On a currently-calm, summer night on a peculiar, formerly deserted, tropical island, a rather energetic fox girl makes an entry in her diary...

"Mikooon! Diary of a Summertime Tamamo-chan, entry #9"

"Hello again, me! Oh, what a lovely day in paradise once again! I spent the whoooole day sunbathing and frolicking in the sea! Master looked incredibly dashing today in his swimsuit, just like he does every day. Mikon! What I wouldn't do to get some alone time! To unleash my inner summer beast and do ALL KINDS of summer things with him!!"

"Ahhh, but no, I am a refined lady, simply vacationing on this lovely island."

"Plus, with all the other summer servants to distract him and Mash practically glued to him, it's looking close to impossible...

BUT I WON'T GIVE UP!! Not this Tamamo-chan!"

"Ah, but it's been quite some time since I started keeping this diary, I should recap and update on our situation. It's been at least a couple of weeks now since it started. After having found a new singularity threat, Master, Mash and a whole bunch of other servants rayshifted to this... place. But, instead of it being a barren wasteland, or some kind of monster-infested nightmare... we all ended up on this deserted tropical island."

"It was tough at first; especially the killer HEAT! I thought I was going to melt right out from my kimono! But soon we adapted, and have since built several buildings, facilities, a well and even a few farms! Mikon! We're so industrious!"

"However, now it seems like there may be some trouble in paradise! I returned from my sunbathing today to find that our beloved farms had been attacked by some kind of ravenous beasts! Oh, our poor plants and veggies, eaten before we even had the chance. So, we set a trap, the brave Fionn mac Cumhaill, and his knight Diarmuid Ua Duibhne volunteered to keep watch for the beasts. But! When we returned to check on them, we found them nearly dead, and the perpetrators nearby! The two brave Celts were battered and broken by their one weakness: BOARS! Though these were more like piglets than full-size boars... cute, soft... delicious-looking boar piglets!"

"What? I hadn't eaten all day, and my animal instincts were telling me I needed to feed!"

"About that time, a HUGE demon boar jumped out and attacked us! I was startled at first, but we all soon joined together and dispatched the monster, saving our crops. BUT, because of that, Marie convinced the others that the piglets weren't to blame for our troubles, and now I can't even taste one of them! Oh, woe is Tamamo-chan!"

"Oh well, aside from that and the regrettable loss of Fin-something and Diarm-whatever, it was a great day! Tamamo-chan out! Nighty Night!"

And with that, our foxy heroine turns in for the night, no doubt peacefully dreaming about what sort of fun or relaxation she's bound to experience tomorrow.

*Growling noises echo through the room*

Or, perhaps not?

---The Next Morning---

"*Yaaaawn* Good morning, island! Oh, what a beautiful day it is already!

I simply can't wait to get back to my frolicking and relaxa-"

*Loud stomach growl*


Oh, dear, with all the excitement last night, I went straight to my room and forgot to have dinner!"

She steps outside her hut and looks at the sky.

"Oh NO! It looks like it's past lunch time too! How long did I sleep in? I gotta get to the kitchen area to see if there's anything left over."

And so, the hungry fox dashes full speed towards the eatery, only to arrive too late, as Master and the other servants are just finishing eating.

"Master!!! Sorry I'm late! Is there anything left to eat? All the excitement left your Tamamo-chan suuuper tired, so I went to bed, forgetting to have dinner!"

"Eh... I'm sorry Tamamo, but we all just finished." He replies.

Tamamo's ears droop sadly upon hearing the bad news, and Scathach puts on a teasing face before continuing; "We even tried to wake you up multiple times, but you just kept saying 'Nnng, just five more minutes, Master', or 'Oh, don't touch me there, Master', or how about 'Oooh, I can never become a wife now, Master."

Both Tamamo and the Master blush intensely at Scathach's embarrassing teasing.

"B-b-b-b-but... I.."

Everyone at the table begins to laugh before her stomach growls loudly once again, breaking the laughter.

