Lady sighed heavily and pawed the carpet absent-mindedly, bored out of her mind. Jim dear and his wife had left on vacation for the weekend, leaving a neighbour in charge of keeping the spaniel fed and happy. But the women had gone home for the night and left Lady alone and bored, very bored.

“I think i'll go outside” The dog thought and walked over the large glass door, jumping up and grabbing the handle to pull it open, luckily enough the neighbour had forgotten to lock it. “Ah, some fresh air” She sighed and walked out, looking to see if there was anything interesting in the night-time.

Elsewhere, in a nearby alley, a female wolf lay, unconscious, having taken quite a tumble after strange forces thrust her from her own home into this unknown place... her name was Cira, and she was from a land of fantasy, home to dragons and anthros and the like... not long ago, she had even had an incident with two anthros in particular, a skunk and a fox. This left her not really wanting to eat other creatures, after she was a bit traumatized by those events.

Lady, deciding that the garden simply wasn't exciting enough for her canine mind, effortlessly jumped over the small fence separating her house from the outside world. It was safe to walk the streets, assuming off course the neighbour or a stray fox didn't see her...the second thought made Lady shiver, she didn't want to be eaten... “maybe I should turn back.”

Then the spaniel smelt something very strange, canine and female but somehow thicker and more exotic, the sort of scent she'd only ever picked up at the local zoo. “hmmm, I guess I better check it out” Lady decided, fear replaced by curiosity and made her away towards the lane that Cira was in.

Cira had started to come around. "Nngh... where... where am I..?" She didn't recognize the location.... this wasn't her home, even the smells were all different. Unsure what to do or where to go, she just lay there for a minute, trying to make sense of it all.

The spaniel jumped a little when she saw the creature sitting on the alley floor, realising that she was some sort of gigantic wolf that could easily pounce and eat the poor little spaniel should she want too. "h-hello?" She barked uncertainly "are you lost?"

Cira blinked, hearing a voice, looking over towards it. "Uh... yeah... I don' know where I am, or even how I got here..."

The dog bravely took a step forward, telling herself that this creature was a canine just like her and wouldn't try to hurt her in any way, she seemed like she needed help anyway. "if you want, you could follow me home...i'm sure I could give you some food, that might clear your head."

"Oh... uh... okay." She was a little timid, concerned that maybe this could be a trap of some kind. But... the dog seemed pure enough. "Which way is it?" She got to her feet, shaking off the water that got in her fur while she was unconscious.

Lady started to lighten up, thinking that this animal was safe and realising that she'd finally found a way to reliever her boredom. "it's this way, c'mon" She barked and arrived at the house quickly, marvelling at how large the creature was compared to her. "Would you like some food?" The dog asked as they set foot in her garden

"Food would be nice..." She said, barely paying attention... her head was still spinning quite a deal. Everything was so different! "Where are we..?"

"I don't know what your home is like" Lady said as she searched in a cupboard for food "but this is a city, we have cars and buildings and stuff like that." Realising that there was nothing to eat in the cupboard, especially for such a big large canine, the spaniel walked over to the fridge to search there.

"No, no... I lived in a city too, but it didn't look anything like this... this looks almost... older, than where I live."

"It's a pretty old city from what I've we go!" The dog barked and took out a plate of cold dog food, hardly the best meal but she supposed it was better than nothing. "Eat up" Lady continued and dropped the food bowl in front of the large wolf.

She looked distastefully at the food... it didn't even really smell that good. "Er... do you have any meat?" She asked, not trying to be disrespectful, but she could tell that what she was presented with wouldn't be satisfying.

"Um...I don't think so" Lady thought "my pets don't really eat meat..." She checked back in the fridge, finding nothing but more of the dog food and strange human stuff that wouldn't be of interest to any hungry animal. "nope, nothing" The spaniel said, looking particularly fat as she ambled about before turning around to face the wolf again.

Now thinking about food, and meat in particular, she happened to notice that the dog seemed rather well-fed... and a thought began forming in her mind, of indeed eating here... but not the dog food, instead, just her. Yet... last time, she was nearly eaten herself... ...but there was no other person or animal here to stop her if she got the jump on this spaniel.

Lady shifted a little uncomfortably as Cira began to stare at her, the wolf's eyes taking on a more savage shift and a tiny sliver of drool forming at the side of her mouth...oh no. "um...listen" The dog laughed nervously "I'm sure we can find some meat somewhere, I'm sure there's some in the neighbour's house."

