It was a freezing cold night on the outskirts of the wintry town of Arendale. Flynn, the princess Rapunzel and Flynn's white steed Maximus all huddled together for warmth. Soon enough, the cold became too much for the group and they had to stop. They were all starving, Maximus' stomach snarling especially loudly as the two humans set up a temporary post, putting up a tent and hammering a stake into the snowy ground, tying Maximus up to it with a rope. They then started a warm fire, where they cooked some raw food to eat. As they ate, they cut off a few pieces and gave them to the hungry horse Maximus to somewhat satisfy his appetite. Once the two of them finished, they went to give Maximus his actual food, only to find that they had ran out of it, Maximus having devoured it all during the trip. They both apologized to the horse, as he would have to go hungry for the night, they were unable to go into town and get some more food until the next morning. Eventually, Flynn and Rapunzel went into their tent and went to bed, leaving Maximus to starve out in the cold, dark of night.

“hmppph” Maximus groaned and gave his moaning belly a little kick to stop its complaining “this is no way to treat a royal stallion. leaving him out in the cold with nothing good to eat.” he licked his lips again for the sweet taste of those little trinkets the two had given him, meat, a food he rarely indulged in but certainly one he had acquired a taste for over the years. It was sweet, filling and best of all, something he could sneak from the kitchen without the chefs noticing. After all who'd ever heard of a horse that ate meat?

All this thinking of food only served to heighten the aggression of his rumbling stomach, Maximus looking out to the forest and wondering exactly how hard it would be to find something nice and tasty. “they obviously aren't treating me right so, it stands to reason I shouldn't have to share with them...” he grinned “and seems like they're asleep anyway, I'll just slip away and be back with full belly before they know it.

He began to chew at the not with his big equine teeth, bashing it in with his hooves at the same time and making the knot come apart in minutes. “great” he shook his blonde, well-kept mane “now to go hunting...”

A winter storm had been brewing when the group first set up camp, and by the time Maximus was freed, blizzard conditions made it more difficult to see the surroundings and the forest ahead, and the higher winds were quite arid and freezing. Maximus' stomach sounded similar to that of an angry bear or lion as it deeply roared and grumbled for something to fill it.... but what?

His teeth chattering, the horse picked up the distant of something animal in the distance, somewhat feral and certainly not high bred. “well, beggars cant be choosers” he argued and shuffled his feet, hoping the source of the scent wasn't something hungry enough to eat him rather than let him eat it. Nonetheless his grumbling belly edged him forward, the frosty air beginning to show a light in the distance, further movement showing that it was attached to some sort of makeshift camp in the safety of the trees.

The hungry horse's pristine white coat blended in perfectly with the snowy weather as he approached the camp, practically invisible, save for his yellow mane and tail. His cavernous gut roared loudly then as he grew nearer, visibly rippling and vibrating with intense hunger.

At the camp was a large and plump reindeer, who was awake in the freezing cold, his owner asleep in the tent. He gasped and shivered to himself as he heard a distant roaring, fearing bears or wolves. He looked around fearfully, before dropping his head back down into the snow and closing his eyes, attempting to go to sleep.

Maximus stopped for a moment as he caught the silhouette of Sven through the snow, seeing the antlers and instantly conjuring up images of horned dragons and other nasty creatures. “snap out of it, it's just fairytale” he grumbled before getting a better image of the creature they belonged to “and besides, seems like the truth is much, much sweeter...”

It was clear the reindeer wasn't really asleep, it's eyes clenched tight as Maximus drew near and saw that this creature appeared to be alone, and very plump looking. “my my, look at all that wonderful meat he's packing” the predatory horse grinned “he's practically bulging with juicy muscle, fat and protein. Perfect for a growing horse like myself.”

Maximus the horse was growing mad with hunger. He never had such thoughts as these running through his head before. Was he really contemplating making this massive reindeer into a meal? He ignored those questions his conscience was asking him as he drooled profusely all over the fresh white snow, getting closer and closer to the camp, getting a progressively better look at the fat equine known as Sven.