"THAT ASIDE! You're sure there's nothing left at all?"

"Yes, we only harvested this morning what we knew we would eat. If you're hungry, you're going to have to go over to the fields and pick something out yourself."

Her fluffy ears and tail sink even lower.

"Fine. I guess I'll be back later then. Byeee Master! And everyone else!"

Then the sad, starving kemonomimi servant heads off to the fields to harvest something for lunch.

---Later, in the fields---

"Uhg... I've been wandering around out here for half an hour, and nothing seems appetizing.

It's nothing but vegetables! Not that there's anything wrong with vegetables, but I am a wild beast of summer! I can't survive without any meat! Oh, delicious, delicious meat. Grilled, pan fried, baked, broiled... or even just straight up rare as can be! Fresh and alive!"

She begins to drool a bit before her stomach growls again, returning her to reality.

"Such a lovely fantasy... Oh well."

But no sooner does she return to this world, do three of the previous day's boar piglets, playfully chasing each other, burst forth from the tall grass around the farmland, followed shortly thereafter by three more. The first three are unable to stop running, and slam right in to Tamamo's legs, ending up as a pile of piglets in front of her. Initially they jump up, startled, but their fear quickly gives way to curiosity, moving closer to inspect this new person in the field.

"Oh, it's those... boar piglets. The ones Marie says I can't eat."

Her ears and tail twitch a bit, clearly subconsciously distressed by this predicament.

The six piggies move in closer to Tamamo.

"What are you all doing? Shoo, shoo! Go away now, or I won't be able to control my urges!"

Yet the piglets continue to get closer, now easily within arm’s reach.

"Fine, come here you."

She bends down and gently lifts one of the piglets up to her face, bringing it in close.

"What does Marie see in you anyway?"


"Don't you 'oink' at me when I'm talking to you!"

"Oink, oiiiiiiink!"

"I guess you are pretty adorable... and innocent...and you...*sniff* smell... delicious!

No, nono Tamamo. I promised the others that I wouldn't eat them..."

Tamamo's resolve is quickly fading away under the combined onslaught of her empty belly, animal instincts and the sweet, sweet smell of pork.

Her stomach growls powerfully once again.

"Maybe... maybe just one wouldn't hurt. Yeah! Just one. It’ll barely even make a visible bulge in my belly, and I can take an afternoon nap to sleep it off. Y-yeah... just one."

Tamamo opens her mouth up wide and shoves the piglet she's been holding inside. She's immediately overwhelmed by the flavor; finally, meat! After so many vegetable dishes, real MEAT! She quickly swallows the piglet down the rest of the way, whole and alive, feeling her belly stretch and her prey squirm as it settles in.

"Mikon! What flavor! and so filling! Why have I denied myself this for so long?! I'm sorry everyone, but I need another, I MUST have another!"

She bends down to grab for the other two piglets closest to her; they attempt to escape, but she's too fast, grabbing each by their scruffs. She then begins to shove the second piglet into her mouth with one hand, cocking her neck back and letting it slide into her belly, then using both hands to shove the third piglet into her gluttonous maw. The other three piglets are frozen in terror as they watch their brethren be swiftly devoured by the rapidly fattening fox. She belches loudly and pats her newly filled paunch.

"*BELCH* Mmmm, so good! I always knew meat was the way! So succulent, so juicy!"

Tamamo then turns her attention to the remaining three piglets who remain scared stiff.

"I'm sorry you three had to see that, but that being said... Tamamoshark is still far from full, and her primary prey is boar!"

She then lunges at the remaining piglets and gobbles them up as well.

---A short time later---

A happy and excited tail wag could be seen from the kemonomimi maiden as if she were just coming home from shopping. As she walks, her modest hips shuffle the heavy load of animal meat in her girth. Her mood was high at the moment. She could skip down the road if she weren't so heavy!

"Mikon! These wild boars were delicious! I tried to resist; I really did! But I just couldn't stop myself from trying one in the end. Well, maybe I did indulge in these cute snacks a teeny bit more what you would call one..."