The spaniel instinctively took a step back and bumped into the fridge, a tiny jar of barbecue sauce on the top shelf shaking...and then tipping over, lovely brown stuff falling of the edge and drenching Lady beneath. "ugh! i hate this stuff" The dog growled, the strong smell of the substance mixing with her natural scent and filling the spacious kitchen, her fur taking on a glossy sheen and making the poor dog look exceptionally delicious to the hungry wolf.

Cira herself had had barbecue sauce before... it was quite good, so the scent, which was familiar to her, made her even more hungry... it was then she approached. "Here, I'll help get it off." If Lady hadn't retreated, she had come up to the spaniel, and started licking the sauce off. "I don't know why you hate it... it tastes good, honestly."

She wanted to run but found herself frozen with fear as the wolf approached, towering over the tiny dog before she began licking, lapping up the sauce mixed in with the natural salty flavour of a tasty canine. "D-don't eat me" Lady stammered "i'm just skin and bones, I wouldn't fill you up..."

She paused. Maybe this dog was on to her plan? Better to play it cool. "Eat you? Why would I? You invited me as a guest... I am simply trying to help you get clean again. Since I like the taste of that sauce. It was one of my favorites back home, actually."

Lady hesitated...the wolf seemed sincere enough, and the hunger in her eyes had dissipated slightly. "S-sorry" the dog continued "I just thought by taste you meant you liked my flavour, if it's just the sauce then I guess it's fine." lady let the wolf finish lapping up the sauce, still a little bit nervous but less so now. "So...about food, I think the neighbours might have some meat."

"Oh, don't worry, I think I'll be fine... I didn't need it that badly.. besides, that's stealing." She was also unsure how a human would react to her presence here, in this foreign place. With the current suspicion, she shouldn't make her move just quite yet.

the wolf had seemed pretty hungry before, and now she was fine? Maybe she'd found something else to snack o-no, Cira was a nice wolf it seemed and Lady did trust her to an extent. "So what do you wanna do then?" The dog barked playfully, tail wagging more now.  

"Well, as I'm clearly nowhere near home... I might as well ask. What do you usually do around here? For fun?"

"We could play ball, or hide and seek, or tag." lady replied, not realising that they weren't exactly games for a fully grown wolf.

"Hm... how about a mixture of tag and hide and seek? One of us hides, the other has to look... once found, we try to reach a 'safe' spot, but whoever is the seeker has to try to catch the one hiding."

Lady thought about it for a moment, before her face brightened up with excitement, "sure, that sounds like it'd be a lot of fun!"

Course, the wolf was naturally than Lady and had the hunting chops to sniff her out easily, but the spaniel didn't really mind so long as her friend wasn't licking and talking about flavour. "I'll hide first, the back garden could be our safe spot."

"Okay. Go ahead and hide." Cira said calmly.

Lady sprinted off, running behind the door before quietly ascending the stairs. There she hid underneath the Dear's massive bed, not the most inspired place but it'd do. Cira didn't watch, eyes closed and counting... soon, she opened them though... and almost immediately made use of her keen sense of smell, searching for Lady.

Lady continued hiding, breaths slow and quiet as she heard the faint footsteps of the wolf outside, closer now.

Cira walked into the room, sniffing at the ground. "I can smell you, my little morsel..." She said 'morsel' jokingly in this case, wanting to mess with Lady... after all, it was just a game.

The dog couldn't but shiver at the term, nonetheless she stayed where she was as the wolf approached, not knowing of the plans that the bigger animal had for her. Lady was giving off quite a luscious and tasty scent of a pampered and plump canine mixed ever so slightly with the barbecue sauce, a delightful concoction surely.

She came up to the bed, the bottoms of her paws visible to Lady, who was there almost right next to Cira. "I know you're in there..." She chuckled. She then lowered herself down. "Boo." She reached out with a paw, tapping on her with it. "My turn to hide." Truth be told, she did enjoy social interaction, as it was a big thing for wolves... so she didn't plan on eating Lady just quite yet.  

To Lady those paws where gigantic, thumping loudly as they firmly set in the ground in front of the small dog, each one about the size of her head. She lowered herself down further to hide herself, thinking that perhaps Cira would leave if she didn't find Lady straight away which was quickly dashed by the cute little nose boop she gave the spaniel.