Clearly he'd been treated with much better care than Maximus had. Look at how chubby and thick he was! He had obviously been fed very well, his flanks, belly and thighs being quite thick compared to the toned, skinny musculature of Maximus.

The soft droplets of his drool on the snow made Sven open one cautious eye, expecting to see a wolf pack bearing down on him but instead being treated to the much nicer sight of a messy horse. Maximus quickly closing his jaws and smiling with a friendly air, knowing that this creature could easily hurt him if it wasn't taken be surprise. “nevertheless those antlers are going to be a problem, but with a little bit of willpower...”

he bowed slightly to the reindeer, annoyed that he had to show such respect to a lower creature but content in the knowledge that it would soon be put in it's rightful place melting and writhing around in his horsey gut. “hello, my name is Maximus.”

The reindeer gasped in surprise at the sight of a beautifully royal and regal white stallion. "W-What?! Who are you and what are you doing in a forest in a snowstorm?!"

"I was just travelling about, looking for something to eat without becoming a snack myself" Maximus explained calmly, stepping inside the tent and away from the snow "hope you don't mind if I warm myself up here." He could smell the cervine's scent now, thick with the juicy scent of meat rich in fat.

"Well, my master is asleep in that tent..." the obviously-nervous and skittish reindeer responded, looking at the ground a bit.

Maximus turned and looked at the pile of cloth in the corner, realising now that it was slowly moving up and down as its owner breathed within. "Hmm, perhaps we should move then and continue our conversation somewhere else, don't wanna wake him up." God he wanted this creature so bad, wanted to feel it kicking and screaming inside of him...he would eat him either way.

"C-Conversation? About what?" The nervous creature asked. Something did not seem right about this random royal stallion that seemed to appear out of thin air... he seemed... off...

Maximus knew that it could sense his hunger, his lust for the reindeer's muscular form, and found himself growing increasingly impatient. "Just to get to know each other, hooved...creatures should stick together right?"

A low rumble echoed from his belly, the horse no wondering if he would be able to pull Sven away without the human waking up. "I mean, It's not as if I'm going to eat you or anything."

Sven actually gave a wry chuckle at that. "E-Eh-heh... r-right!" It was at that moment that he began to trust the new stallion a bit more after his joking turn-of-phrase. Surely he couldn't have come here just to eat him! That's preposterous! Inspecting Maximus a little more, failing to hear or see his belly snarling gravely, Sven then stood up to his full height, shaking all the snow that had collected on his coat, revealing his entire body to Maximus. His thicker legs and slightly hanging pot-belly were clearer than ever to the pampered white stallion in the grey blizzard night.

Maximus feasted his eyes on the sight, living the look of that hanging and wondering if the creature had eaten a good dinner and smiling at the thought that he would be stealing it for himself. "Yeah, I'm just a horse after all" he continued, licking his lips as if they were chapped but really only doing it as a response to the wonderful feast laid put before him.

"Anyway, shall we go?" The horse asked, mostly just to cover up a low grumble from his inpatient belly, the organ rippling with desire for reindeer meat.

"O-Of course-- Uh... you said Maximus was your name?" Sven asked, once again shaking like a dog wet from a swim, spinning more snow off of himself, his plump belly swaying and swishing back and forth as he shook, which just taunted Maximus and the hungry, burbling cauldron of his belly.

“yeah, that's right” Maximus said and with one final look at the human began to walk of towards the tree with Sven, the reindeer's tantalising scent wafting pats his nose and taunting him with it's sweet promise of a good meal. “patience” he repeated in his head to quell his bubbling belly “so close now...”

Within merely a few minutes of walking, Sven's campsite was nowhere to be seen in the pale white night of the blizzard. Maximus' guts churned and glorped messily, bubbling loudly with intense hunger; luckily the whistling wind drowned out the sounds before Sven could hear them.