"Oink! Oiiiiink! Oink..."

Muffled cries of desperation escaped the thick doughy blob of meat on her waistline. Tamamo's breasts bounced with energy as the boars try to put up a fight inside her body, but then one flailing porker managed to slam her in the ribcage causing her fox ears and tail to snap straight from the shock.

"Uguh... *cough*... Settle down you rude pests! I may have wolfed you down like an Artoria at a banquet table, but I am still a delicate woman on the inside!"

However, her tail wags, as if she was actually enjoying the struggle the meal was giving her, however the piglets are beginning to lose stamina. One by one they start to go limp inside Tamamo's belly, allowing our favorite foxy heroine to let her bulge sag and breathe easy.

"Hah... Well, they certainly listened to their goddess quickly. Well, who wouldn't want to relax in a sunbathing body like mine? Not even these animals could say no for long. Though I should make myself scarce before someone sees..."

It was more or less a desire to not want to be pummeled by the servants into vomiting rather than not wanting to explain her embarrassing animal cravings to everyone. So, the full and gorged fox heaves her gut and strolls to find a safe spot to digest before unwanted attention seeks her company.

---A short while later, somewhere off the developed path---

"Ahhh, this place looks nice and secluded!"

Tamamo has ventured a short way into the jungle to find a place to rest and digest while hiding her very obvious boar-belly. She sits down, reclining up against the trunk of an old tree, which was wide enough to obscure her girth from all sides but the front.

"What a lovely meal, oh yes! For starting off so sad and hungry, this day has really turned around! And deep in this little jungle thicket, not a soul will find me while I'm all bloaty. Now that the little porkchops have finally settled down... *yawn* I think it's time for a little nap to sleep off this binge. It's a good thing there were only six of them. Eating that first one put me in full-on island predator mode; there's no telling how many I could have eaten like that! Although I do kind of wish one or two more would just appear in front of me... I could go for a little dessert."

With that, Tamamo relaxes, closes her eyes and attempts to nod off. The jungle around her is mostly quiet, still, peaceful.

*Faint distant oinks*

"Shhh, shush you. Tamamo-chan is trying to sleep!"

*Slightly louder oinks*

"I thought I told you to... wait. My food stopped moving a while ago. Could it be?"

She stands up and begins to sniff the air all around. Her ears and tail stick straight up when she picks up the scent.

"That's it! I can smell them! More piglets, and it's such a strong scent! How many could there be?!"

The gluttonous fox returns to hunting mode. Despite her already fat gut weighing her down, she deftly stalks through the jungle. She comes upon on break in the foliage. Peering through reveals a clearing in the jungle, and within it: Boar piglets, more than she'd ever seen in one place.

"Oh. My. Goodness! There are so many! There must be at least twenty of them, if not more! Now, how am I going to get as many of them inside me as I can before they scatter...?" Surveying the clearing a bit more reveals that she may not have to try as hard as she thought. The area appears to be outlined with some kind of bounded field created by a form of crystalline magic. Touching the barrier reveals that she seems to be able to pass through with no effort, yet the boars themselves seem unable to come and go apart from a small hole inside of the barrier, just big enough for a piglet.

"Hmm. Crystal magic... Did Marie set this up to protect their home from the demon boars? It doesn't seem to be able to keep servants out. If that's the case then I almost feel bad for doing this, but my summer beast instincts are driving me to gorge myself and I can't resist anymore! I just need to sneak around to block off the gap in the wall... Wait. Why are they all looking over here, as if they have noticed me?"

She looks down, finally noticing her beachball belly protruding from the foliage in front of her and the piglets also quickly approaching to investigate.

"Crap! Think fast Tamamo..."

She slowly, and happily enters the field, greeting the piggies warmly.

"Hiiii cuties! Your benevolent goddess, Tamamo-chan, here to teach you little ones about the joys of summer!"

