out some individual scents in the mix. Jerry was there, thick and beefy, recent and strong. The two rescue ranger chipmunk brothers, sweeter and doubly potent, and of course the soft scent of Theodore and Fievel both so distant now were also there. It was horrid and vile, that thick smell hanging in the air and mocking Remy with his future fate as fox food.

And for the moment, Remy was also a fox’s pleasure.

That soft, pink appendage of tongue crept up his body first, slathering his back fur down in even more copious amounts of gooey, smelly drool. But then it retreated, leaving Remy weary about what the fox planned to do with I'm in such a strange position.

It slid into action again, this time underneath Remy, brushing past his rump and lifting the tail a little bit as Remy squeaked and moaned unable to contain himself, hot breath whooshing past him in a meaty haze. He was licked once then twice, his backside coated now, before the tongue slid up in his underside and began to Rock back and forth, Remy’s tiny rat penis resting on it’s soft, velvety surface.

Rovel usually didn’t give this treatment to his prey but if anyone deserved it was Remy, the fat and delicious chef. “Enjoy this my prey” he mumbled happily “this is the fun part.” The next sound that came was the soft gasp of the rat as Rovel’s tongue begin to shift back and forth, up and down his front, rocking his member gently under a soft, almost velvet surface.

He couldn’t help it, not with his animal brain taking control, and Remy soon began to rock back and forth in rhythm with the movements. Rovel humming to taste the rodent’s excited air, feeling the sweet honey of his pre-cum dribbling off that little shaft. It was fun for both sure but Remy still burned white hot as it happened, knowing that to this fox he was merely food and for the moment pleasure, this act was merely to reinforce his role as a plaything. But despite knowing he still groaned and bucked, the meaty hot breath wafting past him in steamy vapours, drool coating his body in its warm silk while the tongue brought him closer and closer to a guilty, somewhat reluctant climax.

It didn’t take long to make the little guy cream, Rovel found, Remy’s hardening member giving in after little more than a minute or two of the gentle rocks. A squeak and a warm, sweet taste on his tongue told the fox that indeed he had succeeding in dominating the chef in every way imaginable and that it was time to finish his meal. So with a thin line of drool mixed in with creamy rat jizz rolling down his chin, Rovel lifted his jaws to the ceiling and....


The fat body of his prey slid down easily, wriggling only slightly as a bulge in the fox’s neck that slipped down and down and into the waiting, gurgling belly already filled with sticky digestive juices ready to get to work. “ahhhh” Rovel sighed and gave his gurgling organ a light kick already feeling the rat stir within, awakened from his stupor and finding himself in a very hostile environment. In there the air was humid and stank worse than the fox’s breath had, the digestive acids proved to be a much harsher companion than the drool had and all around Remy would be the melted remnants of his former friends.

“It’s been a pleasure following yo-URRRP” Rovel belched and the taste of Remy was upon is mouth again this time with a typical lemony, acidic tinge “following your career and then ending it. Thank you for indulging a fan.”

But Rovel’s night was not over, for as soon as he had gloated a little bit more over the defeated, dominated rat the fox heard a soft rustling behind. “what could this be, another fox trying to intrude upon my feast? Well he’ll find himself a little late to the party...”

But when he hunted for the source of the noise he found not a fox, or even a cat, but instead a full potato sack wriggling seemingly of its own accord. “mmmm, maybe one more guest is unaccounted for?” Rovel mused with a burgeoning grin as the occupant stirred within “seems like I did forget one.”

“You guys can’t keep it down can you?” Templeton cried out with a harsh sigh and slowly, with eyes half lidded from sleep, crawled out of the bag to plop down upon the floor. He was by far the fattest rat the restaurant had ever seen, a big ball of lard even tubbier than he had been years back when he had helped save Wilbur the pig. Templeton hadn’t seen the pig since and, frankly, the equine could have been turned into a bacon sandwich by now for all Templeton cared. All he cared about was food, delicious rich foods from all around the world and he had travelled to great lengths to find the most exotic, the most scrumptious dishes.

But tonight that dish would be him, And Templeton would not be the diner.

“Hey Remy, guys why are you hi-?” The fat rat bumped into what a soft blink to clear his eyes showed him was a paw. But not a mouse or a rat paw certainly, too large and orange. Toes clenched eagerly and gnarled with thick, sharp claws.