"S-So what are you doing here in the middle of a forest?" Sven asked, making small talk. "You look like you belong in a castle! Where did you even come from anyway?"

“hmmm, just thought we'd get to know each other” he didn't add the, before I eat you, bit though “I'm from Arendale in the south. I'm a royal stallion as well, high bred you see.” he began to pace slowly around the reindeer, trying to find a week spot and realising that his best course of action would be to take him from behind. Perhaps a distraction would be the best course of action...

"I see... um... what are you doing?" Sven asked as the horse began circling.

"hehe, wouldn't you like to know?" the horse chucked and went behind the reindeer, Sven craning his neck around to see him. "you see little commoner, you're quite a large, plump and juicy creature. and I'm no ordinary horse...I love to eat animals like you." and with that he lunged forward with jaws open, trying to catch the back of Sven in his drooling maw.

"W-What?! OOF!" Sven gasped as the entirety of his fat rump was suddenly lodged in Maximus' quite-stretched mouth.

"mmmmm, tasty" Maximus groaned with a big grin, licking at the reindeer's lovely meat and gulping to bring in his kicking feet. He'd never eaten a hooved creature before but if they all had the same delicious flavour and salty texture on their common organs then Maximus would be eating much more of them in the future.

Sven smelled absolutely putrid up close, and there was a certain foul-tasting musk on the dirty commoner, but shockingly, the disgusting bitterness actually added a lot of dynamic to his overall flavour, making it much more enticing.

"What are you doing?! You can't be serious!! Stop this now!!" Sven begged, bucking and kicking his hind legs to try and get his rump out of Maximus' wet jaws as they salivated all over him.

The horse's insides, meanwhile, kept churning and gurgling in preparation for the impending feast.  

In a way the reindeer was like junk food for the royal stallion, something that was certainly against his dietary habits and probably unhealthy but something he loved eating all the same time. such a tasty, juicy creature with a certain tenderness under his hard, ice-molded muscle. "gonna enjoy digesting you..." Maximus mumbled through full lips, unsure if Sven would hear or even understand him but still revelling in his taunting of the soon-to-be pudge creature.

"H-Help!!! Somebody help!!!" Sven cried out, hoping someone will hear him in the dark of night, praying that his cries will alert his owner and get him to come to his rescue. But unfortunately, humans cannot understand the language of the animals and it would only come out as pitiful braying and neighing

Maximus could certainly understand the reindeer's pitiful cries, which only served to make him even more eager to gulp down this juicy beast. Tongue licking across those salty, smooth hooves one last time before swallowing again and moving the two of them to the back of his throat. there would be little chance of escape now, Sven's fat as melted horse pudge sealed unless Maximus decided otherwise. "unlikely" the horse grinned, tongue slurping across the well fed cervine belly that Sven sported.

Sven gasped in horror as Maximus had already arrived at his soft, squishy, meaty belly, feeling his hind hooves begin to enter Maximus' starved, toned stomach. He began to kick as hard as he could, hoping to give Maximus enough of a stomachache for him to regurgitate the latter half of him.

The sudden kicking and jabbing of the hard hooves of the reindeer did hurt Maximus quite a bit, his stomach not liking it either as it groaned and snarled in discomfort, which only resulted in angering the groomed white stallion a bit.

The horse groaned a little and began to shake his jaws slightly, sloshing the liquid already forming inside and making it splash up against those hard, kicking hooves. “that should quieten him down” he chuckled, chewing gently on the soft, tender belly full of it's own food tat would soon belong to Maximus along with everything else the reindeer owned. The horse did sort of wish he'd gotten rid of the saddle and the antlers before chowing down, knowing that they wouldn't be pleasant to regurgitate later. “shut up and get down there” he growled, the fat layering the belly poofing in at the prods of his moist organ.

Now both items of prey were thrashing about. Sven was struggling to push his owner back out and Kristoff was trying to pull himself out. Maximus was outnumbered in this twisted game of tug-of-war.

