Commander Cassie Cage, something she had worked hard for to achieve. Sure, she had to save the world and stop an Elder God, but it was worth it. Her best friend Jacqui was there that day when the General (new one since her mother ‘vanished’) gave her the promotion after a short bout. Her father, Johnny Cage, was there too. It was hard to convince the General because Johnny wasn’t part of the Army, but he was there to see Cassie become Commander.

So, how about dinner you two?” Johnny asked as the ceremony broke up. “My treat.” He smiled and opened his arms.

Jacqui smiled with a chuckle. “Sorry but can’t. Got orders to stay on base. Raiden may be showing up. General wants us to be ready.”

Johnny nodded with a sigh. “Right.” Ever since Cassie stopped Shinnok, Raiden became evil, deeming anything threat to Earthrealm to be killed. “I guess I should have remembered.”

Its ok dad.” Cassie walked with him. “Shit happens. But the first chance we get, we will have dinner.”

Johnny smiled and nodded. “I know your mother would proud.” Cassie forced a smile. “If she could see you now…” Johnny fought back some tears. Cassie knew how much she hurt him by Voreing Sonya, but she had it coming. “Well, I need to get going.”

They reached the gates leading outside. “You sure you have to go?” Cassie asked as Jacqui stayed back. “The General knows that you can stay.”

Got to make the money to keep the lifestyle that you are used to.” Johnny joked. “Plus, Ninja Mime is a kick ass series.”

Cassie chuckled when her hair stood up a little. ‘Damn it.’ She heard the thunderclap and there was Raiden. Eyes and lighting glowed red, not his normal blue. The corruption from Shinnok was clear to all but him. “Sup Raiden?”

Commander Cage, I have a mission for you.” The fallen Elder God said. “Gather your team and ready up.” He walked into the base without room for question or defiance.

Damn it.” Johnny whispered. “Sorry hon, guess I am staying for a while longer.”


The were looking at a holo of the Bone Cathedral in the Netherrealm where the Revenants lived, the head Shinnok was in eternal suffering. Raiden wanted to destroy it in a strike. “So, my team sneaks in while you attack the ENITRE Netherrealm army?” Cassie asked. “Isn’t your power like, gone when you are there?”

Yes, but with Shinnok’s amulet I will have great power.” Raiden clenched his fist. “We must stop Liu Kangs’ and Jades’ Revenants here and now, before they can make a move on us.”

Jacqui looked at Cassie. “Not that they haven’t tried lately.”

Raiden looked at her with anger. “I think that maybe they are getting ready to attack and this is a way to stop them.” Cassie quickly interjected before things got out of hand. “So we can be in and out in about ten minutes. Will that be enough time to keep eyes on you?”

Raiden nodded. “Yes. I should have little issue. Once you plant the bombs, get out and I will take your team back. We will finally win.” He darkly smiled. “Get your team ready.” He left leaving a darkness behind him.

Johnny sighed in disappointment and Jacqui looked at Cassie. “Are we really doing this Cass?” She asked with cross arms. The General was there too and even he wasn’t really sure about it all. “I thought that maybe we would be fighting some big player, not try to fight a whole army.”

The General stood up straight. “I have to agree but I rather not anger the God who can wipe us out.” He looked at Cassie. “Look, if he says that he can keep them distracted, then let him. Get your team in and out without issue.”

Yes sir.” Cassie saluted and went to get her gear. It was an upgrade from before, if not a complete redo. She wore a new type of cyber based gear. At least it was more armor than before with a harness that held her two pistols on her back. She tapped her wrist and her drone activated. “Hey there boy.” She pretended to rub its’ chin. “You ready to fight with me again?” It chirped. “Good boy.”


The mission was working well so far. Only a few monsters saw them but they were put down quickly without issue. The only hitch was once they reached the main chamber, a small horde was there. A gun fight took place and one got away.

We need to hurry. Demo-team plant the C4. Everyone else, lets get ready.” They set a trap and waited for the attack. And soon enough, a large number of monsters appeared. “Wait until the C4 we set goes off.” She softly said, waiting for the right time. And as soon as the C4 went off, the team opened fire. There was a lot of monsters but there was a lot of bullets flying. “Keep it up!” Cassie yelled when she saw the more were coming from another way. “Three o’clock!”

The Demo-team seemed to be taking too long. “Jacqui, check on our team below.”

Jacqui ran off and checked. Cassie then saw Jade and Liu Kang walking down to meet them. “Shit.” One thing after another hit the fan, including her team was now breaking up and was forced into CQC. It wasn’t an issue for her and Jacqui of course because they fought with Mortal Kombat fighters. The others however weren’t great. They could hold their own, but if they faced Jade or Liu Kang…it would be a different story.

And of course, the two MK fighters Revenants were killing her team. Cassie grunted as Jacqui reported that they were leaving to join the fight. They only had five minutes though. “Just get out, we will join you soon.” Cassie ordered. She ran up to Jade and knocked her down. “Your mine!”

Liu Kang snorted and ran after some others, thinking Jade would be fine. “You Earthrealmers are weak and predictable.” Jade said, maybe she was smirking. Her mask covered her mouth. “I will show you what your father will suffer.”

Cassie got mad. “Not if you aren’t around!” They engaged in CQC, Cassie’s drone helping her out and allowed her Shadow Powers to be focused. Cassie grew up a fighter thanks to her parents training her, the Army honing those skills and her Shadow Powers making her one of the greatest on Earth. She was able to beat Jades Revenant. Jade was on the ground. “All forces, move out now!”

Jade looked as only Cassie remained. “What are you planning Earthrealmer?”

Cassie smirked and turned off her cameras. With a click of her jaw, she opened her maw and put Jades’ head into it. The Revenant squirmed a little until Cassie broke the shoulders. ‘You’re not getting away this time you bitch.’ Though Cassie kind of wanted to take her time and enjoy this, she knew if she did, someone would catch her or she would be killed by the C4. So she made sure to finish off Jade quickly and digested her. She felt the power flow through her instead of altering her body.

Cassie wiped her mouth and ran out. Her team wasn’t too far off, with luck. They all ran while shooting the monsters. Liu Kang appeared in hopes to get them. Cassie ran passed and slammed her fist into his face. “Fuck you!” The entire team got out and was running/shooting their way to Raiden who was cutting monsters down. Raiden opened the portal and the remaining team members made it out.

Raiden was pleased to hear that Jades’ Revenant was gone and didn’t ask how it was possible. They went to the medical wing to check up on their health and rest up.


Liu Kang looked at the ruined Cathedral. Earthrealm had stopped him from invading and his once mighty army was gone. He was pissed but there was nothing he could do. “Damn you Raiden. I will have my revenge one day.”

That day may be closer than you think my dear Liu Kang.” A Godly sounding voice said behind him. He looked at there floated a woman with no hair, blue glowing ‘streams’ on her arms and thighs and white dress with a smile. “I can help you seek what you want.”

Who are you?”

Kronika, Keeper of Time.” She smiled.