The young tiger scowled at the ground beneath him, massive clawed paws tapping impatiently and a low rumble echoing from his belly. “if Kaa doesn't come back soon” he turned to the plump monkey sitting above him, so deliciously out of reach and smelling quite divine in the summer sun “I might just have to eat whatever is hanging around.” And Shere Khan was telling the truth, a tiger like him needed to be fed and if a friend was prey well, that was their problem. He waited though, curious to see what type of food Kaa would bring back, he was always pretty good at picking out tasty voles and other small mammals for the tiger cub to devour.

Louie, the young orangutan swung lazily from one of the many vines that hug from their ruins clubhouse. He heard clearly what his buddy Shere Khan was saying, but always being the comedic monkey himself thought that ol Khany was just playing around... right? Before he got a chance to inquire further a voice called out, "Hey guys! Meet Mungo!" It was his snake friend Kaa, and he seemed to be bringing Shere Khan's lunch as decided by their game of Stone-Leaf-Claw earlier. "Hiya fellas!" The mongoose Mungo called out.

Shere Khan's head craned away from the monkey, seeing a small mongouse led into the clearing by Kaa, maybe not as much meat on him as Louie but certainly an easier specimen to swallow down. Khan had managed to eat a small vulture one time, and that had been quite difficult in itself...

“hmmm...i'm not usually on a first name basis with my food but...” he drawled and padded over towards the mongoose, loving the way the male's plump stomach jutted out in front of him...looking delicious to the ravenous feline. “how about joining me for a little appetiser?”

Despite Mungo's natural ability to retain fat he was always hungry, so when Shere Khan offered what sounded like would be a feast he promptly agreed. "Sounds great! I'm starving!" He said dropping his hand over his hungry, yet fat stomach. "Hmm... what a coincidence," Shere Khan replied flicking his tongue over his sharp teeth, eager to sink into Mungo's flesh. And he led Mungo over to where Louie wouldn't see, as he often was repulsed by Khan's eating habits.

He led him away, over to the other end of the ruins where he could devour the small creature in private, really give him time to figure out the tiger's true intentions and mull over his eventual fate as feline fat. “Mmm, here we go,” Shere khan grinned and sat down, tail thumping on the ground beside him as Mungo looked around for the food Khan was talking about. But the only food here was him...

With a light chuckle, the tiger gently placed his paw on the mongoose's tail, preventing his escape. “Sorry about this little Mungo...but I think you'll satsify my belly greatly.”

Fear instantly overcame Mungo at these words. He tugged at his tail, hoping to pull himself free as Shere Khan lowered his open maw to Mungo's face. All Mungo could see was Khan's eagerly pulsating throat begging to pull him down. "MUNGOOO!" Kaa's cry caused Shere Kahn to look away distracted, seizing his opportunity he scratched the only thing in reach, Shere Khan's nose. Mungo managed to take a small chuck out of his it. "Ow!!" This in turn caused Shere Khan to pull away from Mungo in pain. Mungo quickly ran up a pillar to escape just as Kaa and Louie came in to the area.

“Come to Sher-” the tiger began as he advanced on the little mammal, before hearing Kaa's distressed scream and looking over, giving the mongoose enough time to scratch his nose and run up the pillar. “Get back here!” The tiger growled and began prowling aroun the base of the small monument, Kaa quickly running to tell him off. “What do you mean friend?” the tiger spat after having the situation explained to him, realising that he wouldn't win a fight against a mongoose, snake and monkey. “Ugh, fine! Don't say I didn't warn you Kaa.”

"Just remember ya little twerp, I eat, you get eaten. That's how it works. You won't have bodyguards forever." After declaring his threat Shere Khan ran into the jungle to find his own lunch.

After ten minutes Khan's belly began to rumble again, more painfully this time, images of Louie trussed up with an apple in his mouth appearing before him...he needed to eat, and if he couldn't get the mongoose then the monkey was the only thing he could get.

Some time later, after some unsuccessful hunting, Shere Khan was hungrier then ever. Just when he was about to go looking elsewhere Louie stopped by, carrying a hanging from a low tree branch. "Hey Khany!" He called in his annoying high pitched voice, and slapping Shere Khan on the back. "Got any lunch yet?" Khan was about to say no when he remembered how delicious Louie looked earlier, and decided to show him just what happens to those who mess with him. But how to do it? He wondered. Then he decided to use their "friendship" to his advantage.