"Hnng!!! Must... escape!!" Sven grunted as he tried to pull himself out of the voracious stallion, making the process even difficult for Maximus as he and the reindeer entered a stalemate state of tug-of-war.

Maximus stopped for a few seconds to assess the situation, seeing that Sven was not going down easy and that perhaps a mind game the best course of action. "alright fine" he mumbled through full lips "I'll let you go..."

but as soon as the reindeer stopped to hear Maximus out the horse suddenly lunged forward to bring in more of his slippery, meaty body...

Sven gasped and stopped struggling when he heard Maximus say that, relaxing and loosening up his body in shock.

...That was all the distraction Maximus needed. Sven was his now.

Maximus took full advantage of the reindeer's relaxation, lunging forward and up to his chest now, tongue lapping over the fluffy breast of Sven like he was some sort of chicken. the bottom half of the tasty creature already slipping into the caustic belly, Sven's feet beginning to feel quite numb as the acid worked him down into nothing.

Maximus could feel his stomach already expanding and swelling beyond its limits, gurgling with pleasure as Sven shrieked in horror and began struggling harder than ever, only his front legs, neck and head remaining outside of the already-engorged horse.

"hehe, you aren't going anywhere now" Maximus mumbled, the horse's muscular body packing in the larger creatures meat tight and making his own expand to an incredible degree. A struggle evident inside his belly, Sven's hooves making the surface ripple but failing to make any other impact on the fleshy, acid-filled sac.

"P-Please!! Let me out!! I'll do anything!!" Sven sobbed as his neck and front legs were swallowed, leaving only his head and hooves, begging to be let free.

Maximus' belly was absolutely massive, nearly touching the snowy ground

It was not a comfortable experience, Maximus groaning at those hands punching his insides and at one point the human's forehead poking back through the sphincter before a gulp brought it back down. "Uuugggh"

Grinning around his mouthful of Reindeer, Maximus moved his head around to face his bulging, rippling belly. showing the outside of where the tasty guy was going to end his days, inside a predatory horse who had clearly enjoyed devouring him and would no doubt lounge about and revel while he melted within. "time, to digest" Maximus sighed, before swallowing one last time and sucking in the top of Sven's tasty little held, stopping for a moment when he realised there was still the problem of the big antlers.

"Mmmmph!!" screamed Sven as his head was sucked into Maximus' jaws, while he stopped to observe his antlers, which protruded and prodded outward in various directions. How would Maximus get his mouth around them without them piercing his mouth or throat, or later on his stomach or even his intestines, should they make it that far down?

But Sven was forgetting that the hungry horse had already willed himself to eat an entire plump reindeer and was not prepared to give up at this point. So after taking a moment to prepare himself Maximus stretched his jaws sideways as far he could and let out a low *squrlk* sound, gulping as hard he could to bring in those white pieces of bone. " going back..." he grumbled, stomach rumbling loudly with discontent at the large meal it had been given, despite it's earlier lust for Sven's meat. seemed like he was going to have digestive problems later but, that was something he would just have to face.

"MMMMPH!!" Sven cried out louder as his head dropped down into Maximus' mighty gullet, more of his body slipping into the horse's widely-overstretched belly, his antlers getting sucked into Maximus' maw fully.

Now came the even more tricky part: swallowing Sven's antlers without hurting himself in the process. Now was the time where he had to be incredibly tedious and meticulous.

Maximus was more than happy to take his time now, both to prevent himself injury and to give the reindeer time to get used to his new surroundings. those magnificent and beautiful white antlers slowly easing into his stomach, their pristine look soon to be marred by the melting, slimy goo of a horse's belly. If Maximus had his calculations right then when those antlers slipped into his stomach the reindeer would be stuck in so tight that he wouldn't even be able to use them for defence. only able to sit there and stew in the slimy soup that was him.

As Sven thrashed his lower body about inside Maximus' groaning gut, his head slowly but surely descended down the horse's throat, the equine careful not to hurt himself with those pesky horns.