“What the?” Templeton craned his neck up, just in time to see grinning maw of Rovel part and then surge towards his fat, succulent body. He didn’t even have time to scream, his words cut off by the eager snap of a still hungry, and very eager, canine jaw.


The fox's belly and cock hung low as he strode out of the restaurant door and down the empty street, belly and balls filled with high quality meat to keep him nice and fat for the months ahead. "Thanks for all the good memories my friends" the canine chuckled and gave his belly a light kick, feeling the forms of the mixed up rodents digesting inside while a quick wriggle of his cock revealed that Stuart was still pretty solid but well on his way to becoming fox batter.

"Such delicious ends for such delicious rodents" Rovel chuckled "and such fine tastes and squirmy bodies. Such a fine feast for a fi-”

Rovel stopped and cranked his ears around, hearing the unmistakable gurgles of a fox belly hard at work to digest some high quality meat. But this time it wasn't his own, The happy purrs and bubbling of this gut were much darker in tone than Rovel knew his own to be.

Perhaps he'd strode into another fox's territory, and quite a happy one from the sounds of things. He called out into the darkness. "Hello my fellow predator" he barked out with a grin "from the sounds of it you have had every successful hunt, I'd like to hear more. Perhaps we could share stories."

There was silence, then the shuffling of paws as an almost pure white fox stride out through the darkness. Rovel was amazed that he hadn't noticed this creature before considering the colouring but, he supposed, that was the sign of a most stealthy and talented fox. He, visibly Male, sat on its rump and let the fat belly jut outward singing its proud symphony. Around the Male's neck was a small bandanna and his mouth was split into a toothy and proud smile.

"Well I was going to sleep these off" the male gestured to his gut with a proud flourish "but I can never resist the opportunity to brag about a very successful hunt with a fellow food lover."

"I'd love to hear it, I have some bragging of my own to do."

"Oh indeed? Well then, you go first."

Rovel sat up and showed off his fat cock to the creature, the Male arching an amused eyebrow in response. “Three chipmunks, two rats and five mice, nine rodents in all from Gusteau’s.”

“Gusteau’s?” Leon replied, visibly impressed “So you crashed that fat chef’s party, very impressive. The cat’s will love you for sure, me though....”

He lifted his back leg and gave his still filled belly a slap, the liquefying contents within gurgling at the sudden jolt. “They won’t like me when they hear about this. Got four of those furred beasts from a mansion, three fat little kittens and their slender morsel of a mother, Dad turned out to be a friend though so I let him go but the rest?”

Blue fox eyes dazed as he thought back to the meal, “they were so delicious. Beautifully rich and plump and they wriggled like no one’s business, four of the best aristocats I've ever eaten. And I've had a few though never like” He pointed to Rovel’s enlarged ballsack “that.”

His newfound companion chuckled in response. “it’s an old trick I've learned, easier with rodents of course but with enough practice anything can go inside. I’ve bagged three of them alone this way tonight” shaking his rump they both watch those gorged balls jiggle and hit off each other, still bulging with the shapes within “digesting prey the regular way is fun yes but this method is something else. Feeling them slip down the shaft, curl up in the balls, and then melt away all ready for being shot back out later on when they’ve liquefied enough? Heavenly.”

Leon was almost growing hard himself just at that description, the white fox’s mouth hung open, awestruck. It was rare to find a creature that enjoyed eating as much as he did, and to be so creative about it was even rarer, his excitement only increased when Rovel made his next proposal.

“Actually, as it turns out there might still be one more prey I want to take out tonight, if you would join me”

“Oh?” Leon raised another, amused eyebrow “why of course I would love too Mr...”


“Rovel, charmed. I’m Leon. And yes indeed I would be honoured to accompany such an accomplished pred on their journey, I assume it’s a friend of one of the...unfortunates inside you right now?”

“Yes indeed, and it’s one that I'm sure you’ll especially enjoy the company of, come Leon. Follow me and we’ll see if we can get that emptying belly filled up again.”

And so the two foxes walked down the street together, tails head high and lower organs gurgling happily.