The piglets eye this fat, new creature curiously, as she begins her ploy, ever so slowly inching towards the hole in barrier.

"Now then! Summer is all about having fun, cutting loose, and relaxation! I've been having all kinds of fun on this island since we arrived! Frolicking in the ocean, spending time with Master, trying new types of food..."

She's nearly to the gap in the barrier at this point; she continues to lead the piglets on.

"Cutting loose is all about throwing away anything that holds you back! If it doesn't make you happy, get rid of it! Now, you all may look at this big belly of mine and think I've already cut loose a bit too much, but I have only just begun to enjoy myself!"

She finally arrives in front of the piglet door.

"And finally... relaxation... Is what I'll be doing once you all make me TOO FAT TO MOVE!"

Her ruse successful, Tamamo dives forward, arms and mouth open, into the group of unsuspecting piglets. She manages to grab two armfuls of piglets before wolfing them down in seconds; her boar belly bloating to double its previous size in an instant.

"*Slurp* *Gulp* *Lips smacking* So delicious! Come here, you little porkers!"

The piglets try to scatter but are unfortunately corralled by the one thing that was keeping them safe otherwise: Marie's barrier. Now with an apex predator blocking the door, the piglets are forced to either run back into the field to be chased down or try to run past Tamamo to the barrier opening, and risk being snatched up and gulped on the spot. It was a simple plan, but so incredibly effective. As time passed, more and more piglets met their fate within Tamamo's gullet, as she grows fatter and fatter by the minute. The sounds of frenzied slurping and gulping, as well as panicked oinks could be heard echoing through the jungle. Finally, after thirty minutes of continual gorging, Tamamo finally catches the last piglet. She licks it across the face before unceremoniously devouring it like so many others.

"*Gasp* *pant* *BELCH* Oh... I gotta... sit down..."

Tamamo sits down on top of the innertube she had around her tail, relaxing and letting her massive, meat-filled girth stretch out on the ground before her. A flurry of desperate movements, accompanied by a cacophony of muffled oinks, can be seen within the bloated organ, that was so large it looked like it could have had several full-size people inside it. She looks out over her engorged tummy and is hit with a pang of regret.

"Oh, dear. I think I may have let myself go a teensy bit too far. I gotta try to get out of here. HNNNGGG"

But try as she might, Tamamo can't stand up with her incredible new weight pinning her to the ground.

"Oh, drat! I really am too fat to move! Marie isn't going to like this..."

And about that time, who else would arrive in the clearing but Marie herself.

"Hello little ones! I'm back to... *GASP* Tamamo! WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

"M-m-m-Marie! I-I-I can explain!"

"You... ate them... you ate them all... even when we agreed not to, even when you promised not to..."

Marie embraces Tamamo's belly and begins to break down crying.

"I-I-I tried, I really did, I swear! They wouldn't leave me alone, and I couldn't resist my predatory instincts! So, I decided to try one... then it became two more, then three more! Oh, what a slippery slope! So, I tried to hide my gut, and my shame, in the jungle but accidentally stumbled on your little sanctuary here, and it made it so easy, Marie! They couldn't escape my appetite! I gorged on them, reveling in my gluttony as I grew fatter, feeling my big belly grow heavier with each gulp; it was intoxicating! I'm sorry, Marie, but what's done is done! They've become food for my belly!"

Marie looks up at Tamamo with a rage in her eyes that no one had ever seen before in the petite woman.

"Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up, you gluttonous monster! How can you call yourself a delicate lady? You're nothing but a fat pig and a murderer! I can still see and feel some of them squirming inside you. Don't worry, little ones, I'll get you out!"

Marie begins to punch and squeeze Tamamo's gut.

"Oof Marie! What are you doing?! You're going to make me throw up!"

"Exactly! I have to save them!"

She throws a few more punches into the gut.

"Gah, stop it! It's not doing you any good, and you're surely just hurting them through my skin!"

"Oh, no! You're right!”

Marie pauses to think for a moment.