It was certainly a more dangerous and delicate manevvuer than Maximus had tried before but after a few slow, careful gulps and a scary bulge in his thick neck. The last of Sven finally slipped into his protesting belly. "Ugh, so much meat..." He groaned.

Maximus shivered as his stomach reached its largest size, grazing against the freezing cold ground, the jagged bulges of Sven's antlers disappearing from his neck and resurfacing at various moments inside his massive belly.

It certainly was less comfortable than the horse had thought, his cold belly gurgling with anger and the kicks and struggles from the digesting reindeer only worsening the situation. "Quiet down" he grumbled, still content now that he was finally filled with such high quality meat.

The only thing that was still doing it for Maximus was the glorious aftertaste that lingered in his mouth, on his taste buds, that was so good that he actually drooled profusely some more all over the snow, licking his lips.

It was somewhat salty but also quite sweet, a wonderful mixture of flavours that ran across Maximus entire pallet. Making him happy that he had undertaken this journey however it was making his belly feel. "Kick all you want my deer, the only place your going is through my digestive system."

"Mmmpph!!! MMMPPH!!!!" Sven screamed out to deaf ears as Maximus' starved stomach began to gurgle and groan profusely around him.

The white stallion had actually done it. He had devoured an entire deer whole and alive, and his hunger was now satisfied. It would take at least a week to fully process the feast, but it would all be worth it in the end...

Now... it was time to backtrack, to return to Sven's former campsite, then to his own.

Maximus gave his gurgling, protesting, churning belly a quick nudge and then began to trace his steps back with a grin, the weather having subsided somewhat now. "gonna have to pass the human again, hope I don't wake him up" Maximus chuckled "because if I do he'll be joining his buddy. and I don't think either of them would be very pleased about that."

Maximus' movement was now inherently impeded by his now massive stomach. He was reduced to a slow waddle. The delicious taste of the reindeer still lingered on his tongue. He still couldn't believe he ate the beast whole... so much meat to process, but so worth it... hmm... if Sven tasted so delectable... would humans taste even better?

the more he thought about it he more it made sense, humans were a lot harder to catch then reindeer not to mention they had less uncomfortable fur and in some cases more meat...what a treat it would be to eat one of them. and luckily for Maximus there was one sleeping in a tent visible in the distance.

Despite how incredibly stuffed it was, Maximus' stomach began to mirror hos feelings, as it actually began to growl with hunger again, in between the messy wet churns and groans of digestion.

The horse edged closer to the tent as his greedy belly grumbled away for more meat, especially at seeing the human stuffed away under his sheets while it's reindeer melted away within Maximus. too far gone now to be saved.

Sven was still thrashing about with all his might, making Maximus' system work even harder, but the horse didn't even care; he was now focused on the task at hand, or at hoof in his case, which was to take his dessert!

He slowly nudged the sheets off the humans feet and slowly began to engulf them, taking the salty appendages into his mouth and realising that this was easier than he'd thought. although it would of been much more simple without the added girth of the reindeer thrashing about inside of him, making Maximus dislodge air and belch all over Kristoff's feet.

The nasty belches and hiccups were odourless, though as digestion progresses, they would eventually become very toxic and foul-smelling. This upbringing of gas caused the human to stir shortly every now and then, but he always fell right back to sleep.

They still left quite a nasty taste in Maximus mouth but he carried on regardless once the human settled down. The reindeer struggling to figure out what he was doing as the horse sucked in more of it's delicious master, loving the different taste of human.

The human continued to sleep soundly as the horse slowly began devouring him, dusty clothing and all.

the dust added an interesting aspect to the human's texture along with the cloth, making him a little bit softer and certainly harder to digest than he otherwise would be. that would be the last of Maximus thought's though as he basked in that lovely flavour and gulped up to Kristoff's buttocks.  The human mumbled and grunted in his slumber, starting to stir once more. "Nggh...."

but if he awoke it would do little to help Kristoff, waist deep as he was in the depths of a hungry equine, feet already pushing up against the sphincter and Sven beginning to realise exactly what was going on.

