Aubrey Plaza just got done filming for Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and decided to go explore the sites of the city. She was wondering around when she sees Sara Michelle Geller walk into a gym. She decided to follow her as she walks into a ring inside the gym. As Aubrey walked in Sara sees her and glares at her. "SO THEY DECIDED ON YOU TO PLAY JULIE AND NOT ME?!" Sara says upset as Aubrey approaches the ring. "Of course they chose me. I'm surprised you couldn't find the clues that you are a has-been." Aubrey laughed as she climbed into the ring. "How about a match to see who deserves it more or are you to clueless without a dog sidekick?" She added with a grin. Sara wasn't happy about that comment as she threw a slap smacking Aubrey down onto the mat. "At least everyone knows my name unlike you!" She says picking Aubrey up and chucking her. "Well I'm not a damsel in distress in any of the roles I play!" Aubrey giggles throwing a powerful side kick crumpling Sara before jumping on her. She slowly got up and pulled Aubrey's hair. She yelled in pain as she fell to the ground. Aubrey had enough and decided it was to finish everything. She got up and grabbed Sara and picked her up and drop kicked her into the ropes which ricocheted her back into Aubrey's clothes line. Shortly after that Aubrey climbed to the top ropes and body slammed Sara knocking her out. "Now maybe you can detect your way out of my ass!" Aubrey giggles as she pulls down her pants and panties. Lining up with Sara's head she slowly pulled her head in her ass and moans as it slides in. She let out a loud fart as she slowly works down Sara's body. Her chest proved to be the most difficult but with some nice groping and prodding it slid in. She thought all was going good until she reached Sara's butt. She had a nice bubble butt that got stuck. She sat down on top of the girl waking her up as her butt disappeared inside Aubrey's making her moan. She sucked up Sara's legs like spaghetti sealing her inside her butt. Sara tried to find an escape but couldn't see a way out. "What's the matter detective can't find your way out my cute new ass? Looks like you will be stuck there forever then!" She laughs as she walked out with a butt that rivaled Sara's. She rubbed and pat her butt as she walked out. "Let's go home now I need to use the bathroom." She says causing a muffled scream to come out of her ass.