“I've got to be more direct..."

Marie stands up and moves over in front of Tamamo before trying to shove her hands into Tamamo's mouth. She quickly grabs Marie's wrists and they begin to struggle.

"What are you DOING you crazy girl?!"

"I'm trying to gag you! I just have to grab on to your uvula and you'll vomit up all the piglets!"

"And I thought summer was making ME a little crazy!"

The two struggle for some time before the sweat on Marie’s skin causes Tamamo to lose her grip. Marie's hands shoot into Tamamo's mouth, narrowly missing her uvula, and she doesn't stop until she's shoulders deep inside the fat fox.


"Eww, it's so wet in here!"

Marie attempts to pull her arms back up to get out of Tamamo's throat. While trying very hard not to gag and spew piglets across the field, Tamamo notices that Marie has a very sweet flavor; almost like some kind of fancy dessert. She begins to lick Marie's arms to get a better taste.

"Miss Tamamo, I would appreciate it if you would stop licking my arms, please. It's gross, and as soon as I get my hands up to your throat, you're going to pay for your gluttony.

But instead of stopping, she licks even more, and wraps her arms around Marie's torso, keeping her in place.

"Tamamo, what are you doing? Let go of me already!

"Iss you, or my belleh... Muhrie. I chooss my belleh!"


Tamamo gives Marie a fierce look before tightening her grip and opening her mouth up wide enough to engulf Marie's head before devouring the petite queen like so many boar piglets before her. The rest of her body was just as delicious as her arms; sweet and decadent, yet also well-refined and unique. Tamamo swallows her down with ease, depositing her atop a mountain of digesting pork; her massive gut becoming one French monarch fatter. Her tongue lolls out of her mouth as she pants to catch her breath after swallowing something so much larger than she's used to.

"Mikooooooooon! Now I can officially say, Tamamo-chan's belly is stuffed to the max! *belch*"

She removes what's left of her white T-shirt which was torn open as she ate her dessert.

"This isn't funny, Tamamo! Let me out this instant!"

"Hmmm... I don't think so, little queen! You basically attacked me, and even worse you tried to attack my LUNCH! I mean, honestly, who tries to make someone else vomit on purpose?!"

"I was trying to rescue the piglets! They were my friends..."

"They were BOARS, Marie, simple animals! Now, I admit I went a little overboard on my snacking, but if you had just let me eat a few of them at the start then this wouldn't have happened."

"Please, Miss Tamamo...? It's gross in here..."

"Gross? Inside me? How rude! You should be honored to become a part of this summer goddess' divine figure! Once Tamashark has devoured her prey, there is no escape! Master will just have to resummon you later."

"Speaking of Master, won't he be super disappointed in you? Not only for breaking your promise but eating me as well?!"

"Heh, that will be easy. Have you seen the way he looks at Anne Bonny? Master is practically all over that bangin' body. This little meal of mine will surely boost my curves to the next level! Master will be too busy ogling to care!"

"Oh, is that right?"

"M-M-M-M-M-M-MASTER?! I-I-I-I-I didn't mean it like thaaat!"

"Man, you've really let yourself go, Tamamo. Are you sure you're Tamashark and not Tamawhale?"

Marie can be heard giggling from inside the gut.

"Very funny, Master..."

"So, tell me, what happened here exactly? I already have a pretty good idea, but please do give me all the details."

"Well... it all started this morning when I went out to the field after missing dinner and breakfast. I wandered around for a while looking for something to eat but ran in to the boar piglets again. I... I couldn't do it! I couldn't resist my animal instincts with them all looking up at me so deliciously! I thought "just one will be fine!", but one became two! And two became three! And three became SO MANY! Later on, Marie found me here, bloated and immobile, and she was livid, and I don't blame her for it, but she started punching my belly, and trying to forcibly make me throw up the piglets!"

"Is this true, Marie?"

"Yes, Master..."

"After we struggled, her arms ended up stuck down my throat, so I seized the opportunity, and swallowed her up in self-defense."