Sven gasped, feeling something resembling feet beginning to push into him. "N-No... you're not doing what I think you're doing!!" he cried.  

Kristoff grunted as he began opening his eyes, waking up to the sound of thick, wet gurgling and groaning of a churning horse stomach nearby.

Maximus almost choked with glee at the reindeer's cry, and of course his mouthful of lovely human that was beginning to awake. "can't be saved now" the horse grinned and lapped at that smooth stomach full of food just like Sven's was, soon to be all his.  

Kristoff blinked and looked down, suddenly gasping to see his bottom half deep inside the gullet of a royal stallion. "H-Hey! What are you doing?! Let me go!!"

The horse blinked, his tongue sliding ground the soft belly, before gulping down more of the muscular man. "Nope" he mumbled even though Kristoff couldn't understand, the human beginning to notice his massive belly and wondering where exactly Sven was...

"S-Sven...?" he whimpered to himself as he saw a reindeer's head and antlers bulge out of the midsection of the stuffed horse.

The reindeer certainly wouldn't have been in good shape, half-digested and flustered as he was, looking up now to see his master meeting the same fate. Maximus having made quick work of the two friends.

Now both items of prey were thrashing about. Sven was struggling to push his owner back out and Kristoff was trying to pull himself out. Maximus was outnumbered in this twisted game of tug-of-war.

It was not a comfortable experience, Maximus groaning at those hands punching his insides and at one point the human's forehead pulling back through the sphincter before a gulp brought it down. "Uuugggh"

Despite literally both other parties working against him, Maximus began to power through and overpower both reindeer and human to start getting the human down, his belly quite loudly snarling and churning thickly, the reindeer beginning to grow weaker as the rising vat of stomach acid began to sting him and sap his energy.

All of the human finally vanished within the maw of Maximus, now all he had left to do was introduce him to his stomach.

It only took one powerful gulp to send Kristoff all the way down, the humans hands pushing against the slick muscle as he fell, deep into the belly of the horse and right onto the mostly hairless ball that was his friend Sven.

The added muscle power needed to begin digesting the two meals away was beginning to sap energy from the horse as well, his moves becoming more sluggish while his belly gurgled and groaned with thick, wet churns. some indigestion brewing but Maximus remaining happy that he had managed to overpower two delicious pieces of meat. even if Kristoff was still wriggling within.

"MMMPH!!!" The human struggled, his voice incoherent and muffled inside the taut gut of the horse.

"Give up" the horse groaned, unpleasant sounding gurgles echoing out from his belly and letting him know that he had literally, bitten off more than he could chew.

By this point, Sven had been weakened so much that he was barely wriggling anymore. Now the only issue was the human.

Maximus began to push his bulging belly into to the ice-cold ground, trying to dislodge all the air inside and let the stomach acids flood the chamber. Trying to make the human inside quieten down and digest.

His stomach slightly shrank as he belched out gas, wrapping around the items of prey inside, showing the clear impressions of their bodies.

It was quite a sight, to see the two figures struggling against the belly and indeed each other. their bodies wrapped in in a tight sac of meat, horse and digestion.

Maximus began to feel a little better. The hard part was now over, both animals tucked away inside his massively-overstretched gut. It felt... odd being so full, having his belly heavily thunk against the cold ground, feeling something wriggling around inside. Their struggles actually started to feel... really good. As belches flew from the engorged horse's maw, he couldn't help but moan out in pleasure.

The belches only made the occupants struggle harder, one much weaker than the other and much too far gone to be saved now. The horse's smelly breath now carrying the distinctive scent of digesting reindeer and melting man meat, such a lovely combination.

By now Maximus' struggle was gurgling and churning as loud as it could, echoing around the forest clearing with a proud roar to tell the world it was full.