“Hey louie,” he drawled in a friendly, innocent manner “Why don't you come down here? I've got something fun to show you.” he grinned, feline and certainly hungry but not in a threatening way, Louie did trust the tiger after all and Khan was eager to use that trust to his advantage. God did he want that monkey in his belly, the somewhat human shape only making the tiger drool even more as he looked up. “Come on down, I swear it's great."

Foolishly Louie looked down, "What am I supposed to be seeing?" He was eye level with Shere Khan now, all he had to do... "Close your eyes," Khan said in his most innocent voice. "I want it to be a surprise." Not even bothering to consider there might be something wrong Louie covered his eyes with his hands. 'Perfect,' Khan thought. He eyed the orangutan up and down, admiring his plump, juicy flesh. He opened his mouth and edged it toward Louie's head. 'Finally a proper meal,' he thought.

Louie was even better up close, smelling thick and earthy with a lovely humanoid allure to him, something that Khan had always anticipated eating before but had never got the chance. “Just keep them closed” he purred, the orangutan no doubt smelling his sweet breath and wondering what exactly was going on, but before he could do anything else Khan lunged forward and stretched his feline jaws over the monkey's head. Loving the surprise jolt from Louie and the delicious, salty flavour his lovely meat carried, this was gonna be a good meal.

Louie was excited to see what Khan had in store for him. The big cat had never given anyone anything before, as far as he knew, and Louie was excited to be the first. He was a little weirded out by the warm air blowing in his face, and the strange meaty smell. He almost took his hands off his eyes before Shere Khan reassured him. But then when his head became engulfed in Shere Khan's jaws, his face being assaulted by Khan's tongue, he removed his hands and saw the pulsating throat before him through flashes of crimson light. "K-Khany! This isn't funny!" He shouted thinking it was some cruel joke by his catty friend. "Let me out!"

“Hehe, don't think so monkey” the feline giggled and slowly gulped in more of the wriggling monkey boy, loving the tenderness of his meat and the muscles bulging out on his back, sweet and supple “Especially not when you call me Khany.” He was a small tiger sure but he still had the advantage on Louie, pulling the plump monkey off of his branch, finding it easier to eat him on the ground. “Such a tasty, meaty little snack,” Khan mumbled around his mouthful of primate. “You aren't going anywhere except in my belly, monkey boy.” And try as he might Louie would not be able to escape Shere khan's jaws, and his muffled voice would not draw any help.

The first time Shere Khan swallowed Louie knew the cat wasn't joking. "Listen, we can work this out!" Louie shouted as he struggled and smelled Khan's previously digested meals, rodents, birds, and surprisingly what seemed like a vulture. "Please let me out *Shere Khan*!" Louie shouted, emphasizing Shere Khan's name in an attempt to please him and how respect, or rather fear.

“Nope, won't be releasing you for a day or so...maybe longer” Khan mocked, lapping his tongue across the chimp's chin, soaking up that lovely young flavour and revelling in those little struggles he gave. Louie was afraid now, the future king of the monkeys facing a serious possibility of endings his days as a mere layer of fat on Shere khan's stomach.

The more Louie struggled, the further he went down, and the more he went down, the more he struggled. Louie had faced bad heat waves before, but nothing compared to the hot, slimy place he was in right now. Soon enough his head was sucked into the oesophagus, and he was getting desperate. "Please let me out! I'll do anything!! Just don't eat me!"

“A little late for that,” Shere khan grinned around his mouthful of monkey, neck bulging out with the wriggling bulge of Louie inside, begging and pleading to deaf ears, “and besides you're much too tasty to let go.” The tiger had dreamed of doing this for a while, of gulping down Louie and digesting him beneath thick belly skin, Shere Khan lifting his paws up to gently tickle the monkey's stomach with his claw. Feeling the fat present there and purring at the thought that soon it would soon belong to him, like everything else the monkey owned.

At this point Louie knew he was nothing more than a meal, but that didn't make it any better. The sick sounds of Shere Khan purring combined with his body being slowly covered in drool with Khan's tongue, as if it wanted every inch of him drenched before he even reached the stomach. Oh God the stomach. The throat was bad enough, but once he entered the stomach he'd be stewing in digestive juices, until he was nothing more then pudge on the tiger he once called friend. Then when Shere Khan started to tickle him he couldn't help but laugh, despite how much he didn't want to, and that was when he snapped. If he was going down he was going down fighting, but with his arms already in the throat, and his legs being so short there wasn't much he could do.