Lady burst out from under the bed and began running towards the garden, trying to get to the safe spot before Cira did.

She took off after Lady, aiming to get ahead and cut her off... she was a wolf, and was used to running very quickly to catch her meals, so it wouldn't take much for her to outrun the small housepet.

Lady's stumpy legs moved by windmills beneath her as she ran, determined to show the wolf that she was faster but of course she wasn't, Cira was simply a much quicker mover than her. By the time she reached the garden the wolf was already coming to a stop.  

"You know... I had tagged you back at the bed. But if I have to..." She playfully nudged you again. "Now I hide."

"Okay, i'll wait for a moment before following you, we should probably leave the safe spot off the next turn too, i'm at a bit of a disadvantage there" Lady barked, nor really knowing how to count, before turning around and putting her paws above her eyes. Again showing how plump she was.

Next time... She thought. Next time I'll eat her. She smiled a little to herself, as she dashed back into the house, looking for a hiding spot... she worked her way into the cupboard, a rather impressive feat, considering her size, and silently closed the door, leaving her in the darkness, but no signs given that she had hidden herself there from the outside.  

After a few moments Lady got back up and looked for any sign of the wolf, having no idea of the danger she would soon be in. “hmmm, she's good” The spaniel thought and put her nose in the air, catching the very faint scent of Cira somewhere outside the kitchen. She headed out there but again found no real sign of the creature's presence, where could she be?

Lady's dainty feet barely made a sound on the carpet as she padded along, sniffing the air and keeping an eye out for anything that could show her where Cira was. Then the quite intelligent, if a little naive, spaniel saw the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs, quite small but still big enough for a wolf to squeeze into.

Cira remained still and quiet, not knowing whether the one seeking her was nearby or not... but she had a good feeling about this hiding place.

But, although she hadn't shown it much, Lady could be very intuitive when she needed to bed, and so had found the wolf's hiding place with little hassle. There was also the little fact that the spaniel had used the cupboard as a hiding place in a previous game of hide and seek...but Cira didn't know that.

Cira froze completely. Did... she hear something? No... there's no way that the little dog could have found her hiding place already.

"Found you!" Lady barked as she pulled open the bottom of the cupboard door.

"Well, well. Good job." She said. She was a bit surprised and disappointed, but she was cornered. "Alright... Go hide." She closed her eyes to count.

Lady proudly bounced off, nose high in the air with a strange sort of snooty air. "Now...where should I hide?" She thought, all the good places having already been done by both her and Cira. But there was one place left...a broom closet under the stairs filled with old clothes, could work.

Within moments the spaniel was there, hidden beneath a mound of shirts.

Cira counted, until she once again opened up to sniff her out... She followed the trail, up to the broom closet... But couldn't get a fix at that point... She then noticed the shirts, and poked her muzzle in... She chuckled silently, as she felt Lady within, and dragged her out gently in her teeth. "Got you." She said, muffled with a full maw.

Lady let out a little cry at the feeling of the wolf's quite sharp teeth jutting into her neck, not out of pain or fear but more a cry of surprise, canine drool dropping off the sides of her body and falling to the ground below. “you're really good at this” The spaniel barked a little nervously, not used to being in a predators maw “you can let me go n-now.”

Unfortunately for Lady, this was as good a time as any to Cira... And the taste was overwhelming her hesitation. "Mmm... I don't think so... Seems I found dinner after all..." She started to lift Lady up, trying to prevent her escape, and pull her further in.

Lady's body froze, trying to process what the wolf was saying before a quick slurp into the mouth made her realise. "you WERE going to eat me" The spaniel barked in fear and wriggled futile in an attempt to release herself from the monster's grip. "listen...we can talk about this, i'm not food!"

"I would say you are, at least to me. I must say you taste delightful..." She gave Lady a teasing lick to reinforce it, and then pulled more of the dog into her maw. Clearly she wouldn't listen.

"this is quite, uncouth" Lady puffed, trying to calm her nerves as the tongue assaulted her again and soaked up her exquisite flavour, she suddenly regretted not going on a diet during the previous months. "okay, so maybe I am food, but I was nice to you" The dog tried again, smelling the stink of the wolf's hot breath and barely audible over the loud sucking sounds as she was dragged further into the moist and warm maw.

"Maybe so, but not everyone has 'nice' intentions... some mistakes, you can't recover from... I really didn't want to eat you at first, but I just can't resist it any more."