As his gut began slowly processing his giant catch, Maximus started thinking whether it would be a better idea to rest at this now empty camp to digest or return to his own camp and try and convince those moronic human owners of his that everything was the same.

He decided to stay where he was until his belly was at a more manageable size, the melting occupants inside being churned into nutrients as he thought. Moving through the snow would be difficult with a bellyful of meat and besides, perhaps another meal would manifest itself while he waited...

It was already hard enough to move, with his belly thickly dragging the snowy ground below him, so stuffed that it actually dragged behind him a bit. Not only that, the noisy churning could easily alert his owners if he were to join them at his camp.

Maximus dragged his bubbling, dangling belly inside the warmer tent and laid on it like a huge cushion. Displacing some of the prey inside, their struggles now as weak as ever, and getting weaker as the minutes ticked by. "Such a good meal..." The horse groaned into his stomach "so filling."

Maximus had never eaten so much in one sitting, let alone meat of such mass in general. He enjoyed it so much, though, his face actually turning red over how amazing it felt to be nearly immobile, lugging around a massive gut. Was this what it was like to be a pred?

Still though, there was a menacing growl forming in his belly that worried the horse, deep and angry. With the pangs of indigestion already beginning to form. "That's not gonna be pleasant" he thought, snuggling into his full belly as the struggles inside finally died down.

Hopefully, that indigestion wouldn't come for a little while. Maximus was starting to feel drowsy. All his energy was being diverted to his digestive system to aid in digestion, sapping his own energy.

Inside the belly, the bulging organ was making quick work of both the occupants inside, squeezing, digesting and churning both of them into nutrients and fat for Maximus to use in the future.

With a long yawn that morphed into a nasty belch, the horse dozed off, his gut hard at work.

While he slept the horse's belly worked diligently around the two pieces of meat within, churning them up. It was certainly a challenge though since The biggest meal he'd had before that was a huge bale of hay, the dark churns of indigestion becoming more frequent as he slept.

Early the next morning, his stomach began churning, groaning and rumbling louder and louder, starting to struggle with the incredibly massive meal, working even harder to break it down. But Maximus' system just was not prepared for the great feast, and indigestion began setting in as digestion practically halted.

Maximus awoke halfway through the night, the mass of meat now completely stopped halfway through digestion and a sharp sense of nausea spreading through him. "Oooh, not well..." He mumbled "bad idea." It would seem the horse was going to experience some nasty indigestion, thick churns of wetness echoing outwards from his abdomen.

His entire midsection hurt quite bad, and felt sore. He felt as if he'd swallowed a massive heap of garbage, and it weighed him down, his stomach groaning and churning loudly and thickly, sick bubbles and glorps emanating out with it.

The horse groaned long and low, foul belches erupting from his mouth and smelling quite bad to his bestial nostrils. "Uugh" he uttered, trying to walk towards the entrance but his slightly lighter but still heavy belly weighing him down, he'd just have to wait this out

Maximus had eaten way too much, and his system was suffering because of it. The fact that he'd eaten the reindeer with his burlap saddle and the human fully clothed did not make it any better. As his stomach tossed and turned in knots, he would have to wait until the pain subsided a little more before he could make the journey back to his own camp. Thankfully the blizzard had stopped, a few stars actually peeking through the forest canopy in the early morning sky.

And at least it was warm inside the tent, not that the horse's belly cared much, still rumbling and knotting itself in unpleasant ways as he woke up the next morning. “ugghh” he groaned again, kicking the protesting organ, realizing that it had digested at least some of it's load although the burlap saddle and a tight wad of half-digested cloth still sat in his belly not to mention a still substantial amount of meat. Part reindeer and part man, he stomach working overtime to digest it while Maximus belched out wet burps and squeezed his stomach inward to stop the cramps.

He was feeling a slight bit better, though, his stomach having gradually shrunk a bit from the very slow process of digestion, relieving a bit of pain and pressure. He was almost feeling well enough to move.