Soft paws batted against the air as the white furred animal stirred in his sleep, a grimace etched onto his scrunched up pedigree face. Something was wrong, Snowbell’s unconscious mind could sense it, and his dreams painted the picture. He was in a room, brightly lit with chairs stacked high and tables filled with food stretching out before him. The cat looked around in his dream and could see bright flashes of grey and white moving under the tables, circling around him and chuckling until they disappeared and a scream cut through the air.

“Snowbell! Help!”

The voice was high pitched and youthful, Stuart!

Snowbell awoke and sighed, blinking as the sleep dissipated from his eyes and his little heart threatened to burst from his white furred chest. “nightmare” He murmured “always with the nightmares, every night.”

For the little cat had been plagued with them ever since the cougar incident. Being almost devoured by a massive feline beast would do that to anyone after all, but this time the nightmare had been different. Usually they involved chomping jaws clamping onto his skull or a clawed paw working away at his belly while he writhed around only to awaken before the eating began, but this one had been eerier. A restaurant type setting, like the one Stuart had said he would visit tonight, and then those flashes of fur that looked like they came from two different animals.

Snowbell shivered and contemplated searching Stuart out before deciding to return to bed. But before he could crawl back into his warm basket the cat’s ears shifted to hear the tell tale sounds of paws pattering on the floor and two voices whispering to another in hushed titters, higher pitched than any of the little’s voices and certainly lower than Stuart’s.

The cat steeled himself, and with all of his bravery honed from years of adventures, strode forward to meet the intruders. Most likely they were neighbourhood cats out to find and devour Stuart or perhaps to rough up Snowbell as vengeance for Smokey’s death, but something in the cat did sense that there was a bit more to this. His dream for one, and then there was the strange scent hanging over the air as he followed the noises down the hall.

He emerged into the living room, dark with the barest hint of moonlight glinting in the window, but there was no one there.

“s-Stuart? Is that you? Oh no the house better not be haunted” Snowbell murmured and shivered, getting ready to skedaddle out and wait for his little mouse brother to come home before venturing any further, but before he could the door slammed shut and the owners of the two voices made their presence known.

Rovel was first, a thick grin plastered onto his gray face as he emerged from near the couch and stood in front of the door leering down at Snowbell, cock and gut heavy, his tongue licking across the front of his teeth as he stared at the plump, well bred Persian.

Snowbell hissed and flailed backwards only for his rump to slide right underneath Leon’s sack. “Woah there little kitten, at least take me out to dinner first” He laughed and leaned his head around to look the terrified cat dead in the eye “of course I’d be more inclined to take you out for dinner, call it my treat. I just love the company of cats.”

Two paws gripped Snowbell around the side as he looked around for escape. “listen guys” he pleaded as Rovel strode forward and grinned down at him “you don’t wanna eat me I taste terrible I swear, I lick myself every day.”

“Oh really?” Rovel chuckled and quietly placed a paw around his member “well, even if you don’t taste all that good I'm sure if you wriggle half as much as Stuart did....”

Snowbell’s eyes widened, and the fox began to jerk himself off right in front of him, the cat feeling a strong scent of canine musk suddenly enter the air.

“What have you done with Stuart?” he hissed “I swear if you’ve hur-”

“oh well I can assure it didn’t hurt...” The grey canine grinned and then sighed, a low burst of creamy cum sprouting from his dick and landing at Snowbell’s  paws, the cat straining a little to see strange lumps in the mixture.

“Didn’t hurt me, at least.”

The lumps shifted and turned over and Snowbell realised with a start what they were. Mouse bones, a small little skull and some familiar looking knee fragments, and beside them lay a bleached shirt and a pair of jeans that he instantly recognised had belong to Stuart.

Snowbell screamed, sound that only increased when he felt a wet stickiness around his rump, then his stomach.

The dazed, terrified, confused cat looked behind just long enough to see the rock hard fox member slide around his shoulders, and then slurp around his head while Rovel looked on with gentle encouragement.

He would go the same way his brother had, albeit in a different fox. And tomorrow the little’s would wake up, ponder where their cat and son had gone, and never notice the white stain on the carpet that was all to show for Snowbell and Stuart now, just a puddle left behind by two crafty, cunning foxes.

Two foxes that would have plenty more to eat together in the coming months and years.

The end