The Master pauses for a moment, thinking everything over.

"I see. Was she tasty?"

"Yes, actually! Quite sweet and delicious!"

"Master, how is that relevant?!"

"Haha, sorry Marie but I had to ask. All right, so here's how it's going to be. While Tamamo should not have broken her promise and eaten the piglets, ESPECIALLY not to near-extinction like she has, Marie went way overboard in her response to the situation. So, I'm seeing fit to punish both of you in that regard. Marie, your punishment is to remain as Tamamo's dessert. I'll resummon you from Chaldea later, and you'll be forgiven at that point."

"Yes, Master..."

"As for Tamamo... I don't even need to do anything. Her punishment is already in progress."

The Master winks at Tamamo, who very clearly doesn't get it.

"Feel free to return home once your belly has reduced enough to move, Tamamo."

"Ok, Master! Tamamo-chan is finally going to have that nap I tried to take earlier."

---Later that evening---

Master and Mash are relaxing in their room. It's getting late, so it's almost time to turn in for the night.

"Senpai, where are Miss Tamamo and Miss Marie? They've been gone all day now."

"That's a bit complicated, Mash. Marie is going to be gone for a little while, but I get the feeling we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Tamamo soon."

"A lot more...? What do you mean?"

About that time footsteps can be heard outside, rapidly approaching Master's shack. Tamamo bursts through the door, nearly getting stuck on the way in.

"Masterrrrrrr! You knew this would happen, didn't you?!"

The Master laughs heartily while Mash is stunned in silence, blushing with embarrassment. Tamamo's massive lunch had taken her already modestly curvy body and increased it three-fold. Her fat, juicy tits were only matched in size and width by her thick ass and thighs, both large enough to fit snug in the doorway as she tried to enter the shack, and she sported a potbelly large enough to make the boars themselves jealous. Her swimsuit cut deeply into her rolls, appearing as if it could snap at any moment.

"You know, Tamamo, they say pork is one of the leanest meats, but that's only because all of their considerable body fat is very concentrated in specific, easy-to-remove places. Eating them whole, however, is not the best idea...*giggle* Especially not alongside a person-sized dessert! Hahaha!"

"Oh, yeah, Master? Laugh it up! Let me show you the results of my new diet firsthand!"

Tamamo then bounces over and smothers the Master with all of her increased curves, eliciting concern from Mash.

"Senpai! Are you ok?"


"How’s that, Master? Enough pork fat for you? Huh?"

But instead of struggling, the Master takes advantage of the situation, and pinches one of Tamamo's belly rolls, making her let out a surprised squeak while rising up and freeing up the Master's face.

"*Gasp* You're a ton of fox, Tamamo! So soft and squeezable, but so heavy!"

Tamamo is becoming increasingly irate with her Master's behavior.

"Mash, dear, I promise you nothing bad will happen to Master tonight, but I need to ask you to go spend the night in my room tonight, ok?"

"Uh... ok... but why?"

"Let's just say I need to teach our Master here a little lesson about teaching Tamamo-chan lessons!"

"Oh no, please, Mash don't leave! She'll do terrible things to me in the dark of night!"

"I... think I'm going to trust Miss Tamamo, Senpai. Whatever happened between you two should be worked out for the good of your relationship. Good night, Senpai."

Mash quickly shows herself out.

"Betrayed by my own kouhai while trapped beneath several hundred pounds of fat fox. What have I done to deserve this?"

"You let me fatten up on purpose!”

“What?! You’re entirely at fault for that yourself! There’s nothing I could have done to prevent it! Would you have preferred I commanded you to vomit with a command spell?”

“NO! Of course not! But you could have warned me!”

Tamamo lies back down on top of her Master.

“Regardless, I've been longing for some alone time ever since we all arrived on this island, you know. So, now that I'm much too embarrassingly fat to show myself in front of the others, you're going to help me with my weight problem, personally, even if it takes allllll night!"