Lady became silent, resigned to her horrid fate in a wolf's stomach, although she did struggle and push weakly in the faint hope that it may make the predator drop her. It was almost amazing that the wolf could fit so much meat in her jaws, although that was of little consolation to the spaniel as she stared ahead, dazed and soaked with saliva while the sharp teeth jutted into her plump stomach.

With a strong gulp, Cira made her begin her descent through the throat, towards her waiting stomach... which was already beginning to churn and make noise in anticipation.

Now Lady could smell a strange scent, of animals, ones that had long since passed through this route of digestion and left an undeniable mark on the wolf's breath, not to mention her figure. "w-what's gonna happen to me?" Lady asked, her ears filled with loud churning and sizzling sounds.

"Well... to be dreadfully truthful, you'll be broken down and digested, like most of those who get this... 'exclusive tour'. After that, you'll likely just be fuel for my body, or fat."

"Become fat?" Lady replied with a shocked expression "that's ghastly!" Truth be told, she'd never really considered exactly what happened to food and now that she was just a snack for a larger creature it was the only thing she could think about. Lady began struggling more wildly now, trashing about and kicking her tiny feet even they entered the jaws, one more swalllow would send her down to the stomach for digestion. "I don't wanna be digested!"

"Too bad. No sane being would ever want to be digested, yet it still happens... all the time. Such is life." She said, rather matter-of-factly, even with how cruel it may have sounded... she then gave another swallow.

Lady slid down the tight throat at a fast pace, nothing more than a wriggling and faintly whimpering bulge in the wolf's neck, soon to be melted away into nothingness. and if Lady thought the mouth was bad then the stomach was absolutely appalling.

For one, the heat was intense and the air was cloying, thick and humid with acidic juices. and speaking of juices...there seemed already be a strange liquid forming at the bottom of Lady's prison and it seemed to be, rising, almost.

"get me out of here" The spaniel shouted out, feet feeling particularly numb for some strange reason.

"Mmm... sure, I'll let you out... in a few hours." If the spaniel had any sense, she would know that 'in hours', she would be gone... likely reduced to waste and body fat.

Cira, meanwhile, decided to lay back and relax, to let her body focus fully on digesting her meal. Though, she did keep an ear out for the owners of this home returning.

Lady seemed relived for a second, before realising that she wouldn't last more than one hours in a horrid environment like this with it's stale air and strange, burning liquid. “d-don't” Was all she could say now, knowing now that she was nothing more than a meal, food for a hungry wolf that had outsmarted and devoured her without a care. Lady weakly kicked the walls as the last of her strength faded, hind-legs burning now as the acid got to work on melting her down into a soft paste.

Cira gave a contented sigh, as the bulge in her belly was slowly shrinking... as the spaniel was slowly digested. "I thank you for a nice dinner... now to get out of here before the owners come home..."

and with that, she quickly left. The only evidence that the spaniel ever existed being a bright red food bowl lying in the kitchen and a new layer of fat on Cira's belly.


“hey, Sean” the teenager called out to his friend, who was also searching the bushes for any sign of the missing dog, both of them unable to resist the massive bounty put up for any evidence to her whereabouts. “you find something?” Sean replied with excitement before it died down “what am I even saying? That mutt's long gone, probably sold off to some old lady in England or some shit” but his smile faded as he noticed the frightened expression on Josh's face. “what's wron-” he began before seeing it.

It was a bright blue collar with the inscription “lady” apparently etched onto it's metal attachment, but that wasn't the scary part. “why is it...melting?” Sean stammered, picking it up and then pinching his nose at the smell “what the hell?...there's saliva and everything on this, and fur...what's going on?”

It was almost as if the collar had been swallowed, and then spat back up from the belly of some savage beast, but what creature would be big and hungry enough to do that to a full grown spaniel? The two teens certainly didn't want to find out. “let's just go” Sean eventually said, throwing the warped object into the nearby river and obsessively wiping it's moistness off his hand with the hem of his shirt “that dog was...eaten by something, swallowed whole from the looks of things...what the hell's going on man?”

“I don't know” his friend stuttered with just as much fear “but listen, we don't mention to anybody okay? They'll think we're nuts. We leave, and never talk about this again.” Sean didn't disagree, looking around to see if that, whatever, was still around before running off towards home with his friend close behind him.

And in the woods, a wolfish muzzle smiled, before disappearing back into the darkness of the tree growth.