The monkey's struggles did little to quell the tiger's advances and in fact only made him hungrier, spread that lovely flavour all around his feline jaws, made Shere Khan feel all so powerful for turning such a proud chimp into nothing but a delicious appetiser. “It's really not that bad, aside from the whole melting thing,” Khan grinned, loud enough for Louie to hear inside and begin in a fresh batch of delicious struggles. He couldn't wait for that part but for now he was happy enough with simply swallowing the chimp, having discreetly eaten some of his relatives before. But none of them had tasted, and struggled, quite like this. Louie was more muscular, tastier, meatier...such a delicious, plump monkey. It was only right that a superior creature like Shere khan should take advantage of all this protein and fat his friend was offering.

There was no help for Louie now, but that didn't stop him. As he went down at what seemed like a snail's pace he could feel his stomach passing over Shere Khan's jaws. The cat's teeth scraping his plump belly as they begged to dig into his soft flesh. He could feel his head passing through the sphincter as the ring of muscle opened up and he started slipping onto a slightly larger, but so much hotter place than he was already, already a pool of digestive juices was waiting for him to dive right in.

Khan's belly gurgled and churned already, eager for a chance to get at the monkey's meat and begin the long process of melting him down. The tiger chewing on his belly, tasting the squishy fat present there and wondering how it must feel for Louie, to be such a handsome creature with a bright future ahead, snuffed out by the hungry musings of a ravenous feline. Working his way down those slender legs, Khan took a little bit of time to lick over Louie's cute hindpaws, before gulping them down with the rest of him. “Ahhh,” the tiger sighed, “Finally full.”

Pretty soon the only part of Louie that could feel of the crisp cool jungle air was his feet, and that was soon taken away when Shere Khan started licking them over. He quickly sucked them in and after chewing on Louie's gut a little more the worst possible thing that could happen, happened, he swallowed. Louie slipped down the greedy tiger's gullet and into the hot room of his stomach. The stomach acids quickly did their thing and started to break him down. The stench was intolerable, it was like a terrible perfume of which he was now a key ingredient. Furious Louie started to punch and kick the stomach walls, which only caused more acid to come out. Should a stranger come upon the sight they would see bulges appearing and disappearing on Shere Khan's full belly. "YOU'RE GONNA REGRET THIS!!!" He shouted through muffling walls.

“Don't think I will,” Shere Khan grinned and began to pick his teeth with a sharp claw, taking out a little bit of orange fur that had snagged there. Burping a little he could smell the monkey's digesting meat and sense his delicious aftertaste, the digestion process already begun but was far from over for the little chimp. “Mmm such a good meal,” Khan grinned and began to scratch his belly bulge, almost the same size as him with the struggles of Louie visible inside.

Louie punched and kicked as hard as he could, but nothing changed. When he felt some air escape he tried to follow, but the ring of muscle that was his only escape had sealed shut, and he wouldn't be able to open it. Soon the stale air (or rather lack there of) combined with the stomach acids, and Louie using all his energy fighting a hopeless battle caused him to pass out. His fate was sealed.

Shere Kahn waited out the struggles of Louie inside, belching and purring with the pleasure of such a good, full meal stuck deep inside of him. “Time to digest Louie,” he called out in a sing-song voice, mocking the monkey in his last moments, digestive juices flooding the small chamber. Melting him down while he kicked and struggled against a force he had no control over, Khan loving those little gurgles and churns his stomach made in response. “Delicious.”

Towards the end of Louie's struggles Shere Khan was in heaven. The squirms were dying down and it was so empowering to the feline to be reducing a proud mammal to pudge. It was Kaa's fault after all, if he hadn't been so busy making *friends* Khan wouldn't have gotten a chance to realize what a great meal Louie would (or rather did) make. And for that matter it was Louie's fault too, if he had helped Shere Khan get that mongoose none of this would have happened. It was ironic that the monkey would play a part in his own demise. Anyway after Louie's struggles had died down Khan decided he needed a private place to digest his meal. His cave was too far away so he chose to go back to the ruins figuring that Kaa and Mungo would be gone by now. "Mungo," he growled. That damn mongoose had escaped him once, should Shere Khan ever come across the tasty little morsel again it would be the last time. He would make sure of it. But he decided to forget about it for now, he had a meal to enjoy digesting after all.

By now the monkey's struggles had begun to die down, his cries being overtaken by the louder sounds of a belly hard at work to digest all the meat put into it. He would stand little chance against Shere Khan's digestive system designed to deal with meals even larger than him, the digestive juices already melting him away beneath thick belly flesh. Dragging his churning stomach behind him Khan began to make his way back to the ruins, secretly hoping he would run into Kaa and Mungo on the way there. How nice that would be...