Deciding it was about time he headed back to meet those stupid humans, Maximus quietly left the tent and began to walk westward. memorising the scent in case he wanted to come back later on and snack some more.

His stomach groaned and churned noisily, messily echoing throughout the forest. It still ached quite a bit, and he was still very gassy, but he had to get back before they abandoned him.

but Maximus had another reason for making hos way back, his belly gurgling painfully now but soon to be empty again. ready for some lovely human meat from two of his annoying companions...

The leather saddle poked out his side, the clothes sloshing and shifting around inside his guts, causing them to churn and groan terribly.

"ooogghh" Maximus groaned, feeling them move about and realising that soon he would have to cough or belch them back up..

Sooner came a bit earlier than later, as his belly groaned loudly before it was answered with a nasty, involuntary belch, expelling a sock.

dirty, wet and smelling bad the sock looked it was almost half-digested at this point. "uh oh" the horse mumbled and began to cough up more clothing, bits of fabric and leather woven together in a tight ball.

Wetter and more disgusting burps flew from his maw as he expelled gas and bits of fabric as he hobbled along back to his campsite, his stomach snarling, bubbling and churning noisily like a horrid witch's brew.

He had to stop for a moment to expel the rest of his tangled post-digestion mess, not wanting to still be coughing up bits of human clothing around his to companions. a low, churning, brewing burp eventually resulting in him throwing up the half-digested leather saddle in a foul-smelling heap. the owner now nothing more than a layer of fat in Max's belly.

Now with what seemed like all of the blockages out of his system, Maximus did feel a lot better, though his stomach and bowels still ached, quite sore from being so full to the brim.

the horse continued to walk, belly's rumbling dieing down now as it settled to digest the last of it's meal. free of the solid pieces of un-digestable garbage, Maximus expelling the last of it with short, quick burps.

Just in time too, as it wasn't long before his campsite appeared in the distance.

And of course now the horse had plans for both of his companions to follow the reindeer and man, very tasty plans at that...

Both of the humans were up and awake, when they saw their horse waddle up to them. "There you are!" the female said. "Where on earth have you been, Maximus?

"I was...exploring" the horse grinned, the human able to notice a slight bump in his belly, the only proof of his voracious conquest.

"Well, it appears you went and feasted on some greens while we were asleep," she said, pointing to the horse's noisy, sloshing, sagging gut.

"yeah, greens.." the horse grinned, a short burp echoing out of his mouth, thick with the smell of sizzling reindeer meat.

Neither of the humans heard the belch, but they sure smelled it. "Ugh, what is that?!"

"hehe, just my meal" he grinned and advanced on his human friends, belly rumbling again.

The two humans backed up at this, confused. "Um... is there something the matter?" Maximus licked his lips and focused on the princess first of all high and mighty and soon to be nothing more than a layer of fat just like this reindeer and his friend. "nothing the matter at all..I'm just hungry" and with that, he pounced.

The princess shrieked out in shock wile the man gasped.

but there fear did little to stop Maximus as he jumped on the princess, Flynn frozen in shock beside him as the horse began to open his massive maw and enveloped the protesting girl's cute face.


In less than twenty minutes the two humans had been reduced to nothing more than two struggling bulges rippling in the flesh of Maximus', digesting away just like the two before them.

The horse's movement was once again reduced, with the with the partially digested mush of his dinner from hours prior combined with the two new occupants, he could almost move as little as he could earlier.

At least this tent was nicer than the other one, the horse gently sitting down and muffling the sounds of the occupants within. can't have been nice in there but hey....they already seemed to be quieting down for the night.

The absolutely stuffed horse had eaten three humans and an entire reindeer all within the span of a few hours of each other. He was clearly feeling quite proud of his feat.

And there would be any more meals in his future, free of the burden of companions and responsibility the horse could gorge whoever much he wanted form now on.

No longer was he bound by those idiotic humans. He was now free to roam and do whatever he wished, free to become as fat as he wanted.