Khan headed back to the ruins at a leisurely pace, feeling Louie sway to and fro in his belly was greatly satisfying. He was hoping to find the ruins empty, but what he did find was even better. That damn mongoose had scared Kaa away somehow and was all alone, and better yet defenceless. "I guess he doesn't like me after all," he cried. He turned around to leave, but before he could get far Shere Khan pounced on him, capturing the little rat under his paws, "But I like you just fine," he taunted.

He picked up the squirming, loud mammal and sniffed it's upside down form, licking his soft lips at the thought of finally eating such an annoying twerp. “I had a little monkey snack but luckily for you he's melted enough that I can fit you inside... although really I'd be happy to accommodate you regardless.” He lifted Mungo up and sucked lightly on his head, loving the delicate taste of mongoose mixed in lightly with the flavour of snake, a lovely combination.

Mungo's heart skipped a beat when he heard that familiar voice. Next thing he knew he was dangling upside down and inches away from a hungry predator's lips. He knew if he didn't escape now he'd pass right through and never be seen again. When Shere Khan started to suck on his head it was the worst sensation; being covered in drool, while having his flavour tested accompanied by the purrs and moans of the feline it was an all round sickening experience. "Gah! Let me go you! Or else I'll- I'll-"

“Do what? Pinch me?” the tiger laughed and swung the mongoose about in his paws, back and forth. “No, the only thing you'll be doing is digesting away like that stupid little monkey.” He opened his jaws and dangled the mongoose over them, tongue lapping outside to lick up some of the leaking drool, nose mark still red and visible to to Mungo. “Think of this as a sort of punishment” Shere Khan laughed and then let go of the mongoose's tail, sending him falling down before the tiger snapped his maw shut around him.

Felling Shere Khan lick up his flavour was the worst thing Mungo ever felt, until he started falling and was trapped in Khan's mighty jaws. Now he was drenched in drool as he was licked all over and chewed on lightly by those sharp teeth. But possibly the worst part was the inescapable stench of Shere Khan's breath, mixed with all his other previously digested meals he detected a hint of the orangutan he met earlier. Larry? Mungo thought his name was, or something like that. It didn't matter now, all that mattered was that he escaped, and the only idea he had was to try and push past the teeth without being chomped in half.

But there was little hope for Mungo now, trapped deep inside a tiger's hot maw as he was nothing more than a delicious piece of mongoose meat for Shere Khan to mull over and devour. It had been a long time since Khan had tried that particular delicacy but it was one that he quite enjoyed, lovely and tender with a somewhat sweet taste that went great with the saltier one of the monkey from earlier. “That snake isn't around to save you now,” the tiger smiled before lifting his jaws up to the sky and swallowing, Mungo's little legs visible for a moment as he opened up his maw, before they disappeared with a little, futile kick.

Mungo was barely able to reach out when Shere Khan tipped his head back and Mungo fell back down and entered the throat. He struggled all the way down the esophagus, and when he felt that ring open beneath his feet. He promptly fell into a pool of acid and was horrified by the sight of a half digested Louie. "That's gonna be me," he squeaked. "Let me out of here!! Please!" But Shere Khan was right, no one was here to save him now.

Shere khan scratched his tummy again, feeling the decaying form of Louie and beside him the very much alive wriggles of Mungo, desperately pleading for mercy. “Ain't gonna happen, best to just accept your fate and digest,” the tiger grinned, picking his teeth again although this little meal had been considerably cleaner than the monkey. “I need to eat. And besides, revenge is too sweet to simply forget about.” He loved those little wriggles the mongoose gave, giving him a lovely massage from the inside out.

Mungo was a much smaller meal than Louie, and as a result the overwhelming conditions of Shere Khan's stomach caused him to pass out much sooner. He was already just a lump on the feline's belly, and soon he would be turned to fat. There was nothing he could do, the mighty predator had won.

Khan stroked his lovely little meal bulge until finally they stopped, maybe not as filling as Louie had been but just as tasty and fun. “Well, goodbye Mungo,” the tiger giggled and licked his chops for the last remnants of the mongoose's flavour, burping up a small lump of un-digested fur as he did “It's was fun knowing you.” And with that Khan got up and went to walk back to his den, aiming to sleep and digest the last of the two meals he had devoured.